MPR Special Coverage: Mikhail Gorbachev in Minnesota - Part 8 - Gorbachev leaving

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MPR Special Live Coverage of Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union, making a one-day visit to Minnesota. Program contains various reports, interviews and commentary. This segment contains Gorbachev leaving Minnesota. Includes discussion of planned but canceled visit to local family farm.

This is part eight of eight programs.

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(00:00:00) Half a minute past eight o'clock Bob Potter here with Gary eichten as we wrap up this live coverage today Gary. Well, indeed Bobby the One-Stop that Summit President Gorbachev didn't make was at the brand Farm down by Farmington That was supposed to symbolize. If nothing else the the Soviet interest in American Agriculture and the interest of farmers in our country in and getting at that Soviet market and Mary Lozier has been looking into that part of the visit. (00:00:31) When I asked what he sees as the significance of Gorbachev's visit to the Midwest, Iowa Agra businessman, John Chrystal spares. No superlatives. It is an economic opportunity for Iowa and Minnesota the likes of which they haven't seen since since the Great Depression because what's happening is that they're going to be able to sell their machinery and systems and know how to a country of 280 million people six of the world's surface. It's like Columbus discovering a new economic America Crystal a candidate for governor of Iowa and a longtime friend of Gorbachev's says about 30 percent of all the food in the Soviet Union spoils before it reaches the table. He says the Midwest is in a prime position to sell the expertise and Technology to improve that situation anything in food processing anything in quality control anything in storage drying. Thing any kind of meat processing I refrigeration trucking. Well, you just named any machine that touches food between the table and the farm traditionally the vast majority of farm trade with the Soviet Union has been sales of raw Commodities such as corn and wheat Barney Saunders past Vice chairman of Cargill was instrumental in opening the Soviet Union to u.s. Grain back in the early 60s. He says in the short run. He thinks the bulk of sales will continue to be raw Commodities and I think the biggest opportunity for Midwest agriculture is the fact that there is going to be some time before the Soviets are at all capable of feeding themselves if ever and of course they are going to therefore continue to be an enormous market for Midwest our agriculture. But Saunders says Cargill is exploring joint ventures with the In areas such as corn processing and Meatpacking. The company is currently working on a joint venture for a soybean processing plant any widespread purchases of AG technology by the Soviets will depend on the success of Gorbachev's economic reforms which must still gain widespread support in the Soviet Union, but University of Minnesota grain marketing specialist stand Stevens says for American farmers, at least there may be a downside if Soviet reforms succeed to the extent you're optimistic about the reforms that are underway now being successful. I think you have to become pessimistic about the ability of the US and others to to sell to the Soviet Union. Their agriculture has been their problem and if they saw that problem, I think they're going to be a lesser customers for us some American farmers say that if the Soviets improve their production of grain to feed their people there will still be a market for grain. The livestock as the Soviets began to eat more meat, but Stevens doesn't hold out much. Hope for that. He says the Soviets could greatly increase their meat supplies just by improving their efficiency. They currently at least the data that I look at show that the Soviets are consuming just as much a coarse grain or feedstuffs. I should say as we do to support our livestock industry is just that they're only half as efficient just as much coarse-grained consumed by livestock, but only half as much meat and similar products are produced. So if they adopt our technology our corn soybean ration that so efficient in hog and poultry rations, the efficiency is going to go a long way toward toward improving their diets without necessarily buying from us, but whether the Soviets will succeed in reforming their eggs system is still far from certain University of Minnesota AG Economist, Karen Brooks says, Soviet Union faces enormous problems in reforming their agricultural sector some people look at this problem and just throw up their hands and say agriculture in the Soviet Union has become so distorted and it's got so many problems both technical environmental economic. Its it can't be approached is too big a problem. I don't think that's true. I think it's possible to put together a program that would comprise the policy framework for the agricultural transition, but it has to be done and I don't yet. See see it happening in the Soviet case Brooks says Gorbachev's visit to the Midwest is largely symbolic, but nonetheless important He can identify with the strengths of our agricultural economy again in the areas of commodity production and trade processing and agricultural research and symbolically relay to the Soviet people that these are the areas that we'd like to move in. This is the kind of successful agricultural. Future that we that we're trying to work toward and then he can go back home and do the hard work of trying to put it together University of Minnesota AG Economist. Karen Brooks. I'm Mary Lozier. (00:05:51) Well, let's go out to the Air Force Reserve Base again, Mike Mulcahy and Mike. What's what's the latest? Well Gary coming well on the heels of that piece about farming. It looks like the Brand family now is out on the runway. There's going to be some kind of a ceremony here because President Gorbachev couldn't make it to the farm. Apparently, they're going to exchange some gifts here. There's about three dozen people out there really and I see agriculture commissioner. Jim Nichols is out there as well. They're kind of lining them up now and getting them ready to take pictures. I suppose I should also mention that for the first time all day. The sun is finally come out. It's begun clearing in the west and it's making quite a nice picture. Actually. Maybe that's what those those Nintendo Turtle gum things are for maybe she's going to give that to the little kids at the Brand family. I No, that could be now the line of dignitaries as started moving out onto the runway as well. See st. Paul Mayor Jim schaible Peter Popovich Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Didi Wozniak with the court of appeals and a number of others. There's a Robert Gavin representing the private college Council Harold stassen Mills Hassel mole, Mike, didn't they split up the duties? So some people got to greet him some get to send him off, isn't it? How that works? Absolutely. There were there's the Congressional Delegation that's ten members and then there they've been kind of interchanging another 14 or so to add up to 24 to greet him and 24 to say. Goodbye. August Wilson was supposed to be in this crowd to and I don't see him out there. I don't know if he couldn't make it or if he'll be out a little later and I guess we'll just have to see about that and President Gorbachev motorcade as well still hasn't shown up here. I believe that they must be near here now, but they haven't actually Come out by the plane yet. It shouldn't be too far away. They had a picture from the pool video a little while ago of the of the motorcade kind of making its way around the big curve there on 494. Yeah, that is 494 isn't it her five? I guess where it's push button for splits off, right? I can say again that as you'll recall way back when this whole thing started. It seemed like air traffic settled down in there wasn't any other planes coming in or out of the airport and it looks like that's happening again. I've noticed now that there hasn't been a plane take off or land for a few minutes here. There are a couple of helicopters hovering above here in the sky think one is the with the state patrol the other maybe a TV helicopter. I'm not sure Mike you mentioned that race a Gorbachev has is there and has been there for some time. We did not broadcast her appearance with the Watson family live because of course we wanted to cover the business meeting that President Gorbachev was having in Downtown Minneapolis, but we have an Count of what mrs. Gorbachev did and she apparently says that she fell in love with that Minneapolis family. She was visiting she went to the home of Steve and Karen Watson in South Minneapolis. The visit was originally supposed to last only about 20 minutes, but because of some changes in the schedule mrs. Gorbachev wound up with the Watsons for almost an hour. She and Lola perpich sat with the Watson family around a dining room table. They all talked about Family Matters after admits is Gorbachev told reporters that she fell in love with the Watsons. She pulls down the front steps with the family. Why did they choose the Watsons? Well partly because 13 year-old Lisa Watson performed in Moscow last year in an exchange between the Children's Theater Company of Minneapolis and a Moscow Children's Theater as she was introduced to the Watsons and their four children. Mrs. Gorbachev was cheered by some 6,000 people who crowded onto yards sidewalks and streets near the home so mrs. The Gorbachev had over an hour with the Watsons there and and skip the trip to (00:09:45) Control Data went right straight to the airport (00:09:47) ten minutes past eight o'clock and I would think Gary that that motorcade of begin there pretty quickly. Now, I would think so say I have a quick question here for Evelyn one of the things that struck me as being interesting about the Watson visit. Apparently the Soviets made it very clear that they wanted a family with a dog, huh, don't they have dogs or do they all have dogs? (00:10:07) They have dogs? (00:10:10) Why do you suppose the insistence on the (00:10:11) dog? That's that's a good question. It may help convey a sort of warmth on the part of Raisa that she's not especially well known for in the Soviet Union may make her seem a little more down to earth. Hmm my best (00:10:29) guess. Well, in any case the motorcade has arrived at the airport at the naval Reserve station, and presumably we will before long. (00:10:39) Be (00:10:40) hearing from President Gorbachev and the Brand family. They were understandably very disappointed when the when the garbage trucks canceled a visit to the farm and had a chance to speak with with one of the family members who Express that disappointment, but also said well that's kind of the way things happen and indicated some satisfaction at the possibility of hitting the ground shops. Yes, Mike mrs. Gorbachev now is in full view waving to the crowd along with mrs. Perpich. There are walking over to the Brand family now, And she has been shaking hands here for maybe 10 minutes since she arrived talking to a few other official-looking people now, maybe maybe they're one asking where her husband is for all I know I can see some of the lead cars in the motorcade of just come onto the runway here. The security cars there are five or six police vehicles that kind of been heading up the motorcade headed up. Mrs. Garbage as motorcade as well. Now she's moving in toward the family shaking some hands again. I wonder if their hands get tired from all this handshaking they've been in crowds. It seems almost all day long with the exception of some of the the business meeting or the Control Data stop. After the president leaves Twin Cities here. He'll be going to San Francisco where he has yet tonight scheduled a speech at Stanford University. I should think it is amazing to me alone of the man does not have laryngitis after all the speaking. He does you must be you must be very used to it. He will be meeting with President Reagan for breakfast tomorrow and then he'll also be meeting with the president of South Korea. That's no taewoo. That's a fairly interesting development, isn't it? (00:12:26) That's very interesting. It also bespeaks of the economic interests that he's promoted this entire trip the Soviet relations with the third world have really changed during the Gorbachev era. There's been a move away from the countries that we think of as Soviet clients, but the countries that proved to be a drain on the Soviet economy the kinds of ties with the third world that Gorbachev has been interested in encouraging or Ties with the Knicks the newly industrialized countries that have proven very successful in international trade their the countries that Gorbachev is interested in dealing with on an economic plane as well as the countries that he's interested in copying to a certain extent. He'd like to to learn something from their economic success in the international economy. (00:13:22) One of the one of the things that I find amazing about everything that has happened in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union is that there are just a couple of old fashioned hard lines stalinist type States. One of them is Cuba. What do you think garbage off is going to do about Cuba. Can I break in one minute? Yes, Michael. I should say that President Gorbachev motorcade has just arrived. Now, the cars are just pulling up his is stopped right in front of the red carpet, which is laid out before the plane and he's getting out of the car. Now on our side. The cameras are clicking. The people are applauding. (00:13:55) He's looking around gosh nodding his head. Now he's not pressing the flesh with the crowd but moving right back toward the plane are these hoped out I suppose that could be but he's going over to the Brand family. So I got as I say about two or three dozen hands to shake there. (00:14:15) May there may yet be some sort of public remarks to is (00:14:18) that is that your suspicions my class. Absolutely. There's a (00:14:21) microphone set out in front of the plane just to one side of that red carpet and President Gorbachev. Now, we can see him clearly shaking some (00:14:30) hands. I think trying to move in for that microphone. Although (00:14:36) it's hard to tell (00:14:37) there's a translator and the on the conversation as you might expect this band is playing the choir is singing here now just a horde of security and (00:14:49) press people are moving in from those cars farther back in the motorcade. Maybe it will and David Heiser could just sneak in a sentence about Cuba here. What Gorbachev will do with Cuba. (00:15:01) He's already started to make things bit harder for them and it's (00:15:05) far as terms of payment for Soviet goods go so when the economic plane (00:15:10) he's moved away from Cuba, (00:15:13) but what's interesting is that the countries that have stuck with the hard line stalinist model are the Lesser developed of the communist countries countries where central planning can still have an impact. It proves. It's proven successful in several cases of (00:15:29) development (00:15:31) in the short run. Then you have to make the switch. So it's not surprising that countries like Cuba are the ones that have stuck with the stalinist model but the Soviets aren't going to subsidize them the way they used (00:15:41) to what are they going to do? They're just going to have to make it on their own or else. Yeah find somebody else to back him up as potent 16 minutes past eight o'clock Michael what's going on? I don't know if you can get any of the audio from the pool in there that I can see. Memphis got his microphone above the garbage offs. Mr. Gorbachev at any rate. I see Governor / pitch is waiting at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the airplane as (00:16:08) it struck you that he hasn't said too much during this visit. (00:16:11) He hadn't said anything has he well, he introduced President Gorbachev that the at the Mansion when they were talking about that technology Institute. Oh, that's right. I was on X well running around the street Captain. Okay, that's it. He hasn't said he hasn't said boo. Other than that. Where is it (00:16:32) that goes with the economic tone of this (00:16:35) whole visit (00:16:39) economics? Not not Pollock, right? Let's see if we can pick up a little their pool audio feed. It may be it may not be worth it. But let's try this for a second. Your jet engines much. The band in the background, but maybe Steven still having problems with the KGB. What time did the plane actually land clean actually landed about 138 (00:17:12) 138 27228 So this trip is really (00:17:19) already running 20 minutes late and not now. Mr. Gorbachev is coming to the head of the line of dignitaries closer to the crowd (00:17:27) here and looks like he's going to shake some more hands is moving down the line in the direction of the plane. You (00:17:38) have to say having having sat through seven hours of this or whatever. It's been that it has by and large been a very well orchestrated event. I mean there haven't been any huge gaps when nothing has happened. It doesn't appear that any of these people have not had any idea what to do. I mean Barbershop is always had a fairly clear agenda as he has proceeded to to and from these events, especially Bob when you consider they only had about four or five weeks to plan the whole thing. They didn't know for sure that it was even going to happen a few weeks ago well and they can today usually schedule something like this six months in advance. And and the fact that the itinerary was not really firmed up until I guess it was sometime late Friday or early Saturday and then even today got changed. Absolutely. I can see where mr. Gorbachev was shaking the hands of some of the security people on hand and I guess they deserve deserve at least a handshake. If not more. Absolutely. They they joined the line of dignitaries here seems to be moving ever closer to the plane. And as I say the governor who is standing at the bottom of the stairs into the plane. Now I had thought they were going to make some remarks at that microphone. I don't know if they've decided in the interest of time not to do that or if they're still going to try to squeeze that in here. How about the crowd there Michael? Is there appear to be quite a large number of citizens there? I would say 400 maybe and unfortunately the now they are down in the lower (00:19:10) level and they can't peek over (00:19:12) people's heads like weekend at this point. So they seem a little subdued at this. Right now because they frankly just can't see what's going on. I think. Steven Smith is with us. Now from the tarmac via cellular phone Steven. (00:19:29) That's right. Robert President. Gorbachev is now saying his goodbyes to First Lady Lola perpich and the governor there shaking hands. He's made his farewells to a line of dignitaries including the mayors of Minneapolis. And st. Paul former a governor Harold stassen presidents of local universities for the Neil's house of Moab University of Minnesota, Jack Gavin president of Macalester College. He's now turning to it appears shake hands with some reporters and there he sang about a Jim Nichols agriculture commissioner of the state of Minnesota took the hand of the cameraman for the state patrol has been keeping an eye on things and photographing just about everything that's been going (00:20:10) on. He probably had one of the worst jobs of the day. He was in an open car all day long just ahead and his camera. (00:20:16) He was sticking his head out of the car photographing the proceedings. I And if the security procedure so that they have a fairly good document of everything that went on. (00:20:26) And of course now just minutes before President Gorbachev is going to leave the sun is coming out and it's turning quite Pleasant out here. In contrast to the way it was and his arrival was cloudy skies windy rain when Gary eichten was up with the capital early on there wasn't but a handful of people up. There was a very very few people really and they were there for a good reason. It was really unpleasant very very unpleasant as the as the afternoon wore on know the crowd began to fill out both at the governor's mansion and I end up at the Capitol along the motorcade route. I wonder why these goodbyes are taking so long Mike or Stephen hard to tell from back here. I don't think brevity is one of the chief Soviet virtues that we've seen up to this point. At least I think Gorbachev is considered fairly fairly quiet to are not as quite or native speaker as some of the other (00:21:25) cell phone President Gorbachev is stepping up the stairway. Mrs. Gorbachev (00:21:29) about halfway up the steps now. (00:21:33) Our by mrs. Gorbachev and one of the advisors now, (00:21:37) he's turning looking at the crowd and waving this is Gorbachev is waving people here are clapping and (00:21:44) waving back waving Soviet (00:21:46) Flags. (00:21:49) It's hard now and they're moving into the airplane. (00:21:54) Really is amazing. The president of the Soviet Union has been here in Minnesota. (00:21:59) And now you can hear those engines begin to wind up. (00:22:04) Here's that they're beginning to pull the portable stairway away from the airplane or will be very shortly. (00:22:11) There are still some people going in there to doors to the plane one up near the cockpit one in about the middle Gorbachev used the door in the middle. Some other people are still boarding up front, but the crowds are moving away from underneath the plane fairly quickly here and talk a little more about the plane. We have some of the local Aviation officials hear about it. They say it's about the size of a DC 727 I should say, although it is definitely a Soviet plane. It's a four-engine craft to which is kind of interesting to 727 is a three engine. That's right and then has two on either side of the of the tail and the folks here said that there are really no a commercial Jets like that in this country. They said they wanted to get inside the plane to see it, but they didn't have very good access to it. One wonders from the sound if it if it would if it would meet those new new standards that they have for noise. (00:23:06) Wonder if Mike can get close to Governor perpich (00:23:09) there. I think Steven is closer right now. Steven is all right. I don't know if we can get any audio from him. Maybe he can bring us a tape when he's done. We can't get down to the actually it's not tarmac its (00:23:23) concrete. We can't get down to the concrete Runway from here. I can see Stephen is with the governor right now and they're asking him some questions. (00:23:32) Again. That engine noise is really picking up as well. Now they've moved the stairways away from the plane. I don't listen to those engine spool up. They are allowed Maybe. The governor still saying goodbye to some people as well. It looks like he's not the easiest interview in the world hear that crowd in the background applauding they're waving they can see some faces in the window. I can't see the gorbachov. It looks like it looks like saw the president looking out waving that was him wasn't it? I think it was people are we're waving their gorby Chiefs again corny take off on the Homer hanky idea. The governor is waving as well. There's a I wonder if Steven can hear us maybe he could steer the governor our way and we could get them on the air. I don't think so run it right now my these people I didn't think they were going to be any any regular people allowed at these ceremonies. They just well neither did we and as a matter of fact as I was saying a little earlier it came as quite a surprise to us when we were not asked but ordered to move. From our space and line. In fact, I tried to argue a little bit as you might imagine having waited here seven hours and they told me I would move her I would leave the base and I decided that discretion was the better part of valor. In this case. I can clearly see President Gorbachev waving from the plane now. I don't know. I wonder what the news value of this is. I'm not sure that there is any other than saying we're here and we're watching it happen. That's about all it needs to be said right now. I would think you know you think about the historic nature of this Sun's come out to see him off kind of a nice symbolic end of the whole thing. Wouldn't you say that plan should begin to move very shortly here. I would assume that it has been they have cleared away all the airspace and other ground traffic for it. And as soon as it's making quite a bit of noise, we know that Evelyn do you get the feeling that Gorbachev likes all this personal contact or is it mostly a way to kind of keep his political Charisma going and keep his name a profile? Hi. Well, it's predominantly the second I mean he must be tired after a whole day of the followed on days of pageantry in Washington. Um, I don't Think anyone can like it that much. He's got a whole nother day of it tonight and tomorrow and San Francisco. So certainly he worked hard and it would be beneficial to him if he could convey that to those to the folks back home and I keep saying this was basically an economic part to the visit and he worked very hard to drum up some business for the Soviet Union to encourage economic ties, and it would be nice if that could be conveyed to the folks back home. That would that would help him tremendously some of that will depend of course on how the event is played in the Soviet media, right? And we understand that about half of the media spaces in the various pools were offered to the Soviet journalists on this trip to Minnesota, but I'm not sure that they all were taken so I don't know exactly how much covers this is going to get back in the Soviet Union May. We'll be able to tell us in a few weeks if you get his best to your profit and I suppose you do don't you? Yes, how long does it take for it to arrive in the United States? Well, by the time it gets through the u.s. Clearinghouse the published the book company that sends it out. (00:27:27) Sometimes I can get it in a week sometimes (00:27:29) three weeks. All right. Well, the plan is just sitting there on the ground so far has it's starting to move. It's beginning to roll now. It's eggs are waving. Looking for President Gorbachev. There. He is in the window still eating way of myself. I couldn't help it you get a little carried away. I don't see Gary eichten waving. I'm just I'm just transfixed by this whole thing. I really I just find it amazing that the that clearly the most probably the most important politician in the world spent the spent the last seven hours here. It's amazing. I think we're going to try to get the governor over here. Stephen is directing him our way. I'm going to have to jump down off this truck. Plan is beginning very slowly to move along the taxiways there at the Naval Air Reserve station. I have a Russian pilot and everything don't they and then they just have a like an American advisor to help them. Absolutely. We saw a Russian crew in there. We're going to see if we can get the governor over here to come on the air. My government I couldn't see I was looking up above there's a governor. What do you think this trip accomplish today? (00:28:58) Well, there are many things. First of all, they were really moved by the friendliness of the warmth of the (00:29:08) people along the way and also in each one of the stops. (00:29:13) It was obvious. I'm really having witnessed anything like that in all the years that I've been in the process. I'm talking about twins course World Series is different story, but I'm talking about in the political individual elected official. Well, no lie. Are you convinced? This is going to lead to some long-term business and economic ties between the u.s. And our between Minnesota and the Soviet Union, it's Mom to the visits that he made and of course with the Business Community which is very very positive. So obviously he said you during that meeting that those will come there and make an effort are the ones that they're going to deal with in the future. And I think it was a good message for Minnesota businesses and time and time again, he mentioned the Minnesota corporate heads by name the fact that they were there when others weren't there and I that's all positive. Can you tell us a little more about this Max? Well funded let's go bitch of Maxwell Institute of Technology. Mr. Maxwell pledged 15 million dollars over a seven-year period Dwayne Andreas has to be a matching bases and Dwayne Andreas matched 1 million of it yesterday and they want to set that up as a center that would do research and Communications and environment and you would ask for other corporate citizens and citizens at large to (00:30:45) Tribute to try to raise that other 50 million. (00:30:48) Well, that's over seven year period the first has to be eight million the first year and he will match that dollar for dollar and it's a great opportunity for us. It'll take some time before it becomes a center of renown obviously, but the fact is that he was pursued by Yale Harvard. I forget the third one and Minnesota and he decided I'm going to sort and I think Gorbachev coming is what tipped it over in our favor Governor you disappointed that there wasn't an opportunity to go to the farm and give the Gorbachev somewhere around a picture of Miss and the weather turned bad and they you know, when we were driving in it was just pouring and I suppose they felt with the number of people they had and that just as really makes it difficult for them to tour a farm under those conditions have personally always a nice man. That's a beautiful couple. They really are they like the people next door. I didn't have an opportunity. I was on the other side. I thought they should be there. When I left for me, yes because they're I guess a they're just very very nice people there recently the conversation at the governor. We know that the airplane is moving down incorrectly for the take-off area. Mr. Gorbachev, did he give you any better sense Governor as to why he chose Minnesota and whether he'll ever come back. Why don't you come back? But I'm sure I can assure you that many of the Soviets will be coming back here because the fact that President Gorbachev was here. It's it's all win-win-win. I mean, it was a good feeling all the way through they felt good. They liked everything that they saw regretted. It couldn't see the farm and they left in the best of spirits State get out of this. Well, we established a major Institute of Technology made some very good contacts for the future in Economic Development and just a very warm fuzzy feeling that the Soviets have of Minnesota, even if it was a cold day. Okay, thanks governor, and it looks now like the the plane carrying President Gorbachev and mrs. Gorbachev and the rest of the true. Of the Entourage is beginning to make its takeoff roll. No, I don't think so. I think they're still on a taxiway. There's quite a distance from the Naval Air Reserve stationed there to the main taxiways and I think it has to sneak around quite a bit of airport area on the ground there before it actually gets off the ground. It took a little while when it came in earlier this afternoon. That was just about almost exactly seven hours ago Gary that hadn't touched down. I would say within 5 minutes or so of seven hours. Exactly gentlemen. Can we listen to mrs. Purpose for a minute? Absolutely. (00:33:54) Could you do it all again? (00:33:55) Absolutely. (00:33:56) Absolutely the Soviet (00:33:59) Union Yes (00:34:00) Yes. Whenever if we decide to come they would be happy (00:34:04) to receive a so delighted have any plans. (00:34:07) No, I think right now I'm going to go home and clear off my desk and then think about plans like that (00:34:12) mrs. Purpose. She was there any point in this whole thing when you just thought this is just too much bother and why even go ahead with us. (00:34:20) No, I really didn't because everybody with the typical Minnesota Spirit, they all just pitched in they knew we only had three weeks and everybody got busy and work very hard. (00:34:29) So never with the crowd as (00:34:34) were pressing in on everyone. (00:34:37) Not that I noticed. I never felt any tense (00:34:41) moments. I think we had (00:34:42) enough people out there. Just making sure everything went (00:34:44) smoothly. So if there (00:34:46) were any I didn't detect them know. (00:34:50) Thank you. And there you go. That's Lola perpich. Minnesota's first lady talking about this visit and we'll go back to you. They've had some long hours. Oh they has they said they don't regret it though. I bet they're awful. Glad they didn't sell that house. Well, we'll see. She said they also had an invitation to go back as you heard our to go over to the Soviet Union and we'll see if they take the garbage odds up on that offer. Well, Governor purpose has been to the Soviet Union on a number of occasions and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he's re-elected that he goes back over there on some sort of a trade Mission or whatever. It looks to me. Like I can't see where I can't really see what's going on down there. I see I see the tail of the I see the tail of the aircraft now it is still taxiing now, it looks like it might be getting ready to roll. I think it might be getting close to one of the runways there. Let's see. I have to be honest with you. I can't see from here. I'm behind a crowd Bill where I'm standing up on on our trailer truck here bill. Can you see the plant Mike? I'm afraid. I can't see it from here either. I think it's still rolling II the the problem is that it's getting it's just beginning to get a little bit dark and I don't think that the the television cameras are set for for low light conditions like this. It may very well be on its takeoff roll or very very close to it. I think the fact of the matter is that that we have we have just about covered this thing completely. The plane is very close to being in the air you have been listening, of course to live coverage of President Gorbachev visit to Minnesota on the news and information stations of Minnesota Public Radio during his seven hours here and it was almost exactly seven hours President Gorbachev met with Business Leaders. He lunched with Governor perpich at the Action he is now once that plane is in the air on his way to San Francisco. Then he returns to the Soviet Union where he has the Soviet economy to deal with ethnic unrest the rise of Boris yeltsin's popularity. Those things undoubtedly will occupy his time. Now you hear them spooling those Jets up to to takeoff power and it will begin its takeoff (00:37:06) roll and be in the are very very shortly (00:37:09) our live coverage of President Gorbachev visited. (00:37:11) The Twin Cities was made possible by the international public relations consulting firm of Padilla spear Beardsley like to thank our studio guests John Patrick Dale and Evelyn David Heiser for sitting with us for these many hours (00:37:25) the reporters for today's broadcast include Mike Mulcahy and Bruce McDonald at the airport Catherine winter and Karen Boris at the governor's mansion with the gracious Hospitality of the governor's neighbor Minnesota public. Radio's good friend Diane follmer. Arne Amato and Gail marks Jarvis were in Minneapolis and Joe Kelly was in the booth also reporting in the field today Chris Roberts and Chris teplin Gary eichten my co-host up at the state capitol for the first several hours of the broadcast and Stephen Smith on the Gorbachev motorcade as we listen in the background there. We hear a little of the plane taking off technical director for today's broadcast was Scott. Jankis with Patty Ray Rudolph at the controls for much of the day. Thanks also and their the plane is up. It is in the air and heading out over the Twin Cities area en route to San Francisco the technical crew as I mentioned Scott. Jankis with Patty way Rudolph their kids in ski Stephanie to spit Bill Nicholson Bill captain and Bill we're involved today as well. Thanks to Parry fanelli and Cathy, where's Ur as well as our production assistants Elizabeth's to Wiki and marks a deck additional help from Sarah Mayer and Marlene ruber research by barbed Arrow more. Practically everybody in the Minnesota Public Radio news Department contributing to today's effort the broadcast of Gorbachev in Minnesota produced by Dan Olsen with Kate moose the executive producer George Busey. I'm Bob hotter. Thank you for joining us today. This is Minnesota Public Radio a member supported service. You're tuned to klow Minneapolis st. Paul in the Twin Cities now cloudy skies, 51 degrees the wind from the north at 17 low of 32 night. Nineteen Minutes now before nine o'clock. We now join (00:40:23) all things considered in progress.


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