MPR Special Coverage: Mikhail Gorbachev in Minnesota - Part 7 - Gorbachev visiting Control Data Corporation

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MPR Special Live Coverage of Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union, making a one-day visit to Minnesota. Program contains various reports, interviews and commentary. This segment contains Gorbachev visiting CDC (Control Data Corporation), in Bloomington.

This is part seven of eight programs.

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(00:00:00) A minute and a half past seven o'clock is our live coverage of the Gorbachev visit continues. We were chatting with Evelyn David Heiser just a few moments ago who is a political scientist at the University of Minnesota about her reactions to the comments by President Gorbachev to the Business Leaders, and it's a possibility Gary that once these Business Leaders have a chance to get over to our broadcast area at the Radisson that we may have a chance to visit with one or two of them. We can hold out some hope for that. In the meantime. I think we have some other interesting information there. Let me ask you have all in one quick question here back to the issue we were talking about before from what you heard from President Gorbachev today about the issues of how you're going to get your profits out of Out of the Soviet Union. If you go to bed you do business there you think anything he said today is going to reassure these people that what the heck let's let's do big business if we can do it. I'm not sure. He said anything that earth-shattering as far as convertibility goes, although it strikes me that America the American Business Community has been fairly blase about the problem so far crystal is the only one who raised it today American Business people seem to be anxious to get in and then they realize what the problems are not not after they're in but as they're going through the negotiation so I mean what borba talk did promise today was a more rapid move toward convertibility including the kinds of price changes that have to be made to make convertibility possible but not a concrete timetable. So I'm not sure that things have changed after this meeting as far as convertibility goes. Well, there's no doubt that when President Gorbachev announced that he wanted to meet with Business Leaders, he got the entrepreneurial juices of many local Business Leaders flowing experts in international trades of the recent interest shown in trade with the Soviet Union has been simply unprecedented. But while the Soviet Union does represent a tremendous virtually untapped Market the risks and difficulties of doing business. There are certainly as large and Gail marks jarba spoke with businesses that have entered into the Soviet Market. Death production me as a good idea not exceed. This tape helps Soviet children overcome fears and it's sold in the Soviet Union by Minneapolis company that seems Fearless human development Industries is a gambler one of the few local companies with a joint venture in the Soviet Union in a year. It hasn't made us sent on Soviet sales and probably won't for some time instead. It's spending money. The problem is rubles. That's what the Soviets used to buy human developments tapes, but rubles can't leave the Soviet Union or be converted to dollars. So the firm's Soviet partner is simply stashing the rubles away until the Soviets change the monetary system. The idea is that someday the stash will be worth something human development President Michael a brass thinks the risk is worth it. They're planning on how getting the ruble to a convertible currency (00:03:27) now, it's going to take a while. But they're moving down that road. So those of us who can get established basically with contacts have a good product that we can work with and and hold on while the the economy gets set up. I think we're going to be in good shape (00:03:42) human development Industries is one of the smallest and riskiest of 1200 American joint ventures in the Soviet Union and underscores. The Gamble's involved in business there but at a time when Western Europe and Asia are becoming increasingly competitive the Soviet Union hungry for foreign investment is alluring to business Pioneers 30, Minnesota companies are doing business there in one form or another and many others are scoping out Soviet possibilities, but Steve Nelson adore seeing Whitney international law attorney says few businesses that explore Soviet Ventures actually follow through businesses often become overwhelmed in the bureaucracy or during negotiations. Some even get deals approved by the government. And are shocked when they fall through later, even in some cases expatriates have moved with their families to the Soviet Union and found themselves totally stymied because the necessary facilities couldn't be obtained the necessary practical Arrangements on the ground couldn't be made. So there's a whole range of frustration out their joint ventures are risky anywhere, but in the Soviet Union there even riskier only about 5% have survived Nelson says American businesses in the Soviet Union faced an economic system in disarray and uncertain future government and cultural barriers with business partners basic practices, like how to set prices or produce products consumers want our foreign even with changes in the system many people who had businesses do not have the fundamental American goal of making a profit but Honeywell is a company that's making it work its primary role in its joint venture is teaching at Soviet partner to manage American style and the company is making a profit. But Alfredo Miceli vice president of honeywell's international operations says it is a challenge because cultures are so different who is in charge as in the Soviet Union as total control of everybody else. (00:05:48) It's so amazing to see (00:05:50) when we are sitting at a board meeting that the western side to people are interactive and asking questions and stating opinion sometimes disagreeing. (00:06:05) I haven't seen anything like this (00:06:07) from our Soviet counterpart. Well the biggest deterrent to American businesses. Probably the ruble the lack of dollars is leading to Ingenuity Pillsbury for example has an idea grow peas and corn in the Soviet Union can the mirror and saw them there but also export from there to Europe the idea is to spend Russian rubles on Action pay Russian wages rather than higher European wages, but cell and lucrative markets outside the Soviet Union. The concept is still in its infancy Pillsbury has just begun an experiment growing small plots of corn and peas to see if so via growing conditions are good. If it works the company may take the idea step further, but John Linker pillsbury's vice president of international operations says entering the Soviet Market must be done slowly and carefully there aren't a lot of substitutes for being first, but being first and right is even more important. So we We aren't rushing to be ahead of anybody. We're we are moving forward so that we can at least keep up with other people. Even though Pillsbury is moving cautiously maneuvering through the Soviet system can be even slower. No one's sure how to navigate the system sometimes not even the Soviets Medtronic for example has just scored a tremendous success, but it took 10 years to get there. The company is selling the Soviets oxygenators for heart surgery and Medtronic is getting paid six million dollars in dollars. But Daniel Lutheran Hauser medtronic's vice president of International Development said that until about a month ago, the company didn't really know if it was any closer to a sale than it had been for years. It's still a mystery as to why the timing was what is all of this according to attorney Nelson has made his clients and other Americans very reluctant to venture into the Soviet Union. But there's another side to risk if a company succeeds where few competitors dare to go. Now the chance of staying out front later, maybe much greater. I'm Gail marks Jarvis. All right. It's 10 minutes past seven o'clock. Let's go over to Lauren a moto at the Radisson Plaza Hotel right across the street there see how that motorcade is doing Lauren (00:08:32) the motor case just getting started up now. In fact the Secret Service people and all the security people just came running out few seconds ago. I'll report was concluding and there's the limousine bearing the President Gorbachev would lay there with the people on the running boards and they're moving out of here at a pretty fast clip no crowds around here because this whole street has been cordoned off sealed off to the public because of security concerns. So unlike some of the other stops along president garbage house tour today. There's not really much opportunity for the public to show it's either pleasure or displeasure with with him or his policies. Lauren is not absolutely clear to me as mrs. (00:09:10) Gorbachev now with him in the motorcade (00:09:12) or or do you think that they left from the Watson home off to control data by their own on their iPod? That's the last that we knew about. They were still out at the Watson home. In fact while that meeting was wrapping up here. We were as you probably were seeing on video and hearing also that they were still out at the Watson home still sharing coffee and cookies or whatever with the family. Okay. Well, it looks like things are pretty well wrapping up over there Lauren. Do you are you in a position to visit with some of the Business Leaders or well, we all be here Bob. I'm only about 20 feet away. We're going to see if we can make that final 20-foot John right. Now as of yet. None of the leaders have really come out of the hotel on Moss a few of them are supposed to be headed over here to this side of the street to the Marriott where agriculture commissioner. Jim Nichols is put together a meeting of some of the agriculture laters to sort of give their instant response and their instant reaction what it was President Gorbachev had to say about concerns to them. All right. Well Lauren if you have a chance to get a hold of some of those people I my all means holler back because I'm working on it Bob. We will definitely do that. Okay (00:10:17) this of course is not the first time that a Soviet leader has visited the Midwest 31 years ago Nikita Khrushchev stopped over in Iowa this way from California to a summit with President Eisenhower the visit to the Soviet or by the Soviet Union's corn King as he was called caused a good deal of excitement in central, Iowa Bill Wareham spoke with some Iowans who remember that visit and he has this report Nikita Khrushchev arrived in Des Moines by jet from San Francisco on September 23rd, 1959, but Lawrence oath and editorial writer for the Des Moines Register and Tribune began laying groundwork for the visit more than four years earlier. (00:10:56) I wrote a series of editorials. beginning in February 1955 advocating an exchange of agricultural delegations between the Soviet Union and the United States President Eisenhower said he thought it was a good idea and we exchanged delegations in June of 1955 a key member of that in subsequent delegations was the late Roswell garst (00:11:27) a farmer from Coon Rapids a town about 60 miles north west of Des Moines garst develop a close relationship with the Soviets advising them and selling them Seed corn as a result sothe says one of the first confirmed stops and Khrushchev 1959 tour was a visit to the garst farm. Well, they were all (00:11:47) worked up about it. But General sentiment was more hostile to Soviet Union then than it is now. (00:11:53) So it says that the Iowans who ended up in close proximity to Khrushchev held their hostility in check but the registers political reporter, George Mills says the strong anti-communist sentiment was evident in the crowds that gathered to get a glimpse of the Premier lending an air of tension to the entire 30 our He stayed at the Hotel Fort Des Moines in downtown Des Moines overnight and when it came out in the morning why there were Riflemen on adjoining buildings all pointing their guns down at the crowd the dense crowd around the entrance to the (00:12:30) hotel. There were negative signs in the crowd. (00:12:38) One of them said the only communist good communist is a dead one. And I remember another one saying we butcher Hogs not people but crucial off apparently took no notice notice of them when he came out. (00:12:54) He re bookie 11 years old at the time doesn't remember the (00:12:57) signs, but he does remember Khrushchev good-nature bookies father Lester owned a Des Moines meat packing (00:13:03) plant. So we like many people in Minnesota are doing now. We thought it would be good. Advertising in a good experience for him if he visited our meat packing plant, which was pretty modern cruise ship had some extra time on his (00:13:20) schedule. So the meat packing plant was added to the itinerary giving young Harry a front-row seat for all the (00:13:26) excitement. My father told my brother and I my brother I think was 16 at the time that we could come down and watch it provided. We got nowhere near the action (00:13:37) here. He says he had no problem with that plan. In fact, he says at the time it held a certain appeal. (00:13:44) They went to the kill floor where they killed the cattle. And I was a little little squeamish at the time and didn't really want to go through it. So I kind of felt like I would wait outside and as it turns out they really in a sense made a circle and they he come out where you go in. So as a result of my not (00:14:06) taking the tour through the (00:14:08) kill floor. I was standing outside when they came out of the kill floor and Chris Jeff immediately walked over towards me and my brother and you know, there were a few pleasantries and then I said you may have beat it beat us to the moon but we make better hot dogs. And so that defect got a lot of laughs and it was on quite a few the national news (00:14:33) network Henry bookies attempted International diplomacy might stand out less today had US and Soviet leaders followed through on plans for a regular exchanges. But the Downing of a u.s. Spy plane over Soviet territory eight months after bookie and Khrushchev met over a hotdog children relations and the two sides put off any thought of more visits for almost thirty one years. I'm Bill where I'm reporting 16 and a half minutes past seven as our live coverage of the Gorbachev trip to Minnesota continues Gary. We have a bit of an update here on the on the itinerary for the balance of the evening President Gorbachev, of course has now left the Radisson Plaza area and is en route to Control Data headquarters in Bloomington. Now, we were wondering what was the story with Raisa Gorbachev at the Watson home. Well, she is going to apparently meet her husband. Twin Cities International Airport that CDC all hip CDC all together, right? Apparently the president will get to CDC sometime around 7:30 or thereabouts and then just before 8:00. He'll leave Control Data and head out to the airport. So that's pretty much the latest we have in the itinerary must have been some good cookies over at the Watson. Well, I it certainly seems like it must have been they must have had a pretty good time over there unless she stopped at at Schneider drugstore and apparently bought some little little Nintendo cookies are gizmos or something. (00:16:02) You notice how will I know your wrinkles is no has at the very thought of it (00:16:06) all. Well, let me find that find that little item on The Wire here Stephen Smith has been with the Gorbachev motorcade all day long and joins us now by cellular phone Steven. Well right now I'm in the back of Wagoneer tooling down 35 going towards Wilmington and controlled. We're moving along at a rapid Pace here. It's a little bit easier. I think there (00:16:31) are fewer cars in the motorcade. As you know, since there are (00:16:34) now two separate motorcades running Lon. Did you fellas happened to get a chance to get the Paul shirky meeting on the radio? No, we missed missed most of that. Okay. What we had was was was pretty far off mic and didn't make any sense. Frankly, right? Well what was happening? There was Paul shirky was meeting with Gorbachev to congratulate him on on his trip here and to talk about the 1,000 mile to month dog sled and ski Expedition that you know the team that traveled across the bearing the bearing bridge and all of that and to present Gorbachev with A jacket and some books and other things and to work towards more cooperation on a park apparently related to the whole bearing area. And then an Associated Press reporter from the Moscow Bureau started questioning Gorbachev in Russian, and we couldn't make heads or tails of it because we don't speak Russian, but apparently the topic was Israel and I suspect the topic might have been the (00:17:34) issue of Soviet immigrated to Israel and the occupied (00:17:39) territories. Okay. Thanks Steven. We'll check back with you in a little bit. We're going to go off now and join Lauren Emoto back at the Radisson Plaza outside the Radisson Plaza and he's meeting with some are talking with some Business Leaders (00:17:49) strengths and weaknesses. And I think as the president said we should share our strengths and through the sharing of our strength. So we'll have increased opportunities for both countries. All right, we just been talking with dr. Robert Waller of the Mayo Foundation there Gary eichten Lauren and Moto here live on the street outside the maryada and Harvey MacKay. Is with us here you kind of got the including that meeting at the last minute. I don't know who's the chairman of the whether it's a little chilly out. That's what I want to know. Well, I think of Gorbachev I'd have to say my impressions are pretty much the same as virtually everyone in the room. I think on a one to ten they would give them very very high grades. I think he really said something substantively. He spoke without notes. He said hey, you want to take a risk or come on along? We've got a good memory. We will help the ones that can help us. Our backs are to the wall. We've made all kinds of mistakes. We've given the people the economic freedom and after 25 years. We've told them what to do from the top and they don't know what to do our people, you know with the economic freedom. So we have very serious problems. You got kind of a reputation for encouraging risk taking in a lot of ways. Do you think the Soviet Union seems like a good one again if ten or twenty percent of what he says comes true. I mean, I think that's good news for minnesotans. I think it's good news for a minute of four Americans if these For corporations that do business with I'm talking about the honeywell's control dad has the cray research is medtronic's if they're going to do business with Soviet Union and continue cargill's to do business that creates jobs for minnesotans. He did say we need entrepreneurs. We need Risk Takers. We need your system, but give us some time. And so I mean you have to say one thing. Can you unconditional? I'm sorry going surely know ya say one thing. They're very few American businessmen that could get up and talk for forty nine straight minutes a nod to the to the Supreme Soviets that were right there at the head they have okay, if I say this, how am I doing get his okay mentioned people in the audience have gestures and then give a sound, you know talk. I think you have to salute and applaud that and he certainly looks sincere can anyone judge the sincerity can anyone judge whether he'll be there in two years. I don't know those answers, but I'll tell you one thing. He has changed the face of the Earth. Okay. Do you think that you at this point you can make any kind of unconditional recommendation for the Soviet Union for an entrepreneur? One who wants to deal in? Well, they've I was almost invited over there three months ago to be I guess the first American businessman who appear on National Television his spokesman happened to get up and say what we need to swim with the sharks without being eaten alive my book in front of about a thousand people in Mexico going back a year ago. So the book my book is going to be translated in in the Russian six months from now and I would just say one thing that I think the more Americans that they see the more Olympics that we have. I have to be a believer in the Olympics anytime you get adversaries in the room. It's good news. All right. Thanks so much having McKay appreciate the Charlie McKay speaking with us laughter. Just emerging from that meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev and down here Gary. I'm not sure you heard. You didn't hear quite a lot of that but we were able to talk to some folks from mayo and also some folks from some of the other businesses talked to a gentleman who makes those little donut machines for one thing. Yeah. Yeah. Now what what did he (00:21:08) think? Well, how did he get in the meeting? (00:21:10) Well, he was in the meeting apparently. From early on it was included because he is company is very much a multinational companies dealing with you know, 80 and 81 countries at a time that kind of thing and he's selling those machines all over the place. He is going to be moving into the Soviet Union with an operation very very shortly here and he wanted to nail down some imponderables as far as the patents and that kind of thing. Usually it's observation of patent treaties yet. Anderson is his insides at Anderson of the yellow little orbit side to make sure not to put the t's in there because it is filled L, IL Lowell orbits donut machine and they're gonna take those State Fair Donuts too. Well, did you know they're going to change the flavor a little bit Gary they tell he told us that he thinks that the Soviets might enjoy a little bit blander donut than the people do here in the United States. Whatever that means. We're going to try and get over to Kirk Carlson here in just a moment. He's about 12 feet away from us and I'm at the end of my cable right now, but I see if we can't get him hustle over to this position this meeting when it broke up broke up pretty quickly, you know, people don't get started. Everybody wins here. It (00:22:09) started very quickly to I was Can a moment ago about about mrs. Gorbachev and what she did, you know, she stopped at a store. There was some confusion about that. This (00:22:19) wire service story. I have up on the screen here says that she went into (00:22:22) Pepito's Mexican Delhi takeout food and appeared to be placing an order. I don't know maybe she didn't like the food they had at the Mansion there the stuff that nobody that you couldn't pronounce the name of any of it. Maybe that's too (00:22:32) fancy. Well, I don't know but Peters has quite a reputation locally as you know, absolutely down on 40th and Chicago. Yes. Yes. Yes very well (00:22:39) deserved and then and then she stopped at a Snyder drug store and bought two (00:22:43) plastic Nintendo figures with gum inside. Well, I don't even know what he's wrinkled his nose again for the second time. (00:22:52) Well, I wonder she gave that to the little kids or is she decided to take that home with her as a souvenir? (00:22:57) I don't know. Anyway, we got twenty-five minutes past seven (00:23:01) o'clock our live coverage on Minnesota Public Radio the Gorbachev. Is it continuing and (00:23:06) are you still with me here Bob? Yes, sir. Okay, it's hard for me to tell at this am but I got Sandy grieve right here from Minnesota Business Partnership. Ecolab and president Partners whole group of people migrate and Mike. Are you hearing all this and feel hotter? We got it and Michael Riley. So basically the the whole Business Partnership here is Sandy Greece says you folks had a chance there to here Gorbachev firsthand extemporize for something like forty five forty nine minutes. What do you make of that Sandy group? Well, it was a clear effort on his part to be very candid about the circumstances and the Soviet Union as we all perceive them to be today and to encourage people to overlook the current difficulties and make a bet that they're going to succeed and and changing their color literally their culture as well as their economy and those businessmen with the courage to make that bet and get in on the ground floor will be well remembered by the Soviet leadership and I think you boil it down. That's that was what he was here to tell us anything in there for Minnesota in particular and not specifically he's encouraging businesses of any kind but he has particular hope for for the egg business related and transportation related businesses were particularly touched and Telecommunications. He touched specifically on all three of those. Okay. Let me ask Mike already Supervalu hear anything from your point of view. Was running one of the one of the larger grocery operations, of course the United States any way that you could take advantage of Soviet trade that you see well Lauren at this particular time. I think that the best that we can do is to help the Soviet Union with technology and distribution and and other things they really aren't in a position at this point. I'm to have a food distribution system such as we have in the United States. He did comment on the fact that they acknowledge that so much of their product is is lost. But time they grow it to the time it gets to the citizens and he cited some evidence in the potatoes and we know the same thing goes on with apples. They have a massive problem to overcome it. But I think the main thing is he's saying come help us and I think American Business is remarkable in the fact that they try very hard to help not only the communities they operate in our own country, but they're willing to help the Soviet Union on a fair basis. Is there a way to superval you can translate its experience with Distribution into the Soviet experience and I think we can we can help in distribution technology a great deal. If we're asked, you know, I mean, you can't rush over and say here we're going to tell you how to do it. I think most businesses that don't have ability to trade directly with them would really say if you need help we'll give it we're currently helping many countries in South as it many companies in South America Pacific Rim and now we're doing some work in Poland and Hungary in terms of advice and that's really the best thing we can do right now are all right. Thanks so much Michael, right a Super Value stores, and I'm going to just move over here for just a moment because Kirk Carlson now has joined us. He's speaking with our scale marks Jarvis and I think we're going to just jump in on this conversation if that's alright. Here's Kurt Carlson of Carlson companies. Hello. Mr. Carlson, Lauren Emoto, Minnesota Public Radio. You are a gal. You are here hosting the Soviet president her own hotel thing here and I went without a hitch. We made a big impression on Everybody how we can handle a situation where there was one here. I understand somebody else had the room booked for this Sunday and that's so frightening reception. Yeah. Oh that wasn't a hits. That was we had to clear the entire fourth floor that was it for the security people ordered it and we had to have my other by 1:30 in the afternoon. We didn't know which floor they want to take I see so but they were on the Main and I mean generally speaking they were all very generous and and agreed to move to other floors, but you have to make little Financial adjustment not charging for the rooms and you just got to do that if when you take on a project as big as this well now you had of course are already quite a few Soviet eyes, establish what with the the opening and Radisson in Moscow there. That's your anything anything here that well. I saw her I didn't like going on. I talked with the president about that and we had our pictures taken and Together and we are hoping that we can we would like to have one more hotel in Moscow. They've got we're in the travel business, you know, where the largest travel company in North America here in Canada. And so we got a big pent-up demand that I'm trying to get your to got to have room for him to stay in. So you see that is the problem with Toby problem. That's the problem right now. So you'd only take with we don't we don't take they got a lot of sleazy rooms, but you can't take and put Americans out of spending the money to go over there and put them they certainly got to have bathrooms in their own but those rooms will be coming on board and we're going to have a nice hotel that is up to the standards of the American. We're just ask you what do you take away from this meeting then other than a picture of you with the so had present a going-away optimism, and I think we all went out very optimistic about the opportunity to go over and compete. That's a big Market under you know, they're huge Market. And they need everything. All they got to do is get the rubles. But if the if the Americans invest like develop their in opening plants, they'll get those rubles and Carlson companies plans to continue investigating. Yes, we do. All right. Thank you for joining. Actually. We're investing in we're going into a lot of the Eastern countries and we're negotiating with a half a dozen right now. So we want to have it all covered. All right, thanks much a thank you. Mr. Carlson of Carlson companies. And of course his hotel the Radisson Plaza down here was the one that played paid played host to this whole business meeting today. Okay. Thanks Lauren. Good (00:29:12) job getting all those people together. And of course the business aspects of this Gorbachev. Visit continuing Bob Potter. Yes indeed. The motorcade has just arrived at Control Data headquarters in Bloomington where President Gorbachev will be going inside and presumably making a You know making a couple of comments to the Control Data employees in there looking at a kinetic Control Data computer exhibit should take a second to remind you that Minnesota Public Radio is live coverage of President Gorbachev visited. The Twin Cities is made possible by the international public relations consulting firm of Padilla spear Beardsley. Quick question for you Evelyn, David Heiser University, Minnesota political scientists Russian expert if you will is this tough for the Soviet leadership to come over here and essentially beg American businesses to come and do business and in their country Gorbachev has made it. Or has tried to make it seem like anything but begging what he has said over and over again as we do not want aid from the United States. We want cooperation. In other words. We don't want to be a third world country that gets foreign aid. We want to deal with you on business like terms. We want to be forced to improve ourselves what I found curious listening to the reactions of the business people who were at the hotel today is no talk whatsoever about political stability in the Soviet Union. They have much more confidence. It would seem to me in in the future political stability of the country. Then then many commentators have have had in recent days. They're not worried about Gorbachev's fortunes interrupting the investment climate. Those are thought is no matter. In charge they're going to need widgets. So hmm, we are now seeing via the pool video feed of very very familiar sight. That is Mikhail Gorbachev getting out of the limousine and being surrounded by lots of people. Lots of photographs being taken. We may be able to get some of the audio from this two will just have to listen and (00:31:30) see there there. It is in the background. I don't hear him saying anything. I don't hear anything being translated. So I assume that that's just the sound of the crowd listen to at the moment. I (00:31:42) should mention Gary that at the same time as we talk about all this high technology. This element of the Gorbachev trip. There is an ironic and unfortunate thing to report in another area of the news and that is the death today of Robert noyce, who was the inventor of the semiconductor he died at his home in Austin today at the age of 62. He co-founded Fairchild semiconductor Corporation back in 1957 and working separately. He and a fellow named Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments invented the integrated circuit, which of course made computers possible by putting the power of multiple transistors on a single circuit chip and mr. Noyes was also one of the founders of Intel now the nation's third largest semiconductor producer something to take note of it. As President Gorbachev enters the Control Data Corporation Headquarters building out in Bloomington tonight. I think they're going to I think they're giving him a look at one of those big mainframe computers that control data is hoping to sell to to the Soviet Union. In fact later. The deal has been worked out to sell the computers, but the Apparently still need official US permission for the deal to go through for years and years. Of course, the US government was very skittish about selling any kind of high technology product to the Soviet Union less the Soviets turn it into some sort of a put it to a military application. Alright President Gorbachev is at the Control Data headquarters building right now. He'll be there for about according to the schedule about another. Oh, I suppose 15 minutes maybe 20 minutes, then he will take off down interstate 494 to the air. Court where he will meet up with wife Raisa who presumably is finishing up her visit at the Watson home in South Minneapolis, they will board their plane and they will be on their way to San Francisco. One of the interesting things about this we hear so much about high-tech and new business opportunities and so on the United States has been doing a lot of Agriculture business with the Soviet Union for a long time and Minnesota visit of President Gorbachev has raised the expectations of farmers. All right, we better go off back not a control data. We have Lawrence Perlman the chairman of CDC and this pool feed which is a little iffy (00:34:14) critically important agreements including an agreement on Peaceful uses of atomic energy. In addition. The US government has indicated that it will soon approve subject to a special agreement the export to the Soviet Union of six Control Data computers to be used. for civilian nuclear safety these understandings inaugurate a new era of vial a Turrell cooperation in nuclear power safety and related matters. Nuclear safety is truly a global concern and it must be one of Mankind's highest priorities, but it can only be guaranteed if we work together using computers like this cyber 960 and other Advanced Technologies to solve common problems. Other forms of technological cooperation can have the same mutually beneficial effects particularly in addressing global concerns such as the environment. And other economic and social issues. Mr. President. I'm sure I speak for the entire American Business community in saying that we look forward to new opportunities to work with the people of the Soviet Union to build enduring ties between our two countries. No, mr. President. I invite you to step over to the computer where Bill Selden a controlled it engineer will demonstrate for you how computers can improve civilian nuclear plant safety? Well, I think you have to have a lot of imagination to figure out what's going on now indeed President Gorbachev is over there take a look at that machine and sure that it will perform faultlessly. Mmm. (00:36:16) They're going to use that to try to improve the safety of nuclear power plants in the Soviet Union. (00:36:25) And one what do you think about these machines here and the (00:36:27) use of the use of them this capacity? Well, it certainly critical not just for the Soviet Union, but for Eastern Europe, we hear a lot about the environmental problems and especially for the Eastern European countries, the only economically viable alternative to the call that they've been using that's wreak Devastation on the environment is nuclear energy. So anything that can improve the safety of the nuclear power industry not just in the Soviet Union, but in Eastern Europe as well is is critical with striking to me is Gorbachev. It controlled data something that six years ago when never would have expected to see a Soviet leader at a u.s. High tech firm and we take it for granted today. Very striking in a closed city has closed stance, right? (00:37:24) All right, (00:37:25) let's let's listen to a little of this pool feed now this again coming from Control Data (00:37:30) headquarters where President Gorbachev is getting it an explanation of the way the machine operation Engineers could analyze what was wrong with it? And what had to be done to repair the can see the workspace available around it could go back to the original design and pass this information off to the construction people to make the correction by using products like this we end up with a safer declare design because the information is readily available to all the engineers. Demonstration that you've seen here of Control Data products helps produce that effective design is being used worldwide by Engineers right now. Engage Boutique. Where is this unique is size used plants here in the states French and France, but EDF that used we have just sold to India has used in Australia. I want to do you think that the Control Data people are going to be able to get an export license to sell this thing. Well, that's another question. (00:38:55) the US government has had (00:38:59) a bad record isn't quite the right way (00:39:01) to put it but certainly hasn't been extremely forthcoming when it comes to it to exporting this sort of technology to the Soviet Union yet. The relationship is Trent changed. So tremendously and the issue of us export limitations and u.s. Competitiveness and Soviet markets has become so much more important on the agenda of us Business Leaders that Prospect certainly seem better. Well, it isn't one of the issues not only that at one time the Soviets could conceivably have used the machine like this for military purposes or or spy purposes or something like that. But now what about what about the concern that maybe they could sell the technology to Old Libya or Cuba or some country with which the United States has less than friendly relations. I think that should be less of a concern. It should have always been less of a concern. I mean the Soviets if if anything have always been a forthcoming on the issue of non-proliferation, they were never eager to see other countries join the nuclear Club. Let's let's go back enjoying President. Gorbachev can still add Control Data. (00:40:26) after the accident - the u.s. Is produced at a grant you the worst was disabled a Serial interior see serious course I use of such rudeness to very origin varnish feel his presence here today indicates that the Soviet Union has a real interest in developing cooperation of this extremely important and vital area achieve it. So what you should do is attack Upstate so nauseous and key. Jamie we do Donald Nash a competent attorney he washe Genesis estate owned sternum is a demeanor hijiki nearby tease. Well, the situation today is that according to assessments and evaluations of scientists both yours and ours. The situation is that we cannot really do without nuclear energy today. Yes, you chased or of know him so incautious Tom? It's a Tweety energy emitted Romney promotions to her Noe a grown-up pastas additional doors in Kate. Basha mirabai, probably Emma. Still attached to be a distance above she had me she knew Billy boy, not your enemy absolute on a journey a set of epistemic, you know, Kino residence Kebab. Well, if we take into account the fact that according to many qualities and parameters nuclear this particular type of energy has a lot of advantages but it also entails a lot of risks. Then we are faced with this big problem of international nature namely what can we do in order to ensure as much as possible these plans to make them as safe as possible. Of course, we cannot those do so in absolute terms, but this is something that we must pursue especially in the civilian sector. Stop Newport New Yorkers are so smooth. No apology. No Ocarina competing technology. Yes. It's just be straight to chess races will know well in order to avoid the ridiculous. In which I might find myself in the presence of so competent people as you are. I will cut down on this particular portion of my speech. Yes, cuz you'll Prosper he already told Casey Jessica's alkyd an ostrich is procedurally me business them me. previous to him if Norway shocked at NOAA shock National academies comes out through each piece. We know Miz perspective Nicola probably I will say simply this I already in fact discuss have just discussed this with representatives of the business Community here. We do welcome and upload this new step in our economic cooperation. And in a number of areas when you discussed earlier store washed our tissues are critics taught not to resort to company owners that provides a whole entire store on the show you some of leisure Augusta West Coast. Well, I was told that your state is a closed state. But right now it's beginning to open toward the Soviet Union. That is to say your archenemy cocks your booster Miniatures. See how fast things are changing current shorter live coverage of President Gorbachev that control daily headquarters in Bloomington. What is the sound we Lucci argument from? Oh you poor dears good. This is the best possible argument in my support. Yes. Could you push your left you speechless a Troodon sister? Partially filled me in ashram organization and item watching Barnum. Which ASCII same ideas and in closing I would like to extend the best wishes for successful cooperation between your corporation and our respective organizations. Is this extremely important area of interaction. It was lower. I'll be rich St. Visitor Couture is a conscious savonia. What units you Sonia Washingtonian? And a couple of remarks about the first part of my visit which ended formerly today at eleven eleven o'clock in Washington. When you got it. Yeo, reum novice Gizelle no Adam no cars. It's summer glow in their store. What ulama thirsty? at VSU nasty Rasheeda nasty politicians Cavalli president mm divorced run she seems Tony Ashley. Well, then you press story of so now kinetic Eerie shrieking Shaggy Couture is presiding officer Normandy in ashes tranny yet provide a crony was more nasty letters to ET de Varela kick neurodegenerative. Mary is a true initially established. I need beautiful. Ideally serious ass appear in each district Partners to Isaac team Drew's be4 that warnimont the images view. It seems to me and this is something that I have spoken a lot about seems to me that the most important thing today is to emphasize that the both presidents the presidents of the two countries that is had enough wisdom enough responsibility and determination as well as political will in spite of the complex and difficult situation as it exists today. They were still able to take some very important steps intended to bring closer together our two peoples and our two countries in order to open up more opportunities for the peoples of our two countries to live in peace to cooperate. Each other so as to move away from confrontation and competition and rivalry toward partnership and friendship. Toast toast toast toast a jealous. He progressed slowly kidney. I wish I had it. Malaga Russia has no cheating. Then a short walk nerado geodome. Oh you live here Naruto. Please show me reverse of the restaurant talk about whoosh whoosh East it is the Wolves. Who Durst? Stood a little darker than Eurasia is Samira Steve a proceed Worcester. Only hot Machining has with a grand namely. Yeah, maybe smear. And what has been going on during these days offers a promise of many good and significant accomplishments and results for our two peoples. In fact, I would say for All Peoples of the world and for the entire International Community well, but such is the Lord of our two countries that even when they are confronted with the most simple issues of problems concerning bilateral relations between them whatever they do or decide really influences the whole world. You Don't Know You're My Pal ideally, it's Nina she was virtuous tranny Certian Ebola lasting proscenium. I believe that we have been able to get along just fine with the incumbent leadership of your country for the very simple reason. Nah, she Lu zhi I mean I can see service Colucci at your guide to start your political. Kataria Tolga. The door of your brush last National Road am still curious or so a nice matala Hebrew Shalom push to you. casali, Swami Takeshita 08606 just rudeness noodles VG U sure she' monopolies were headed by tomorrow. Yeah, we're you will speak to you car wash with respect to U at a politically but the most narrow deep ammonia munis restaurant or any possibility through you provided. Our peoples the story of an American people's that is to reject the old policies the policies that cost too much to our people and yours the policies that were the squandered and wasted a lot of resources of our two countries. In fact so much that today we have found ourselves in a very difficult situation or out of which it is difficult to find an exit but still we have undertaken such effort toward that end therefore, I believe in the good prospects of this particular policy that has been undertaken currently between our two countries because the peoples of our two countries from now on will not allow us to pursue any different policy. What is community because it's near Sedona me Rishi Nia? Kotori bri-bri Nativity knee perhaps somebody may find somewhat surprising those decisions that have been made during these days no more yet. We have to see him. Skip tecumseh's symptoms to mou position UE ovarian. Was it Su President of Russia Potala internal Allah, but there's ganache with Naruto. Yeah shoes wet mm Misty reach with your arms raised near through here. I be surpassed nasty. Because that National Road mm a grown-up is not Nest it's tiny but they're Jolly crocodylus waste run. Not Empower ratnam it appear SVG nashik at moschini. Thank you Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev speaking live at Control Data headquarters out in Bloomington, Minnesota (00:52:35) and let's pick up. Once again on chairman (00:52:36) Lawrence Pearlman from to later that has been provided to us by our respective people. So it is here in this particular place today where great care is taken to ensure safety or working conditions of people that would like to express our appreciation to all people for their support that they have provided to the leaders of our two countries during these days. Thank you very much for that was the translation of President Arbitrage final comments. I don't know. All right, that's going to but wrap it up from the Control Data headquarters President Gorbachev the getting back in the motorcade heading back to the airport Raisa Gorbachev is already at the airport awaiting the arrival (00:53:24) of her husband and it's been let's see just about seven hours since we have talked with Mike Mulcahy out at the airport. Let's go out there and see if he's still there (00:53:34) Michael indeed. I'm still here Bob. Good afternoon. We had I know you've been talking earlier about whether these events where the Gorbachev's met with the public were stage-managed or not. Yes. Well, this one was stage-managed. I can say at least to some extent the press as you say has been waiting out here all day and some of us were at the very front of the line ready to see what was happening here and about 45 minutes ago. They made us all move and we had to move back up and above the crowd while they moved in. They say 6 to 700 people just ordinary people to meet the garbage jobs as you say, Is Gorbachev is here? She pulled up in her half of the motorcade just about three minutes ago. And now she's moving through and shaking hands Lola / pitches with her a number of other dignitaries and such are with her. There's another musical group playing this time. It's the Greater Twin Cities youth Symphony and a choir with voices from the bel canto voices Metropolitan boys (00:54:30) choir and Angelica Kenton T. (00:54:33) I think I pronounce that right but I probably didn't anyway, that's those are all children's choirs and they're providing some music here. And I guess now we're just waiting for President Gorbachev to come over from Control Data. It's not a very long drive as you know, and we expect him here in a few minutes. They've also set up a microphone here at the airport. So I imagine we'll have some sort of speeches to wrap this up. Although the original schedule I know was for them to take off at about 5:00 after eight and it looks like they're going to stick closer to that than we had originally heard. Originally. They had changed that to 835 now, it looks like they may get off. Ground before that Bob you'll remember there were four planes here total three Soviet planes and a US Government plane. One of those Soviet planes is taken off already presumably on its way to San Francisco. That's some Soviet staff people and some Advanced people. So they're already gone. And now we're just waiting for the closing ceremonies here at the airport. All right, Mike. It looks to me a Gary from what I can make out of the video monitor their that (00:55:37) the Control Data part of the visit is just about wrapped up. Is that right? I think so looks like he's heading out the door their hand. They should be getting back in his in his limo here (00:55:49) soon. Evelyn David Heiser, what do you think overall a successful? Visit it (00:55:59) Gorbachev accomplish what he came here to do. He seems to have the enthusiasm generated among the business Community here seems to be sincere there seems to be a Readiness to knock down the doors and get into the Soviet Market. I think he did quite well with them and I think that's what he came here intending to do. Well people in the Soviet Union even as we speak be the eager to learn more about, Minnesota. Well that I'm not so sure. I think they're eager to have increased US economic activity in the Soviet Union. I don't think they care whether that comes from Minnesota or someplace out (00:56:54) fact from what the the young lady of Radio Moscow is telling us earlier today. Basically the people in the (00:57:01) Soviet Union are paying a whole lot of attention to the entire trip that Gorbachev made their main concerns are what what's going on with our economy. Where are the food products coming from? What about the store shelves? What's going to be there tomorrow that kind of thing, which I guess you obviously are a little more concerned about your own activities on tomorrow as opposed to some of these Faraway things that are little more abstract Bob looks like the motorcade is heading off to the airport. Now the Gorbachev. Limo is leaving Soviet. Waving as he's as become his custom throughout this 7 plus our (00:57:39) visit we still haven't seen any of the security cars that come a little before the motorcade yet. So I imagine they'll be showing up here in just a few minutes at the airport. As far as we can. Tell our line of sight isn't great here. But as far as we can tell mrs. Gorbachev is still meeting with some of the people who have assembled here and shaking hands are number of children here. I understand some of the families of the of the people who work here at the base some of the military people and some of the families of even the security people. I was standing earlier next to the brother-in-law of one of the Secret Service officials. So they have moved to crowd in here and they're trying to keep it as secure as possible. And I guess the Gorbachev's are going to meet with the crowds again. They've been doing it all day. I don't know why they should stop now. We will continue our live (00:58:25) coverage. We have sketch cancelled all of our regularly scheduled programming today (00:58:29) on Minnesota Public Radio so we can bring you the live broadcast of the (00:58:32) garbage. (00:58:32) Trip from the (00:58:33) arrival to the departure. This coverage is made possible by the international public relations consulting firm of Padilla Spear and Beardsley and you listening to members supported, Minnesota Public Radio. This is knnow Minneapolis-Saint Paul in the Twin Cities a low expected in the 30s tonight. It'll be a little warmer tomorrow.


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