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Maureen Shaver, Republican activist and former capitol lobbyist, and Amy Klobuchar, Democrat and Hennepin County Attorney, discuss upcoming Minnesota and national 2004 elections. Shaver and Klobuchar also answer listener questions.

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And good morning. Welcome to mid-day on Minnesota Public Radio. Am very glad you could join us election day is now just two weeks away and you might think the candidates and the campaigns have said all they have to say they've been out there long enough, but the candidates and the campaign's apparently have lots more to say to minnesotans John Edwards in Hibbing this afternoon George Bush's in Rochester tomorrow afternoon. John Kerry is in Minneapolis on Thursday. Dick Cheney is in Rosemont on Friday and both sides are flooding the airwaves with ad after add trying to fire up the faithful and would the underside all of this attention seems to underscore Minnesota's presume status as a purple State neither Republican red nor Democrat blue presidential race is still thought to be very close here in the state of Minnesota during the shower. Midday or we're going to catch up on some of the latest developments don't even share the studio are political analysts and activists Amy Klobuchar andShaver and their other lives Democrat Amy Klobuchar is the Hennepin County attorney Republican Marine shaver as worn several hats including work as a lobbyist at the state capitol, as always. We invite you to join our conversation. We're talking about the presidential campaign with a special focus on the race here in Minnesota. And if you'd like to join our conversation, give us a call 651-227-6000 let our Twin City area number. 651-227-6012 free number is one 800-242-2828 or as always you can send in your question or comment online go to our website, Minnesota Public Radio. Org then click on Sunday question.Thanks for coming over this morning. Good morning to be on a two weeks to go before people actually get the vote here in Minnesota before official election day. Do it best. You can tell is the race at auto shop here in the state of Minnesota Marine. I think. Minnesota is very much in play as well as Wisconsin and Iowa, which is makes the Upper Midwest targeted area for both the senator carrying President Bush president has been in Minnesota twice and just less than two weeks will be here again tomorrow. I think that speaks to the fact that he knows he can win the state if he wants Amy Klobuchar Stakes are high and the state is closed. I do think when you look at the poles over the last few months, Senator, Kerry has emerged as a leader. It's been closer at times than others, but he's always basically a little bit ahead and I think that's significant when you look at it over time. I also have the fact that we have one of the biggest get-out-the-vote efforts in the country going on.Jeff Blodgett, who was Paul wellstone for McCain campaign manager is heading that up for the Kerry campaign. He had talked to him the other day. So people are just pouring into the headquarters on University Avenue there in the old wellstone headquarters and really unprecedented numbers of people that are working to get out the vote in the election day and we believe that's going to be good for Democrats and good for John Kerry the Republicans that I have a similar big push to actually get voters to the polls attack of almost a million people in the next 15 days. That'll be by phone. Now, they've identified Bush supporters. They'll be doing door-to-door. It's a it's it's Franklin effort for a presidential race that Amy and I probably never witnessed In Our Lifetime. Is that going to make the difference here?I think it will make a big difference in you look around the country. There was an article in the New York Times a few weeks ago that said that voter registration in Democratic areas of the Swing States is up 225%. 25% in Republican areas, and we have the added volatility here in Minnesota, read and I were just talking about it that you have same-day registration and I believe you know, if you look back in history say at the wellstone by switch the first race when wellstone one or the Ventura race, those candidates probably wouldn't have emerged as the winner two weeks out. And so we have a lot of people showing up in election day. I think that's going to help John Kerry as more and more people who haven't traditionally voted or are coming out to vote and getting interested in this campaign mechanics always matter and I think we found that time and time again throughout the last several presidential races in Minnesota that the Republicans in Minnesota are doing what they need to do to turn out the base, which is really what it's all about that.By the president's coming here. That's why Senator Carrie is coming here. It is to go in and go back to those traditional messages that will make Republicans and frankly Democrats to get to the polls. So I think everything is about mechanics and getting out that vote in the next two weeks for the Democrats are really pushing in the suburbs and I didn't didn't push as much sometimes in the past. And in fact some national numbers are showing that while bush is ahead in the world areas that lead is not a significant it's half as it was in the midwest in those World Series when Gloria was running so I think you have that factor. I'm going on as well as the fact that you've got some moderate Republicans and Marine is one of my favorite moderate Republican, but you have moderate Republicans that are have said, they're supporting John Kerry like Elmer Anderson, the former Governor wrote an editorial in the Star and Tribune I Peter Joe at has one in today.I'm already Carlton's former Commissioner of Economic Development and trade until you have a little bit beyond the Democratic base in some of the efforts that are being made. I mean clearly. Tutorials are showing up because the Kerry campaign know that they are attracting some moderate Republicans were very unhappy with the large deficit that we have with some of the economic policies and with the status of the war submarine. Are you supporting John Kerry? I'll be supporting President Bush using points. But Al Gore carried, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa President Bush is going to be here more than once in all three of those dates in the next two weeks what I think that's showing is clearly their National polling and their internal polling here in Minnesota. And those three states shows. They are within reach and frankly. That's why Senator Kerry has to be coming back to Minnesota because he does not have this locked.If he wants to win this election, I think he probably has to win Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota just like Al Gore did and I think all three of those are clearly Within Reach of President Bush visits that were being treated to all four of those the top candidates are here this week. The purpose is to fire up the faithful or to woo those five undecided people wherever they are in the state of Minnesota. What is what is the actual point of it?See John Edwards going to Hibbing which is very exciting. I was talking to Senator tommasone last night about this, you know, they're going to have thousands of people out of Steel Workers out of work up there and clearly the purpose there is to make sure that the Democratic voters are going to be there but I do think you still see the Safford going on with some of the things that have been in the paper and some of the reach out especially with women and Republican women that's going on that in the visits that John Kerry has made to a Rochester and places like that that there are some inroads that they can't believe that they can make with moderate Republicans because of the issue and because of John Kara's performance in the debate, but a lot of these asmarina set our to get out the vote to get out the base and I believe that if you just listen listen to the scenes at the candidates are stressing now not only here in Minnesota, but throughout the country, they're going back to their traditional messages. The president is talking about personal safety. The president is talking about educational accountability. The president is toTalking about how he would handle fiscal matters differently than Senator Kerry that's all to make sure that that bass knows that there's a big difference between these two candidates and frankly. I think they'll spend the next two weeks so I can mostly about those things. As you said, there are those five undecided voters out there, but frankly, I think from the bush perspective he is going to focus on leadership and he's going to focus on what's important about if you really liked him what he'll do in the future versus Senator Kerry, which is having to spend a fair amount of time pointing out what he believes are the differences between the two candidates not necessarily setting out the the same vision that might work with those 5 undecided voters, but right now it is really about motivating minnesotans to get out for their candidate presidential race in general specific focus, of course being on what's Happening Here in the state of Minnesota and there is a lot happening in the state of Minnesota as we know it all for the well both vice presidential candidates. Both presidential candidates are visiting visiting, Minnesota this week.Alone, and we got to be great opportunity to catch up on what's going on. What might happen joining us here in the studio Marine shaver who is longtime Republican activist and Amy Klobuchar longtime Democrat dfl the activists if you would like to join our conversation 651-227-6006 51227 6000 toll free number one 800-242-2828 or as always you can use our online service go to our website, Minnesota Public Radio. Org and click on send a question much angst as you folks know not only here in Minnesota, but apparently around the country about the ability and or willingness of election officials to actually count the votes and let people vote who are supposed to be able to vote. Is that just paranoia or is there genuine cause for concern?There is some cause for concern given what happened just four years ago in Florida and I know here in Minnesota. We have always prided ourselves and how we run elections. I know in our County Hennepin County. We've been heralded nationally for how we run elections. We have a republican board chair. We have a republican who is head of our elections and I'm a Democrat. We work very well on this together, but we do have some concerns. I know that our head of elections in the county has some concerns with some of the ways that the Secretary of State here has handled things has been a lot of disputes going on, but I'm hopeful that in the end that we will be able to have a fair election that if we lose people's trust in the election system. I don't care if you're a democrat or republican or independent or where you come from. This can't happen. This can't happen in our state and I'm hopeful that this will work out of people have been working around the clock to make sure that the Machinery is working and that the procedures are in place is going to be poll Watchers beverages of lawyers fromAll the campaigns to make sure that things are working. Right and I'm hopeful that that will happen in Minnesota. Marin. Both campaigns right now are focusing on ensuring Fair elections here in Minnesota. That's why we had that little bit of a flap this last week about the appointment of election judges and making sure all major parties were we're representative, but I don't think that Minnesota will have the technical or the voter registration problems has been identified throughout the country. I think our system has been first of all, we tax it every four years. We we really use it because we have the highest turnout of most in it and it throughout the country for presidential election. So we're getting better at it. We're getting it down, but I do think what's different this year is that in the past? Frankly the Republicans have not put the kind of effort into poll Watchers and judges as we have done in the past because Minnesota hasn't been a targeted state that has something that we are seeing much more of this year probably both on the Democrat and Republican side. So people are paying attention to that process into recruiting individuals andQuite frequent recruitment of people to serve in those roles throughout Minnesota, Minnesota for a moment. Is there a legitimate concern that one side or the other might steal this election or try to steal the election National League Marine? I'm not sure that it's going to spend a lot of time thinking about it. I don't know that one party or the other has a better handle on him one way or the other. I'm not worried about the Integrity long over all of our election system, but I do think there's going to be Pockets around the country and if it is going to be so close, we've never text it this way as we did four years ago and we will again this year these there will be elections in especially in the swing states. That will be so close that every vote does matter, but I think if you seen him in and both media and media reports recently that both campaigns frankly are also up and ready in those states where they expect trouble with legal teams and others were observing.Observing the elections so that frankly they can kick that process into place if they feel there's been problems and state the day after the election. Well, I just I believe they're so concerned I talk to someone else the other day who talked to him from Florida who actually was flying down to Florida to vote because she didn't trust the absentee ballot system there. I think that if this happens again, and it's that close it's going to be devastating for our country and for trusting our electoral system. The the way things are going it's so sad that people don't have the things that we do in Minnesota which jungle at work so hard for a same-day registration if we could have the same system all over the country. I don't think you'd have these kinds of concerns that they do with cutting people off suppressing the vote same day registration to me seems to be the answer to make sure that everyone's included in the boat instead of arbitrarily cutting off the right to vote one last question. I want to get some listeners involved here in a general sense as people are you happy?Made up their mind as to who they're going to support or are in the process of doing so those 5 people and we talked about earlier what the in your mind is is is the big the term determiner. The big factor issues are the candidates themselves in Northfield and Bemidji are I haven't made up their mind or could easily switch their minds. I mean, there's a there's no doubt about that and there are most importantly, and then you also have it all these people as we've said I think to me the number one factor is are these people going to come in about the 22 million single women in the country that didn't vote before there's a number of groups and haven't voted as for the issues and what's going on clearly. This campaign has been especially since the debate has been a debate about the issues in this country the record of the president and I thinkJohn Kerry successfully switches debate after enduring a hundred million dollars of negative advertising from the Republican party and his friends would really try to make him out as a cartoon character. He took the stage at the bait and people saw this is a leader. This is Amanda knows what he's doing and it became in effect since then, I believe indictment of the president's record looking at this big deficit that has been rung up, you know, we got into a 422 billion dollar deficit this past year looking at the war and the the way the American public was misled to go into that war, when he's standing there in a flight suit sang mission accomplished 100 people today or were killed or hurt there in a rock. I mean, it's just a much different discussion than we were having this late in the summer about Swift but it has changed into a discussion on the president's record. The skyrocketing healthcare costs are the fact that nothing has been done about that. That's nothing.I'm done about childcare. The debate has switched and I think that's good for the Kerry Edwards campaign in the polls of certainly show that I think Gary your question got back to those undecideds and are they looking at issues? Are they looking at the candidate the issues? We've we've heard the issues. I think right now people who are still undecided are wondering who's the best person to take us through the next four years David Brooks in the New York Times this morning had a great article and he said smart candidates are launching attacks that play up the doubt voters already have about their opponents carry is launching attacks at play Uptown voters have about him. You know, what 2 * pull this morning indicated that a majority of Americans continue to see. Mr. Kerry is untrustworthy politician. That's what they are focusing on now people on the right people on the left. They know who they're going to vote for. They know whether they support the war in the Iraq or don't support the war in Iraq. They know where they support tax cuts or don't support tax cuts people who are undecided right now are really looking for a leader and I think that is when President BushComes down and in the end will carry the day talk in the shower about politics obviously presidential politics more specifically and most specifically the race here in the state of Minnesota. I guess this hour long time activist and analysts Amy Klobuchar and Marine shaver Amy is the Democrat Marine is the Republican. We have a full Bank of callers, but let me give you the number here when she tries in a couple of minutes like to get your question on 651-227-6000 or one 800-242-2828. Then you can use our online service go to our website, Minnesota Public Radio. Org and the click on send a question with colors from South Dakota Catherine. Go ahead please.I just have a comment on the campaign visits. I think they either have a tendency to infus or to infuriate and just being a student on the campus of Brookings SDSU. I'm finding that people are more infuriated the more President Bush comes to South Dakota and to Minnesota. I don't want to hear it anymore. Is there a chance that all this attention is going to start backfiring on the counter? That's why I don't think that's true. I know it's it's certainly expensive. It's it's a lot of work for the police and local law enforcement when they come and sometimes, you know, the roads are blocked off, but I think one of the reasons the candidates keep coming as they they know that when they come to certain areas, it helps them it helps them to actually meet the people in the areas when they go like Senator Edwards is doing today up to Hibbing president or vice presidential candidate hasn't been up there in years to Hibbing and that's a big deal to people and it should be that he is demonstrating that he cares about what's going on in that area with the loss of jobs with the economy and that he wants to do something about it. So I know it can be a hassle and people get tired of this. But remember this election is going to Define this country probably for the next. Lifetime and it's a very important election and people get tired of politicians. But what matters here is it people are able to hear about the issue 62 million Americans watch that first debate with similar numbers and it shows a very heightened interest in this election because people know that the stakes couldn't be higher 15,000 people showed up to see it here at President Bush two weeks ago and probably the most spectacular Minnesota day we've had in three months. I think I think the pit it people turn out to see these candidates to learn about them. I understand what you said. I don't not quite sure I would agree with the fact that bring a candidate in infuriates the other side, but I think it really does charge up your supporters and I think in Minnesota, it's been a very long time since we've had this attention and I think it's going to be good for our election Gary your question, please Thanks for taking my call. I live in Chanhassen and Wendy president came a couple weeks ago. There were several carry supporters were Chanhassen taxpayers who waited in line for tickets and when they showed up wearing their t-shirts were forcibly removed and threatened with arrest at that rally and my I'd like to hear the comments of the of your guests on that practice, especially given that taxpayers end up footing the bill in large part for these visits. Well, I believe the reality. Is there a lot of Volunteers in Minnesota. They had more tickets. They didn't they weren't even able to get all the people in it who are supporters of the president. I think that to see him. I do think it's appropriate for people to come who are undecided and don't know but I can certainly sympathize with a campaign not necessarily wanting to bring in people from the other candidacy who are there frankly to highlight their candidates positions as well as potentially to disrupt things. So I don't have any problem necessarily with people who were Cary support as if those people had chosen to come to be They were undecided and had gotten the tickets just like everybody else. That would have been fine. But I don't really think that was their purpose. I think the Bush campaign is made a mistake and how they handle this they have in fact, the collar is Right vetted people including kids, you know, if I have a sticker in their wallet or something like that and the the Keurig campaign has not done that to that extent and I think it's been very unfortunate. I think people have a right to come and see a political candidate. That's what our democracy is about to end when Senator Edwards came to Maple Grove week ago or so. I spoke at that event 11,000 people there by the police estimate 5000 got in the door another 1,500 got into a holding area for vice presidential candidate and I didn't see any kind of wedding or checking people for what they were wearing at that event and it was a very good rally and I think it's unfortunate that I think the more exposure we can have other better. Our democracy is I'm who are there people at the Edwards rally with bush signs of bush materials and so on remember seeing some people outside I didn't it was such a big crowd that it would be hard to know who all was there and what they are they it was a supportive crowd of Senator Edwards, but I don't think that they were checking people have been allowed in all I know is that what I've been hearing in the national news is that the Bush campaign to spend much more ferocious about checking people's IDs and looking for buttons and t-shirts and things like that Marina David Brooks who you mentioned earlier New York Times columnist conservative and so on. I heard him on TV more than one saying he thinks that President Bush has been hurt by this effort to limit the crowds who who appears in these crowds at 8 with his argument that the person would have been better served by by confronting deal. What people who oppose him and all he's ever heard all he hears our people who mean all wheel of bush. You think that's some truth to that. I think that's a fair assessment. I do think that the campaign made its decision early on to be consistent about making sure the people who support the president and people have never had a chance to hear him hadn't had an opportunity to do that. I don't think I think it would be a little disingenuous to say that he hasn't he hasn't confronted or work to our address people that have differences of opinion with him. He's been in office for 4 years. So that might not be a butt and I also don't agree that he's going to the extent that Amy is suggest about pulling children decided or others and looking in their wallets. I do think that if her child or my child, we're going to an event. It's probably more appropriate that Amy's child got to go in and see Senator Edwards and my child got to go in and see President Bush but those are just that's just a difference of opinion. Let's get one more question on here before it breaks. Yeah, I am as as one who's decided for the other candidate Ralph Nader. I was wondering exactly what the two we thought his chances of whatever may be tipping the balance one way or another car here in Minnesota has the only anti-war candidate really out there. It's amazing to hear the Democrats say that they would like to hear more opportunity given what they've done to Ralph Nader this past trying to get on the ballot. So I'd like to hear what they have to say about Ralph Nader's chances here. I need the other candidates for that matter going to get enough votes to make a difference here in the state of Minnesota. I think it's possible, but I believe it Center. Carrie is going to pull it out here. We're looking at now down to 1% for Ralph Nader support nationally and in Minnesota, but given how close it can be. It can make a difference. So I know that the Kerry campaign is talking to Nato support. Like yourself sir and saying what are you doing this man? This time is supported by a number of high-level Republican donors. He got a lot of money from people that have given money to President Bush Winona Laduke. His running mate just came out yesterday for John Kerry and look at who you're supporting and what's going on with you and I understand that people feel strongly about Ralph Nader and people feel that John Kerry doesn't represent everything that they want him to represent. But when you look at his record as a whole and you look at what he's been talking about, especially with the war about changing course about what he would do differently. I am hopeful that a lot of those nater supporters will come over and vote for John caring for a I think this is a hard case to make that third parties argument in Minnesota because we supported the Jesse Ventura and he won we have we have a long tradition of third-party candidates. I do think that's no question that this is going to be a very close election. And that Ralph Nader will have an impact in Minnesota about the presidential race specific Focus here in the state of Minnesota. We also expect we'll get to some conversation about the Congressional races in the state may be some legislative races as well. Our guests a republican Marine shaver and Democrat Amy Klobuchar full a bank to callers. Let me give you the number here. You can try some few minutes of some of the lines Claire 651-227-6000 or one 802-422-8028 or user online service go to our website, Minnesota Public Radio. Org and click on Sunday? Your questions in a couple minutes programming is supported by Ecolab dedicated to improving cleaning and sanitation standards for leading Hospitality Healthcare and food processing customers worldwide on the web and by global impact member Charities International Rescue committee and Lutheran World relief committed to changing the World by supporting workplace giving details at charity. Org. This Friday. I'm mid-morning. It's the culmination of Minnesota Public Radio series on the education achievement Gap. I'm Kari Miller tune in for a town hall meeting with education leaders from Minneapolis-Saint Paul in the state of Minnesota. You'll also hear some interesting ideas on how to fix the Gap listen to mid-morning Friday at 9 on Minnesota Public Radio. Right. Now let's catch up on the latest headlines here Steven John Steven. Thank you. Gary top European Union 8 official calls. Today's Abduction of a relief worker in Baghdad another blow Against Humanity rien working at Al Jazeera TV has are too brief video tape of the british-born woman who is care Internationals director in a rock that says the tape came from militants, but didn't identify them your new violence the US military set mortar attacks north of Baghdad killed an American contractor and at least for a rocky National Guard members and wounded ATA Rockies south of the capital are rocky is security forces and US Marines carry out a sweet, but arrested nearly 130 suspected insurgents. The average recipient can expect an extra $25 a month on Social Security checks next year the checks get a 2.7% cost of living increase last month's announce the $11.60 monthly Medicare premium hike will eat a big chunk of the increase. Alan Greenspan's has the red ink swirling around many Americans, isn't this Serious threat to the economy the Federal Reserve chairman says Rising personal bankruptcy filings reflect pockets of distress, but he says most Americans can still pay their bills. Cronimet Incorporated says it will close its Minnetonka call center in February and eliminate 70 jobs. The closing as a result of Corona meds pending merger with m i m Corporation of Elmsford New York to call center operations will be incorporated into m i m center in Ohio. Most of chrome ads 400. Please are based in the Twin Cities and analysts to say there could be more consolidation in the future if chronomancer merger with a merger with m i m goes through a group of Corona made that shareholders have sued to block the merger Minnesota's corn and soybean Harvest are running well behind the five-year average the Minnesota agricultural statistics service said corn harvesting is 14% complete compared with a five-year average of 46% and soybeans were 59% harvested compared with 86% in an average year. Minnesota weather today again, mostly cloudy a chance of rain in the East and North some drizzle in the parts of the area including the Twin Cities right now Gary where it's 44°. Alright. Thanks, Jayvon 24 minutes now before 12 or the noon hour again. It's part of our continuing coverage of the presidential campaign. We're going to hear from National Security advisor Condoleezza Rice the City Club forum in Cleveland has been running having a series of high-profile guests in on the big issues there specific Focus has been on foreign policy. We heard from Richard Holbrooke who is speculated to be a John Kerry secretary of state if Carrie becomes president, we heard from him in a week ago, then they said he Club had to Condoleezza Rice in to lay out the president's position on National Security issues. And so we will hear from her today this hour we're focusing on the big picture of the presidential campaign specific focus in Minnesota are guests at Amy Klobuchar who in her other life. Hennepin County attorney she is a Democrat and Maureen shaver who is a republican. She's a war in several hats over the years including a working as a lobbyist up at the state capitol. They're here to talk politics and also to answer your question and we have a question from Allison about the voting procedures Allison says for those of you that for those of us rather for those of us who voted by absentee ballot, can you explain how and when those boats will be counted and what potential impact they will have on the election? Well, they're counted on Election Day and they get their they're usually included in the total. Sometimes you've seen things. We're like in Florida where the absentee ballots were included in the totals later that can happen and clearly sometimes when there is a big gap not as close of an election people aren't as concerned but those will be counted. There's no doubt about it. They're included like any other vote and included in the totals is it would be a good thing for Minnesota to have this opportunity like folks and some other States including Iowa and some counties in North Dakota where you can weather voting now, they're already voted. I mean I was speak talking about that before the show and I think that's an interesting phenomenon, especially for people may be who I need more time at the at the voting booth and stuff too so much can happen in the last 15 days of a campaign. So you wonder I think mechanically it's very good, especially in those states where they've had trouble in States like Minnesota where we have a system. That's pretty much. Worked an end both. Jongro and Mary kiffmeyer have continued to make that process work. I'm not sure that it's necessary. I like what I said earlier was the same day registration and I'd like to see it in other state and as opposed to this kind of experiment I think would be more interesting if those States would be experimenting with same-day registration. So you can allow more people to vote in people remember in Minnesota. You either have to bring your ID to the polls if you're going to register that day or you have to have someone with you from your voting Precinct who can vouch for you or you have to have a utility bill that's recent utility belt showing that you live there in those are the ways you can register the same day. Is it important good advice anyway to make sure you have some my ID with you, even if you assume you're registered in case there's a glitch I think it is just because in case there's such a challenge at the pool that you are who you are that you're not necessarily knowing your neighbor as as the person handing you the ballot. So absolutely makes sense to bring ID. We have had you know over the years our office we get these after the fact we get cases from the Secretary of State's office and a lot of times it'll be someone with the same name and they didn't double vote. Do you know they only voted wants and but sometimes will have cases where people really did double but we had one where they had the property line of the school district go through their house and they decided they were mad about school districts issues. So they were going to vote in both the precincts and then we told them that they couldn't do that and they gave him a warning letter and then they said what where do we vote then we said will you vote where you sleep and then they called back again. And then it said what if my husband and I sleep in different rooms. We said we don't want to know that please don't share that with us, but they did these questions can be very important especially in a race like this and I think with the increased poll-watching you're going to have all kinds of questions. I know that we're going to have lawyers on hand at our office to answer questions that come out from our County elections people cuz they're going to In a normal election day, we're swarmed with questions, but there's going to be a lot of questions are come up and I think that's probably healthy given what we saw in Florida where many people feel that election wasn't fair London Center Online question kind of along those lines. Jim asks you and other Democrats Amy are the Democrats willing to disrupt the domestic peace in this country by claiming election fraud if Bush wins by a narrow margin, that's the lovely loaded questions there, but I will say this is it this election if this happens again, where a significant number of people in the country feel that it's stolen from them. It is going to be a fatal blow. I think we cannot let this happen again. So if there's going to be challenges if it's closed, of course, there's going to be challenges and I'm hopeful that they're going to be decided in a more fair manner than they were we believe they were in the last election and if you want to talk about disrupting the domestic, peace I believe that there's been a lot of disruption to the domestic peace in the last 4 years. By the way, the Bush Administration has handled the economy. I think the Crawford newspaper said it best the hometown of the ranch. They endorsed George Bush four years ago. And this time they're endorsing John Kerry and they said a few Americans would have voted for George Bush four years ago. If he had promised it as president. He would empty the Social Security trust fund by 507 billion that he would give tax cuts to businesses at send American jobs overseas and that he would take a budget surplus and it turned into the worst deficit in the history of the United States and they went on to say that they were endorsing carry. Not only because Bush hadn't done what he said he do but also on the vision of a return to normality the Carrie says our country needs out if you're going to talk about domestic peace. I'd like to return to some domestic peace too. But I review it in a different way Marine much you want to come in? I think that Certainly. I hope especially in the swing states that it is significant that President Bush wins these dates by a significant amount of votes. So we don't get into the same situation. Is that after the last election? I think our country is more prepared though for that situation if we do, especially in the swing States and I think frankly that no matter what happens if George Bush's when's Minnesota Amy's going to think that it's not there was something stolen from her so I don't know about that. I think I think that would happen if Democrats in Minnesota have had a hard time looking at what's going on in terms of where our state has turned. It is definitely turned more to the mid Center more to the conservative side or looking at the candidates being put up by democrats as in Minnesota. I think that we're going to just see what has happened since we elected governor Statewide to Senator Statewide, Minnesota house Statewide added to our Congressional Delegation with I think you will see that Trend continued in Minnesota on Election Day. Do you think the Republican supporters of the president will be able to quietly acquiesce if President Bush win the popular vote by perhaps a fairly healthy margin but loses the Electoral College vote Advocates on both sides or activist on both sides will not quietly acquiesce at all. So I set that aside I think it'll be difficult just as it was for Senator for vice president Gore and I don't think that's going to happen. All right, let's hear X go ahead place and I'll tell you this that topic is turned into a very germane discussion this morning and C-SPAN the guy name that believe it's Greg palast was talking about Situation in Florida with their voting apparatus down there doesn't really have a paper trail and that it would be very easy for another Calamity such as we had in 2000 to happen again without the back. With the backup of having anything to count as we did four years ago. What's the process for the the current state of Minnesota the state of elections in Minnesota for the ballots. Is there a PayPal going to be a paper trail at all? And what is The Back-up Plan if there is a disputed election runoff we know is there going to be anything to count. Will there be something concrete ice? Cuz this isn't really going to be a major issue this year. We do have a paper trail in Minnesota. We have the you know that you remember how you vote in Minnesota where you actually get a piece of paper and that piece of paper will be preserved. So I believe as I said earlier Minnesota cuz of the pioneering work of Joan Crowe in the support of the legislature. We have a very good system here, I think. Can I get more questions about it than ever and that's probably a good thing, but our system is far superior to a lot of other states. That doesn't mean that things won't happen. I whenever you have a lot of people looking at things and you have in a volunteer election judges that are just there. I believe should be honored for their work not sued, but when they're when they're they're doing their work, you know, they're volunteers some things are going to happen and they try their best everyday, but questions come up and I think more than ever they're going to have to be careful about calling with questions of the people that they report to and that the poll Watchers are going to be there making sure that people are doing everything right you're always going to have situations where maybe you're one machine breaks down and they have to go get another machine these things are going to happen. But I'm very hopeful that we will have a good election in Minnesota and a fair one. We've had contested elections throughout our history of Minnesota and have been able to resolve them fairly. I'm not worried about that, but I would put a plug in for people to Get to the polls on Turley. Give yourself enough time. Don't necessarily do it on the way to to choir practice for church or drop your child off at at hockey. Make sure you give yourself time. There will be a lot of people at the pool. So take this seriously, we're talking politics. This our our guests are longtime activists Amy Klobuchar and Marine shaver. We have a full Bank of callers, but if you'd like to send in your question or comment online or web address is Minnesota Public Radio. Org when you get there click on send a question. Wanted to ask you about well, let me put it this way lots of hand-wringing about the possibility of a Sinister October surprise. Is that the baseless? Well, I think you are starting to see you know, like this Sinclair broadcasting showing this the big controversy. I think one of their Washington DC bureau chief resigned because he spoke out against the fact that this wasn't news and shouldn't be airing in this manner, you know, that's not leftover surprises in one issue coming up but I think you're going to see some pretty amazing attacks going on and things happening that you might not expect but I think the key is for the candidates to keep doing staying on their message. I know that that's what John Kerry and John Edwards has been doing all along that they've been focusing on the future. They've been talking about how we can do better as a country and that's how I believe they're going to win surprise or no surprise. I see October surprise many many lights you can describe that but I think Amy's right that there's going to be the impact of these 527 type organizations on these campaigns in the last two weeks. We know what they bought the time. Immediate I'm many many weeks ago. So we're going to see many attacks back and forth the frankly. I think they're going to they're going to cancel each other out. It won't be just one side or the other going after their opponents and there was a famous Minnesota that once said if you can't say anything negative about your opponent shouldn't be running. So this is what we can expect in the last couple weeks. But those icy will be coming from organizations outside the campaign's Jennifer Minneapolis. So along those lines says age-old question, why must candidates resort to negative messages or mudslinging it gives me a headache and masks the real issues Unfortunately, they work though time and time again in both polling and focus group work. It shows that people respond to that and especially people unlike our call the online email that they haven't made up their minds are these work with people who have not made up their mind and tradition. You need to respond to them if you are a negative attack is is put in your place. So that kind of digs up and one from the other side sometimes and I believe when you look at these two campaigns John Kerry and John Edwards ran very positive campaign and the convention certainly in body that when you look at Barack Obama and his speech about unity and with the the forward-thinking nature of the campaign and what they wanted to do a republican convention Zell Miller just the opposite and then I think that then let off this barrage of of negativity. I do think though. It's not negative campaigning when you're looking at the record of an incumbent president for four years and saying is this what you want going into the future for your children and for your grandchildren, I think we watch different nights of each other's campaign Center at conventions, obviously and I do think that that brings up another point in terms of that the momentum from the camp from the conventions through the debates, obviously, Senator Carey. I had a good run in the debates, but that has stalled that has stalled. It's clearly the pulling is showing that that he is not got the momentum there and I think he now is he is moving towards the negative because he has a history of doing this route as Senate campaigns as well as for the campaign for president sat for the endorsement and that he's going negative and he starts to feel a little desperate and I think you're going to start to see that in the next two weeks talking about go ahead and think when you when you look at desperation, it's things like Zell Miller at that convention and when you look at desperation, it's some of these Swift boat ads and Sinclair broadcasting running. These kinds of ads are some of the things going on in some of the house races across the state with putting up incompetent Democrats who I know will get reelected pictures with signs of gay marriage. I don't believe there was any Republican House member that was that has been prosecuted for campaign problems this year. So I think we need to do with that were talking. Talking here about desperation in the last few weeks and I campaign literature a 20-year remember, I believe that the at the Democratic campaign has really focused on the future and I know that's a tougher Road as opposed to negative campaigning but they have focused on what we can do better how we can do things differently how we can help families balance with childcare how we can do better with our economy. And I think that's a good thing and I think in the end the American public's going to listen to that holds poles poles are there have been scads of them already. There will be scads more before election day and then over the weekend right before the election. I'm guessing that we're going to get to big poles out from each of the major dailies and in terms of full disclosure, I will be connected with one of those I imagine. Do those my question about those poles is not whether they're accurate or not. But do they affect how people will vote come election day. I think if there's a big swing in Charleston with 15 points ahead in the primary is 1990. I do think that dampened voter turnout because I thought everybody thought I thought I think everybody thought he was going to win. So if there's a huge margin like that, I think it can keep some people home these these this election is too intense. They're going to be too much attention paid by both campaigns in Minnesota that they that I think all those poles are going to do is reflect a very tight race. Yeah. I'm in the people do listen to those poles. But again if that was true of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura wouldn't have been elected. I mean clearly there is an independent streak here where people say I'm going to do what's right for my family and and 4 for my neighborhood and I'm going to go out and do like I'm going to vote and we didn't we just don't seem to be as affected by. You know what the zogby poll is saying or the Gallup poll is saying in Minnesota. So I'm hopeful that while people are looking at those poles and it's important for candidates to watch that. That's not going to affect things as much are Adam your question. Please volunteering it within the Republican party not so much as of the state not picking the right or the County's not picking the right people out here is that I represent Hennepin County and we are talking about the suit because in Hennepin the city's actually pick the election judges. So but I will say that Ramsey County has been saying that that is the issue that they didn't get out of number of volunteer judges from the Republicans that they did for the other party and then they called through them and then they were only able to get 50. So it seems to me that it it may be a joint problem and shouldn't be a subject. This lawsuit, but we'll see what the Supreme Court says. Well certainly I don't think it was filed because Ramsey County didn't have enough Republican judges. That's probably not what they were concerned about and I think the interesting thing from the Democrats perspective is they found that they were over Republic they had too many Republicans in Olmsted County. This is just about ensuring that the state law that indicates we need to have a balance in our election judges is enforced. Okay? Let's see. We have a questionnaire or kind of a basic basic question from Joan who asks, how does my presidential vote influence the electoral vote? Do all 10, Minnesota electoral votes go to the same, Canada. Yes alternate of the can't of the electoral votes will go to the same candidate. There is some are some states like Colorado that have pasta that have a referendum on the ballot where you can split the votes and if that passes that will also immediately affect their electoral vote, but with Minnesota, they go to one candidate personal races. We would be remiss if it will at least of them to mention them are any of the Congressional races in Minnesota. There are eight altogether any of them expected to be close, but I believe that that Patty wetterling race will be closed. I think she's doing a fantastic job of the ads when you look at those as she have passed one very good one about herself and she's got one with some of the law enforcement people supporting her Mark. Kennedy has gone negative which again I think it could show some desperation something must be wrong there for his numbers because he's running radio ads about her support and saying she has some liberal friends and I think that she's real. She's like a 95% name identification and is doing well Teresa Dailey another strong Challenger with a good background in business. And on the Burnsville city council. Very moderate candidates. I think the Democratic party this year both in the State House races. And in each Congressional races have run candidates that fit the districts are are very good candidates for those districts and I'm hopeful about both those seats. John Klein will win that these District in 2nd District and Mark Kennedy Patty wetterling waste Patty wetterling is absolutely raised. A lot of money. A lot of money is coming from outside of the state. There's a lot of interest in her race. I believe though that Mark Kennedy fits that District in a way that's a Patty wetterling does not and the other thing is he's just one of the he's one of the hardest-working smartest members of Congress I've ever worked with the Minnesota and it would be a real loss if that District didn't send him back, but I think it'll be closer than people probably thought for 5 months ago to Unique race as everyone knows she walks in with 90% name identify. Patient she didn't have to spend money on name identification, which a first-time candidate often has to do but I think when for that particular District, I think Mark Kennedy is perfectly suited. Do you like dissipate any big shift in the composition of the Minnesota house which is currently controlled by a big big margin by Republicans and that obviously they may lose a few seats along the way. I don't see there any big shift they will keep the majority for the net in the selection and I think it will bode well for the Minnesota state senate who are the Democrats are hearing Bigfoot steps behind them at 8153 margin at is big, but I think you're going to see your number of seats picked up Patty Fritz running against Linda candidates a number of these seats that are democratic seats in the Twin Cities. I think I'll go Democratic one of my personal candidates that I like a lot to Frank Mo started his race up in Bemidji buy dog machine. Around the district. He then was accused of not liking meat and so we enter the chicken wing eating contest beat his opponent in the chicken wing eating contest and took an ad out in the Bemidji paper. The results are in mo-21 Fuller 14 with a picture of him eating chicken wings are a lot of creative are candidates with good strong ideas out there on the Democratic side and I predict number of seats are going to be picked up in the Minnesota house. A lot of time left, but I needed to ask both of you you you have obviously very different completa cool views, but you seem to get along well. Well, everybody else. So once this election is done be able to put put the put their grievances behind them get behind whoever wins emotional campaigns. It will take a while but I have I have a lot of faith in minnesotans and I have a lot of faith in this country that we will move forward what we will choose a president. We will choose a new house and we will choose new members of Congress and we will move forward because these are very important times and interesting times and it is time since post 9/11 that we we get together to Country Marine and I have been friends for a long time. I was like going on the radio with her better than TV cuz she's so much taller than me and then now I can see it but I will say and I was hopeful as a moderate Republican as a number of other modern republics have done that I could convince her to support John Kerry, but I'm still going to work on it cuz they're all coming over. But in any case, I think that people will have to be unified after the selection. We need a fresh start for this country. We need a fresh start for the state and we need to go back to the way we're working is Minnesota with new ideas and a better future. Thanks for coming by today. We will have live coverage of the president's visit tomorrow on midday. I'm Kari Miller host of talking volumes that I want to invite you to what I think will be a memorable evening at the Fitzgerald theater on October 27th. Russell bags will join us to talk about his newest book The darling. It's the story of a woman who breaks our ties with the weather underground and flees to Liberia, and begs is hailed as one of this country's most important novelist. I hope you can join us on the 27th tickets are available at 651-290-1221. Your tune to 91.1 FM Minneapolis. And st. Paul programming is supported by Lehman's Garage providing complete mechanical Collision & Glass replacement service since 1917 more information is online at Lehman's Garage. 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