MPR Special Coverage: Mikhail Gorbachev in Minnesota - Part 4 - State Capitol visit and travel to Minneapolis

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MPR Special Live Coverage of Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union, making a one-day visit to Minnesota. Program contains various reports, interviews and commentary. This segment contains Gorbachev traveling to State Capitol, then heading to Minneapolis.

This is part four of eight programs.

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(00:00:24) We Begin each hour of our live coverage with this music producer Danielson is going to have to tell me the name of it at some point and translate some of the language Minnesota public radio's live coverage of president Mikhail Gorbachev's visit to the Twin Cities is made possible by the international public relations consulting firm of Padilla spear beardslee it is two minutes past twelve past four o'clock and the name of the piece is from out of the forest from out of the forest and it is performed by the Soviet Army chorus and band we should listen to a little bit more of that perhaps we'll have an opportunity before our broadcast Ends today the revised Gorbachev itinerary has just come across our wire and it looks like this at about 4:15. The presidential motorcade will leave the governor's mansion on Summit Avenue the motorcade traveling eastbound Summit Avenue past the St. Paul Cathedral to the Capital Area. It'll be traveling slowly so that people can get glimpses of President Gorbachev and I would suspect and I would be surprised if the Gorbachev party did not emerge from the motorcade once in a while so that the Gorbachev so the Gorbachev can go out and visit with some of the people who come to see him they will then travel down Interstate 94 to downtown Minneapolis arriving. Oh, I guess a little after 5:00 5:15 or thereabouts and then at about a quarter to six he'll be meeting at the Radisson with regional state and agricultural leaders and then at seven o'clock. We'll be going to the Control Data headquarters in Bloomington off Interstate 494 en route to the airport and then they'll be leaving for the airport just before eight o'clock for take off to San Francisco. That's the latest schedule as we have it. Of course, the times are approximate and it's subject to change. I suppose that that the main thing that's missing in this revised schedule of course is the visit to the brand Farm in Farmington that canceled about an hour ago. As far as we can tell one of the big, you know, the only major item left on the governor on the president's agenda is the meeting with Business Leaders The Radisson, that's where Lauren Emoto is standing by now Lauren what's going on? Well Bob right now the winds picking up hard as that may be to believe it. We're kind of getting a taste of what Minnesota early winter weather is like instead of typical June weather. I know if you can hear the Roaring that's going on out here on the street, but there are a bunch of long blue banners. It look like you're made of linen banners across the street from me at the Radisson to kind of some bunting to welcome the president. They're doing their best to rid. Themselves off. They're off their Runners and take themselves down 7 Street toward the Metrodome here. But as of right now there's making a whole lot of noise and kind of hanging on. Well Lauren the tampered. I don't know what you're complaining about. It's up to 52 degrees while I don't know what I'm complaining about either (00:03:15) Bob (00:03:16) what I would like to know though is if the any sign of Business Leaders have shown up or if you know of anything that might be happening during that meeting. Well no sign of the Business Leaders as yet Bob, although we're getting a little more detail about what might go on what might transpire in the meeting and after the meeting for one thing there is a group of agricultural leaders, which is going to be participating in the meeting and which is gotten together and issued a joint statement calling on the United States to grant that most favored nation status trading status to the Soviet Union. They see that as being beneficial for a number of reasons to especially to the agriculture community in this country and in the Soviet Union and it is led by former agriculture secretary John block who is going to be hearing is going to be in the meeting and he is also going to be presenting that statement. He hopes to And Gorbachev if there's any opportunity that is afforded him during that five o'clock meeting at the Radisson Hotel. He's joined by another for former agriculture secretaries Freeman butts Bergland and Ling (00:04:11) and also a (00:04:13) veritable laundry list of farm groups Farmers organizations agriculture organizations from all around the country. Well, I'm sure Gorbachev would be just delighted at that because that's exactly what he wants is most favored nation trade. Well, exactly and what we did was we had a little conversation earlier before coming over here with Minnesota agriculture commissioner Jim Nichols about this issue and he sees it as being kind of a strategy move on Gorbachev's part as well. And here's what commissioner Nichols had to say about the issue of United States Soviet trade in the agriculture sector. We (00:04:42) we have (00:04:42) access to the Soviet market. Now, what is more important is that we gain most favored nation status because then he could buy on (00:04:49) credit (00:04:50) if he were to gain most favored nation status and you'd see markets open up rapidly huge markets. He is a critical shortage of food, especially Quality Foods, but he needs Dairy. He needs pork chicken beef turkey. It's going to take him too long to buy the grain to feed it to the animals to bring those products to Market. He might not be president enough years to make that happen. (00:05:10) He needs most favored nation (00:05:12) status. If we get that then we're going to see Marcus open (00:05:14) up. Is that really the kind of message that you're open to put across (00:05:16) your that's that's been my goal for all the years. I've had this job. And I think that's going to be one of the (00:05:20) things that are that's going to be discussed heavily at the 5 o'clock meeting and I think what he's going to say to those Business Leaders is you know, you (00:05:27) people here the chief executive officers of the biggest companies in the United States from Chrysler to Florida GM to Cargill you name it. I need to buy your products. We need to buy your products, but we need some things to do that first. We need access to credit through most Nate favored nation status second. We need is access to some of your markets, especially our fertilizer market so we can gain (00:05:47) currency to buy from you and third helped me to gain this (00:05:51) from Washington. I think he's trying (00:05:53) to start a little fire storm out here in the Midwest to get Washington to Grant the most favored nation status. I think it's a brilliant agenda on the part of Gorbachev and He controlled that meeting completely at five o'clock (00:06:04) at State agriculture commissioner Jim Nichols. And I guess as you suggest he thinks maybe Gorbachev might be playing a little little bit of strategy game here with all this. Well, I'm sure he is Lauren and we will be checking back with you in a little bit. One of the things I can mention about. We should probably point out that commissioner Nichols is not part of that meeting of business and agricultural leaders at the Radisson. He is going to be however heading a little briefing afterwards for the Press. I asked him how he felt about not being included. He said he didn't need in mind he thought the probably the business of state government was to deal with issues down on the farm and he does not think that any political considerations entered into that decision. So you learn one of the thing I'd like to just throw at you information I have on the wire here suggests that the meeting now is going to be closed to the news media. What if you heard anything further on that? Well, nothing on the street here Bob, although we are literally on the street will have to get to someplace warm and dry and maybe check that out for you. All right. Well because it because the latest word we had was that it was going to be open and it's very possible. The information that I have here is incorrect. We'll get back to you. Okay? Thanks Lauren. We'll check back with you in just a little bit Lauren a model who is broadcasting live from the Radisson Plaza Hotel where the meeting with Business Leaders should begin at around a quarter to six about an hour and a half from now Minnesota Public Radio has preempted its regularly scheduled programming all day today so that we can bring you live coverage of the historic Gorbachev trip to Minnesota. We will stay with the coverage until Gorbachev leaves, which we expect to be at around eight o'clock this evening. We have a summary of what has happened so far during President Gorbachev strip to Minnesota and bring you up to date on that here is Kathy were (00:07:41) sir. (00:07:46) University of Minnesota concert Ensemble greeted Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa at the Minneapolis st. Paul International (00:07:53) Airport around 138 this afternoon, Minnesota Public Radio is Mike Mulcahy and Bruce McDonald provided some of the color of the arrival know a four-man military Squad is moving into place with a red carpet. And in front of us (00:08:06) is all right, we're going to have to break away from this Cathy. Where's the report? We have something live via the pool feed. Let's go to it right now Shima. This is Governor (00:08:15) perpich the peaceful use of science to that end. You founded the great science Publishing House of pergamon, press which generally distributes more than 500 journals and hundreds of books that are edited by and received contributed contributions from leading scientists and engineers at the University of Minnesota and from the post-secondary scientific and engineering community. Fluent nine languages. Mr. Mack well owns communication Enterprises in every part of the world including the newly emerging democracies in Eastern Europe. Mr. Maxwell's most recent Venture is the European Europe's first national newspaper. Mr. Maxwell's communication companies bring the people of the world closer together while mr. Maxwell's generous support of research improves the lives of people around the globe today in honor of President Gorbachev. Mr. Maxwell through his great generosity will unite scientists from the United States Europe and the Soviet Union in a great Endeavor. Mr. Maxwell. the president Milan the governor Secretary of State I'm not going to make a long speech. You know the great services that President Gorbachev has rendered to Europe and the world to the ending of the Cold War and the many services. He yet has to render. This is publisher Robert Maxwell at the governor's mansion live. We congratulate you on your massive achievement. Wish you great success in the future. Governor puppet she's been after me for years that we should set up here a global Institute of Technology. He finally landed me and I am the poorer for it in terms of money, but in terms of the importance and why do I do it? Essentially? First of all, Minnesota is the headquarters of Maxwell Communications in the United States. Secondly, I know of no better way to show that we in Europe are grateful to President Gorbachev as well as the President Bush for ending the Cold War because what happened at Yalta was not particularly to our liking. As you know in a poll taken in the European our readers voted for President Gorbachev to become president of Europe if they had to vote for a president of Europe. As you know, he's not and he's no less popular in the United States or in Canada. As he himself admits, he has some local problems at home, but I am convinced that they are none that he cannot cope with. The Soviet people should bear in mind. That they have made gigantic steps. They've got problems at home. But none that they cannot solve and Brotherhood and impatient. We in Europe want to help. I know you Americans will do the same The Institute of Science and Technology in this town. Which has been set up at a cost of more than a hundred million dollars and I thank you for your commitment to support it. Will cope with problems that matter to humanity like the problems of the environment and warming the problems of communications and media the problems of health food and so on for all these reasons we are most grateful and I have the to President Gorbachev will say in response to press inquiries as to how you feel about this institute that you will be willing to say a few words to US president culture publisher Robert Maxwell live at the governor's residence in st. Paul President Gorbachev now stepping to the podium. Yeah, like the usual strategy is and your mother is I see this particular idea has been on the mind of the governor of this state. Mr. Roper pitch for many years now. Yeah usual like onions that we di resta Lily, please The Village alone mirror and I see finally that this idea has been shared by representatives of the business Community for an immediate toy chest E-Business second troponin my store. It's a Minami Revolution. See what yeah, that is him Lea Salonga of she probably immediately stop sharing site it like you. Did you share that least by those businessmen who understands there who understand and realize very well that there are many common problems the world over problems that we must grab. With together by joining our efforts. Yeah previous to you had to EG you got to report to Chief guest for the end. Robert Marksville country has now I don't know if there's any news Ike Universe issue and I do welcome this idea, which has also now involved. Mr. Maxwell someone I know very well for a long time the Adams team we have you guys put in a dress standing next to him. I say, mr. Andreas no hurry at me. It's new saturweeeeen each to have me and I've been linked to him by bonds of cooperation and friendship for many years now to do the torch iliac artery through Nicholas Louis Chiron top quality cheese kit sure doc has oh mrs. Raimi Stronach hemicolectomy through gaming facility me. Hello Meera Meera is precisely the kind of And who has been doing his best together with some of his colleagues and like thinkers to prove the need for establishing and developing better economic relations and links with the Soviet Union attack as usual is sure. I didn't really meant that will have no leverage to mirror. It works at ruining sister. No sir through each guitarist glad with Samir do not shame astronomy Europe a merger lose me. So I see this as yet another element of common cooperation which seems to be emerging and developing between our countries between many countries of the world and on the human level two Miss Daniels wearily Chima crystalline. We are the more religion avoids doing it. We know our differences that divide us but let those differences be with those people who have them having James at the doors to be shocked, but we join our efforts here. Look at the Circle to address and come to Greece with the problems that our concern to all of us July. You will spearhead I'm appreciative. I wish success to your Enterprise President Gorbachev shaking hands there with Governor pitch and with some of the other people at the governor's residence. (00:16:10) This is live coverage of President Gorbachev strip to Minneapolis. St. Paul. It's our understanding that from here. He will simply be shaking a few hands on the lawn at the governor's residence. Then the motorcade will begin moving down Summit Avenue with the eventual goal of getting to downtown Minneapolis for the meeting with Business Leaders. So we listened in just for a second see if they're picking up anything on this (00:16:33) microphone. (00:16:38) Nothing terribly Dynamic. It sounds to me (00:16:39) like like (00:16:41) President Gorbachev is talking to publisher Robert (00:16:44) Maxwell. Probably sure Robert Maxwell (00:16:48) Petty Dale. How is it you think that Gorbachev knows Robert Maxwell. Robert Maxwell is something of a Maverick in international publishing and media check by birth a (00:17:03) longtime member and supporter of the British Labour party and this affiliation with the Labour party plus (00:17:14) his many media operations. Presumably got him access to the Soviet Union now Maxwell publishing and pergamon press Published many Soviet journals in Translation in the west perhaps the most famous Western businessmen with strong Soviet connections is the American Armand Hammer. I mentioned the simply to indicate that Maxwell is not alone amongst powerful Western capitalists with strong connections to the Soviet Union. So it is publishing plus is Labour party affiliation Gorbachev party appearing to come out of the governor's president's now on Summit Avenue. Let's go across the street to the porch where Catherine winter is standing by what do you see in Catherine? (00:18:05) It's an enormous. There's an enormous crowd of people emerging from the president are from the governor's mansion people have filled Summit Avenue here. There's a there are hundreds of people packing The Lawns there now waving their arms and cheering large crowd of people on the lawn at the governor's mansion many of them came from the man. Next door where they were having lunch. Karen Barros is down in the crowd. I can see her red hooded parka from here Karen. What? Can you see from there? Not much more than you can but these people have waited enthusiastically I can say they were applauding during the speeches in the backyard which they could hear here, but they couldn't see those were broadcast on their very large speakers large front of the governor's mansion and it you know, Gary keeps talking about the lack of a crowd. This is a huge about we have to differ. Yes. (00:18:54) Yes. Well, I think Gary and his last report said the crowd was beginning to pick up down there around the capitol truth. Well people have come up on bicycles. There are some people shivering here in shorts. How did they get up there? I thought they have that whole area blocked off. If you're right, Bob our (00:19:06) kids went down and it one section and people sort of leaked in and have sort of infiltrated and the I've been coming across from behind to care and I don't know if you've been able to see (00:19:17) that. Oh, let's go to Stephen Smith if we can who's on the cellular phone right next to Gorbachev Steven. That's right Bob on the inside. Gates of the governor's mansion Gorbachev and his party are now making a circle around to greet the state officials the Congressional Delegation and other dignitaries who lunch next door at the American Association of University Women College Club. He just shook hands with let's see. There's Marlene Johnson lieutenant. Governor. There's a Martin say both Congressman Congressman Oberstar. He's making his way down now to Senator Rudy boschwitz and phosphorus his wife and son. There's some members of the Senate and the house of Minnesota. Basically, we thought the Gorbachev was going to be addressing them and giving a brief speech, but apparently the Soviet chief of protocol and security said he didn't want the Soviet president. So walking along the sidewalk and going in next door for protocol and security reasons. Yes. Well, he gave a little speech inside the governor's mansion with Robert Maxwell in the governor of talking about the The Institute, they've set up something like that right the the Environmental Research Institute. Yes, right. Well Gorbachev is now meeting with Mike McGrath who is as you know the state treasurer a chance to shake the hand of the president of the Soviet Union and he's moving along with other thing. I to other members of the list of dignitaries here in Minnesota as a very stiff breeze flaps the American and Minnesota flag up above across the street of course is the Press contingent and you can hear some people chanting who was a big cheer when Gorbachev came out and there is still a little bit of protesting going on within earshot as well Robert. All right. Well, let's get the perspective from across the street there from the porch Karen Boris and Catherine winter Stephen mentioned the Minnesota and United States flags next to that is the on another flag pole. The flag of the Soviet Union is Stephens right there. It's still a pretty large contingent of (00:21:17) demonstrators here with the flags of some of the Baltic regions of the Soviet Union chanting out front. Right in front of the governor's mansion and across the street a very large (00:21:26) contingent of press most of them have dried off by now. It (00:21:30) stopped raining a while ago, but it's still pretty cold and windy here. Now, the crowd is catching a glimpse of gorbachov and you can hear them cheering as he comes down the sidewalk and can hear the chants of gorby gorby. Yes, they are. (00:21:43) I think I saw him just shake the hand of Philip. Brunelle. (00:21:46) Huh, Karen. What? Can you see up there? Well, I can see I can see a crowd. Let me ask this woman here. You've been waiting here. Are you happy with what you're saying? Oh, I'm thrilled. I'm so excited to be here. I can hardly sit still or standstill. It's really exciting. What time did you get here? We got here about about 45 minutes ago. I think we forgot it was cold outside. We're so excited. Okay, I think that's pretty it's a pretty accurate sample their of what were what we've got as I started to say earlier when the barriers went down at one into the street here in people infiltrated the area. I think the police just I had to leave them where they are. We've got state troopers lined up almost shoulder to shoulder in front of us in places here. So with while we are across the street, we are definitely I think going to stay across the street. It's going to be interesting to see if Gorbachev comes out and tries to approach the crowd here. It would be difficult. There's a there's a barrage of press and then they're all the cars of the motorcade lined up on the street so difficult, but not impossible. He wants to eat you just a straight shot out the gate and I think going to walk across the street and make all these folks happy. All right, there is still a large crowd and on the lawn of the governor's mansion in front. These are many people had lunch in the in the building next door as you mentioned Bob and they all few minutes before we came on came over to the governor's mansion and formed this big crowd on the lawn now Gorbachev moving down through the crowd and onto the street. There's Governor / pitch (00:23:13) Arbitrage just put on a coat and a hat. (00:23:16) So while he may not have come fully prepared for the (00:23:19) Minnesota weather somehow or another his coat and hat caught up with (00:23:22) her husband. He realized some help absolutely. Maybe we'll be able to check in with our (00:23:27) fellows on the cellular. Telephones Chris Roberts who is somewhere along Summit Avenue. I believe in Gary eichten who's up at the state capitol. We'll try to check in with them in a little bit. If they have an opportunity to get a hold of us, that'll be just fine. It seems to me that from what I can see of this pool video feed. The president of the Soviet Union is just shaking the hands of almost everybody comes in contact with top here. (00:23:49) It's a little bit difficult to see from here. He's moving his way through the crowd. (00:23:54) Can you see if he's moving toward the vehicles at all? (00:23:57) Yes toward the the motion of everybody is toward the gate here and the crowd here. You can hear them catching glimpses of him as he comes down through this crowd of people, but of course everyone wants to shake his hand wants to be able to say they should Gorbachev's hand. And so the movement is a little slow through the crowd here. Maybe we can pick up a little bit of that pool audio feed as he moves through. Let's go Waving and you know hoping next day he will be attracted over here here. He is in his coat and hat coming down the steps through the gate his motorcade. Let's check in with Chris Roberts briefly by cellular phone. Where are you Chris very briefly Bob. I am at Chatsworth and Summit just a few hundred feet away from the governor's mansion of people here. You got a hand and a little credit over the crowd here. They've been waiting a long time and incidentally as I look down towards the cathedral down Summits Catherine was saying how big the crowd it is truly a very large crowd two (00:24:59) or three deep as far as the eye can see down Summit and people are straining their next right now trying to get a look at the president and hoping when he comes by that he's be willing to (00:25:09) work off some of the calories that he accumulated from that that's breaded walleye that he was well, yes in the veal and all the rest of it. Let's go back to the porch. Yes, if we can break in momentarily garbage has crossed the street worked as Into the crowd people are practically bodily flinging themselves down to where he is just in front of us in front of this yard to see him Karen. I don't know if you can even hear me at this point. I can hear you. What do you see? I see Gorbachev with a hat on surrounded by people and I am surrounded in part here by putting pretty happy crowd. He's now moving down Summit Avenue as is the crowd surrounded by secret service area police and press would boom - phones. Those people are right catch up side Governor perpich is with him in there. They're walking right along the sidewalk here on Summit Avenue on the other side. We should mention on the side where the crowd is not the side. The police have cordoned off. The crowd is is he's headed down the street at the other end of Summit Avenue at the Eastern end of this event. The barricades have not broken. And I also say we're losing our crowd here. We may in fact lose audio at this point (00:26:28) because we have people racing (00:26:29) across the lawn where our cords are strong. So if you suddenly lose us that will be the reason why there's just nothing we can do about it. Yeah. I know the crowd the crowd is definitely headed is staying with Gorbachev as he moves down Summit Avenue and out of our line (00:26:46) of and moving into range of Chris Roberts. Let's pick him up. He's got a lot of energy in his gait and people are just rushing across the lawn to get a glimpse of them. Everybody is raising their hand waving hello, and he seems to be responding. In fact, I think he's going into the crowd right now to shake some hands which is what they were waiting for. Now is he actually it was he in the vehicle or is he still walking walking walking around everybody's waving at him and it's amazing. It's a really (00:27:18) the level of excitement here. It's just escalated and tremendously. All right. Good Chris Roberts on the cellular telephone as President Gorbachev continues wending his way down Summit Avenue so far on foot we expect that at some point he will get into the motor vehicle and continue the trip down Summit around John Ireland Boulevard up to the capital (00:27:41) area. Maybe we'll be able to have a chance to visit with Gary eichten. If you can hear us and call in let us know what's going on up at the Capitol Bob Gary. Yes (00:27:49) Catherine, this is Karen. Actually, this is Karen. The motorcade is moving along with with President Gorbachev. Who was he's still on foot. So when whenever he decides it's time to ride he'll be able to jump right a (00:28:03) born and bred aboard. Okay. Well, let's check in with Gary. Let's see how the crowd is doing down at that end of the of the motorcade Gary Bob. These people are going to be very very happy when President Gorbachev in the motorcade arrived. They've been waiting a long time. They've been asking a lot what I hear what are you here is they have they left the Mansion him. They left the mansion and I think he's going to receive Equally enthusiastic response during the reception here still a lot of protesters lot of signs. The crowd is much deeper than it was earlier still not not the throngs that you might have expected but there are a lot of people up here and they're going to be very excited to see the President Gorbachev. Would you say it's a couple three deep on the sidewalk lining the area now probably more so and certainly in some spots. It's you know, 10 15 deep and then other places 234 so it's picked up a lot that over what it was before definitely a definitely increase in the crowd size there for 30 is the time our live coverage of President Gorbachev strip to Minnesota is on the air today. We've preempted our regularly scheduled programming so that we can bring you this and we will stay with it through the departure of the Gorbachev aircraft at around 8 o'clock this evening as the expected time. Our live coverage of the trip is made possible by the international public relations consulting firm of Spear Beardsley from what I can see on the pool video at this point President Gorbachev. Motorcade is moving slowly down Summit Avenue throngs of people around it. I can't tell for sure if Gorbachev is in the vehicle now or if he is still walking. It's a little bit tough to tell but there certainly are a lot of people there A lot of interest in a lot of activity commentators Patty Dale and Evelyn David Heiser are with us looks like a pretty good crowd out there. Doesn't it? Sure does I've I guess maybe we were a little bit pessimistic in our in our in our response in our prediction of how enthusiastic the Minnesota crowd was going to be over Gorbachev weirdly indeed. Minnesota seems to have turned out to welcome to go to bed shelves just took a little bit longer than we thought and maybe people stayed in because of the weather until got closer to time to actually have a chance to see him. Moving down Summit Avenue, and then on towards Interstate 94 down the interstate 94 Corridor where of course Gorbachev will see those those new or those Highway Department signs that ordinarily tell you that right lane closed or left lane closed these flash something to the effect of welcomed Gorbachev in English. And then the appropriate in Russia Tolbert Oprah jolivet garbage off. What is which means what welcome go to retrofit that way I got that right about that. All right. Very interesting as our coverage continues. We will of course be broadcasting from the Radisson if the meeting with the Business Leaders is open to the public. There is some question about that. The earlier indication is that it will be open. We have one note one line on a piece of wire copy, which says it is closed, but I'm not sure which which it is going to be. Let's go to Chris Roberts on the cellular telephone along Summit Avenue Chris. What do you see Chris Roberts? Are you there? Certainly here crowd sounds you may not hear us but we can hear plenty of crowd sounds from Summit Avenue. He's in his car right now making his way very slowly down Summit Avenue. I hope you can still hear me. Oh, yeah singing folks now I'm starting to jog. So if I sound a little breathless trying to keep up with the folks, you just have to get your exercise their Chris Hart saying it just getting your exercise today. Absolutely. I think this motorcade has picked up a little bit. Maybe they're trying to make up for some time that they've lost their little bit behind schedule but making its way Eastward on Summit this motorcade towards the cathedral and then ultimately the capital and people are waving from both sides. A lot of younger folks younger than me. I might say are trying to keep up with the motor case other folks are just waving to the president as he goes by All right, let's go up to Gary eichten and see if the anticipation of the crowd is beginning to increase a little bit hairy. Well, I think I think word is starting to spread a little bit but I've people are people are eager to support they had it where we stand here as you look up John Ireland up on the steps of the Capitol right at the moment as you look up John Ireland Boulevard. You see the cathedral and there's a little as you well know bothers little turn it goes past the road goes fast the cathedral and come straight toward the Capitol and I suspect when the first signs of cars the real motorcade come down that road things will perk up substantially. We saw a couple of police cars come by with their lights on and people started running toward the toward the street with their signs. So I was going to pick up a couple lat. Well, I see a an aerial doing oh, I see an aerial view their Gary and it looks to me like they are about even with The the William Mitchell College of Law at this point as part of the motorcade appears to be at the William Mitchell College of Law. So they have a little ways to go yet before they get to get down to cross Dale and then and on down in that area. We have the first of our of our Advanced police cars coming down the street here with the lights on and all eyes are riveted actually are indeed. President Gorbachev helicopters overhead clearing the area course. Yeah, you're those. Now what kind of what kind of crowd control does there appear to be there? Is it is it to fairly intense or not? Well, they're they're pretty low-key really, I mean they have the the Rope across on both sides of the streets and there are a lot of Transportation Department workers around but no no signs of any real heavy-duty security here. Okay. I'm sure that you know things get out of control. I you'd see a lot of people have materialized fairly quickly and we've got a couple of buses coming down the road. You've been watching the motorcade right along any idea who's in the buses are these forces are I don't know Gary, but let's uh check in with Stephen Smith who's in the motorcade Steven. Stephen Smith. Are you there in the motorcade? I am indeed by Potter. All right. Gary was asking about a couple of buses that appear to be coming down down the road there to have an idea. What's in those buses? Well, I'm too far back to be able to tell you that too far back. All right, I was in the in the crush as Gorbachev walked out of the governor's office the governor's mansion rather and across the street and then kitty-corner from there. He made a brief statement to some people at the core of what I think was Summit in Chatsworth through an interpreter. He said that he think minnesotans for their feelings that people of the Soviet Union have just as much respect for American citizens as American citizens do and then he wished happiness and well-being to the people of Minnesota and the state it was quite a crush Robert. I got as much of it as I could but at times I think the KGB was literally Lifting me off my feet and moving me along. We understand folks and Gary eichten that those buses are full of police officers. I think so, I've seen the if you're talking about the it. You see buses. They have been deploying the police officers at different spots along the route to form a line between the people along the street and Gorbachev, of course Gorbachev just pushes right through and when he gets close to a crowd he starts to shake hands and now and then makes a speech. So even though the police are there to form a human line. He doesn't necessarily need to respect it. Well, it would be interesting some time to hear someone talk who understands the security measures that are taken around the president of the United States versus those taken around the president of the Soviet Union. It's clear that the it seems clear at least that the precautions taken around a u.s. President are much more strict than those around Gorbachev at this point. Well, it depends on how you look at it the point is that the security really flows from the man who's being protected. I mean, it's Gorbachev style is personal style to do this. Yeah and far be it from the KGB to tell him not to you know, and I think that if I think that if Bush or Reagan or any other president really wanted to act this way, he would I can tell you that it is sort of strange for us in the press to go through security sweeps and have our equipment taken apart and put back together and be pushed and shoved and then have this fellow to sort of walk up to a crowd of people across from a fence and start talking to them. So it just sort of make it seem a little bit silly after a while Steven Smith who is reporting by cellular telephone from the Gorbachev motorcade as it works its way down Summit Avenue and across eventually to the to John Ireland Boulevard around the st. Paul Cathedral the state capitol complex area. And then I think once it actually gets onto Interstate 94 the pace will probably pick up quite a bit because I think they obviously there will not be the opportunity to stop and and visit with people along the freeway, they'll simply move rather quickly on down towards downtown Minneapolis and the scheduled meeting with the business. Peter's a little bit later on this afternoon the visit to the farm has been cancelled. If you are just tuning in the visit to the brand Farm in Farmington was cancelled apparently because the Soviet team is simply to bushed to do it too tired out the trip to Washington and the summit activities taking something of a toll on the Soviet delegation and they are not going to go through with the trip to the farm instead had a chance to talk with the son of John brand or I think it's John brand is the the fellow I talked to and he said that the family of course very disappointed about that but they may have the opportunity of being transported up to Twin Cities International Airport to at least see the Gorbachev party off and possibly have a chance to meet with the Gorbachev delegation as well. Well, let's see what's going on up the step Capitol steps Gary eichten. What's the latest there? Well, Bob, those buses are in fact deploying their officers getting in position and getting all set to go and I suspect you know, we you ask me just a few minutes ago and they're not about to security. I suspect we're going to see that security Arrangement tighten up substantially here just the next couple of minutes still no sign though up as we look up to are the lead role of the motorcade. Although they should be coming along soon and I would think he's back in the car. Right? Mmm. I think what we'll do at this point at about 19 minutes before the hour. It looks like it'll be just a few minutes before the Gorbachev Entourage gets around to the Capital Area. We started a little while ago playing a recap of events to date report put together by Cathy. Where's your we had to interrupt that because of the statements at the governor's mansion. I'd like to go back and pick up that recap so that those of you who have not heard all of this continuous coverage since when This afternoon have a sense for what has gone on. Let's listen to Kathy's report. (00:40:09) University of Minnesota concert Ensemble greeted Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev (00:40:13) and his wife Raisa the Minneapolis st. Paul International Airport around (00:40:16) 138 this afternoon, Minnesota Public Radio is Mike Mulcahy and Bruce McDonald provided some of the color of the arrival know a four-man military Squad is moving into place with the red carpet and in front of us is the Soviet as mr. And mrs. Gorbachev off the plane at the top of the stairway. Summer flies here. Senator boschwitz is behind them. He's waving. About halfway down the steps now. Mr. Gorbachev is in a dark suit. Mrs. Gorbachev is wearing kind of a purple outfit garbage of just adjusted his lapels a little bit. Now. They're they're moving the red carpet down in the dignitaries of approached. The band is playing (00:40:54) the Gorbachev's were greeted by dignitaries, including Governor Rudy perpich and former vice president Walter Mondale the Soviet leader, then stop for a few moments on the airport tarmac to shake hands with a small crowd the couple then left in their motor K that traveled along 35 W onto Interstate 94 in the 92 Summit Avenue in st. Paul for a trip to the Governor's Mansion for lunch reporter. Chris Roberts was along the route that included some protest groups groups here on one end of the governor's mansion. There is a group of Muslim Students from the University of Minnesota across the street from them. There are people representing the Baltic states, but across the street from me right now the Laotian and Campbell Cambodian group that Gary was referring to have (00:41:38) Did (00:41:39) all the way up here, they walk from the capital all the way up there. One of the protesters near the governor's mansion was George Jace a member of a Latvian group that's upset over Gorbachev's treatment of the Baltic republics in the Soviet Union. That's an issue. Everybody skirting Bush scored it apparently at Camp David also along with the German unified Nation. I mean, let's talk about let's get it out. We've got to have that issue are we got to get it resolved as the Gorbachev limousine and the rest of his motorcade swung on to Summit Avenue and Gorbachev jumped out of his soviet-made limousine and began shaking hands one of those nearby the Soviet leader when he moved into the crowd was Dane Richter of Minneapolis all of a sudden I look around and there was a large group of protesters on the other side of the street and they had been chanting for most of the morning and I looked around and there was Gorbachev and he went directly up to the protesters the group and he started shaking hands with them and then he walked down someone up for a little while and and on the side of the street. I was standing he walked over to the side I was (00:42:38) Hang on and (00:42:40) and he waved to the crowd from there and he continued on his way. Gorbachev walk the remaining two blocks to the Minnesota Governor's Mansion on Summit Avenue for lunch with the governor and selected (00:42:52) guests. He was greeted by a group of bell (00:42:54) ringers and our Catherine winter who was observing the scene from across the street. (00:42:58) It's not a not a tidy line and people it's a thick cluster of people going through the gate at the governor's mansion, which has been done up with festoons of greenery and there is some red carpet which can't see anymore because there's all kinds of people on it. (00:43:09) It's on to Minneapolis and the Radisson Hotel for meeting with business and agricultural leaders Cathy. Where's your put together that nice little summary of all the events that have transpired just about up to right now where President Gorbachev is in the motorcade heading down Summit Avenue and then soon to get out of John Ireland Boulevard around the Capital Area. And as Kathy said zip on down I-94 Laura, no Moto is standing by at the Radisson Plaza area where President Gorbachev will have the meeting with Business Leaders. What's going on down there Lauren? Well, Bob, there's definitely pick (00:43:43) up the activity down here things were kind of at a stasis there. For a while, but now the (00:43:47) security Cordon is going up. You see a lot more security people police and sheriff's deputies appearing on the street. They're carefully examining all the tops of the buildings down here as you probably know down on 7th Street Minneapolis. A lot of very tall sheer (00:44:02) building faces and they've been keeping a close eye on the top of all (00:44:05) those buildings and here on 7th (00:44:07) Street itself (00:44:08) periodically, we've seen a limo or to pull up a limousine or (00:44:11) to and several people in charcoal gray suits. It seems they all wear charcoal gray suits get out and then move into the hotel we are told for example that among the business people who are already on the scene down here Jack grunt offer. A First Bank is here. We are told also apparently wouldn't even be a lot of cargo is here. This is a via the Press office. We're told that and also Lawrence Perlman of Control Data Corporation also said to be here (00:44:39) any sign of all some of the others from out of state such as Roger Smith or the head of think (00:44:46) Circle was going to be there and some others haven't seen any of those folks yet Bob or at least we aren't we aren't told that we've been seeing able to see any of those folks that we have. However acquired a copy of the seating (00:44:56) chart for this agribusiness meeting that's (00:44:58) going to be going on shortly after 5 o'clock and interestingly enough at least as far as I can see Roger Smith is not on here Lee Iacocca (00:45:07) is not honoring I guess I got to go to Gary no Lauren Gary eichten up at the state capitol where the motorcade is coming into view Gary. Yes indeed. They are Bob coming around the corner up by the cathedral a whole line of well course you folks have been talking about the motorcade all along a line of flashing lights couple of buses apparently filled with the security people. And now from what from this distance looks to be like the real motorcade itself all the official looking cars those great big zills is its ills that's what we're told I made it might be pronounced Zeal. What is it? He'll Evelyn tells us it's a Zeal the own it's a Zeal and they're only five of them made a year in the Soviet Union Patty told us that there's only five made a year and they are handmade that makes them of course one of the rarest automobiles in the world and they're probably as many in Minnesota today as are manufactured during an entire year in the Soviet Union motorcade goes on forever. I tell you what, I'm going to do Bob. I'm going to I'm up the steps and I feel bear with me here. I'm going to get down close to the road. So in case anything interesting happens why maybe we'll get a little better idea of just exactly who's saying what to whom? All right, and I'll stick as the crowd right where you are Gary right where I am. There is no crowd. They're all clustered right along the edge of the street hoping to Really get to meet. Mr. Gorbachev. I suppose how are these folks dressed are there are most of them dressed fairly warmly or I also there are there are a lot of people out here in short just as Karen was noting over at the Mansion. Uh-huh and a lot of people dress for the calendar and not the day I think well, exactly exactly. I did talk to a number of people who were holding out until it stopped raining and soon as it stopped raining then they decided to make their move. Hmm. All right place my vantage point a little bit in terms of the total motorcade. So you'll have to bear with me on that but you'll recall we talked about the unofficial Lottery earlier Bob. Oh, yes, The Unofficial Ivory that we bought about who which we can only give a few details as to where he might get out. Yeah. So we're going to go right down to the front and take our chance. I hear people cheering in the background there. Yes, there are there's a lot of excitement, you know after the what seemed to be kind of a blase thing. people craning their necks cameras high in the air jumping in the air people definitely turning out despite the lousy weather and there goes a limo. If you could hear the people, oh, yes shirring. Cheering and clapping as the motorcade approaches there 10 minutes before five. This is live coverage of President Gorbachev trip to Minnesota. The motorcade slowed down briefly people were running frantically. We'll get back up close again, but you listen. Those are impressive looking vehicles. I must say. I believe that's President Gorbachev leaving out the window of the limo people running frantically Bob across the oh the poor Hedges the hedges up. The capital are taking a beating the groundskeeper is going to be angry tomorrow. Oh, there's just mobs of people running. Through the hedges as fast as they can the motorcade now heading up back up John Ireland Boulevard question is whether and hence are going to get there before the mobs of people do like a rock star, you know. Well, I you know, it is amazing that that people will come out for a public official like this and treat him just as a as a big celebrity from the entertainment of the sports world like after your midday program Bob, right? Well, this is was really interesting the affect the people are just flying across the Lawns as fast as they can trying to keep up with the motorcade. We're too old to do that. Of course. Well Young Chris Roberts was getting a bit of a workout there earlier today along Summit Avenue there. I just wonder if Gorbachev is going to get out of the of the vehicle at some point. He hasn't shown any inclination to do so yet. Although he was certainly walking along some of the Quite a ways they're happy. I think they're going to have to make a run another run around the capital if that's going to happen unless he stops over in front of Sears in that direction. They have to go down that route to get it back onto a 94, although it may be that they're running. How are they are they are they on schedule their new schedule again. Now, I would say that there if they make if they go right straight onto the freeway now they're going to be about on schedule because they're supposed to be at the Radisson Plaza at about 5:15 and I would suspect at the speed. They're traveling they'll probably take them about 20 minutes. Yeah, they got they were rolling along pretty good toward the end of the motorcade trying to keep up. I don't know what those what those big limos will do on the freeway. I suppose they could push him up to 65 or 70 if they wanted, but thanks. Well, it doesn't appear certainly not down at the Capitol. It is not going to be getting out. He's not coming around for a second run but genuine genuine. Segment as you said Bob, it's just amazing. It's a public official. It's not a big Entertainer Sports celebrity. But then of course he is probably the most high certainly high-profile kind of Superstar politician in our time. That's right. Well, as far as I can tell from the pool video feed the motorcade has begun to enter the interstate 94 access area. Stephen Smith is standing by in the motorcade. Maybe we'll have a chance to get to him in just a second as our live broadcast continues and there is Steven at the motorcade Hello Steven there Robert we're proceeding now westbound on I-94 all of the lanes Westbound from st. Paul, of course just dumped out onto the highway from the capital all the westbound Lanes have been closed. He's bound the traffic is slowing down is this unusual procession of about 40 or 45 Vehicles makes its way along the road. This is of course where Have those electronic signs have been set up by the I believe it's the State Department of Transportation. The flashing signs that say things like welcome in both English and Russian and also Minnesota USSR Partners in progress. Those kinds of things. This is also the area as you know, that has been well cleaned up flowers planted both for this and the Olympic Festival that's coming up. Let's just feed what speed would you say the more kids moving at Stephen? Well right now I think we're probably doing about the speed limit on the way from the airport to the governor's mansion. We peered over the drivers shoulder and notice we were doing about 65 or maybe even 70 along the way at times they were lucky they didn't get pinched and what they've got what they've got going on in the eastbound Lane is that there are traffic cones sealing off the lane closest two hours all the way along and a state trooper car state trooper car is driving along to make sure that nobody can sort of be close to the the median as we come up now along the Lexington Park Way Entrance Ramp there are cars. Certain people standing along the roadside and getting as fond of the bridges Security will allow them to to waive and hold up their signs that all along the motorcade route. The bridges themselves have been closed off so that no one can stand on a bridge overlooking the Soviet president's motorcade. All right, let's go from Stephen Smith at the motorcade down to crystalline who is standing by close to the Radisson Plaza Hotel also by cellular phone Chris higher Baba as I told you before that the crowds are really thin in Minneapolis and they were until about an hour ago. People were probably listening to the radio waiting until the last possible minute because there's a quite a lot of folks within a couple of blocks either side of the hotel itself. Lots of protesters lots of the Baltic republics flags and the crowd goes all the way through downtown Minneapolis for many many blocks of people are spread out maybe one or two deep through a long stretch. I just walked many blocks around the route through downtown. And it's not until you get right around the around the hotel itself, but there's a very thick crowd and people are for what happened our have been looking down the road looking several blocks down. We're is that gotten out had to go over stuff is not here yet. There's a lot of expectation as there has been all along the whole route. Well, I should think you would begin to see those lead Vehicles before too terribly long because the motorcade is on Interstate 94 now and heading towards downtown Minneapolis. What for those MTC buses with the police right? Very good crystalline who is covering the area around the Radisson Plaza Hotel Lauren Emoto standing by at the Radisson Plaza where the business meeting will take place. And if we have an opportunity to bring you live coverage of the actual meeting itself. We certainly will do that the schedule calls for President Gorbachev to arrive in Downtown Minneapolis at about a quarter after five. He will have a rest period at the Radisson Plaza for a little while after about a half an hour according to the schedule at 5:45. They'll be a meeting. At the Radisson with national Regional and state business and agricultural leaders. That meeting should last until about seven o'clock when the Gorbachev's will leave the Radisson go to Control Data headquarters in Bloomington en route to the international airport. It's our understanding that when they're at the Control Data headquarters, they will be viewing a computer exhibit meeting with the president of control data and reading some of the employees who are probably gathered there and then just before eight o'clock. They'll leave Control Data head over to the airport get on there are a plane and head for San Francisco The Last Stop on the Gorbachev trip to the United States. We have canceled on Minnesota Public Radio all of our regularly scheduled programming today, if you're just tuning in wondering what's going on. Well, it's the Gorbachev trip to the Twin Cities historical event that we thought was worth going out in force to cover. So we have cleared away the schedule so that we Bring you this live coverage that will continue right through the departure of the Gorbachev airplane the time now about two minutes before five o'clock. Let's pause very briefly for station identification will tell you that this is member supported, Minnesota Public Radio. This is klow Minneapolis-Saint Paul 52 degrees in the Twin Cities at last report the wind now dropping down to about 10 miles an hour.


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