Veterans Day remarks by President Clinton and Governor-elect Ventura

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Veterans day remarks by President Clinton at Arlington National Cemetery and Governor-elect Jesse Ventura at the V.A. Medical Center Ceremonies, and at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis. Program contains pledge drive segments.

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Thank you, Kathleen six minutes past 12 programming a Minnesota Public Radio is supported by standard heating and air conditioning the Twin Cities Home Comfort Experts for 69 years featuring York Heating and Cooling products. Minnesota Public Radio Gary I can hear along with Melanie summer and this hour we're going to Mark Veterans Day a more Veterans Day related programming I have for you Veterans Day to those of you who serve are from Bill Clinton President Bill Clinton who spoke today at Arlington National Cemetery and also this our governor elect Jesse Ventura himself a Vietnam vet who was out and about today out at the Fort Snelling and also went back to his old school Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis to talk to the kids about the Veterans Day so all that coming up this hour, but right now Melanie we have business to conduct business to ask you to help us out with this is our annual fall membership drive here at Minnesota Public Radio. 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Midday special here one 800-227-2811 15 minutes now past 12. And of course the day is Veterans Day in America a day set aside to remember the men and women who have served in America's Armed Forces. It is traditional for the president and commander-in-chief to give a Veteran's Day address in today President Clinton participated in ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. That's our of it here from the president and as promised. We're also going to hear from governor-elect Jesse Ventura who exactly is the first Vietnam vet elected governor of Minnesota. He spent the morning at Fort Snelling and at his old high school Roosevelt high in Minneapolis. So we'll hear from governor-elect Ventura in a few minutes, but first President Bill Clinton who spoke today, even as it appears that the u.s. Is gearing up for another military attack against the Rec 2 weeks ago. You'll recall Iraq blocked in. Further work by the UN arms Inspection Team in Iraq. Those arms inspectors were pulled out of Iraq today. The US has warned Americans in the Middle East that they should consider leaving the area and the US is an ounce of it sending additional warplanes to the Persian Gulf to strengthen US forces already in the region. That's the backdrop against which the president spoke today at Arlington National Cemetery today as a free Nation we come together. To all the men and women to whom we owe our freedom. To pay our own tribute here at this most sacred Memorial. to our nation's past not only today but everyday some of us have a privileged to glance across the Potomac to see these silent White Rose inscribed with their crosses and crescents and stars of David. To remind us that our achievements in peace or built on the sacrifices of our veterans and War. And that we owe the most solemn debt to these Brave Americans who knew their Duty and did it so very well. We come together today to acknowledge that duty to them. I do need to provide for our veterans and their families to give them every possible opportunity. To improve their education to find a job to buy a home to protect their health. Just this morning. I was proud to sign in the presence of some of the veterans leaders hear the veterans programs enhancement act which will increase compensation payments to Veterans with disabilities as well as benefits to the survivors of Americans who died serving our country. I have also directed the secretaries of defense Veterans Administration and Health and Human Services to establish a military and Veterans Health Coordinating Board to improve health care for armed forces our veterans and our families had to make sure we know what the health risks are to our soldiers and when we send them into Harm's Way. We have a duty as well to remember the history that our veterans lived and do appreciate and honor the history they made. We cannot expect future generations to understand fully what those who came before saw experience and felt in battle, but we can make sure that our children know enough to say thank you those two simple words that can mean as much or even more than a metal. We can preserve their Diaries and documents their letters home their stories of sorrow and pride not of the passage of time of the Comforts of Peace should drive the memory in meaning of their sacrifice from the consciousness of our nation. We all this to every American who fought in the centuries Wars, we own it as well to the millions of Americans who served in our Armed Forces during the Cold War. Because they stood ready. We live in a very different world. No longer. Is there a single overriding threat to our existence former adversaries are becoming our partners? Still this remains a dangerous world and peace can never be a time for rest or maintaining. It requires constant vigilance. We can be proud that the United States has been a force for peace in Northern Ireland in the Middle East in Haiti and Bosnia and Kosovo. We have been able to secure. Peace because we have been willing to back up our diplomacy where necessary with military strength. Know where is our vigilance more urgent than in the Persian Gulf? Where is Saddam Hussein's regime threatens the stability of one of the most vital regions of the world? Following the Gulf War and as a condition for the ceasefire the United Nations demanded and Iraq agreed. To disclose and Destroy its chemical biological and nuclear weapons capability. This was no abstract concern. Saddam is fired scuds at his neighbor's attacked to wait and used chemical weapons in the war with Iran and even on his own people. To ensure that a rock made good on its commitment to the United Nations kept in place tough economic sanctions, while exempting food medicine and other humanitarian supplies to alleviate the suffering of the araki people. The UN also established a group of Highly professional weapons inspectors from dozens of countries a group called on scum to oversee the destruction of a rock's weapons capability and a monitor its ongoing compliance. For 7 years now. Your rock has had within its power. The ability to put itself on the path to ending the sanctions and its isolation simply by complying with obligations it agreed to undertake. instead it is work to shark those obligations withholding evidence about its weapons capability threatening harassing blocking the inspectors massing troops on the Kuwaiti Border in the South attacking the Kurds in the North. Are steadfast determination in maintaining sanctions supporting the inspection system enforcing a no-fly zone and responding firmly to a rocky provocations is Stop The Rock from rebuilding its weapons of mass destruction Arsenal are from threatening its neighbor seriously. Now over the past year your rock has intensified its efforts to end the weapons inspection system last fall threatening to overthrow up to throw American inspectors osteons cam teams, then in January denying on scum unfettered access to all the suspect weapon sights both times. We built diplomatic pressure on a rock back by overwhelming force and Baghdad reversed course indeed in March again it gave a solid commitment. This time to un secretary-general Kofi Annan that it would reopen all of Iraq to International weapons inspectors without conditions or restrictions. In August for the third time and only a year. Again, and rock severely restricted the activities of the weapons inspectors. Again. We have gone the extra mile to obtain compliance by peaceful means working for the UN Security Council and with our friends and allies to secure a unanimous Security Council resolution condemning are rocks actions. We also supported along with all the members of the security Council what are rock says it wants a comprehensive review of a rock's compliance record provided Saddam resumes full cooperation with the ants, inspectors. now if Saddam Hussein is really serious about wanting sanctions lifted. There is an easy way to demonstrate that let on scum do its job without interference fully comply. The International Community is United that Saddam has not have it both ways by keeping his weapons of mass destruction capability and still getting rid of the sanction. All of us agree that we prefer to resolve this crisis peacefully for two reasons first because accomplishing goals through diplomacy is always pressure to using Force. Second because reversing a rock decision and getting us come back on the job Remains the most effective way to uncover destroy and prevent a rock from reconstituting weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. But if the inspectors are not permitted to visit suspect sites are monitor compliance at known production facilities. They may as well be in Baltimore not Baghdad. That would open a window of opportunity for a rock to rebuild its arsenal of weapons and Delivery Systems. In months. I say again in months not years a failure to respond could involved in Saddam to act recklessly signaling to him that he can with impunity develop these weapons of mass destruction. or threatened his neighbors and this is very important. In an age when we look forward to weapons of mass destruction being a significant threat to civilize people everywhere and it would permanently damage The credibility of the United Nations security Council to act as a force for promoting International Peace and security. We continue to hope indeed pray that Saddam will comply. But we must be prepared to act if he does not. Many American servicemen and women are serving in the Persian Gulf today many other serving elsewhere around the world keeping the peace in Bosnia watching over the DMZ in Korea working with our friends and allies it stopped error and drugs and deadly weapons. Too often, we forget that even in peacetime their work is hard and often. very dangerous just three days ago. Four Brave dedicated American Flyers Lieutenant Commander Kirk Barrick, Lieutenant Brendan Duffy Lieutenant Meredith, Carol and Lieutenant Charles Woodard all four were lost in a crash aboard the USS Enterprise today. Our prayers are with their families. When we give our Armed Forces a mission, there is a principle we must keep in mind. We should never ask them to do what they are not equipped to do but always equip them to do what we ask them to do. The more we asked the greater our responsibility to give our troops to support and training they require and the tools they need from basic spare parts to the newest Technologies. As commander-in-chief. I have no higher Duty than this to make certain. Our troops can do their job while maintaining their Readiness to defend our country and defeat in the adversary. To ensure they can deploy far from home knowing their loved ones have the quality of life. They deserve for his one Sergeant recently said we enlist soldiers, but we reenlist families. Well, our current state of Readiness is sound there are real concerns about the future for that reason. I made a commitment to add resources to this year's budget to keep our retinas razor-sharp and to improve recruitment. We ask the Congress to approve 1.1 billion dollars in new funds for retinas and it did today. I am happy to announce that we are releasing those funds. We have also obtained almost 2 billion dollars. We have also obtained almost 2 billion dollars in emergency funds to cover unanticipated operations in Bosnia and shipped it another 1 billion dollars in our defense budget to meet Readiness need we've approve pay raises that will significantly reduce the discrepancy between military and civilian pay. In addition, I ordered my Administration to conduct a thorough review of our long-term Readiness and have met with all of our service Chiefs to discuss that. The process is now underway. I anticipate it will result in a set of budget and policy proposals for our year 2000 budget request and for future years. My fellow Americans This is a challenge we can and must meet for a while. We certainly cannot solve all the world's problems when our values and interests are at stake. We must be ready to act. Let us always remember that I most profound duty to our nation's veterans is to keep standing for the ideals for which they fought and for which too many died. Keep strengthening. The alliance's they forged as we will next spring at NATO's 50th Anniversary Summit in Washington to keep taking risks or piece to keep Faith with those who struggle for human rights the rule of law a better life. We have a duty to seize not sure if the responsibilities of leadership and we have an opportunity to create a world more peaceful more free more prosperous than any people have ever known. Therefore we should look on leadership not as a burden. What is a chance a responsibility? To give our children a world that reflects the hopes and enthusiasm that have inspired generation after generation of Americans to serve our country in uniform. from World War 1 hero Alvin York the World War II hero Waverly Ray from General George Marshall the General Colin Powell from John Glenn to John Glenn I think we ought to give Senator Glenn a hand today, don't you? Think of it. He's giving us a whole new field of endeavor to look forward to in our old age. We dedicate this day. To all our veterans to the retired school teacher who in his time helped liberate a death camp to the hospital Medicare learn to save lives under Fire in Vietnam. The Legionnaire who pins on his medals with pride to the heroes buried in the Tomb of the unknowns to all of them and all they represent. We dedicate each and every day spent in service to our country and its ideals. May God bless them and their families. May God bless the United States of America. Thank you. President Bill Clinton speaking this morning at the Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. Minnesota governor elect Jesse Ventura Mark Veterans Day today with a visit to the veterans administration Medical Center Ventura greeted a number of patients at their bedside. He was accompanied by u.s. Senator Paul wellstone in the auditorium of the medical center. Ventura said, he was proud to be a veteran. What a week. It's been My voice is still shaking a little bit and raw because I don't give up my football team either and I'll be with them Friday night when the state playoffs which I'm real excited about it. The first four are high school, Champlin Park. And this is a first for me too. I have to chuckle and look around and think imagine the oldie for sk3 standing your storekeeper third class US Navy and nut it's kind of fun to have the officers respect the enlisted guy as much as I do. On behalf of all those enlisted guys out there and say we got unlisted commander and chief of the National Guard. but I also can relate to the officers because my mother was an officer a first lieutenant in the Army stationed in North Africa and World War II and I just like to say simply every member of my immediate family is served their country and I'm proud to say so I would also like to know during the campaign Trail. I heard so much about higher education. How do kids get an education student loan student this student that and I really love telling them that there's another way to get it to the way I did it go serve your country and you got the GI bill. So where there's a will there's a way for the person that doesn't have the finances to get there. They can do two of the greatest things in the world. They can serve their country and then go to college and what better way to do it because it broadens you rest assured by the time you become like I did a 23 year old freshman. You feel a little like Rodney Dangerfield, you know being there back to school but but it brings a maturity to you. And I knew that I know that it did to me. I was far better prepared to go to college after my service in the military because the military taught it was like what it was like to be focused what it was like to get the job done and believe it or not my first quarter of college. I got a 4.0. Then I met my wife to be. And the 4.0 dropped pretty quickly because my up my I kind of got traveled in a different direction there. We know what that's like I might add my wife is not here today, but my wife of 23 years, so I'm happy to say that because it means I'm younger than the senator and younger than everyone else. But again, it's it's my honor to be here today on behalf of all the veterans and I'll do my best job I can do as governor of the state of Minnesota to make sure that nobody forgets the sacrifice the veterans make. Thank you. Frontier also visited the cemetery at Fort Snelling where his parents are buried governor elect also appeared at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis where he graduated in 1969, the students welcomed governor-elect Ventura with a standing ovation. I have great memories of Roosevelt High School. I sat in the same Auditorium you're sitting in right now along time ago and and believe me time flies. So enjoy it. That's what that's the main message. I want to tell you is have fun. Enjoy your time in high school because all too quickly of goes by and before you know, what you can't believe it next summer. I have my 30th reunions. And I remember when I was growing up Abbie Hoffman told us don't trust no one over 30. I remember that back in the sixties, but again, congratulations your football team. They've had an outstanding year. Don't don't think for a minute. I don't keep my eye out because I have been actually my bio is a little outdated that I'm in my fourth year now volunteer coaching up a Champlin Park High School. And we likewise are the 7 5/8 Champions right now and we will be facing Brainerd on Friday Night One Division up from Roosevelt and we will face Brainerd and in very much looking forward to it. We're breaking new ground. Champlin is only been around for I think six years. It doesn't have a 75-year history like Roosevelt does And so this is our championship year we've gone like in the words of Star Trek where no one has gone before us right now up there and not and we're looking forward to it because I got a great group of young motivated young people who four years ago when I started coaching told me they were going to get to the Dome and that's our goal as well. It should be yours. And the one message I would tell you though is the message that I tell my kids that I couldn't I called them kids. You're all kids to meet. By the way. My son is 19 not 13. He's graduated. He's also six foot seven. 3in taller than I am. That's when you know, you're getting old when you look at your son in about 9th grade and all of a sudden you're I die with them. Where does it go? But anyway, as I tell my kids that I coach in football. I never and I'm the conditioning coach. If you can imagine they have to face me at the end of practice. And all the other coaches leave so they're left alone with me. It's kind of like it's kind of like meeting Jason out in the woods. But I know I always tell my kids I will never ever ever punish them for losing never. But God help them if they quit on me. because there is a major difference between losing and quitting you can lose and you can walk off that field with your head held high knowing you gave it the best effort you possibly could and that's all anyone asks, but quitting is different. There is no excuse for quitting quitting on yourself quitting on your teammates and quitting in what you believe in and that's the amazing thing about where I stand today. Nobody gave me a chance to win. Nobody when I started to run for governor, all the experts said he can't win it can't be done. And yet lo and behold here. I stand today the next governor of Minnesota. I'm very proud of that because that means the people of Minnesota of entrusted me that it's an honor an honor that I will do as I said the night that I won. I made a simple statement I should sure I'll make mistakes. I'm human but rest assured I'll do the best job. I'm capable of doing and I think that's all anyone asks of you as a student of doing Simply the Best But you are capable of doing and from that point on no one can criticize you you've done your best. We're all human. I put my pants on one leg at a time when I cut dye bleed. You know, iiii, we're all human and you can only ask people to do their best and that's all that I will do is Governors to do my best, but I'm looking forward to it. It's exciting. It's a new Venture in my career. My career is one where I'm a little different than most people many people get a job and they stick to that job their whole life, which I commend them for that's remarkable doing a job to the best of your ability for me. I do a job about four years. I guess it started about in the Navy enlisted for 4 years at the end of for I wanted to move on to something else that's kind of garden for two five-year increments down the line from there on but I believe in living life to the fullest. I believe in trying everything last spring. I was down at the Target Center for the Timberwolves game and I happen to be doing some work up in the rafters and there was this guy running around with a Sonic's uniform on and here I was up there by myself and they're having to be a rope. So I rappelled down that rope and got rid of him. That other job was there I have to do it. Everybody thought that was pre-planned. Not at all. I just happen to be upstairs on business right but and that's the way my life has been my life has been full of challenges and I'm proud to say I graduated from Roosevelt High School. I sat right in these seats here. I sat up on this stage. I let her to couple years in football. I was the swimming captain and And I'm proud to say today that I was the District 17 100 butterfly record holder. Which which I might have today my best time back, then would not qualify for the girls finals. That's how great the swimmers are today and I commend you girls included. It's out. It's phenomenal to see if you know what coming from a sport like swimming you don't get all the recognition but you got to pay the price you spend hours in the pool. And then it's a it's a sport that doesn't draw a lot of fans but it does build you from the inside out and it's something I carried forward them into my Navy career because there's not professional swimming. You can't sign with a pro swimming team basketball football those you can so the natural progression for me was to become a frogman in the Navy and that was professional swimming, but believe me, what did I make my first $162 every two weeks I think was my my initial salary in the military, but you did it because you loved your country and it's a very appropriate today, and I'm honored to be standing here today on Veterans Day. Because remember this without veterans you don't have freedom and also remember this. Thanks. Remember this it is not the veteran that causes the war the veteran and the use of him is the result of failed political policy by now the politicians it's the politicians failure that causes the veteran to go to war the veteran cannot ask why you can only do or die. So I've had a lot of talks, you know throughout my campaigning and I've heard people talk about higher education. And I've said yes how your education is extremely important. I will support it, but my focus is going to be on K through 12 because without K through 12 who's going to go on to higher education. if you're not being educated here and in the lower the middle schools in the grade schools, they will be no colleges and I also you know, it took a lot of criticism because I made a statement I said that you know, if you're smart enough to go to college you want to be smart enough to figure out how Sounds logical doesn't it? If you have the brains to be there, you want to be smart enough to figure out how to put yourself through and I took a lot of grief over that old. No help us government this and that you don't need the government has plenty of ways to get through college. You're smart enough. I have confidence in you. There's a method that I used to go serve your country spend four years day. We get GI Bill benefits and go to college and end up like me me and Rodney back to school. the 23 year old freshman what's up, you know there's ways out there and if you believe in yourself and you're focused and you believe in the American dream, and I believe it exists because people don't realize what we accomplished here in Minnesota. This candidacy was bigger than Jesse Ventura much bigger. We took on the political Machinery the Democrats and the Republicans. We were the David's against the Goliath if you can imagine me being David, I know it's hard to imagine but we did and we overcame why because I have dedicated people that believed in something and we believed in a goal and we accomplished and I'm proud to say there was no one. Well, I'll correct that my campaign manager only the last two months had to leave his job and focus fully on the campaign. He got paid but there was not one person. Other than that who received $1 of payment for my entire campaign for governor. Not one. and I think I think the story to be told there is something very unique volunteerism giving back. If you're fortunate to give back you have Charities you have churches you have all of that do not become Reliant upon the government. We are bigger than the government you as an individual is bigger than the government and I implore you stand on your own two feet. You can do it. If you really can if you believe and if you have that intestinal fortitude if you have the drive if I can become governor, Anyone can accomplish anything? And I'm just happy that you know, I'm at the age that I'm at right now because none of my teachers are here anymore. So I can tell some fibs and they're not they can't I was just a thought. I was an honor student. I told you I was going to tell fibs and no one knows or yes. No, not at all. I was one of those students. I'll be frank with you. I did enough to get Vai if I like the class. I did pretty good. Physical education I did great. The other classes well did enough to get by but you know what in hindsight I look back and I think of what an opportunity I missed and that's the message. I want to tell you today. I don't miss the opportunity because in reality. It's like I said to my son who just graduated get as much out of these schools as you can right now because they're free. From the point that you leave here, you will pay you will have to earn your way the rest of the way. So anything you can get now is going to benefit you down the line. So take that extra class go to the library and read a little more do everything you can right now to advance your education because that's the key out there. There's a whole huge world out there waiting for you and it's a lot of fun and I'm not done yet, you know, but I can only tell you that again if I can do it you can do it because I'm no different than any of you I went to the sea. I went to Cooper Grade School Sanford junior high school and Roosevelt High School. Yeah. You have teachers here that are very dedicated. You'll find this if you if you show a teacher you want to learn that teacher will be there for you. Rest assured that I see some of my former teachers today my Jack osberg now the head coach at Augsburg College was not one one of my teachers here. Most of my teachers today are retired. But teachers don't change. They go into this profession for a reason they go into it because they want to make a difference and they do. Thank you. Minnesota governor elect Jesse Ventura speaking late this morning at Roosevelt High School in South Minneapolis by governor elect graduated from Roosevelt back in 1969. This is a special Veterans Day edition of midday coming to you on Minnesota Public Radio. Melanie. Summer has joined me here in the studio. And first day of a very very short membership drive Melanie. That's right. And we are asking all of you were listening you particularly if your been listening to mid-day to Minnesota Public Radio to make a pledge of support and help us support this service one. 800-227-2811 is the telephone number that we need you to call right now between now and 1 to pledge your support to midday and Minnesota Public Radio One 800-227-2811 were pledging this time usually were here 4 5 6 7 days, but they were going to try something different this year. And that is to shorten up that the the drive. So the idea here is that she'll call when we're on the air make that pledge and we can get back to regular programming $7,000. What is what we need to raise this hour to meet our goal $7,000 so far. Morality, we need. Let's put it this way. We still need to raise about $4,600. So, so if it can be done one, 800-227-2811 all of you who listen to mid-day. We really really would love to hear from you and know some of you are tuning in now getting ready for Ray Suarez, welcome to the club at. Midday a heck of a deal is available the new Minnesota Public Radio tote bag a full year subscription to Newsweek magazine + the new Minnesota Public Radio sweatshirt all available at the $120 level $10 a month. All you have to do is give us a call at 1 802-227-2811. By the way. Thanks to the employees of Carlson Consulting for volunteering in our phone room, and if when you call in you can spare a few minutes tomorrow, we're short of volunteers for tomorrow and a boy if you can not only make a pledge but Give us an hour or two of your time tomorrow. We will be eternally grateful. So when you call 800-227-2811, if you make a pledge of support to Minnesota Public Radio, and then if you do have a little time to spare tomorrow, you can simply tell the person on the line that you would be willing to volunteer and help with answer phones. We've reached a point today where we had more phones ringing and people that answer them which is just wonderful. It's been a great response so far to the shortened ever since we can't have that Melanie. We're not being selective enough and I'm holy except for membership. Minnesota Public Radio anybody who likes the service anybody who listens even an hour a month but likes that our month so much and thinks it's very important that we will take your membership. We want you to join Minnesota Public Radio, the more the merrier as far as we're concerned one 800-227-2811. We got four people on the line right now, but we need to hear from a lot more of you between now and 1 to help us keep on track for this goal for this stuff like drive just a reminder a couple of the basics here. As you know, we don't have commercials on Minnesota Public Radio. Obviously, the reason that a lot of people enjoy listening you don't hear a sound like potato chips or anything instead what we do a couple times of the year and we're trying a few more days than normal. Anyway couple times a year. We ask those of you who listen to call in and become members 85,000 people are paid members of Minnesota Public Radio. They have called in and pledged $66 or $99 or $120 or whatever and then How we pay for the program's York, Minnesota Public Radio. It's a simple concept if you think about it, if you listen, you ought to become a member and we don't tell you how much you have to give that's up to you. The important thing is that you do what you can and course everybody who calls in right now will get your name entered in the big drawing tomorrow afternoon at 1 Somebody. Probably somebody who's listening right now will win a trip for two to Scandinavia for Pete's sake you fly over there hang out in Norway and Sweden and Finland. You can stop and Iceland if you'd like get a nice stay at a Radisson Hotel International Icelandair will Fly you over to 72811 five and a half minutes to go Melanie and we still have $4,600 to raise here. sing a 10K For the next five minutes, we can make that goal. The main thing is for us to keep reaching his hourly go so that will stay on track for the larger end of the drive goal when the drive-ins over the weekend. So it's especially important for you to call us right now. We don't believe in having built in anytime for procrastinators this time because we only have three days here on midday to pledge and ask you to pledge your support. Hey, we've got 13 people calling one 800-227-2811 right now, they're getting in on the the drawing for the trip to Scandinavia. Maybe they're pledging $10 a month and they're getting the heck of a deal. Thank you gift, which is the Newsweek subscription the Minnesota Public Radio tote bag and the new NPR gray sweatshirt. Whatever the reason 17 people calling right now and we hope you'll join them one 800-227-2811. One of the great things about membership drives is that there is an instinctive feedback and that I'm particularly personally interested to find out how many people were were informed with all the campaign cover. The Herd on this program it. Day after day week after week but do you know what's great opportunity to to find out more about the candidates and I think a lot of people on the on the coverage informative they appreciate your interviews with all those candidates and it probably helped make them be better informed voters. I would guess last Tuesday or as you noted earlier, maybe they decided they weren't out of order at all at one eight hundred two to 72811. Don't be scared off by you're not going to get a busy signal here twenty-four callers on the line right now at one 800-227-2811. We have three minutes to call if you'd like to get signed up right now. Why not take advantage of a heck of a deal the midday heck of a deal because it will go away. They're going to take away all the goodies Heroes. The end of the midday program just 3 minutes from now. So get in here look at the think about this for a second you listen to the program you listen to the radio station. So you want to support it. I think that's that's clear. If you call in a join us at the $10 a month level. We will send out to you year subscription in Newsweek. I Minnesota Public Radio tote bag in a brand new Minnesota Public Radio sweatshirt. The can't be contribution is tax-deductible. Why you can't beat that with a stick all you have to do and of course we enter you in the drawing for 2 to Scandinavia, so The programming on Minnesota Public Radio that you listen to that's the main. Is a heck of a deal one 800-227-2811. You got a lot to talk about action figures around here lately 29 people calling one 800-227-2811. They're calling you're saying yes, I enjoy. Midday. They're saying yes. I enjoy Minnesota Public Radio. They're saying yes, I will support this service and helping keep going strong. Will you do the same thing? Will you call one 800-227-2811 and make your pledge to Minnesota Public Radio. Just a couple minutes left in this hour and we really need to hear from you a little later. We're going to make our goal. We're going to get close, but we're going to need your call at 1 800-227-2811 2 minutes and Counting getting on the heck of a deal get in on the drawing for the trip for two to Scandinavia, or you can't forget programming to Response because we have had such an overwhelming overwhelming response just as first half a day. We've been doing it. You can help answer phones tomorrow when you make your pledge at one 800-227-2811. Just tell the volunteer that tell you can help out tomorrow and they'll be more than happy to take your name and number. 24 people still on the line making their pledges and we have a minute and a half left to go in midday for today still room for you. Call one 800-227-2811 and make your flash those phones ringing. This is a shortened version of our fall membership drive just four days altogether programming on Minnesota Public Radio is supported by The Savvy traveler newsletter Rudy maxa's Guide to the best places to go in the best ways to get their information at one 808-793-1428. That is not the number to call though to make your membership pledge. That number again is one 800-227-2811. What's up tomorrow at mid-day? Well among other things during the 11-hour James Carver. All will be on the air with him tomorrow. Hope you can join us. Thanks for tuning in today. Saturday is the grand finale of our fall membership Drive during A Prairie Home Companion from 5 to 9. Listen to the Steele family Kate McKenzie and Garrison Keillor with all the news from Lake Wobegon that Saturday night here on k n o w FM 91.1 listen to Minnesota Public Radio. We have a sunny sky 37° at Kennedy FM 91.1 Minneapolis. And st. Paul Weather Service is forecasting a partly cloudy sky for the rest of this afternoon fairly brisk winds High approaching 40 degrees cloudy tonight with some flurries overnight low 15 to 20 cloudy tomorrow high in the mid thirties.


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