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MPR’s Gary Eichten talks with Governor-elect Jesse Ventura about his election victory this week, the transition to his administration, and the national attention he's been getting. Program begins with Ventura reflecting on election night. Ventura also answers listener questions.

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Text Greta 6 minutes past 12 programming an MPR is supported by the Strictly Business High Tech Career Fair positioning it Professionals in the high-tech job market, November 11th, 1998 at the Radisson South. Good afternoon, welcome back to mid-day on Minnesota Public Radio. I'm Gary. I can usually we need to write a fairly elaborate introduction to these programs explain what the program is about why you might care to listen and not today joining us today here on midday is the man of the hour of the week, probably the year governor-elect. Jesse Ventura has come by or Studios today to talk about his amazing Victory on Tuesday, and his plans is the next governor of the state of Minnesota now. I know many of you want to participate, so if you have a question or comment for governor elect Jesse Ventura, we invite you to give us a call, but don't call now because the phone bank is already full to 276 thousand is our Twin City area number to 276 thousand. I'll try the Twin Cities one 800-242-2828 and again wait for a few minutes till we get to a few callers, so you don't get frustrated with a busy signal governor elect them to her up. Welcome to mid-day. Thanks. For coming and thanks Gary my pleasure. And I told you about coffee. Are you partially responsible for this, you know missions like this and many others throughout the state of Minnesota that help me get the message out because of course we didn't have the kind of money that the Democrats and the Republicans could have in spend and we had to be very prudent with the money that we did have and we had the time at the end and I thought we did very well at that and in you know hitting about that last 8 to 10 days with a very strong media blitz, which no one had seen, you know, and we were also fortunate that fellow by the name of Bill hillsman came on board with us, if he of course orchestrated Senator wellstone win in 1990, which in a way shock the world, I think a little bit back then too and he's a very talented man. He seems to understand the political Arena and and he understands the candidate well, And what award for the candidate did not he did an outstanding job of you know, when we do we took a lot of laughter maybe over the Jesse Ventura action figure and all that. But if there was one thing I learned in my years of wrestling in its own way that if you hook the kids the parents generally will follow Okay. Now I know you were confident and you you said publicly you you thought you had a real shot to win, but weren't you just a little shocked Tuesday night, like everybody else was yes. I suppose I was somewhat I mean a the night started off at his everything lined up. I mean when I was driving to to Canterbury Park, it was a full moon and when you looked up you could see some kind of it was a clear night, but there was some Mist in the air and there was this and that in my family even said to me some strange things are going to happen the night when we when we drove there we go again appropriately. I think Canterbury Park the hope the place where Longshots occasionally are going to win in the state of Minnesota where the unexpected can happen and it started off I think very much like a horse race tourney General Humphrey came out of the gate fast. I was third the first couple of precincts came in the attorney. General was ahead. Then I thinking about 4% or 3 or 4% I passed the mayor and then it was at 5% that I actually I think I'd like a hundred and forty volt lead over the Attorney General in at that point. I I said well now no matter what I at least let you know. No one can take that from me that here at 5% I actually have the lead and lo and behold the lead kept expanding and expanding and getting bigger bigger and bigger and then has the horse race if I can use that went on then of course the mayor passed the Attorney General about halfway through the race. So I remember at one point it was I think 3038 3131 I think was the percentages at one point where they went into a dead heat and then the mayor passed the attorney general in the mirror made a bit of a run for a while and started to catch me a little bit and I was going out I had addressed the crowd a couple of times a huge Susie Astic route out there. Young people and I went out to address the crowd. I think for the third time we were preparing to go out there. It was closing in on midnight and I all of a sudden just two minutes before we're ready to go out the television cameras showed my name with that check buy it. I had prevent projected the winner be naturally the interruption took place in there. They all went crazy and I was like, you know, this wasn't in front of the regular people. This was back in our intimate setting their the room we were in with close friends family in and close workers and all that and I held my hands up I should wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait wait I said these experts have been wrong all along the poles have been wrong all along. I said, I can't go out there and declare myself. The winter. I said my goodness is 40% of the electorate voted. I said, I'll look like a fool. What if at 80% I lose the lead and them to me. It was in the butt bill hillsman again came up to me very calmly and should Jesse and then All three stations had it up there for three or four even all four of them got enough. I don't Darren discount Channel 9 either. And bill came up to me and said you are the winner and I should be able how can you say that they've been wrong all along? What if they're wrong again? You said they know he said at this point in time if they do that they know so why you know, I kind of walked out again not wanting to seem Overconfident that yes indeed we had one but then is as the night went on and we saw virtually hardly any change go from that point on that they were indeed. Right? And then I'm the governor-elect was there ever any point? When you said to yourself what in the world have I done here? I think that probably happened not in front of the public, but I think it was when my wife and I got to the hotel room and the door shut and all of a sudden I'm being escourted by all of the security. I mean the Minnesota state troopers are around me there. You know, I hadn't and that's unusual for me. I'm the kind of guy usually let you know I come and go as I please. I'm 6-4 250 and you know, nobody usually messes with somebody like me too often unless cuz they know they're going to you know, even if they beat me they're going to take a couple lumps in the process and let you know. I've got all the security around me and I think it was when my wife and I actually got in the hotel room we shut the door and for some reason we had a bottle of Dom Perignon in the basement in the refrigerator at the house when we brought it with and we got inside that door and I popped the cork on it and we poured ourselves each a glass and I think we looked at me and she looked at my wife Terry looked at me and said my God, you're the governor and I looked at her and said and you're the first lady we kissed each other and hugged and and I didn't really go to sleep cuz I I'll actually tell you in all honesty. I got a little tipsy with lack of sleep. I have always been one of enteral act. I've always been one when you open a good bottle of Dom YouPorn it down to down the sink, you know, you finish that baby and so I know we sat up and we've I figured I didn't have to face the Press till 5 and what the heck I can always blame it on being tired. You don't even respond in the paper. They said how laid-back I was that morning obvious from exhaustion and I just let it fly to hear. You got a first there you go, Gary you got a first but now we finished it done the end and I kept watching the TV and I couldn't go to sleep, you know, you can't go to sleep. And for the people out there. You truly don't know what it feels like but you know, there was the second aspect. It was a new ground for me. Cuz when I won mayor it was it was just exciting to in its own way winning the mayor first time and in the city of Brooklyn Park cuz that's your very first election. And in that case I actually looked at my wife that night and said, oh my God now I have to do it, you know and but this time it's it's more it you know that paved the way for me a lot Gary them knowing you know, I have done it before is Mayor and here we've done it again I have heard. Hunt's of theories as to what about Tuesday was all about what's your interpretation of your Victory? What what it what what do you making I'm proud of the fact that Secretary of State John gross said it would be a 53% turnout and I believe we ended up about 63 if I'm not mistaken that makes me feel good because that was one of us. That was our big message on that 70 to our ordeal. It was not only being called the victory tour to me. It was also called to get out to vote to her because I believe strongly in people taking part in the system and I believe very strongly that we need our young people to believe we need to get our young people involved and not to be apathetic and in the message that I got out very strongly the young people came forward and they were counted and they were they were not told voters. They were that silent vote the one the one the election for me and I knew they could that's why if you looked at my Schedule the last two weeks. I made at least I believe five to six appearances at colleges to Rally those College voters in and on my reception at the University of Minnesota homecoming day was unbelievable. You know, I just remarkable and they were so behind me and I thought if I can Inspire these kids to vote, we we truly then have a shot to win this and we did he will not eat. What do you think? The voters were telling you Jesse Ventura to do I think they weren't telling me necessarily to do anything. I think they were more reacting to do with the you know, the fact that they didn't want some sugar coated campaign of of professional politicians telling them what they wanted to hear. You know in my case, I didn't always tell them what they wanted to hear. I kind of I found it kind of funny when when Senator mole made a statement that young people came out for Jesse, but if they really knew what he stood for they wouldn't have did it. All I stood for to the young was saying I told the young people don't be dependent upon government. Stand up for yourself. That was the message. I carry these campuses that you know, don't sit and look to the government to solve your problems being individual go out there and solve them yourself don't look at the government. And and so I I don't think my message was wrong to those young people. I mean you had the Humphrey mole people promising and free college free this free that and I I tried to bring the message to the kids like my son when I give my son something and he's a great kid. He doesn't take care of it. But now that he's working and he buys it all does he take care of it? Why cuz he paid a price and that's the message. I wanted to carry to those young people go out earned it because you'll feel a lot better about yourself in the end. If you know, you earned it rather than someone giving it to you. Let's get some listeners involved here lot of people have questions, by the way, if you're if you're near a computer and you want to email a question into governor-elect Jesse Ventura, the address here would be a lectionary St. Paul Rebecca. Go ahead place by the events of Tuesday. I have a couple questions for you. But first, I just want to tell you I'm a little bout a bit about three of your voters that I know of. We are all around 60. We all have higher education what a PhD and to law degrees. We are people who have worked hard in the Democratic Party by attending caucuses and one of us has has worked a number of years in in a campaign in the dfl. No, we did not vote for you. But I think we are partially responsible for your being elected because for one of the few times in our whole voting live, we had an opportunity to vote for a candidate that we really wanted to because your experience told us that a vote is not wasted even though it's not for one of the two major party candidates. We all voted for the third party having toyed with voting for you. We voted for the greens knowing that you might very well win and that was fine with us. Okay. Well and I'm glad that message got out because you know, that was one of the things that really irritated me during the campaign and especially from the Republican side. They kept trying to hammer home to the public if you vote for Jesse. It's a wasted vote and I kept saying You don't vote for someone to win you vote for someone you believe in and if they win fine if they don't win, it is not a game of a picking a winner. It's not going to the racetrack and trying to pick the lead horse that will win you go there because you vote on ideas and you vote on the person that represents your ideas. And if you fail Vine, that doesn't mean you wasted your vote. It's been pointed out that two-thirds of the people who voted didn't vote for you. How do you get them in the full? Well, I don't think I need to get them in the fold necessarily. I think a strong message was sent out physically on the fiscal and because Mary Coleman and I do not see it that far apart on fiscal issues, you know, we both sit pretty strongly I'm being conservative on on fiscal policies. And if you look at the vote totals, I think there's a mandate there. I think the people spoke very strongly that they feel we are highly overtaxed and highly over-regulated here in the state of Minnesota because if you add up the marinize totals On the physical side, you're looking at a million and a half. If you add up the on the on the more spend Democrat issue of government being more involved in government being the answer to all they only had a half a million and show from the fiscal side. I think that there that that the that the the voting public sent a clear message with Mr. With a mare in myself, you know on the fiscal end of it. Are you still interested in that trigger mechanism, whereby if the state got a certain amount over and above what they were expecting that would automatically be returned. Yes, and we could set that trigger at any level. I mean, it doesn't have to be a bear trigger at the you know, a half a percent over budget. It's flexible. You could set that trigger method to where you always. I mean they've got plenty in reserve now and let you know I haven't totally looked at the budget but there's over a billion dollars over there sitting in reserve for prefer. If there's some economic problem that comes and takes place here and all that but yes, I'll still work for a trigger mechanism because I think there should be it was proven with the last budget surplus that I mean as much as those legislators talk to talk when it comes to walk in the walk and they get that money in their hands. I mean, it's like pry and it's it's like prion their fingers you noted in bending them and putting them in pain to try to get him to release that money back to the Publican. Hey, let's set it on a budget that's where we're supposed to do it and set the budget than the legislature agrees with that budget the governor agrees with that budget if by chance money comes in over that budget, we don't have a right to that type of money because we did not set it in our budgets when we did them. What's your best guess at this point just vent to her can the state of Ford both that that kind of trigger mechanism and a permanent tax cut or you going to have to wait on that, but I don't know yet. I did your prematurely. I've got a guy jealous. I'm still working get my transition team, you know, we're rolling right now and was moving forward but at that point I'm sure the budget is the main thing right now. We've got to submit one. That's budget is priority 1 2 and 3. Everything else will come after the budget the budget is the main focus from here till when we have to submit it to the legislature when they come in session and then I think we have to submit it sometime in February transition team. There's rumors that you've already decided we going to be at leisure agriculture secretary rumors afloat around the state know I cannot because I certainly I have not spoken directly to this person face-to-face or on the phone yet. And I think it would be it would be not very kind to to this person. You know, I think you should hear it from me not over the radio and I'll give you an example when I did the Minnesota Vikings football for that one year 91. I was let go while I learned of my departure via the Press. And I didn't like that at all. I felt the night that I felt that I deserved a little more respect than that and I felt that the people who were letting me go should have had a little bit more respect for me. As a person to have individually called me and told me and instead I learned of it from the from the media and so I feel the same way about the particular individual that I that I have in mind that he he or she should learn it from me. Not not me blurting it out over the Preston and and then learning of it that way. Can you give us an idea of the kind of person you're going to be looking at not just for that job, but for all these jobs, I'm going to look for person obviously in the expertise in the field. Rest assured this person has a very strong Farm background a very strong Farm background. You know, why wouldn't you I mean, I'm not going to tell a farmer on a farm. Do you know what and then what and then when you live in a you when you live within the industry you're certainly going to know just as I wouldn't expect him to be able to tell me how to promote a wrestling match. You know, where are all broadcast one for that matter. You know, it it did it did it comes down to the expertise in the fields that we work in and again is Governor iced will try to surround myself with the very best people. I possibly can with expertise and all the fields that they are required in the and then from there you you manage them and you have to you have to have confidence in them. And you have to add there has to be a mutual loyalty between you know that the two parties loyalty is going to be a very strong thing with me people who are loyal to me and loyal to the state of Minnesota Scott your question for governor. Elect Ventura. First of all, I'd like to say that I did vote for Jesse and I dragged everybody that I could with me. Ulta on the issue of having 60% of the people not vote for him. I think that are actually I feel strongly that if you had dropped either of the other major candidates or the libertarian or the green off the ballots that their voters would have overwhelmingly flock to Jesse is their second choice rather than going to one of the other one but I do have a question. I realize you're going to be pretty busy for a while but as things start to settle down I was wondering who I could contact hopefully set up a meeting with you about some information on property taxes. Well, I would tell you at this point in time. I I couldn't say who directly to set it up with now allow I would tell you this at that allow me to be sworn in you know, that battle happened January 4th. And so for right now, we we have no time to deal with those issues because we have to I'll be going through this transition. That is very big over the next 60 days and then when I get sworn in and then of course, I'll be dealing with the legislature very strongly. They'll be in session and I'm sure that will take up a great deal of my time. I would say that probably is Springtime would be would be the best time at this point in time to 2 to do it. And at that point in time. I'll have your secretaries for everything there is to do I'll have a olive a chief of staff. I'll have I'll probably a number of ways you can get in touch with me. How can be kind of tough to keep your bearings with all the gifts pawning and cording that you can expect as the new governor? Like I don't mean to put Scott in that category, but do you know everybody and then their uncle is want going to want a piece of you now and they're going to want to Sidle up to you and how you going to keep your bearings. Well, I guess it's you sit back now and say G. I didn't realize what a friendly guy was. I had so many friends, you know it cuz you're you do you get for all these friends friends. You don't even know you had become your friends. But well you just how do you know you judge people's character and I am certainly like the night that I I gave my acceptance speech. I told the people Point Blank. Yes, I'll make mistakes. I'm human. That is what I think won. The election for me the fact that I showed the people that I was human and then I told them that I simply made a promise that I'll do the best job that I can possibly do and what can you ask of anyone more than that of them doing the best job? It's no different when I coach my football team, you know, we're playing a great team tonight Blaine and all I can tell my kids is go out on that field play your hearts out leave everything on the field in a Fiat. If you do the best that you can possibly do then winning or losing is irrelevant you walk away with your chin held high and you go on and life goes on and that you know, as far as all these people. Well, you know again you you you no loyalty will be important to me very much and it's not a governor elect. Jesse Ventura is our guests this our next caller is from her coven. I believe it is Jessica Colvin Colvin. You can tell I've been there. Hello, and thank you for knowing the name of the town. I live in right now. I know it very well. I used to have in laws that live there. Okay. And I just wanted to say that there's all these experts out there trying to figure out why we voted for you. My husband and I both voted for you. It wasn't my first time voting. I'm 20 and and but it was the first time I voted for somebody I actually believed then and it was the first time I voted for somebody who won and that just really restored my faith in government. And I think the thing that just made me believe in you so much. Was that your for the People by the people you made you got into that office because of us because we voted for you and now you're not going to go answering to some party or your buddies and study are in the legislature you're going to answer to the people and I just think that's wonderful and I lived on Summit and in one bedroom apartment and your new house has the biggest yard in that area and I never once that Arnie out there enjoying it. I hope you get a chance to I will do my best. I I don't know necessarily if I'm going to give up my Ranch, you know at this time, but I do enjoy that and that's my Ice dream, she raises and trains American Saddlebred horses and gives riding lessons and all that. So the first lady I want her to you know, continue doing that because that's her great love is horses and not attending so I'm not sure what you know, how I'll be between the two places the rest assured. I'll be living in the Mansion because I'm sure they'll be many long hours at the Capitol in the Mansions a heck of a lot closer and believe me when I when my head hits the pillow, I like to do it as quick as I possibly can and not but I do like sleeping in a waterbed. I wonder if they've got a waterbed there and I'll have to check that out because I do enjoy waterbed. That's that's the kind of bad. I like to sleep in all these new air ones are supposed to be good to Gary. What kind do you have? If I don't have one? I just got the old failed fashion mattress. I don't care for them. I like I don't know maybe cuz I'm bigger. I like the bed to Contour to my body a little bit more. People interested and excited. I mean once it gets into a day-to-day routine, you know, hopefully it hopefully they won't have to be excited. Hopefully that will do our jobs in the end. They can go on with their lives doing their jobs. And I mean our unemployment rate is at a record-low right now. Everyone's working here. The economy in Minnesota is better than the economy of the national average right now and hey, I want to just keep Minnesota being a great place. So, you know people right away expect Jesse and some massive changes. There's not going to be massive changes. They'll be they'll be more subtle than they will match. If you can't, you know, it is a 3-prong check and balance system and I and I tried to state that, you know, a lot of the questions you get through out a campaign is what are you going to do about this will people fail to realize? Yes the governor carries an agenda sure, but it's still the legislature. They're the ones that's a representative government your legislature. Spring forward they pass it on their end and when they're done with it, it comes to my desk and then I either sign it or veto it and in so it's a matter of those legislators. You people staying involved with your legislators. Let them know what you want because it altimate Lee comes back to you of keeping that involvement keep their feet to the fire you hire them that's their job that they've accepted to do my running for office and you voting them into that office. So you let them know what you want them to do you let them know and that way we would have done when it comes to my desk if they had like I said during the campaign if I deem it good for Minnesota. I sign it if I deem it bad IV to it and then they certainly have the ability if they think I'm out of line they can override my veto and then I accept that cuz they in and then of course they answer to you, you know the constituency if you don't like them override my veto call him. It works the stadium proved that Gary. What do you think you going to get good cooperation from the Republicans and Democrats at the capitol or do you suspect overtime? They will try to stick it to you. I I I don't know but they they better watch you. They're sticking. I'll just say it. You know, I I fully go there expecting to cooperate. I don't want to fight with anybody if I can help it. I'm not a mean person. I'm not I'm not look I fought all my life and I'm getting a little older know who needs that, you know as you get older, but certainly I'll stand for what I believe in and I'm sure they probably will too and you know, we'll see what kind of marriage comes out of this. You know what I am and I want whether we can avoid the divorce or not, but I'm not but I'm not and I'm not someone who is impossible to deal with I understand that government is based many times upon compromise and I think the other thing I think I learned from being mayor is that no matter what decision you make someone will be unhappy. There is not one decision that can ever be made where you going to find 100% of the people that are going to go boy. I'm glad of that. He'll there's always going to be somebody unhappy and you just you make your decision and you move on. Do you see yourself making your decisions on the basis of your beliefs or on what you think most of the people would want you to do. I believe that it was when I when I became mayor and I went to when I went to Washington on on a lobbying trip to get the finances for Highway 610 that's being built up in Brooklyn Park right now. I had an old time politician come up to be there and he said to me mister mayor you're that young new mayor, aren't you? And I said, yeah. She said can I give you a piece of advice? I should certainly he said always vote like you're not going to seek re-election. And I've always kept that in mind because what that means very simply is then you're not giving up your integrity. If you vote like you're not going to seek re-election. You can. You can then vote your conscience very strongly in the fact that that you're not going to vote. Just trying to get reelected again, and there are some votes that you'll do that may be unpopular to the majority. But if you deem them to be right for the state of Minnesota, then you have to be able to stand up and take that stand and take an unpopular stance and maybe maybe 5 to 10 years from now people come back and see you know what Jessie was right? Look at here. He was right earlier question for governor Lieutenant Uhura. Congratulations Excel. You are a breath of fresh air. I'm having decided not always Call Dennis if it is great. Congratulations. I do I voted for you actually started voting when I was 18 when the Reagan race was on the first time and it was like was Anderson. I vote independent and dependent fiscally conservative like yourself, but socially moderate you ran a great campaign. Advertising was 100% Can't wait to see what you're going to do for us. I mean it I think it's going to be great. I want I don't know you haven't had any real issues brought up. I know it's really early. I'm not trying to pin it on anything. But I do have a question just kind of where you're leaning towards this more than anything else is for informational. What new things are going to be called once when he was on NPR and brought upon of things with transportation and he kind of marble mouth and Mumble mouth about you know, well, you know, let's try and get the same line thing was okay. No public transportation this and that while I've been interested traffic issues Route 15 years and I've been watching with men. I know at that time when Marnie was on there talking about the mpca was Under Fire big timing. Let's abolish mpca and I called and said to know I think we need to borrow some indie and use your question here and we're going to go to some more unless your businesses in the stator. I really am not going to look and give an opinion on Min. Right now, but I'll just tell you a few things that I feel I think we should open up these so-called saying Lanes. I think they're insane Lanes, you know, I mean after time you're stuck in gridlock traffic and you look to your left and there's a lane with nothing happening. I mean, there's nobody on and all the cements there and I'm thinking, you know, couldn't we wouldn't miss alleviate some of the gridlock I'm in if we could be over one lane and be moving and not show to me. I don't believe people I believe some people will carpool and but I think they're a small minority that are going to carpool legitimately do it. I think it's high time. And so many people are cheating. The last time I was in the out there in the same Lane was open. I'm caught in gridlock traffic. I'm looking to my left and I think I counted seven or eight out of 12 cars that were supposed to be carpooling had single people in them driving and breaking the rules. Anyway, you know, so what's the point either, you know, you you going to arrest them, you know, when the government love to put finds on them that brings in more Revenue maybe that's the real reason. They're there, you know to bring in some more government revenue by catching people in them as far as rail goes. You take a lot of criticism over. Well, should we should we have real well government job is in the transportation business. They've they make highways for all of us that on Carswell people pay taxes that don't drive cars. So it doesn't it stand to reason that alternative traffic method should be used. Also. I think if we can afford it I have no problem with mastering traffic. I loved it in Georgia. They've got the MARTA down there. It's phenomenal. I wrote it all the time myself people would look and you know, you get the fan with Jesse The Body what are you doing on this and I go because it's the smartest way to travel from the airport to the CNN Center and I'd go there and back I go all different hours. It was a fantastic system and I'm not going to bankrupt the state to do it. But I at least want people to realize that if we don't look at it, I also worked a lot in Los Angeles go out there spend a couple weeks in LA and drive around with there is no mass transit hardly at all and seven Lanes One Direction and it can take you an hour and a half to go to go 10 miles out there and La they don't tell you like here in Minnesota here in Minnesota. Value. Well, yeah, it's 10 miles. Out there, everything is judged on time. It may only be a mile and a half but they'll tell you well at this hour of the day. You better leave now cuz it's going to take you an hour and that's how they judge in LA and rest assured La can happen in Minnesota 25 years down the line for us, you know where 20 years down the line for so I think we need to take a hard. Look. Let's see what happens with this initial rail if it fails miserably well then that but if it's done right Dallas Texas had a lot of naysayers down there and now even the naysayers are saying it's been phenomenal. I'll use it shoot. I'd love to have it to go down to a Timber Wolf game and not have to bother with that parking. Not only that they Jack it up a buck every year every year that I go down there and started off $2. Now. It's up to five and who knows where it'll be next, you know, you know, you know, so I'd love to have a real type system where you could jump on and go to the games and when you're done you could jump on it and go home and 30. Do I have to worry about parking anymore? Are you got the state state chauffeur driving you around for four years? I do it's that's kind of nice and it's strange though. It'll for a guy like me. Like I know I haven't been in my Porsche since I've been sitting there collecting dust maybe egg. Are you interested for sale? And somebody wants one through the glass email believe I've heard you ask this question and it seems like a reasonable one. I'd like to know what your religious views are as the email her. Well, I'm on my religious views are I'm a Lutheran. Yeah, and I attended terrific little almost Country Church up in the Corcoran Minnesota. I love the minister up there. I'm I've never been real big on organized religion since I was in the military because I and I won't go into great detail on why but I just saw a lot of third world countries living in poverty. All of the religious buildings were reaping with wealth and I always kind of wondered about that. You know why that happens, you know, when and why does it turn into such a business which it does do at times but I'm a member of a small little church. We've got a fantastic Pastor Brielle is his name. I like him because he reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones and I'm a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones. This guy's got a great style. I'll put it to you this way. I've never heard him preach a sermon where I got bored, you know, because he he's a fiery guy who who who who truly loves what he does. And he also when he approached me when we met to know his whenever you go to a new church and are accepted by a new church, the minister always comes to your home and when he came to my home, he spoke with me for about five minutes and he looked me eye-to-eye and he said you're going to come to church when you feel the need to aren't you? And I looked at him and I said yes, and he said that's fine. I can live with that. Lisa your question for a Jesse Ventura Graduation, thank you. One thing I really like about you is you say what's on your mind? Cuz I did the same thing and I didn't trouble now and then for two years I run in the Twin Cities Marathon, the governor's mansion is right at about mile 23. I think my brains not working real. Well then but never once have I seen a governor out there cheering me on and at least you know, what Lycra is. Are you going to be out there cheering us on this year? I will tell you. Absolutely I will tell you this the next Sunday in October. Absolutely unless I'm sick lying in bed. I will be there cheering you on because I'll tell you my brother is a marathon runner. I don't I'm not anywhere in the class of yourself or those other Runners, but I do put one foot in front of the other and can't wait to get back doing it because I haven't been able to for 3 to 4 months and I've gotten fat as Pig in my view, you know, not everyone else's view. But in my view, I'm fat and out of shape right now and I don't have the name the body for nothing. And so I will be happy to be out there to cheer you marathoners on that it you deserve it and then I'll tell you what what I love about Runners you will never run into a runner that is not helpful to another Runner. They are all they are people that truly are unto you know, they know what they go through they sacrifice tremendously to run because it's a sport where it's not Glory you got to go out there day in and day out and run. There is no shortcut to running in and those people that train for Marathon Czar give a ultimate sacrifice of training in which to complete a marathon. They can rest assured that they run by my Governor. I'll probably be out there with the whole squirting them if it's a hot day because I remember I ran the Hopkins raspberry one time and there was nothing better than those people. Air hoses out and when you get hot the old they will spray you with the hoses. Although usually don't have to in October when the Twin City goes cuz it's the weather is usually brisk enough where you don't have to do that. But any running you do in the summer, you always appreciated it when somebody to hold you down, but I ran a lot in the Navy SEAL training, you know when SEAL training you run in combat boots in the sand and usually soaking wet and not try that on for size. Sometimes combat boots aren't exactly Nike or New Balance when it comes time to running running in the sand the farthest I ever ran for all the runners out there. We ever run in the seals at 60 miles from the Amphibious Base in Coronado to Tijuana Mexico and you run that in combat boots in the sand then so that's a pretty hefty Run Sports inevitably of course raises the question of the stadium. You said no public money, but what about to you if you have talked about possibly having slots out of Canterbury Park with signs over them help or car off. Going to push us lots of Canterbury or I won't I won't push anything for a stadium, but I certainly am open up time open-minded enough that if they've somehow they feel they need a new stadium. They can attempt to try to convince me. I will not allow public dollars tax dollars to go for it, but I'm open for different private-sector options of happening. That way I'm not opposed to use your fees and all that as long as the state doesn't have to back the bonds. Let the industry back the bonds. Let him do it like business doesn't I just don't see how you know to me that stadiums only 16 years old Gary do we replace our schools after 16 years? Absolutely. Not a school is still considered new when it's 16 your Champlin Park High School right now is six seven years old. You're telling me the 10 years from now. We are to replace that school. Absolutely not the only way you replace it as if it burn down. You don't it's not going to do that cuz it's far too much cement when they build it. But the point is you've got a 16 year old building there and until they get their labor under some sort of Mike Piazza just sign for 91 million dollars for 7 years if they can afford to pay him like that they can certainly afford to build their own place to play the game lindo's on the line from st. Paul of the question for the governor-elect lamp, please thank you. I was calling because my sister is on Minnesota Kare her family is she lost her job with insurance and the job. She got didn't have it and she has a child with asthma so she really needs it. And I wondered what your position is on maintaining that program. I'm not going to put people out on the streets. I'm not going to let you rest assured that your child with asthma Jesse Ventura has a believe it or not. I'm a softie deep down in within especially with kids and I'm going to do whatever I can you know that I've been on the let me give it to you this way. Been on the board of advisors for Make-A-Wish of Minnesota since almost its Inception and that's what we do there as we grant wishes to very very ill children at times and not so I ate you know, I love kids giving him a good chance and and you know, certainly I want to make sure the kids have their health care out there and that there is there are able to have that Healthcare and when they need to see the doctor they can go do it. Have you heard from Ross Perot who is at least the nominal head of the Reform Party know to expect you. Well, I don't know. I am not you the head of the Reform Party nationally now you suppose I mean, you're the best you're the only person who's ever been elected to an office of this stature. Well, I actually Russell Bernie did place to call congratulating me. I got a message that he had congratulated me and he's the actual head of the party right now. I spoke they're at their National Convention. I would like to clear the air if I can for a moment. I know I'm not going to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party and I'll tell you why one of my major criticisms of the mayor of st. Paul was the fact that he just became mayor for a second term and then you turned around and ran for governor and in hopes of winning which would have left the city of Saint Paul without a mare which would have required a special election and all that now naturally if I were to seek the presidential election, and if I shock the world again, and I'll bet you know what I'll bet you Gary won't say anymore that it's impossible. I never said it was Dog teasing, you know where you get allow as how it was a long shot. Okay, but I but I bet you the shot will be shortened. If I said that because you'll see my goodness. He did it hear could you do it again. No, I will tell you this. I was very critical of the mirror over that attitude of of seeking. I felt he should not have sought the mayoral office if you wanted to be governor and and therefore I've committed to the state of Minnesota for years of my life and I will fulfill that commitment and I have no intention whatsoever of running for president of the United States. Not a personal note. You want to know why You ever look at the presidents when they get elected they come in so young so virile so handsome so full of energy for years later. They look like they've aged wine got me me. Look twenty years older. I mean look at the President Clinton right now isn't are is totally great. I was going to Rings under his eyes and you know, he's he's looking totally stressed out and I and I view hey I is life is too short. I'm 47 years old. I'll be fifty-one when I'm done being governor. And you know, whether I seek a second term as Governor asked me in about three and a half years or whatever. That'll be a no. I'll never seek a third term. I'll go on the record right now with that cuz I believe in self-imposed term limits, you know, I'll impose them on myself. I don't think anyone should serve a day longer than we allow the president to do that. And so I don't want not only that I'll tell you why. There's no way my wife is going to hit all going to allow that to happen. I'll tell you that right now. There's no way she she's she's more rat not opposed but she's more or less. Like what have you gotten us into now, you know on this deal because I mean she's out there getting interviewed. They won't let her train or horses. She's when I left it with People magazine photographing a riding across the pasture on her black horse jet, you know, what all that which you don't mind doing but it's like our phone has not stopped ringing the first day Gary. We are over a hundred phone calls, and I'd like to say for every person calling if they're out there anywhere. I'd love to answer you but it's going to be physically virtually impossible to answer them all and I appreciate the calls. I appreciate that. I walked into my house you love this. I got into my house. I walked in and looked around and said that I died because I look like a funeral. More flowers. I had morphe bouquets of flowers. In fact, one of the national press came in and looked around and said she you must love flowers. They don't look at all the flowers, you know, cuz fortunately we had some help there from dear friends of making it look like they had just arrived putting them in vases. But I mean literally every room in my house must have four to five bouquets of flowers in them that we've had to put them in the barn now the horses of Gotham, you know, what nothing no offense to that but the horses are getting bouquets now in their stalls, you know, there's so much that it showed up so but it it's a great outcry. I mean, I'm feeling of you know how nice it is that people would think enough to send you flowers and when you're not dead National media have they been how are they treated you cuz there been some already nasty jokes made about we caused controversy chart love it. I've been treated better by the national media that I am the local. Explain where all day all through the selection the leather National to I think was Far nicer to me and they were fired by the local Dayton OH. Just remember you local media seals don't get mad. They could even leave that look of all out there and remember this such as hell. This is tongue-in-cheek. I got to do this on the governor-elect. So I've got to talk I got to say okay. I'm joking and kidding. This is fun. We're having a good you know, okay. We're on the record. Now. There's an old saying that says remember this you got to sleep sometime. But you know, you know that play local media has been taken to task for being too soft on you that we didn't we didn't nail you to the Cross during the during the Campbell for what what would you nail me? Go ahead Gary nail Me to the Cross give me something new because we didn't insist on enough specifics. You wouldn't have gotten them. Anyway, you can insist all you want. The point was Alvin. I've been you know, I'm in a unique situation. I haven't made promises. And I won't I said very specifically that you know what he reminds me of Gary what part of no doesn't depress understand when you say no, you know, they they always have to come around then at a different angle. They didn't get to know you. Let's try the back door. Let's try the side door. Let's come in through the chimney, you know, my point was and I thought I stated it very clearly and it wouldn't have mattered what the Press said. I said, I would not make promises any promises that I felt there was any Jeopardy of not being able to keep That's plain and simple. Let's get at least one more collar on here before we run out of time Sue. Thank you very much. I just have a comment Jesse my husband and I were involved in the flood last year in Breckenridge. We lost our home. We lost a vehicle relax most of our belongings and the most disheartening thing was that the vice president of the United States came to Breckenridge Minnesota, but we never saw our own Governor's face. So please don't forget about those of us that don't live in the big city. And if you followed my last 72 hours of the campaign, we went on those RVs and I'll tell you we had more of the small cities as much as we possibly could and I won't forget them and I'll tell you why I can't forget them because my wife comes from Vernon Center Minnesota and a few years ago. I was asked to be the Grand Marshal. Vernon center parade and I went down there and I was the Grand Marshal while I made him take me around twice. Because it was over so quick I said hey, you know you hey, wait a minute. I said I'll let you take that was in a horse-drawn thing. And I said, let's go again. I said I come all the way down to I want my money's worth, you know, but that again. A serious note for a moment. I my wife comes from small town real Minnesota rest assured and most of my family a great majority. My family is gone now, so I'm very much part of her family, you know, even though there are portions of my family left, but but I'm very much a part of her family in and they're not going to let me forget rural Minnesota. I have to go to Thanksgiving. I have to go to these family get-togethers in a fight if I start forgetting about real Minnesota the old the old the old Bill be happy to remind me. Governor Ventura takes office Sin City here in Minnesota prostitution drugs. It's all legal. Is that going to happen talk to the legislature? That's another point that mean when that whole thing came out. What am I going to legalize it? You ask you Gary? How do I do that? Why you could propose it and push it pretty hard. I'm not going to propose that I'm not I never said that again. There was the question Jesse. Are you going to legalize prostitution and drugs? I said absolutely not but again that was conveniently left out of all of those news stories the actual answer to the question. All I stated was that I'm open-minded enough and I have my own beliefs. I believe the War on Drugs is a failure and I'll to say it again because you must fight it from the demand side. You can't fight it from the supply side. We live in a free Society. You can't even keep drugs out of Stillwater State Penitentiary. Those people are Locked up 24 hours a day. How are you? Possibly going to do it out here on a street corner 24 hours a day. You must win it on the demand side. It's like a business. You don't create a business on Supply. You create a business because of demand if you simply make a product thinking that you're going to Market and sell it to everybody and if there's no demand your bankrupt, you know, you can make all the widget you want to make if nobody's buying the widget you're out of business. My view is just we must educate and we must stop it on the demand side, then it'll go away. And again, my mother educated me. She live to Prohibition and prohibiting doesn't mean something disappears. We all have to be clear on that and she told me and I trust my mom. She was head nursing anesthesia and surgery and North Memorial hospital for years and years served in North Africa and the Army in the war of World War II. And she told me the drug war today is no different than the drug war of alcohol when they prohibited Who Rose to power and got wealthy Al Capone in the gangsters did governor elect to Jesse Ventura. Unfortunately, we're out of time. But thank you Gary. My pleasure. Thanks for coming in today and congratulations. Been quite a week. Oh, yeah, then it's going to continue to be quite a week and I just want to make one last comment to everyone out in Minnesota. Rest assured Minnesota's doing just fine. Minnesota will continue to do just fine. It's just that you've got the most exciting governor in the United States of America at the head right now leading our state don't let him don't let him say any of this stuff cuz remember Fargo won Academy Awards governor elect Jesse Ventura joining Center mid day program. Thanks to all of you who been with us. By the way, if you missed part of the program, we're going to be rebroadcast in the program at 9 tonight here in Minnesota Public Radio. So you get a second chance to hear from mr. Ventura 9 tonight. Sarah Meyer is the producer of our midday program and much of the special election coverage that you've heard here on Minnesota Public Radio this year. We've also had lots of help this week from among other Stephanie Curtis Melanie summer, Michael call pangra Randy Johnson. And Steve Griffith. I'm Gary acting again. Thanks for tuning in and we hope you'll be able to join us on Monday for midday. There's no time to waste its Minnesota Public Radio.


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