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A special Talk of Minnesota program, reflecting on the life and times of Rudy Perpich, the former Minnesota governor, who passed away earlier in the afternoon. Program presents reports from the capitol, and commentary from individuals who knew Perpich. MPR’s Gary Eichten also takes comments from listeners. Perpich was the longest serving Governor in the State of Minnesota, being in office for 10 years.

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Welcome to a special talk of Minnesota here on the FM news station. I'm Gary eichten in St. Paul and we're going to spend the next hour taking a look at The Life and Times of Rudy perpich former governor of the state of Minnesota longest-serving governor of the state of Minnesota who died quite unexpectedly this afternoon shortly after noon apparently at his home in Minnetonka. He died of natural causes the specific cause is not been immediately released during this hour. We're going to talk to some people who knew Rudy perpich well, and I think we're also going to be opening the phone lines. We'd like to talk to those of you who are listening get your Reflections on Rudy perpich how he affected you what you thought about him. So we'll be getting to that a little later right now. We're going to go up to the state capitol. We're really perfect really made a name for himself change the state of Minnesota FM news station reporter Mike Mulcahy is standing by the state capital.Jack at the Capitol. I think that's the word for it Gary yet. People just did not expect to have this to happen very much of a shock Rudy perpich was known as a politician who was a good retailer and not such a good wholesaler. In other words. He wasn't good at sound bites. He came off as sort of not to not being altogether when he was quoted on TV and in the radio, but up close with people he really shown and he he always exuded life I think and that's why it one of the reasons why it's so shocking that Rudy perpich is dead and just in the past few minutes Gary Governor Carlson is issued a statement on Rudy perpich saying that the purpose served with distinction as chief executive of the state for 10 years longer than any other Governor, he will be remembered for his remarkable energy creativity and deep personal commitment to moving Minnesota forward. The governor says he brought a unique blend of unconventional and the Innovative to the governor's office and I guess Gary,The side that's to say the least Governor Carlson says the perfect his legacy includes bringing the Mall of America to Minnesota championing open enrollment for Minnesota students and hosting the visit of Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev. When the Gorbachev came to Saint Paul in 1990. And Gary the governor says that Flags will be flown at half-staff in remembrance of Rudy perpich interesting interesting story. Just crossing the wires and all my clothing Bill janklow the South Dakota governor. Of course, you'll recall he had these the perfect janklow Wars the long-running feud janklow saying today that they're the word that the most perfect died hymns has a huge shock and janklow says perfect love people never wished healed anyone and had no false faces. He says with purpose quote what you saw is what you got. I think that's probably true. Although sometimes you weren't quite sure what you were seeing. I think Rudy perpich was known as somebody who alwaysHad a big idea whether it was the Mall of America which people ridiculed him for whether it was even this choice and education which has pretty much swept the country and did so after he proposed it that even his invitation to gorbachov to come to Minnesota was ridiculed and yet perfect had a way of following through and a lot of these things came true. I think in his later years in office the eccentricity wore a little bit thin and people began to grow a little bit tired of Rudy perpich at especially after he did things like a proposing to sell the governor's mansion and I'm moving to an apartment somewhere and and seem to be very thin-skinned about any press criticism of his family and his son in particular and eventually perhaps minnesotans grew a little tired of Rudy perpich, but he still knew how to work the system and he sure could generate headlines even as he did when he sort of played with everybody.Last year about possibly entering the governor's race and then finally deciding after keeping everybody waiting listening to the state's biggest radio station for an hour. Finally announcing that he in fact was not running and Gary. Just remember, I guess one of the low points in Rudy perpich his career. I have a little tape from the day after election day in 1980 and 1990 when the purpose was defeated by Arne Carlson and here's what he had to say then. Are you this morning? I contacted honey Carlson. I congratulate him on his victory and assured him. There will be a smooth transition. And that my staff and administration will support him and help him in any way. I just talked to him at some length and said that I have a very special love from Minnesota and we want to make sure the Minnesota continues to do well and that I'm willing to help him in any way that he sees fit and we have a transition team that we put in place in about a month ago is it But a month ago and I can assure you that would be very smooth transition. And of course the transition was anything but Smooth by Rudy perpich apparently did not to give up being Governor easily. And in fact, I refuse to meet with the Arne Carlson as Arne Carlson prepared to take over as Governor, but that was that was really papa John possibly one of the worst days of his life. I guess the day he he ended his 10 years as governor of Minnesota any word yet on Services. I have not heard anything yet. I assume that this is so sudden that the family is still considering that then when we when we hear it will pass it along. All right. Thank you. Mike will look forward to more information as the day goes along station reporter Mike Mulcahy checking in from the state capitol. Joining a snow is Minnesota Supreme Court associate Justice Sandra gotta bring good afternoon while you work hand-in-glove with Rudy perpich for years and years in a whole variety of different posts, and it was a pleasure to do. So, I feel it quite a sense of personal life today. It's not just a place. I think of a an extraordinary public figure in our state but for me a loss of a very good friend, so it was a it was a wonderful time working with Rudy perpich. Well, it was fun. You know, he was Mike was describing him as a man with big ideas and not just big ideas. But a lot of ideas once said, he was like a popcorn popper. They popped out all the time and some more good than others weren't in the ones that weren't he set aside and went on to the next thing. I knew he was the man who never A problem that he didn't think should be tackled and we had to make things right for minnesotans. We are to make it to make our state of world-class place in every respect in that was what he was about as Governor. So it was it was very enjoyable working for him. I have only the best of memories of that that. My life be a very warm kind man agree with the remarks of Governor janklow. The public figure was not different than the private figure. He was a warm man. I have often described him as a very hospitable person in the sense of his Spirit reached out to you. He wanted to know you he wanted to know about you. He wanted to get a sense of who you were and he had almost Limitless energy to be in contact with people that didn't make Tired didn't wear him out. It seemed to energize him and all of that warm perfect was visible to people publicly was was present that I in in a even a greater sense. If I think it is private relationships longer-term, my guess is that one of the things he's going to be remembered for is the large number of women that he promoted yourself included. What did he take a special interest in this or did he just decide? Well, we need to have some women in government. You don't have often wondered about that. And when I talked to him about it, he always related it back to his experiences on the Iron Range where people were not treated based on their credentials and their qualifications. There were other kinds of things at work. And I think he had a real sense that each person should be valued for their particular characteristics and from his point of view women were just as smart as man and when there was a job that he thought it woman could do he wanted that person in the job he when I was Human Services Commission, or he called me one day and said he met a woman out and Northwestern Southwestern Minnesota and he wanted her to be in charge of mental health issues in Minnesota and by God in about a month. She was there working in the department and he's picked out people he identified people for their creativity and their energy and and then he put The work so that that was a very enjoyable thing about working with them be missed. Thank you so much for a supreme court associate Justice and regard to bring who served four years in the perfect Administration in a wide variety of posts PCA and Human Services. Frankly forgotten them. All eventually course. He appointed her to the ER to the courts. We'd like to I buy the way here from you this afternoon as well. We're talking about Rudy perpich for Minnesota governor who died today at the age of 67 quite unexpectedly, and, you know, you talked touched. A lot of people in this state during the many years. He was governor, and I suspect you may be one of those people would like to hear from you this afternoon to 276 thousand is the Twin City area number if you'd like to share your Reflections on Rudy perpich 2276 thousand or if you're outside the Twin Cities, you can call us toll-free at 1 800 to +422-828-227-6000 or one 800-242-2828 Earl earlier today. We talked with the Senate Majority Leader Rodger mole who served with Rudy perpich in state government. For a long long time when perfect was lieutenant governor when perfect was the governor when perfect was out of office for a little while in perfect came back as Governor Rodger Moler Newport Rudy perpich very very well. And we asked Rodger Moe what he thinks Rudy perpich will be remembered for first generation immigrant family that through nothing but hard work and tenacity becomes the governor of a great States and and has such wonderful stories to be told about him and I'm sure those stories are going to be a big become richer now as time goes along so he's really kind of the the the American dream if I think that a couple of things that he was the mean-spirited politics we find ourselves in today. What was good about what was good about people in about what are in Turkey. He never play The People's fears. He played the people's hopes. And I think that in itself is just a fantastic testimony to a great individual in a second-rate know but no Governor that I've worked with and none that I can recall. I get a better job of calling attention to minnesotans that we are a player in the global economy. We are not some isolated small states sitting up here in the northern part of the country. We are intimate International Players. We have a lot of globally connected businesses and we have to play in that Arena and we have to prepare ourselves to play in that Arena. And so I think are certainly those are things that come to mind is very very difficult time with big ideas. And sometimes you got teased about it a lot. But I mean the mega mall and pack and I haven't peed and one thing after another Like a fountain of ideas. What's your name? At least he had ideas and that's I think great day. Not all of its going to stick but you are going to be able to make some changes by kind of challenging people to think a little bit differently. I mean nowadays, you know, we talked about stepping outside the box or a new paradigm. I really purpose was doing that all the time and as a result to have some of the most Innovative changes particularly the whole notion of open enrollment their post-secondary options things that other states are just now trying to copy we were able to do because of the Rudy perpich courage. And as I said the enthusiasm and a person with such a positive attitude because he was convinced it was good for Minnesota and good for the people of the state the Iron Range, of course, that's where he grew up and he was at heart he seemed to be an iron Ranger right to the right to the end. There's no question about that. The governor former Governor said that Dave is going to run again East molesey. What? I like to be liked and certainly that was one way of doing that but I think in the final analysis, he probably would not have run but he certainly would have served in a player and who would there have been the candidates from 1998 but a question about it. I'm talking about politics in the players and 11th. And we're going to miss him and certainly I know all of us share the sense of loss that the perfect family shares right now Majority Leader Rodger mole flaking on Rudy perpich former Minnesota governor who died today of natural causes at his home in Minnetonka. He was 67 years old as far as we know no specific cause of death has been released yet Rudy perpich show was first name governor in December of 1976 then-governor Wendell Anderson appointed him governor and resigned up Anderson went off to the US Senate purpose became governor in 1978 for picture attempted to get elected governor on his own right he was defeated by Al quie. Purpose came back to Minnesota went to work for Control Data came back to Minnesota in 1982 and was elected governor. He was re-elected in 1986, but then lost his bid for reelection in 1990 losing and loosing to Arne Carlson you'll recall that was the Fairly bizarre 1990 gubernatorial campaign where Jon grunseth was the nominating he had to resign Carlson stepped in and ultimately defeated perfect in 1990 special talk of Minnesota Edition here on the FM news station today reflecting on The Life and Times of Rudy perpich. If you have some thoughts about the late Governor would love to hear from you today to 276 thousand is the Twin City area number if you're calling from outside the Twin Cities one 800-242-2828. He touched a lot of people in the state and if you're one of them would like to hear from you this afternoon. Gene is on the line from Eagan. Good afternoon. Hi Gary, I have a memory from a long time ago about Rudy perpich and I came from a very political family there always a lot of them darn oxen local things going on and Rudy perpich was at our house. Once when I was about 10 or 12 years old in this is 20 some years ago. And what I remember is that of all the politicians who came in and out of our house and he went on to be Governor. There were other Governors who who I met as a child and senators and council members and all sorts of people involved in that area of life. He he stood out to me he was someone who was just so open and kind and giving and on Sunday mornings a lot of people used to stop by your house for coffee and talking about politics. And when do you stop by he came to mass with our family and it was He just was always such a wonderful person and I never met another politician who was as genuine and giving as he was and he was a very special person and I have so much sympathy now for his wife and his children because they're much too young and I know a lot of people on this in like you very much for your call. Never call her from side Lake Minnesota on the line gentleman who grew up right across the street from Rudy perpich Clark at afternoon, and I just wanted to express that to me. Rudy was a giant of a guy. He was a good family man. He was a good Christian and funny thing. I never expressed a reference for him to him. I used to follow him and his family to church every Sunday and I remember him as a just a real tall guy and a beautiful beautiful dark overcoat and I always stayed four five six steps behind him and it was just kind of meat. Is there any idea he was going to become governor? Yeah, you know, why wasn't the governor situation? I knew that he was a go-getter a worker dreamer who who always made things a reality. He's going to be missed the most everybody in the state. Does Dental? Is x u a I didn't even know this lady but I did send her a couple times after he went down to the capital. Thanks for calling sir. Appreciated. Lori's next economy from St.Paul understand that to every perfect help your husband get a job has been who was about 4748. The time had lost his job and look for about a year-and-a-half for a job and couldn't find it anyting and out of frustration wrote the governor about his frustration. CM had two phds. And for some reason couldn't find a job. So sometime went by I didn't build up its really didn't know if anything would become of it or not. But we had gone down one weekend and came home on Sunday and turned our recorder on and there was a message from Governor perfect saying if he could help please contact him and although they never Contact we were both really taken by that that first of all a politician even write a letter and took the time to call my husband eventually did find a job, but we were again really impressed. And on the Sunday. He took the time to call us reminds me of the stories know if you recall the IDS, but when he was first elected his first time around and he at the time there was a big dispute over the power line that run ran across central Minnesota disappear. He just disappeared and apparently reporters couldn't find him. Nobody knew where he was and apparently what he do it get in the car and head out to Central Minnesota to to find out what people thought about this Powerline interesting. Well, we need more people like him. Well Stones kind of like that. We have him. I'm really saddened by the news. Thank you. I understand. Joseph Mars is on the line. Is that right? Jory weather's high. How are you formal recognition of jobs and training new Rudy perpich for a long long time. From the Iron Range tell us about him. I think probably one of the most Visionary people that I've ever met he had a Dealing with the states. It was just a special connection that he had with people and he had a a real belief that he could make a difference and I think he did. quite a shock other people get to I mean, I've never hit you know, he's the guy I work 20 hours a day. I mean, he never stopped and he always seemed to be in very good health. I was very very surprised and saddened He never he never lost the range in him. Did he he was always an iron Ranger. I don't think any of us a different area love politics love the battles. And then you feel like a piece of the ground up there. What would you I know it's tough. He did he did so much. He had so many big ideas. But if you had to pick one, what what what do you think was his major contribution in terms of changes that he brought to, Minnesota? Yeah, that's hard. That's really hard to the pick one. But I I would think that. If you boil it all down, I think his actual. total belief an education and I've got a somebody beeping on my line, but that belief in education whether it's was really putting this this welfare reform proposal together to strive to get kids involved. What was the support of Head Start programs in the schools in the choice programs and you know his whole love of education and knowing that that would be the only that's the only way For all minnesotans are all Americans for that matter to improve their lives to have an education and I think that was his real total. I think I really shining thing that he did good talking with you who is a farmer or Commissioner of jobs and training in the perfect Administration. This is a special talk of Minnesota discussing The Life and Times of repurposed who died today apparently shortly after noon. He was 67 years old died of natural causes at his home in Minnetonka perfect serve longer than anybody else is the governor of Minnesota three separate terms reminder. The Minnesota Public Radio news is supported in part by the generous Financial contributions from members of Minnesota public. Radio's leadership Circle. Rudy perpich find a lot of good people to office overtime including Peter Popovich who appointed to the state court of appeal So eventually Peter Popovich became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and he joins us now morning, sir, or good afternoon. I guess it is Rudy perpich show you were close to him for a long time. When he first got elected to the school board attorney for the school boards Association, then later became a state senator and wings La Mina map of the school people and then as lieutenant governor and later as Governor so are pads of cross many many times over the years. We were talking to Joe Samardzija a few minutes ago. And I know it's difficult to pick one thing out because repurpose did so much at so many ideas. But if you had to pick one thing that you think love will distinguish Rudy perpich, you know 50 years from now, what would it be? What was his major contribution in your mind? Well, he was a person would like to challenge and like to meet that challenge for the betterment of the people of the state. And in later years is your he began even think on an international basis that international trade was also going to play an important part, but he was a Visionary way ahead of his time on education matters. There are things that competition and education open enrollment being able to get college credit while you were still in high school for courses, all of that is there but he wasn't just a single minded person. He was brought her in his Outlook and he was because of his background in northeastern Minnesota is it Background then hard work in the underground mines and what-have-you jobs and Financial Security and full employment. Those were things that were important to him and to the state as well and they did much in that particular area to thank you so much for calling serve. We really appreciate it. Former Chief Justice of the state supreme court one of Rudy perpich has many appointees. I repurpose. She was well-known actually for the quality of his government appointments some real shining lights over the years. Special talk of Minnesota on The Life and Times of Rudy perpich as we remember the late governor and I we have a number of callers on the line. If you have some special Recollections, really perfectly invite you to join the callers on the line to 276 thousand is the Twin City area number or outside the Twin Cities one 800-242-2828 number of our lines are busy. So you might want to wait a couple of minutes, but we would like to hear from you today. Mike understand you're on your way up North and the great politician in a much better looking in the visual. And you don't know how good it is for you to be here. I said the last time a governor came to visit the middle Walker then he brought two thousand soldiers. I enjoyed my visit Cuesta. Thank you very much for calling is on the line that Mr. Banaszak should be a name you recognize he was a speaker of the house when Rudy perpich was governor of served in the legislature for years and years. Good afternoon Rudy perpich. You had some some classic battles with Rudy, but also passing very significant legislation while he was the governor. Yes, really nice. I'm still a lot of time together not only the years in which I was speaker and and he was governor, but I remember when I first got elected to the legislature, but he was lieutenant governor back in the early seventies and I remember going around the state with him during the the bicentennial and 76, you know, he went to virtually every small town in the state. And the thing that I was really impressed and never forgot about them is how well he connected with average people. We went to places like near strand in Heidelberg police enter and his enthusiasm and his ability just to connect with the with the average citizen the it was there and it was genuine and I think it really contributed to his success and politics all through the years that the he did held office. Terms of His official accomplishments. Could you pick out one? I would say his efforts and education education reform. He was a strong supporter of both sub Elementary secondary and post-secondary education and he wasn't afraid to put the put money where his where his beliefs was he was willing to invest in education because he truly believed in it. He was a product of Minnesota's education system and and he constantly talked about it. He was also great Ambassador for the state of Minnesota not just within the state, but he was willing to take the political risks and traveling the world literally to promote Minnesota and Minnesota's products. Why do you suppose people picked on him so much? I think it was in part because he was genuine you knew that. You know, people saw his is good ideas as many ideas not only the good ones but they also saw that with the ones that that might not have been so good. But but people forgave him a lot of faults, they would not forgive other politicians because they knew they were seeing him getting the genuine thing and he was not a blow-dried politician never tried to be and and I think one of things that happened over the years of snow finally people did get get tired of him and I think that happens to anybody was does hold office for a long time, especially as visible as office as the one is governor. Thanks, Bob. Appreciate your calling Baba nashik former speaker of the Minnesota house and D flr who have served with Rudy perpich in state government for a long long time. Michael is on the line understand that your your dealings with Rudy perpich had to do with a polka band or something and I was in this kind of hat klezmer circus band. You're playing at some function at I think it's a Czechoslovakian Hall and the governor showed up and kind of unannounced and he was out on the Dance Floor. Just scratching away two are kind of bad music having the time of his life and the biggest image Ira members can walk around with a giant plate of this huge shemale steaming plate of ethnic food. Just smiling and he had this assistant with him with a Polaroid camera. He took pictures of almost everyone there with him and then everyone in the band cuz he just thought we were so horrendous who couldn't believe how bad we were to this day. I still have them up on my bulletin board. With my little snow down my wife with her trombone and repurchased purpose in the middle. Just smiling away. So that's the image of I have of him. Thanks for calling her. Former attorney-general learn Spanish joining us now spend a lot of time and state government together right office had been a state senator prior to that but we both got elected to you like a lieutenant governor and today in November of 1970 the same day. I was elected as attorney general we served on the board together and of course when he became governor in the late 1976 we serve for 2 more years as governor and Attorney General. Of course, it had we had the the experience in 1982 when we were polipos each other. What was that? Like, are you really endorse Canada? Right and a perfect came back here. You've been working for Control Data and challenged you in the primary and defeated you. Were you surprised you did that to a certain extent I was because I had talked to him sometime earlier a couple years earlier and he he did not give me any indication of that. But apparently he he obviously he like being in government that I never resented that I figure that everybody has an opportunity as he is able to run whenever they choose to do so and and to his credits and he ran a good Clean Campaign. And after I Was Defeated I supported him for election the general election and you know, we remain friends through the years. I haven't seen him recently but we've we remain friends for the years and I'm certainly saddened by what happened. I I said he was one of the three Dynamic person and he loves the state of Minnesota any work tired and I think he was especially concerned about the working people in the state of you always talked about jobs. And I and I and a healthy economy in there and always admired him for that. Thank you, sir. Good talking with you former State Attorney General Warren Spanish who has noted that actually ran against Rudy perpich for the dfl gubernatorial nomination in 1982 in Spanish have the endorsement but they already perfect challenge them in the primary and defeated him and ultimately was re-elected Governor after being defeated by Al quie and 1978 at so if it's all twisted story because he was perfect was around for so long in and out of government holding so many so many jobs Bill Kennedy you knew Rudy perpich about as well as anybody public defender are political commentator dfl political commentator for years longtime listeners are well familiar with you. Tell us about that about Rudy. What do you think of distinguished him? Why did he become so successfully started with the while he started with nothing up on the Range. I think he was a Driven Man driven to help people who couldn't help themselves that we came from very poor background hard-working family. He did not want to be captured by special interests of public life and he fought very hard and successfully to avoid then talked about what he would like to do. And I was amazed at how far-reaching. thoughts and ideas worth visiting tremendous you would be derived a lot of his strength that only for visitor. The media was pretty tough on him. Well, I guess I'll be at more points than that. He was very unfair. He didn't like those unfair attack. 7-Eleven call your Governor Goofy for some of his ideas will look at his ideas now. Mega Ball, the garbage have family. I think what really hurt him later years was his proposal to have an international center for torture victims. sublimated How many how do you end up with all these ideas? I mean, obviously he's a smart guy but it was was it just raw intelligence army with a red all the time. cake ideas around with people Add Reaper peaches. remarkably with me we're going to miss him or what you'll be Mighty pissed. We don't have politicians much like him anymore and I will tell it is it is the better with the of Christ. Bellatrix Lestrange. Gary light of the falls Thanks, Bill. Hennepin County public defender a Bill Kennedy. You close personal friend as you heard of really perfect special talk of Minnesota here on the FM news station as we reflect on The Life and Times of really perfect spell a governor who died today shortly after noon of natural causes and he was at his home in Minnetonka little unclear. Exactly. I don't think an official announcement has been made yet as to the actual cause of death nor do I think his I don't think anything has been said yet about any kind of services and will pass that information along to you as soon as it becomes available. If you would like to share your thoughts, so on Rudy perpich, give us a call to 276 thousand in the Twin Cities to 276 thousand. If you're calling from outside the Twin Cities, you can reach us toll-free at 1 800 to +422-828-227-6001. 800-242-2828. That's good outside the Twin Cities. Love to hear from somebody from some more of you from the Iron Range. Rudy's old stomping grounds. If you're in Hibbing, for example, Rudy's Hometown, give us a call next caller is. Deborah I guess you're next. Being honored and I was very young and very awkward and pretty much ignore. That's why I was even there during the meal very very loudly against another woman's and I filled her water while I was completely completely mortified. and later what all the adults were busy discussing important state matters, he came over in and sat beside me and pretty much just told me that who I was didn't hand John distilled water or the dinner, but I remember him saying who I was inside and and where I came from and and what I made of myself and why did for others Oh, no, that was just fine. But just then someone came over and called him Governor. I just don't pass out because I didn't even know what I've been talking to because of that. I guess his words stayed with me. I'd say they made a large positive impact on my life and partially because of what he said, but partially because I took the time to say it to me just a little girl who was awkward text or call. Fred Zimmerman's on the line by Fred engineering Manufacturing Systems engineering you cross paths with Rudy perfect overtime felt that he understood as much as any public official the connections between vibrant industry in the social fabric of the country. If you really seem to care about workers care about the families that were benefiting from somebody being employed and I think that's the sort of a concern that we will miss it still needed. so I'll always remember him from that you kind of went on one basis say you could tell that he felt these concerns very deeply and so he was a fun person to be with on an individual basis and I felt that he was quite sincere even though I thought he probably didn't always have the best staff follow up on everything and he probably could have benefited from A little better staff work on things like the 3M matters and other things that face the state but overall I think you'll probably spend less time in purgatory than most politicians maybe less time than most of us who work at universities all these ideas when you were talking and reminded me one of the many many things he used to get teased about which he kind of added to our lexicon jobs jobs jobs say in line ahead of him or behind him. I guess getting his own license plate and then they agreed to play bocce ball to get it. So he took this guy a young kid didn't buy a bunch of all of it and let me know she was a very approachable person. I'm not sure he always appeared that could be that way in public, you know, but I think it was nice red. Okay, Gary. He is on the line. Now. You're having a governor Rudy perpich. He got a pretty wide swath. Now you have the unique perspective of course of having served in the same office Medevac. You beat Rudy perpich for the in the 1978 election. What would you say was his major achievement as governor? Well, probably different people have different views about that, but I can tell you what mine is and that is his stalwart support of choice and education their young people today. They can be thankful to him because they're able to choose a skoolie want to go to and it's going to have a long time in the future impact on education as well. Why do you suppose I mean, it's difficult to get to Lily was elected twice and then he served a couple of extra years to that's not easy at all. The journey Carlson will have those two four-year terms but Rudy purpose as the other two years with you be ahead of everybody else for a long time. I think I found him such an attractive candidate who was a brilliant person but even more so in the core of his being was a deep concern for the state of Minnesota and whether one disagree politically or not that came through Well, thank you Governor former Minnesota Oakley who was elected governor in 1978 defeating ready for a pitch in 1978. We have a number callers on the line a few minutes left. If you'd like to share your thoughts on the former Governor. Give us a call the late Governor Rudy perpich to 276 thousand or one 800-242-2828 special talk of Minnesota. As we remember Rudy perpich. Helen is on the line now for st. Louis Park. I just wanted to talk about a memory. I met Governor purpose. He was making a commercial down at Lake Harriet for a fishing opener and I went up and talked, he was very friendly and it was about a year after my dad had passed away and my dad grew up in Virginia. And so I asked him if he knew him and he said oh, yeah, he was a really great man and shortly after that. He sent me a letter just talking about my father and it just really meant a lot to me and it is a very sad day. Thank you. Thank you for calling. Next caller is from Red Wing George understand you ran into Rudy perpich and Athens Greece. Celebrating our 25th anniversary on a trooper with a trip around the world and we've been gone for a few weeks and ask for hamburger. So we went to the Hilton Hotel and as we were going down the hall of the dining room. From Mom because he was between terms at that time and I recognize when I said that you must be from, Minnesota. And insisted on buying lunch and during lunch I said to him that I certainly hope he come back to Minnesota because I'll key was killing us some and I said no way was she getting back in politics? But you did come back and and we supported him and and what if he ran again, he was a guy. and I thought was kind of interesting we run into it happens and soon as we spoke to him. He said hi guy. Thank you very much. We live a caller on the line now from Rudy's Hometown Ron. How are you actually knew him from the time. I was in elementary school from Hibbing and my dad was his campaign manager when he got elected lieutenant. Governor. 1972 And so when I heard the news it kind of brought the memories of my elementary school days of the hardcore GIF spell politician back to mind as we walked all over the state that's door-knocking and things like that campaign. Why did you put that much time in with Rudy perpich? What did you find appealing about him as a politician because my dad told me to do something that was important to do. I think now that I'm grown up and I look back on it. I think the important thing that characterize Rudy was that what he thought was best for the people Minnesota, especially the working people in spite of what people were going to say about him. It wasn't important. I don't think to him what his image was for most of the most important how his actions affected the people in the state. I mean, I remember hours and hours of political discussions happening in our kitchen my kitchen at home and Hibbing taconite taxes and education then and then let the pretty Lasting Impression and he used to get criticized as you know by people down here that he favored the range too much you think that was a valid criticism I don't think so. I think that that's as important than area of the state has been as we have Metro areas now and I think that whatever the ups and downs of the Minnesota economy are that that wasn't a very important part of Minnesota economically as well as politically because of that map. Ranger through and through thank you so much for calling call her from Hibbing Rudy perpich his hometown where Rudy perpich. Well, he he was the son of an immigrant Croatian minor didn't speak English until I enter the first grade. And I got teased a lot about that over the years because of his speaking style. But he grew up to be a big-time politician. He was a state senator. He was a lieutenant governor under Wendell Anderson. When will Anderson went off to the US Senate he was appointed Governor. He ran for governor in 1978 Was Defeated went to work for Control Data came back was elected governor in 1982. And then again in 1986 and 1990 Arne Carlson defeated him and Rudy perpich has been out of office since we're going to have much much more on Rudy perpich Recollections and the rest the rest of this afternoon and all things considered special programming tomorrow as well. For example of a mid-morning tomorrow. Betty Wilson will be in and she is so she covered Rudy perpich four years of the state capital has some wonderful stories. So we invite you to stay to Are the FM news station Hazard coverage of the late great Rudy perpich former governor of the state of Minnesota continues All Things Considered coming along next to Perry finale. Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Gary. Thank you so much and you are right. We will have complete continuous coverage on the death of former Governor Rudy perpich coming up here and all things considered.


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