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MPR presents a special program in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Program presents a collection of various MLK Day speeches including Paul Wellstone, Sharon Sayles Belton, and Joe Kingman on behalf of Arne Carlson, at Concordia College. Also included is a Harry Belafonte speech at the MLK Holiday Breakfast, an interview with Yusef Mgeni, and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s "I Have a Dream" speech.

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Welcome back to mid-day on the FM news station. I'm Gerry Ellington out today. Of course is Martin Luther King jr. Day of day to remember America's pre-eminent civil rights leader of the 20th century was born 66 years ago on January 15th 1929. He was assassinated 27 years ago April 4th 1968 special Martin Luther King Day program is underway at Concordia College in St. Paul today with Juan Williams delivering the keynote address for going to be broadcasting his comments live just as soon as mr. Williams is ready to speed things are running a little bit behind in the meanwhile. Let's hear from Minnesota. Senator Paul wellstone. We spoke at that rally just a few minutes ago.Thank you very much. Thank you. It isn't it is my honor. as United States senator from Minnesota to speak on this important day and I too will be brief. to the students Let me just say one thing to you. When I was a student at the University of North Carolina. I was lucky enough. To be a part of the Civil Rights Movement. And I consider that to be the proudest part of my life, but I don't want to look back. We can't just look back. I want to say today here. at this Gathering that we can do much better. In the United States of America now that I'm older. I understand. What dr. King stood for. I have three children to grandchildren and when those grandchildren were born and I saw those new infants. I knew what he stood for. I knew what the Beloved Community was. The Beloved Community is whenever infant regardless of color of skin or income of family or where born will have the same opportunity to be all that he or she can be that is the Beloved Community. That is what we believe in that is what we struggle for. That is what we speak for 34 week, March 4th, and we're not yet there in America. every 5 Seconds a child drops out of school in the United States of America. That's not our Beloved Community. Every 30 seconds a child is born into poverty in the United States of America that is not our Beloved Community. Every two minutes a child is born to a woman who had no prenatal care. We can do better than that every 5 minutes a child is arrested drug-related arrest every 7 minutes a child is arrested alcohol-related arrest every 2 hours and our country a country. We love a child is murdered and every 4 hours in the United States of America a child takes his or her life we can do much better than that in the United States of America. That is why we are here today. That is why we honor dr. Martin Luther King jr. I come from the state that had a great Senator Hubert Humphrey. And I'll leave you with these words 17 years ago. Our Senator Humphrey said the test of a government and the test of us Society is the way we treat people in the dawn of Life the very young the way we treat people in the Twilight of their lives the very old and the way we treat people in the shadow of their lives those that are struggling with an illness or a disability or those that are Rapport. We are turning away from that prophetic Vision in the United States of America. Today. We are about to turn that clock back and I stay here I shout it from the Mountaintop if we want to reduce the deficit and we should let's reduce the deficit by cutting subsidies for Oil Company. Not Child Nutrition program, not Healthcare education. That is today the fight for what we believe in. I Leave You I Leave You I'll leave you with these words the words of Rabbi Hillel. I am the son of a Jewish immigrant from Russia, Rabbi Hillel said The Jewish people but this is for all of us if we don't speak for ourselves, who will the voice has to come from our community? We are our own leaders. We speak for ourselves. We stand for ourselves and Rabbi Hillel said, but if we speak only for ourselves, who are we this isn't a struggle just for Black Ops, this is for Black Ops. This is for white has this is for Native American us. This is for Southeast Asian us. This is for old us. This is for young. This is for saint paul-minneapolis for all of us in the United States of America. and Rabbi Hillel said and Rabbi Hill said if not now when thank you for inviting me to speak here with you today. Thank you everybody. Minnesota senator Paul wellstone speaking at the Martin Luther King Day program underway at Concordia College in St. Paul. He spoke a few minutes ago. We're still standing by now for the keynote speech at that ceremony Juan Williams Washington Post writer. The author of eyes on the prize America's civil rights years 1954 to 1965 is delivering the keynote. And as soon as he's ready to go will be going wife that event at Concordia College. Meanwhile Entertainer Harry Belafonte was the featured speaker at the annual. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Holiday breakfast at the Minneapolis Hilton this morning. Belafonte told the group about one of his meetings with the Reverend King when they work together in the Civil Rights Movement back in the 60s. Here's an excerpt from his last time I saw Martin was in my own in New York We met there frequently. Sometimes just socially most of the time and was to bring together for quietly work behind-the-scenes strategizing. I'm on this particular night. loopnet We hammered out our gender for 7 hours what to do with the Poor People's campaign and strict the Memphis. and how to deal with White House in the federal forces the end of what we thought it was a rather productive and the magic the Gathering. Quite silent and appear to be very troubled. What are the little glass of Bristol Cream Sherry it was drinking like he was not a drinking man. That's very sweet and soothing. We got the bottle just for him. I used to Market. to make sure that those thieving hands with every touch. Is preferred beverage? It wasn't that important. I said, I'm in trouble. Bernard Lee my wife. The ticket myself five of us because she was office times open. I said What you talkin about? He says I'm coming up on something that I don't know quite how to deal with. So we fought long and hard for integration. I get rid of these unjust laws, and I'm sure we will be successful. Light em up on something that truly truly found it disturbs me. It's right after he wrestled with me I but the death of John Kennedy. he said Is a question to be able to win the struggle? I'm afraid that the hats we may be integrating into a burning house. Because I'm not too sure about where the soul of this nation is going. It's too much violence is too much cruelty, and it is not enough to drive the Evil Underground. Alarm to get rid of it altogether and if it's buried in the soul of this nation, I don't know that I have the strength for the wisdom to reach that soul. But I tell you. It's too late to turn back now. They're going to have to go for it. We thought the best doctor King might have been overstating in the mood in America that time was positive. The Great Society so many programs with suggested that America would be a better place and the next 10 15 20 years. Sault evening took it easy. We went on with it. And then the brewed Awakening came when? He was murdered. We have to take a look at the soul of America. Bobby Kennedy was murdered. We had to take a look at the soul of America. Now today I hear about. The contract with America and I have to once again take a look at the soul. the station because of those were written up in the name of Christianity says they're doing the work of God Jesus in the Bible. fact the Krampus I will not be convinced. The by blaming the lame the boy of the week the underclass for the ills of this nation that we are going to make this a better place. Harry Belafonte speaking up to the Doctor Martin Luther King jr. Holiday breakfast this morning at the Minneapolis Hilton. One of the special ceremony is being held today to Mark Martin Luther King jr. Day around the combination. As I said earlier. We are standing by the big event is under way right now to Concordia College auditorium in st. Paul. I heard earlier from Minnesota. Senator Paul wellstone. They're going to Rafters speakers the keynote speaker. Juan Williams still a couple of minutes away apparently from the stage things are running a little late. As soon as we get to mr. Williams is ready to speak will be going live to that event, but that we thought we could bring you yet another some comments from another person who spoke little earlier this morning Minneapolis, mayor Sharon sayles Belton, of course last year made history when she was sworn in as so the first black in the first woman to serve as mayor of the City of Minneapolis hear Sharon say, Melton good morning. It's my pleasure to be with you. I have to tell you that when I first got the message a couple of weeks ago that the March was moving away from the state capitol and the cathedral and it was moving to Central High School and Concordia. I asked myself why. And I hope that it wasn't because there was a movement to move this March and the message of this March away from where policymakers make decisions about our lives. Because we have to make sure that they understand the kinds of decisions that need to be made. But when I heard Lester this afternoon or this morning tell me that the message really wasn't tell you that this was an attempt to bring this movement much closer to the people and draw politicians in our Mist. I thought well, that sounds good, too. But as we have them in our mist and I'm one of them we need to as a community make sure that they hear the messages of violence and messages of Injustice and inequality that still exist in our community and that they might be propelled by hearing those messages to take that message back to the halls of the legislature the city council's of school boards and make change in our community so that we can put replace violence with peace and Justice with Justice and inequality with equality. That's what we need them to do for us. Every year I come to the Martin Luther King celebrations and I bring my family all of them and they're here. Right here in the front. So we hear noise up here at them. And I bring them here because I think that the holiday celebration is an opportunity in an obligation for the adults in this community to pass on the history in the richness of this celebration to our children so that they can carry on this Legacy. If we do not do that then I'm sorry, but the marketeers will turn this important and significant holiday into something that we would all be ashamed of and we cannot let that happen. As I have participated in a variety of King celebration activities or over this past weekend. There is a reoccurring theme that I've heard consistently and that's the people are asking all of us who are participating to be called to action and I have to underscore that message Henry Belafonte this morning said wake up. Wake up America wake up. This is an opportunity for us to really make true those commitments of dr. Martin Luther King. He reminded us that we are losing ground in spite of the fact that we have much to celebrate every year. We are still losing ground. He reminded us that there is a voice somewhere out there in the wilderness somewhere over there on the East Coast that's not necessarily advocating a position of generosity. I'm compassion. These are the traditions of our country. These are the traditions of our democracy. This is the legacy of dr. Martin Luther King and we want that voice. If we want that voice of Separation if we want that voice. That suggests that one of us is better than the other. We want that voice that suggests that the poor and the downtrodden are responsible for their own positions. We want that voice to Prevail. Let us not act tomorrow. Let us not act tomorrow and that voice will prevail in this country that is not the spirit of minnesotans and I don't believe very honestly that it is a spirit of this nation, but that voice will prevail unless we stand up and take this call to action. I'd like to see all of us. I would like to see all of us starting tomorrow go into our places of work be they are school buildings are nonprofit organizations are political Halls go there with a focus. focused focused commitment to address violence unemployment Those issues housing those issues that are the core of anybody's ability to be self-sufficient. I want to take this special opportunity. If I could to tell the Twin Cities Community the Twin Cities community that we have an opportunity. We have an opportunity that was just given to us 2 days ago by Housing and Urban Development. They said to the City of Minneapolis. I will give you a hundred million dollars if you will address the problems and issues that you have faced in your twenties Twin Cities Community around Housing opportunities around the fact that you have concentrated pockets of poverty in Minneapolis. And st. Paul and you haven't given people an opportunity to have freedom of choice and housing. I want to ask people on this day to help me the mayor of the City of Minneapolis help them the Met Council of the state of Minnesota and all of our Suburban Mayors around this metropolitan area and all their HRA. Is there Housing and Redevelopment Authority open up the door of opportunity for people across this community to live wherever they want to if we do that If we do that in 1995 Martin Luther King, Jr. Will look down upon this Twin Cities community and say a job. Well done. And what are you going to do for me next year? Thank you all for being here. Minneapolis mayor Sharon sayles Belton speaking a little bit earlier today at a special ceremony underway at Concordia College in St. Paul a special Martin Luther King Day program underway at Concordia College in St. Paul is the mayor of indicated or historically what's happened. There was always a rally up the state capital and then people would March down to the Civic Center and they would have the official state celebration after at the state capitol in at the Civic Center a change this year though. First of all, there was a a little rally at the Saint Paul Central High School and the march to Emporia College nearby Concordia College in St. Paul wear number of speakers have been been addressing the crowd today. We've got a number of musical groups Awards of one sort or another to active community members. The keynote speaker is Juan Williams who is a national correspondent for the Washington Post covering political and social issues. He's also written for Other Publications beard on several TV programs Equis written some TV documentaries, but the one Williams is probably best known as the author of the 1987 best seller eyes on the prize America's civil rights years 1954 to 1965. He was scheduled to start speaking the old half hour anyway, but just go but things have things have been delayed just a little bit. We're going to be broadcasting his comments live just as soon as soon as he's ready to begin Meanwhile. We're going to summarizing some of the other activities that occurred at the Concordia College ceremony earlier today. We've heard from Minnesota. Senator Paul wellstone Minneapolis mayor was also another ceremony over at the Hilton this morning the breakfast Martin Luther King Day breakfast in annual event and Harry Belafonte was the was the key speaker at that. He had a chance to hear a few excerpts. This marks, but we're standing by right now waiting to go off to wear Concordia College for the keynote address today by Juan Williams would like to remind you while we have just a couple of minutes here that the weather service has posted a winter storm watch for much of Western Minnesota for later tonight. And tomorrow today is a fairly benign really like freezing rain some light snow in parts of Minnesota, but basically a fairly normal day brisk winds with the high temperatures mid-twenties in the North to the mid-30s in the Southeast tonight though a good dose of winter weather arrives with the snow likely over Western and Northern Minnesota to pack some heavy snow is forecast for the western part of the state late tonight with the freezing rain like freezing rain forecast for the Eastern parts of the State Overnight lowest tonight are expected to range from the upper teens and Northwestern Minnesota to the upper twenties in the Southeastern corner of the state. Morrow good chance for snow all across Minnesota. In fact heavy snow is possible in Western and Northern Minnesota with some freezing rain possible in the parts of the Eastern Minnesota. We can look for high temperatures tomorrow to range from 20° in northern Minnesota and the twenties in Western Minnesota to the low 30s in Southeastern, Minnesota Twin Cities cloudy and windy through the afternoon with a high around 35 windy tonight chance for some light freezing rain, maybe some light snow later tonight with an overnight low of 30 and then tomorrow good chance for rain or ends. First of all start with freezing rain changing over to snow very good chance for snow tomorrow in the Twin Cities 70% as a matter of fact with high temperature in the low 30s. This is midday coming to you on the FM news station on this Martin Luther King Day program. And we're standing by for live coverage of a keynote address by one Williams who is featured speaker scheduled to be the featured speaker at the special Martin Luther King Day program at Concordia College in St. Paul horse. There are activities all across the country on this Martin Luther King Day President Clinton is in Denver for a speech to Mark the occasion. That's the primary address that he will be giving in Denver, Colorado though. He also flies to California then tonight for another Martin Luther King Day address, and he supposed to speak at the Inn in Los Angeles. We're going as we say we're standing by waiting for A-1 Williams to address the crowd at Concordia College in the meanwhile. Let's join the program underway at least some children at this point are holding center stage with some poems and songs and the Restless go off live to the Concordia College program get a better feeling for what what's happening over there. I want to graciously thank both of those young men for their courage and spirit. That's exactly what we are about they need to get more opportunities to do so, I don't have enough since I guess to be as nervous as I should be the young man did to him. We're going to go on with our school recognitions. Now. I'm going to ask that Becky George and Kathy Polansky come very quickly forward as we recognize the children that have contributed to our program today young people actually. Would like Reverend battle to come up and stand with us. We are part of a group called SDS Crest which stands for supporting diversity in the schools creating racially Equitable schools. And what we are about is creating the village that is needed. So that all children can stand is this young man just did and speak with such pride and self-esteem. And what we did is we put together a we don't even call it a contest cuz there's a Cooperative effort of asking students throughout the state of Minnesota to bring their artwork here today to show you their idea of what the world would be like if Martin Luther King's dream became a reality for all children for all children, and those of us who are involved in that are by the following agencies of black Ministry award ceremony underway now at the Concordia College program, and we're a little unclear frankly as to the exact program at Black we expect that to her keynote speaker. Juan Williams would be on the podium or at least a half hour ago, maybe 45 minutes ago and Our intention was and remains and still is do I broadcast to sue a keynote address live in the special Martin Luther Day that are Luther King Day program and it is a matter fact. We're going to be going back in just a moment but earlier, but today we talked with Yusuf, MJ me who is the president of the urban Coalition in the Twin Cities about to these kinds of Ceremonies and whether they've really done much to improve race relations in the United States celebrations are not so much in honor of dr. King as what dr. King stood for what he work for and then we honor King's birthday is a celebration of human possibility changing race relations in reality is something that must occur across Generations won't take place over the weekend. It's been successful at least of it. But if a national holiday at least in focusing people's attention for one day on the fact that these problems do need to be addressed. It depends on who you talk to Jerry to the degree that it provides public visibility and acknowledgement of a struggle that dr. King gave his life for I think it is important in terms of concrete measurable improvements in the quality of people's lives. That's another issue altogether and it's I think the holiday is a is a start but it's just that to beginning. How do you spell is your why do you suppose there is such a Piers to be such a dichotomy in in assessing. We're thinking early black people have come in the last of 30-40 years. If you serve a white parent Lee a lot of them think that there's been a measurable progress made if you serve a black Spirit lie, a lot of them think not much progress has been made it all the ladder. Reality is the one that's born out in terms of Education in terms of opportunity in terms of quality of life. There have been individual gains for black people to be certain but collectively I think that the African-American community and I think poor white community and other communities of color are only marginally better off today than they were 30 years ago. Why do you suppose most white people East middle class but white people think there's been so much progress by your own standards. Then you're subject to arrive at your own conclusions. And when people of color when poor people view their own objective reality to standards are a lot closer to the ground than those of the people who may be better off who may be isolated are removed from the gang banging from the drugs from the crime from the abject reality of What makes the most sense in your mind in terms of marking today? I go back and listen to a King speeches. Go March and rally, what would make the most sense and have the most impact you think that then far be it for me to say here is how best to honor doctor King's birthday. I've been reading re-reading his letter from a Birmingham Jail which I think is one of the most powerful literary documents in the century on it's been a quiet reflective day. I'm looking forward to hearing Juan Williams in about a half hour who's always very thought-provoking and informative on the issues that affect poor people and people of color. I think that What I would simply encourage people to do is look in the mirror and ask if they're part of the problem or part of the solution. I think that's where any form of social change begins with individuals. You said I'm Janie who is the president of the urban Coalition in the Twin Cities long time activist in the civil rights movement in the Twin Cities speaking a little earlier today on our midday broadcast. This is midday coming to you on the FM news station and our plan initially was to fill the hour with the comments by Juan Williams the keynote speaker at the big state celebration today marking Martin Luther King jr. Day and that's still our plan as soon as mr. Williams. So begins we expected that his keynote address would begin G the better part of an hour ago already, but things are running late at Concordia College and so is a consequence we've been hearing them some of the things that were said earlier at that same program right now towards to various Community groups and the like are continuing to be given out we heard from a lot of men Minnesota political. Oteri's on hand day after the ceremony of Minnesota senator Paul wellstone who you heard from Leonardo from the mayors of the two Twin Cities Sharon sayles Belton and Norm Coleman was originally scheduled to a speak at the address, but he was not able to attend there was however a statement from the governor's office read to the rest of the group that gathered at Concordia College earlier today that statement read by Joe Kingman of Garner Carlson's office. I'm big half of RDH Carlson governor of the state of Minnesota. I would like to read a proclamation and bring you a brief message. Whereas the Reverend dr. Martin Luther King jr. Dedicated his life to achieving Racial equality for all people through nonviolent social change. And whereas in honor of this great civil rights leader the United States Congress in the Minnesota state legislature declared January 2019 86 as the first observance of the Doctor Martin Luther King Junior holiday. And whereas, this is a day when minnesotans of all Races Creeds of social classes should reflect on dr. King's Legacy of bringing us together. And whereas through the celebration of dr. King's many contributions to all the people of this state and Nation we can each find ways in which we can individually and collectively carry out the vision of equal justice opportunity and freedom from violence. Now therefore I learn th Carlson governor of the state of Minnesota do hereby Proclaim Monday, January 16th, 1995 to be Martin Luther King jr. Day. The Reverend. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Was a man of great vision and great courage. Who brought to all Americans the dream of racial equality through nonviolent social change? Each of us the citizens of Minnesota and all throughout the nation have richly benefited from his teaching. Well, there is much to celebrate we must all acknowledge their remains much more to do to carry out his dream. We set aside this day as a day when we can all reflect on how to carry out. Dr. King's vision of a Nation with equal justice opportunity and freedom from violence. But how sad it would be if there should be a one day activity? To be forgotten tomorrow. Watch we must be sure. Dr. King's words ring as loudly in July as they do today in January. We are on notice that tomorrow and the days to follow are going to bring change of major proportions to this country. Regulations and systems of many years standing are to be modified or changed. Change especially unknown change can be intimidating. It can be frightening. Anyone facing major change affecting their lives cannot help do so without apprehension and concern I pray that all of us in leadership positions in this country find the wisdom and the courage of the best of our predecessors. the Lincoln's the Roosevelts the Martin Luther King's so that we can truly move this nation and this state forward. Towards the goal of racial equality. I am in debt to and wish to thank the members of the Council of the Martin Luther King jr. Holiday. While there are many of you who have given so generously of your time and talents. I want a particularly single out this year as chairman Lester Collins. And his predecessor the 1994 chair. the 1994 chair the Reverend James W battle senior I've asked that you as a console be willing to move towards a new model of the celebration of this day. a model which focuses more on youth Which is more Statewide and nature and which is more inclusive. Which recognizes that all our citizens whether they are black brown or white. All races are living a better life because of dr. King's vision. I thank you for initiating those changes and for bringing the spirit of dr. King to us all thank you. Joe Kingman reading a statement from Governor Arne Carlson at 2 special Martin Luther King Day program underway at Concordia College in St. Paul. We've been standing by waiting for the keynote speaker at that address Juan Williams to address the crowd still a ways away apparently from the beginning of the keynote address. And so to conclude this hour we're going to hear from dr. King himself the March on Washington. Speech Washington DC August 1963, Martin Luther King jr. What happened to John with you today? In what will go down in history? As the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. five score years ago a great American in whose symbolic Shadow We Stand today signed the Emancipation Proclamation this momentous decree came as a great Beacon Light Of Hope to millions of negro slaves. Who had been seared in the Flames of withering Injustice? It came as a joyous Daybreak. to end the long night of their captivity But 100 years later. The Negro still is not free. 100 years later the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation. And the chains of discrimination 100 years later. The Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty. In the midst of a vast ocean of material Prosperity 100 years later. Can a groin still language in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land? So we've come here today. dramatize a shameful condition Anderson's we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check. when The Architects of our Republic wrote The Magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence very well signing a promissory note. To which every American was to fall down. This note was a promise that all men. Yes, black men as well as white men. Would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is obvious today. That America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. instead of honoring this sacred obligation America has given the Negro people a bad check or cheque which has come back marked insufficient funds. But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe the battle insufficient funds in the great Park's of opportunity of this nation. And so we've come to cash this check. I'll check that will give us a pun. The Riches of freedom and the security of Justice. We have also come to this hallowed spot. To remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time. To engage in the luxury of cooling off all to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time. To make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time. The rise from the dark and desolate Valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial Justice now is the time. The left on Nation from the quicksand of racial Injustice to the solid rock of Brotherhood now is the time. the make Justice a reality for all of God's children It would be fatal for the nation. To overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering Summer of the negro's legitimate discontent. Will not pass until about is an invigorating Altima freedom and equality. Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam. And will now be content will have a rude awakening if a nation returns to business as usual. Bible be neither rest nor Tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of Revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of Justice emerges. That is something that I must say to my people. Who's standing on the wall on Fresh whole which leads into the Palace of Justice? In the process of gaining our rightful place. We must not be guilty of wrongful Deeds. Search for freedom. by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred Gator game Read about the rise to the Majestic Heights. meeting physical force with soul for The Marvelous new militancy Richardson company Grove Community might not lyrics to indestructible wifey remind me about wife photos. I never did find out play some chill today. Freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone. as we walk we must make some plans and we shall always March ahead. We cannot turn back. Now those were asking the deputies to civil rights. When will you be satisfied? We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the volume of police brutality. Give me the number to Shutterfly. reminder Baumgartner interview with a potential travel Can I sing in the motels? We cannot be satisfied as long as an equal in Mississippi. Can I vote and a negro in New York believes? He has nothing for which to vote. No, we are not satisfied and we will not be satisfied until Justice rolls down like Waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. I'm not my on mindful. That some of you have come here. autogrid trials and tribulations Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cell. Some of you have come from areas. Where your friend request for freedom. Left you battered by the storms of persecution. staggered by The Winds of police brutality you have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the face. Baton on suffering is Redemptive. Go back to Mississippi. Go back to Alabama. Go back to South Carolina. Go back to Georgia. Go back to Louisiana. Go back to the slums and ghettos around Northern cities. Knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed. Let us not wallow in the valley of despair. I say to you today, my friend. so even though we Face the difficulties of today and tomorrow I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream. one day this nation will rise up. Live out the true meaning of its Creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. I have a dream. That one day on the Red Hills of Georgia. sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will baby be able to sit down together at the table of Brotherhood. I have a dream. one day you going to the state of Mississippi a state sweltering with the heat of Injustice? sweltering with the heat of Oppression Be transformed into an oasis of freedom and Justice. I have a dream. Mars for little children one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of a character, I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day. Alabama with its vicious racist with this Governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification one day right side in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white balls and white girls as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day everybody shall be exalted never healing Mountain shall be made low. The rough places would be made plain, and the Crooked places will be made straight and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and All Flesh shall see it together. This is I hope this is a piece that I go back to the South with David Spade. We will be able to shoot out of the Mountain of Despair a stone of hope. We will be able to transform the jangling discords Abomination into a beautiful Symphony of Brotherhood with this face. We will be able to work together to pray together to struggle together to go to jail together stand up for Freedom together knowing that we will be free one day. This will be the day. This will be the day with all of God's children. Be able to sing with new meaning my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty of Beyonce. Spry from every Mountainside Let Freedom Ring and it has to be a great nation. This must be come true. So Let Freedom Ring from deposits of hilltops of New Hampshire Let Freedom reign from the mighty mountains of New York Let Freedom Ring from the height and alligators, Pennsylvania Let Freedom Ring from the smoke Caprock his of, Colorado. Let Freedom Ring from the curvaceous trucks of California not on there that Let Freedom Ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia Let Freedom Ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee Let Freedom Ring from every Hill and Lone Hill a Mississippi Mud Freedom Landing window problems. When we love freedom ring. When we let it ring from Everett Senator, never Hamlet from every state and Everest. We will be able to speed up at the shooting black man and white man Jews and Gentiles Protestants and Catholics will be able to talk I'm singing the words of the old Negro spiritual free at last free at last. Thank God Almighty. We are free at last. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speaking in August 1963 in the big Matt, March on Washington. Well that concludes our midday broadcast for today. This Martin Luther King jr. Day Sometimes the best laid plans go. Awry. Juan Williams the keynote speaker at the big Martin Luther King Day ceremony underway at Concordia College and still not started speaking. So what we're going to do is record his speech assuming he speaks or will record it and put it on at 9 tonight on the FM news station so you can hear that at 9 tonight like to thank you for joining us today. And right after station identification. Most of you will hear Talk of the Nation will catch up on news headlines on top of the nation and some of you will be joining a bob and Bill for music programming this afternoon's program for Minnesota Public Radio Gary I can hear thanks for tuning in. And the next All Things Considered Harry Belafonte joins us to help remember Martin Luther King. It's all things considered everyday at 4 on the FM news station k n o w FM 91.1 in the Twin Cities. You're listening to Minnesota Public Radio. It's 30 degrees with a wind chill of 14 at the FM news station. Kuow FM. 91.1 Minneapolis-Saint Paul. The time now is 1


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