MPR Special Coverage: 1976 Minnesota State I-R Convention: DAY 3 - Closing day of convention

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Report providing a summary on election of delegates, straw ballot, Hubert Humphrey opponent Gerald Brekke endorsement, as well as platform items Milepost 7 and regional development commissions. Also includes excerpts from Tom Hagedorn speech, black delegate Effie McKerson, and staying awake routines during long hours of convention.

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Yes, good morning, Gary. We are here a lot this morning along with the technician David felland and Debbie Gage Kate Williams and John Worley of our Minnesota Public Radio convention staff. And I think we should mention that much of the material will be presenting in the next a little while having to do with a very long and owner recession of the state independent Republican hear a convention here during the night is compliments of colleague Bob Potter who has stayed here until they convention finally adjourn somewhere around 3 as we understand it and Bob hugin for a couple of more hours putting these materials together for us. I'm sure that many listeners may know now that the President Ford picked up 17 of the 18 at large delegates to the Republican National Convention here last night. They may not know however, how it happened and we'll try to shed some light on that in the course of our report this morning at range of pain to bring you up to date on where this state Gathering stands.Debbie right now we're looking down on a mostly empty convention floor of the people of slowly been filtering in but certainly not more than third to 40% of those chairs are currently filled. I would think That's right. Did people are slowly coming right? Now? The convention is in the process of voting for a alternate delegates were hearing speeches from the alternate delegate. So people are drifting in Fairly rapidly at this point presumably there will not be as much passion connected with the election of these alternate delegate such as there was with the main at large National convention delegates. The reaganites having lost that one probably don't have any better chance here. So this is not as important to question. But again something to Convention must do and it's so probably going to take some time also coming up today will be the endorsement of a candidate to afford the IR party to run against Hubert Humphrey for the United States Senate. And also we should be hearing the results of the straw ballot which has been taken on some controversial platform issues and I will be coming up but here sometime today as well. But again the main business of this convention from the beginning was that question of electing. 18 at large delegates to the National Convention 17 of the 18 pretty much as expected went to President Ford with former California governor of Ronald Reagan picking up just one delegate in this vote which took until the wee wee hours of this morning and Debbie. Why don't you pick it up at that point in the tell us who won in the give us some details on how it happened in the delegates was party chairwoman Carolyn ring 1181 volts. She was followed very closely by chairman Chuck Slocum with 1179 Congressman. Al quie was third with 1170 National committeeman Rudy boschwitz had 1164 and Congressman. Tom Hagedorn was one vote behind that the other Ford supporters were elected last night our Congressman Bill frenzel state senators, Nancy brought us and George Pillsbury state representative Mary Forsythe and party leaders hap levander iantha levander Dorothy Village. Evie McPherson was the only black delegate Carl Merrick Linda. Ste. Chris Santa and Evie Teigen 18th delegate was a Reagan delegate in the second district Mark people telling of the first ballot took much longer than expected convention chairman John Moody finally told the weary delegates about 3 this morning that the count was complete and that 955 votes were needed to elect the national delegate. We are now reasonably certain Reasonably certain that 17 people have achieved that result. There is a possibility that depending upon the determination of the exact number of people that did vote valid tonight that the 18th one is also elected. now the suggestion that we would like to make his we will give you the results as we have them at this time. The final results will be given tomorrow morning and those results will undoubtedly confirm either 17 or 18. I liked it if it confirms only 17 elected. We will then have a runoff between the top two who were not elected that will be handled to your great pleasure by the old roller call system, and I think it'll happen pretty fast. That was convention chairman John Moody speaking to the delegates at 3 this morning after the results of the first ballot. We're finally in and former State party chairman Bob Forsyth who carry the convention through the 64 / Colt suggested way to compromise and avoid a second ballot. Mr. Chairman to clarify designer standing that's 17 of the delegates supporting President Ford have been elected And to clarify who gets the next 18 the two candidates who were next in line. We're Reagan candidates and for the purpose of eliminating another ballot. It is my understanding that the Reagan people will decide which one of the two will be the 18th delegates to the National Convention. And that's why I'm looking at that microphone number 5 for the announcement from the Reagan committee. Because it's been the youth that is joined with a regen forces and it's been a major force and Mark people represents these youngsters that have come onboard I withdraw and his favor. Leicester chairman Monticello recognize microphone number 3 and Bill of the statement of mr. Mcelhenney, I would like to move that we suspend the rules so that even animals ballot can be cast for mr. People as the 18th delegates to the National Convention. The motion to suspend the rules has been made. Is there a second? It is seconded all in favor of the motion to suspend the rules to permit the procedure outlined by Mr. Forsyth signify by saying I those opposed nay the rules have been suspended. They vote will now occur on. the emotion that would involve the withdraw of Rick Mcilhenny and the selection as the 18th delegate Mark headphone all of those in favor of the motion signify by saying I those opposed nay the motion has been adopted microphone number 2. Best determined I would point out that as one of the tellers having personal knowledge of at least 16 spoiled ballots that Mr. People was elected as the 18th delegate. I think the gentleman have the election. I think the gentleman is absolutely correct. And then that that would have been the result. But we could not confirm at this evening in so that's the way it happened Mark people in a compromising situation. That was given that 18th delegate slate spot. I should say it was a National Convention delegate from the Minnesota independent Republican party. So it's 17 for President Ford and one Delegate for Ronald Reagan and something that was very bitterly contested hear Debbie over the couple of days leading up to that boat. And obviously to Reagan people are not real happy about what's happening. It was a real show of Power by the President Ford forces. That is obvious. As you know, Jake I talked with Doc Stokes yesterday and although the National Reagan forces did tell them not to walk out. They were very angry then and I think are still very angry. They were right on the verge of walking out apparently up to at some point. They had to rent it to some space here in the convention center complex an area known as stem Hall so that if they walked out they have a place. Going caucus in the infected hold some meetings there adjustable anecdote Debbie. I was checking out at my motel this morning and got to chatting with the the room Clerk and he keeps on my press badge and said, oh you over the convention I said, oh, yeah, we were there until the wee hours of the morning and this kind of thing and he said yeah Gino's Reagan people are really unhappy. He said some of them stayed here last night and in the end as they were checking out they were really grumbling about what happened and and so are there is some dissatisfaction and we will probably hear more about that as the day goes along since after all of fewer than half the convention delegates are as yet in the hall, it would seem appropriate at this point then and in view of having happened exactly. What was predicted the President Ford would get the Lion's Share of these delegates. And in fact that he took even more of them than some people had expected to have some reaction to what happened John. Merli just moments ago talk with the state Republican Party. Sherman Chuck Slocum to find out how he viewed the happenings of early this morning early this morning 17 the one and least one Reagan delicate getting on good news for the Ford people. Well, it is definitely good news for the President Ford committee that 17 and they're 18 slate was passed. It's also I think perceived as something of a victory for the citizens for Reagan and getting at least one vote out of the delegates elected here. I think many of them coming in thought they weren't going to get any I felt that the whole process the catharsis we went through was was good for us and I think there by 3 a.m. This morning we were able to feel a lot better that we were doing things slowly and deliberately them in already had a chance to express their views all issues in contention or carefully debated and a rather discipline Ford majority was able to win the day and I think most people understand in this process majority minority rule what when I Open the convention on Thursday. I said we're going to have to leave here on Saturday committed to win and we're going to have to see that Minority Rights on issues and candidates are allowed to be expressed but majority well as exercise and I feel a conventions been fair and I feel that each has a little bit to go home on and that's what I well for definitely has more than a little bit to go home, And that's what I was concerned about. Let me ask a little bit about the milepost 7 issue as I recall you had some unkind comments about the dfl convention the way they handled or didn't handle the milepost 7 now your convention here twice technically including once last night went right past it. Why are welcome number one? We're not our party 1972 took a position that Reserve should get out of Lake Superior at the dfl. Never did take a position in particular Governor Anderson in my comments on this issue have been directed toward Governor Anderson and What are the dfl convention what if anybody should be privy in anybody should have a position? It should be the state Administration which is controlled the councils of government for 6 years and buying able to even do anything. But equivocate on the issue. Our party is not certain of the facts not as close to the issue. I think that the people that came down from Silver Bay in our friends who are Party activist up there feel that we give a fair hearing and that our platform committee was sympathetic to their cause I think that there's just an uncertainty in the minds of the delegates out there on the issue that because they're not as familiar, but I did it because I was cut off from the chair before they even got to get into it at all. I would have to double-check the Parliamentary maneuvering there because I was otherwise disposed running around as party chairman 10 to do it State Convention, but I guess my point is that if we had had a governor sitting in for 6 years? During this controversy. I'm confident that 3 years ago. Our party would have had a position or our governor would have had a position in this issue would be South. Thanks a lot. Whether the people from the North Shore area some of whom are delegates here will be totally satisfied. Of course with what this convention has done on my Oppo 7 Debbie remains to be seen where we're hoping to pick some of those people out of the crowd that yet during this hour of the people wearing the big sevens is badges or standing for my Oppo 7 and get their reaction. But we now at least have heard the views of party at Sherman Chuck Slocum about that. Maybe we're a little ahead of the game. Perhaps you should bring us up-to-date now and just how the matter was handled by the convention the convention did complete its platform which is interesting or Republicans seem to be much more efficient than the dfl the dfl never touched theirs and it is interesting that Reserve mining has not really been much of an issue here at all. Although it was very much at the dfl convention. There were several hundred milepost 7 supporters out demonstrating and so forth here. I've seen one or two badges in the convention just plain last night refused to The deal with it there. There was a course the geographical difference in the dfl convention was held in Duluth near near the the side of the problem and it made it easier for people to attend but you're right. It is not been the overriding concern here as it was in Duluth. That's true and I was told to buy a reserve mining engineer that all the milepost 7 supporters have run out of money that taking buses down to hearings in the metropolitan area at any rate earlier yesterday. The delegates had adopted a plank in the platform calling for ending the discharge of taconite waste into Lake Superior in the construction of on land facilities. It concluded quote. We believe the jobs of the people can and should be preserved and believe that adequate Environmental Protections can be provided on quote the last night German John Moody led the discussion of a proposal to strengthen that plane There was a delegate who twice took the microphone and indicated that he had difficulty reading his platform because one of the pages was upside down. He said that he wanted to move to a man they provision with reference to natural resources on page 5 by inserting after the second sentence. This can be accomplished by supporting the MP7 site as approved by the Metropolitan Pollution Control agency that question would have to occur on a suspension of the rules for the purpose of considering that proposed change the matter will we will All of those in favor of suspending the rules for the purpose of considering a proposal. I just read to you signify by saying I what was Apollo's name? Lowe's on fireplace fan You may be seated those opposed play Stan. It is our desire this convention not to consider that matter. And so that's how the milepost 7 the question that was disposed of in the wee hours of this morning as we indicated earlier will be trying to talk with some people from the North Shore area to see just how satisfied they were with the way these independent Republicans have dealt with the what's a very emotional issue. Of course in northeastern Minnesota. It might be appropriate at this point Debbie to talk a little bit more about to this whole convention process it and dealing with the platform as you indicated the dfl in Duluth scarcely touched the platform at all. It was pretty much left of the State Central Committee to deal with other Republicans. As a matter of fact have had virtually the whole platform read to them here during the couple of days using a very efficiently all all available time. We're votes were being taken in this sort of thing and have actually debated some parts of it one of the most controversial of which it had to do with the whole region. Commission question then. Are you covered some of the platform committee meetings or prior to the actual opening of the convention? I understand it came up there to we have to remember before we discuss the platform that they did take all the controversial issues out or most of them and put them on a straw ballot in the results of that will be announced later today. But the Republicans did get into quite an argument with former Governor Harold levander who is the head of the platform committee over this question of regional commissions you call that one levander was governor, he sort of engineered the idea of establishing Regional development commission see the idea that he said was to create another layer of government between the state and the local people so that the state planning agency would not have the responsibility of running the entire state of the idea was to give local people more control the Republicans in the platform committee did not buy that at all. They they feel that the original development commissions are a waste of money that there any fishing pier ochraceus and about as non Republican as you can get so there was quite an interesting argument. Volume terms about about Bubba Plank. And this was an extra sheet kind of added to the printed platform, but it said this we decry the bureaucratic mismanagement of a regional development commissions and support efforts to make planning more responsible. We ask the local government issues development committee to develop Positive Solutions. Now, that's the the matter as it stood what happened last night and I was still on hand for this part of a platform discussion was that the whole local government section had to pretty much been adopted and then up a delegate to Rose and said that he had been told he'd have a chance to talk about the regional development the question before the local governments a plank was adopted and he felt he had been slighted the chair agreed that that had been the agreement that have been an oversight and so at that point quite an interesting debate on the hole Regional Development question and sued the delegating question who started the whole thing is named Willis North Insert a paragraph in the local government taken from the subcommittee's rural government Regional is in the paragraph on regionalism and I'll read it. Regional development Commissions in the state representative ditional layer of government and threatened to usurp the powers exercised by local government. Birm support legislation, which allows counties by majority vote of the residents to withdraw from any Regional development commission. I move we adopt. All right. The cat the cherwell the terrible rule that your emotion is not germane to the particular local government resolution that is hear. It covers a new subject. Not now covered. It would have had to be submitted to the platform committee under the rules. You may move to suspend the rules in order to have it considered. It is not a matter that is covered by the present subject. Sarah McCammon page 2 of the yellow sheet at the top I moved to this month to substitute in place of that oil in place of the language on the right. All right. Your motion is in an order. Would you please repeat it? Okay paragraph on regionalism Regional development Commissions in the state represent in addition to layer of government and threatened to usurp the powers exercised by local government the irm supports legislation, which allows counties by majority vote of its residents to withdraw from any Regional development commission. I move the adoption that Is there a second of that motion? Is there a second there is a second to the motion to be heard on your motion? microphone number 2 I am a Township officer. Also chairman of the Beltrami County Township Officers Association. We've had a cup quite a battle up there with our regional development commission. We have in this state several organizations who have passed resolutions recently. Opposing Regional development and the commission such as the Minnesota Association of Township officers in their 90s 1970 meeting the Farm Bureau. Representing over 32000 families in Minnesota have passed a resolution in their meeting last December opposing regionalism. Minnesota Real Estate taxpayers Association have also passed resolution opposing regionalism and the irm 7th district convention in Moorhead just as last April passed a resolution opposing regionalism now is last March. The township officers annual meeting. We conducted a secret ballot throughout all the townships in Beltrami County on this very subject with a very good turnout and a good vote with 94% voting against regionalism 4% foot. I think we got a very good accounting from our citizens wanting to do away with regional government. Also our neighboring County of Hubbard as I understand from their report what 9 to one against regionalism. We're getting the voice. I think a lot in clear from our citizens that they do want to get rid of regional government or at least through this that we have here get a boat on it. If we do get this plank in the platform of this paragraph, it would also give a great support to our candidates up in that area at least and then the rule area so we'll get something some good both good support for our candidates if we get this in our platform banking. They will be heard the committee will be heard on this matter. But you're German. Delegates, I think I should really state. What happened in the committee? To generate the activity to have this resolution submitted such as we did. We were asked to submit originally three resolutions. We took them on ourselves as a committee to submit the fourth one which involve regionalism where the recommendation when we submitted it to the platform committee. That would be placed on a straw ballot. Asking for a referendum Statewide referendum. Since then the platform committee has seen fit to amended and they have came up after testimony yesterday. And I think I'll let the governor explain their position why they took it off of our original and did not put it on the straw ballot, but therefore placed it on the amended sheet. Mr. Chairman and delegates. I apologize again for speaking on this thing. But I think there is a an area of misunderstanding that ought to be clarified here again on this question of regional development commissions. It was a recommendation of that I made to the legislature and it was at a time when the legislature was controlled by two-thirds of Republicans and it was past now it is not intended that they were not intended to be operating commission. There was no intention that they encroach or take the place of counties or townships. They were supposed to be planning commission's to Superintendent puns that came from federal grants for hospitals and libraries and other things to us to avoid duplication and to as to give local people a chance to get input on how these monies were to be spent and how did we would be spent so as not to arouse a result and duplication because if you didn't have local Regional planning commission's the decisions would be made by the state Planning Commission as to how these monies were to be spent. We took the position that local people knew more about their hospitals in their libraries and their other plans for which they were asking Federal money than the state Planning Commission Now the answer is not and that's why I heard that we take a look at what the platform committee recommended. I think we should see that it serves a purpose that it was intended and if they've developed the idea of a hierarchy and if they're spending money and if they're not doing what they're intended to do if they're trying to become A third level of government in the operating division, then they're not serving the function that they were designed to do. But do I have to say that you're going to withdraw doesn't really mean anything that's like saying Minnesota should secede from the union if a county with drawers the other counties in the area are still in the Regional Commission unless they are withdrawal and if they all withdrawal then that authority to make that decision goes over to the state Planning Commission and it certainly much better to correct your situations on the local level that do just withdrawn say will turn it over and let the state Planning Commission take charge for that reason. It was recommended that we say this That we decry the bureaucratic mismanagement of the regional development commissions and support efforts to make the planning more responsible. We asked at the local government issues development committee to develop Positive Solutions. One of the changes that I outlined there this morning in the platform of development is that these task forces are going to be continuing they're going to be not only coming along when they have conventions, but they're going to be continuing and we felt that they could study and they could investigate they could check out the various complaints the various ways in which Regional commissions are misusing or are not serving the function and then come up with ways of how to solve the solution is not to just withdraw because that doesn't solve anything and therefore I suggest that we deal with the problem in the way in which the platform committee has recommended a chair. Al's Auto bring the proposal language forward to the secretary microphone number to well that gives you some fuel for the debate which took place last night. It went on for a good deal longer on this whole question of regional development Commissions in Minnesota. Something that has been very controversial in some parts of the state that's been very well accepted in other parts of the state Northeastern Minnesota. For example, they really taking the Regional Commission concept 2 heart and have a very large and the well-functioning one, but in other parts of the state, I think particularly in the farm areas. It has been and continues to be controversial. Well, we heard that Debbie Governor levander there being a former Governor levander being put in the position of Defending something which many of the delegates didn't like and he was defending it at least in part on the basis that after all it was his creation it get the other Regional a commission concept was created at a time when the GOP was in control of the Minnesota Legislature and when he was governor End of that same thing happened at one other point to on revenue-sharing there was kind of a nasty Amendment put forward that would call for an end of the revenue sharing program. And once again levander took the podium and said but G Falk, so when I was your Governor, I was one of the ones pushing very hard and Washington for a revenue-sharing. I know there are some problems with it just as he said I know there is some problems here with regional planning, but gosh, it's our program and that's kind of what happened. Well on the on the Regional Commission issue eventually it was decided to add it to the straw bale it which contain some other controversial items like a era abortion gun control of the stadium issue and it will also now include the regional Development question. I I can do at this point recall the exact wording of the question, but it did in essence will give delegates here a chance to vote. Yes or no on Regional Development in Minnesota, and there was a little Proviso added that now Only will it be a straw ballot question which is just kind of a sense of the convention but not part of the official platform. But in this case the vote will be considered a real platform plank or at least that's the way I understood it here in the wee hours of the morning. So what what about other platform issues debit? You've been following this whole question should mention just in passing it was passed by the convention without any opposition, but it is interesting. It's something that Chuck Slocum has been pushing for under the government operations section of the platform the convention voted for Sunset legislation. They want to provide for the automatic termination of all new state programs calling for expenditures of money within 6 years require all programs and state agencies to adopt budgeting to justify themselves. Every two years. They'd like to shrink the legislature and haven't meet to every other year which has been in position of Republicans for a long time. They would like a citizen legislature. Supposed to a professional one and then as far as legislative internal operations go they like to have a joint budget committee instead of having separate budget committees in the house. And the senate in order to speed things up also have Appropriations bills be allowed only in odd-numbered years and have them State their revenue impacts that they exceed $1000000. They will only be continued for a 5-year. Summary, once again in the GOP did a lot more with the whole platform issue within did the dfl and is really more of that yet to come since the straw ballot to has now been taken and the results of that on these several controversial issue should be announced sometime today as we've been indicating the convention went on and on and on yesterday. I guess we all arrived here about 9 yesterday morning. That is Friday morning and some of us notably Bob Potter. The seat was almost feel warm when we arrived here again about 9 this morning to to pick things up. I think you have a bit of tape that Bob left us Debbie that that illustrates a kind of how I feel things wound up here. Obama's had a delightful time editing this it at 5:30 this morning. He left us a note saying that after 17 hours of of work the delegates who were left started a spontaneous variety show said several people led the group and songs. There are few calisthenics. There was a brief game of tag and even a recitation from Teahouse of the August Moon. He said if if one of it ever had the impression that Republicans were stuffy and inhibited their performance went a long way to debunking that notion. I want to do Mickey Mouse. Toys R Us Mickey Mouse Mac are my c k Mickey Mouse forever. Let us hold our Banner High come along and sing a song and join our family. Forever like I told her better. Come along and sailor song. Enjoy my family and my ckey. Chucky Rizza Rizza manga You don't know. I see some ladies wiggling but I don't know about the guys the guys are the guys are just Okay, let's say it with me check check tobeck hands on your head. Come on you guys. How about if you're happy and you know it clap your hands that's got actions, I don't know how about if you're happy and you know it clap your hands you must know that one if you're happy and you know it clap your hands If you're happy and you know it clap your hands if you're happy, and you know it. If you're happy, and you know it clap your hands. They want to do the bunny hop, but I don't know if you do the bunny hop. This is the bunny hop. on the table hop hop I'd side Awkward Black for Papa. Side side side board back hop, hop hop is what happens when people simply stay up for just too many hours. That was the 1976 independent state Republican convention at about 3 this morning. The only thing we don't know is whether colleague Bob Potter joined in on those various activities Debbie. I should know too that the way of the Mickey Mouse started there in the beginning very slowly was not doing in any indication of the shape the delegates were in but instead was a bit of a tape recorder malfunction. All right, we see colleague John merli down on the floor standing by and maybe we should just a check in quickly with John and see if perhaps so he'll be having some reaction from the milepost 7 people at any point now on how they feel about the way this convention dealt with the whole milepost 7 question John. Are you there? Yes, I am deck just in the nick of time here mechanically and they'll we're still trying to search out some of the milepost 7 people they apparently unless you can see something from way up high. They are not wearing their milepost 7 bright orange shirt IDs today and there were trying to search them out right now. We're also looking for the gentleman who is the only Reagan delegate to go to the convention, which you may have already mentioned which turned out to be a compromise between he and another Reagan delegate and we're backstage here behind the podium and everybody is moving very slowly this morning and it took him about an hour and a half to wake up a couple of congressmen had already addressed the crowd before I think anybody really realized who they were and what they were saying a lot of the alternate candidates for alternate delegate or back here some of them rehearsing their brief speeches out loud right now, and we hope to be back possibly before we go off in this Segment deck was somewhat least a couple of the milepost people and perhaps with that young Reagan delegate who we are not even certain is in the hole right. Now. We have one more Kate Williams is now searching up some of the milepost 7 people right now. I have a feeling some of them a great many of them for one reason or another or not here yet. John will lie down on the floor back up to you dick. OK John very fine. I think at this point then we'll hear an interview that John and I may just a few minutes ago on tape with a regen supporter. We heard a little earlier those of you who have been with us. And so we began this convention update at about 11, we heard somewhat earlier from State party chairman Chuck Slocomb Al who was a Ford support her and his reaction to what happened last night the fact that President Ford got 17 of the 18 a large National Convention delegate Jam really also talked with a Dan Spitzer was a ray gun supporter and a delegate here from Washington County top 17 vote-getters last night. Play 44 delegates are delegates committed to the president. And since we're allowed 18 the next two were both delegates who had been committed to Reagan and as presented last night to the convention. It was we were told that there was some doubt as to the exact number of ballots that have been cast as to whether the number 18 candidate had in fact received the majority as was required for the rules adopted on Friday night. It was the will of the convention at the number 18 volt got to be declared to be in the majority as far as being a compromise between to Reagan delegates. It just happens that the number 18 and 19 vote-getters were both Reagan delegates. How is this going to affect the Reagan's chances that when it comes down to the wire could it be the the cliche have that one vote? Well, that's that certainly always possible whenever people count votes and whenever there are close elections. It is obviously not in the not in a Governor's best interest to have gotten only one vote from the state of Minnesota. It may be that the state will be the pivotal State. It's it's extremely difficult to say dance picture from Washington Minnesota Reagan State Delegate here in this is John Burley on the convention floor. Okay, once again hearing from John and is he indicated live just a couple of minutes ago. He is standing by hoping to talk up further with both people on the milepost 7 issue and also other delegates reacting to this whole matter of how they convention vote to went last night. What's the day's business Debbie among other things where they have an endorsement of a US Senate candidate to run against Hubert Humphrey. I believe a several people remain in the running their do they know why I'm not sure did that will be much of a contest. The Republican committee has endorsed. Dr. Gerald bracket from St. Peter who is number at Gustavus Adolphus College and has been a Fulbright scholar and has very impressive credentials. He's getting Hubert Humphrey on his spending record, which is really about the only thing he can do there may be some other candidates we have Bia Moody who did not receive the endorsement in who is announcing and trying to get support on her own. She is it is a nurse who believes that the world is a giant Health maintenance organization and things that you can bring world peace in that way. There may be there may be a man from Mankato nipple who worked on Congressman Tom Hagedorn staff. He also did receive the committee's endorsement but he's not sure that he can run because of his job. And then there was a third Man bobble mean who works at pure who was endorsed but it has also chosen not to run because of job conflict, but I think the doctor brekkie will very likely get the endorsement will be happening sometime today right now with us till empty convention floor and I may be optimistic when I indicate it's half empty or indeed have fault. We continue to hear speeches by the people who would like to be elected as alternate delegate to The Republic. National Convention available have to be taken on that at some point. We had some point will also receive the results of the straw ballot on the controversial platform issues. And then finally likely late in the day will get to this matter of the endorsing a US Senate candidate as to what's been happening here this morning very early on and I must say the convention did swing into official session surprisingly early in view of how late did they went here? They get the call to order came somewhere around 9:30 or shortly thereafter and it has been scheduled for 9, so that isn't bad we heard from I guess all three of Minnesota's Republican Congressman Al quie of the first district and Bill frenzel of the third and the Tom Hagedorn who is the 2nd District Congressman mathematics are correct in his speech to the delegates here and he had only a very small audience at that point was talking about President Ford and how the president has His veto power to a Kill National legislation, which is against the national GOP a policy. Position was sustained by the house. And I think that says a lot about what the president has been doing political courage. I think also we can look with a great deal of pride in a very formidable opponent to the present a governor Reagan. Is demonstrated his ability as a governor of our nation's largest state? And reforming welfare and working for a fiscal responsibility. He stands firm in his convictions and it should be noted in a recent survey that of all of the candidates running for the president United States. Ronald Reagan can be identified as to where he stands the more issues that almost all the other candidates put together. That was the 2nd District Congressman Tom Hagedorn making the unification speech. I suppose you would say to a very empty convention hall. First thing this morning was a pretty good unification speech Debbie, but it probably didn't unified too many people since not very many people heard it at that point. The audience was just a little larger when the congressman Quigley and Congressman friends all came along and talk. Someone along the same lines play we call Congressman Qui, who's the national delegate was very complimentary of Mark people the 18 or 19 year old man, who is the only Reagan delegate? There are a couple of other things I can bring you up-to-date on. You may remember the John Merlo early on in our convention coverage. I suspect it was on Thursday talk with a delegate from Pipestone named Vern long. Who wasn't in already elected uncommitted delegate to the Republican National Convention in other words burn long at been selected as a delegate back at the 6th congressional district level and had remained uncommitted a coming into this convention. He was still uncommitted on Thursday. He told John at that time, but he might make up his mind after a he heard the governor Reagan and mrs. Ford and their presentations here. Yeah. He did have an opportunity to do that and late yesterday John talked with him. Once again along the lines of if it was he yet ready to make up his mind. Are you going to going to commit yourself yet? No, I'm not. I understand. I've been told that the president will probably contact all those who are truly uncommitted and a little later date. And now that I've had the opportunity to talk to Governor Reagan. I posed certain questions to him as I mentioned. I would yesterday I if the opportunity presents itself and I hope it well I'm going to post these questions to the president. I did bring up to his wife today and she's not in a position to make the answers to the Press former Congressman. Anchor Nelson. I thought did a very good job of answering for And it was a good answer. I thought something that I would hope that the president would communicate to particular the rural areas. The people that I represent in Southwestern Minnesota and there are other World areas that I know where are equally interested in in hearing his side a particularly the Embargo and his stance on situs picketing in the past and future, you know, if you are still among the free uncommitted already selected delegates in the state. I can't speak for the others. I know that it is yet. I'm uncommitted yet. So you'd spoken with Governor Reagan today and you'd like to at least by telephone speak with President Ford before making up your mind. I think to be fair to the president that that would be a very reasonable thing to do it. Yes. Thank you very much Furlong and uncommitted delegate as far as we know still one of the three uncommitted delegates from Minnesota from Pipestone in the sixth district. And obviously if there is Debbie been lots of pressure put on to win the 18 at-large delegates that were available at this convention. There's also a lot of interest in these people continue and I think to play their cards very well to stay uncommitted and make the best deal they can whatever it might be right up until the last minute and burn long is apparently hanging right in there. So Do we see John Worley on the floor again? I might just tell the listeners that we're utilizing a red bandana to a signal from the floor to the booth that this is a very large convention hall at we're quite a distance here in the Press Box from the convention floor. And from the area where John has his remote broadcast post a setup. I could be wrong, but I suspect that he have somebody to talk him out to buy Oppo 7 issue. So let's go now to the convention floor and John. Merli Thank you dick. Thank you Jack. Right now. We have a Clinton Clinton Maxwell from Lake County and also Joan Cahill arella was going to discuss a little bit of the milepost 7 issue and Miss Maxwell. I know why you're kind of a leader here on the floor. You've been screwing around for the last two days. What is your initial reaction to the way the milepost 7 issue was treated or or not treated here John is that I'm very pleased that the Republican convention here assembled. Gave us an AR plate. A very strong back a very strong support. We were we up in the North Shore range area where not quite bad at the dfl recent dfl State Convention in Duluth took no action on our behalf. The this convention adopted a strong plank. and their platform that is the independent Republican convention and the It's already part of it. We deplore the confusion of contradictions in vacillations and they lack of leadership of a state Administration and seeking a timely solution to problems of online disposal of taconite tailings. Ending the discharge into the lake and construction of Island disposal facilities should be under way. Now, we believe the jobs of the people can and should be preserved and believe that adequate Environmental Protection can be provided consistent with this objective. That was a blank has adopted what a way that what about the way the convention kind of screwed over the issue with a voice to town and that technically they did it again last night before I think anybody except perhaps a few people who knew what was going to happen at the end of the platform. Actually John. That's that's what you might say. The way the cookie crumbles it was he the feeling of the convention at 1 last night or this morning. They were tired. They were waiting on the vote on the delegates. And each item I was brought up for the platform last night. I was going to modify it and to insert the amount for 7. So that would be more closely identified. But the connection was not in the mood to make any changes on on any of the portion of the platform. And so they did not act on this specifically. They just voted not to change the rules. So I was not able to speak to Convention and I say that's just part of the way things work at conventions. You don't always get a chance to do what you want taking it in stride then. Well, the leadership is the chairwoman extremely fair and they give everybody an equal chance it just so I could have presented it. Earlier in the day, but the way they presented flight for Mitsubishi tween on the County votes are delegates and I feel very happy that this connection has the has back to self John. I wonder if you would ask. Mr. Maxwell left if the milepost 7 people intend intend to continue coming there to these various earrings, for example, the APC a meeting with your schedule. I believe Thursday of this coming week again on this whole question that if they're coming down in buses in the rest. Clinton dick daily up and are broadcast with like to know if you think that the milepost 7 representative people will continue to come to for example PCA meetings one coming up. We believe this week very definitely I talked to Headed by Chamber of Commerce yesterday, but his name is Joe and I can't no no. Anyway, you tell you I asked him to send some more milepost 7 size up or you may be noticed yesterday that there was quite a number of the delegates that we're wearing them and that gave us a lot of advertisements and lettuce put us on the map with the people in the convention are they don't all know what milepost tell us all about or where it's at comments on the reaction of the way that the milepost 7 issue was treated here. You work all that party Chairman Truck slow come after the dfl convention was somewhat critical of the way the milepost 7 issue was treated there that would barely even treated here at all. Well, we were received very kindly by the platform committee and we did appreciate that and is Clinton said the technicalities of the lady has prevented a full hearing by the convention, but I know that the principles of saying economy and saying environmental practices are the show that the Republican party will support our position. We've both lived in Silver Bay for many years and both of us have a family is there and we don't feel that there is a danger to health danger or we would not be living there. We're very interested in having a clean Lake Superior and an engineer with router or any company and I'm a teacher with the Independent School District there and we feel that Reserve is cooperating. Disposal and we'll go ahead just as soon as we can get the permit and very eminent engineers and environmentalist have agreed that milepost 7 would be a good site. Thank you very much. John Cahill a Rolla rural of Lake County and cleansing Maxwell of Lake County who is an engineer for Reserve downtown with an answer to your question. I do get a chance to answer the people of Silver Bay and the range and the North Shore will continue to come down and buses to any public meetings held down here regard to the reserve mining situation. We want to get ahead with his mouth was seven and start putting our feelings on land and thanks to both of you for a very excellent report and somewhat to my surprise the people from the northeastern Minnesota area don't seem terribly unhappy with what's happened. They seem pretty well satisfied Debbie with the the way that whole issue was treated The alternate delegate selection process continues here. Apparently, they're getting ready to vote now are they dead be very soon. I gather we heard all of the speeches by a potential candidates nominating themselves and I suppose this boat will take a good long time as well most because the alternates are not as important and also because it's it's not yet noon is post 3 in the morning. So it's it's not as crucial in in a couple of cents is there are not many black faces at this convention. There are very few minori delegates of any kind but John Murley did the late yesterday seek out one of the few if they eat the kierson who is a delegate from the Hennepin County area and ask her how she felt being one of the very few minority people at this convention. Does that bother you in any way as a Ford supporter and as a as a politician? Father make it coming from Minnesota. We are very few in number. So you think it all evens out. What about the the straw balloting of some of the issues to perhaps his some see it save a little public hassling, you know, putting one's dirty linen out to for everyone else to see some of the major controversial issues that some of the factions here wanted to discuss are you in favor of the store balloting procedure has been Republican going on. Yes. I was because many of those issues were emotional and I think for a person to make a decision on the issue like that, he should be very calm. So I certainly was in support of that kind of activity because they really have been debated very much and people have made up their mind. Anyway, I know I have Do you think even though there are black population of Minnesota is as you point out quite low and I'm sure below the national average. Would you like to see more minority's in the Republican party or the independent Republican party? Oh, yes. I should I really would like to see more and I think we shall have more because now we have a Minnesota black Republican Council and I am working along with Leah Moore and who is I press to bring that number to 100? That was Fe McPherson a black delegate to this 1976 independent Republican State Convention. Well, Debbie to recap of 17 of 18 of the national delegate went to president for where is still waiting for the results on that straw bail at the did you pick up any scuttlebutt on when that might be coming out to today that the vote was taken and I presume it's been tabulated or soon should be It was taken last night and I to assume it was tabulated and they'd said it would be announced this morning and it hasn't yet, but we'll just wait and see and they alternate to a delegate voting a process is now getting under way yet to come today the endorsement of a republican candidate to oppose Hubert Humphrey for the US senate seat. And that's pretty much it. I think in the last hour independent Republican convention has been up to if nothing else. It's been a very dutiful bunch of delegates of hanging in here most of them for something like 17 hours yesterday from the Saint Paul Civic Center. This is Dick daily along with Debbie Gage Kate Williams, John Marley and our colleague Bob Potter in absentia this live coverage of the 1976 independent Republican convention made possible with the financial assistance of the Minneapolis Star. What's the first I've heard of an hour showing? Can you hear me Dave you can what's what's the game plan now lunch or what? Are we going to do lunch and then stick around going to come back? You don't know yet? Okay, you want us to just stay down here for a little bit and see what goes on? Raise my level. Okay, how's that? You can hear me now? We're going to have a report in the 12 News. Do you want me for that? You have a little rapport. The hell is that mean? You want me to lower the volume? Minnesota Public Radio very sensitive. Okay, is that any better? Good. Okay, there's no immediate plans right now. We're going to come back for a reported 12. Do you think you'll do for she coming down here for that? Probably not. Okay. It will stick down here for a few minutes then see what's going on. Add workout to underwrite programming cost. Okay? Sponsored in part by Paul Segal in honor of his marriage today to Mary Jo broadcast ball in Minneapolis. 91.1 FM Minute past twelve is the time of good afternoon time now for a summary of news. First of all, the National Weather Service is reporting some other heavy thunder shower activity over portions of R5 State Region 14 of the latest radar summary from the National Weather Service. The heaviest activity is reported in extreme southern Minnesota generally in a line that runs from Redwood Falls to Lacrosse Dusty surface winds with gusts up in excess at 60 miles per hour recorded me Rochester just a few minutes ago and those showers and thunder showers expected this afternoon as a result of the Hennepin County Sheriff's water activities. Showers of thunder showers Southwest Minnesota Minneapolis right now increasing and are moving northeastward and will begin to affect Lake Minnetonka in about an hour and a half gusts of 30 miles per hour or more are expected elsewhere where it is not raining skies are partly cloudy today with the midday temperatures ranging from the lower 80s, Southern, Wisconsin and Iowa to 49° Rapid City South Dakota cities 73 degrees with partly cloudy sky The news is made possible with financial assistance Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And as you just heard from the Civic Center 3-day independent Republican party convention is concluding today in Long Day's activities include completion of the party State platform and Strava what's on the controversial questions of abortion handgun control Equal Rights Amendment and a new sports stadium in the Twin Cities. In addition. The convention is expected to endorse Gerald blackie a faculty member at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter St. Republic late yesterday or early today is the case. Maybe Ronald Reagan picked up only one of the Republican at-large delegates that was selected at the independent Republican party convention or the receiving the other 17 National delegates chosen early today 24 more Republican delegates selected today in conventions in Idaho land. 1042 the latest Associated Press 1929 was President Ford is out at least in this survey count by 72 delegates. There are a total of 143 Republican delegates. You have to be selected all in all so during the Minnesota Convention and other activities yesterday yesterday was quite a good day for President Ford in his battle with Ronald Reagan.


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