MPR Special Coverage: 1976 Minnesota State I-R Convention: DAY 2 - Ronald Reagan and Betty Ford speeches

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Day 2 of 1976 Minnesota State I-R Convention, held at St. Paul Civic Center. Brief reporting on events at convention, followed by speeches from presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, and Betty Ford, wife of President Ford.

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Good morning from the Saint Paul Civic Center and Lee 1976 State GOP convention. This is Bob Potter speaking along with dick daily and Debbie Gage John really technical director David selling Reese reminder that our local broadcast live broadcast of this convention is made possible in park with funds provided by the Minneapolis Star. Convention is just heard the keynote speaker former New York congressman and presidential vice presidential candidate. William Miller. We will be broadcasting his remarks a bit later this morning in just a few minutes about 15 minutes or so. We're going to be hearing an address by Cala former, California. Governor, Ronald Reagan. the appearance by former Governor May almost be a bit of an anti-climax in view of the vote last night on the rules, which will pertain to the election of national convention delegates think we were here for about two 1 in the morning called in and waiting and are we having microphone problems? I was saying that I think we did our wrap-up report ending shortly after 12:30. They they debate on the controversial rules. Mater went on for what a couple of hours. I guess Bob then because the the chairman could not determine how a standing vote on the question had gone a paper ballot was necessary that took an hour or more to count and then some not to our dismay. We had anticipated they might. Tabulate to buy congressional districts, but instead they called the role of Minnesota's 87 counties a plus a number of congressional districts and so on and that was a long long process, but that when it was all over a President Ford to pretty much as expected his supporters had won this battle by a margin of about 90 of valence 90 volts and it means that the national convention delegates must have a majority of those voting on the national delegate question rather than the simple plurality system where the top 18 vote-getters would go to the National Convention. This probably means probably I emphasize that the former Governor Reagan will not get any delegates from this Minnesota Convention and it'll be interesting to see if he reacts to that in anyway when he addresses the group here momentarily, I think the closeness of the vote 877 in favor of the majority rule 787 in favor of the plurality rule may also indicate that we're going to see Quite a few ballots before the 18 delegates are selected under the plurality system. It would have been just one ballot with the top 18-volt Gators being elected National delegates under this majority system. Each delegate must get a majority of the votes here. And with the number of people who will be nominated. I think it could be quite a few about us before we actually get a majority in all cases. Well, California former, California, governor Reagan came into the Twin Cities International Airport last night at about 2 in the morning and a little bit later. He met with reporters who had stayed up half the night in order to have a chance to talk with him because that wasn't fat going to be the only opportunity that have Governor Reagan has not scheduled in the formal news conferences. And in fact indicated that he would not be available for questions from the press any time during his appearance here this morning. So John merli was out there at the airport among the number of other reporters who asked for his reaction to the vote on the rules change. It seems to me that the Ford people have been very busy and almost every convention. We've been to even including the California primary trying for and sometimes succeeding in late rule changes of various kinds of so can't be totally unexpected. But we recognize that we were in an uphill fight here and in Minnesota if that's the final rule change would like to bear with it. I guess there is nothing we can do about it. Well, we well we knew as I say that the ours was an uphill fight and that we certainly weren't going to win a majority of the delegates here and we hope for some but the importance now in any convention and it has to do with just that it's a delegate hunt and if we're both sides now and to try in a Masa enough of a total to get over the magic 11:30. well when you start out, you don't know about the last minute rule changes, but you go where you have to go now. I feel like I still say that we're in the same situation. It's believing that there's a very good possibility of the first battle of the Korean in Kansas City. Well, no way of knowing that if that's the way it's turned out that again you expect that when you run against incumbent. Will usually what you do with the delegates you allow them to ask me any questions. They want to know that will help them and making up their minds what they want to do. I usually don't try to tell him anything. I tell them to ask me what they whatever it is that's on their minds that they want to know about my positions or policies or anything of that kind. well, if you call it a hard sell, I just State what I believe and what my positions are and they don't have to make up their minds based on that. well They would be making that decision because they're here and privy to all the facts and if they feel that a walkout has Justified way. And that's what they should do. Your party Unity is being hurt. It is being hurt by the other side. We have done nothing divisive. They have done nothing except be divisive. Former, California, governor, Ronald Reagan meeting with news reporters last night at the Twin Cities international airport or John really among them. Li possibility of a walk out by the delegates is by the Reagan delegates is being discussed this morning as well Richard and we learned about that so far is probably our expertise in that area. I was going to ask first of all Debbie a you've been down on the floor and kind of hanging around the the the Reagan caucus room, or at least what you supposed to pee the riggin caucus, right? I see a lot of empty seats on the floor of the Reagan people still off the floor perhaps at this point. I think it's possible that they had breakfast this morning with the national delegates from Minnesota and talked about issues. And I think right now he's meeting with Reagan delegates and also uncommitted delegates with which the Reagan people have invited hoping to get support that was close to the Press, but I talked to one of the women who was in the meeting and she said Reagan made no direct solicitations of support that just talked about issues. She was particularly impressed for example with his stand on the strong National Defense. When you talk about into uncommitted delegates you're talking about those. I I believe it's 3 already elected National convention delegates who are not at this point committed to either candidate people like the the gentleman that Jen really talked with yesterday whose name as I recall was Verne long of of the 6th congressional district who was elected back at the congressional district level. It's so close that those people those few are being courted very closely together the support they can get How about this whole matter of a walk out now is that's been bandied about a bit in the press this morning and so on does does there seem to be any real possibility that that the reaganites are mad enough about what's happened that they'll just walk out of the convention or not mad enough to go that far but he did say that he was absolutely furious with the Ford people because they tried to negotiate for 6 months and they just come get nowhere. Perhaps we could listen to the tape. I think we are but in actuality here with the Stokes who is the Reagan chairman insisted that iron delegates support the chairman and chairwoman. They in turn have never compromised one goddamn bit. So I'm just as I have no compunction about doing anything and that's basically why I reacted as I did last night. I I don't have to feel any loyalty because they feel no loyalty to me. I want to talk about peace in the valley. That was Doc Stokes from Cambridge Minnesota who's heading up the Reagan campaign in Minnesota. He did say by the way that they will have 200 extra people tonight. He said a lot of the Reagan delegates are farmers who have to work in their fields and now couldn't make it last night when they really needed them for the vote. So it'll be interesting to see what happens that would explain why there are supposed to be 1976 seated at this convention and last night they could come up with only about 1,600 people counting the alternate so they were relatively short last night on sun support one really begins to wonder now or the appearance by Ronald Reagan is is going to make any difference. I think it's possible that if he does get any delegates it all it'll be simply by his well-known persuasive qualities in his speech making the people that I talked to the uncommitted delegates who were in the meeting this morning were very impressed with them in and he didn't even make any breakfast locations of support. And one might also begin to wonder why it is that the rule the crucial rule on the selection of national delegates was considered before the delegates had a chance to listen to Ronald Reagan and to Betty Ford. I think that's a good resting fast. Well, I think Bob that it's so it's fairly clear. It's certainly been charged and I would suspect that the supporters of President Ford do tend to be rather in control not only of the convention numerically but of the convention Machinery to a large degree in this kind of thing and they have set this up just as well as they possibly can to ensure that Ford gets every last single one of those 18 delegates because they are so crucial at this point with the National Convention not so many weeks away now and and the the delegate totals and indecisive for both candidates, so I suspect that that may be part of the answer there. One also wonders if there's a possibility that this strategy on the 4th people might backfire on them. At least on the state level. It was charged during the rules committee debate yesterday afternoon as well as on the floor last night that many of the Reagan supporters in the butt 45% of the delegates here are Reagan supporters. These people are very loyal party workers many of them have been involved in party activities for a long time. They contribute both time and money and work to the party and if those people should become so disaffected as to drop out of party activities one can only imagine what the consequences of that might be for the GOP State Legislative contest this fall I was and I had meant to comment on this last night Bob and didn't get an opportunity, but it was interesting as they called the role of the counties on this question. It was really an open County and I suspect Ramsey County. You still have the the totals hear that one that crucial vote for? President Ford last night on this controversial rules question. I I was Bob was writing them down and big guy yellow legal sheets and he would tear one-off and I got to keep a running total going. It was quite clear that once you got into what's called out State Minnesota, then on metropolitan area that Reagan was doing very very well and I suspect would have won this thing as an example. Where is that Hennepin County vote Hennepin County about 329 people favored the majority system of electing delegates in a hundred and thirty-two favored the Pirelli system. So that's a three-to-one margin essential. That's a that's a gross difference of almost 200 Volts for the minority against them already position in for the majority position. And as a matter of fact that it won by only about 90 volts OUC Hennepin County alone made the difference there. So when you start talking about Blue Earth County and Cass and Carver and so on and so forth around the state Reagan is very very strong. Get that part of the independent Republican party splinters off over this issue. As you indicated could be very difficult thing in the months and years ahead. The Reagan force is also appeared to be relatively strong and Lee Twin Cities suburbs. They they were Itali primarily by Senate District and I think if you look at the rough totals hear the Suburban districts probably come out a little bit more on the on the Reagan side and they do on Ford side Washington County for example was split evenly 13213 and and so it went in late in the various now is it they Hennepin County one was it was interesting and rather expected because Hennepin County Republicans have generally been a good deal more liberal than their and they're all state counterparts. And in fact that has been historically one of the cause of set some of the party squabbles in the past. I think that the Looking Back To The Head Gubernatorial nomination fight in 1970 that I was was part of it had being a leader of the so-called Young Turks in the in the Hennepin County faction, and we see evidence of that persisting today with some of the more liberal people coming from Hennepin County Arne Carlson people like that former vice presidential candidate and former, New York Congressman Bill Miller who gave an address of keynote address to this group a little little while ago or was a keynote address or at least a special speeches as it was listed on the program touchdown this whole matter of party Unity. He made it very clear that he in fact is a supporter of President Ford but thinks they're both good man and thinks the Democrats are really terrible people in the know that was kind of a tenor of his remarks and we've got a call this party together and so on and we'll be hearing that just a little bit later with quite a short speech incidentally, but a very big arrest very very political one, which I guess is quite in keeping with the and the tenor of a political Venturian right. Now former Minnesota Governor Harold Evander is leading a discussion of the Republican Party platform that to it is potentially going to be a source of controversy and and the excitement here particularly the portion of the platform which calls for debating contour for handling controversial issues. Not in the platform itself, but through a series of straw balance, the platform committee has suggested about 5 controversial issues be handled that way abortion Equal Rights Amendment tech support for stadium in the Twin Cities area and gun control. And they're very very well. Maybe a number of delegates who were elected at the district level and and county-level conventions who came here specifically with concerned about getting one particular issue or to end of the party platform specifically, of course, I'm talking about the anti-abortion people there appears to be something of a loose Coalition between the anti-abortion forces and the Ronald Reagan forces and that makes some sense considering the position of the candidates on that issue Ronald Reagan favors, a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion Ronald rather president for a while. So is it saying you personally disapproves of it would not like to see a constitutional amendment but would prefer to leave leave it up to the states to to deal with as they choose. So yesterday in the rules committee, when? Leah Reagan supporters lost on the method of electing National convention delegates Jerry Arnold one of the strong Reagan supporters proposed that the rule allowing for Straub out of that controversial issues be deleted that was defeated. But I think we're going to see some debate on on that particular issue yet on the floor the rule allows by the way for debate on a controversial issue. If a majority of the convention wants to debate it and I think on the abortion issue you might very well see a majority because not only are 45% of the Reagan supporters possibly going to go that way but I suspect a good many Ford supporters are also from the so-called pro-life action look so I know about 20 minutes past the hour of former Governor Reagan was supposed to speak of course at 11:15. We see no sign of him on the floor yet, but we expect it to there will be a dramatic moment and what he suddenly will will appear and and that the presentation will begin although once again, there are many many. Empty seats on the floor at this point and I suspect that those people will be on hand at such time as a is Reagan appears. Would you not think so Debbie said a lot of the signs Reagan signs that were piled up on the tables are no gone. There are few down there, but I would assume that people are gathering out in the hall making ready for a demonstration when Reagan decides to speak. I would think that would come pretty soon because of course, he's he and Betty Ford a goes on a tight schedule. And as one of the Republican Party officials told me when I asked earlier this morning. Well, are we on schedule? Will Reagan be on at 11:15 and Betty Ford at about noon to 12:15? She said yes conventions always run late. But but those people have a tight schedules in and you been the convention activities around them. There was just a some mention of the fact that the Ronald Reagan presentation is coming up momentarily and they were debating. I believe of a some platform rules or constitutional question here and it's been suggested by the chairwoman of the convention that they will delay whatever they were working on until after the Reagan presentation. So that again would be an indication. It's coming up very shortly a little a housekeeping business to be taken care of here some last-minute instructions as they're being described and I think we will see Ronald Reagan on this Podium now very very shortly. At least we hope so Having a little trouble keeping order in the hall as that. This was very much of a problem last night during that two very hot rules debate when they convention chairman very often had to dig a hole for order and ask delegates to quit talking and leave the Hall of Fame. They weren't interested in the business at hand in this kind of thing. It's a somewhat more unruly Republican convention. Then it's been in the past perhaps the fact that it's now independent Republican somehow accounts for that Bob. Well that's possibility of the presidential race. It is unusual circumstance 118 delegates from the state of Minnesota could conceivably make an important difference in the outcome of a national election. But in this case that is exactly what's happening. I think that the amount of attention given this event by national media Representatives is an indication of that I noticed report From The Washington Post RW Apple from The New York Times somebody from CBS make NBC may be here as well. So they're all paying fairly close attention to this because it's it's fairly important actually that the Gerald Ford pickup all 18 of these delegates. If in fact he's going to get the nomination because it's expected the Ronald Reagan will narrow the Gap further this weekend and other conventions being held around the state around the country of those delegates. You have to be selected. Most of those states are expected to rather heavily favored Reagan. So I Minnesota's one of the last opportunities the president has to score with will certainly be heralded around the country is a big victory if he in fact that he's able to grab all the 18 of the delegates here. We might note once again for those who perhaps that are with us for this the life convention coverage for the first time since we began yesterday that we're broadcasting from the pressbox high above the convention floor the floor in which hockey is normally played here in the Saint Paul Civic Center gives us a marvelous vantage point to on what's Happening. It also was a marvelous vantage point of for the Secret Service and some of those agents have been in and out to this morning and have a kind of sitting in with us on this convention coverage keeping us company and keeping an eye on the security situation here at the convention, which is most understandable with both Ronald Reagan and first lady Betty Ford on Han. Did you notice whether any Secret Service protection had been accorded former Governor Herald staff? I didn't notice but I don't I don't believe so. They're the Secret Service people are generally fairly obvious. Even though I think they try their best to blend in. They are there are extremely well scrubbed in the always very Natalie dressed and it's it's not that difficult to pick them up and I didn't see any with with her. I was curious because he of course is at this point and about presidential candidate tonight. I wonder what the dividing line is when when they are given Secret Service people into but they are not I think it's probably a matter of when they're taken seriously. I think the one of the interesting aspects of the debate on the rules last night between the four and Reagan supporters was over fairness the Reagan people argue that since 45% or so of the delegates here are Reagan supporters their views ought to be represented in the makeup of the national delegation the Ford supporters argue. On the other hand that since the founding of the country artist has been a system of majority rule in the United States. They argued that that being the case the majority Auto Select the delegates to the National Convention for its supporters also argue that majority rule was the case in six out of seven District Conventions, and they said that to be consistent the same thing all to apply at the state level. The Reagan supporters were not without a consistency argument of their own. However, they were able to point out that the plurality rule the top 18 volt Gators getting the nomination. You're rather being selected delegates. That's Some had been in effect in state conventions dating back several years, and they argued that it certainly ought not to be change this year. Well, it was a philosophical argument on one level it would be but difficult to judge the value of but of course it's delegate votes to count on the Ford supporters have the strength and prevailed interesting lately vote on the from the convention floor on the matter was about the same just about proportionally as even as it was in the rules committee rules committee voted 928 originally an 8 to a tie which was broken by the chairman James Gatlin and then on the floor was 877 to 787. The little Round of Applause Just a moment ago a Bob was an indication from the chair that the we are about to have that speech momentarily by Ronald Reagan. There was a request made that the Isles be cleared. So it's so there was some order when this this took place and then some end well now we're getting the introduction I believe. Okay, this is Festus of guns when two apparently will introduce Ronald Reagan. Why don't we Did I say Gunflint? I'm in the Gunsmoke. He's now coming to the podium. I'm not sure what his real name is the name of the Abyss actor, but I think we're all familiar. Ken Curtis. Okay. Thank you David felon, and let's go to the podium for that introduction. And I'm going to do a lot of spilling to you. Because the last thing I heard when I left Dodge City Oil, doc Adams said Festus if you get called on to do any speech and while you're up there in, Minnesota. Said be sure and keep your voice low so's it'll match your IQ. Well, I'll do that and I'll keep it short to I just want to say that I'm very proud. Very delighted to be here representing a gentleman that I feel is one of the greatest Americans today. Was by far the greatest Governor that we've have ever had in the state of, California. and I feel I furthermore and seeing all of his campaigns out there. I know that he's a winner because he proved that in California on three very specific occasions. So I am very proud to be here on behalf of a great American Governor Ronald Reagan. And right now I would like to introduce you to a gentleman that I am very proud to be a my industry with. You all know him as a very fine actor in many movies and more recently and the FBI story a great American and a fine gentleman mr. F from Zimbalist Junior. It looks like Governor Reagan is bringing with him the same retinue of actors that accompanied him to the state of Iowa. This past weekend is Efrem Zimbalist jr. Thank you, Ken. Madam chairwoman honorable delegates, ladies and gentlemen, Republican Party It seems that a couple of years ago. All of us Republicans were. in a little bit of trouble over something called the Watergate scandal. Well, we find ourselves in 1976 maybe on the other side of the fence. Because low and behold we are now confronted with a democratic waterbed scandal. Seriously my friends. I'm like him. Extraordinarily honored and privileged to be able to come here to Minnesota and speak to you very briefly on behalf of Governor Ronald Reagan. I feel But on the subject of electability. Governor Reagan is a winner on several issues on several for several reasons number one. In the states that he has one. Republicans can realistically look forward to a victory in November He is able to draw. Independent votes has no one else. Can he has the ability? And a keen intellect to realize the issues that the set. Our country today. He has the courage to speak out on those issues and their proposed solutions to them regardless of where the chips may fall into stand by those convictions. And the ability to communicate those ideas to people at large to speak to those people from the heart and make them understand what he is trying to say. I firmly believe that in this very dark time. of American history when men of Goodwill everywhere are beginning to Despair and the forces of darkness and evil are running rampant in our land. I believe we can be extremely happy and grateful that it Divine Providence has placed. Upon Our seen a leader the likes of which this country is not known within the lifetime of anyone here present. friends We offer you our hand to join with us. To join with Ronald Reagan in putting forward in Kansas City a program that will carry through to November. It will sweep this country that will bring hope once again to the millions of citizens in our land and two people. I've lost freedom in the rest of the world or who are rapidly losing it a hope for the future of a rallying point to gather around and it is my great privilege at this time. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you govern the Ronald Reagan. And as might be expected they convention comes a to its feet at this point of Standing Ovation is former Governor Reagan and I assume that's his way for Nancy Baba move toward the podium ass and he's getting a nice round of applause of Standing Ovation from the delegates here. There's no visible floor demonstration beginning at which we thought might have been a possibility a lot of Reagan signs being bounced around the lovely wife. And it looks like the governor's going to begin just a minute here Efrem Zimbalist jr. Did note that as we expected. We can't really tell visually from here, but that is his wife a Nancy Reagan with him at the podium in both the forward and Reagan delegates are apparently applauding at this point. Let's go to then the podium where I will Reagan. Well that from thank you very much. very heartwarming introduction I'm chairman. The others who were here at the head table and you ladies and gentlemen fellow Republicans. It's a great pleasure for me to be here and I'm sure you must realize how grateful I am. Not only to you, but do these good friends would be here. We had a third good friend and unfortunately, he became ill last night flying up from Mississippi Jim Stewart, or he would have been here also, and I have described them as the biggest rabbits feet in the world because they've been with me and so many of the state's here and where we've had some measure of success. Here I am and this community my first time here was broadcasting an Iowa, Minnesota game. Who De Moines? Minnesota one If you know, you know it begins to look though with regard to one of your citizens as if they Hubert Humphrey bandwagon Was A Streetcar Named Desire? They've had quite a contest they started out with 27 candidates tied for last. Back in January of a Martian had landed and said to a Democrat take me to your leader. He'd have been in for quite a trip. Now, of course, it looks like it's going to be Jimmy Carter. And I don't know whether he's a man for all seasons, but he's been doing pretty good job being a man for everybody. Regardless. If you point not recent it too long ago out in California. He was in a motorcade campaigning and saw a farmer over in a field working and just on a hunch. He's stop the motorcade climbed over the fence with over said to the farm around me to help you and it took a milking stool in a bucket and sat down start the farmer's cow and while he was doing that. He looked up at the farm and he said I'll bet you that you would Humphrey wouldn't do this to get your vote. And if I ever said what why don't you ask him? He's on the other side of the Cow Milking over there. Well, then I was first several primaries. I learned a number of things. I learned that if at first you don't succeed you get an awful lot of advice. But you are here. Gather together to choose the standard-bearer for our party and I am here obviously to offer myself for your consideration and to that end. I will point out as clearly as I can what I believe are the differences between the two candidates between mr. Ford and myself with regard to the issues. I happen to believe that that's the function of a primary contests and of a Convention of this kind and choosing the nominee, but the candidates do present themselves that you have an opportunity to see where the difference is lie between them and then make your decision. I think we've had enough in this country of politicians telling us who the nominees will be in this time that we began letting the rank-and-file choose who the nominees will be. The election this fall is going to determine how this country will go about solving a number of domestic problems will a federal government expand to even greater size as it sees land use energy and the employment and busing and Welfare as the sole province of the Washington establishment, or will we finally face up to the fact that our problems are the direct result of transferring to the federal government programs and responsibilities that properly belong back at levels of government closer to the people. Our opponents for 40 years have placed their faith in centralized power and Washington Republicans have traditionally oppose this and we should continue to do so, I happen to believe that this is one of the differences between mr. Ford and myself and understand it is view of the Washington establishment is different than mine. Most of his adult life has been spent as a member of that establishment 25 years or more a congressman then appointed to the vice presidency. And for the last 22 months has served as the president of this country. Most of my adult life has been spent out in the private sector until I became governor of California. I missed your Ford has a faith in the Washington establishment as the answer to the problems that confront us he and I differ on that. I do not share that faith. I don't believe that Washington is the answer I believe Washington is the problem. Our nation spends a billion dollars a day it taxes us for almost half of our earnings Government Federal state and local today are taking $0.44 out of every dollar earned. No nation in history has ever survived such an attack Burton. It is the biggest single item in the family budget the cost of government today is greater for the average family then food shelter and clothing all put together. In addition to this even this is not enough. We are going into debt today and have been for the last Almost 2 years at a rate of almost two billion dollars every seven days and almost half of that is going simply to pay the interest on the already existing deck. We're told that we are having a solid economic recovery. This is not true. We are not eliminating recession or unemployment or inflation in any lasting way. We are stimulating the economy temporarily with borrowing and with printing press money to give the illusion of prosperity in an election year, but then comes double-digit inflation. It may I cite an example that this is not just rhetoric today. The inflation rate has started to creep up again. We have halted any reduction in the unemployment rate that the Federal Government rate of printing money is now up to 12% our economy only improves Orion Kris productivity at about 4% or less. We are increasing the amount of money three to four times as fast as we're increasing the production of goods to buy with that money. And that means we're reducing the value of every dollar you presently own or hope to own in 1970. We have the so-called Nixon recession and we as Republicans lost greatly in the state house is in the legislators and in the Congress of the United States inflation was 6% unemployment was 7% Between them and the 1972 election year we did what we're doing now and in 1972 things began to look better. We work said we were told we were coming out of the recession and we were we reduced inflation to 2.9% and then came 1973 and 1974 only this time in the recession inflation was 12% unemployment was better than 10% and now we're told we're coming back to prosperity and we're not even back to where we were in the depths of the first depression the 1970 depression. Now how many more times can we do this without the roof falling in? On what is the last stronghold of free enterprise left in the world? California if it were a nation would be the 7th ranking economic power in the world today. But when I became Governor 8 years ago a little more now. California was like New York City. It was on the verge of bankruptcy and the only difference between New York City and Washington DC Washington has a printing press. California was spending a million and a half dollars a day more than it was taking in. The teachers retirement fund was an unfunded for billion dollar liability hanging over every property owner in the state. The previous administration had spent the entire Year's budget for Medicaid in the first six months of the fiscal year. We had to turn for the only one. I knew the only place I know to turn for help to the people never having been a part of government or never having believed that I would ever seek public office. My faith was in the people return to the people of California for those who would take appointed positions in government and I didn't seek out those who wanted a job in government to the contrary. I wanted people to wear to be persuaded to give up their own lives and serve for a Time. Some could only come for a year or two, but we took them and replace them with the same kind of people when they had to go back to their own careers. We created an Administration that believe that we were there to stand between the taxpayers and the tax fenders and we had to watch where that develop no one point that we didn't ask an advertising agency for a slogan. What we said to each other for those eight years to keep our balance was when we begin to talk about government as we instead of they we've been here too long. We went farther. We turned again to the people we gathered in a room like this what had to be the leadership of the State of California in the point of expertise in their chosen lines virtually, every occupation was represented and they were the best the most successful the most expert and we told them we wanted them and we wanted them at no expense to the task the taxpayer. We wanted them to volunteer. I'm sure that many of them thought they were going to serve on a committee for about ten days or so more than 250 of these very successful expert people volunteered enthusiastic and wound up spending a hundred and seventeen days a piece full time away from their own careers their own jobs at activities organized into task forces. They went into 64 areas of state government and at the end of the hundred and seventeen days, they presented us with some 1800 specific recommendations as to how common sense You use in your everyday life could be put to work to make government more responsive. We implemented more than 1,600 of those recommendations. And the result was that after eight years that passed the two terms of our Administration. We turned over to the incoming Administration a solvent State a balanced budget a 500 million dollar Surplus and our bonds had a triple a credit rating from Moody's the highest credit rating you can get Now this was done not by us. But by the common sense of the people being given a chance to participate in their government. Once again, now, I know that I'm talking about these things many of you might say, ah, yes, but what about those other functions that government is supposed to perform for the people? What about the problems of human misery? And what did you do in all that time that you were simply trying to deal with the physical problem of a bankrupt State? Well, when we began the state income tax of California began at the first $2,000 of earned income when we left office a family had to be earning more than $8,000 before they were subject to any income tax at all. We created a $1,750 exemption in the property tax for homeowners plus a tax rebate to give comprable relief to the renters the senior citizens on fixed and retirement incomes over and above this amount. We're given property tax relief based on their income which range from a third of their tax to 92% almost a total forgiveness of their home attacks on their home. So they could not be evicted simply when inflation eroded they're fixed in retirement incomes and yet at the same time, we had a 227 square miles of State Park land including 41 miles of beachfront in the ocean. State educational support from kindergarten through high school to further take the burden off the property tax payer what's increased 24 times as much as the increasing enrollment the state scholarship fund is 9 times greater than it was when we started we approved and appointed more young people 21 years of age and under for boards and commissions in state government than any other governor, and we appointed more members of minority communities to executive and policy-making positions in state government than all the previous governors of California put together. We became the leading nation state in the nation in the terms of supplemental assistance to the elderly the blind of the disabled. We brought into Medicaid to include 800,000 needy. Californians would form only getting their treatment from the county health care programs. And the result for the County's was that 43 of our 48 or 58 counties were able to reduce their property taxes for 2 years in a row the second year. There were 45 we brought California from 11th to 3rd among the nations are among the states in the rehabilitation and placing in useful employment of handicapped persons. We increase States support for the treatment of the mentally ill the programs for alcohol and drug abuse and adult and juvenile rehabilitation. And then we turned our attention or it should say at the same time. We were turning our attention to what I think is the Forgotten man and woman in America the citizen who has not had enough representation in government for too long a time that person who gets up in the morning sends the kids to school goes to work pays their bills supports their church and charity pay their taxes and make the whole system work the taxpaying working citizen of America. We gave back to them in tax rebates and tax cuts 5761000000 dollars over the eight years. Now. I use the term rebate that is not a refund of an overpayment of tax. A rebate is a strange word in connection with the government. And I think you should know what it meant. The first time we got out of the hole and out of the bankruptcy my finance director cap Weinberger came to me and told me that we were going to have a surplus I you said I know that the legislators go to find out about it and they'll have 6:57 different ways to spend it. He said I thought you might have a pet program that you'd like to spend it on and I said I do let's give it back. He said it's never been done and I said well, I never had an actor up here before either. But we jumped the gun in the legislature. We told him we wanted to give it back to the people and we told it publicly and once the people that heard that they didn't have the nerve to interfere. I don't happen to believe the government has a right to take one penny more than it needs to run government. And if there's any left over at the end of the year you give it back to the people. That first Surplus we gave back was a hundred million dollars. The last Surplus we gave back was 850 million dollars. Now when you tell a liberal Democratic legislature that you want to give back 850 million dollars. This is like getting between the hog in the bucket. 11 Senator indignantly proclaim the giving that money back. He considered was an unnecessary expenditure of public funds. I happen to believe that what we did in California what worked in California will work at the national level of government in Washington will once again have faith in the people of this country and use them to help solve the problems. But every time Washington tries to do something that people should do for themselves Washington is a colossal failure. In New Jersey, there's a fellow getting disability payments from Social Security. He got a letter the other day. I told him they were discontinuing the payments because he's dead. What he read the letter he didn't believe it. He went to see them when they couldn't argue with him. But do you know that they could not figure a way to turn the computer around and start his payments again, but after perusing the rulebooks they figured out something they could do to help for a while. They gave him a check for $700 to pay for his funeral. How is it the federal government has been involved in low-cost housing for the poor for more than 20 years and we can't count the number of programs every time a program fails to produce that housing. They create another program on top of it and sedate the score is the federal government has destroyed three and a half low cost houses for every house. They produced in In North Carolina, I was campaigning there in Gaston County. I found out that last winter the federal government gave a grant of $21,000 to that County to buy heating oil for families that were too poor to keep their houses warm. Now, they discover that $20,500 that went for administrator salaries and expenses to supervise the buying a $500 worth of oil but they're also having an investigation in the county to find out out of a 268 gallons. They bought who got a hundred and twenty eight of those gallons because they disappeared and no one knows what happened to them. But if you think that's one the woman in Chicago, they've discovered her getting welfare under 18 Ames 30 address is 15 telephone numbers and her take is estimated at $150,000 tax free. 3 years ago you and I lined up at the oil stations to buy gas a half a million workers lost their jobs because there was no fuel for their Industries project. Independence was launched. We were now going to become so independent of outside oil that never again, but anyone blackmail us as the Arab nations were doing at that time and then Congress started to talk about how to achieve project Independence and they talked and they talked and they talked and if we could have harnessed at hot are we wouldn't have had to turn the thermostats down? 3 years go by and finally, they come up with an answer the energy bill last December. It was passed that it was sent and it was signed into law and almost instantly all over this country hundreds and hundreds of drilling rig started closing down because they're no longer under that law is any economic incentive in trying to find new sources of oil or natural gas. The bill should have been vetoed. It never should have been passed in the first place. Today, we are importing more than half of the oil. We consume today. We are producing less oil and we were three years ago at the time of the Embargo and of the Arabs clamp down on us again. Don't bother to go to the oil station in lineup because there won't be any gas. This bill was a disaster. It should be repealed and the government should get out of the way and turn the industry loose on the free market. Find the sources of energy this country needs. Just as another subject could probably is closer to you here in this area. It wasn't too long ago that the government told the farmer in America to plant fence row defense Road and sell his produce in the world market. And after we had planted an after it harvested the government changed the rules in the middle of the game and suddenly the farmer was like holding the bag full of grain and when the government finally lifted the Embargo two and a half billion dollars in sales have been lost and the price had gone down. It is time in a hungry world for the government of the United States to tell the American Farmer to produce all he can and sell in the World Market at whatever price is available without government interference. I said that I would point out differences and I believe this is fair enough. There is another difference all of us are concerned about crime. One of the approaches to crime in this country has been the proposal to limit the ownership or restrict the ownership of guns and there are people who think that this is a logical answer to Crime. I've never believe that today. The Administration has a bill before Congress that would make it difficult or impossible for the law-abiding to have a gun. I have never believed the taking the guns away from the law-abiding is in any way going to keep the criminal from getting a gun. He'll always have one. I believe again in California, we found a better answer than taking guns away from the collectors of the Sportsman the criminal with a gun as the problem. We dealt with that. We have a long now that says if a man is convicted of a crime and had in his possession a gun at the time whether he used it or not, add 5 to 15 years to the prison sentence. weed We have a second law that says no judge can find a gun carry and criminal guilty and turning back on the street on probation. He has to serve a mandatory prison sentence. Are you probably heard a rumor to the effect that I've mentioned now and then in these campaigns the Panama Canal? What is true I have I mentioned the Panama Canal that goes for two years. Our government has been engaged in negotiations under a threat of violence to give away our sovereignty in the Canal Zone and ultimately the canal itself. These negotiations have been held pretty much without the knowledge of the American people which in itself seems strange to me, but I happen to believe first of all and I study this quite intensely the treaty giving us the Panama Canal Zone awarded us the same kind of sovereignty that we acquired in Alaska when we bought Alaska from the from the Russians, It is Sovereign territory. We have managed the canal not as a colonial possession, but to the advantage of all we are still charging the same Freight rate for going through that Canal that we were charging in 1914. We have been fair to the world and we certainly have been fair to Panama. But the ruler of Panama today is a military dictator who seized power by overthrowing the duly elected government eight years ago the president only been in office 11 days the elected president when he was thrown out. I do not believe that the United States in this world today can't afford the set the precedent of giving up something that is our Sovereign right in response to a demand based on threats of violence and bloodshed against the United States because that is the first payment of blackmail and who knows where it will end. Second point is the canal under the terms of the Constitution not treaty is ours. The people's and no Administration has a right to negotiate a giveaway of American Property only the people through their elected representatives in Congress can do that and the third point that I would make it. But yes, we should continue negotiating as we did in 36 and 55 eliminate abrasive points, but may be interfering with us being good neighbors. They are together, but make it playing in the the subject of sovereignty is non-negotiable. We will do everything we can to be helpful to the country kind of country of Panama. We will not negotiate away our Sovereign rights. I have described our foreign policy as wondering without aim. I believe it was wandering without aim when we went to Helsinki and signed a pact that Soviet Union as wanted for 35 years which in effect had the United States saying to millions of people in Central and Eastern Europe give up your dream of Freedom. We have decided that you belong in the slavery imposed by the Soviet Union. It was an immorality. We should not commit again and never should have committed in the first place. Mr. Kissinger said earlier this year. There was no alternative to daytime. Mr. Ford said that no one who advocated abandoning daytime could be elected. I'm inclined to hope he's right because he now says he'll no longer use the word. But the policy will remain the same. He says the policy will remain the same but it wasn't the word we objected to it was the policy because under this. Under this policy Daytona's become a one-way Street in which we are giving preemptive concessions and getting nothing in return from the Soviet Union as they continue on their way. Under this policy. Our military capability has deteriorated to the point that we are no longer number one in our ability to defend ourselves and to be the protector of the Free World. The I know that mr. Ford I trust in his patriotism and I know that mr. Ford has gone repeatedly to this most irresponsible Congress and ask them for more funds for defense. We know our opponents Viewpoint that Democrats have already in their platform put in a plant that they will cut defense spending by 7 billion dollars. Now, I'm the only challenge I have it. Dr. Kissinger has said that he has to negotiate with the Soviet Union from a position of asking rather than demanding because the American people you and I no longer have the will and the stamina to keep this country in the number one position of strength. I don't believe that I don't believe that you and I whack the will of the stamina what we lack is the information and the truth about our situation which our government owes to us. It is time for a president of the United States to go over the heads of that Congress to the people of this country. Tell the people the truth and asked the people to help him in persuading that are responsible Congress to do what has to be done for our national security. Now I know this will work because I was faced as I told you what the same kind of legislature in California everything we tried to do they objected to it. And I found out that if you tell the people the truth what the problem is and what it is you're trying to accomplish you have a way not necessarily of making the legislators see the light you make them feel the heat. We can no longer afford Politics as Usual. We as Republicans cannot afford this ever-growing Leviathan in Washington a buddy system believing in its own omnipotence big government makes for small people and what we need today are big people making government small. I know Republican is going to win without getting the votes of millions of Independents and Democrats the problems cross party lines and so will a people in 1972. We saw an example millions of Democrats came over and voted Republican, but let's not kid ourselves. They didn't vote for us for the first time. They have seen what they're party represented in that McGovern convention and they were voting against that now that new majority is still out there millions of them waiting for the cars around which the rally and we can give them this time something to vote for instead of just against Now we can't do this by blurring the distinction between the two parties by making the Republican Party look like a Democrat Party. Then there's no reason for them to change. We have to erect a standard tells them once and for all what it is we represent what we stand for and then we will not water down our principles in order to solicit anyone's vote let our Panter Proclaim that we will reduce the size and power of the federal government by reducing the authority and autonomy for a number of programs two levels of government closer to the people. And the first of these should be that thing called revenue-sharing what is revenue-sharing today the federal government through a myriad of taxes, which they are preempted and taken from the states and local governments take our bunny from us take it to Washington deductive carry in charge. Then they give us part of our own money back and tell us it's their money and we can have it if we will spend it exact. Show me the way they tell us how to spend it. The answer is very simple. And there is precedent for this. It is not something impossible to run usual Begin by transferring as a revenue-sharing program back to the States and local communities sources of Taxation that have been preempted by the federal government give us the responsibility for raising the money through those taxes and for administering the programs. We will then subsequently turned back to the States and local communities. The first of those programs then should be welfare again, mr. Ford and I differ Mr. Ford and said that if elected he will federali's welfare. This is giving it back to the people who messed it up in the first place. What is proposing is the family assistance plan the guaranteed annual income and I assure you this is the program that was defeated three years ago, California help defeated in the United States Senate. We defeated it be caused by the stroke of a pen. You will add 12 million more Americans for the welfare rules putting them on a government paycheck for which they do not have to work. We in California had a welfare problem welfare was increasing 40,000 people a month. We turned again to the people in the citizens task force after 7 months of study handed us a program for comprehensive welfare reform. We implemented the program in less than three years. We reduce the Royals by more than 300,000 people. We save the taxpayers 2 billion dollars. But we were able to increase the grants to the truly needy by an average of 43% We learn something else welfare is not saving human beings welfare is destroying them. And the way to save them one of the ways to save them is given opportunity to the able-bodied welfare recipients to work at useful Community projects in return for their welfare grants. Another major program that should be turned back. We build at the local level the greatest school system. The world has ever known now in too many years we've had something called federal aid to education and federal aid has become Federal interference with education. It is time to turn the schools back to the states and the local school districts to get Washington out of the classroom and perhaps we can get God back in. Thank you very much. Now that our Banner Proclaim fiscal responsibility already termination to balance the budget and begin a reduction of the national debt balancing the budget will do a lot of things that will cure a lot of great problems. For example today. We hear talk in political circles about the threat to the family farm and the family-owned business will the answer to that is very simple government makes a profit on inflation. It doesn't have to increase the tax rates you get a cost-of-living pay raise you move up into a higher sir tax bracket in the payment of your income tax let them in index the income tax brackets. So they're based on the constant value of the dollar and you don't get a go into a higher bracket unless you have actually increased your purchasing power. What is the greatest threat to the family farm of the family-owned business the inheritance tax the fact that the exemption in that taxes $65,000 tax free, but that was the figure in 1942 today $65,000 take $200,000 to equal it. All government has to do to be fair and honest is increase the exemption in the inheritance tax for $200,000. So you won't have to sell the Family Farm or the family-owned business. and on the world scene Except our destiny. We are the leader of the Free World. We can't abdicate our responsibility without abdicating our ability to keep the peace and that is the name of the game to try and preserve the peace. To do this we have to say that we'll ask the people of this country for whatever sacrifices necessary to ensure that America remains. So strong that no other Nation on Earth will ever dare test our strength and violate that piece now some say that has a warlike sound some say well, isn't this jingoism her saber-rattling? Mylifetime there have been four Wars. I don't think there are any of us that don't hope and pray that never again will a generation of young men have to bleed their lives into Corralitos or the mother of Flanders field as we did in the wars that have taken place so far. Recently, I spoke at the graduation of my own son from high school is 18 years old like any father like any parent? I don't want my son to have to go to war. I don't want their generation ever have to see what we have seen, but you and I also learned that that is not something we can pass on inheritance or guarantee. We also have learned in our lifetime. You don't buy peace through weakness You by peace through strength So I would like to suggest I'd like to suggest another line of final line on that Banner of ours. I believe in the read last decade this country committed one of the great immoralities of all-time radar than anything we've done in our National History. We should pledge that will never be repeated that never again will a government of the United States asked its young men to fight and die unless it is for a cause this country intends to win as quickly as possible. Now there is there is one last thing I would like to talk to you about an issue has been raised in this election. That is a vital importance to all of you and on your minds the usual collectability. You know, I was a Democrat for a large part of my life. And in those days we used to talk about Republicans and we used to say that sometimes it seems Republicans would rather win a convention than an election. That shouldn't be true again. You have a right to know. My own belief is in the many months that I was trying to decide whether I would make a decision to be a candidate in this election. No one prayed harder than I did, but it would not be necessary at the Administration Washington would be so successful that there would be no need for another candidacy. I have Explain four reasons here in my remarks why I did not believe that was so but the most important consideration in making up my mind to run was the issue of victory in November victory for our party and I will tell you now in making that decision If I did not believe I offered our party the best hope for victory. I would not be here asking for your support. I believe I do. I said that no Republican could win without the votes of millions of Democrats and independents and therefore if you'll permit me I just typed the record. I was elected governor in California by a million vote. Margin perhaps you don't know that California is almost to the one Democrat I could not have been elected without having crossed the party lines and obtain the votes of millions of people of the other party. Even Independence outnumber Republicans in California in the primaries so far in, New Hampshire. Where no crossover is permit and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Democrats wrote my name in on the Democratic ballot, even though it nullified their ballot in so doing didn't help me in the Republican primary, but it made me feel good. But in those states were crossovers are permitted. Even the campaigners for mr. Ford have they been even a little critical of this that I have been getting a crossover of democratic votes in those states where they can cross over what if we're going to broaden the base of our party very simply what that means is you get some Democrats to vote for a republican. So I do believe that I have a broad enough base and can appeal do those Democrats and in areas that the Republicans must have such as the South particularly now in view of Jimmy Carter is the candidate that this is why I base my believe that I offer the the best hope as I said a victory I have cited some things here that I said should be on a republican standard. I don't believe that I have said anything that has not been in all our hearts and Minds for many many years as basic Republican philosophy. We are the party of fiscal responsibility. We are the party that believes in compassion for those of true need but not as I've said before destroying families for several generations of the same family by handouts that demean them and do nothing to help them. All of these things are Republican principles. We can stand behind them all of us as Republicans, but we will not get those Democrats. We will not get those Independence just by standing behind those principles unless you and I do something else. They have to see us first as a party. Once this contest is over United behind the nominee of the party and going forward as a United Republican party in full belief and support of whoever our candidate might be that will give us the victory. Thank you very much. Ronald Reagan now getting a standing ovation from the delegates here at the 1976 independent Republican party convention receive not only by the obvious Reagan supporters, but by the whole convention, I thought he had the frequent Applause. It was sustained Applause a member of standing ovations and it seemed to pretty much be the whole convention body taking part not just 45% of it lie to items which caused a standing ovation. The first was when he said that farmers oughta be able to sell their products on the world grain markets without government restriction on that obviously struck a responsive note among the people from rural parts of Minnesota. And then the second one that got a standing ovation was when he said get Washington out of the schools and God back in. He of course touchdown many of the things which shall we might have expected him to he criticized the growth of government spending. He outlined some of the reasons he thinks he was successful in curbing it in, California. and criticize President Ford for being part of the Washington establishment There's no question that the former California governor and his wife Nancy are very attractive people. He's a very polished performer that the speech was pretty much as expected. I think we could say Bob it's the kind of things he's been saying but they were apparently things that this convention wanted to hear. Once again. It was very very well received. The next question becomes when we will see the first lady Betty for the presumably is in town at this point and should be addressing this convention before too terribly long. She shouldn't fact cream to the schedule be coming on right now or in just a few minutes. I wonder Rob if we should take a quick break to identify these stations in Minnesota Public Radio and then come back and see if we do have some word on when mrs. Ford will be joining us. So with a reminder that this is life coverage. I made possible. David was just indicating. We should the note that we're doing this life coverage of the Republican State Convention independent Republican State Convention with the financial assistance of the Minneapolis Star. That is correct. And these are the Stations of Minnesota Public Radio. Back again at st. Paul Civic Center and the 76 GOP State Convention Well, the drum and bugle Corps is starting up sounds to me like we're going to have Betty for it here in just a minute. I think you can probably hear some of that song. They are entering right right beneath this. Podium is to our right and Marchers are coming in just a very back of the auditorium Bob John merli is down on the floor. I think of you in a position to talk with us life, but he's around the podium and I wondered John are you listening to us at this point it down there on the convention floor. If you are, why don't you wave or something and perhaps up tell us have you had any indication whether mrs. Ford is in the building and will be soon in speaking with us. I do not believe she is in the building yet. Dick one reason crashes that Governor Reagan, but you cannot see him. I don't think from your Vantage Point way up there is still in the hole behind the podium and although I know the secret service agent should try to avoid that. He was mobbed by a lot of young people here mostly Pages as the band approaches about 20 feet in front of me and I have a feeling that once Governor Reagan is out of the area and out of the buildings and they will bring in message to Security operation, of course. I might mention dick Bob. I was speaking with an aide to governor in a few moments ago as he was addressing the crowd the governor asked him a little bit about the rules of procedure last night and the possibility of a regen walk out which does not appear to Evan at this time. Anyway, and the aide said that if the convention should mess the Reagan people around at his words in might be a walk out apparently not believing at least publicly that that was done last night to the Reagan supporters. They also said that the governor will be taking off for Wyoming a little later this afternoon and open the left open the 8th. Anyway, the possibility of a possible walk out later. However, that seems to be more speculation than anything else at this point mrs. Ford according to the secret service agent says they're lining up back here was probably within the area but I think it'll probably still be several minutes before she gets to the Plan spontaneous demonstrations over back to your deck. Okay, John. Thank you very much. So Boxer with drum and bugle and hats and so on. So forth is kind of making a little break here in the speechmaking this morning. They've had quite a quite a session is Speed Weed when I came in around 10 former Governor love and it was on the potty and talking about to the party's position on some issues in about what a great party at was we heard Bill Miller, of course of a major speech here by former Governor Reagan, and the now presumably will have the first lady Betty Ford very shortly and I think we are getting that introduction right now. I might know that that wasn't an in all Candor Bob a very spirited little demonstration. We just had though was it it was pretty pretty low-key is the people paraded in. We had thought there might be some kind of a spontaneous or nonspontaneous as the case might be demonstration at the conclusion of Governor Reagan's remarks that did not take place, but the missus for is being welcomed here. With some poor people with voters and balloons and this kind of thing, you know Bob who that is at the podium who's about to introduce mrs. Florida or at least introduce the person who introduces Florida convention chairman, John Moody. Down there, but I don't know who that is. There's trucks. Welcome. I believe isn't it. Maybe maybe not my eyesight isn't all that good. We're probably good 150 or so feet away. When we go down to the podium and see what's going on. Yes, I think Slocum was bringing some word on just what is happening and then let's go there and maybe we'll hear as well. Apparently we're not going to get that word immediately get it looked as though right now. So let's go to the This is word is standing back away from the electron at the moment. She's getting a very rousing welcome here waving to the delegates walking over to the various aspects of waiting at the waiting at the folks. She's not going to deliver a major speech. She's only going to talk for about 10 or 15 minutes. From what we understand. The president's wife course has been a clear asset during the campaign many of the buttons. Hearsay Betty's husband for president in 76. Some balloons let loose in the flying toward the ceiling here now and they hear will finally be the introduction. I guess as far as I've been talking about you a little bit. But the enthusiasm out here on the crowd kind of drowns out my talking once in awhile. Tell me a little bit about you and then you probably know better than anybody else before I do got to do with you though. There are three people from Washington were also out here. I just like to have them come up to the podium or up to the state so he can wave so you can see who they are first my colleague from the House John, Anderson from Illinois. Finally add-ons on us. The man is Tom Hagedorn Republican representative from the second district. the conference chairman in the house position that Jerry Ford Hill at one time Next I'd like to introduce Senator Garn from Utah. Glad to have you out here in Minnesota. And you're the biggest man on the mall Senator John Howard of Texas. You'll be seeing these three men this afternoon and at the caucuses this evening. No, I know you are here waiting to hear from as a sport. just as I have known her husband for a long. Of time in the back with one of the four that work than organized Jerry Ford minority leader of the house and just as I am thrilled at what President Ford has accomplished taking us from those dark days when he became president to the kind of hoping you were you're able any of you who might have seen the TV clips of a recent. Message board was going to make in New York. When I'm dr. Morris say the president of the Jewish National Fund died after and you couldn't see the boys the greatest. when she has depending enjoying her in prayer. Policeman humankind that was expressed that was nothing compared to a speech before with it. for me and introduce you now now Betty Ford is stepping up to the microphone apologize for the quality of the sound that we're getting. Apparently the public address system operator has left on another Mike open on the floor. That's why it sounds so bumi Andrew me where is before it? It was it was quite good. You all very much. I'm glad she's such a great crowd Grand Gathering. Sorry that the president is not here for the dresser today. But as you know. a summit meeting down in Puerto Rico of the Six Nations economic crisis in the world And unfortunately, he was not he had to go to go there. And so I asked if I could come out here. I can tell you. Begin with I'm at a public speaker, and and I never expected to be going around the country campaigning for my husband for president. first degree in the family All of a sudden I find myself alone. On his behalf. I just have a few messages for you. and as a matter of fact representative bill ransdell Of your greatest day gave me this phone. and I think perhaps Betty's husband president in 76 I'm very proud of the bus. But most of all the reason I'm here is because I'm proud of my present. And I'm proud of what he has done. I believe in my husband. And what he has done for this country. He has brought. Common sense to a country that was in hair 22 months ago. you remember what the but in the last time unbelievably he's been able to turn the country around. And it's been like a breath of fresh air. Believe me in Washington. It feels as though they've opened up the windows and let the sunshine come in. Yeah in that matter of the 22 short ammo. I want to point out some of the things that he has done. And one of the things I brought them out. in fact, Minnesota the employment situation and with the help of the old friends L.L.Bean, hang a door. He has veto bills that saved taxpayers 13 billion dollars. And he has established a conservative approach to spending. And those dollars are dollars out of your pocket in your car cuz in your pocket and mine. I agree with Robert very proud. By the way, he has provided strong. calm leadership not only here at home, but I draw. foreign relations President has restored. about that cool, as I was saying earlier with it because But I want to say the special thing to All the President's support in, Minnesota. Tom Hanks He appreciates their vote of confidence. in his work and his record And the work that they're doing on this campaign without them. Using Washington doing his job as a president that he is out campaigning. America Is in great need of a strong hard-working leader. and we have Jerry Ford, is that be? Just during the last few months. I don't need your support. Stay on the job. And this is no time to have a change in leadership. We've got to get on with the job and keep going moving. now, Minnesota With your help and maybe this time crew. and then we can Betty's for Betty's husband is president in 76 So I thank you for your attention. And I'm booked to make with some of you later on and I want to thank you for your very gracious. I stand it. And there we have Betty Ford's appearance here at the 1976 State independent Republican party convention. She talked for about 9 or 10 minutes on. On the kinds of subjects, we would expect praising president for its record then saying that this is no time for a change in leadership. Richard wanted to find well, she clearly does not Bob have the the Polish as a public speaker that a Ronald Reagan has but on the other hand, I thought she was quite eloquent in a soft-spoken sort of way. I know it's very effective presentation here. Although not the kind of thing that will bring the people to their feet repeatedly again, and again as happened during the Reagan appearance, but they speech now the delegates are going to begin filing out pretty soon. They're going to take a lunch break Betty Ford will be meeting with the with people during lunch doing one of the things that she does very well meet with people on an individual basis and try to persuade them to indeed support President Ford task, which was made a good deal Easier by the action of the convention last night and decided the rules by which the 18 national delegates will be selected. I think that will about wrap up our live coverage for the moment. We'll be back later on today is things developed with spot reports. And of course, we'll have a summary of all the day's activities during all things considered this evening. Are local broadcast of this event was made possible in part with funds provided by the Minneapolis Star technical for the director for the broadcast is David felon with John. Merli Debbie Gage and Dick daily. This is Bob Potter reporting from the Saint Paul Civic Center.


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