Jesse Ventura announces he won't run again for governor

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Jesse Ventura, announces on the show he won't run again for governor.

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(00:00:06) And good morning. Welcome to midday on Minnesota Public Radio. I'm Gary eichten. Glad you could join us. What will Jesse do it's a question that's been asked over and over and over again for months. Now people wondering whether Governor Jesse Ventura would run for re-election this year. Well, the governor was expected to make his announcement this week and there was growing speculation that he was leaning toward running given the Afterglow from his apparently successful trip to China but Governor Ventura is often cited his concern over the lack of privacy that goes with public office and yesterday a new Factor was added to the mix when the former manager the governor's mansion charged that the staff at the residence repeatedly had to clean up and repair the damage after the governor's son. Tyrell had parties at the Mansion governor and his wife Terry say they are outraged at the statements. Well, Governor Ventura is our guest this Our midday and as always we invite you to join our conversation. If you have a question for the governor, give us a call here Twin City area number is 6512276 thousand 6512276 thousand outside the Twin Cities one eight hundred two, four two two eight two eight Governor. Thank you for coming in. Welcome back from China always a pleasure Gary terrific to be back from China was an extremely successful trip 3M got the opportunity as I understand it to sign the biggest contract in the history of their company. They will be making all the digitalized license plates for the entire nation of China our own 3M from the state of Minnesota. Plus there was about probably five or six other business people that remain there afterwards we came home. They stayed there to conclude other business deals. So it was a remarkable trip by I would say that in all honesty. I think it has been the true highlight in the Pinnacle of my four years. I wish that was the trade mission to China, but now I'm here for another reason Gary. I've always respected your show. I've always felt you tell felt you've treated me very fairly. You've asked tough questions good questions fun questions every kind of imaginable. So I'm going to announce on your show right now that I am not seeking re-election again. I will not run again. And it's official. I'm doing it right here on your show right now. Why not? I made the decision a few weeks ago. I made the decision prior to China but I didn't want China to be overshadowed by the politics by the dirtiness by everything that would happen. And so I withheld my decision that's part of the tie into this silliness over the residence. Those people were not brought back because I wasn't coming back and now aren't they going to look foolish for what they're doing, but they prove that I didn't bring them back because they are disloyal their dishonourable and what they did and good luck on them finding jobs because nobody certainly going to hire them while because the key to working in a place like that is your loyalty and your honesty of which they don't have any and so but that had nothing to do with the decision. I had I'd come to the decision a while ago. Yeah, and and so I'm not going to seek re-election. I'm going back into the private sector. I will always protect my family first is the well, I don't want to put words in your mouth. I mean what what what were the factors that you weighed whether I wanted to do it anymore, you know, you've got to have your heart and soul into these types of jobs. You got to want to do it and I view it as no different. I've did I did four years active duty in the Navy at a federal level. I did four years active duty as a mayor at a city level. Now. I've done four years of active duty at a state level that's 12 years of public service that I've given right now in my life and I feel comfortable with that and I feel that it's time to you know to go back into the private sector. So I will go back to the private sector. Privacy is that a big part of this? Certainly? Certainly when it gets to the point Gary where you're being attacked, you know, anyone can attack you over policy, you know that you expect in the arena of politics, but when they start attacking your family and believe me this decision I made before this latest bunch of of you no lies. They're trying to make well, it's interesting that they're saying that they had to clean. Well, they had to clean up after me too. You know, I would have friends over and they would be required to clean up after me that's their job. It was to clean up. You know, that was their job description was to clean up and now all of a sudden I guess they their job description wasn't to clean up or whatever. It might have been. I don't know but they weren't coming back anyway, because I wasn't coming back and you know, and they and I think they lost sight of the fact that they worked for me and that anyone that works for a governor is Will. Space politics you could always be drug into the political Arena no matter what job anyone anyone in my office anyone on my staff anyone that would work for me has to have a full knowledge that they could get drug into the political Arena and that politics could play a role and the problem was is that they got drugged into the arena and then instead of having trust in me. They betrayed me and at least on that level but that you know, they're they're insignificant. They you know, I I don't like the fact that they're somehow portraying that the first lady and I are somehow bad parents. I will tell you on the record that my son's behaviors Exemplar. He's 22 years old. He's a man these adult he can consume alcohol if he wants to I behaved far worse and I at his age then what he's ever behaved and soul with a clear conscience. I don't have any problem over these stories that are out there because they're not Through did if I don't mean to pry but what did the the first lady say about your decision? Did she urge you not to run? Yes. The first lady is his has not been the first lady didn't want me to run in the first place four years ago. And you know and she's been very supportive. Don't get me wrong. I think she's done an outstanding job. She's done her job exceptionally. Well, she bit the bullet and realize the hand she'd been dealt and she played it and she played it exceptional. I'm so proud of her. I'm so proud of May Shunk and her husband Bill. She has been the most loyal lieutenant governor anyone could ever ask for if I were to run again. She would certainly be my lieutenant governor again, but I met with met this morning and she understood full well to that. I just it's It's difficult to do these public service jobs when you know that your family can be assassinated by the media at any point deservedly or not deservedly. If there weren't the concern about privacy, would you have run again? No. Nope, you see the result of your leadership you have right now Tim pawlenty and Roger mole, who are the leading candidates to be Governor? Well, they should accept full responsibility for this year's budget because they are the orchestrators of and now are you aware that Moody is put us on a negative watch. Were you aware that just what I predicted would happen. I warned the state and I warned the legislature that if they behaved in the manner that they behaved in that if through Tim pawlenty's leadership and through Roger Moses leadership, they now have put the State's bond rating in Jeopardy as I predicted they would now let me say this Gary that I always viewed the state's budget much the same as I viewed my own personal budget and I would never put my own personal budget of credit in Jeopardy just as I believe you wouldn't just as I believe every citizen out there because credit is too important in today's society. It's too important to everything you Of to do and to jeopardize your own credit and yet you had these two supposed leaders put the state's Credit in Jeopardy. They wouldn't do that to their own personal budgets, but they had no problem doing it to the state's budget. Well now they can come back and deal with it next year. It's their handiwork. I'd attempt to fix it this year they chose to ignore my fix and now they can fix it next year. It's their job. They're the ones running. I'm not are you glad that you ran for governor and served four years? Absolutely. I'm honored to have served the people of Minnesota. I hold my head high. I did it to the best of my ability. I don't look back. I've never been the kind of person that lives hindsight is 20/20. What would I have done again? What would I have done different? None of that? I don't even let that inner into my mind. I had the greatest bunch of Commissioners you could ever put together. They were people who were a loyal you notice that no one knew I announced at my commission. Is hours ago that I wasn't running and not one thing leaked out did it not a thing. That is loyalty. That is loyalty. That's that's what it's all about. When you talk about giving loyalty and serving a governor. It's not what you see in the staff at the residence that is disloyal dishonest and you know and you know again had they, you know, they weren't coming back anyway because I wasn't coming back and look how they reacted and and you know telling lies about my son and oh, yeah, you're right a chair got broke their my son lived there off and on for three years chairs get broken my home things happen. And as far as I always have a standard rule in my house Gary that it if anyone consumes too much alcohol, then they sleep over they do not get put out onto the road, you know, if anyone is not in Physical condition and sober to go out on the road. I would hope that most people would adhere to the same policy that I do and that is there's a couch you can sleep on there's a basement. You can sleep in wherever you need to sleep. You will stay here rather than go out and toxicated on the road. What do you think people will look back on and say, you know the Ventura Administration did what should they what should you get credit for? Well again, I'm not going to sit and judge and I think we accomplished tremendous. We accomplished property tax reform that no one else could achieve we gave back rebates when they were surpluses but I think what mostly we did was we brought a focus to government. We got people to pay attention and to me that's a victory because government can only be as good as the commitment of the people to government and when you don't have a people commitment to government you're going to get bad government when you have people Commitment to government you'll get good government. What do you wish you would have been able to accomplish? Oh, I certainly I certainly wish I could have got unicameral on the ballot because it would have made for better government. It would have it would have streamlined and made it to where you'd have accountability and decision-making, you know, the current many of the problems. I believe that we have in government today is because of the system that they work under the bicameral system, which creates Kings it creates power Brokers within the legislative body that these people call all the shots and that the all the other elected officials are just simply cannon fodder which is true. You've got a handful of people that are the power Brokers over there in the bicameral system. And the rest of them are really meaningless in many ways. They just rubber-stamp things and they you know, like Barb hockey said after serving two years. She didn't seek re-election either and her quote. I said spoke volumes when Said that she got tired of checking her conscience in at the door. The Republic that I surprise you today Gary. Yes, you know. Okay, you look kind of taken back a little bit. Well, I yes I forget admit that I didn't expect you got the scoop didn't expect you to make the announcement today. Well not here. Anyway, well Republican said over the weekend at their convention that you had an opportunity given the basis in which you were elected and and the support you had when you came into office you had the opportunity to really change state government and you blew it. You just didn't do anything. No, that's not true at all because they stood in front of me every step of the way and offered opposition, which naturally they're going to let's remember something about these two parties. These parties don't have the best interest to Minnesota in mind at all. They've got the power struggle of power to their parties to their group and that's the way they make all their decisions and that's what they do. So for any Republican or Democrat to come forward and say somehow I had a mandate no way because they would have stood in front of me. If I said up they'd say down if I said it was you know, black they'd say white that was their job their job is to stand in front of you and to attempt to keep you from being successful, but they couldn't do it to me. I was successful. Anyway, we accomplish things that other Governors couldn't accomplish and we were extremely successful and I will tell you this Gary I feel if I too ran I don't want again, you know, I'm not not running because I had fear of losing I had to tougher opponents and 98 number one. I'd already beaten Roger mole once he's old news because he ran in 98 number two, if you look at a Tim pawlenty, he's only the second man their top man's Norm Coleman and how do you judge that? Because when Norm decided to run for Senate who stepped aside Tim pawlenty, Norm had to do was say I'm running for Senator and Tim pawlenty said yes, sir and got out of the way so you're confident you would have been able to get real actual sure the eye I mean you never take it for granted. You still have to Campaign hard, but I'm not not running because of the opponent's know. I had a stronger field in 1998 that I had to defeat. I had to defeat the son of the great Hubert Humphrey. I had to defeat a very popular Saint Paul Maher these two leaders. You can't say the same about them because both of them showed their leadership this legislative session and it was a failure in my opinion their leadership was a failure this year. Now, what about your party independence party? This has got to be a real blow to well. I would think they should know by my track record when I served as mayor of Brooklyn Park, I probably certainly could have got re-elected there. But I chose on my job, you know, I guess. I guess Gary to put it in the context. I'm kind of like Che Guevara. I lead the revolution but then at some point I want to hand it off to someone else. My job is over. My job is to create and lead the revolution much as Che Guevara. Would do you notice when Che was done in Cuba. He left he didn't stay there. So who you hang on who you're handing it off to Who Do You Think theyíre party ought to run for governor? I would I would go on the record right now and say that the best Governor the state of Minnesota could have right now would be Tim Penny if he would enter the race. Thank you. Well, he might what are you going to do? I'm going back to the private sector. What does that I mean, what do you have in mind any anything specific? Well, that's why they call it private Gary that I don't I won't have to answer to thee to the Press anymore. I won't have to justify anything I do anymore. I'm going back to the private sector from where I came from. I always promised everyone I would do that. You know, when I was done with this job. I said, I would go back to the private sector and I'm a person that fulfills his promises. I'm going back to the private sector. You see yourself back in radio. Not necessarily. I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do right now movies. I'll pursue you know, I still have my agents and you know, they're always hard at work and they they're out there fielding all any and all offers. They certainly don't discard them. They they do an outstanding job for me. Now that you're not running again, but I guess you could probably answer this why you answered it before but did you ever seriously think about running for president? No. No, because there sure was a lot of talk. Well again media created, you know the media and then I'd fan the fire a little bit to have some fun with them after it got so ridiculous. But no I had no intention to ever run for president because I made a commitment to the state of Minnesota that I would serve four years and I'm not like other politicians who you know what the real thing wrong. You want to know how to clean up politics truthfully. Take away retirements. Don't allow any retirement for public service jobs. Because that way you would destroy this fact of people getting in here and attempting to get elected for 30 straight years because they get cushy retirements out of the deal. If there are two me there shouldn't be any retirement for a elected public official there shouldn't be a retirement because that way it would ensure that they're not going to make careers out of it. You have been on the then after career politicians from the get go home isn't there room though for people to I mean if they really want to serve and they want to serve the public as you have served the public for four years what's wrong with people just continuing to do their do the best they can then they put themselves up for election of people don't like what they've done. Well what the heck they can get thrown out. Well, that's true. But see they set the rules up to where it's very incumbent friendly. The rules are set up to where incumbents win. You know, it's not really a Level Playing Field when you when you take on an incumbent they have a Huge Advantage my problem with it. Is this is that after you I don't believe anyone should serve longer than we allow our President. We give term limits on our president of two four-year terms. There's a reason for that don't you think Gary? Why do you think there's a reason for that? Constitution says so well, but why was it put in it was put in because of an inherent advantage and an incumbent has all the time to getting re-elected and they felt that after FDR, you know had served so many terms the wait a minute. We need to put term limits on that. Nobody should serve longer than two four-year terms while I agree My Philosophy is in any level of government chooses. You should never be allowed to serve at the same job more than two four-year terms without getting back in touch with the private sector and the minute that you serve longer than two four-year terms. It's no longer Public Service it now, this is just my opinion. It's no longer Public Service anymore. It's self-service. Now, you're there to serve yourself. You're not there to serve the public anymore. One of the more interesting aspects of the past four years has been your relationship with the media. How much of your kind of ongoing running dispute with the media has been kind of a routine and how much of it has been heartfelt discussed with the way the report, you know, the media operates I'd say about 75 25 75 discussed twenty five to seven fun with them. See you again. It's gotten to the point where it's no longer issues. Now, the media takes part in personal attacks, the media takes part in character assassination. The media no longer is out to report the news throughout to sensationalize it and create it and I think that's very dangerous for our country for our country. Look what they did to President Bush when his two daughters were involved in a little problem. All kids get involved with growing up. There was the media to exploit it. There was the media to put it on the front page to sensationalize it and you know much the same as they're attempting to do to me now, you know, As I said, my son is a terrific kid, and he's being Miss portrayed. He's being libeled. He's being slandered. And he lived in the residence on and off for over three years and and there was never any if there were problems. There there state troopers there 24 hours a day. How come the state troopers didn't have a problem. Is there a lot of yours just disgruntled employees who didn't have the patience to wait to see what would happen? They wouldn't have been back anyway, because I wasn't coming back you think anything that a public official does that could fall into the private area any of that should be reported. No. Not at all. I think pep I think family should be left out of it. I think children should be left out of it. They didn't run for office. If you looked at my campaign, I never went out and campaigned with my wife and kids up until my wife went with me the final last RV trip of the final 48 hours. But up until that point I never campaigned with them. This is doing a job to me. It's the job of running the government and it is nothing more nothing less than that. And and what your personal family life is or your private life should be left private and I think that it's I think we're losing a lot of great people who would normally serve who won't serve because of the particular situation of the media and what it does to your private life. Is there any I wouldn't you know, I tell people to be very careful, you know anyone that does want to get into this business should be very careful because even their children will be you know, the media doesn't care they'll attempt to destroy anyone. Is there any chance that you would reconsider your decision and decide to run again? I don't think so. Usually when I make a decision I stick with it. But it sounds like the door might be, you know, open a little bit. No, nope. Nope, not for my end. Not from my end. Is there any factor that would be I mean, it's no way. Well, I guess the only way would be is if I want on a right in and then I guess I'd ask the questions that mean you have to do it. Well, let's ready for some phone calls. Absolutely. I'm in a good mood Governor. Jesse Ventura is no day to be depressed. It's a day to be. Joyful Governor. Jesse Ventura is our guest this hour if you tuned in late, he has announced that he will not be seeking re-election to a second four-year term. And if you would like to call in with a question or comment for the governor, the number is six five one two, two seven six thousand 6512276 thousand outside the Twin Cities 1-800 to for to to 828. She the other thing is Gary to you. Look at the And now they should be focused in on the trade trip to China. That's what truly affects all minnesotans and will have an effect on minnesotans for the next 5 10 15 20 years. But instead what is the media focusing on a personal attack? Well, they're not paying attention at all to China they could care less about China. They didn't even send all all of your major news networks didn't even find it news worthy enough to send a reporter with the only people that sent a reporter was public television Mariela hammer and Michael coup from public radio. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah exactly. They have they they knew you people knew what was important news. These other news outlets be the TV stations and all them they could care less about what affects minnesotans on a day-to-day basis but the newspapers are covered as well. So I want my point being that there was extensive coverage of your trip while you before you left and while you were there. Yeah. None of it. None of the TV station saw fit to even send someone with because they didn't feel it was important enough for the people of Minnesota. I mean here dealing with China the largest economic force of this century and our TV stations didn't even think it was important enough to cover. I think that speaks volumes to what kind of coverage you're getting and that people should demand more from the media. You think well, let's get to some call. Sure Stephen. Go ahead please (00:25:45) thank you. The first time they actually called in but although I've listened to the governor many times. I had called in just before the governor announced his decision now and I have to say that I was so profoundly disappointed that our governor is not going to run again and this is coming from somebody who didn't vote from of the first place, but I certainly grew to admire the governor for the following reasons. This is the only Governor I can think of that said this is what I stand for and every step of the way follow that exactly now I'm a lawyer and I paid attention to most of the broad dimensions of the governor's Legacy, but also, I think what is telling us something that was often overlooked in and I was very concerned about judicial appointments and I can tell you this. This is the only Governor I've ever seen that has appointed People based upon their qualifications alone, and I don't think there was a single crony Warble favorite done in the single judicial appointment and I think the bulk of the criticism of the governor got was really ironic because he did exactly as he did and then the very people that voted for him because he was going to do exactly as he was doing criticized him for that. So Governor, I just wanted to say it's it's disheartening to hear that I would urge you to reconsider. I didn't vote for the first time but I'd vote for you this time. Thank you. (00:27:04) Well, I appreciate that call very much in the caller's exactly right I can I can verify what he said all every one of my judicial appointments. There were no cronyism involved at all. They went through the whether it was my two choices to the Supreme Court all my choices to the appeals court in the district courts, they all went through our system. They went through our judicial selection system where I had six or seven highly respected people in the judicial area that there were the screeners that went through all the applications and they would send me the two to three finalists and I'm Proud of of the judicial appointments that I've made to the state of Minnesota and that will live long after Jesse Ventura is gone in terms of doing what you said. You were going to do conservatives argue that well you went back on your no tax pledge. Well, they can say what they want on a no tax pledge did taxes ever get raised Gary? No, but you did propose attack. I proposed what would solve the budget Iran and they still have to take care of it. Now don't they? So, let's see what they do on their no tax pledge. What do you think they're going to do with that budget problem? Well, here's your problem. Tim pawlenty's boxed himself in a corner. Now in order to get the Republican nomination. He had to sell out to the far right he had to sell out to everything they wanted now he is sign that there will be no raising of taxes now good journalists and I say this because we don't have many good journalists in the Twin Cities, but a good journalist would then ask mr. Pawlenty. Well, if you're not going to raise taxes then how are you going to solve the budget problem of two and a half billion dollars? What are you going to cut? See they have an ask that question. What will you cut now? The Republicans came in there? They they are they fall to special interest just as much as Democrats do because (00:29:00) When (00:29:00) they came in they said we couldn't cut K through 12. We couldn't cut Aid to nursing homes. We couldn't cut Aid to cities and counties which when they're done with that, you've only got about 25% of the budget you can cut from so all the cuts were placed on the state. The state has no more to cut so, mr. Pawlenty needs to be asked. What are you going to cut since you're not going to raise taxes? What sacred cows come off the table? Because unless he's willing to take those sacred cows off the table. He's going to either have to raise revenue or he's gonna have to cut K through 12. He's gonna have to cut nursing homes. He's going to have to cut aids to cities and counties and nobody in the media will ask that million-dollar question because frankly they're not good journalist. What what's the deal with K-12 education you came in and were very, you know, he was very supportive. I hope created almost a billion new dollars to them but like every other governor in recent history as you're leaving office now relations, I guess could best be described as strained only on their part because the only thing they understand is give them more money. If you ask for accountability, then you have a strained relationship if you ask them to show what the money is going for you have a strained relationship as long as you sign a blank check over to them. You're fine. I mean after my first budget they called me the education governor and then lo and behold I never caught them. I gave them more money even my second budget. I just didn't give them their wish list. There are very powerful Union like the eye. Had a caller a week ago bring up the fact that class sizes were growing. Well, I brought back and said well what happened to the money that we designated the lower class sizes the first term in office the first budget in office. Well, what happened to it was this Education Minnesota took that money and rather than spending it on reducing classes. They gave it to benefits and salaries. And so that's why your class sizes are growing because everything is used for benefits and salaries and nothing is nothing gets to the kids Becky your comment, please. (00:31:23) Yes. Hi, you know, I live in Minnesota. So obviously I'm aware of all the controversy with the press and some of the struggles that the governor has had but I also travel throughout the United States for my job quite often and I am just amazed at how popular you are Governor throughout the u.s. Who's a hearing from Minnesota. Oh Jesse, is he going to run for president? Doesn't you know and I have to tell you it's conundrum for me with you because you exasperate me sometimes and yet other times you will say things as I'm driving down the road and listening to NPR and I hear you say something and I go wow, that's the truth. He is refreshingly honest and I want to tell you that I really appreciate that. Thank you. So I know you said you're not going for president, but I think there's a lot of folks out there that would really vote for (00:32:16) you. Well, and again, I'm flattered over that but I can only be myself and people need to understand that. You know, I made my living for many years at making people angry, you know, my job in the world of professional wrestling was to make people angry and you do that long enough. It's card to break away from that. It's hard to be nice all the time and these jobs do require you to be nice, you know most of the time and and and so it was difficult at times and certainly I said things that I didn't you know, Overly like after I'd said them but you know, I'm always going to be me. I'm not going to change who I am and take me for what I am or leave me for what I am at least as the caller said and I appreciate it. I hope they understand that. I've always been honest and I've always tried to be honest into throughout this whole job you think you would have been able to get more accomplished had you tempered some of the comments you made about legislators over the years. Well, you know, what's interesting Gary is they were allowed to call me all sorts of names and nobody ever held them. I mean, I remember I remember how they take personal shots at me on the floor. I never did that name a time that I ever singled out a legislator. I might talk of them as a whole that I was unhappy with the legislature as a whole but I never tried to ever make it personal I didn't ever try to single and I'm sure that there were times maybe I did that I don't recall but I never knowingly tried to single someone out personally. And say this person for whatever reason I just didn't like how the legislature operated as a whole and I will continue to voice that opinion today that they don't have a lot of Courage that when it's an election year. They will avoid making any hard decision. You saw that this year, you know how terrified they were they pushed everything and as I said people need to understand Moody's has now come out just as I predicted and they've put us on a credit watch so it's G exactly the leadership that Roger moment Implement pilani provided. We now have a credit watch we are no longer considered a solid AAA Bond rating State anymore and it's because of their lack of decisiveness lack of decision-making and these are the two people that want to be your Governor, huh. If you don't have an independence party person to vote for attempt any we going to vote for I don't know. You know, I don't know. I certainly won't vote Democrat and Republican. I guarantee you that I never do II refuse to vote for the two-party system. I went and you can say oh you're wasting your vote. No, you're not. When you vote your heart and your conscience. You're not wasting your vote when you don't vote your heart and conscience. Then you are wasting your vote. Can your (00:35:07) comment Jesse? This is Janet cone from you're making a mistake. Like we raised her. Children do it just say do it, you know see what you do do what you say and be held accountable for your decision. And that kind of honesty. You can't find in the political Arena anymore. Just wanted you to know that we support you and we wish you'd reconsider. (00:35:33) Well, I appreciate that but I'm going to protect my family first. My family's the most important thing it comes above and beyond anything else in this world. And when I feel that, you know, and again this decision I had made prior to any of this later who Pliny this sour grapes this disgruntled employee garbage that does the lies that are being perpetrated out there. I made the decision before that to protect my family and and I will continue they will be the most important thing in my life and if people hold that against me then so be it, you know, there's nothing I can do about that. But the first lady prefers to go back to the private sector certainly my children, I mean who's next? Are they going to attack Jade? Are they going to Check my handicapped daughter. Is she next because they've gone after my son and she's an adult now. She's 18. Is that who's next? Maybe that's the question. Somebody should ask the media. Is she next? Well, I'm not going to give them that opportunity Eric your question, please. (00:36:36) Oh, thanks. I first wanted to say that Governor. I really appreciate the work that you've done. I just want to say thank you. I'm not going to urge you to reconsider. I'm going to ask you to stay involved in the race, however, and ask whether or not someone other than Tim Penny if Tim decides that he doesn't want the independence party nomination. You think maybe Dean Berkeley or maybe one of the other Commissioners that you that you have had running or working for you would be a good governor, and I wanted to also mention that I really believe that you have changed government. You have changed the focus of gov of government. You have really brought a new kind of refreshing way of looking at government governance to the state of Minnesota and I really appreciate it. And I want to thank you and I wanted to add really like to get an answer. Are you going to stay involved in the race? Yeah as (00:37:25) Elena. Well, I'll probably keep my radio show and because I can certainly cause them a lot of trouble Alden the way to November on that, you know, and I'll I'll be out there telling you when they're lying to you and when they're telling you the truth, you know from my perspective certainly will someone else step forward? Certainly, I'm sure someone will will I play a role in asking someone to step forward know because I believe it's a decision that someone has to make between themself their family and it's a very difficult decision to make and certainly if if someone steps forward in the independence party, I will support them a hundred percent because I will not support Roger mole. I will not support Tim pawlenty. I think that they both of them I won't vote for either of them to be Governor because they showed me their true colors this legislative session. They both made political decisions for their own political aspirations rather than decisions in the best interest of the state of Minnesota. They put their own personal agenda ahead of ahead of the state's agenda. I saw that very clearly and neither of those candidates in my opinion will make a Goodwill will make a good Governor because their own personal political agenda will come first yet mentioned Excuse me while you were in China that you were hopeful to get to Cuba before your term is out. I'm still thinking about that. Yeah. I may go in the fall, you know, and it probably won't cause as much hoopla because I'll be a lame duck now so, you know, no one will care so much that I go there otherwise, you know, who knows will be breathing down my neck on that one, but it's ridiculous. I mean, I've always maintained that certainly if we can do trade with China, which is a communist country. Although let me say to you people you wouldn't know it if you were there. These people are capitalist. I was told by two Americans that live there that only 10% of the you Chinese countries only actually communist. There's only ten percent that actually belonged to the Communist Party. These people are capitalist over there. They're wheeling and dealing their trading their bartering they are they are going to be a focus but getting back to Cuba if certainly if we can trade with China, there's no reason we shouldn't be trading with Cuba because for those that will say well Castro and human rights and all that. Well, the bottom line is this is Castro's not going to miss a meal. You know, Castro's not going to miss out on anything, you know, all we're doing is harming the people of Cuba with this silly ridiculous embargo that's going on and I guess I should announce joining me here right now is the first lady of the state of Minnesota. Can we get her on Mike? It's up to her. I'd be you know, if you like it, would you like to be on the radio? Oh, yeah. Well anyway, so yeah, I will try to go to Cuba this fall to shed more light on opening the doors to Cuba. Okay. Let's see Muhammad. Go ahead (00:40:24) Place. Hi. How you doing? (00:40:27) Hi Muhammad. How are you (00:40:28) today? I'm doing good. Good. I would like to argue that. because it's been elected and you promised us to deliver something and you only deliver half because no you were not. You know, they didn't let you do the job. Yeah, if you want run now, it means that you are leaving us with these carry a politician and you know more than anybody else that what kind of you know politician are they? Yeah, I do and you know that would be unfair to State and that would be unfair to us. (00:41:03) Well Mohammad, I appreciate that but you know what? I'm going to tell you the same thing my family comes first. And I'm going to make the decision based upon what's best for my family. Now people may say that selfish than they can certainly hold to that position, but I'm going to make decision based on the security and the safety of my family first and they come first to me over anything else and they always have for the last 27 years of my life than I've had them and they will continue but I appreciate the comments and thank you very much and believe me. Don't be sorry today be joyous. This was a remarkable four-year run. It was an education beyond belief. We we went as Star Trek would say where nobody else has gone before us and II look at it in the positive aspect not in the negative. It's a new day. You don't look behind you. You look ahead of you Emily your comment. (00:42:02) Hi. Mr. Governor. Hi Emily. My husband and I moved here in summer of 99 and we were never able to vote for you. We were hoping to be able to support you this time around and are sorry to hear you won't be running. So we just want to tell you that we will be writing your name in unless another Third Party candidate comes around we support you and you're wanting to protect your family and hope you won't hold it against us when we do elect you as a write-in (00:42:29) candidate. Well, I'll tell you what, I'll make you this one if I win as a write-in, I'll do the job great glad to hear it if I could pie because that ain't going to happen and look at the first lady's pounding your head against against the microphone. But now you do have the time right now. We trust you. I'm not gonna win as a write-in. Don't worry about it. It can't happen, you know and as much as you may believe that it could yeah, but I wasn't a write-in last time I was on the ballot. So we trust me it won't happen. You know, it's nice to talk. Everyone's nostalgic today, but three days from now, they will have forgotten and that'll be the end of that. Softer. Yeah, the oh, don't worry about it. It's very flattering though to have people say that is very kind. You know, it would be funny wouldn't it be a member when I first ran and you said you wished that it came in second? Yeah. Well, maybe that's what we wish for wouldn't it be neat to come in second on a right in what kind of message would that send to the typical Democrat and Republican that an independent on a write-in could be one of them, that'd be funny to do but you know again that's not going to happen because I'm not going to be on the ballot. Can I just say one? Sure. I just like to thank the citizens of the state of Minnesota for all that support that they've given us. I'd like to thank them for supporting the Jade foundation and Ventura from Minnesota Incorporated all together. I believe that we've given close to about 400 500 thousand dollars way to the state through those to charitable organizations have been really proud to be a part of and you know, it's it's it I feel like being first lady's been Like childbirth there was a lot of pain but the end result was what was really important and I explained to Terry that in light of the hoopla that's going on lately. I had made this decision prior, you know a few weeks ago and these people would have never been back anyway, right, you know, and so, you know, I guess they didn't realize that they weren't coming back no matter what because I wasn't going to run but they so chose to you know, do what they're doing. Well, I'm not even going to address that subject because it's just not worth it. But just and you know to my family and my friends that have supported us the reason I didn't tell anybody before this is because I didn't trust him. I thought maybe change is mine. So, I'm sorry, but I just like to thank everybody in southern Minnesota and in the Twin Cities and there are close friend range iron. Yeah, we have friends. And range you'll never let you forget, but I just want to thank them all because our family has been very supportive. I've already gotten tons of phone calls today saying, you know, don't you worry about a thing. We know what you're all really like and and we still love you. And so thank you for that. But I've had a really good time and I just am appreciative of all the citizens that stood by us. Mrs. Ventura any second thoughts on your part. No, sir. Not at all zero. Do you wish that this never would have happened that you would have been able to stay private citizen Ventura the last four years. Mmm. I don't think so. Simply because my husband is very good at making me take chances and making me go out and stand up and be somebody and it's the first time in my life I've ever been somebody. So in that respect, I really enjoyed it and the fact that I got to know so much more about our state. It's really weird how you can live here your whole life and not really know about your state and then you get a chance like I got and it was incredible. The people I met the places. I saw the parts of Minnesota. I didn't even know existed and you know, I still remember my drill ride and was Seco with murder of Schwartz and former Governor elk we and you know, just things like that getting to meet Rolling Stones getting to talk to people at the residents the Of Asian Americans that can find out that to find out the Dali Lama's never seen Caddyshack ego either Dolly mama. I mean so many things, you know, so I can't say knowing we should never have happened there's parts of it. I wish it never happened but no all in all it's been very much, right? Yeah, like the Grateful Dead. What a strange trip. It's been thanks, honey. No, but we we move on and we're Our Lives will continue they won't end here. I just can't wait to have him home again. Bob your come in please. (00:47:13) Yeah, like a the governor for getting my family grave marker for my father. He died in 1958 and he never had one and I like to tell the governor did a great job. I loved when he went after the media (00:47:27) legislature now I can ask. How did I get your father a grave marker? (00:47:49) At least it even February. Okay, and I'm the one that made. enough the hot (00:47:55) Oh sure. That was delicious to I remember that I couldn't believe that a White Castle could taste so (00:48:01) good. I believe it. (00:48:06) Oh great. Okay. I remember now will grade. Well, thank you very much appreciated. Your phone is going away on that. So that's all cellular phones. You got to watch out for them. Thanks, Bob. Let's move on to Nathan. Who's on the line with a comment. Go ahead and Nathan. (00:48:25) Thanks a lot. It's been great. We're going to miss you big time. You're leaving us a pretty bleak options here, but I think we'll be able to end up and get by (00:48:34) well, we'll survive minnesotans always (00:48:36) do that's right. And that's what I had to say. Peace out. Have a good one. Take care of your fam and have a good (00:48:43) time. Thank you. Appreciate it very much. No hints as to what you're going to be doing see it's people like that that made it worthwhile. But you know what? The problem is Gary. They're the silent majority and they truly are the silent majority. Hey, we're hint. So what I'm going to do, I don't know. I'll go pursue something. You know, I've always reinvented myself, you know, my whole career has been Reinventing myself. And you know, I'm sure that I will rise up somewhere and cause someone heartache and headache and whatever else in between and I just say this the media better watch out. What do you mean they're on the target list now? You know, maybe maybe maybe their families ought to be looked at. See, that's the Old Navy SEAL coming out in me, you know, that's what the first lady always has to control and me as the there's always a piece of me that's back in Coronado that will rear its head. I can attest to that. I want to follow up on that. Do you really believe that reporters are out to get you not me? They're out to get anyone. There are alternate living there out to get ratings. They're out to sensationalize. They love to tear people down after people get built up. There's no doubt about it. Yeah, they're not up to I'm not saying me personally, they'll do it to anybody. They didn't matter and not it could be Jesse Ventura today. It'll be someone else tomorrow absolutely but isn't it true that people just by the nature of being people when they get criticized, you know, they're trying to do a good job to try to do what they believe to be correct and and people criticize what they're doing that's for me but isn't it true that you tend to take that sort of thing personally and I are just you but everybody it's fine if they tick stick to you issues, but when they start attacking you personally in these public service jobs when they start going after your children and attacking your kids You don't think that's Stepping Over The Line. I do I do. I think it's very unfair to Children young people to be put in the Limelight of growing up what which one of us could sit in this room and think back to when you're at the late teenager and you're early to mid-20s and that you didn't do some stupid things at that point in your life. And then just imagine someone ratting to the media with it and then the media carrying on about it, you know, think about that if they if any if any young person were put in that position under media scrutiny where it really has no bearing on Minnesota. It has none whatsoever on the day-to-day life of governing the state of, Minnesota. You don't find that a little bit stepping over the boundary. I'll look at Chelsea Clinton. Now. She's on the cover of The Enquirer Steve saying she's a drunk. Yeah, she's because the things you're doing to Chelsea Clinton today. She turned 21 they decided well, we've had enough of this now. Yeah, I'm to tear her up. Yep. She's free meet now. She's over 21. Let's rip her apart. Let's tear her limb Pillar To Post. I think that somebody needs to do it to the media. And what about the people who consume that kind of knows well again, you can't let you know what people consume but you can't consume it unless it's put in front of you. Right. Nobody can consume that it's just like you can't consume scrambled eggs unless they're put in front of you. Otherwise, you can't eat them. And so ultimately the problem lies with the media not the people who consume it is I was talking with someone recently and they said that I said, how come there is not any you know newspapers or TV shows that just talk about the issues and you know good and bad issues, but just the good part of the world and they said there was about 80 newspapers in the last three or four years that have tried that and they've all failed failed. Yeah. It's kind of sad, but it will I also think that they're well we're going to get spoon fed from the media as long as we accept what they feed us, they'll keep feeding us, you know, as long as we lower our standards and make this things like nonsense newsworthy, you know that were / private things and people Private lives as long as we continue to make that newsworthy then it will continue to get it on there starting on Tiger Woods now they built him up enough and oh, yeah, I'm sure tiger will be I'm sure tiger will be next to get it. They're already starting on him. Really. What are they doing for Tiger the New York crowd at the recent mm golf tournament this weekend are pretty noisy. And he took exception being such a thing. Also. Now, you can't play golf if there's noise. Well, certainly you can to Concentration game and it's called etiquette and how does anybody play with you? Because you get pretty loud sometimes not when someone swinging a golf club that point, you're right. I don't say a word I know golf rules and I don't say a word when something's swimming golf club because I wouldn't want anyone talking in the middle of my back swing and you you offer the same courtesy to every player. You're out there golf teaches you manners. That's why the media needs to play more golf. She could certainly use more manners. Still taking your trip down the Mississippi. Yeah, hopefully yeah. Yeah. Look forward to it to be a fun adventure. I will have no no we care for you. Now, I won't have to worry about campaigning or anything like that. So it'll be a lot more fun. And we're going to bring hopefully attention to the mighty Mississippi and that we should keep it clean and that door what a resource that it is that it begins here in the state of Minnesota and and I ends in New Orleans and not that we need to take care of it, you know for the resource that it is legislative session is over you are now I suppose unless you change your mind officially a lame duck. Yeah cruise control from here on out pretty much. I mean, I you know, I I won't have to put together a budget to figure the mass out. I already did it and they chose so now we'll let our to illustrious leaders are pawlenty and Moe who orchestrated this whole mess will let they'll will see how they get us out of it. We can't keep your I don't have a lot of hope. You know, I'm not I'm not overly enthused about our leadership. I got to be honest with you. We can't keep you around for another hour. Can we know? Okay. Nope. I got meetings and stuff to go to well. Thank you so much. Welcome for coming over. All right. Thank you very much, sir. You got the announcement and you never dreamed you'd get it. Did you know I didn't thanks for four years of service. Thank you for being always accessible. Thank you. Gary was always a joy to come on the show and say hi to Katherine and everybody here at public radio. You guys do a great job. I've in this job. I've truly learned to appreciate the job you do because you know you stay away for a great deal from the sensationalism and and you stick to meat and potatoes. You think that you stick to things that affect minnesotans and so keep up the good work. Thank you, sir. All right. Thank you. Okay, bye-bye. Well our guest this our governor Jesse Ventura and first lady Terry. You are joining us as well. If you tuned in late Governor Ventura has announced that he will not be seeking re-election to a second four-year term as Governor of the state of Minnesota Governor. Ventura kind of came out of nowhere for years ago at about this time virtually. No one I don't imagine gave him any chance of being elected governor. And then oh the crowd started to build up, you know at parades during the summer. He was running as in Independence Party candidate. He drew some very enthusiastic crowds at the state fair for years ago should have been a hint but mostly wasn't a hint to people who were following politics because the idea of a again a third party candidate simply didn't seem too. Hold water at that point, but after after the state fair show after the primary election the debates began you'll recall that there was some discussion as to whether the governor should be included in those debates. He ultimately was and many people say that his performance during those debates subsequent coverage, and so on really propelled him to the governor's office and four years of often tumultuous time in office is coming to an end now Governor Ventura announcing that he will not seek re-election to a second term. We're going to break here for station identification, and then it's off to the National Press Club where Senator Edward Kennedy is speaking today, Senator. Kennedy is expected to address the issue of Health Care and we'll go off to the Press Club in just a couple of minutes. It's a minute past five o'clock. We're going to shift gears here because quite a big announcement and what we'll do with the Press Club will make sure that we pass along information that comes out of the Press Club today from Senator Kennedy regarding healthcare issues facing America. This is a big story the announcement from the governor that he will not be seeking re-election. And so we thought we'd like to spend the next hour or so talking with you getting your reactions to the governor's comments. And so we do invite you to give us a call here. Our Twin City area number is 6512276 thousand 6512276 thousand outside the Twin Cities 1-800 to for 228286512276 thousand or one eight hundred two, four two two eight two eight and maybe with some luck we'll be able to get a hold of Representative Poletti, Senator Mo and some other key figures along the way as well, but first of all, we'd like to hear from you and again the Six five one two two seven six thousand or one eight hundred two, four two two eight two eight and go ahead, please. And you're on the air? (00:59:17) I'm this is an and I'm sorry. Oh, okay. Well, what's your name Brandt? Go ahead. Bran. Yes. Hello. I was calling because I was listening last hour and all the comments with the governor on did revolve around the fact that he did do a good job speaking his mind saying his peace but there were a lot of negative aspects with what he did do as well comments Fabrications and no one touched on those and I am also joy as he kept re saying that this is a joyous day. I am joyous in the fact that he has decided not to run and I just wanted that coming to be laid out as well Fabrications about his past experiences comments when it came to Native Americans. And I was witness with a group of Native Americans questioning him and he would always the fact that he wouldn't answer questions with the folks that didn't agree with his positions. He would shy away from them or take off his headphones on your own show and leave and no one commented on those issues at all. So I am thankful that he spoke his mind, but I'm also joyous that he's not running. Okay. Thanks very much. Thank you. (01:00:33) Let's move along here to Laura who's on the line from st. Paul with a comment Laura. Go ahead place. Lara you there? Now apparently Laura has stepped away from the phone. Hello. Oh, hi Laura. There we are. Go ahead. (01:00:52) I just wanted to say that. I'm actually neighbor of Jesse Ventura here on Summit. And I just wanted to say that I thought he did a great job and we will miss him and we never heard any kind of noises from his son about loud parties or anything like that. So we will miss him and we wish him. Well, (01:01:14) well I have you on the phone. So I just as far as you're concerned there wasn't it wasn't party (01:01:22) central absolutely not it was actually very quiet very good. Neighbor couldn't have asked for a better neighbor. All right. Thank you Laura. Thank you (01:01:34) joining us now is a jack Aldrich who is chair of the independence party? Good afternoon, Jack. Hi Gary (01:01:39) surprised surprised. I mean, I didn't think he was going to do it this soon. I thought That we would still have an opportunity to talk to them and try and talk them into running for another term. So but he's made his decision and it's time for the independence party to move (01:01:58) forward. Do you think that he did Jesse Ventura did all he could could have done to build the independence party (01:02:08) the governor did a lot obviously as state party chair, I'll be honest, but I always wanted him to do a little bit more. But you know as he said that he really put the party on the map. He did do a lot for the party and now it is up to us to move it forward and the thing that I've always is that you know, we have to move Beyond being a personality driven party and become one of substance and you know, that's my real challenge now is to find the right candidate who can articulate that message and build the (01:02:41) party timpani got a rousing endorsement from the Her I know you have talked about trying to convince former Congressman Penny to run. Have you heard any more? (01:02:52) I haven't I will tell you as soon as I heard the news the first call. Hey, as I said was let's attempt any so I put a call into him, but I haven't heard from (01:03:01) them any other prospects (01:03:04) at this time. No, you know, I think that timpani is unwilling to do it. I will I will talk with with Dean Berkeley. That's really the order that I'm going to go down again what I'm looking for and what I hope is whoever seeks the position will do it not just to occupy the governor's office because they believe in the third party and they believe the Republicans and the dfl D of dollars aren't offering the citizens of Minnesota a real a real Choice. Okay. Thanks Jack. Thank you Gary. (01:03:36) Jack Aldrich who is chair of the independence party? And we should note. Of course Jack has served as a political analyst here on Minnesota Public Radio and many. Occasions most recently during the long long gubernatorial endorsement process at the Republican party convention Andy your comment (01:03:55) place. Yes. I wanted to mention that you know, Jesse Ventura has great ideas his thinking about the welfare of this state and the people of the state but it seems like as a result of his lack of being a politician. He could not ever coordinate his efforts with the state legislature. And therefore I feel he was a pretty ineffective Governor, even though he had great ideas but since he couldn't work together with the legislature and they were always fighting in in do anything for the state and so long as we get a if we're going to get another Third Party candidate who get elected and he plans to take the route of Ventura by fighting with the state legislature. Then again, nothing will happen. They will never have a majority in the legislature. Therefore. They won't be any backing. I mean the Democrats and Republicans gang With each other to get rid of his budget plan. So hopefully if there is another Third Party candidate who's got bright views will have the notion to be a politician. I mean, it's sad but you know, you have to be a politician in order to make things (01:05:02) work right with you probably heard. We talked to the governor a little bit about that last hour and he allowed his how he may have said some things that were inappropriate in retrospect though. He said he never tried to personally criticize anybody. He may have said some things about the legislature as a whole that he would take back and second thought but he said it was also his argument though that the Democrats and the Republicans in the legislature were determined from the get-go to block anything. He really wanted to do because they're afraid of a third party. What do you think about (01:05:36) what I mean if he was bright enough, he could have maneuvered around that because he had the backing and the support of the people everybody loved him. Deals were plain English spoken. It wasn't like Greenspan talking where you can't understand what he was saying and everybody loved it, you know and I think the with a couple major mistakes that really for my opinion one was the fact when he couple years ago. He said people who follow an organized religion are lightweight. I think that caused a big uproar with in this case, you know within the state and within the religious organizations throughout the country that was a huge mistake and another one was last year when he mentioned that I know after the September 11 attacks and all this budget issues were going on. He mentioned, you know that these legislators aren't unpatriotic and I think these two things really did it for him and had he done his, you know controlled his opinions about people had he not made comments that really caused so much uproar. I think you really would have been an effective governor and no matter how you know much they ganged up. He would have had the support of people and eventually they would Have to give in okay. Thanks Annie. (01:06:48) Appreciate it. Let's move on to caller from Maplewood garrier who are up next. (01:06:52) Go ahead, please I think the governor is being extremely hypocritical by dismissing them are blaming the media, which I think he is blaming for him not running again when he has benefited so greatly by the media for advancing his little Personal Agenda. I think he's being extremely disingenuous and dishonest with us if he was really interested in the things that he believed and he would have stuck around for another Fort another term and worked on getting the unicameral legislature in place. But I think I think there are other reasons why he is quitting other than the media coming after his kid. I think he smells a real fight and I don't I don't think he's up to it. I think he wants to go out a winner. Not a loser. So I he's it's extremely hypocritical of him to bash the media when On the other hand benefited so greatly from the (01:07:48) media many politicians say the same thing though Gary that the the folks in public life their private lives tend to get their sector to the point where they say. Oh the heck with it. I don't need this. (01:08:03) Yeah, but but Jesse but Jen but Jesse has used the media to promote his outrageous views and life and life and but then to turn around and say that the media is bad because it's just, you know, it's it's doing what it does and it's somehow it is come back on him in a bad way because he couldn't control it all. I think it's for him to use that excuse for him to use that excuse extremely (01:08:33) hypocritical. All right. Thank you Gary. Appreciate the comment. Let's move on to Joe. Who's on the line from Richfield Joe. Go ahead, please. (01:08:41) Hi Gary. Thanks for taking my call. You know, I made a point of listening to the show today. Because I felt really sure that the governor was going to give that message on your show. I know how much he feels towards you but I got to say I was sad and I was really really hoping and in listening to both Tim and Roger talk about their accomplishments this year in both of them as proud as they can be about this budget if that's something that they're proud of that worries me that frightens me why so what she's well the governor said it himself, I would never ever do my finances like that. I mean I could not rob Peter to pay Paul. Everything's going to come back to haunt one of those two gentlemen, and we're going to be the beneficiaries of (01:09:26) that. Overall, what kind of grade would you give Governor Ventura? (01:09:34) Well, if I had to I would suppose I'd give them a cc plus your previous college did point out that there was a lot of I don't know in my mind. I just called it head games between the governor and the and the the Senate and it seemed like both of them copped attitude saying that I'm going to get the best. (01:09:53) Thanks Joe. (01:09:54) Thank you very much. (01:09:55) She'd call. Let's move on to Lydia who's on the line from Andover. I believe it is. Hi, Lindy Lydia. (01:10:01) Hello. Hi, I if I was a voting age, I would have definitely elected the governor for a second term and I was definitely disappointed that he wasn't running again. I thought during his term. He did a few made a few mistakes, but I enjoyed the fact that he was somewhat of an advocate for women's rights as he didn't let the 24-hour waiting period for abortion go into effect and I like that What he did for the Train the north rail (01:10:30) or the North Star Corridor thing. (01:10:32) Yeah, and I was hoping that if he was elected to a second term, he could get that out into the suburbs as well. (01:10:39) Is there anything that the governor did that put you off a little (01:10:42) bit? Yes, the way he dealt with people overall was a bit rude sometimes and I think he should have thought of it before he said certain things to people and then just going and taking it back on are constantly, but I can see why he'd be irritated with people attacking his family. (01:11:02) Okay. Thanks Lydia move on to Tom with a comment if you just joined us, by the way, if you tuned in late Governor Ventura announced last hour that he will not be seeking re-election to a second four-year term. This is it he said he is going on to private life. He wasn't specific. In fact, he wasn't even he didn't even hint at what he was going. To do after he leaves office, but he said for sure he's not going to run for re-election though. He did jokingly say that if he won by a write-in. Well then maybe he'd serve maybe Tom. Go ahead, please. (01:11:42) Yeah. I'm just driving back from meal with my wife get my after she got to figure 3 or check up on her cancer. She's doing great life is good. But hearing it since he is not running makes life much better. I have a he had a man. He had an opportunity came in to do really great things and I was not surprised to hear the story on the radio last night in the papers this morning about the disrespect that his son showed for that Governor's Mansion and I think if people over the last four years have lost sight of the fact that the way Jesse Ventura has treated the office of the governor is about the same as the way Tyrell treated the governor's mansion He showed no respect for those public officials that go and give time out of their lives to try and make this It work. He made no attempt to make the state work and I think he was totally it was disrespectful to the Press. He called the media jackals. And guess what the jackals brought the jerk down with their story on Tyrell. I think it's not at all unrelated that after he continually ridiculed and made fun of and disrespected the people of the state the people who go to church in the state the press and the legislators and the and for that matter the government workers putting those people whose jobs. He lost that we're taking care of the Mansion. It's just to use nothing but disrespectful and so far as I'm concerned is the total sum and substance of his contributions to the state are no more than the vomit in the cap. That is kid left in the in the governor's mansion. What do you think of that? (01:13:18) Let's see. What happened here. We lost the lost the collar. And I'm not sure am I still on the air here? If you're listening. All right, I guess we are off one area, but we're on another so let's sorry about that Tom that I just connected you but let's move on to another caller here Todd. Go ahead, please. (01:13:58) Oh, hello, Carrie. Yes, this is Todd my on there. Yes, you are. Oh, hello Gary. Well looks like from listening to the whole program. A lot of people are coming coming out in agreeing with what I've been feeling for a long time. I voted for him and within that first year, I was more and more depressed and I saw the true face of what I voted for. It's just the number one and Minnesota number two, and he had so much potential and I think it just it just got (01:14:30) lost. Do you give the governor credit for accomplishing anything of (01:14:36) substance? Yes. Yeah the light rail absolutely Light Rail and we need that we needed all over the state. There's a lot of environmental problems in our state. He I caught the last five minutes when he was on and he just threw that out that meant the Mississippi all going down. We got to clean it up. We got to keep it clean. It's that kind of thing. That was that's just he just threw that out there he needs to be an environmental activist. He needed to get into the state and see the problems that are all over. I remember him doing one beautiful thing that stuck in my head in the first year. I think he went down to one of the prison's down south and he talked to the inmates read in the in one of the papers that that inspired everybody and that's a good thing to go in and do thing to do things that are unconventional, but I haven't heard much of that. It all came back to number one. I lost all my faith when after the wrestling debacle. That was just I threw in the towel. He said I'm not listening to him. I can't respect them. And now with the the governor's mansion come on, you know get on your son and and act like a parent and hear about that once you correct that immediately. (01:15:54) Okay. Thanks John. (01:15:56) Thank you. Gary. Great job. (01:15:57) All right, let's move on to an who is in many Trista. Go ahead. But go ahead and (01:16:04) okay. Hi Gary. I'm calling in I was in my car listening to the governor announced that he was not going to run for election. Then I'm pretty sad about that. I haven't been you know, the most been active in political life partly because I'm always disillusioned with the standard Party politics and I really found one when he talked about things. He was brought a certain colorfulness. You did speak his mind and sometimes he probably spoke things that you know, maybe he shouldn't have said but the one thing that I really always appreciated is he finally was somebody who would address the issues talk about what was important to him was really not a great deal of regard to whether it would get him re-elected or not. And I think that that sort of put the state of Minnesota on the map and I find without him it will be a bit of a great loss for the people of Minnesota because we will have to go back at times to listening to Politics as Usual and I just found him very refreshing. I was a little tired with his approach sort of bashing the media. I think sometimes he is a little too hard on them. And I think as other callers have said he you know, the media did help him out a time. And it is part of the deal but I just think I think we've really lost kind of a unique person who who definitely made politics a lot more interesting for a lot of us to to listen to. Okay. Thank you Anne. Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate it. Yeah. Thanks a lot (01:17:50) by those of you listening on the radio. By the way in the Twin City area. We apologize for the interruption. They're not entirely sure what happened but as you know, things went kaflooey there for a couple of minutes, but I guess all is well. Now we're back on the air all across the network. We're talking this our about Jesse Ventura is announcement that he will not seek a second term as Governor of State of the State of Minnesota. He made that announcement last hour. He said he had made this decision even before he went to China decided not to announce it at the time because he didn't want to politicize the trip. He said he had made the decision before the story broke to you yesterday that the former manager. The governor's mansion was charging that the staff at the Mansion had to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning up after parties held by the governor's son who stayed at the Mansion frequently. He said no, no, neither one of those things made any any real impact on his decision. Although he also said that the the intrusion on his privacy was a was a very very major part of his decision first lady Terry Ventura joined the governor on the air last hour and was obviously very relieved that that the governor has decided not to seek re-election. In fact, she apologized to some of her relatives and friends for not telling them sooner. She said she was afraid that the governor might change his mind Clarence your comment, please. (01:19:23) Yeah, I think Jesse did a good job considering he had both parties dead against him from day one. (01:19:30) Now from the beginning though at the very beginning Clarence when Governor Ventura was elected. It seemed like both parties were willing to work with the governor for a whole variety of reasons. But at any rate early on it, they didn't seem to be out to get (01:19:48) him. I myself I drive truck over the road and I listen to a lot of Talk radio and whatnot, you know, but I don't know. I felt that he was pretty much on his own and I think you know, he didn't do say a whole lot but the most important thing that he did I think for the whole country was he showed that it doesn't have to be a Republican or a Democrat there. Maybe is another option there and I think I think that's a real good lesson. I was really disappointed. I was as shocked as you were. I just like I said, I just happened to get in the city's a little while ago and I turned your station on in. The first thing I hear is Jesse saying he's not going to run I didn't vote for him. The first time I live up on the ranger. So we're all I guess that would make us all liberal Democrats up there. But my wife voted for him the first time and I gave her a hard time for six months and then I said, well, maybe that's not such a bad idea. I was really looking forward to voting for him this time (01:20:44) Clarence. Let me ask you this question before you run here. Do you think anybody other than a flamboyant well-known personality like a Jesse Ventura can be elected as a third-party (01:20:55) governor? I don't know about that. But I know there's a lot of people that are tired of Wonder the others. I mean we see what both parties do they don't you know, they don't do a whole lot that that makes a lot of sense. You don't I don't know what it is if they all. You know, like Jesse was saying on the budget in that, you know, he didn't want nothing to do with it. Maybe maybe he sees the state going into a deficit and he's going to step by just to watch because like he said they made their own deal, you know, they made their own message and spend money if you don't got it. Thanks Clarence appreciate that comment, but let's (01:21:32) Let's get onto another caller here and Bill. That would be you go ahead please. (01:21:38) Hey, thanks for the program. You bet. I guess I wasn't really shocked to hear that. The governor wasn't going to run again simply because he said when he was elected, he wasn't going to run again. And if it's one thing you can count on he's going to pretty much do what he says he's going to do and that's why folks like myself and other people voted for him because he went ahead and did what he said he would do and you didn't have to question whether he was just giving you a bunch of lip service to get elected which is obviously Politics as Usual. I'd like to thank him and his wife and his children for putting up with ever. They had to put up with in order to Service Minnesota. I'd like to thank them for their time for that. I think more people need to take a look at you know, what some of these politicians sacrificed no matter what party they are. They get dug into pretty hard to go into public service and whether I agree or disagree with Republican or Crap, I guess it really doesn't matter. They still have to go through quite a bit themselves even like he you know, Jesse mentioned in George's bushes kids when his daughters were in the newspapers. I felt terrible about that, you know, it's easy to take shots of people in public service, but we've all got kids and we all know what they can fall we were all kids once you know, so it's it's nothing unusual but the spear that in the newspaper, I think it was underhanded and you know, it's taking a shot at from the you really don't need to take it's not playing fair and I don't think we should do with any politician, but I'd like to thank him and his family for the service and I'd like to thank you for your service and have a nice day sir. And Carrabelle. Thank you for the (01:23:12) call. All right, let's move on to Rosie. Who's on the line from Austin. Good afternoon (01:23:17) Rosie. Hi. I just want to say that I'm not necessarily a backer of Jesse Ventura, but I think the other two parties made a big mistake in nominating the same old same old. And I also want to thank Jesse for putting out an exceptional Third Party candidate in timpani and I think minnesotans if we could get behind a third party candidate it would be someone Tim pennies caliber and I just think that's the smartest thing Jesse ever said actually (01:23:49) do you believe that a third party candidate other even mr. Penny, but I mean anybody other than a personality Like Jesse Ventura can get elected (01:24:03) that probably won't happen for a long time to the third parties get stronger and stronger, but right now in Minnesota, I do believe Tim penny is a strong Third Party candidate and could take on and when actually, okay. Thanks for call Rosie. Thank you a lot, (01:24:22) bye-bye. We're talking this our about Governor. Jesse Ventura is announcement that he will not seek re-election to a second four-year term as Governor of Minnesota one term and out. The governor. He said he simply decided that enough was enough. He wanted to protect his family. He said though that he made this decision before he went to China and before this story broke yesterday about the situation at the mansion and his son. He said he made this decision before he even went to China but he said that the base of his decision was the fact that he wanted to protect his family's is going to go on to private life though. He did not say what it was he was going to do as Jesse Ventura private citizen. We have a full Bank of callers here, but let me give you the number because we'd like to get your comment on the air at 6512276 thousand 6512276 thousand outside the Twin Cities 1-800 to for 22828 gets more of your comments here in just a moment, but let's not catch up on some news headlines now here Stephen John Stephen and thank you Gary is you've been discussing and it's already all over the national. Newswires Governor Jesse Ventura announced on NPR today that he is not seeking a second term than Torah says he's not interested in running because his heart is no longer in the job. Then Torres announcement came amid reports that his son. Tyrell used the Governor's Mansion for weekend parties. I made the decision a few weeks ago. I made the decision prior to China but I didn't want China to be overshadowed by the politics by the dirtiness by everything that would happen. And so I withheld my decision that's part of the tie into this silliness over the residence. Those people were not brought back because I wasn't coming back and now aren't they going to look foolish than to her says he thinks the Mansion staff was disloyal. The staff was let go a few weeks ago when budget concerns Force the governor to close the Mansion Ventura was elected in 1988 as a Reform Party candidate. He later switched to the independence party. He says he's not sure what he will do once he Each office in other news the Palestinian Authority is again pledging to crack down on militants in the wake of today's suicide bombing in Jerusalem the attack on a city bus killed 19 passengers Israeli leader, Ariel Sharon visited the scene and vowed to fight Palestinian Terror groups a u.s. Source says a Sudanese man arrested in Saudi Arabia is believed to be an Al-Qaeda cell leader. Saudi officials say they've been holding the man in an alleged Terror plot along with the 11 Saudis and in Iraqi the Sudanese man, allegedly told authorities. He had fired a missile at a US military plane the state forecast partly sunny and Breezy a chance of showers and thunderstorms Statewide this afternoon temperatures from the low 70s along the North Shore to the mid 80s in the south west tonight a flood watch in effect for the Northwestern part of the state in Duluth 68 at 79 and Wilmer Rochester at 76 this hour the Twin Cities Gary partly sunny and 78 minutes the latest from The Newsroom. All right. Thank you Stephen. It's about 26 minutes before one o'clock. Midday coming to you. Minnesota Public Radio lots of folks on the line with comments about the governor's announcement that he will not be running for a second term and let's get back to the phones up. Next is Phil Madsen who course played a real critical role in getting the governor elected the first time around in 1998. He's the treasurer of the Ventura volunteer committee. Good afternoon fellow. Hi Gary your comments your thoughts where you sir? First of all where you (01:27:55) surprised. Um, not really, you know, the question on our minds in the volunteer Committee of course was was an important one for many months but knowing the governor is they do he's not a career politician as are most of the people who support him we tend to be, you know more ordinary and we don't we don't live a life in the political Arena and you know, the fire can go out in the belly very quickly you get tired of the game. It's a game that most people don't play and after a while you just get sick of it and I personally am relieved had he run I'd have been Percent support him, you know Ventura is my man and he's been a good governor. And that's the real point in calling to make but as far as disappointment and surprise, not really I'm experiencing some relief and I'm not surprised because politics is a game that just isn't a lot of fun and you know, you do you get it to do what good you can but the lying the backstabbing the the manipulation goes on behind the scenes it gets old fast. And and I don't blame the governor one bit for putting in four years doing the best he can and considering that to be enough. (01:29:04) What about your party? What happens now? (01:29:07) Well the independence party one thing that if I was disappointed in anything from 92 up until the present it was the fact that people did not recognize the fact that the party came before Ventura, you know, we founded the party back in 1992 shortly after pero dropped out of the race and 94-96 all the way up until 98, you know without Ventura after he got elected we Came the party had Jesse Ventura. He was an active member but you know, we the party got identified with Jesse Ventura after the historic election, which is somewhat understandable, but I'm hoping that people will understand that the independence party maintained a presence and we were getting you know, 10% of the vote pretty regularly in the legislative races that we were running prior to Ventura. Now, the party is credible in in the sense that it was shows we can win elections. We can field credible people chimpanzees name has been mentioned being Barclays name has been mentioned as a possible candidate now and those guys are good people they know government and they know how to govern and you know, the opponents in the Republican and Democratic side don't have anything on them (01:30:13) pretty tough though to come up with a person of interest personality is a I don't know what you're well his Personality. (01:30:22) Yeah, that's true. But you know, nobody gave him a chance to win in the first place. You know you think about that and you know, everybody pretty much written them off and then all of a sudden he wins, you know, the independence party is capable of delivering a surprise or two. Thanks Mel. But Gary. Yes, just the one point to in response to the callers who says that the governor was ineffective. That's simply not the case and I'd encourage listeners to be a little patient. Let the the immediate splash of the story die down a little bit and the the review of the Venturi Administration is actual accomplishments will come through but Light Rail Transit was something that languished in the legislature for 10, even 20 years before the Governor Ventura came along and got him moving. He reduced class sizes him and met Chunk from you know to 17 to 1 in grades K through 3, that's significantly change the lives of those kids and their families property tax reform was something that was Out Of Reach of the Democrats and the Republicans Governor Ventura managed to get property tax reform done and you know by those standards, he was a very effective governor and I'm hoping that part of the story will come out after the Splashdown. All right. Thank you Phil. You Becky (01:31:27) Phil Madsen who is treasurer of the Ventura volunteer committee. We're talking this our about Governor Ventura has announcement that he will not be seeking re-election. Tom your next. Go ahead. Please your (01:31:38) comment. Yeah. I just like to say that I thought it was pretty funny. When a number of people called in a while back and said how relieved they were that he's not running and I have to think that you know, there's probably a lot of Republicans and Democrats out there who are also very relieved because the fact of the matter is, you know, if he would have run again he would have got elected again and and these people know otherwise, why would they be so relieved, you know, if they if they had some other, you know candidate that, you know was worthy of the office. They you know, why should they be worried if there's you know, if the governor is going to run again, so that's my comment. I just think it's it's pretty funny these people to call and say well geez, I'm really relieved that he's not running again. It's just all that is the testimony to his strengths as a (01:32:13) candidate the polls indicated as popularity had dropped quite a bit though. (01:32:20) Yeah, but I think you know, he wasn't running. You know, I think if he if he got up there and you know, just put a little bit of effort into it. Like you said he you know, You would have had to do then he would have liked it again. There are a lot of people like me, you know educated and actually I'm probably gonna vote for the green party now just because that's where my political you know opinions are but but you know, I think he's a man of of a lot of character and integrity and I think that that's that's why people elected him was is because of his character even if you know made a few mistakes and said if you really stupid things and we all acknowledge that he did but you know, I would have voted for him again, but you know, he's not going to run so I'm probably gonna you know, latch onto the green (01:32:55) party. Okay? Thanks Tom. Let's move on to Joe who's on the line with some comments on the governor's announcement Joe. Go ahead (01:33:02) plays. Hi Gary. I agree with an earlier caller who had said that the parties made a mistake by endorsing sort of the same old same old candidates and that they would have done a lot better to to endorse someone who is not part of the part of the legislature and especially people that were not complicit in the budget. Charade that took place this ledge last legislative session. I like to see my catch jump into the race at this time. I'd like to see him come in because I think like Jesse Ventura, he did appeal to people's a straight talker and also would appeal to a lot of people as someone who is not part of don't legislate it more (01:33:48) asked Joanna let you okay. I'm Gonna Let You Go, Joe because your phone is breaking up but Joe recommending that attorney general Mike Hatch get in the race for governor attorney general hatches indicated his support for the dfl candidate Roger mole and has said he plans to stay in the race for attorney general does not want to run for governor. Jenean your comment, (01:34:15) please. Hi. Thank you. I just wanted to say that I supported Governor Ventura. I believe in who he is as a person and I probably will not vote again. Don't believe that the parties other parties represented in Minnesota are for the people. I do believe that Jesse Ventura had our best interests in in heart and I think he gave us a little message there at the end saying, you know, if you want to see him back in the office again, we should all go ahead and write him in will be interesting to see the power of the people. (01:34:48) But if you don't vote you can't write them in (01:34:52) that's true. That's true and I will take that up and at least take that opportunity to do that. I also supported Ross Perot when he ran and I just think things and government need to change and he was change and people are afraid to (01:35:08) change setting aside the right in business Janine and I don't mean to come down on you here, but the governor often spoke about the importance of people voting, you know talking about how people had died for the to protect our right to vote and so on so forth you think do you think it's important for people to go? Vote even if they don't have a candidate on the ballot that they're real eager to vote for or is it better to skip it (01:35:33) personally? Yes. No, I won't vote less. There's somebody running that I really believe is interested in supporting my viewpoints and stepping outside the box and supporting views that are not traditionally held by the government. So the Republican, excuse me, the Democrats or the Republicans, okay, but thank you very much. Thanks for your call. I miss him. Okay, (01:35:58) let's move on to Terry who's on the line Terrier come in, please. (01:36:02) I'm hello. Thank you for taking my call. I'm somewhat stunned by the level of support from your listeners for Governor Ventura. Maybe MPR is becoming more diverse in its appeal to the populous than we had believed previously. But I the only reason I'm disappointed that he isn't going to run again is because it would have made a much more interesting race. I think that for him not to be in the race. Provide us an opportunity with some more choices, but unfortunately the party choices are somewhat lame and boring to most of the populace. The other thing I wanted to mention is I do think that he his decision is is very much influenced by this recent, press and while I don't think it's newsworthy to pick on people's families and their private lives. It is newsworthy to report some young man who's trashing the governor's mansion if he's trashing the place and to Maple Grove her they live that's his business. But this is a taxpayer supported institution and I'd like to know where Governor Ventura was when everybody was throwing up in the people's house. So I don't agree with all of his policies. He has been a very interesting and provided a lot of comic relief, but I think that the media's part in this is somewhat limited because most of your listeners seem to be very supportive of him. (01:37:26) Okay. Now the governor did say he made this decision long before he even went to China much less before this story about The Mansion came up is that (01:37:35) I don't think that's very credible based on the fact that even his wife said that she didn't tell people because he thought he might change his mind up until the end I think is very heavily influenced by the the Press reports in the last 24 hours in his concern about what other kinds of things might come out. Thanks for your comments Terry. Thank you. (01:37:54) Let's move on to Ben who is on the line with some thoughts on the governor's announcement been go ahead, please. (01:38:00) Thank you for taking my call. I was disappointed that the governor didn't run for another term, but I was sick and disgusted to see a news media Outlets such as WCCO playing on ethical Rules by digging into the governor's personal life just for a political agenda. (01:38:21) Well, is it purely personal matter though as to what happens at the governor's residence, which is a state owned building. (01:38:31) But this is the governor's private life. Let that's the governor's problem. It should not be the it should not be a interest in the public eye. I don't care what the the look I'm against the people who are drink alcohol by the iron hand. That's the governor's problem. He is that's his personal life and I don't want the news media Outlet making this as a political agenda. (01:38:58) Well, if State money is somehow involved here in terms of repairs to repairs to damaged furniture or extra clean up and so on so forth. Is that change your thinking about this at all (01:39:14) now for tickly I mean, for example, I've bought when Barbara Carlson was married to Arne Carlson at time. She was two she was completely insane like she was making these outrageous comments to Arne Carlson when Arnie was in Washington the back in the early and mid-1990s about the Arnie sexual private life, but this is just completely despicable disgusted bleakest and I'm moralistic of a news media Outlet to attack the go into the governor's personal private life and make this as a personal political and Jenna. Okay. Thanks (01:39:51) Ben. Welcome. Let's move on to Patrick with some thoughts on the governor's announcement Patrick. (01:39:56) Yeah. Thank you for having me on You can hear me. Yes, just fine. Okay, I thought that it was probably a good idea for adjusting not to run again. I guess I felt that he was kind of an unusual combination of courage and immaturity at the same time some of the things he said I thought were totally out of line some of the ways. He handled the legislature displayed a real lack of maturity on his part. But at the same time he had the courage to say and do some things that needed to be said and done. I think that he needs the distance that he's going to get now now they won't be running again if you wants to put himself in his or have other people read them in as a right hand might be a good idea but not now, I think you need some time for eight years, maybe (01:40:43) hmm. What would you encourage him sometime later down the road get back into politics (01:40:48) If he if he does a little growing up. I guess I said I encourage them to get back in again, but he needs to do some changing he needs to do some basically maturing. I In some areas, and if you did that that I think it'd be great to have him come back in again. (01:41:03) All right. Thank you Patrick. Thank you. We should emphasize by the way that certainly wasn't my my reading of the governor's comments today that he's encouraging people to write him in and he was talking about that being the only possible way that he would end up back in in contention for the Governor's race. And I don't think he was encouraging people to do that though. He did joke with his with his wife Terry that wouldn't it be fun? He said last hour wouldn't be fun if I could somehow finish second as a write-in. She was quite concerned about the possibility of him serving again Phil. Go ahead please (01:41:45) yes, good afternoon open hearings the speculation in the last hour and more about why Jesse actually quit. I think it's obvious that he must have gotten tired about the shackles the job placed on his earning potential being sarcastic. Of course the way that he used the job to enrich himself and secure his financial future was just an embarrassment to us and many ways quite shameful as was his habit of being brittle defensive unable to take any criticism without seeing it as a personal affront. It's what psychologists call Selective perception. Yes. He's the sort of guy that could go to a shrink but probably never would but I guess my real talk for an hour and I'm sure other people could about why they think you I mean on the people who don't think he should continue in a glad to see him go would have to say but I think the real thing I keep coming back to is that He rated basically with the cooperation of the Republicans. He raided the government's Pantry gave a lot of money back which really to intercept form of rebates, which really could have been used to improve the public weal. This Mantra. It's not the government's money. It's your money is a lot of hogwash the government uses it so that the state can be a better place to live in so that we can have roads that are good so we can have schools that are good and he thought he was doing a good and libertarian Thing by encouraging rebates when in fact that depleted the coffers to the extent that we're now in a horrible mess. It is not only the legislature's fault that this happened. It's Governor Ventura Rose beating the drum for this to happen in the first place so that we have a lot less money than we did four years ago. So I hold him squarely accountable for setting that tone and making that possible. All right. Thank you Val. Thank you. Let's (01:43:37) move on to Dan who's on the line from Dan (01:43:41) hello. Yes, you're on the air. Um, first of all, I'd like to say that, you know Politics as Usual got us to the point where at in Minnesota now, we have a beautiful state. We have great highways great schools great hospitals and the politicians that led up to that we're Democrats and Republicans in the past. I don't understand the need for the change we voted in Jesse Ventura that turned out to be an immature uneducated governor who was an embarrassment to all of us, I believe and I don't understand all the support that he's been getting as far as his accomplishments in office everything that he accomplished was in the works before Jesse ever got in there. As far as I'm concerned. Jesse Ventura should have never been elected and I'm happy to see that he's not going to run again. (01:44:28) Well Phil Madsen one of his key supporters pointed out earlier that light rail was going nowhere until Jesse Ventura was elected property tax reform was going nowhere. Are until Jesse Ventura was elected were some efforts made to try to change the education system and some progress was being made there. But according to his supporters. He kind of accelerated that effort. Do you discount those accomplishments or do you think they (01:45:01) want to accomplish? I think a lot of those things were in the other than Jesse, you know, this independence party, we're talking about who we might elect. Now that our flamboyant Jesse Ventura isn't going to run and the suggestion was made that we have good politicians in independent in the Independent party. Well, that would be Politics as Usual to I don't understand the need for the change if it isn't broke. Don't fix it. Let's go back to the Republican and Democratic party. (01:45:34) Okay. Thanks a lot Dan. Let's move on to Travis who is on the line Travis? Go ahead, please. (01:45:40) Hello, how are you doing today? Just fine good. I wanted to respond to something that film ads and said early when Eve I believe it was him mention that those who breathed a sigh of relief at Jesse's not running again my concern that he's still a very viable politician and just from my perspective as a former University of Minnesota student and as an educator here in Minneapolis for my point, I just want to say good riddance. Let's get him out of there and I could not agree more with your I believe second to the last caller and who you had said the same thing and that's it. Okay. Thank you Travis. Thank you. (01:46:16) Next caller is from Virginia. That would be you Eric your comment. (01:46:20) Well, I just wanted to say that I think one of the reasons he had Jesse had so much problem getting things through as he made things to personal that everything was how was it going to benefit me or this is how I feel and it wasn't enough about how is it going to benefit the state? The other thing I wanted to say is it kind of scares me that some of the They're saying that they're not going to vote because Jesse is in running and I guess I always feel that you should always make your vote count and if you can't find anybody you want to vote for right in yourself because at least you always believe in your own views. Okay? Thank you, Eric. Yep (01:46:53) move on to Avon who's on the line from Duluth and your comment (01:46:56) Devon. Hi. I just wanted to say I'm going to miss Jesse Ventura and I want to thank him for lowering the price of my license plates because it sure was nice to not go in and pay almost $400 for them. And I think I will write them in this time. That's all I want to say. Okay. Thank you. (01:47:16) And let's see Ron. You're next. (01:47:20) Hi Gary. How are you? Just I just wanted to make a couple of quick comments. Number one. I have personal knowledge of the fact that some of the Commissioners that mr. Ventura has appointed were involved in things like buying thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of furniture for their own offices. The time when they wouldn't negotiate a contract with their unions and then went to their minions and said make sure that we all support this and don't let this out to the news because this is something we need as Commissioners yet. They're going to their people and saying you've got to buy your own office supplies. The people that served in the in the state of Minnesota employee force that were not been terrific point. He's unilaterally and again, I've already talked to many of them are ecstatic that the man is not running again, and I'm sure that probably goes for the union says, well the last thing is his ability to manipulate people in terms of you know, his kid having beer parties at the Mansion is noobs. It's not an attack to report it. It would be an attack if they call the kid a derelict if they if they accused him of doing something he wasn't doing but to Simply report the fact that those things happen is not an attack it is Who's that our property? It's not his and it's breathtaking to the way he can all of a sudden turn something like that into. Oh poor me when he announces that he isn't going to run but I am is not running (01:48:54) Ron on that issue. Yes. Also the governor's residence. I mean it is it's it's kind of a bifurcated property in a way on the one hand. It is a public building. It is the state building which units also heard supposed to be a residence. (01:49:09) But you've heard the phrase he serves at the whim of the president he lives in that Residence at the whim of the people it's his responsibility to make sure that that residents is lived in and maintained and treated with the dignity and absolute care that it deserves and having your kids throw a beer bust. I don't care how silly. Yes, every 18 year old has done something stupid his 18 or 20 year old is in the public eye and rightfully so he belongs there. He is an Incheon of the people he read he represents and for him to get all bent out of shape about it because they had the audacity to report the fact that his kid was running wild is it's magnificent. It's a political coup. It's as wonderful as anything else. He's (01:49:55) accomplished. All right. Thank you Ron just about out of time here. But I think we have time at least for one more. Comment Kevin. Go ahead. (01:50:03) Yeah. Hi. Thanks for taking my call. Yes. I was just calling to say that I believe that over the past four years. We've seen a lot of Governor Ventura constantly complaining about legislature getting in his way and never get any getting anything done that he would like to get done. However, I think that the real problem here is that what the governor has been failing to see is that legislature dissing agree with disagreeing with him is a perfectly acceptable facet of our democracy and that we need to have disagreements and then compromise in order to best represent the views of the people and that he is not the one and only voice of the men. The state (01:50:40) government and do you think he would argue I suppose that well the legislature never consulted him. They just took his plans throw them aside and went their own (01:50:50) way. Well, but personally, I mean, you know, if they disagree with him, then you know, they don't necessarily need to consult him about you know, why you know why they why they disagree with him. They the checks and balances system gives them the ability to stall plans if the legislature as a whole doesn't see it to be fit for the state of Minnesota. Thank you very much Kevin. Thank you. (01:51:14) Well, we are pretty well out of time here, but would like to thank all of you who have been listening the last couple of hours, especially those of you who called in or tried to call in with your questions for the governor during the first hour and your comments about the governor during the second hour again, if you just tuning in the big news of the day is that Governor Jesse Ventura has announced that he will not be seeking re-election to a second four-year term. He said he made a decision. Excuse me before he went to China and before the story broke yesterday about parties at the Mansion though. He expressed outrage at those stories. And he also said that he pretty well had it in terms of what he perceived to be the intrusions on his private life and the threats that those alleged intrusions pose for his family. We will be re broadcasting the 11 o'clock hour of our program when the governor made that announcement. We will be re broadcasting that program at 9:00 tonight. And of course it's available on our website as well, Minnesota Public Radio dot-org. So if you'd like to hear the governor speak himself, there's your opportunity. That's it for our midday program today Gary eichten here. Thanks for tuning in.


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