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Continuation of Skip Humphrey, Mike Freeman, Ted Mondale, Doug Johnson and Mark Dayton, the five candidates for the DFL nomination, participating in the MPR Gubernatorial Primary Debate. Candidates answer questions from the audience, with topic of crime. MPR’s Gary Eichten acts as host and moderator.

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Thank you Tim. It's about nine minutes past 12 programming on NPR is supported by Allianz francaise French Cultural Center Adult and Children's French language classes. Begin Monday, September 21st registration information at 332-0436. And good afternoon and welcome back to mid-day on Minnesota Public Radio. I'm Gary eichten kind of a special edition of midday today because tomorrow is primary election day here in Minnesota and all with all the attention focused on the dfl primary for governor. We thought today we would give you some information about where the candidates stand on the issues there. Of course 5 dfl candidates who ever wins tomorrow is primary will move on to the November general election against Republican Norm Coleman Reform Party candidate Jesse Ventura and five minor party candidates last night Minnesota public radio host of the debate at the Fitzgerald theater in downtown St. Paul between the five dfl candidates their last joint appearance before the election was pretty Lively and informative and they are. Midday. We are rebroadcasting that debate for those of you who missed it. We took questions that were email to the theater and we took questions from the audience at the theater for reporters the For Oprah's we call them were stationed around the theater to pass along questions from the audience here to begin. This segment of our rebroadcast is Oprah number one Karen Louise Booth back of the hall here with Bob Coswell from Minneapolis who has the question for all of the candidates. Yes. I run a program and I Minneapolis drug court call accept the challenge Jenna. I would like that to all the candidates, you know, I'm into Community Corrections and crime prevention and I would like to ask them. Are you guys you gentlemen for crime prevention Community Corrections, or are you more inclined to lock a person off and throw away the key is Mike Freeman talking and for the last eight years I've served as Hennepin County attorney. We have to have a balanced approach. We've sent more phones to jail and prison than any other elected official the history of the state, but frankly the things I'm proud. The bodies are working crime prevention drug court is a good step forward. It is not perfect. But for the difference is the people who are addicts. What we need to do is get them into treatment quickly and try to change your lifestyle for those whose motivation is greed the drug entrepreneurs. We need also then to move them quickly on the prison and we need to separate and recognize the difference between them. It's not always clear we've got work to do but I'm proud that in Hennepin County and elsewhere in the state. We've been active both in Swift prosecution, but crime prevention and that's what I try to continue with government Gary Ted Mondale here. Ted Mondale here I think we have to do both but I think we have to step back and recognize that our whole philosophy of crime and violence has failed. It's not enough to put a couple prosecutors here a little program. Their the fact is we are now 50th in the nation 50th in terms of locking up convicted criminals. We have a pro probation anti incarceration philosophy and it doesn't work some of the things for the drug courts are doing for users make sense. But half of the top level of the top-level Prime convicted and you convicted of Mike half the top level drug dealers in 1997 went back out on the street. So what are we telling our kids and to do to change these policies? We not only have to get tough on crime, but we got to get smart on crime. First of all, we've got to build a Metro Jail space can't be an issue when it comes to sentencing. But secondly, we need to get smart and we need to focus massive resources when juveniles first get in trouble. What what judge? Another tell me if we have these kids they get in at 9 + 11 + 14 + 15. We need to do the type of thing. So those we intervene with these children very very early. Then we need to get the resources that are prosecutors and police need to do our job both and data and all the things that they need. And another thing also is we need to make massive intervention. I think in early childhood education and in type of paid for results, like making sure every child reads by the third grade the link between kids when they leave third grade which is the time when they're reading determines how well they can do math science and the other things in school. We can invest dollars with an and get the results of every child has is reading buddy in the third grade and and we can make this a much safer place to live. So again, we have to but we have to recognize first that the whole philosophy the permeates our criminal justice system is wrong. We need to change it around we got to get tough and we need to get smart and it will take resources and to do that. We need to cut old programs that don't work and make the investment so we have safer streets and safer communities Bob This Is Us skip Humphrey and I'll tell you certainly for those who are committing crimes. We need Swift and certain punishment and real consequences. They need to know that if they do something wrong they are going to suffer that very direct consequence and indeed I've been involved in making sure that those laws are tough like that but it's not good enough. If you start at the state pen, you've got to start at the playpen bottom line. That's where it is. That's what we've got to do with head start with early intervention. The Rand Corporation makes it abundantly clear that the best youth prevention program is keeping a kid in school. That's what we have to do. We have to have the word inert. We didn't see all of the prevention program and we need a governor that will work with the legislature to ensure that we not only have a strong consequence but that we have strong prevention and intervention that makes a huge difference. It's tax-wise. Is good. Also I mean if your intervening and you're trying and you stop kids from using drugs and others from using drugs for every dollar that you put into that effort you save $15 that's good for text Eric scary the problem with just a prevention approach is the reason drugs are being sold is because of money. It's people selling drugs for money and when Minnesota becomes the best place in the nation to deal drugs, we have a problem that no new programs are going to deal with and let me say this you look at some of the things that are happening at Phillips in Minneapolis. You look at some of the things that are happening in Hawthorne orange St. Paul. Do you and I'm a Suburban legislator that kind of stuff was happening in my Suburban district. There would be a riot and I think we deserve it for the people in it any minnesotans they deserve to be in a safe place and the drug dealers on their Corner need to be locked up and we have to change our philosophy to get that done. Gary of the Johnson Tower Minnesota where we live it's safe. It's very very it's very very safe. It's a very pleasurable to live that live there. I talked to too many people in the metropolitan area who said it's not as safe as it used to be and they've been pleading with me is I've been campaigning to to try to provide some leadership before candidates for attorney general the two from the Democratic side. The one major candidate for the Republican side are saying we have to have a new long-range plan for crime prevention in the state a Governor's number one priority should be Public Safety when people are not safe in their homes when children have to go to school in fear when senior citizens cannot walk on the sidewalks at And not have fear. We need a new Direction a dead. You're right. I think we is a state went too far away from incarceration and where 50th in the country. And putting people in jail and prison, even though they commit violent acts against people. I think we've gone too far in One Direction. I do support as a teacher as a former counselor. We need prevention and education, but when people do wrong They should be punished when people do right. They should be rewarded. You know when I'm the governor. When I'm the governor. communities come to me and they feel they're unsafe. drug dealers Are running rampant on the streets? Because it's as you know, I huge economic Market. The people are not feeling safe in their homes and their schools and their communities Doug Johnson will bring in the National Guard to bring safety for the communities of this state is Mark. Before we call the National Guard. Let's go back to your question Bob, which is Yes prevention the saddest sight I've seen this year and a half has been little second grade students at the end of a school day 2:33 in the afternoon touching the Hem of their teachers screwed because they don't want to leave they don't have anywhere to go there not safe and 10 years later. They can have some place to go to the street the games and getting in trouble. So you're kind of program getting involved with is you describe a getting involved with kids. I believe the school's out to be open seven more until 7 evening ideally 11 at night 6 7 days and nights a week. So kids have a place to be in working parents know the kids are safe and productive. And I also agree with what's been said here about our failure to respond to the influx of crying that's permeated the state and you know that as well. Is anyone but tell her maybe save Grand Rapids had a gang murder. St. James's head Gang Related murders St. Cloud has a out-of-state gangs there. I mean, it's all over this state and so we've been Minnesota nice for too long. We finally have an anti-gang Strike Force 1 year in the making and it's starting to make a difference which of the head that 5-10 years ago. It should have been funded five times as level day should be working all over the state be right in the face of every single person who is doing drugs or other kinds of serious crimes. I mean talk about getting a message of he come and take it away from us. This is my friend. Where were you when we were trying to get the legislature to pass that gangster wasn't I wasn't attorney general, but if I had been I would have sat there until he did. Well we get we got beat out. Detailed time and time for this is the legislature finally was able I read your Prime does proposal. It's the list of everything you haven't done for the last 10 years all the Criminal Division something every day in this and we made some difference. We put some drug dealers away. We put some gangsters away. We worked very hard to do that this gang Strike Force you're talking about but I talked to Bob Strike the head of our gang unit in the Hennepin County attorney jobs of 5 cases 7in 5 cases. What we need to do is to give prosecutors laws. They can work with five years ago. I asked for a 5-year minatori minimum sentence for people for felons in possession of a It took us 5 years to get that through the legislature that's going to do more to reducing violence the street there any out give the cops give the prosecutors of tools they need and then legislators. Make sure you got prison space so we can put them in I'm tired of taking good proposes over there saying there's no room in the jails in the prison. So we can't do that on the same time on the same time for all of those who think they're easy solutions, like calling out the National Guard for goodness sakes we have to do it we have to do with that gentleman talking about because if we enforce are truancy and curfew laws and keep kids off the streets and in the school, then they're going to have a chance to succeed 95% of the kids were truant before they committed their first crime 75% of the people in prison don't have a high school degree. We have to be real about this. We have to prosecute the bad people and put them away. But we also have to work in crime prevention and that starts in our school. gag job Doug Johnson the problem the problem with the lie, you talked about going to prison for 5 years. If you commit a violent crime with a gun is no one goes to prison. It's plea bargain and it's the same old story, you know Democrat, that's simply not to say that. And if I could if I could if I could continue The two often too often the victims of crime are forgotten. I had a neighbor that lives two houses away from me on the lake and in Tower Minnesota. That was a deputy sheriff. He was he went to a domestic dispute. He was shot in the head. Thanks to God. He he wasn't killed. Went to court. The criminal who committed the Act was found not guilty by reason of mental illness went to St. Peter under current state law, Tris would find that person saying that person can go back to Tower Minnesota the other example, I had a bill you talk about Minnesota being 50th and the country and then carceration rate. We are the only state in the nation. That doesn't automatically allow the defense attorney to make the final argument in the court. When the antonich Paul antonich was killed. by 5 Young people in the city of Duluth, they brought that anguish and that concern to me. I tried to change the law could not get a changed victims Dums. Are being denied due process in the state and again again, I don't apologize to say that if the law enforcement officials in this state need help. I packed already the members of the National Guard and they are willing they are willing to provide for safer streets in this thing. Gary Keller. I think one of the things just a couple quick comments and I would move on to another so check this out there. Don't let Norm Coleman get elected and allow that concealed weapon while to be changed. That's what you can allowed to do. How many of you how many would you want to have people walking down your street at the at the Mall of America or at the state fair with concealed weapons? That is the way we don't want to go. Aggressively went out for Norman on on that issue very early on first time. I heard him say it. I thought the craziest thing I've ever heard. He was a guy that wanted preemption just a few years ago, which would allow Saint Paul to have tougher laws. So again the million dollars in now you going to see the new million cuz he's backing off his position. I think that I think that what we have to do philosophically we're at the turn of the century. The economy is changing our communities of changing we have to philosophically step back and look at what's working and what isn't and we in government have to get aren't sentence right? We have to make sure that we sent people to do the right thing Early Childhood Investments college scholarships retraining but then at the same time, we need to make sure that the government doesn't and sent people to do the wrong thing and I think it's a time now as we're going into the 21st century that we really need to relook at or lost. One of the areas is in his in guns in the problem and guns is not that honest people are On the wrong thing or that that that convicted criminals you can pass a law not get it to them. We have a problem. Now we're on convicted criminals are buying tons of guns and giving them to get to two gangs to use them in their Pursuit $4 to poison our kids and I think we need some laws like Virginia has a limit the number of handguns you could buy a month. So maybe you can only buy 40 or 50 handguns a month in Minnesota that be okay don't you think and and we we need to bring we need that in our gun laws. That's where we need to put our emphasis making sure that those guns aren't legally moved over to the gang. So I think we need some new laws to be able to do with that and we certainly don't need the concealed carry law as has been promoted by you're listening to a rebroadcast of last night's Minnesota Public Radio today that the Fitzgerald theater in downtown st. Paul a debate held between the five dfl candidates for Governor. All five will appear on the dfl primary election ballot tomorrow with the winter. Holding on to the November general election. Let's resume our rebroadcast. Now with more questions from the audience and this question that came in via email if the federal government doesn't find a place to put the nuclear waste that's generated out of prairie Island, assuming the federal government can't solve this problem in the near-term. Is there any scenario? I wonder what you would support legislation allowing additional dry Cask storage of spent nuclear fuel at Prairie Island nuclear power plant at least until the license expires the plant Skip Humphrey again. Let's understand. The issue is not how will you find additional you no space for this material. We've got an agreement with an sp. There will be 17 of those cast and that's it. We're not going to allow it to go beyond that. There will not be anything further allowed. We have to keep the pressure on the federal government, but more importantly than just dealing with that very real problem of the of the waste. We've got to get on in this state with a strategic energy plan. There is no plan that set forth at this point moving into the 21st century about time. We start talking about how we're going to move to sustainable energy sources and how we're going to move on into the future and allow our state to continue to grow butt to grow responsibly as we take care of the Environment that we all love and cherish that's going to be the critical element. Jerry Mike Freeman. I was the first I believe of the candidates to call that there will be no new nuclear power after the license is run out in Monticello and prayer rally in 2011-2014 furthermore, 17 cast of Seventeen cast of that's what they get and it may have to be shutting down before that. But what I have called for is it comprehensive policy that ensures we have 20% of the energy produced in use in the state for the year 2010 is got to be renewable energy. We got a lot of wind potential geothermal biomass hydroelectric. We need to move forward as a state aggressively towards Alternative Energy we can do that and we have the time to do that. And by the way as we stay up in this beautiful theater with lights on the kids a little warm up here we can do a lot more about conserving energy and we need to start talking about that. And that's what I want to do is Governor that of course is the beauty of radio. Generally. You don't need these bright lights. Mark date night. I agree. No additional tasks, but I think it's in a way indicative of how we blame government for these problems that are Creations where we say well as all the federal government's fault, they can't find some states is willing to volunteer to be a national sacrifice hurry and take all of our new colorways when in fact people who were in committed on preventing nuclear Powers proliferation who work environmental activist and an for conservation alternative energies were saying 20-25 years ago. This was going to happen in the industry Ram that down everybody's throat. Another thing. Well, why can't the federal government solves the problem? So I do agree with you skip that we'd need an energy Department. We need one that's running for the interest of the people of Minnesota rather than the utilities. I said the Public Utilities Commission is well-named. It is the Public Utilities Commission. We need a people's commission to set energy policy and utility policies that benefit the people of this state road the other way around Are Johnson and I think it even bigger issue is deregulation and I'm really worried about that. I think we should move very slowly on that. I am afraid that the homeowners small businesses medium-sized businesses Farmers could get really hurt by deregulation and we have to be very very careful as we move again as some who is seen attacking light plant close in northeastern Minnesota is 1000 of people. I have to move out of there. I move their families out. I'm not going to say that under no circumstances would I not allow some additional storage? I just will not do that. I feel too strongly and compassionately about maybe we can find acceptable ways. So those people do not lose their job. I've seen my friend lose good paying jobs. It leaves the domestic abuse child abuse. We had terrible terrible problems. In our region when that happened and I care and feel very strongly for those workers and red wing and Monticello, but I will not I will not tonight say I absolutely will not look at it. Should we all care about jobs for everybody in this state and know the importance of them but this is exactly the situation we should avoid by being proactive which is that the industry grabs us and divides us from working folks and seeing if you don't agree to our terms that we're dictating to you right now. You're going to lose all these jobs. That's why I can we need an energy Department. We need a governor was going to set these policies were going to do this to serve the people in Minnesota and we're not going to let you set us up and then Ram has done a throat with with a saturation bombing ad campaign to help me to work your will so a matter of getting out of head. We can protect job and we can have strong Environmental Protection. We can do our renewable energy with Minnesota union jobs with Minnesota company. That's one of the places we are to be targeting our resources so we can build a jobs and create more jobs in existence plants today. And I think that's a lot better than Norm Coleman wants to spend a hundred million dollars moving a software company from one side of the river to the other. Let's target our resources and create new Minnesota jobs for a question John. Thanks Gary who is a long time resident of North Minneapolis and down. What's your question? Do you guys remember the old Minneapolis Lakers? Do you remember the old North Stars? How about are they twins next? I used to go out to Nicholas Ball Park and watch the twins. I used to watch him when they went back and forth to Lexington and play dead. Wonderful game that we call baseball. Now what's going to happen now? I'm though. I don't want to pay for any of that. I stood on Nicollet Avenue and watch the ball come over at batting practice and hit the Cobblestone and hit knocked out president Cafe Windows all the time. I stood next to Dave more of a former WCCO sportscaster and I had a wonderful time but Sports is a great but are we going to you guys going to build a stadium going to help or what you going to do? Very Ted Mondale I am I understand your concern, but I think also one of the reason people don't trust most people don't trust government anymore as we can't control our spending and we don't prioritize where our dollars go and it's not an easy either or government can only spend a dollar once and I will assure you that if you take the step to say we're going to build all the sports stadiums at all. The sports teams want you can't make the Investments and education. You can't make the tax breaks. You can't make do the type of things are going to help people in the future. And so And I think we have to be clear about what we're for and what we're not and what are priorities and what we are in a lot of times we talked about our goals or this our goals are that are goals of this. My goal is everybody has a job. They make $1000000 a year or nothing bad happens in the world. I mean, I didn't put that in the book Mike in case you were looking realistic with the public and I've been very clear that that has Governor. The stadium is a very very low priority of mine and and the dollars are not going to come on my watch and I people who people who want a new baseball stadium with any state money or any support should not vote for me cuz I'm not going to let it happen, I'm really getting old when and now I can remember the team's you mention. I can remember the ones before them. Minneapolis Millers at Nicollet Park in the Millers the Saints Hockey games at the Minneapolis Arena and I don't I must say I love hockey and I but I don't miss the North Star is because I find youth hockey and high school hockey and the Gopher hockey so much more enjoyable and I adjust I would I would certainly second with Ted said absolutely no public dollars for these facilities. I think those public dollars are to go into building Hunters of all parks hundreds of hockey arenas and basketball courts all over the state for the kids of this state unless get behind those things. Those are the teams that deserve our support. Let me just as couple questions how many people here want the twins to leave? I don't see one. I don't see one hand going up. How many if you want to pay any of your taxes to build a stadium for the twins? Hardly, any the people have spoken there are going to be no taxpayer dollars to go to line the pockets of wealthy sports team owners. That's not a priority to get baby a priority for Arne Carlson. Never mind the fact that we have a farm crisis. What does he do? He calls on legislators to please come together to build a stadium and it's maybe a priority for Norm Coleman. But it's not a priority for me. I guarantee you that we're going to take care of schools. First accessible Healthcare were going to make sure that we stop the violence and we're going to return those tax dollars to people the working family. Gary this is Mike Freeman and I've been consistently said no public state tax dollars for a stadium any Stadium anywhere now skip this kind of intriguing and then you're talking taking a pool today because you're running made my good friend Rodger Moore. Well, you know he put together the deal that gave Norm Coleman his hockey luxury suites at the cost of 95 million of our taxpayer dollars and my good friend Rodger Moe and former colleague and you're running mate who around the state with your pal Norm Coleman and Arne Carlson trying to talk about state tax dollars for Twins stadium. Sometimes I do, you know people got to be straightforward. Skip you been both sides of this issue like you been a bunch of stuff get by there is no credibility their folks are this is Rob. Let me just say. This is not Prairie Home Companion and Garrison Keillor is not here. So I understand where the last 48 hours and people are making these kinds of attack Harry. I have not said anything about I have not done anything about Mike's lieutenant governor or his campaign chair who made me put the deal together. We don't need the demagogue on the basis of individuals. That's not you know my position, you know where I've been and you know where I'm going. Jack Johnson, I thought it was going to be a filibuster there for a while. But you know, you would turn you should quit fighting amongst yourselves it along a little better Eric S Club WCCO radio a couple days ago and he said the citizens were baseball endorse you Doug Johnson for governor. I said what I mean I led the opposition in a very vigorous book away on the floor of the Senate against against using public tax money for a baseball stadium. I still do I want change my position at the same time. If you're right, the showing of hands minnesotans don't want to lose baseball. Most minnesotans don't want to there's a lot of people dick in the real parts of the state senior citizens that love to hear their baseball on on on radio. And so I think I know why they endorsement He recognized Doug Johnson is a problem solver that'll take issues head-on and find Solutions, you know, most of the state budget problems over the past 20 years. They weren't finally settled in the governor's office or in the majority leaders office or the speaker's office. They were bipartisan Solutions put together and Doug Johnson's office. And I think that they recognized they recognized the few people would be played. You wouldn't wouldn't mind. Susan democracy that they that they would look for someone with some leadership skills and I would simply say Okay team owners and down Minneapolis business Community owners if you want the team come to my office, but first you bring your wallet and you bring your checkbook and how much are you going to put into the deal before? They asked the state taxpayers to open their wallet to them, but we'll find a solution. Let's go up to the third balcony. We have a couple of education related questions from up here. And so to questions the first is from to us education experts to teachers up here who say that they are not yet decided on who they're going to vote for and they need some convincing. So they would like to talk to hear your talk specifically about your ideas for improving K-12 education and a second question comes from Anna Ritchie of Spring Lake Park High School to know you've talked a lot about returning the taxpayers money and tax breaks and I'd like to know how you intend to do that. And also correct the problem that my public high schools facing right now where I'm sitting in a class for people are literally sitting on the floor and you also talked about how crime prevention begins in the playpen and I'd like to know how you intend to keep kids off the street and in school when they can't afford to be there. Those are really great questions. This is Mike Freeman and let me just trace it briefly because we got a lot of questions more than a year ago. I came out with a comprehensive program in education all-day kindergarten because kids want to learn earlier and parents want them to learn earlier class size no bigger than 20K through 3 because the younger people need more time and attention. We came out early childhood increases and most importantly we came out with the idea and the concept which every Minnesota high school graduate should have a right to go to vocational program or college in this state tuition free because young people need additional education for the challenging new jobs in the future that you asked about taxes. This patent this entire program. We work for the Department Finance cost 200 million dollars a year that's four hundred million dollars and biennium. I think that's a great investment not on the young people in schools, but it's an investment in the future of all Minnesota and yet I called for four hundred million dollars a property tax relief each of those two years. We all agree. There's about a million to long-term increases. That's where I spend. Those are the two priorities education and residential property tax cuts. This is Ted Mondale. This is Ted Mondale. And I think we have to do is look at our education system in week. I think we have some problems with the way we're looking at it. First of all, we keep every year we pass these big bills and we're mandating down process and every year we've talked to teachers and administrators. They're going to say, can you just please tell us what you want us to do and why is so much of this process you mandate down not related to the progress of the kids, and we're getting into a point now. Where were where the bureaucrats in St. Paul are seeming to think that they know better how to teach our kids then do the parents and the teachers and the community and I think that's wrong and we need to flip that around secondly and we need to pay for results. You know, I have laid out a number of things. We need to change our philosophy and pay for results rather put money into just the formula but there's a number of things that we can do in my book. I lay out a number of investments in education starts with early childhood education. We need to fully fund Child Care sliding field fee scale. We need to expand out the credits to $45,000 a year. That's 30,000 family to bring in but then we need an educational peace in our early childhood at our child care center. And so I would fund bringing a protocol into the into the childcare centers that would bring a developmental peace and an assessment piece so we can get at the special ed kids when they're first and second grade and move them forward. Secondly we need to do three Major things I think in our K-12 Education First I put a proposal Ford where we would pay school districts to make sure that every one of their children are up to reading level by the end of 3rd grade. They can do this. This can happen. We have to have the dollars and let the school district decide what happened. Secondly, we would expand out our tax credits that we have the day. I would expand it out. So that families can use them the purchase state-of-the-art laptop technology because in the future the difference between have and have nots on this issue is going to be accessed information to technology and third I would have a performance fun for school district at one of the higher standards that we would give them $2. They need be at the class sizes be at the other things. But I think also we need to make sure that people have that the type of opportunity in the future and my biggest and best of all the Investments. I want to make I want to make sure that every child who graduates from high school with a B average or above has earned has earned the type of scholarship to a two or four-year. Scholarship every child no matter who they are or where they from now knows that they might not start in the same place for the bacon get their beef. They're going to have their scholarship proposal and can move forward. I think that's a solid education agenda and I think if we get it put in place, we're going to move this state for it with a type of opportunity for all of our kids. Skip first of all, I'm I'm very pleased that we finally got to the first priority of the Humphrey mode ministration, which is education the best public education system in the world, but I don't think you can start at K through 12. You got to start the day that child is born. You've got to make sure that there's good parenting skills. You've got to support Head Start you got to do all those things that will provide an opportunity for that child to be learning as they come into the kindergarten class. One of the ways we do that is to provide that permanent income tax credit for learning based child care, very important that we allow individuals were asking everybody to go to work after coming off welfare. They're doing all sorts of other things. We need to make sure that parents have the ability financially to have their children in quality learning base child care, but we also need to have in case with well first and foremost accountability. The bottom line here is is the stew. Performance going up and we need to see that those accountability standards are in place with a full participation of teachers and parents in making sure that there is a responsiveness there. Secondly, we need to get absolutely to the basics not just reading writing and arithmetic the 21st century is also going to require that we have the ability to work in groups strong communication skills learning of technology and then as young people go on to higher education because we know that are more than 70% of all the jobs that are going to be available require post high school education. I don't want to see that someone is cut off because of some economic barrier. And so what we have proposed is an income tax credit to make absolutely certain that it builds upon the Hope Scholarship for the federal government. So there is no economic barrier to get those additional years that are so necessary. It is critical if we are going to have the workforce of the future. That we have these kinds of educational opportunities. Now the third part of all of this is Choice when we shouldn't mandate that every single school district have all day kindergarten if that is what that Independent School District believes is necessary to achieve those goals. Then that should be their choice. Maybe what they need are smaller class sizes. Maybe they need the technology that rightfully talks about. The reality is there are different needs in different areas around our state and we need to work in partnership with our school districts in our teachers and our parents. We need a parent involvement ability to all of those kinds of things have to come together and I'll tell you under the administration. It'll be our first priority. We don't have a lot of time left, but I want to give everybody a chance to weigh in on this question. So I said we don't have a lot of time left before I get the closing statement only about three four minutes away. But I want to give each of you a chance to say sorry all this additional money on her public schools. And it somehow being Miss spent and we need a governor will first of all be honest with the people of the state and secondly will stop bashing Public School teachers in public schools. I recognize that they have among the hardest jobs in the state. I talked to years in a school in the Lower East Side of New York City first job out of college. I've always said was the toughest job I ever had and I've been over a hundred schools in the seat rental ICT months and those jobs at teachers have a new schools than our tougher than the one I faced in New York City 30 years ago. And it's those who are going to be critical of that should be there and put in the time and understand how hard it is State share of funding for public education is going down. I think Minnesota would be appalled if they see it saw you was in your class with 30-plus kids and I've seen that all over the state. So we need to put more real dollars into public education put our money where our ideals are we need to go for class size computers and Technology keep schools open September I said, I'm sorry to cut you off. We just want to get everybody a quick 30 seconds. I have spent more time in schools in any other type project Head Start. In fact had to learn I'm a little teapot short and stout and that was kind of appropriate try to elementary elementary education was a high school guidance counselor. I know what works with kids and what doesn't work, but I have just a few seconds the thing we have to link more is parents when we got parents involved and then it work better when there was motivation for those little kids coming to school as Governor. I'm going to work really hard with experts to get families more involved with a child's education. everybody anybody want to make an additional comment on education very briefly. What the 10 largest thing? Skip kind of got the old MacDonald had a farm tax policy is kind of a tax credit here tax credits are here credit their credit everywhere credit credit and I think one of the problems is pretty soon. It adds up to a billion dollars folks. It's pretty good permanent tax cuts. Actually, it adds up to a lot more than a billion dollars in the problem has the problem with with with tax credits as those who are least able to afford it can't afford a tax credit everybody. You're a low-income single mother. You don't have a couple thousand dollars sitting around to go buy a laptop computer or to go get the child care you need and we as Democrats need to make sure that the services are available for people that are there and I believe that we we should put our dollars up front so that the least the people we want to get off welfare to work. The lower-income families have it there for him and not that they have to wait a year to get the dollar. That's why we do it in our ballerina Pleasant other time education should be Universal. That's why I should be available early childhood and that's why every Minnesota high school graduate ought to have a chance to go to higher education State and that is part of my platform. Laptop that concludes our discussion this evening. Hope you found it informative. Now before we wrap up we have allowed enough time for each of the candidates to make a one minute in a closing statement on why you should vote for him rather than the other candidates that the order was agreed upon in advance. So I'll let's get started here one minute each Mark Dayton you go for Is Mark Dayton and I'm proposing a new directions for minnesota-based onto old fashioned principles. The first is the value of work and the opportunity for every citizen to learn the American dream by working and by earning Farm fair farm prices in the marketplace. That means good wages living wages in public contracts health insurance for every Minnesota employee pensions workers compensation giving people a chance to earn in the workplace to Pride and self-respect that comes with a job being able to take care of their family and only having to work one job so they can spend time with their family and it has the effect of reducing the cost of government by reducing the need for government. Second principle is government of by and for the people who were jannes and I want to go to work for you to make state government work better for you and make sure you get your money's worth of your tax dollars better schools that are highways that are Environmental Protection moratorium on feedlots. Put us to work will work for you. Mike Freeman after all these years to discuss this governor's race is about leadership leadership is about articulating core values and following them. It's about integrity and honesty and clear straight answer about the future of our state. It'll talk into it will take strong leadership to beat Norm Coleman and will take strong leadership to leave this state into the 21st century. I believe I have that leadership. Leadership has commitment to our kids to save schools and smaller class size and to reducing property taxes leadership means including all men and all women in the next Administration leadership means being part of something bigger than yourself and that's why I'm honored to have the endorsement of the Minnesota state dfl party the Minnesota AFL-CIO and Paul and Sheila wellstone. It's being part of something larger than yourself. And so next Tuesday book Mike Freeman and Ruth John's. Doug Johnson Doug Johnson William Jennings, Bryan said many years ago destroy your cities and they will reappear as if by Magic destroy your farms and rural areas and grass will grow on every Main Street in America, you know, there's about two million minnesotans living in the real Parts in Minnesota that probably didn't have an easy ability get to this theater tonight. I know many of them are out in the audience listen to this program. I have been a voice for real Minnesota in this race. I'm going to be a good governor for all of Minnesota. But the thing that drives me more than any other thing is the lack of enough good paying jobs in the real parts of the state and the fact that so many of the young people have to move the Twin Cities. That's not good for the Twin Cities. That's not good for real Minnesota. I want to see a Minnesota that's balanced economically moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas can drive across town by their kids and grandchildren. Not across the state. Skip Humphrey for the many many kind words in the commitments that they have made far future you have told me time and time again folks how much you believe in this state? You know, it's a good State what you see forward in the future is the opportunity to challenge ourselves to make it even better. I believe. I have a Clear Vision experience in the leadership to take us into that 21st century in a good positive way. The agenda that Rodger Moore and I have set forth is what I've heard from you first world class schools secondly affordable and accessible Healthcare third ridding ourselves of the violence and crime and it's in our lives and 4th returning to you the resources. They give you and the Working Families of this state the energy in order to go forward through the kind of permanent tax cuts that were talking about when we Do that. We will move ourselves dramatically 4th. I ask for your vote. I'll work hard for you. Good monder. my name my name is Ted Mondale and I'm running a different kind of campaign focused on restoring people's trust in government and offering a clear alternative to the politics of the past. One of my opponents message is to believe in Minnesota and I do believe in Minnesota. But I believe in the Minnesota of the 21st century where every family will have access to affordable child care. We're all children will read by the third grade where every student earns can earn scholarships to higher education and where senior citizens don't have to choose between eating and the prescription drugs that they need. I wrote a book detailing how it will feel that future by cutting old programs that don't work anymore and investing in the things that will strengthen families and build communities. If you believe that Minnesota's needs a new approach to make government work better for people that the status quo is not good enough and you want a governor committed to an aggressive leadership social justice and opportunity for every Minnesotan than vote for me Ted Mondale this And there you have it last night's Minnesota Public Radio debate between the five dfl candidates for Governor. Of course tomorrow is election day here in Minnesota primary election day, one of these five candidates Mark Dayton Mike Freeman. Skip Humphrey Doug Johnson or Ted Mondale. One of them will win tomorrow is primary and move on to be November general election against Republican Norm Coleman Reform Party candidate Jesse Ventura and five minor party candidates. How will it all turn out? Well, we're going to be on the air tomorrow night at 8 with an election night special here on Minnesota Public Radio course will have all the election returns as they become available. We'll be talking with the candidates get their reaction as the results come in and we'll have analysis as well. That's at 8 tomorrow night election night special programming here on Minnesota Public Radio. Now another special program 9 this evening. We're going to be rebroadcasting program we had On the air couple of weeks ago all the candidates all seven candidates talking about the crime issue. So that will be coming up at 9 tonight on our rebroadcast tomorrow Election Day special first hour. What does the governor do we'll be talking with former governors Anderson and Cleveland couple of Chiefs of Staff at 11 tomorrow. Then over the noon hour Richard Riley at the Press Club race war is coming along next programming on NPR is supported by carousel automobiles the Aldi store featuring the arrival of the all-new A6 Avant Quattro wagon this fall 544-9591. I'm Lorna Benson on Mondays all things considered a local morning radio show fights charges of racism that story and the rest of the day's news on Mondays All Things Considered weekdays at 3 on Minnesota Public Radio k n o w FM 90


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