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Skip Humphrey, Mike Freeman, Ted Mondale, Doug Johnson and Mark Dayton, the five candidates for the DFL nomination, participate in the MPR Gubernatorial Primary Debate. Candidates also answer questions from the audience. MPR’s Gary Eichten acts as host and moderator.

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Thank you. Tim six minutes now past 11. Today's programming is made possible in part by The Advocates of Minnesota Public Radio contributors include ADC Telecommunications. And good morning to you. This is midday on Minnesota Public Radio. I'm Gary. I can glad you could join us just him know tomorrow is election day here in Minnesota by tomorrow night. We will know which of the dfl candidates for Governor has won the dfl party's nomination and less be able to move on to the November general election last night Minnesota Public Radio sponsor to debate at the Fitzgerald theater in downtown st. Paul between the five dfl candidates their final joint appearance of the campaign the debate provided listeners with a great chance to hear from all the candidates one last time and so today on. Midday. We're going to rebroadcast that debate for all of you who couldn't TuneIn last night. Let's get started. Welcome to the Fitzgerald theater on Exchange Street in downtown Saint Paul. I'm will hadland the vice president of public affairs, Minnesota Public Radio. We are mere five blocks from the state capitol in less than 48 hours away from determining who will be the candidate for governor for Minnesota dfl party in this year's general election. In addition to the audience in the Fitzgerald theater the broadcast of this debate is available to 98% of the voters of Minnesota through Minnesota public radio's 14 news and information stations. This debate is also available worldwide on the internet at This debate tonight highlights both the power of radio and the strength of the listeners of public radio radio is inherently a medium of ideas in a radio debate candidates are judge by the Merit of their arguments not by the color of their suits or the skill to the makeup designers public radio offers another benefit. This debate will not be interrupted by ads of any kind. Our listeners want the full story not a 30-second sound bite. They want the full story because as a group the exercise their rights and voting higher percentages the listeners and readers of any other media Source in the state with over 80% of our listeners voting in present in the last presidential election and 60% of our listeners voting in every election. We can empty our honor to present to you this final debate of the democratic candidates for the governor of Minnesota is my pleasure to turn this debate over to the host of Minnesota public radio's midday program and one of the most experienced political reporters in Minnesota. Thank you. Thanks will and thank you very much. Let me add my thanks to all of the candidates were just debating this evening and it's all of you here in the theater for showing up and all of you who tuned in on the radio. Really, this is a great evening for Minnesota Public Radio. The whole point of the election programming that we do it to Minnesota Public Radio is supposed to provide you with the information that you actually find useful that you need in terms of learning more about the candidates and the issues and it's really great to be able to get to Canada together. So close to election day get them all together here at a time when people are actually making their decision as to who to vote for. So this is this is just terrific as far as we're concerned some notes about the format here is there are virtually no rules or regulations this evening not a stopwatch and site. Each candidate will get one minute at the end of the program to make their pitch for your boat. But that's about it. Otherwise would like to follow the same basic format that we use for our mid-day. Can the debate programs that is to say let the candidates talk directly to each other about the issues. We listen in and eventually you folks get to participate as well the less formal the better here now because there are so many candidates we've asked them to identify themselves when they speak Gary eichten boy the Vikings played a great game today blah blah blah all they need to do some work on their defense. The reason we've asked him to do it, it does sound a little odd. I suppose for those of you here in the theater. You can see who's talking but it helps people as a listening on the radio to know who's saying what so that's why they're going to do that first half of the broadcast. I'll have some topics for them to discuss some suggestions the remaining 90 minutes will belong to those of you here in the theater. And those of you listening at least those of you with a computer here in the theater we have for reporters. We will call them the for Oprah's where are they the for Oprah's they're standing by with microphones, and all you have to do is raise your hand and they'll come by and you can get your question included in the in the discussion this evening. Those of you monitoring online. You can email your questions to election at election at NPR. Org system producers. It's been too. Shy to come out. She shall be adding those email questions to the mix. We have a 5 minute break at 8. So you can plan ahead good time to stretch your legs. What have you here at the Fitzgerald? We are not in a soundproof studio. If you feel the need to applaud Grumble murmur, whatever. Go ahead. It's great. Just give all the candidates a chance to have their say those. Are you listening on the radio? Of course, the great thing about radio is that you don't even have that restriction. You can yell scream throw eggs at your radio, whatever you feel the need to do. One other thing if you're a little unclear about how the election process works, these are five dfl candidates. You might be wondering where Republican Norm Coleman or Reform Party. Cannot Jesse Ventura. Well, they are essentially basic no opposition in Tuesday's election. They will move on to the November general election ballot. The big decision Tuesday is which one of these five gentlemen will join them on that November general election ballot, so Minnesota attorney general skip Humphrey former state Senator Ted Mondale. Thank you, Gary. former state auditor Mark Dayton Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman could be here Gary. Thank you. and state senator Doug Johnson By the way, let me eat, you know will was mentioning, you know that the business about the candidates participating really you think about it. It's really terrific that people actually run for public office. You know, we we we poked a time is all he doesn't say this and he doesn't agree with a snowman blah blah blah blah blah, but especially given our political climate. I think it's terrific that people stick their neck out run for office. All right. I'm very this Mark Dayton that I say it's a privilege to run for office in any country where they don't execute the losers. All right, first thing that first topic of discussion that Secretary of State John grow who is almost always right in her voter turnout predictions estimated on Friday that only about 20% of Minnesota voters would actually vote on Tuesday. One of the things that you here. Apparently one of the reasons not very many people are going to vote is because they don't really see any difference among people that any of you would be fine or none of you would be fine that you're all cut from the same cloth. Is there any difference Gary Ted Mondale? I think that that analysis is wrong. I think the fundamental issue that were facing that over dominates every other issue and keeps turn out Louis. I think people just don't trust government anymore to do the right thing. And I think they have good reason to do so, I mean government hasn't controlled its spending. It hasn't been able to prioritize words dollar lot of times. It doesn't tell the truth and it doesn't deliver Services efficiently enough and a lot of times politicians say one thing to one group and another to another and so when politicians get together, they always say she's a people are just better citizens. They come to our you know, Town Hall meetings that they show up at the legislature more what that is saying is that people are failing politics and I think that's wrong. I think it's our politics that are failing people and I think those of us a special in the Democratic party have a duty if we want people to restore trust in government to tell the truth to say where Going to cut if we're going to invest and to say how we're going to control spending and how we're going to prioritize where dollars go and I think if we do that rather than giving people a civics lesson, we're going to rebuild people's trust and I think the turnouts going to be much higher young girl sex. This is this is Skip Humphrey. And I I just want to tell you my good friend Joan Crowe who I am very pleased to supporting my candidacy. I want I want to prove her wrong and I can tell you this that all of the people that I visited with out at the State Fair all throughout this this summer last spring and last winter. There's been a very positive involvement of people throughout this day. I think the people that stayed are committed to becoming involved very directly because they know that the issues that concern their lives their families lives are at stake and that's why when when I visit with folks you you here, I'm right straight away. What are you going to do about our schools? How are you going to take care of the healthcare? What are you going to do about my mother who I'm trying to take care of in in my home and at work by the way, what are you going to do with all that money? You can return it to us. There's a lot of challenges out there and I think the public are willing in Minnesota to stand up and say let's make that decision and so they're going to do What they know best to do they're going to vote is Mark Dayton. I think your question was what distinguishes us from one another and I would say in my case. So my strong support for living wages because I believe in an old-fashioned notion that work ought to pay off and people are to be able to earn the American Dreams ruler work same reason. I proposed health insurance for every Minnesota employee through the employers so that the hundred and thirty-five thousand Souls were working in his state today and don't have health insurance to their employees get it. That's a fundamental difference between myself and the other for who proposed various kinds of expansion have been care which a general increase the cost the government. I want to see business and government share the responsibility for these Solutions change the way we fund the K-12 education move it off the property tax. Do you have not only real tax reduction permanent property tax deduction. If you're also changing the structure of our Taxation and putting our K-12 education funding on a much more Progressive putting for the future. Gary this is Mike Freeman. And I think there's really two parts. Your question will try not be low. And what are the differences frankly is a dfl endorsed candidate. We've been doing Grassroots campaigning for nearly two years and what we heard from a lot of people is real interest and how the state is going to move forward. They want to make sure they're working people's agenda is there they want to make sure are good education system is even better. They want all day kindergarten class size is smaller than 20 they want somebody who can relate to them and talk with him face-to-face then what Al chekakie big dollar politics. They don't want lots of TV ads know what they want. Somebody just like the person next door sitting across having a cup of coffee talking about issues and then seeing clear positive results. I think that's what the voters want. I think that's what I offer in terms of the programs. We talked about an education in terms of livable wage in terms of healthcare talking about real concrete things that people can relate to and as much as I like Joan growe. I'm going to take us Ford your I think turnouts going to be larger than anyone thinks They're Johnson care, I wish it were true that there were going to be a large turnout on on Tuesday. But I've been throughout this state and actually until Labor Day people really were not focused on the race for governor. And I think there's a number of reasons people have lost trust in their in their leaders. They see what happened with the president in Washington and I very clearly come out and said that if the president did commit perjury before the grand jury, he should resign and I think I think I think that I think that minnesotans I think that minnesotans are wanting wanting their leaders to speak the truth. There are tired of all the partisanship. They want some common sense in people who speak the truth and I am very different from my opponents in this race why I respect my mom and dad never graduated from high school. Not that they didn't want to but their family could not afford to let them go to high school. They had to work. He had to help support the family. That's a clear distinguishing feature between Dodge Doug Johnson and the other candidates everything that I ever earned. Was because I had to work hard and didn't have a famous name and didn't have well, I was a common person with a common message for this state and I think that minnesotans are saying political leaders don't flip flop political leaders. Don't talk political rhetoric Let It Go leaders speak the truth to us and find solutions for problems not just criticisms of others. Doug and I'm pretty proud of my my parents they're here tonight for its and Joan Mondale Leaf serve this state for 50 years. They always told the truth. There is never Hannah Scandal and I don't think that people should not vote for me because of the job. They did serving the state. Let me see. Let me just follow up again on on on some of the questions. I think people looking for a candidate that understands the issue isn't how do you get more money in the government? The issue is how you do a better job with a dollars that we have already and I think people are confused cuz I hear promises here promises there tax credits here. If you just tax breaks huge spending and I can't figure out how it all adds up. And that's why is a candidate. I laid out in a book for everyone to see you back in May what old programs that I am willing to cut to make the kind of Investments to strengthen families to build communities and give people at Economic Opportunity. I think people want that that that honesty and people That Clarity for all them to see and I think that's a difference in this race over four years. I cut eight hundred million dollars and I make investments over four years of eight hundred million dollars. That assumes is a static number a number of the new initiatives for people like allowing every child to graduate from high school by earning a b in high school training child care worker. So they're available to get to get there takes a couple of years to get going but said you're absolutely certain employee attrition is laid out very clearly in a book for everyone here today Gary M. Johnson. Let me let me just say I'm proud of your mom and dad to I know them very well and in fact in fact. In fact, remember when you were a little boy and your dad and I taught you how to fish and I and I caught all the fish and you lied about it. What is Gary's been to admit it Doug and submit it to admit it later is good. Now I tile casted you on your machine, right? Tonight also, all right. I think I think everybody has in one form or another said that if they are elected, they're going to give Minnesota taxpayers a tax cut think that's more or less accurate yet. The all we hear about is that we're on the verge of a pretty significant economic slowdown. Where is this money going to come from balanced budget proposed by Rodger, Moe and I Rodger Moe is my lieutenant governor candidate. We put in reserve more than 5% of the total of the budget, which is a combination of the resources that are available plus the sum hundred seven hundred million dollars coming in from the tobacco settlement. We put more money in reserve than the current Administration. And by the way, we're using the Carlson administration's most recent figures with this is not something that were banking on coming sometime in the future reality is this is exactly what we've talked about. We do have to have prudent man. Judgment of the resources we need to make sure that we can make a 1 billion dollar income tax cut permanent income tax cut 340 million dollars worth of property tax relief over the for you. But it is all there and we have set aside the resources that will take the ups and downs of an economy. That's what's terribly important. We have the experience. We have the knowledge of being able to do that. We understand that government can't do everything but it can do what's necessary and that's why we're looking at the issues of how to take care of young children in their earliest stages when it comes to education way before they get to kindergarten and working all the way through with smaller class sizes that others have talked about with the other kinds of necessary tools to have an accountable public education system that lifts up the performance standards of all of our student allows those young people to go on to college with a tax credit for those who need that. So there's no economic barriers. And then what we have done to help our Working Families is proposed and we will pass a tax credit for families that are struggling to help their senior members in their in their family and parenting mother or father so that we keep the family as a driving force of the engines of the future of our state. That's what's critical is to help those Working Families get ahead and do that if we came for. Siri Gary this is Mike Freeman and Skip we've heard about the air 1 billion dollar tax cut. The problem is you were ignoring property taxes. I've called for four hundred million dollars by ennio or eat a hundred million dollars of property tax cut because business got permanent property tax cuts before and we homeowners got one time rebate and Skip you put so much money and income tax and all these new program. You simply can't cover the property tax problem and what it means skip is every homeowner every renter and every Farm the state is going to see a property tax increase in the year 2050 if your plan becomes law of I've been concerned about property taxes, is it what the heck? It's the folks that needed can support at the least it hits seniors this Democratic party has historically made a commitment to support people into tax them in the ways in that is most Progressive and the least in the ways of most regressive and I'm sorry. It's a real clear difference because you and Rodger simply can't answer the question about property taxes cuz they'll go up in the year 2000 if you're elected Governor Jerry respond, where's the money going to come from to pay for all these texts promises? And I think that's an excellent question. You always skip the old days they said there was a chicken in every pot yours is a credit in every pocket. But in this case, where are you don't have the resources. That's the real question where you come from the structural Surplus estimate for the next biennium by the apartment Finance is 1.1 billion dollars. However, if their forecast is off by even 1% in terms of falling revenues and Rising expenditures, that's for durn 40 million dollars right there. So they have to be perfect in their projection for us to have the kind of numbers that were talking about and if the economy just went out if it goes down in 19 90 and 2 years the amount of lost revenue and expenditures increased expenditures was 25% of the biennial budget. That's why I think some of these numbers lose their meaning even though they're valid numbers because they assume a static the target were in fact, we're going to have to borrow more effectively Target and restructure our tax system if we're going to move forward in the future was why I think I want to go off the property tax. This is Skip Humphrey and I just want to respond. First of all, let's understand. We're all talking about between 1.4 or 1.5 billion dollars worth of tax permanent tax cut someone to have it in property tax. Another wants to have it in sales tax. The reality is you've got to make a decision as voters as to where you feel it ought to be put play it where it ought to be placed. But the facts are the dollars are there. We have a strong economy. We have a very strong economy and which will allow those dollars to be their plus we have additional Revenue coming in. From tobacco settlement there's going to be more than nine hundred million dollars in the next biennium that will come from that a settlement when you combine that together. That's where the resources are. Now it's for how do you properly manage it and frankly? We're the only team Humphrey mode that has put forth a detailed budget for the next biennium. We have laid it all out in terms of the permanent tax cuts as well as the Investments that will provide for those Early Childhood years as well as the kind of restructuring that we need for our public education system to make it the best in the world. Skip Ted Mondale, as you know, all throughout this race. I kept challenging you and others to come forward with a budget because all your promises weren't adding up and a month-and-a-half ago admirably you responded and you put forth a budget that balances in two years. The problem is you went back out and started promising again, and you've got another billion dollar hole in the last 2 years of your budget and that that I mean you can take inflation out of every program for needy children for child care for college students for 2 years. You can't take it out include is going to be there for the for you so you got a billion dollar hole for the Public's got to decide whether that billion dollar tax cuts coming or you going to just have the billion dollars of programs moving forward in the future. I think the public is smarter than that. They know that if you're going to have a big tax cut and if you're going to have new Investments for to help people that you got to come forward and say where you're going to cut because the numbers don't add up in any other way and if you look at what's happening in the economy today in Southeast Asia in in Russia of everywhere. This is a time where it where I think that voters need to be very careful about all the spending promises and look for the candidate like the Pioneer Press. It said I'd be the candidate that endorsed my candidacy and said that I'd be the Democrat the most likely to control taxes and spending and I think those Kind of messages of what voters need to look at because we're not always going to have the type of economy that we have today. Is Mark Dayton please. This is going to tax, Do you know we don't? Well, let me just say that of the candidates running for governor in this is not a criticism of the others. No one has to know. I know I know one has had to spend more time working with the state budget than I have during the bad times of the 1980s when elk we was governor during the bad times of the 80s when we purpose was governor in the early 90s when Arne Carlson was governor and I to work on bipartisan basis to find Solutions sometimes raising taxes, sometimes cutting taxes again. Skip quit promising hundreds of millions of dollars that we do not have that's how we get into financial problems. That's how we get into financial problems in the state. I've been traveling Minnesota. I spent hours a bit at the State Fair in Time and Time minnesotans came Democrats Republicans and independents and Give us our money back. So as Democrats, you know Democrats pay taxes to so don't be ashamed to be the first budget decision. We should make as a Democratic governor is the size of the tax cut know I prefer an income tax cut a persimmon income tax got having State assume a greater share of the cost of K through 12 education. I want to put a cap on market value any letters any calls. I get from homeowners cabin owners business owners. It's the huge valuation preet increases that are driving their property taxes. We could help a lot of minnesotans with their family budgets and business people with their budgets if we put a cap on the market value, but it ought to be promising and promising. I just want to say one other thing. I think that if we're fully aware of what's happening in the agricultural communities of this state and I don't think enough people understand this. We could be facing serious financial problems in the state. You know, I noted a report the other day. There's a tremendous amount of dumping of Steel in the United States. There's a tremendous dumping of Timber Products in the United States and with the collapsing agricultural economy. I would urge my colleagues in this race to use caution. In fiscal discipline and no don't make promises of hundreds of millions of dollars as skip has been doing the people of this state. They just finish up here. I just want to point out that one of the ways we need to read to our thinking is Democrats is to reduce the cost of government by reducing the need for government. And that's where again I think we need to develop a concept of shared Solutions with the private sector. That's why I think living wage legislation is important so that lease to the public contract people are pay decent wages. Then they won't need some of the income support and Social Services require every employee to provide health insurance for every employee in the workplace rather than expanding public medical programs, which should be a safety net but not a first recourse take on hmos. Another's that are driving up the cost for lowering the quality of what people get in their lives. That's where I think I different from the others and where I think it must be reduced the need for government. We have only been the Republican solution which is to reduce the cost of but not do anything about the need. Ted Ted Mondale a different proposal than the others. I think that we should reduce the sales tax by half a Cent and I'll tell you why one is it's the most regressive when the CEO walks into the store and buys an item and single mother buy the same item. They pay the same tax. I think it's Democrats. We need to reduce the most regressive taxes on quite frankly 1991. And I voted against it. The legislature said we're going to increase the sales tax so we can lower your property taxes. They're going to create a trust fund a trust fund never happened and to restore the trust in government. I think we got to go back and say we didn't tell the truth and let's fix the important thing. I think for a for listeners to remember is the philosophy upon which we have our property tax system is flawed. It is based on the idea that you can actually spend. More money and get lower taxes. It hasn't worked it cannot work. And I think if we go in the future, we need a governor that will move forward and that understands. The only way to lower property taxes is to lower spending and bring about accountability is the only way we can get taxes down and I oppose proposals to just continue feeding this old way of doing it because it just doesn't work anymore recommence room from whoever else wants to speak and I want to move on to some questions from the audience reducing and eliminating the duplication. That's exactly what we need to do. That's what I did when I looked at how we were collecting bad debts. The fact is it when jets are not paid by those who won't guess who else pays other good taxpayers. That's what we did. We we have saved millions and millions and millions of dollars by centralizing our collection process that was done right out of the Attorney General's office in The Proposal that we met. We partnered with the private sector. We now contract outside to get that done. Those are the kind of examples of continuous Improvement in a necessary Rodger, Moe and I as a team have proposed that we will have the same kind of institution that will continually look at Improvement set standards and benchmarks for all of the state agencies and clean up the kind of bureaucracy that is duplicative an inefficient. That's the way it's done in Texas. They saved over 8 billion dollars. There's no reason why we can't do the same in Minnesota just on the tax issue. It is very clear that business got permanent business property tax relief rates were lowered. They were too high homeowners got to one-time rebates. Now the year $2,000 rebates in and the problem is that I've addressed with skip over and over again is there's no money there to take care of those rebate. That means everyone's property taxes go up. It's been a pillar of this Democratic party to try to keep them out of property taxes down. We tried to understand that a homeowner who has a bad financial year still has to pay the same amount of property taxes. And so I think we were talking in a Democratic primary Gary. I think property taxes are key issue and that's why I've advocated cutting them by 409 Say that only businesses got permanent teeth X-rays and I never challenge you until tonight. That is not true. I know it was in the Bell if I can finish my if I could finish their permanent a new education homestead credit that goes for homeowners in the state. You've been ignoring that in your remarks and just to clarify the tax issue. I want to say that homeowners did get permanent property tax relief. I always appreciate the clarification the tax committee chair the guy who's raise taxes more than anybody in the history of Minnesota. You are listening to a rebroadcast Minnesota public radio's debate between the five dfl candidates for Governor a debate held last night at the Fitzgerald theater in downtown st. Paul last night's debate was there last joint appearance before tomorrows primary election here in Minnesota. Let's go back to the debate. Now after that opening segment that you just heard. We took some questions that were emailed to the theater and questions from the audience. Have you heard we have for reporters stationed around the stator. We called them are for Oprah's Oprah. Number one Karen Louise Booth was first step. Soda who has a question for all of the candidates are a single candidate for mr. Humphrey. Are neighboring states of Wisconsin and North Dakota? They have joined 11 other states and an antitrust suit against Northwest Airlines. Why doesn't Minnesota join that suit? We joined with more than 26 states to petition directly to the Secretary of Transportation in Washington DC. I don't think the first place you ought to be is in a courtroom. I think the first place you ought to do in order to get the job done as quickly as possible is to make the changes that are necessary right in Washington DC. This is a highly regulated industry. I've said before what this Airline need and by the way, let me just congratulate both pilots and the airline to joining together to resolve their problems and to allow us to get back to the business that apply and that's good. But you know what this industry needs is a healthy dose of competition what this Airline needs and we need to make sure that we have those kind of choices and that's exactly what we are pushing for directly with changes in Congress, which will happen a lot faster than any litigation. Your thing. I have to tell you is that there's a that's a very highly regulated area and to be able to Look at that level in that kind of litigation. I think you have a better shot at making the changes in Congress and through the administration. So I I think you can do both but you ought to look for just where you can make the best and fastest change Gary. This is Gary this is my preeminent and Skip you been attorney general for 16 years. We've had a real problem with Northwest with its Monopoly of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport. And we've heard you in recent weeks talk about how we need to do something about it, frankly 11 other states and a number of other organizations have already gotten involved and Minnesota Flyers have really been paying way too high cost and I haven't seen you use the powers of the Attorney General to do something about this and in terms of antitrust lawsuits, I'm kind of disappointed and I'm not certain why voters will feel comfortable that you really do something now when you had the Authority for the last 16 years and done nothing about We join with We join with more than 26 other states to get the thing change faster than any litigation ever could I I think people understand that we don't need to be spending a lot of time spinning wheels in a courtroom if we can solve it another way. So that's the matter and obviously as you know, I've been a very aggressive enforcer of our antitrust laws and I guarantee you you don't have to worry about if I see something that isn't appropriate and they get with Fair competition or unfair pricing that we're going to take the action just asked the tobacco companies. Christmas is Mark Dayton and I think the real question is how do we move ahead and agree with skip that I think the competition is key. And I also agree with him that we should I think both the palace and they were like for getting them back flying getting people back to work in Minnesota Governor ought to be in the Forefront of bringing in competition going around talking to the other airlines. It's a deregulated industry. Let's not leave Northwest holding 85% of the gates at the Mac. Let's not have a big masaba be the sole Regional carrier for the rest of Minnesota. Let's get some other competition in and let's have a governor who makes appointments to the Metropolitan airports commission so that they'll be an independent party. They're protecting the people on Airport noise where Northwest calls the shots and the prices which is like settlers exorbitant and changed almost whimsically 416 month. Or year to another let's get a governor on the side of the people in Minnesota. Can I enter Jack just A Twist on this Northwest question. Do any of you folks support using State money to bring in another airline to who lives 1 mile from the end of a Runway Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport in my eight years is a state senator living with annoys what the one of the problems has been with a Mac as we've simply haven't made Gates available enough to the other airlines. We haven't been aggressive enough and seeking them out and the Metropolitan airports commission has really been a tool of Northwest Airlines. I think what we need to do to ensure to lower flights cost to make sure our business or better service to have more competition and you know, that's part of what a governor a lot to do and actively seeking out. I don't think you have to use State money. I think you have to be a salesperson. I think you have to actively out there and I'm going to be out to recruit additional Airlines because all the airline Travelers in Minnesota deserve a better break than they have. This area Pumphrey again. David Johnson I mean on that Doug Johnson Minnesota News Network program last week you had your abs on during the commercial breaks and we like to endorse pick up. I think they are sick. This show is going to be a little bit more unbiased. the governor's responsibilities Governor's responsibilities of course is economic development and Governor should be leading on getting more competition into this industry in the state after saying that let me say that Northwest Airlines provides about 20,000 good paying jobs in the state your friends. My friends are neighbors. These are a good good paying jobs, and I think that a governor a dog when they're down. The governor has to use good leadership and good common sense at the same time. We need more competition. But we also need Northwest Airlines as a hub for the economic development of the State final comment on this. One of the things that we ought to be doing is the next governor for sure ought to be in contact with the governor of Tennessee, the governor of Michigan, each of those states have key hubs for this Airline we ought to be talking together as to how we can make sure that when there is a strike we don't have this kind of devastating impact again, and we ought to be joining together with other Governors that also have Hobbs to see that they don't have this problem the problem that we have it with a current strike and I I'm a strong supporter of the workers in the taxpayers who supported and made sure that that the Northwest stayed here as a hub when they were in financial trouble, but the problem we have is queer left out as consumers when these things go on we are at least have Choice, we are to be involved where stakeholders and instead of holding the steak. We just get flattened down. So I think it's time for a governor to get outside of st. Paul maybe but outside of forest lake and to get on the business of working together and going forward with other college, and I know these folks Okay, let's game with all these deals and I was trying to force those issues. You were the one who wouldn't take a stand with me to force disclosure would enforce Financial disclosure you were in what could have been involved in negotiating that agreement with the state law allowing 10% fluctuation and employment to be considered same level of employment. We got nothing in terms of noise reduction. We gave a hand out to the company got nothing back in return and you know, you talked about how you take on the tobacco companies, but you don't take on the tough decisions that have to be made here in Minnesota when it says Northwest Airlines, when is the hmos taking over the healthcare industry in the state? You don't you don't stand up for the people in Minnesota in the people of Minnesota and hmo-style. Let's let's just take a look. We have I took on the hmos vary directly you've ever heard of the patient protection act that's exactly gives all of the people the opportunity. Finally know the information they have to take on the choices. I think there's a lot to talk to make steps soda with hmos and other and hospitals merging one after another and you didn't take him to court you tried once and then you backed out and they went ahead and did it. Anyway. I can't even listen to hearing General said you didn't back out of one because of quote lack of resources. So don't say that you put on some sales on the wounds that you yourself a lot of my did I can tell you this we have been there further than anyone else. We have provided the best example of how we help people make the decisions with their doctor patients making decisions with their doctor rather than having this business of some bureaucrat in the back room and insurance company making those decisions. The reality is the nation is now considering a patient protection act. What's the model they're using it's the minutes. And where did that come from the office of Attorney General? That's where it came from acquaintances marketing. Why do we need a patient protection act to prove it to protect our citizens from what people are supposed to be delivering Healthcare and instead of cutting costs by denying care and Win 4 of those big conglomerates took over 80% of our insured people in this state. That's where you weren't there. So I'll protection act from people who shouldn't have to be protecting the first play. Okay. Let's try another Oprah question John Raby Oprah number to take away John. Thanks, Gary. You don't look like Oprah. I'm a little taller and I'm not going even take on this name. So I'm asking her audience member here to introduce yourself in and tell me the question. What and what's your name? Where you from? And what's your quest? Hi, my name is Lisa evil. Tough. Kraski. I live in Minneapolis. And this is a question for mr. Humphrey. My understanding is that your position on abortion currently is pro-choice but in the past you were pro-life, I'm wondering could you talk a little bit about your your current commitment to a woman's right to choose? I'm pro-choice. I believe that a woman and her doctor ought to make that choice. And I'm proud to be one of the several candidates that is identified as a pro-choice candidate from Planned Parenthood, but I'll tell you this. I think we have to even go beyond that. We have to start working on reducing and eliminating unintended pregnancies. And that's exactly what I've done on the only candidates have done anything along these lines to try and reduce and eliminate teenage pregnancy because I I think that's very important that you have a strategy that reduces and it helps us avoid that was very difficult choices that individuals sometimes have to make to be darn good question though. Can we get a comment Doug Johnson? Say that on the on this issue. It's no secret that I do not agree with my four opponents. I am pro-life Democrat and there are a lot of pro-life Democrats around Minnesota. Some don't feel as much a part of his party as they once did. I'd like to broaden the umbrella this party and bring a lot of new people back to this party. I'm pro-life and and don't try to hide the fact can we just run around the table or run it run the circle here quickly if the legislature passes a bill Banning of the so-called partial birth abortions, what would you sign it or veto it? Mr. Humphrey? Well kind of procedure unless mode sign of the help. What if they passed it pass the damn if it didn't have the protection of the health of the mother I wouldn't assign it. Mr. Motto for the serious health of the mother. Mr. Daddy. I don't think we should be prescribing what the doctor says think is the best medical interest of a patient to mr. Freeman. I think this is on the abortion issue. I have to because the state of Minnesota have had a lot of it that prohibited the funding of welfare abortion. That law is wrong in my view and is Hennepin County attorney? We went forward and we overturn that. So rich women and went and poor women have the same rights as country in your office and you oppose that I know you have an obligation to uphold the constitutionally of lost. Let's get the vibe in attorney general at 5. If I believe in what I do about the what rights women to choose the right of poor women to have the same rights as rich women. I wouldn't let my office I would have sent that out as a symbolic statement how I felt about that law instead. He just stood by and set one of your folks in to do it, but I think Skip that was quite a bit. Said mr. Humphrey reply here and then we'll partial birth abortion. Absolutely. I think the only exception would be the save the life of the mother. I think I distinguished again my position on this issue from the other four candidates. That's my position. I don't flip flop. So I've been all my life and I take a stand and stick there. Just remember you got a quick response to mr. Freeman here before we move on now. I think I've made my position very clear-eyed stated it very clearly. I don't think there ought to be any discrimination on the basis of the medical decisions have to be made. If you do not have the resources you ought to be able to get the support and help but you know what folks There's A legislature that takes action as well and I have an obligation as attorney general to enforce the laws of your duly elected officials. And so, you know, you have to make some of those I don't always agree with what the legislature does but I'll tell you this I'm going to try to do my job as best as I possibly can and as Governor I'm going to do the same thing for you. I'm going to do the best job. I possibly can. Let's go up to the third balcony where Oprah number 3 Melanie summer standing by Melanie. Yes. I'm here with the brave people help here in the second balcony who are not afraid of heights. And we have a question from Michael Moore in Minneapolis. The one thing I like about Carlson government and it's about the only thing is his support of the Arts. I think Carlson has made Minnesota better State thanks to support of the Arts. So my question to all of you is what will you do to support the Arts if your governor? Once you go first. Johnson is chair of the Senate tax committee for many years. I've worked with the Arts committee to assist to make sure that they were not tax burden put on the Arts sub-communities. I've been an advocate for that. I'm from real Minnesota as you know, and and the funding programs for the Minnesota Arts Council has included funding for the regional Arts. Council's we've got some wonderful things going on in the Arts and roll Minnesota as well as in the metropolitan area and I would be a strong advocate for the Arts as I've been in the past. I was up high school guidance counselor. And you know, I saw a lot of students that maybe they weren't the best in chemistry or math. Reve in English, but they really blossom in the Arts and many ways and I saw children that I work with in the schools succeed develop self-confidence because they are I think the Arts is something that we should encourage in our state and Doug Johnson will be continued to be a big supporter Jerry. This is Ted Mondale. And I agree with the question that Carlson has been and has been a big supporter of the Arts and is understood their value to our community not just economically but to the type of lifestyle that we have my mother who's here tonight, her nickname was Joan of Art and she served on the National Endowment board. She brought public art all across this country and even in Japan and I'm going to continue that Legacy because I like to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Well said this is my dream is just a follow-up Joan Mondale was my first art teacher and Joan you taught me. Well, what what I need to do to me as we travel across Minnesota my family and I Terry the kids were blind Jane for the last 4 days in a yellow school bus to her. We saw art and so many communities in Greater Minnesota archery be supported by the state and our that we need to enhance and one of the things I want to do is Governor's to make sure that other young people have a chance to have the art education that I had. We need to start a young man. We need to have dollars in schools to make sure I can reach out to our young people as well as in the performing arts for adults. This is Skip Humphrey. I want to also commend. Mr. Carlson for his support of the Arts and I would agree with my colleagues as to how important the Arts are that it it provides the kind of character and value that makes Minnesota very special. But one thing I think we have to challenge ourselves to do in the future. It's not wait until you have quote good times and then make substantial contribution. We need a steady regular flow of resources to the Arts so that they can continue to flourish and one of the problems we have is it in in hard times all too often? The first thing that gets cut in school the first thing he gets cuts and state budget is why we just can't afford to keep those Arts going. I think we've got to pledge to ourselves that we will have a sustainable effort in seeing that we support our Arts both Statewide and regionally. What is Mark Dayton? I almost failed 4th grade hard because I couldn't make a soap boat. I hadn't have done my nails my teacher, but I have overcome that. And I will give credit to cover the car or something. I really started was governor Perpetual understood the value of Arts. And I'm so that I leave a lot of things. I also really convinced a lot of Democrats that could reach out to everybody and I think the community based in the emphasis on the schools. I agree needs to be not only during the classes, but I'm 7 the morning stuff tonight or later. We had a we got to get our kids something to do besides hang out the street corners in trouble and Arts Sports other kinds of activities like that or key. Talking clock is ticking away here on us. Let's move on to Oprah number for that would be Mike Mulcahy a plus. I regret not having to get the chance to ask you guys this at the Minnesota State Fair and all of you were here, but I wanted to confront the fact that Norm Coleman has made it very clear that if he's elected. He was going to repeal the amendment to the Minnesota Human Rights Act in 1993 for gay lesbian by n-trance identified citizens and other trans identified citizen myself. I want to know what you were going to do each and every one of you are going to do to defend to protect or to assert what was already accomplished in 1993. Okay, we've only got about three and a half minutes total before they have to take a break so some quick comments. Well, first of all, I I promise you we will not only defend we will advance the opportunities for all citizens. Human rights should not be on the state level should not be something we wait until someone is discriminated against it all to be part of our affirmative effort to improve the lives of minnesotans all minnesotans gays lesbians others everyone that ought to be a key factor in the next Administration that will take on the responsibilities in the public sector that is absolutely critical. One of the things that I'm very proud of being able to be involved in has been the hate crimes conference that both the David little hug and I sponsored that to see that we have legislation that will make sure we're protected but to move well beyond that with prevention and education program that's critical particular as we are changing our demography. There's so many different people that are also coming into our state that Mondale here. We fought hard to get that bill passed as we understood the Discrimination that was happening. And I think we have the model on this nation is Governor. I would veto that I work with skip in his office to get the bias crime law pass in Franklin was the toughest bill I ever carried because the enemy was always invisible. It was tort law or this or that and we have to have a commitment there, but you are listenership and Norm Coleman. He just spent a million-dollar trying to convince the right wing that he agreed with quisp on that issue on no abortions, even in the case of rape or incest on taking our money from our public schools and thank for all of you here in all of you tonight, you know that he's going to spend another million or two million dollars now going back and trying to convince the public that he didn't really mean it. That's why people hate fat when I when I when I talk about trust in government all of us have to be able to help be held accountable for what are positions are and I think nobody in the state feels like that changes their mind changes what they're doing and I think all of us need to watch that and hold him accountable for what he said to get that endorsement I think from to hear a lot of talk about the price of the endorsement on how great it was her party Unity. The price was too high for the people of this state and we need to hold him accountable and they're going to break here in a minute just quit comments marketing Iowa governor should be a force for moral Authority in the state and where there is a hatred or bigotry whether it be against gays and lesbians weather be against people from different races nations are Creed's in the governor oughta be there whether it's Rochester not in our town which they deserve great credit for putting together for the course of the year in response to the Somalian kids being beaten. We have to have a governor was willing We Are All One people we were different but we're all the same and I would have posed any attempt to repeal Human Rights Act 1993 isn't related to any citizen of the state very briefly Mike Freeman Doug Johnson Gary in 1985. I supported the Human Rights Act and there were only 17 senators in Minnesota send it to did that I support that I would veto any legislation that would discriminate against any of our citizens and I'm proud to have the endorsement the dfl glbt. Caucus Senator Johnson quick comment. Myla tenant Governor running mate Tom fully argue that hate crimes case before the United States Supreme Court. I have a great partner of that will help me in these issues of of being tolerant of diversity. I voted for the human rights amendment. I would not sign a bill that would repeal it. I have to be honest. I I would not repeal the Dome allow whoever want to be honest with people before they bought you are listening to a rebroadcast of last night's Minnesota Public Radio debate at the Fitzgerald theater between the five dfl candidates for Governor. Tomorrow course is primary election day here in Minnesota. One of these five candidates will win the primary and move on to the November general election against Republican Norm Coleman Reform Party candidate Jesse Ventura and five minor party candidates, the others will be eliminated from the race. Last night's debate was the dfl candidates the last joint appearance before tomorrow's election and a day. We thought it would be helpful to rebroadcast the Dubai. For those of you who aren't able to hear it last night will continue with the second half of the debate after some news headlines.


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