MPR Special: Gubernatorial candidates' views on crime reports

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An MPR Special presenting interviews with all seven major party gubernatorial candidates on crime and recent crime reports, followed by listener reaction to the candidates. Program begins with brief reports on the various candidates.

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AccuWeather, I'm 6 minutes now past 11 And good morning. Welcome to midday on Minnesota Public Radio. I'm Gary eichten glad you could join us. This week is part of our continuing campaign coverage leading up to the primary election on the 15th. We've been focusing on the issue of crime would a series of reports and what the candidates for Governor have been saying on that issue today here on. Midday. We're going to broadcast all those reports back to back so you can compare for yourself what the candidates are saying and then later the shower will be opening the phone line. So you can react to what you've heard the candidates and the issue of crime. That's our Focus this hour. So let's get started so far during the campaign one crime related issue has dominated the gubernatorial debate namely a proposal to make it easier for minnesotans to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon 2 candidates support a form of that proposal and we're going to hear from them first. Let's begin with the Republican Party endorse candidate Norm Coleman is Minnesota public radio's Martin custody. At the Republican party convention in June St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman said he supported the new party platform including a provision that calls for quote a responsible competent citizen's right to self-defense through gun ownership and I must issue carry permit system unquote Democrats interpreted that to mean Coleman favor the kind of wild west approach where everyone packs a piece and they instantly went on the offensive calling the idea crazy and irresponsible smarting from their attacks Coleman struck back. I'm really offended by biking to talkin about somehow we're going to be putting more guns in the hands of so, you know, Mom said it's soccer games are in the Mall of America. So I just need to know that that that whole issue is a little diversion from folks who haven't been at the table Coleman also clarified his position saying he just wants to standardize the permitting process so that someone who can get a concealed weapon permit in rural Minnesota can also Expect to qualify for a permit in Minneapolis or st. Paul Coleman is eager to get beyond the concealed weapons issue so he can talk about his overall crime prevention record of all the people running for governor. He says he's the one with the most substantial experience. I come to it to this position versus mayor of an urban center, which we have dropped violent crime st. Paul. I was Chief prosecutor the Attorney General's office. I was a criminal justice coordinator. I drafted the laws that increase the penalties for crimes committed on behalf of the gang and by the way was accused of at that point that those were racist statutes a lot of criticism of a lot of folks home and says his early recognition of the gang threat has now been Vindicated and the next governor should build on the anti-gang initiatives already in place. We need to be doing things like strengthening the state gang task force get which by the way was created on the model. We built in St. Paul and then Saint Paul We join with Ramsey County and based on that Molly and I have a state Gamecast was we need to have a vigorous State roll working with local officials local officials in in in dealing with the issue of crime and drugs and violence the biggest shortcoming in Minnesota's Criminal Justice System. Coleman says is the way many criminal suspects are arrested and released without going to trial or serving time. He says he supports crime prevention and social Outreach programs, but none of that should distract the system from its primary Duty. It's nice to talk about Rehabilitation. But but crime the criminal justice system really is about taking bad guys off the streets. I think when we started getting tougher and I'll say this and in Minneapolis, I think it started to see a change and the governor sent the state patrol and they are when the city and the business Community overwise forces when the increase the level above enforcement Sarnia started to see a change Coleman. Does he take that kind of zero tolerance policy Statewide with tougher mandatory sentences for repeat offenders and gang members caught using guns. He says he'll also have the system come down harder on juveniles by requiring chords to try more of them as adults right now 16 and 17 year olds can be tried as adults. Coleman says the adult rules should be applied to kids as young as 14 in some cases Norm Coleman points is native New York as the model for crime prevention in Minnesota iOS people all the time. I say I have been to New York lately and there is an answer for the cab driver say the cab driver say New York City safe Times Square, which was the center of debauchery is now the center of Disney. If New York City can be safe and any Village in E-Town any neighborhood in Minnesota can be safe and Coleman says Minnesota can follow in New York's footsteps by nipping crime even small infractions in the bud before they lead to more serious violence. At the Capitol I'm Martin Koski, Minnesota Public Radio. All of the dfl candidates for Governor have been sharply critical of Coleman's position on the concealed weapon permit issue all but one State under Doug Johnson with more on Senator Johnson's positions on the crime issue is Minnesota public radio's Amy Rachel Johnson says if elected he'd spend up to 50 million dollars every two years on jails and prisons that are taking over neighborhoods picking Minneapolis. The thugs that are selling drugs are we have to get tougher with them and if that means that increasing penalties if that means that the state has to provide assistance for four more jails or prisons to get these people off the street a violent criminals. I'm not afraid to back off from that. I think for the Iron Range may not be best equipped to deal with Minneapolis drug dealers to bolster His crime-fighting Image Johnson has picked Washington County attorney Tom Foley as his running mate fully also spent 16 years as Ramsey County Attorney Johnson says he favors mandatory life sentences for all first-degree murder convictions and he says guilty verdicts by reason of mental illness would not preclude a full sentence Johnson has staked out the strongest position of any candidate on concealed weapons. He is the only DSLR who favors concealed weapons permits and his support goes beyond Norm Coleman Stan, the people should have to show they're in danger in order to receive one Johnson says most law-abiding adults should be able to obtain them. He supports the proposal currently before the legislature is requires someone to have an intensive training program so that they know how to properly use firearms and also requires them to have a clean record as far as crime before you can are authorized in fact to carry a concealed A weapon. In fact a number of my colleagues in the in the legislature women I support this bill and and and because of the violence is going on in our society today Johnson says the justice system is equipped to handle people who commit crimes with guns, but too often those people are released through plea Bargains. I want to get tougher on the criminals that use guns not on good law-abiding citizens and again for those who aren't sure about that if it sounds kind of scary like everyone's going to be having carrying a concealed weapon. I'm telling my opponents in minnesotans read the bill. It's a very well drafted Bill others 30 to 40 states where it's law and there's no evidence of any problems with the Johnson does not want to see a concealed weapons in public schools. He says a key part of his crime and education platforms is countering guns and Drugs in school. I advocate on a random basis using drug-sniffing dogs and metal detectors in our school. So the 99% of the kids go to school to learn and don't want to deal in drugs or deal with weapons that they are safe Johnson says if he's elected his wife domestic abuse and getting abused children out of their homes more quickly and he says one of his first acts as Governor would be to share a Statewide crime Summit true to form he manages to work a fishing metaphor even into his discussions of crime to crying liberal sentencing policies as catch and release in Duluth. I'm a near Adel Minnesota Public Radio of crime and what they would do to prevent later the shower would like your reaction to what the candidates are saying to other dfl candidates for Governor to agree with fellow dfl or Doug Johnson on the need to take a new approach to Crime, but they disagree Johnson on the concealed weapon issue to begin this segment airs, Minnesota public radio's Karen Louise booth in Washington this week law enforcement and criminal justice officials told a senate panel that reducing youth violence will require more than jail cells and tub sentences senators were told that early intervention is key. But in order to accomplish it there must be more money for resources Mark Dayton's proposed attack on crime does just that he proposes expanding the criminal justice system with more police more parole officers and judges. He also would expand a Criminal Division of the Attorney General's office and build more jail Space 2 is campaign platform also calls for crime prevention programs geared at youth out across the streets of Minnesota and this country with the worst place to be the engage in criminal activity is in Minnesota not because they say it but because they mean it and because the consequences of doing so are sure and son Dayton says he'd Advocate stricter sentencing guidelines and greater adherents to them. Especially for juvenile offenders felony offense in this plea bargain to Wade all over I'm told saying the juveniles know that they can be caught carrying a gun and they walked into please set office and get in and they walk right out minutes later and nothing happens Dayton wants to beef up a Statewide gang task force and proposes more programs geared at Kids Nike proposal of his is to keep schools open from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening giving students a place to spend their time. He says it will mean hiring more after school counselors and bringing in mentors and coaches. Crisis which requires you to do something and we're going to have to face up the fact in Minnesota that we've got a social crisis. We got gangs in St. James in Grand Rapids and parts of the state that never seen any of that activity of which were local law enforcement are being totally overrun and the county attorney's are totally and not equipped to deal with it. And again, if we don't take the song we're going to be infested with this kind of the predator and dance platform addresses ways to fight the increase of hate crimes based on a person's race ethnicity religion gender or sexual orientation, like most of the other dfl gubernatorial candidates Dayton says the state should not he's handgun permit requirements like the state Republicans party platform calls for he calls likely Republican gubernatorial nominee Norm Coleman's campaign promise to do. So Shameless pandering to the far-right. He Defiance of Common Sense which I find hard to understand by anybody but especially a mayor of a major city in sealed handguns more easily won't make Society safer or walk down an average Street and look at the people sitting with you or walking for you and ask yourself. You have 10 times more of them were carrying concealed weapons. Would I be safer or not? Even if I had one myself I think commonsensically the answer is no so how does Dayton plan to pay for all of his proposals? He like many candidates Nationwide this year can call upon state budget surplus money. This is Karen Louise Booth Minnesota Public Radio the upsurge and violent crime of the early 1990s Mark the end of an era of liberal-minded innocence for Minnesota. The model system with the lowest rate of crime with the lowest cost per inmate at the lowest rate of recidivism that people going out of jail and having to go back in World changed and crime now goes where enforcement real enforcement as wax Mondale says the criminal justice system, lets too many suspects back out on the street without a trial without serving time. He says he doesn't blame prosecutors are judges for this instead. He holds everyone responsible for what he considers an outdated mentality. We're still working under that that old theory that you let these hardened criminals out on the street and it's okay that's wrong. We need a total new approach to crime and violence. We've got to put career criminals in jail. They need to do time if your drug dealer. We have to focus on you and we have to get guns out of the hands of kids in in in gang members in repeat felon police need the technology. They need to do a better job to solve the crimes and prosecutors as well. And so there's a whole host of things that we need to do to do things differently. But in the past 10 years, Minnesota has been doing things differently every year lawmakers come up with new anti crime initiatives new anti-gang laws and tougher sentences for violent crimes Mondale says the problem with the state's reaction to crime is that it's been too scattershot and we have 24 different state programs going on at once. Nobody's over seeing them. Nobody's saying what's working and what isn't working. So one of the things I want to do is promote someone and create someone that reports directly to me that's going to oversee all of these policies and are going to put investments in the places at work. They're going to look at the bigger pictures. They're going to Target resources. And on the bottom line is that we're going to be I'm going to be accountable Mondale tempers is Law & Order stamps with some traces of more traditional liberal Democratic thought he says he considers violent crime a public health problem. And for that reason he thinks the states should spend some of its tobacco settlement money on crime prevention programs. He also thinks more State money for college scholarships would do a lot to keep kids from embarking on lives of crime and he's dead set against the Republican proposal to allow law-abiding adults to carry concealed weapons for self-defense an idea. He calls crazy go talk to a shop owner if he or she would like to be in the store and half the people are having guns. That's not something we need here and you know what it is. It's it's the way to get the National Rifle Association the red-hot support and I think it's nobody I think in the right mind could could really argue that this makes a lot of sense but in general when it comes to issues of crime and Mint Ted Mondale parts company with his party, especially the urban liberal Wing. He says Minnesota has already failed once under the old liberal approach to criminals with another demographic surge of crime-prone teenagers predicted for the next few years. He warns that Minnesota May soon fail again and perhaps more dramatically than the failure of the early 1990s that Mondale says the only remedy is to get a lot tougher now with prevention and Punishment. At the capitoline Martin Koski, Minnesota Public Radio listen to what the candidates for Governor saying on the issue of crime part of our continuing issues related coverage leading up to the primary election on the 15th of this month later this hour. We hope you'll be able to give us a call with your reaction to What candidates are saying? There are two dfl candidates in the race who currently hold official law enforcement positions. Let's hear what they have to say about crime to begin Minnesota public radio's Laura McCollum who served as the states for the past 16 years says, he's the best qualified gubernatorial candidate to fight crime besides his endorsement by the Minnesota police and Peace Officers Association and is a g record which includes convincing State lawmakers to increase penalties for violent offenders and creating a nationally-recognized weed and seed program designed to weed out violence in high-crime areas and Seed in neighborhood revitalization. Humphrey insist his tough talk on crime isn't just rhetoric more than six years ago. I was the one who stood up and said we need to have a gang strike task force when I said that everybody Stones don't say that you'll give power to the gate while they're there. Let's go after him. I was a fellow that said look, you're carrying a gun in your a felon you're out of here you're done if elected governor, he's proposing to double funding for the state's gang task force increase gang penalties and toughen gun laws. Humphrey does not support making it easier for minnesotans to carry concealed weapons people who want to use weapons appropriately for sporting purposes for collection purses have a right to do that people who need to have a gun for personal protection can get permit. But this idea of just saying hey, I think I'm going out and buy one today. I won the lottery. I think I'll buy a gun that's crazy in addition to cracking down on guns and Humphreys crime agenda also includes prevention initiatives more funding for weed and seed and the Dare program and Community Court in high-crime neighborhoods a pilot project where citizens imposed sanctions Humphreys prevention philosophy can be summed up in a phrase. He tends to repeat every time the issue of crime is raised. We got to start at the playpen Ivory says the best way to prevent juvenile crime is keeping kids in school and he tells another program he initiated called learn and earn that helps at-risk high school students graduate of real Elsa wants to put more money into after-school activities and points out. He started the state's first Youth Intervention Program back in the mid-seventies, which aims to keep teens out of the Juvenile Justice System. What is Humphreys opponents dfl or Ted Mondale find it ironic that Humphrey would pledge to tackle crime is Governor when he's had 16 years to address the issue Humphrey has already He's had trouble passing his proposals with the Republican governor. And the Attorney General's office doesn't have complete control over crime. We're not a prosecutor grass. That's where county attorney's taken at all and I'm I'm not always pleased with the plea Bargains to take place and all the rest, but I am very proud of the fact that when I see today that an individual is sentenced as a predatory sex offender. He's going away for the longest possible time available. And that's because skip Humphrey initiated that kind of law. The Republican party is running radio ads that attack Humphrey for among other things voting to reduce the minimum sentence for murder from 25 to 15 years, but that's okay. I'm 25 years ago when Humphrey was a state legislator. I'm Laura McCollum, Minnesota Public Radio, Mike Freeman's most formidable dfl Challenger is State Attorney General. Skip Humphrey, but he says is Hennepin County attorney. He knows how to crack down. I'm crying too. He says his approaches focus on both prevention and Punishment Freeman says if he's elected governor, he'll work to establish an elite network of prosecutors police and investigators who will focus on putting major offenders Behind Bars and they'll respond to any requests for Help by local law enforcement officials across the state on the issue of guns Freeman opposes. Republican efforts to ease handgun permit requirements Norm Coleman. The Republicans have adopted a concealed weapons concept. That means anyone who wants a permit can carry a weapon in a concealed it under their clothes. That's wild west technology. That's silly earlier this year Freeman back to 1 North Minneapolis residents call for 30 year prison sentences to anyone who sells a gun to a child. Even if it's a first offense Freeman says if the state is going to curb growing gang violence than early intervention is necessary, especially for delinquents under the age of 10 in a Hennepin County study of children who were under 10 when they committed their first crime 70% had been abused and he says more must be done to strengthen the child protection system Freeman says another focus of his is preventing juvenile crime by cracking down on school delinquents truancy is clearly the first sign of criminal activity and 98% of the juveniles and red wing have a history of truancy before they committed the crimes. Keep young people in school and give them the opportunity to move forward and my hat's off to the school districts in Hennepin County who really made a renewed effort in truancy in .22 homicides one in 1994 and one this spring in Minneapolis as evidence of a flawed filing system in the Hennepin County. Attorney's Office 19 year old walking young MacArthur was on probation for the 94 killing Eve violated his probation by being arrested for disorderly conduct and faced probation revocation. The hearing was postponed because paperwork was missing from his file and it was during that time that he was charged in a second killing a spokeswoman for the county attorney's office who now works on Freeman's campaign says officials were reviewing the offices system of handling such cases on the issue of domestic violence. Freeman says, he will create more One-Stop centers for victims like the facility in Hennepin County. Is the nation's first domestic abuse service center where victim Survivor of domestic abuse can come and within a 3-hour period of time have a place for daycare for her children have advice counseling referral and find out safe places to live and chances for counseling and opportunity for employment. If that's something you're seeking they can apply for and receive the order for protection additional criminal investigation to be done and we'll even charge the case on site the same time when the 3-hour block of time if we have adequate evidence to Governor. He cannot do battle with the forces of crime alone tivities when they first see it it's good prosecutors as good police investigation its judges willing the sentence people to prison its taxpayers willing to build additional prisons. County Commissioners willing to vote for larger jails. It's a whole group of things other initiatives include providing better equipment to forensic investigators expanding the witness protection program and beefing up Security in public parks. Freeman will fund most of his crime initiatives through reallocation of existing resources. This is Karen Louise Booth Minnesota Public. Radio polls have consistently found a crime is one of the issues that most concerns minnesotans but the Minnesota Public Radio k a r e t v st. Paul Pioneer Press pull out this week found that very few minnesotans list crime is the most important issue in the governor's race Reform Party candidate Jesse Ventura might suggest that those two findings are not at all contradictory Laura McCollum reports. Jesse Ventura likes to portray himself as a political Outsider with a different take on many issues crime is no exception While most of the gubernatorial candidates declare. They'll Crackdown on crime. Is Governor Ventura insists it's a local issue. Nothing. I said, yes, nothing I said that's that's the local job interests as he successfully tackle the crime during his four years as mayor of Brooklyn Park. He describes the city overrun with crime when he took office in 1991 and says he told local police that was unacceptable in Brooklyn Park that I would show up unannounced and whatever Squad and I just walk in and say call a squad because I wanted to see it's one thing to talk about crying when you are politicians sale. I'm going to fight crime. When are they on the street? You know, how are they going to fight crime? When's the last time any of them packed a piece and went out there and caught somebody they wouldn't know crime most of them. It came up and bit them on the ass Ventura is claims of crime reduction in Brooklyn Park don't completely ring true. The city was recognized for prevention initiatives. Like it's widespread National Night Out activities, but the city's overall. Crime rate in stop along with its population while Ventura was in office still there's no question Ventura is more comfortable around Firearms than the average politician a former Navy SEAL who served two tours of Duty in Southeast. Asia Ventura has his own definition of gun control 25m. That's a gun control. Ventura says people who own handguns should know what they're doing. So long with right to carry laws, he supports training requirements and waiting periods get them, but I do not want them taken away and I do not want them registered because registering who who was the last great person that registered guns Hitler and crime are wide-ranging. He says the state should stop Prosecuting consensual crimes like prostitution and drug possession and he scoffs at Country Club prisons that provide education computers and Rec. Relation to inmates on his website under crime unless just two opinions on issues that have him come up in this gubernatorial race. He supports the death penalty and the medical use of marijuana Laura McCollum, Minnesota Public Radio for governor on the issue of crime and now we'd like your reaction to what the candidates are saying. Give us a call to 276 thousand in the Twin City area to 276 thousand outside the Twin Cities 1 800 to +422-828-227-6000 or one 800-242-2828. What about the concealed weapon permit issue is the traditional liberal approach to Crime still viable. What does it really mean when the politicians talk about cracking down on crime and for that matter? What can a governor do about this issue? Give us a call with your thoughts to 276 thousand or one 800-242-2828 will get to our first caller at just a moment and be our members have until 4 Friday to get first. 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Today's programming is made possible in part by The Advocates of Minnesota Public Radio contributors include Cargill supporting Minnesota's tradition of community service and Northwest foundation on behalf of lowry Hill weather forecast Sunday for the most part with highs ranging from 70 to the low 80s Twin Cities Sunny this afternoon. Behind the mid-to-upper 70s right now. It isn't even 70 degrees in the Twin Cities with a sunny sky where he would like to hear your reactions to what the candidates have been saying about the issue of crime part of our continuing coverage leading up to the September 15th primary again, if you would like to join our conversation to 276 thousand in the Twin City area to 276 thousand outside the Twin Cities one 800-242-2828. First caller is on the line from Minneapolis Sunday. Yeah, this is opinion on crime is a little life. Although crime he's probably not a state issue. It's a local issue like giving in my dad, but will still. I've two before police force a panel agree with skips opinion about solving crime. You don't have to be in the police car. If I the governor I think he's going to do nothing to solve the problem of crime. I think I got that is that is laughable move on to our next caller who is on the line here with those some reaction to what the candidates are saying in the crime issued John? Okay. I really support. Johnson's position on the right to carry it also his position which he's being raided several times on a lot of different issues about not trying to solve things by initiating new laws for trying to enforce the ones that are on the books Freeman and so many of your other people keep talking about increase laws. My gosh, we're not enforcing the laws. We already got and I'd like to see some law enforcement and acted on the laws. We already have concerning crime prevention and control and Doug Johnson keeps saying that any any thoughts on what it is that Governor could do to ensure that the laws we have are in fact enforced. I think that our Police Department neapolis that goes down West Broadway or Lake Street with the blinders on because they're afraid to Woodforest time sometimes because they don't get supported by the city council for Meijer's in fact that they get prosecuted. I'd like to see a governor stand up and say we're going to stand behind law enforcement officers in the state of Minnesota. We're going to make sure that they are properly supported legally and not that they should have used a lot because we don't want that but I'm afraid that the plant pendulum has swung too far in the other. Direction of the wood we're Prosecuting the police officers rather than the criminals. All right onto another color matter fact, none too caller from Minneapolis with some reactions to what he has been hearing from the candidates in the governor, or at least you a crime Curtis Fowler made it a point to say Lake Street and Broadway with consists of the black community. The black community's problem is is that the white offices who are in these areas do not support the black community because we are basically if we allow by Tyga dip with criminals, so I like the last call of the think about what he talkin about. And as far as the other stuff that this Doug Johnson boy To get more votes by you saying let's get tough on crime. He wants to spend fifty-five million dollars. You can go any one of these inner-city schools and you got 10 to 15 kids looking at one computer when I spend fifty-five million dollars on educating these cats with computers If We Had A system that cared more about the children. I think the chronic problem we'll decide what happened about the crime situation with the white college the guy to steal it by the billions and not by the millions, but you guys only got two eyes on one thinks what it is is to inform the white community that we are going to take care of these like you're not out to actually do anything what you want to do. If you want to get something in that that would be the bottom line. So let's get real about if you want to do something about crying but stop hating the young kids get them involved in the computer. Things of that nature you're not going to do anything about the total aspects of crime. You're always going to have it. So you think all the candidates are all wet on this bunch of crap the bed every year around this time to get more voted out to say hey, why don't somebody is doing something to my cry. Why don't we open up at school with that way the kids can come in and learn something that seemed to be more than guns in the more people. We have a problem with it, move on to another caller another caller from Minneapolis Doug disagree with him on the issue that people should be responsible for their own kids, and that's part of it. Read my weekly called is the issue of nuisance crimes things, like carpool lanes handicap parking enforced those not really crying for violations. It seems to me we should have some if you're caught the first time. It's the regular fine. If you're caught the second time. It's $1,000 fine. Is that so you'd like to see a governor try to push through a lot like that? $800 goes to support enforcement that that's being wasted on these nuisance crimes. Appreciate it. If you listening right now to what you been hearing from the candidates on this issue of crime Polska seem to indicate that it's one of the big issues here in the metropolitan area, and in fact cross the state, but interesting late enough as we noted earlier a new poll out today on the governor's race specifically on the governor's race place is crying pretty far down the list of concerns of Voters. So interested to hear what you had to have to say about what the candidates have been saying a crime to 276 thousand is our Twin City area number to 276 thousand. I'll try the Twin Cities 1-800. 242-282-8227 6001 800-242-2828. Next caller is from Grand Forks, David. Good morning. Being from outside the Twin Cities area where people maybe see things a little differently, but I just heard Jesse Ventura's comments on gun control. It was kind of refreshing You're Something Different in the old dry politics. If you were to hear him, I think he was right and correct and what he was saying about the other candidates. Maybe talking a lot about gun control, but you know, how much do they actually know about gun control and was he actually do and I'd like to hear some more comments and what people actually think of Jessie's Viewpoint. What what is your position on the gun control issue? I don't like to see you a lot of government regulation on gun control. I'm not a fanatic or you know that everyone here. I got you need to use some common sense and Lucy been carrying the guns and the but there is there people that do need guns. And if we get too much government government control, you have the government controlling us end up will actually be worth asking if you let the people they need the gun to activate are the guns megas. Supposed to be caring but yeah, there's the time in the place where guns are call moving on to Georgia who joins us for Minneapolis. Good morning. I guess you'll gather from what I'm saying that I am for the concealed weapons position, but I find it really surprising how some of the Democrats use derogatory terms and it almost seems like they don't even know what's in this law date and says that he surprised at Coleman and it's not common sense for law-abiding citizens to carry weapons. Does that mean it's common sense just for criminals to have them Mondale says no one in their right mind would be for this issue. That means that anybody who disagrees with him are in the wrong mind Freeman says we shouldn't give anyone who wants a permit that's crazy. The law doesn't see anyone the losses of violating law-abiding citizens who passed shirt and regulations. So he's Democrats are weaving this issue with rhetoric that is supposed to inflame people to be so scared to go out on the Ouija the guy next to me on the bus stop is going to have a gun or is it the Law Abiding Citizen next to you on the bus stop going to use their gun on you? It's not the law-abiding citizens that are the problem. It's the people that have the guns illegally and use them for Crime reasons that are the problem. I really find this just a derogatory piece of junk if I can use my own derogatory words. Let me know before you run their Georgia. We have over the course of the summer especially gotten lots of calls like yours on these are programs that we do and Is this the kind of thing where you will decide I'm in this is the issue that you make your decision on irrespective of whatever else can it may be saying real interested in tax cuts, and I'm pretty conservative. So I'm kind of interested in your reactions to have been saying on the issue of crime to 276 thousand. Love to hear from you 2276 thousand outside the Twin Cities one. 800-242-2828. Bob joins us from St.Paul glatzer. First I just like to thank you for having programs like this I think is a great way to to hear more about the candidates as I've been listening to the debates. I guess. I've been really impressed with with Mike Freeman contrary to what the the last caller said. I guess. I I really appreciate his strong stance against the proposed legislation to allow anybody who passed a certain wanted to carry concealed weapons. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me that that buy by adding more guns to the mix to that. We're going to make things safer that seems counterintuitive. I've been impressed with with listening to Freeman's a two-pronged approach of of I guess not only thing away felons, but but working in the schools and and trying to trying to prevent crying from happening in the first place that I don't think we can put enough apps on the streets or org. Enough jails to like everybody away if weird if we're not trying to deal with it at the front end and and and pretend things before it happens. Okay. Thanks for coming another listener with another comment another Bob as a matter of fact this one from Minneapolis Bob. And secondly, I agree that arming everyone is perhaps not the best way to decrease violence and then although I don't support Jessie, I think he's correct that crime is mostly a local issue. I live in South Minneapolis and my interactions to the neighborhood association both where I live and where I've worked our lives about a third of the officers are very superb. What does about two-thirds of them that make me think what we really ought to do is dissolved the police department and have the neighborhood associations contract for police work. The police department. Minneapolis is run by the police Federation and I'm a pretty big white person myself and when There's no one around I've had police officers make comments about G. They really don't like the way things are changing. These are people that are supposed to be relating to their communities. And if they can't relate to the communities, they should not be on the police force. What can or should the governor do about this problem as you proceed problem that you what the governor could do. The real problem in Minneapolis is gives is a local problem. I think the governor needs to recognize that and support neighborhoods and mayors. I'm just not sure how that would happen though. Okay. Thanks for coming. So let's move on to Steve who joins us from St. Cloud. Good morning. Hi, how are you doing? Just fine. I would just like to make a comment. I hear a lot of people both ways for the handgun issue and I lived in San Antonio, Texas for a year and it just happened to be the year after they inducted and easier permit law. And the crime rate did go down quite a / quite a large percent. I need that. I think they need to look at cities where they have used these easier permits and can a judge their base their judgment on that is that many a kind of issue that might sway your vote on the 15th one way or the other or is it just one of many issues if you're interested in the time from st. Cloud and I just I you know, I have an issue with that line General. Okay. Thank you. Thanks unto another governor candidates for Governor have been saying about this issue of crime Kathleen. I don't really agree with too many of the people that About the governor candidates because I think they all sound ferry to peanut if listening to send me your colors. I do agree with what what Curtis had to say. But when you look when you do look at people that commit crimes a lot of them have grown up in abusive homes, and I think that's something that needs to be addressed and when someone says that people need to look after their own kids, that's true, but I think the community really needs to look after all children. If you want to stop these things from happening and they need to be shown a lot more love and caring then the harsh statements of the governor tutorial candidates. Thank you. Thank you for your comment. Let's move on to Jason in Minneapolis and you've been listening to the candidates for Governor. What's your reaction? Basically just used to live in Texas as well on just moved up here from Dallas and the violent crime rate sure. It may go up and make it down there a lot of factors that make that fluctuate, but the It's just when you pick it as fact that you can't ignore and when you put more guns into a situation more guns in the equation. We can have more death and I just think it's a really bad idea and that it's a really strong issue. And I think that's really going to play my thoughts on the 15th. All right. Thank you for your comment. And let's see another listener on the line Jenny. Hi there. I just did a comment on I'm always kind of entertained by all the the talking's up the efforts and the action on eliminating gun and gun control and it seems to me that's the real issue is addressing the violence itself and the reason for it and so I was I was really entertained by glad to hear about the Johnsons comments that his wife is interested in addressing violence and and Child Protection issues. Okay. Well, thank you for your coming. Let's see. The next caller is from Laporte Eleanor. Hi there. Call Eleanor also. I'm calling about Norm Coleman and his lack of statements about what he would do to prevent crime. He says that. New York City is a safe place in New York City that he grew up in in Levittown and that I grew up in Brooklyn New York had the eyes of the neighborhood and in small towns and farms and Prairie as the governor of Minnesota will have to govern and prevent crime. There is a big difference. And is New York City. Is so safe. Why doesn't Arnie and Norman run for governor, their politics is to top in New York for Army and Norm Coleman so they come to Minnesota and well Eleanor I'm afraid we're out of time. But I appreciate your comments. Well, those are some of the reactions from some of your fellow listeners to what the candidates for Governor have been saying on a crime issue. Of course, our coverage of these issues will continue next week. We're going to focus on the environment and then the week after that it's time to vote in the primary election. And of course the winners of the primary move on to the November general election, we should excuse me call your attention to a special opportunity to find out where the dfl candidates for Governor stand on these issues because that's where the big primary action is going to be the final tutorial debate before the primary elections will take play. On Sunday, September 13th 7 at night at the Fitzgerald theater in St. Paul. Love to have you there in the audience. Give us a call. 612-290-1221.


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