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MPR’s Perry Finnelli presents a public reponse call-in show on the Minnesota Citizens Forum about tax policy.

Prior to call-in, a brief summary report from MPR’s Brent Wolfe on the Minnesota Citizens Forum event.

As part of the Minnesota Citizens Forum on the gubernatorial race, in partnership with the Star Tribune, KTCA-TV, and the Minnesota Journalism Center, this program reports on forum and presents MPR listeners' views on taxes and the Gubernatorial campaign. Tax policy, surplus, and tax waste were key topics.

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Today's programme just made possible in part by The Advocates of Minnesota Public Radio contributors include General Mills foundation and the Dayton Hudson foundation on behalf of Dayton's Mervyn's in Target stores for Arts and Cultural programming. And welcome to mid-day here on Minnesota Public Radio for Monday, May 4th 1998. I can is away this week. I'm very familiar with acrylics off and complain that one of the big reasons people. Don't care all that much about politics. Is that political campaigns really don't address the issue that people care about there is an effort underway to try to deal with that criticism call the Minnesota at citizens Forum. It's a citizen involvement initiative of the Star Tribune and Katie catv in partnership with Minnesota Public Radio and the Minnesota journalism Center. The initiative is designed to find out what citizens want the candidates for Governor to address this year so far. We looked at education and the question of whether to provide Public Funding for sports stadiums today during the next hour the issue is taxes, and we'd like you to call me with your comments and suggestions on state tax policy. We like to give us a call. The Twin Cities area number is 227-6002 276 thousand in the Twin Cities area. You're calling from outside the metro area. The number is toll-free. And that number is 1 800-242-2828. 1 800-242-2828 before I get to some of your calls Minnesota public radio's Brent Wolfe reports that people taking part in Minnesota citizens forms last week don't want any no-new-taxes pledges from the candidates running for governor. They recognize tax policy is complex and develop questions for the candidates the 6 to get them to expound on how they might change the state's tax system more now from Fred Wolf, Minnesota Public Radio, TuneIn. Ktca television gathered citizens at conference sites in St. Paul Rochester and Duluth to discuss tax policy and develop text questions for the gubernatorial candidates as lawmakers and speakers from the taxpayers league of Minnesota and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce made presentations on tax policy eyes begin to glaze over at previous form citizens were animated about whether the state should adopt new high school graduate. Standards will provide financing for sports stadiums for abusive. Winona says he's just looking for a little Simplicity while I do most to house do my own taxes and there's such a preponderance of forms that I'm working through. But I no longer can handle. the actual number the difficulty and the hours and doing them and I would want some application most citizens at The Forum wanted to talk more about how state tax money is spent than about how it's raised people were quick to point out ways. They feel state government is wasting money Gordon. Hold of Albert Lea brought along a newspaper article that listed projects funded in the just completed legislative session the Humboldt Avenue Greenway in Minneapolis for 7 million dollars and in Owatonna the Heritage Hall's Museum in Owatonna for $500,000 the green Institute Minneapolis for 1.5 million Montevideo downtown revitalization in 1.5 million. I do not believe the state government should take over local funding for local Capital outlay expenditures. Hope to says if a local community needs to build something it should raise the money through local taxes Patricia ketterling of Rochester was focused on why the state had so much extra cash to spend on local capital projects. Economy means people and businesses are making more money and sending more tax revenue to Saint Paul. gigantic And how would the governor correct this in future years discussion at The Forum mirrored the legislative debate over what to do with the budget surpluses citizens debated whether they prefer to see surpluses use for one-time tax rebates or permanent tax cuts as enthusiasm was building for permanent Cuts Sioux Bateman Ave. Rochester reminded the group that the economy won't always be strong and when you get a downturn you don't get enough you can't take a permanent tax cut. And have those years come through Bob marnock of Plainview one to expand the discussion and pointed out that lawmakers are really expressing their priorities when they decide where to spend tax money. I see taxes served two purposes providing Services roads police and using tax money to further social Improvement goals when the downturn does come which one gets cut first, which one is going to go on the Block Gordon. Hope to counter that it doesn't have to be a matter of what goes on The Chopping Block, especially if state government is looking for ways to finance programs the public identifies as important what's wrong with our legislators coming back to us like they did in the past. We need the question quickly brought the group back to the assertion that lawmakers aren't spending tax money well and can't be trusted to do. So as one participant said it would be political suicide and no one who wants to be re-elected should be expected to vote for a tax increase. I'm Brent Wolfe minutes. Public radio and once again would like to add your thoughts and what tax issues you'd like to candidates for Governor to address. We are recording of this program today and will pass it along to the organizers of the citizen initiative. If you'd like to take part call us the Twin Cities area number is 227-6000. 227-6002 toll free number is one 800-242-2828. There were a lot of tax related questions that came up in those forms last week from participants and what a rundown just a few of them before we get to some calls one was with a lower percentage of personal income required to run the government. What tax do you see is the first to be reduced and we've heard the rhetoric. Where are you going to cut taxes? That was one question another do you support the proposed business activities tax and if you do how would you make sure it would not contribute to the perception that minute Minnesota is anti-business couple other questions are there has been much discussion about the basic form of Taxation the a flat tax rate then some Contact excetera. Do you support the change in the form and to which form and finally as Governor? Are you willing to address and see viable solutions to making government actually accountable to its citizens for the money being allocated or spent? Those are just a few of the questions ever asked at the forums in Duluth in Rochester and st. Paul last week. And now it's your turn today to sound off on taxes using the kind of issues. You want raise before the candidates for Governor and those numbers here in the Twin Cities to 276 thousand. The toll free number is one 800-242-2828. Let's go to our first caller and Audrey from Excelsior. Good morning. Good morning for 30 years is the legal blade but what if you really don't want to sell you want to just really stay here at the taxes are getting out of sight and I really think that that should be addressed property taxes. Okay, so what so if you were talking to the what are the candidates for Governor? What would you what would you say to them? What would you propose? Why should taxes be in a situation where your some people are actually forced to sell houses because of taxes haven't gone up so much and I've been at some Village meeting for people are actually crying because that's happened to them. Yeah, but I mean, how about you have any solutions if you thought about what what you might tell them? I think that if a person's live in a house for 25 years or something when you could put up a year on it and you could say look you've lived there all this time. Maybe your taxes should be at a level of less than 90% of what they are called the appraised evaluation what they're assuming on Lake Minnetonka is that everybody's rich and we are not necessary. We are not all necessarily. We just selected these home so long ago that they've risen in value and I can't come up with a real quick solution, but I would think that are there might be something other than appraisal value at 90% No matter if you haven't sold there's an idea. Sure. Well, thanks for the call Justin there. but I just I just Alright, well, thanks for calling Audrey. And if you have any comments on tax issues that you like the candidates for Governor to to think about give us a call to 276 thousand in the Twin Cities or One 800-242-2828 S the toll-free number anywhere outside the Twin Cities metro area. And again, we should remind you that if you are just joining us for recording today's a program and will pass along your comments and your suggestions to the citizens initiative in the Minnesota citizens Forum. So it's your chance today to a weigh-in on tax issues. So take this opportunity in and call Ernie from St.Paul your next morning. I would like to see a blinking sales tax. I've noticed that people say that sometimes I go to Mall of America from other states because there's no tax on food and clothing. But what if we had a situation during the winter time, I don't like say that September when school starts through May. In which parents anyone else could go without paying sales that's even on cars really help our economy. I think would be excellent and then during the tourist season for the sales tax back on. That means we have this opportunity rather than giving a surplus returned through income tax, which is really based on ability to pay why not put it where you help businesses and people in purchasing the time that year went off and they're unemployed. predicting January, February March Frankie a tremendous Boon to families as well as businesses. So your ear is saying instead of giving it back I'll just find another another way of of of the taxation. We've talked an awful lot to give back to business and property tax the past few years. If you notice what's happening to all kinds of business taxes repairing property has been committed to cut that there's been shifts. If you remember maybe about to Isaac has eight years ago there used to be three tiers of property taxation for homes and they cut off the top tier which meant the homes of Isaac 500,000 and more basically did not have at Progressive range of taxes paid on their property has been tremendous cuts by income area. This would help everyone. This would encourage people from other states of come to Minnesota to purchase Wisconsin people with by here Dakota people during the winter. When we're eating me the business would also help families were trying to take care of the children. Keep mine either public or private school expenses of keeping children School in the point is doing the school year is when parents spend the most money. It's during the summer that give chance to earn the most money for the call. Okay, we have lots of can bring in dick from Saint Cloud. Good morning for the candidates is what are the criteria that they use for deciding the taxes are too high and if they're too high then what would they cut out of the budget to mean what what areas do they think could be reduced? And I guess conversely our taxes ever too low. Let me ask you what criteria do you use? What and what would you tell the candidate that that you that you would do with it that you would base your tax proposal on stage? the light so you get me an image trying to choose which taxes which are Aries want to spend tax money. They would have to decide specifically which ones they would spend the money on. Is that what you're saying? Because the implication is that they would like to cut taxes in some. Now they they obviously that means that certain programs are going to be reduced. Okay. Well, thanks for the call Bridget a dick from Saint Cloud calling in and again, if you're just joining us, so we're talking about tax use tax issues today and the issues you would raise with the gubernatorial candidates this year. And if you have any thoughts give us a call here in the Twin Cities. The number is 227-6002 toll free number is one 800-242-2828. Again, this is part of the Minnesota citizens forum, and I will be recording today's program and pass along the information that comment suggestions to this for him and I'll take a look at it and a good chance for you today to weigh in on taxes using state tax policy. So give us a call at one of those numbers Linda from St.Paul your next morning. I'm calling really in response to where the previous collars light one of my primary concerns. Is that children in our society don't vote. And so they don't get a lot of attention and senior citizens to vote and it seems to me that you know, they have have gotten to the point. I realize there are some senior citizens who are on very low or restricted income but there are also a lot of seniors who have had all the benefits from when they were young. They had a cheap housing in a low-interest loans for Education just a lot of benefits of the woman who was calling in about you know, keeping property taxes low in areas like Lake Minnetonka, you know, I'm frankly getting a little bit tired of all of these benefits going, you know, two seniors who are sending out of there. Of vacation home in Arizona or somewhere and I'm really more concerned. Let there be some I use of property taxes to care for children who are homeless or hungry or need education or parenting support of those kinds of things used to be more money in General Fort for children that may would you suggest other tax proposals in addition to that one regarding the property tax or because obviously the children will never be allowed to vote. Deal with it everyday to make those decisions. I just think that we need to be far more concerned in our city and Interstate about at what happens with children and they're falling through the cracks like crazy and it's criminal that we have no seniors getting discounts at every restaurant in town when they are hungry children on our streets who are not getting, you know, even a decent meal every day and I would like to go to the toriel Canada to take you know, a progressive stabbed in favor of children. All right little thanks for the call this morning, you're talking about tax issues in the state of Minnesota and facing the other kind of issues. You'd like to see the gubernatorial candidates address. If you have some thoughts I could give us a call this morning in the Twin Cities. The number is 227-6012 free number is one 800-242-2828 again, a part of this Minnesota citizens Forum your chance to be heard today and let's hear from Debbie in West Saint Paul high tide like to come in turn all the colors before me. I agree with calling number one or the people with the 3rd 2nd 3rd 4th generation homes needs money for repairs to bring their their homes up to code so that they can be ready to be passed on that. They're just not ready. They're falling down that tax breaks. There would be very beneficial the gentleman number to I just disagree with him. I don't know what he was talking about. The gentleman number three. That's too hard to say, right? You know, nobody could answer that really specifically which what would topic do I mean, do you have a specific suggestion about one particular area of tax? Please did the taxes should go to the old homeowners who need to bring their old homes. Like I'm living in 150 year old home and we need to bring up plumbing up-to-date and we're hard-working citizens. Don't make a lot of money and this is Sister General. He's the third generation 2 in of his family to have this help and it's a beautiful old house. But the outside you couldn't tell what it was was not well take taken care of but inside the you know, it is still as plaster Paris to have grapes and had to have Plumbing. Like I said and a plumbing needs to be done throughout the entire home. You know what I mean tax breaks for hard-working citizens who deserve it. That's what I say. All right. Thanks so much for the call. We are taking your calls today about tax issues in the state of Minnesota. And if you'd like to join us to 276 thousand the Twin Cities or one 800-242-2828. That's the toll free number. We love to hear from you today went in and some of the issues of tax issues and specific that controller candidates that you'd like to see them addressed part of this Minnesota citizens forums your chance to call in and I give us a call 25 minutes now past 11 time for a lot of calls. So I would like to hear from you feel from Minneapolis your next talked about investing in children. It's absolutely essential and it's just plain that even the setting aside the issue of compassion for children and families that are struggling but it's just plain good business that you invest in the children are our future workers and taxpayer. So even on a cold-hearted business assessment, we've got to invest in the future in the education and the nutrition in the health of our children. I think I asked her. There are a lot of programs. There are a lot of tax incentives when it comes to children. Do you have some additional ideas about what you know, what we could do or the squabbling that I hear about funding for education and well you under the proposals about vouchers for a private education and then couple years ago when that came up one of the legislators had the I think the best come back which is that he was concerned about public golf courses in the best way to make sure they improve would be to give vouchers for all young golfers to play at the private country clubs and a curse had a funding private education. So I think public education being one of the best institutions in this country. We should continue to fund it as well as the nutrition Health Medical investing our children. But the exit of the main thing I wanted to comment on was a property tax issue that a woman earlier talked about property taxes are based directly on the value of the home. And if the taxes are difficult now, I'm wondering if the woman and her or her heirs would have a problem with collecting the wonderful sale price at 10 or 20 or 30 years from now. So if there is some investment summary return that would be seen from that and perhaps the local units of government the County's good to forgive some of those taxes now for equity in the home. They find your home is worth $100,000 now will tax it at that and even though it will be worth $500,000 but you got to give the county or the local school district some of that the equity if you want to break on the taxes. All right. Thanks to call feel. Alright, let's go back to the phone right away and bringing Mary it Southdale. Hi. The gubernatorial candidates and that is when we know that in a lifetime women are earning 40% less than men and when we know that I Nora teas and the elderly are very often to live in the inner city. And then we see the income personal income return to the wealthy through tax credits for their homes and the poop can't even afford to buy a home. I am concerned as a person that doesn't own home that my income should have been read to me and not to the people who have more than ample enough who are earning. Let's say is $600,000 a year and there are people in our state that during that Sure isn't made up of renter's or the poor it or we do have some women and some minorities but they're very few in numbers and I see that as being a very inequitable treatment of people would you rather see some of the benefits taken away from home owners or would you rather see maybe better better benefits for for renters? I would like to see a more Equitable tax system somehow that if people are earning $600,000 a year and live on Lake Minnetonka. I don't fault them in a free-enterprise for being wealthy, but I do fault when the lawmakers are making laws that benefit themselves and just the rich I think for example Senator John Marty he seems to care about everybody in our state and I think that most of our state legislators are homeowners. I think they they should have a break with our taxes. I think that we could for example cut our state legislature in half and not have those taxes. Being paid by the people of Minnesota we could get along with half of the state legislature that we have. The phone number of the toll free number is one 800-242-2828. Next up is Steve from St. Paul at the morning, the home that way you want a person retired and reduce their income to read on Ematic circuit breaker for retired people so I can spend a little bit here for those. It takes a second to get a quick example years old. That's where you'll be paying your maximum real estate taxes, but as 60 retired in your income drops down to maybe half your text is also dropping half. Because we based on the income that you're making. All right, sexy a sales tax would be thanks for the call from St. Paul today. The time now is 11:30. We are taking your calls today as part of our Minnesota citizens form a chance for you to sound off today about tax issues in the state of Minnesota the kind of questions, you would ask the gubernatorial candidates if given the chance and in essence you are getting the chance today because we are recording this program and will be passing along the comments and suggestions to the citizens law organization of the folks that are organizing this initiative, and there's a good chance to be heard. So I'll give us a call at 227-6002 Twin Cities one 800-242-2828 will take some more calls and just a moment. I'm Lorna Benson on Mondays all things considered the best selling author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams creates a new adventure game Starship Titanic, but you don't quite know what it's going to do it anymore. It's more like having a child than in writing a book with radio k n o w FM 91.1 in the Twin Cities major funding for Minnesota public radio's documentary fund is provided by Phyllis Taylor in memory of Walter stremmel take a look at our weather forecast for the state of Minnesota today pretty nice. Now how many locations but an approaching cold front signals a change and a pretty good chance for some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms spreading from West tweets today, or maybe mostly sunny and far south eastern sections ice today on the mild side upper 60s in the north and some lower 80s in a Southwestern, Minnesota Jazz for some evening. Showers and thunderstorms in eastern Minnesota tonight otherwise partly cloudy Louis from the upper 30s near Fargo-Moorhead near 50 in Rochester. Tomorrow should be mostly cloudy a chance of showers in the arrowhead partly cloudy skies elsewhere Ice tomorrow from the middle 50s in northeastern Minnesota and the upper 60s in the southwest bit of a cooldown for tomorrow for the Twin Cities updated forecast now partly cloudy skies. There is a 30% chance for some showers and thunderstorms late this afternoon. So the forecast high of 75 to 80 degrees and Southwinds a 50-50 chance of evening showers and thunderstorms tonight followed by clearing and a low of 45 to 50 tomorrow should be partly cloudy and a high temp of 65 degrees. We are talking about tax issues during this hour of midday and we should tell you that coming up at noon today all week long before the five days. We're going to have a series of documentaries from the disability history project of these called Beyond Affliction. Basically, it's a series of stories about to disappear history of disability in this country kind of historical context starting from the time of the Civil War and a today. The first installment is titled inventing. The poster child will help you stay with us today and join us at noon today or the 1st of this stuff 4 part series of documentaries called Beyond affliction. The time now is 23 and 1/2 minutes before 12. Noon. Is it mention we were talking about state tax issues today the kind of issues you would ask the gubernatorial candidates are given the chance and as I said before kind of a kind of a good chance today to weigh in these thoughts about how many possible changes or just a comment on the situation current situation. We'd love to hear from you today. The toll free number is one 800-242-2828. And the number of the Twin Cities is 2276 thousand. So let's go back to the phones and bringing Gary from Minneapolis. Good morning. What are the questions that I'd like to have a hostas back before 1992 subdivisions of the state like schools and counties and cities talk in the phone a little bit more about 1992 State subdivisions like cities counties. school districts and so forth were exempt from paying state sales tax then they started Having to pay that and file returns and all the rest of the bureaucratic paperwork is involved in that process. To me that seems like something that's very inefficient. We all end up paying the same amount to just get shuffled in the different Pockets than their ply bunch of paperwork and gobbledygook to keep track of it. So I'd like to have the question asked why can't they discontinue that process? So it's not a matter of if it's too complicated just the process itself in your mind is is a waste of time to the phones bring in John from St. Cloud. Good morning. New York Common suggestion the property tax system and that when candidates talk about property tax reform that reform should be more than simply reducing commercial and Industrial REITs because ultimately the impact of that is going to be an increase in residential rates and that Thursday some the system should bear some rationality and there's very very little relationship between the cost of services in the value of one's property and and the burden that that property places to find the service to man and and property tax reform should really be centered on the the system itself. And what services are being paid for by property taxes and rather that really Bears the rational relationship to the value of the prop. So the property tax is your pain doing this silly represent. What you're getting in St. Cloud produces primarily fund Public Safety police and fire Park and Recreation and road maintenance be the value of my property Bears very little relationship to the burden that I put on any of those things and in my ability to pay because of the value of my property bear is very little relationship to the burden that I putting on any of those and there should be better rationality between that burden does the increased need for police protection because of a rising crime rates and and it said the system should just have better accountability. It doesn't reflect the increase in early and increase OK John you trying to break up a bit. So do they were talking about the tax issues? We are part of the Minnesota citizens Forum. It's a citizen involvement initiative of the Star Tribune and Katie catv in partnership with NPR and Lea Minnesota journalism Center via focused on education and the idea of Public Funding for sports stadiums. Today. We are talking about taxes and we're inviting you to call him with your comments and suggestions on state tax policy. The number here in the Twin Cities is227 6000 to 276 thousand. If you're calling from outside the metro area, the toll free number is one 800-242-2828 and we should remind you that sell we are recording today's program and we will take that tape and hand it over to the organizers of the citizens Forum initiative and they will add to the mix of the comments and suggestions coming in on these various issues today state tax policy lots of questions and things to think about in that area. So would like you to give us a call today and Truck that your assessment of the current situation, maybe some ideas about what the next governor should think about is that person formulates tax policy. So I'll give us a call to 276 thousand cities or one 800-242-2828 at Spring and Jane from Minnetonka. Good morning. I have more of a comment than a question. My opinion is that the extent of Taxation at every level in the state is absolutely an outrage and that the people who are holding elected office at this point should not flatter themselves that they are representatives of the people. They talk all the time about education and how they are funding education what they are teaching the children now is that is just fine to take money away from people who work for it to fund any kind of pet project that they want the extent of their feeding at the public trough is disgusting. I would like to see the future Governor return the money to the people of Minnesota. There is absolutely no reason for the property tax. Would you would you want to see change in the income tax rate or do you have some specific ideas about getting on just what's going on with the taxes on? Drivers on cars that people are being pursued over the Border because they're able to register their cars in North Dakota or South Dakota for $60 when the tax on a license in Minnesota is 250 or up to $400 per car. The property taxes are absolutely outrageous. I am not able to I don't see that anyone has a representative government anymore because when they go to their local County or their local city, the they are ignore it completely and even the taxpayers are still being ignored when they when they talk about the fact that they don't want the stadium and yet they managed to somehow push them through against what the people want but people don't want this. I still see people wandering the streets of many. Plus we're homeless and have no food and yet, you know, they're busy getting money to people who don't need it to build a stadium to have money to attend private school too wasted on all kinds of programs that are totally unnecessary when they are ignoring basic needs of people basic needs of Housing and food and education it is it is a terrible outrage is that is my comment. Thank you Helen in St. Paul. I have to hurry I can hear my grandson crying but my husband and I are senior citizens and I need to we need to say that we need permanent residential tax relief, you know real estate taxes because Are the one or two time relief? Isn't really the best kind of my husband's handicapped. He worked all his life. I work part-time so I could be home with her children and we save for acid income for a retirement and we have our home paid for but our tax is on her 40-foot Latin home are so high. They need to stop going up or we could be forced out because of those taxes. So the old circuit breaker tax or some permanent more Equitable real estate rate of tax is needed for seniors like us. We're in a 15% income tax bracket, and we just need something permanent. As far as real estate taxes being reduced. There's been a lot of corporate welfare in the state of Minnesota, and I think this is something that the governor and the legislature needs to think about it, and I think Senator Marty would back us up and I'm going to hang up so I can see how my grandson is and I'll listen. Thanks. All right that we're taking your comments and suggestions to the gubernatorial candidates about state tax policy. Give us a call. We have about 10 minutes or so left in today's program plenty of time for you to get through to 276 thousand the Twin Cities or one 800-242-2828 is the toll-free number go back to the phone. Beth from Lily Dale. Good morning. Drastic about our tax system without really careful concerned attack system has been Progressive and I think that's the only their kind of text at teksystems to have with our executive salaries going just out of control. What kind of a society would we have? We would have all poor people and all rich people against each other. I feel that we need services for the poor and homeless the infrastructure community health and safety and natural resources and that we should keep looking at taxes at all times, They may need to be raised or lowered but the idea that you're taking my money I think is ridiculous. We're giving part of our money because it's that makes a more democratic and more civilized society and I think that this business about flat tax and and other schemes that will really take the heat off very wealthy people and put it on Lower Class. People is for the birds. In the fact that we do have the sub to 2 billion dollar Surplus and although some is now being given back. So I need some of the importance of that or the supporters that say, well, you know, what we may be coming to head we have this extra money now, so we'd be willing to change the permanent income tax rate, but you kind of agree with that or we have a surplus that when X go bad that we're have something to use it for on the other hand. I think some of the Surplus as the legislature voted in the extra session it go to Children and Families in Need and I am the pain with our health system particularly and I think that we should just leave the tax system generally alone. Maybe it's a little tinkering I think four examples of the homeowners you're complaining about living on Minnetonka. Well, give me a break. I'm in a much higher. Tax brackets and I'd like to be but I realize it contributes to a civilized society how you doing? Just fine. Thanks, but after that live in trees, that could be a year with you based upon the national or I'm sorry the state average increase values that way when somebody moves into an area and the property values. Skyrocketing because of the value or the value of that neighborhood or that area have been there for a long time or bought a house with expected budgets. Don't get don't get it out. So the property tax a few a few tweaks anyway, and you know how that currently set up like crazy and much more than State Outreach and it's the real problem for me and I'm sure so well the colors colors have the same issue and you know, it's not the You know, there is one caller said that when we sell the house will realize those games but that we sell the house realize the game to pay taxes on as well. So you don't see any windfall there. I try to raise a family and we don't want to move every five or six years cuz it's not property values go up too high and I think I see why they should have to move either. Just do I have to pay taxes. Let's go next to Kevin in Minneapolis. I Kevin hello, and I think we should revisit the issue of ecological tax reform legislation was presented previously in the in Minnesota here. And basically the concept is we should tax things. We don't want as opposed to things that we do want like income. We should tax pollution. a specific suggestions or Alright, thank you for calling and Deli spring in Seattle from Clearwater Hyatt property tax revaluation is going up over $10,000 every year we can't afford to keep living out here. My suggestion is hi the property tax increase to the cost of living and then when the property is sold reevaluate this is the new level and that again goes up with the cost of living and we should be able to live with in that type of budget but not at the rate it's going. Alright. Thanks for calling in Twin Cities number of for you to get through today and have some suggestions on state tax policy with the gubernatorial candidates to 276 thousand of the Twin Cities to 276 thousand toll free number is 1 800-242-2828. 1 800-242-2828. 5 minutes left. But we do have some space open for you. So I give us a call. Let's go to Steve and heavy nice. Yeah, I just have been listening to show when people are complaining about the property tax rates in right? I don't like mine either, but what I like to do and see if it's about taxes and just the flat sales tax bill for everybody if you're spending money, they're collecting taxes. If you're not well, then you're off the hook, and when you go to sell your house, well, then they collect taxes there. It just doesn't seem fair. If you don't have to pay taxes. If you don't have a little bit too much money to get any money back, but I could use that $500 to just as much simpler and fairer. Can you have both I don't know Shockwave and it could be pretty fair system. Alright, see you. Thanks for the call. Let's go to the farm to bring in the Dory from Burnsville. Hello, Dory. Reasonable so that they can be close to town and we can get fresh Garden produce this make sense because it would keep food costs down and it would make sense to keep moving to have a fresh food spots apply at a reasonable cost and have a way of earning a living. Are Dory. Thanks for the call a few minutes left. So we want to get a few more people on so we'll go right back and bring in a run in the car phone. I bought three years ago and I'd heard from a there's another usually dfl representative asking for more taxpayers money to fund this or that I'll leave the most recent was to subsidize the incomes of daycare providers. I guess. I'm at my question. Any candidate would be how much is a Nook do we have to get up where 89 cents out of every dollar we learn is going for taxes before you say that's enough and I'll tell you I'm not alone. I talk to a lot of people daily and I think there a lot of people like to answer that question. How much is enough for the question? Thank you Ron, and it's bringing Harvey from Blaine High RV. I'm concerned with the recent tax reduction that the state put in for corporations and likewise if your property is if your high income higher high if your property is worth a lot of money, you got to 12% decrease in your back evaluation, if your butthole 7/8 $70,000 or property you get no decrease which means that the taxes are going to be transferred from those who have high valuation property to those who have low but valuation property to change the the business tax issue is is is is a bad idea and the second one they did the same people who have high value of residential property is going to be there going to get a reduction than the whole valley Residential Properties going to get an interface. Backwards same thing happens with income tax end up. So thanks for the call. And our final caller will be Dave from Rochester Dave a go ahead. Are you there? Do you mean John? Sorry, I have the wrong person. This would be John from Minneapolis. Go ahead. The rebates are the one we already received and also the one I presume we're going to receive is unfair in the fact that it shouldn't be obviously the Surplus did not just come from real estate taxes. And there has to be a percentage that can be calculated the revenue of income tax and real estate tax. And I think that the rebate should be given back in in proportion to that relationship. And the reason why I say that is I feel I know that I believe there's a 1500 cap on the rebate but that's covering a house of taxes. I believe up to $7,500 which You know, I I live within my means I am in a modest home. I could spend a lot more on my house by live in the inner city, etcetera. We have to end it right there. But thanks for your comment. And thank thanks to all the folks who will call in today with their comments and suggestions on state tax policy part of our Minnesota citizens for him. By the way. We invite you to watch your Newsnight Minnesota on public television tonight for a report on these citizens form on taxes be a program ears at 7 on ktca in the Twin Cities elsewhere Minnesota. Check your local public television listing for broadcast times. I'm Ray Suarez. We've come a long way in overcoming a history of discrimination fear and segregation of Americans with Disabilities. But old attitudes don't easily die people with disabilities are still marginalized and face economic and social barriers will look at the story of the country's changing attitude then talk to Americans with Disabilities who are productive and successful in life on the next Talk of the Nation from NPR news this afternoon one right after midday here on Minnesota Public Radio. The time is 11:54. Let's hear from Garrison Keillor.


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