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Probably better to go to Costa Rica. Don't you think smell? No, man, I would say. honey I wanted to go to go to Costa Rica. How would I do this? You could call 227-2811 and put your name into the drawing for a wonderful weeklong vacation to Costa Rica. Which Minnesota Public Radio is giving way to some lucky call her who is called 2 to 7:20 at 11 if I want to call tomorrow, is that okay? It's not okay. I'm sorry you have to call today. So if I want to get in on this drawing at the today's the last day, is that what you're telling me but boy, we sure like it if you would 2 2 7 2011. Let me tell you just a little bit about this Costa Rican thing sounds just wonderful. It's a week in Costa Rica. It's a round trip airfare and American Airlines to San Jose for Knights of hotel accommodations in San Jose and then three nights at an eco-tourism Resort in lapa Rios Costa Rica and this run by 2x Minnesota to wise dump and moved into the traffic John and Karen Lewis. It's a luxurious hotel accommodations thatched roofs on your little cottages and it's on the collider. Please give me a Colorado mountain biking you can go whitewater rafting you could you know, take a little trip to the rainforest and its a $4,000 trip 4000. Dollar value in some lucky person is going to win this trip. But only a lucky person who has called 22728 11 and hopefully made a pledge to Minnesota Public Radio. So if you need an incentive as the snow is falling outside your window today. I think that's a pretty good one. We're calling asking you to call that number. Of course, I make a pledge to Minnesota Public Radio as we had come to the last day of our fundraising drive this week to to 72811. We need your call. We need your pledge of support to keep us going here to to 72811. Good afternoon everybody Melanie summer along with Gary and acting and that this is the last day of our membership Drive last opportunity. For those of you who listened over the noon hour to call in and Olaf going to be busy later today and will be glad to take your membership pledge. Tomorrow will be glad to take your renewal on Monday whenever but this is the last opportunity to get on all the special offers that we've been talking about this week. And we sure hope that you will give us a call. We need to reach 1 800 Thousand dollars by 8 tonight. We are $179,921 away. That's a big big mountain to climb, but it's certainly doable 13 callers on the line right now, and that number is dropping friends like a rock. We were at a quarter of a million dollars early this morning, and we have only $179,000 left to go. That's because people just like yourself have been making that call at +22-720-811-2278 11 or outside the Twin Cities one. 800-227-2811 Gary. This information that I have in my hand is so exciting. I think that someone is going to snap this little special deal up really really fast. It sounds like the one we have one package of this available for someone who will call 227-2811 and make a pledge of $2,500. This is what it is. It's tickets to the world figure skating championships at Target Center in the 11th row right above the kiss and cry area tickets to the finals of either the pairs or the men's or the ladies free skate competition as well as a deluxe overnight stay at the Regal Minneapolis Hotel free parking shuttle service to and from the Target Center and dinner for two at the 1313 as well as room service breakfast the next day. Can you beat that? These tickets are sold out you can't get tickets to this to the world figure skating championships anymore. So we got this one package courtesy of the Regal Minneapolis Hotel. $500 22728 11 if you want to go to that and he have been able to get tickets take advantage of this opportunity to to 72811 first come first serve you will be making a significant contribution to Minnesota Public Radio to support programming and doing yourself a great favor. If you are a figure skating fan, this is as good as it gets. Is it going to be there? It's it's just a terrific event, and you can you can't get in the place, and these are this is just a great package. So pretty exciting stuff to 27208 11 14 callers on the line. Now we have another deal going here. A lot of you are already members. Maybe you called in yet this week, and he called in today and what we're asking you to do a separate now from our are pledging deal if you're a member and want to call in and help us out here. We are. You are always are best sales people no question about it because you're already members and what we're asking you to do. If you'd like to encourage your fellow listeners to call in and become members, perhaps renew their membership. Give us a call on our regular call in line. And that is 2276 thousand in the Twin City area to 276 thousand outside the Twin Cities one 800-242-2828. We will Put you on the air and you can do your do your bit here little sales pitch or your fellow listeners onto a make that membership call. This is the last day holding out all the stops hoping for your help. If you're willing to go on the radio. We do know you don't have to be worried. Don't be scared about it. It's easy. Just call us and we'll get you on the air here help Melvin Ayala comelon me out as we as we move along trying to get the $800,000 by 8 tonight. Again that number of the call-in number now to 276 thousand or one 800-242-2828. Give us a hand here. Those of you who have not yet had a chance to call in. Our pledge line number is +22-720-811-2728. 11 outside the Twin Cities one 800-227-2811. It doesn't matter how much you contribute but it is very important that everybody do what they can and again reminder if you can If you can afford it, this is a great deal $2,500 tickets tickets top of the line tickets 11 through all right above the kiss and cry for the world championship Figure Skating World Championship figure skating championships at the Regal Minneapolis get the shuttle to and fro the Target Center dinner for two to get breakfast. That's a heck of a deal. I pledged only one of these available. This is a very generous contribution from the Regal Minneapolis Hotel and we thank them for helping us out today. But boy, you can take advantage of that if you have the ability at one 800-227-2811 make a pledge $2,500 and you'll be able to snag that world figure skating championships package. If your budget doesn't allow $2,500 pledge we can certainly And that if you cannot if you can think about the $99 pledged level we have the midday heck of a deal that we've been talking about for a little while, which is the Talk of the Nation coffee mug a half a pound of Guatemalan Peace Coffee What U Can brew and put in that coffee mug as well as a 12 month subscription to Atlantic Monthly magazine, and of course the subscription to Minnesota monthly magazine offer $99 off ledge level, which is $8.25 a month. So just ask for the midday heck of a deal when you call and make your $99 pledged at 2 to 72811 Gary your midday Community continues to respond continues to support this service and your program by calling keeping those volunteers busy upstairs. We are really having a we're just having a great great time this last day of our pledge drive and it always happens. Our listeners always come through for sale of Martha and the Vandellas as does the host 11 and again if you are already a member, And what I helped us out here nobody nobody does this better than people like yourself people who are already members urging your fellow listeners on and if you'd like to go on the radio and give us a little little pitch get us a little help that call in number 2 2 7 6000 to 276 thousand. The toll-free line one 800-242-2828 Monique, please help us. I may have to hang up Suddenly. That's fine. I've been listening since I was 12 and now 30. I have learned more from Minnesota Public Radio. Then I can tell you I mean, I I really get a lot of value out of it. I loved the world. That's probably my favorite program. No offense Gary. I really I really did a lot of pleasure. I listening to the radio and I'm a complete. Junkie. I listen during pledge week. I always called first day because I don't have no guilt pangs the whole week. So I think everybody should just call the town called yet to to 72811 is the number and you should call right now great. Thank you so much money, but I keep listening, please. All right. 226-227-2811 is the number to call and Steve is also called in. Hello, Steve. You and all the people are listening out there to encourage everybody that's listening to call if they haven't called already. Minnesota Public Radio is is the best way I know how to keep in touch with the world and stay abreast of what's going on. How long have you been a member Steve. You go in the first time you remember? Crystal radio and and one day I was just pushing buttons flipping around the dial and there you were and it's a scary thing, isn't it? So, I don't think it's scary. But I think anybody that listens more than more than once a week ought to be calling in and pledging their support. What number would they call Steve? Do you remember off hand? That's all you got. You got the right the right thing. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Appreciate the help. 227-2811 is the number to call to show your support for Minnesota Public Radio on this last day of our membership Drive outside the Twin Cities just add that one 800-227-2811 mail 12 callers on the line and $79,188 left to go. Get to that, you know $0 to meet our goal by the end of the day today by 8 tonight. We want to hit $800,000 for this drive. And if you call and your friends call and your neighbors call and everybody that you know who called who listens to Minnesota Public Radio. If you call and make your pledge we are going to meet our goal to to 72811 is the number for you to call Gary we have now gone under $179,000. We're at 178 757 that's great numbers at you. But those are you keeping track at home? Here's a little just make a mental note of this. We are $877 away from collecting over $100,000 today. What is just and the show? Keep those phones ringing we're going to we're going to make it by 8. We're going to get the 800,000 by 8 tonight. They said it couldn't be done, but you folks always respond. So well. Wonder that, you know, they asked around the country. We talk to people around the country and why is it that Minnesota Public Radio is so you know, I always considered to be so good blah blah blah, you know, the reason is simple one that sounds like we're pandering to you but it's absolutely true of the reason Minnesota Public Radio is programming is as good as it is is because we have such fantastic listener member support 90,000 people have have called up just like we're asking you to do right now if you are not yet a member some of those folks aren't going to be able to renew stand up and take their place if it's time to renew stand up and do it again next year. People here take responsibility you take responsibility. If you called him become a member to to 72811 that means you're taking responsibility for paying for the service service that you listen to every day. And that you enjoy that you find interesting. You learn something new is Monique said she's she learn something new everyday when she listens to to 72811 is the telephone number that you need to call to help us continue on our goal Gary. The phones are just have been so busy the last great room right now continuing to make their pledges continuing to help us meet our goal and we're continuing to talk to those very few of you out there who still have not done. So I there's a couple of you out there and now is your time to call 227-2811 need to hear from you 22728 11227 2811 outside the Twin Cities one 800-227-2811. And again those of you who are already members the best the very best way. Convince people to call and become members is for you to make the pitch because you're already a member and you can let people know that this is not some goofy idea. If you'd like to help us out if you're willing to go on the radio, give us a call in a regular phone or call in line. And that's to 276 thousand 2276 thousand or one 800-242-2828. Susan has been good enough to call us from Owatonna and good afternoon Susan and this is just absolutely the reasons we were just thrilled to be assigned Minnesota was because this really is one of the great radio stations the Are we lived in Europe for 5 years? And one of the few things we missed about the United States was that there is no public radio. They're like this. And so I really strongly encourage people to kick you don't give up keep the level of service at this wonderful radio station provides. They are for us. I we need an extra pledge this morning to hold out and I'll keep our share up with your appreciate it and so you'll be in the drawing for Costa Rica. Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Okay. Alright. Well if you win, I know a radio announcer who who I'd buy it going at all. It's okay. Thanks so much for this is Susan keep listening won't you please? Thank you, bye-bye. And he's calling now from Saint Paul to good afternoon, sir. Are you doing after work all weekend and I can remember for years ago cuz I realized I don't know what to do if MPR wasn't around talking to him about Tony Blair's recommend things going on in England and he stopped and asked how come you know so much about English Baltic. Nobody is everyone to Pony up get up at check book. Get out your wallet and start paying for this fantastic service number the number 11 or I just ingrained in your brain with no front brakes if there's nothing else to listen to radio around all the time. What do you think? Let's talk about that. Thanks a lot. And e227 2811 is the number to call to make your pledge to 27208 11 or one 800-227-2811. 227-2811 number to call to to 72811 178,000 $190 an hour left to go get thousand dollar level. We're getting there. We sure are anybody claim the the figure skating package yet. Do we know I don't know but so I'll tell a memory if you haven't heard about this yet. If you've been longing to go to the world figure skating championships, but know that the tickets are sold out. Well, we've got a we got a deal for you courtesy of the Regal Minneapolis Hotel. They have generously donated this package, which is two tickets to the your choice of the finals competition do the men's the women's or the pair's the seats are great seats in the 11th row at the Target Center right above that old kiss and cry area, which is always kind of a fun place to be as well as Deluxe overnight accommodations at the Regal Minneapolis Hotel you get your free parking you get Transportation to and from the Target Center you get a free dinner and you get free room service breakfast the next day. We got one of these available and it said that the $2,500 pledge level so it's kind of pricey but hey it's worth it. If you really want to go to the world figure skating championships. This is a great package what a night you can have and if you want to take advantage of that we got one package available for the first caller at 2 to 72811 who pledges $2,500. I think that's just terrific and I hope someone takes advantage of it because boy, oh boy, that's kind of the event of the springtime. You're in the Twin Cities call you Monday get that on Monday. We only in the next hour or so because who knows how long it's going to last the other heck of a deal that I just have to mention again gyro is an opportunity. You're going to embarrass me again is a threat. I mean, you know, that's a lot of people are going to hear. This is a threat, you know, so he listens to you on the radio while he's having lunch. Well, now's your chance to have lunch with Gary In the Flesh in person at the $1,000 leadership Circle level. There's lots of benefits being the leadership Circle but one of them is lunch with Gary eichten, which is kind of a kind of a fun idea I change whatever about your interest in your taste in music about politics about sports about whatever it's the thousand-dollar leadership Circle level at 2 to 72811. We also have that midday heck of a deal. Got going. Yes $99 if the $2,500 packages are a little Rich for your blood $99. We will send out to you the Talk of the Nation mug a half a pound of Guatemalan peace coffee to drink from that mug. We will send out to you and Atlantic monthly subscription the best magazines around National and of course a full year subscription to one of the best magazines regionally Minnesota monthly. That's the heck of a deal. Midday heck of a deal available at The $99 level 10 callers on the line. We have 7 hours and 32 minutes left to go if we're going to make our goal by 8 tonight $800,000. We still have $177,263 to go a hundred and seventy-seven were moving along though. Remember this morning we had over a quarter of a million dollars left to right. How fast does this go? Well over a hundred thousand dollars is already been pledged today. So if you call us you aren't The Lone Ranger by any means like all your other friends and neighbors here in Minnesota who would like to wait till the last day which is sort of the first day or the last day and today is the last day so you can't put it off any longer if you want to pledge. Midday. If you want to pledge your support to this show if you listen to whatever day you better do it in the next row 31 minutes because then it'll be gone and your opportunity will be gone through to 72811 is the telephone number in the Twin Cities to to 72811 make your pledge to Minnesota Public Radio every call every dollar every contribution counts right now as we count down to our goal of 800,000 by 8 tonight, Michael help us out, please good afternoon from Collegeville. The one time ago was the CD for Titanic. I asked her how much that was and she said don't ask so I think we're at a higher level now, but it's only a story in Southeastern Minnesota and I got all the public radio stations memorized. So I just switch them around as I'm traveling around encourage all folks listening to call in a membership. That's about the only station I ever listen to and it keeps getting better. That you've been such a long time listener. This is something we say a lot of times. I don't know the people necessarily believe this but I think you would agree that as the membership has grown over these many many years 30 years. The programming really has gotten better. Wouldn't you agree? Almost definitely some of the shows that I really enjoy a courser or car talk. Now, you're carrying. What do you know from Madison a really funny program? It should I just can't tell your news reporting a keeps improving yearly year and that's why I'm always listening membership. Hopefully will continue to grow. Thank you so much. So you don't remember the number offhand. Do you think it's cute to 72811 and I'm in the area now is they keep traveling without you have a photographic memory? Thank you, sir. Appreciate it very very much with you Dorothy. Good afternoon to you. I would like to well put out an appeal for people who have to be home during the day for one reason or another I find that I just live and breathe public radio. I find that it keeps me up today when I can't get out free much because of a medical condition and I keeps me intellectually stimulated and I especially am looking forward to what Science Friday it's coming along at 1 this afternoon. I'm appealing to people who like that stimulation. I don't think that you can find a radio out Science Program like that. Any other place Aunt Dorothy appreciate it the talking with you we move now from Burnsville to the other side of the metro area where Colleen is standing by in Roseville. Good afternoon. I just want to reiterate and reiterate what everybody else has been saying about Minnesota really has the best public radio station. I've had occasion to drive across the country a couple times of late. And sadly I was without my little guide to telling me where the public radio stations were. So I listen to a lot of country. But when I happened to find a public radio station wasn't as interested in a m m k n o w l. It was nice to hear familiar voices when I would turn into something that was broadcast nationally. And also I go to the gym every morning and I use my little headphones and listen to public radio early early early in the morning, but for those few minutes when I'm captive in the locker room getting ready and I have to listen to the station that they play it's some it's kind of hard to listen to and I really be sorry to see NPR change at all except for the better and we can do that increasing the membership. That's the bottom line. And how do we know if people are are on the fence now, they've got the phone in their hand Colleen and they're going to dial or punch in. The numbers what number would they punch in? And if they're outside the Twin City area smell these people are going to take our jobs, you know, it is still available as a thank you gift at the $84 pledge level case anybody wants to think about that or take advantage of that to 2 7 2011. I know that phone number to have six callers on the line right now not to disparage the five folks who are on but we need so many many more of you we have $175,000 now left to go hundred and $75,000. You can see how quickly this moves we started the midday with well over $190,000. We need to get to 800,000 by tonight to make our make our overall membership Drive. Why would that make any difference to you? Well, because that's the money that we used to pay for the programs here and the $800,000 will ensure that all the programs that you like to listen to I'll be there they'll be strong everything. Okay continue on just as you'd like it to continue on so keep those phones ringing at 22728 11 or one 800-227-2811. Lots of spiffy little special premiums available that aren't going to be here tomorrow just for this membership Drive which ends today one 800-227-2811 might want to think about At $99 a month level tellers a year. Sorry $808.25 a month. That's the midday a heck of a deal that we've been talking about for a little while to Talk of the Nation coffee mug and a half a pound of Guatemalan coffee as well as the subscription to Atlantic Monthly you could think about $10 a month $120 level of that something that fits into your budget think about the $20 a month level if that's something that fits into your budget and you know do some comparison. How much do you spend on your cable TV every month or your newspaper subscription or Magazine subscription that sort of thing if it's comfortable if you get the same amount or more information from Minnesota Public Radio, maybe $20 a month of something that you can do. The important thing is that you call help us keep this momentum going with the phone continues to ring upstairs. We're closing in on $175,000 Mark right now to to 72811 is the telephone number you need to call in the Twin Cities and make a pledge to Minnesota Public Radio and help us to meet our goal by 8 tonight. 80 80° Sunny 80° and sunny maybe a nice breeze coming in off the Caribbean Blue quacking of birds squawking Birds. Spell Rica Costa Rica. Yes, preferred Adventures limited American Airlines a lapa Rios. They have donated get away to Costa Rica, which we are giving away four nights in Costa Rica round trip airfare the whole deal with the full package. And what do you have to do to get in on the drawing while number one you need to know? This is the last day to get in a drawing. This is it so if your name isn't in the barrel as of today, that's it. The only other thing you need to know is that you have to come unless you don't even have to pledge to get in on the drawing. Course, we'd like you to pledge but you might as well take advantage of the special offer. All you need to do is give us a call at +22-720-811-2278 11 or one 800-227-2811. Somebody Mel is going to win this trip. It isn't going to be you it isn't going to be me cuz we work here, but somebody who's listening and Minnesota Public Radio will win a trip to Costa Rica. Wouldn't that be nice to be nice? Maybe we can make friends with them to 72811. You need to call us and make you pledge of support for Minnesota Public Radio. You've been thinking about doing it this week. If you think you're going to get to it. Well, why don't you do it right now? Because we only have about seven and a half hours left in this drive in her hoping to reach $800,000 by 8 tonight, and it's ever more important that you call now if you have thought about doing it, don't put it off any longer take responsibility for sustaining this service. If you appreciate it, if you listen to it if you like it we hope you'll become a member. And help us pay for it by calling to to 72811 listeners on the line who are already members have been good enough to call us on our regular call in line to give us their sales pitch. They doing a lot better than we do Mary. Thank you so much for calling your in Rochester member of public radio on sale for over 20 of that and I just want to send a special clean out to all the foreigners here many remind me to complain about the fact that he living in Rochester there in the boonies that I was in the middle of nowhere and that's is a pic of them because they come from Robert Small countries overseas, but I want to tell them that there is a post that can turn into and hear not from around the world and that the NPR make the pledge to get their number for the metro area one eight hundred two two seven 2011. To Bloomington. Good afternoon, Scott. Hi. Good afternoon. My calling to pledge that just going to write out a check for the rest. I don't suppose night. We were $120 supporters. That was only $10 a month. And now we're up to 15 a month $180 annually, and we're glad to do it and we just have to write out of the check checking account every month. So they were happy to do it. Value Great Value. I listen to we lived in the Southeast Metro and I commute to the western suburbs everyday. So I'm an hour in the car for each way. I'm pretty well-acquainted with Bob Edwards on Morning Edition and no atom. You say I'm the nervous one. Sorry about that. But I did want to encourage people who make beyond the fence that it is a great value. I learned a ton everyday and I come home from work and my wife and I get to talk about all the day's events. And what did you listen to on on all things considered tonight deer and hits great. We love it and we're glad to support and we hate to see the programming jeopardize by people. Maybe not supporting it. Now if people are driving around like yourself or or in their homes here in the Twin City area. What number would they call? 2811 and if you remember what happens for people who are outside the Metro Dynamite Scott, thank you very much, please thanks for calling in this afternoon I'm saying and I listen pretty much non-stop. In fact not too long ago. We just moved from a house. I mean it's from an apartment into a house and we haven't settled in yet there yet. But while we were still in our apartment I am ched radio is in the bathroom when in the living room one in the bedroom and one of the kitchen and I would keep them all on so as I was doing house cleaning I'd walk from room to room and I wouldn't miss anything and my husband even know I did the whole thing. But now he is starting to listen to We had a problem with he had a problem with the car usually drove. We're usually listens to her over to pick us up some stuff and he'd end up trading my car. That only has a radio and he's just on his own set of listening to Ray Suarez actually and he He says that guy just knows everything. I don't know and I had to have lived in California and like some of the other colors and have said I really have missed NPR just tremendously when I've been away and so glad to be back here for that reason. Just want to let you know anybody that's on the line. We my husband and I are no squeaking by each month. We're not high-income earners or anything, but we do know I figure I like it the way that you marketed and saying and all well it's know if you can afford a cup of coffee here and there that you know, if you break it down in a way that makes sense and I don't want you guys to it's just a tremendous job and I really want to encourage any way. They said at all reluctant. It's it's well worth it. You feel like doing your part when you when you make a pledge and you feel it's a good feeling you feel responsible. Thanks, Mary. You do a better job because you guys doing okay. Thank you. 22728 11 that's the number to call to make your Pledge on this last day of our membership drive to to 72811. There are a dozen callers on the line now signing up and doing what they can some people joining at the $66 level. A lot of people calling in to take care of take advantage of the midday heck of a deal is $99 a lot of people calling at they $120 level or the $240 level lot of people paying on a monthly basis. So it doesn't hurt so much, you know just take it out and it kind of goes and I mean it's a lot cheaper frankly than a lot of other things you're going to pay fifteen twenty bucks a month for you and hopefully Melanie Sommer somebody's going to call in and take advantage of this this world figure skating Championship package. This is really truly a heck of a deal. If I if you're a figure skating Chan fan and you have a couple of bucks to indulge yourself why you can't go wrong here. The Apolis hotel is put this package together and they donated one of these packages for us and it is a great great event an evening that they're offering for some lucky person. It's two tickets to the final not the preliminary rounds, but the finals of the world figure skating championships to either see the women or the men or the pairs skating in a great spot 11 throw in the Target Center right above the kiss and cry area as well as free parking at the hotel in overnight stay at one of their Deluxe rooms a great meal and their restaurant room service breakfast the next day as well as all the transportation thrown in. What more could you want it sounds like just a wonderful wonderful. Well, maybe you could get a shoeshine thrown into its a $2,500 pledged that were asking for that package at 2 to 7:20 at 11227 28th 11 in the Twin Cities area one 800-227-2811 anywhere else you're listening, and I just hope that someone will call and take that package up because if I had the opportunity I just might think about doing it. So anyway, you're all for it to to 72811. Keep those phones ringing help us continue to to meet our goal. We're counting down Dairy. I've been watching the Battalion the computer screen and we you know, we're going down thousand-dollar get teeter totter, you know, you can see that balance starting to shift every call. It is really true. Every single call helps us get closer to our goal of $800,000 by 8 tonight. There are 10 people right now making their pledges at 22728 11 and we need you to call. Right now as well to 27208 11 14 minutes left to go. If you like to call in during the midday broadcast. This is it. We're not going to be pledging tomorrow and I would sure like to get everybody listen to the midday signed up during this hour don't have to be a midday. Listen to call intercourse. The important thing is that if you are a Minnesota Public Radio listener you give us a call and make a membership pledge to to 72811 Orwin 800-227-2811 people doubting Thomases say there's no possible way that we're going to raise while we got $173,000 left to go but friends, we've already you folks have already pledged over $104,000 just today 1100 we can make our goal of 800000 by 8 tonight. Keep the phone's ringing 2 to 7:20 at 11 and that you've got a name there. I just want to talk. More about all the support that we get from our listeners all of the time and you know MPR been around for thirty some years right now and a woman named Evelyn Ahern is member number 56 who called in today to make her pledge renewing her membership. She was one of the the 56th member who joined Minnesota Public Radio way back when and she's been a member ever since Evelyn's Ahern of Minneota, Minnesota. So I will and thanks for listening and thanks for calling in and thanks for being such a strong and faithful supporter of Minnesota Public Radio. We really appreciated other folks that called in today David Landis Ave. Mahtomedi is called to make a pledge Roy Scott of hinckley's take him to the heck of a deal for us here on midday cat Cleveland of Plymouth and Sara Garnett of Minneapolis. Also got that heck of a deal in her pocket this afternoon. Gene can a key of Minnetonka also called in lots of people who are calling to to 72811 making their pledges of support. Support Minnesota Public Radio because they listen to mid-day because they like the show because they like the information that they get and we need you to do the same thing to to 72811. We got a couple of coral listeners in members who have called in our regular call in line to help us out here as we head down the stretch 12 minutes to go before 1 and would love to get you signed up here quickly Lyle. Can you spur us on here a little bit? I'm not a double digit number member, but I bend my membership number is higher than that in a member with my wife since 87 and running people know where your blue collar workers are members to work in The Foundry and walk around and hear public radio on and good investment programs from around the country and a lot of them and show where they are. Gay comment about programming in there so many people from Minnesota on and I think I like it. Well, thank you, sir, 2811 or if you're outside the metro area add 1 800 and then to 27208 letter. Please tell me where people have a special number then call the pound 6ixnine right? You have got a photographic memory man. Thank you so much and keep listening in dollars left to go by 8 tonight friends were going to make this Judy help us out, please. Going to Rochester and I would like to appeal to some of my friends down here who like me have a home office or people around the state who work out of their home either full-time or part-time as a wife and mom sometimes that's the working hat that I wear in at a job that I take seriously other days. I put a different hat on and and I take that job seriously too, but I don't apologize to any of my friends who work outside the home because I have the best continuing education that you could possibly get. So I'd like to I'd like them to consider that punch money as probably the most low-cost seminar or continuing education. They could possibly do I have lunch with the national Press Club and all the movers and shakers of the world. I can schedule a kind of mundane work around Morning Edition or mid-morning yesterday. I stumbled into Sue Bender Who I found was going to be on talking. I'm downtown last night in Minneapolis, and she's written plain and simple and several other books that are just really messages that need to be heard and thanks to public radio. I got to know her in the morning and was able to rearrange my schedule and and don't listen to her last night Journey. Thank you so much for calling in. Keep listening want you to thank you very much. Judy calling from Rochester if you're in Rochester, or if you're in Winona, or if you're in Mankato or in Duluth to Bemidji or Willmar anywhere outside the Twin City metropolitan area Sioux Falls. Good morning, or good afternoon Sioux Falls, if you can hear us anywhere outside the Twin Cities one. 800-227-2811 is the number to call Melanie summer seven or eight and a half minutes left to go during our midday program. We got Science Friday coming up. We are now down to 170 $2,501 to the goal. Because of our listeners because of those of you who have called to become members of Minnesota Public Radio new members renewing members to to 72811. Yes. We are indeed Staying Alive. I think haha. I think before the end of this hour we have to hear you sing your rendition of New York, New York. Just one more that's been kind of I know the pledge we got off to a little slow start and I think that was the reason I think I see a lot of people have called in already today, but we need so many many more of you to call in if we're going to make that goal a lot of you been listening thinking well. Yeah, I'm going to call but I don't want to do it right now. I've got some other things if you put it off much longer time is going to run out and we really can't come up short of that goal. So we're going to ask you to make the call now if you would at 22728 11 22728 11 when you call in will automatically add your name to the to the little Barrel there. We're going to draw a name from the from the barrel somebody is going to Trip to Costa Rica for Pete's sake round trip airfare for nights at at at nifty-nifty. Show you what I know where else to get ahold of full week. You better preferred Adventures American Airlines lapa Rios. So you automatically get entered into that into that drawing. We've got a lot of very nice premiums amid a heck of a deal that would the Atlantic monthly subscription Minnesota monthly subscription Talk of the Nation MOG along with a half pound of Guatemalan coffee to drink from that mug any number of special offers. We've got the I think the the figure skating package is still available at one of those are $2,500. All of this goes away tomorrow. We got just 6 minutes left to go 10 people on the line just $172,000 left to raise Now by 8 tonight, and we will have made our goal or you will have made the goal. But we're going to need to hear from everybody from make it absolutely and you know what I think would be really great is if in the next 6 minutes we could get that that the dollar amount down to $170,000. We're at 172 1:55 so we can get $2,100 in pledges in just the next five minutes. I think that would be really great cuz then we'll be at the 1000 markbreit that's all I have to do for the next 7 hours. No problem during mid-day to flood during this program that you listen. Hey that you appreciate you enjoy the speeches that we provide with for you. You enjoy the Collins you enjoy the conversation and information now, it's your chance to call don't put it off any longer cuz you won't get it done later on today do it now to to 72811 is the telephone number in the Twin Cities anywhere else call one 800-227-2811. We just have about $2,000 to get to that hundred and seventy thousand Mark right now right before 1 if you can help us get there quick reminder programming on Minnesota Public Radio is supported by Pulte Homes in Minnesota featuring new homes and Townhomes in Woodbury, Eden Prairie. Apple Valley in Shakopee models open daily, including this weekend. We're open for business right now. We've got five minutes left to go and love to get you signed up. So many of you have been so gracious to be supporting members. All these many years many of you have called in this week to make new member take out a new man. Triple-A renew your membership. We thank all of you for your support. And those are you haven't haven't had a chance to call yet. We got to have to urge you to move quickly now at 22728 11 or one 800-227-2811. And what do we have $2,155 to break through that next barrier. It's right we hoped. But we got so many people on the line right now. I think the volunteers are busy answering the phones right now. And will hopefully we will make that goal in just a couple of minutes, you know, where it where especially wanting to hear from you if you have been listening for a while, but I've never been a member before it take that step, you know, take the responsibility make some commitment to Minnesota Public Radio and to the service by calling 227-2811. If you've been a member for a long time, we encourage you to renew your membership and keep that support going or if you have been a member you might consider making an additional contribution as some of our our folks did that we talked earlier this hour now, it's the time for you two to show your support for Minnesota Public Radio in the waning hours of our membership drive. We always appreciate whatever you can do for us. We need your support we count on your support, and we know you always come through for us to to 72811. You need to call that phone number if you're in the Twin Cities to 72811 Panama last call now sending out a last call. You are regular midday listeners. Maybe you're just tuning in for Science Friday. This is the last go around and if you're not signed up yet. Well you have to do it now. I guess we have a hundred and $72,155 according to the last tally that tally is running behind but we'd sure like to get to at least $170,000 to go bye-bye one, which is just a 2 and 1/2 minutes away. Now do give us a call with your membership pledge. A lots of nifty. Thank you gifts are only available today. Then we go away and we really do need your support to to 72811 Shipp Circle $1,000 pledged level if you are able to if you're interested in becoming a member of NPR's leadership circle at the thousand-dollar level. An added bonus lunch face-to-face with Gary item. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about with Gary. I think you know, we've already got one person who's done that and I bet they'll be more food here comes 72811 take advantage of that or any pledge level that's appropriate for you. We have 11 callers on the line make that an even dozen a great dozen and what we'd love to do here as we wrap up. Its we're not going to Okay, here comes here comes. All right, we'll keep going until we until we get to the the big finale. 22720 at 11:14 p.m. Maybe it'll get me it's up to you. Hey Ya. Bravo Gary now that is worth $1,000 right there. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Well, we know the old saying we've got a ride here. We got to run here make room for some news and then Science Friday, I'll be along but we need to hear from all of you not had yet out of chance if you're still still upright 72811. Thank you so much. If you've already called to make your pledge, if you haven't please think about it and please do a very soon and help us reach our goal for the day to to 72811. Thanks a lot up date 171100 $66 left to go to the goal friends. You're doing it. You can do it keep the phone's ringing volunteers are standing by it takes two minutes to make that call and by golly it pays dividends all year long. I'm learning Benson tune in to the next All Things Considered for a wrap-up of all the day's top national International and Regional stories. It's all things considered weekdays at 3 on Minnesota Public Radio know FM 91.1 Listen to Minnesota Public Radio. We have some snow and 28 degrees at Kennedy Avenue FM 91.1 Minneapolis. And st. Paul got chance for light snow or flurries all afternoon. It's as warm as it's going to get windy and cold tonight with a low 5 to 10 windy and cold in the Twin Cities tomorrow. From national public radio news in Washington, I'm Nora raum Joseph Kennedy announced today that when he finishes his current term as representative from Massachusetts. He's getting out of politics. Kennedy is the eldest son of the late Robert F Kennedy the last 12 years. He's filled the house seed once occupied by his uncle the late John F Kennedy. He said today he wants to spend more time with his family saying this last year has brought him you recognition of the vagaries of life is brother Michael died in a skiing accident late last year a small bomb exploded near Jerusalem's old city today injuring for Palestinians. They're also more clashes between Israeli soldiers and stone throwing Palestinians NPR's when the grandstand reports that exploded in a Peddler's cart and disputed East Jerusalem, Israel police chief said, he believed Anthony and terrorists plan to use the bond for a terrorist attack, but he said it is possible. That was put there by Jewish militant Israel deployed hundreds of extra soldiers in Jerusalem's Old City concerned about unrest After Friday prayers at the mosque, there were no disturbances in Jerusalem, but there were Palestinian protest in the West Bank cities of Hebron Annapolis Annapolis housing and security forces, use tear gas to disperse demonstrators marching toward Israeli Soldiers the first time in three days of clashes Palestinian police have intervened so forcefully the unrest again when Israeli soldiers at a roadblock shot dead 3 numbers on Tuesday the soldiers believe they were under attack, but the Army has sent said there was no violent intent undergrad stain NPR news Jerusalem Richard Butler are the chief weapons inspector for the UN said today. The arrangements are complete for the inspections of President Saddam Hussein's presidential compound. Those eight sites were at the heart of the standoff between the UN and Baghdad by the Revisited Rock himself in a few weeks. He said he expects the inspections will begin shortly after he leaves the country March 26th agriculture. Secretary. Dan Glickman is meeting today with Georgia Farmers whose crops have been threatened by the recent cold. Susanna capelouto of peach state public radio reports Glickman is touring a peach farm and meeting with growers in Central Georgia with freezing temperatures of the past few days have threatened the peach crop one agricultural expert estimates that about 25 to 34.


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