Minnesota's Olympic hockey winners and the future of women's hockey

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Minnesota's two Olympic hockey gold medal winners, Alana Blahoski and Jenny Schmidgall talk about their Olympic experiences and the future of women's hockey. Program contains pledge drive segments.

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We're going to be joined by the two minnesotans who I were skating with the US Women's Olympic gold medal winning hockey team and they're going to be here in the Studio's to talk about their Adventure over or not going to11 opportunity to call in with your questions and comments. We are told they are coming with gold medals in tow. I haven't either and I'm I'm anxious to make for great radio. Just looking at the gold medal. Anyway, they'll be here in just a couple of minutes or get your questions ready. Meanwhile get your get your dialing fingers busy there because we need your financial support membership but weekends tomorrow and we still need to raise about $346,000 by tomorrow evening $6 on the line right now. That's how our solar to raise on toll $8,000 total. And so we need to keep working right along we were talking about the the hockey players were going to be here. We should mention we have a very very special premium offer this hour in conjunction with their appearance. 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What's some good interesting conversation day after day here on our midday program? We hope you appreciate and enjoy that kind of programming. I think you do and all we need you to do is to show your support with a membership call now. If you're not yet a member, you're one of the folks were hoping will step forward today. If you are a member, and it's time to renew Now's the Time to do it. If you're all paid up and want to do a little bit extra and additional contribution would be very very nice. You don't even have to pledge if you just like to get in on the Costa Rican give away, but what you do have to do in all of those cases is called 22728 11 or one 800-227-2811. House, are you going to get the opportunity to talk to and listen to to Olympic gold medal winners minnesotans the first women to win the gold in the hockey tournament or excuse me at the Olympics hockey. What am I trying to say? Gary tournament? That's good. OK where else you going to get to hear them on? Midday? You can answer you can ask your questions of these two women. You can hear about their experiences at Nagano. You're not going to get that anywhere else happened on the radio dial and you're not going to get him anywhere except right here on Minnesota Public Radio your tune to midday for the opportunity to hear voices to talk to people to gather information to hear your speakers to hear the best radio audio pictures. Midday is a unique program and it is here because of listeners just like you is one of our most popular programs now that's worth a subscription to Minnesota Public Radio call 227-2811. If you're already at work, you can email your pledge to pledge at MPR. O r g 227 let me know there are some people maybe you you're at work right now your boss you not supposed to use the phone. The volunteers you don't have to talk loud. It is noisy in the noise in the phone room, but we have some specially trained volunteers. They have expert almost dog like hearing ability. 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Remember we just have two of these autographed Wheaties boxes in acrylic autograph cereal box collectors hockey Wheaties for $42 a month that can be yours by calling 227-2811 in support of this program know maybe you're out running errands and you subscribe to airtouch dial pound 6 6 9 and that will connect you with a volunteer 2 to 7:20 at 11 and get your name entered into the drawing for the giveaway for a trip to Costa Rica. We have callers on the line waiting to hear from you yet. And it looks like we are going to need your support. Do give us a call lots and lots of people have already called in 562 people already just today and I think if my reading is correct over 5,000 people have called this already so far this week, so you're not going to be alone, but we are going to need you if we're going to I'm going to need you to make that call if we're going to make our goal by tomorrow evening. So give us a call. Again. The number is 227. 28112 to 72811 in the Twin Cities if you're calling from outside the Twin Cities, you can reach us toll-free and that number is one 802-4228 to it. And that's not the right number to call. That's the I done it again Mike. I've done it again. If you're calling your pledge number in its 2 to 7:20 at 11 or one 800-227-2811. Frankly. I'm nervous because that well, this is an historic moment here on the midday programs. As far as I know. We have never never ever had an Olympic gold medal winner on the program before to say nothing of actually having the Olympic gold medals right here in the studio. Are they are they here too? We have the metals are they are our guests this hour or two of America's newest Heroes the to Minnesota members of this year's Gold medal-winning women's Olympic hockey team Alana blahoski a forward on the team from Saint Paul and Jenny schmidgall who played set her on the team. She's from Edina. They have joined us. So here in the studio. They have their gold medals in total and we Invite you to join our conversation this morning. If you've got a question or a comment for Minnesota to Olympic hockey gold medal winners. Give us a call or Twin City area number is 227-6002 276 thousand. I'll try the Twin Cities. You can reach us toll-free, and that number is one 800-242-2828 the regular call in numbers in effect now 227-6001. 800-242-2828. Thanks so much for coming in today preciate it if you come back to earth yet. Incredible. After the after the Olympics were over. You got a little time and Hawaii to cool out a little bit. Yeah, it was very nice for relaxing. Was winning the gold medal as exciting as you thought it was going to be or more. So I thought it was just it's the best thing that ever happened to me in my life so far. Even more exciting then then you had imagined it definitely in and people always want to know if their top two questions, I think or you know, what was it like to win the gold medal in what were you feeling when they when they place around your neck? You just words come far short of any explanation as to what you're feeling and how your your emotions were just running so high and I think it was the happiest I've ever been in my life, and I just can't stop crying. Tell me how do you folks get started playing hockey. Did you play in high school? How did it all work out boy seems and that's how I started going to programs at 6 years old and I started writing with hockey and played with the boys up until high school. And then I went and played with thoroughbreds as well. And I went Addy's to play Providence, You're going to start Jenny going to start the University Minnesota this fault. Did you get that you get pretty tired of talking about being Pioneers? Is that get tiresome? I know I definitely not because it is true. We are pioneers and and in doing what we've done and it was taking on the responsibility of kind of kind of pushing the sport and and I guess being Role Models, you know, and in whether I know we all we all take that responsibility with it was a big smile, you know where I'll gladly will gladly be Role Models, but I it's something that regardless of whether you choose it or not. It's it's kind of place on you. So I enjoy it. I think it's great. I think being a history in were part of it and I think so special and that way and like why I said, we'll take it with a smile and it's just great being who we are and first gold medalist and women's hockey is just very special one very important for the sporting woman Sports in general. Won the gold medal alignable Ahoskie and Jenny schmidgall, and if you'd like to join our conversation, if you've got a question or comment give us a call or Twin City area number is 227-6002 276 thousand or if you're calling from outside the Twin Cities. That number would be 1-800 to +422-828-227-6802 for 22828. We we we kept hearing stories back here and makes got a chance to see especially the first game with Canada which was kind of a rough game was how advanced was the Rivalry rivalry with Canada mean I was essentially the only other really good team in the tournament wasn't right sided. Well, well before the Olympic said it was going to be kind of a showdown a North American Showdown and the Rivalry was very very intense. Come come the Olympics. We had played that we had a pretty Olympic tour and then we have played them volume 13 times and they they came out on top beating us the last time we faced off against them in Colorado Springs. So they won the series 76 and that was in a wheat we did. Well like we played Wiley on time but we were we were a little upset. I think it losing that last Gambino on home ice. so we kind of took that into the Olympics and the first time we faced off against them we We kind of remember that lasts. I have quite a thrill because you were fell way behind in that the preliminary round game again and I came back you scored the tying goal in the game. It was a very intense game that game was very important to us. I think and respect to the gold-medal game, even though it didn't mean anything going in but it still had meaning and I mean we weren't going to give up in the third. We came back and scored 6 goals in about 10 minutes and they just I don't think they knew were going to in all I think they thought we're going to lay back and give up since their head for one. We're going to do that now tell us about so you so you finish your preliminary games. It's time for the big gold medal game against Canada again. You got to repeat game with them. What was that like waiting for the game getting ready for the game? I mean, are you guys nervous wrecks? Are you obviously are amateurs, but Professionals in the sense that way I was just another game. And all of that, what was that all about to kind of go go on with the day is as usual every once in a while. I would catch myself thinking about the game and I get really worked up and then I kind of like, okay relax. It's just another game just another game against Canada and I think that's kind of how the whole team went into it. And you know, we had typical warm up in the locker room. I think the atmosphere was was pretty normal in a lot of joking around and I think we just we really focused on on treating it as just another game. I think it helped to playing on Canada so many times before hand and it was just kind of like another game against Canada. I was just another routine so we know what to expect from home and it's just kind of like we went in to it not nervous cuz we know where we're going to expect what kind of competition they were and just what kind of game we're going to play against them for boating a heavy sense of History. Mike. This is the first gold medal officially, but it's still a pretty rough game on contact and it's Is it that is an incidental or is there a kind of unofficial checking out but it's up to the official as to what they're going to allow. So it's kind of a game of seeing what you can get away with actually and we've had a few games or we were highly penalized and as seen in the last game against Canada before the gold medal game with I think we are in the in the Box 22 minutes, which is over there to the game so we can get away with famous second. We're just trying to see how much we can get away with. Where do you say the word BC women's hockey going. Do you think somewhere down the road here checking will be allowed or let always be a separate part of them. The checking part is, you know, not for want to talk and I think a lot of people see that has more finesse game and I think a lot of people enjoy watching the women's game because there is not that checking in Roughness, but I mean, there's still some you don't take anybody and stuff but it's not going out and just going out and hitting someone so I think people really enjoyed watching us cuz of our finesse and passing skills and just the skating everything about the game was just the nest. I will probably in your mind probably stay that way. I you decided to play Boys Hockey to go over the girls hockey in to go to the no checking your kind of like a you know what this is no checking but there's definitely no contact. Like I I I think there's plenty I don't think there needs to be attacking attacking Rolling Stone. Did you did you guys get a lot of rousing when you were throwing up to keep hearing stories about especially older women who really got put through the wringer by a specially by guys who were playing hockey and legged people doing out here until I'm did you have to face a lot of the adder? Not too much. I mean 13th and stop I mean I got some Reggie when I was in bantams and JV, but it wasn't as bad as some people have had and I mean I could deal with it. No problem. And is it wasn't that big of a deal I guess for me as much as it was for the some of the older girls. Hey, I got a little bit arousing when I was a kid. My teammates were always great and always quick to defend. Do you know any overly aggressive phone and I guess but I would you know, I would need a few guys on the other team that but didn't really think it was a great idea for a girl to play hockey and they would try and show their Man had a gas. Can you put me through the boards? But what about other girls? Did they readily accept the fact that you guys were playing hockey? I was cool a lot of the girl. They like I wish I could do that and I wish I had enough guts to do that. And I mean I didn't get really much harassment from the girls Husky and Jenny schmidgall. They were members or our members. I guess of the u.s. Olympic women's hockey team the team that won the gold medal in Nagano, and if you'd like to join our conversation, give us a call to 276 thousands are Twin City area number to 276 Thousand Oaks on the Twin Cities 1 800 to +422-828-227-6004. 1 800-242-2828 Alex glad place. How are you? I've had the occasion to play with Miss Pulaski and let me tell you she likes to throw her weight around on her tonight. So don't let her fool you about this no checking stuff, but my question actually is kind of geared towards the the checking subject. Are you guys afraid that the women's game might kind of turn into what what is what has happened with the men's game as far as you know, it's a lot of people complain that it's like a WWF match out there and there's really not a lot of skill involved anymore as a concern of yours, or I guess it's not really a concern of ours as not as much as a concern of the people who are kind of in charge, I guess USA hockey because they are in charge of making the rules and policies that govern our play and I think it might be concerned for them because right now with the with the no-talking rule women's hockey is sort of separate from men's hockey in a sense. It's it's somewhat of a dick. Game different to play in and also different to to watch so I think that might be somewhat of concern for the for the USA Hockey people. I hear you what she said whatever she said, but yeah, I agree. I think that checking my opinion. I don't think check and should be in it. I mean women's hockey is a different game than the men's semen, you know, I think some people that enjoy watching the one we came right now are afraid that will turn into the men's game and they just don't want to see that happen. Can we expect a woman's professional League to be started soon. Now, I would think that the interest in and women's hockey wood would be soaring. Can we look for a pro league to start up actually? Yeah, actually this October they're having a like a free agent to camp and then they're the first season opener is supposed to be November 1st. And I think what they're looking at now is maybe like a four or six Team league that would be based out of New England. And right now I think the main problem is is finding enough enough depth to to actually get you know, 16 going on because quite a few we kind of figured it out yesterday. They're only about eight girls only the US team that would be able to play because a few are retiring in a few are going back to college. So there probably about 8 or 10 maybe at the most us girls that would be able to play on the team and then you have the girls graduated from college and along with Canadian and some other International Players. So I think that the main problem is depth right now and support it should be interesting. This is definitely to be a trial by trial process to see you know, how supported the league is and and for us Players money, you know Financial Funding. Is it important to live on but we're not looking for anything, you know kind of above or beyond that. We just you know, I would like to play competitive hockey, I guess for the next four years. Are you just got started with its with its women's program this year the varsity program Audi used in Providence and so on women's hockey track a pretty good crowd College hockey. Innotrac see a decent crowd, I would say the main problem was College hockey is you have a kind of different skill levels within the same team. I think you can go. I mean you can go extreme. You can have kind of the caliber of player that can play with national programs. So, you know, someone such as Jenny and then you go to two girls that aren't you know that I find that skill. So I think there's a problem with the consistency of Talent on teams, but we had we had quite a following at Providence and and I think it's picked up definitely since I graduated I graduate in 96 and I think a lot more people are interested in seeing the women play back to the phone today, but your question, please, and my question is is I was wondering about with no checking in women's hockey. How do they feel about trying to take checking out of the high school level? And I'll just hang up and listen to their comment. Thanks. Jenny won't you talk about my high school and high school hockey? I don't that's definitely not an area. I think they should start if they were two and four one like we said before I don't think girls should have checking in and in general but in high school right now, they're just a lot of beginners programmer starting high school and they're just learning how to skate and what not. And right now they just need to learn how to skate and pass and stuff and not worry about checking and taking the body. They just need to learn position and how to skate in the first place. They have Boys Hockey would be better without checking at least at the high school level high school is for the boys. I mean, it seems to be getting on hand. I don't know. I mean, I haven't seen a lot of state tournaments or anyting cuz I was away, but I think it's kind of getting out of hand now and they're just kind of letting it go and I think definitely could go without butt I don't know why it would be interesting to see if the game with if the if boys high school hockey with change the game of change it off attic checking out and I actually haven't seen enough of Minnesota high school hockey the past few years to see you note actually recognize whether or not it would make a difference but I think it it it would take the focus off being you noticed a strong kind of a kind of a tape player out there and I think that that if you're a big a big head playing hockey at you're all set, you know, I don't think you need. Well you need to focus on skills, but I don't think that that's a major concern. I think you just think about getting married on Durand hedden getting out there and just knocking people around you know, so it takes it definitely takes, you know something away from the game as far as skills or concern is the shower Jenny schmidgall and Alana blahoski to minnesotans. The only minnesotans actually who were on the US Women's Olympic gold medal hockey team and if you'd like to join our Versation give us a call 227-6002 to 7 6008 side the Twin Cities 1 800 to +422-828-227-6000 or one 800-242-2828. You guys should hold up your gold medal. So the people listening on the radio can hear the metals and see The Meadows. Which is the only way I'll ever get anywhere cost of this. It's kind of a describe this to people. This is really pretty actually a lot nicer than I thought. I would just be on one side. The sun is rising and all the others the Sun is setting and it's just a piece of work. Like it's a piece of art. It's so beautiful brown in there or something. That's actually an interesting fact. It's the first time in Olympic history that the metals have color on them. So they're all silver all bronze, but this year they have color on them. I bet you guys really got to start treatment even among your fellow athletes that Nagano. Did you not decided winning in and they were definitely definitely catching on and we had we had quite a bit of support that are games from fellow athletes, which was very nice to go into the tournament going to the Olympics as such a prohibitive favorite. I mean, it was assumed I think by most people that you were either going to leave with the gold medal or the silver medal. Is that difficult to deal with would have been easier to be kind of an underdog not have that pressure I think innocence we were somewhat of an underdog to Canada just because our history with them. We didn't have never beaten them in a world championship there they've been for and we've always come in second to them, you know, every other major tournament we played against them we've come and 2nd and so I think to a lot of people in in the US and then I'm pretty sure that almost everyone in Canada that we were we were underdogs and maybe even to some of us we were kind of like wild can we pull this off but I think in that sense of it be kind of helped us out because we were just like, all right, we're not going to lose to them. You know again we're going to do it. Back to the phones up Bart's on the line for Virginia. Go ahead place a question about their opinion of the programs in Minnesota versus what they seen of his reserved in women's hockey programs out east for instance or in Canada and how Minnesota might benefit from learning from those other programs does to make what what to do to make our program better. I think the program for women's hockey in Minnesota is excellent and I have been absent for about six years and I come back about Christmas time in that and that's it. So I get about a week or two here in Minnesota. And so when the huge increase in women's hockey women's high school hockey started happening. I was I was already at he's so I missed it but I was back last Christmas and I skated with the with the South Saint Paul girls high school hockey team and I was I was very impressed at the skill level of of the skating there. And I think I'm one of the one of the things that the other high school girls really need to focus on because of skating seems to be there, you know, the skating in the skills getting my scene seemed to really be there but I think that they need to focus on a stick work like using their hands shooting building upper-body strength because of any women, you know, our strength is is down below, you know, when our hips and our legs and we really we we lack the upper body strength, so I think Important for a for young girls to get that to get the upper body strength, I think you know, it's just as good as any other schools out east. I mean from watching University of Minnesota, which is did excellent had an excellent season this this year and I'm going out east and playing some of those colleges that mean we're right there with them and we got high school teams is in a lot of school. He's don't even have high school teams for girls and I think and that respect we're far had in that in that way that we don't have that they don't have high school teams. And I think we're doing a really good job. I seen you know, like slack teams to that when I cuz I plan a thoroughbred then we're just right up there with them or above them. So I don't think we have to change anything. I think we just keep up with our programs and I think we're doing a great job. Is it fair to say or to assume that the team in 2002 will be better than this year's team was because you'll have more people to draw from or no. I think that's definitely difficult question because I think it's going to be a younger team the team that was over there in Japan this year, but the pool is definitely need to be larger. So I don't necessarily know if it would be a more talented teen the team this year but there's definitely going to be a logical to choose from I don't really have a question that I wanted to congratulate you. I just started play Kentucky this year at White Bear and I just love it is a senior's League. I'm 37 years old. I wish I was 20 years younger. I really answer you. I just enjoyed watching your game and I love party. I can't wait to till the spring League start. Bonnie have to ask you what got you out there. Run has been playing hockey since he was a kid and he coached them in Forest Lake for a few years until we had her first baby at anyway, my first baby is now 6 and he started this year and we'll hang around the rink. I thought I noticed for the Women's Hockey Association something. I've always thought about doing and I wish that there were programs when I was growing up. I didn't have brothers so I didn't get out there and skate with them. So I feel like I just can't afford a generation too early hockey mom taking on a new meaning in your life hunting morning till night at our house and we love it that must make you feel good. I'm sure that you've inspired a lot of people not just young girls not little kids even but some Old-Timers to We are over in Japan. A lot of people tell us that we're really big news back here and we inspire a lot of girls and I spy a lot of people and we just couldn't really believe that cuz we are over in the Olympics and we just can't believe that we are that big back here in until we got home and that it was overwhelming like we had such an impact on everybody and it was such everyone having such a good time watching enjoy watching our game and is amazing to hear from people that they enjoyed watching us and Inspire them to do things. You're big-time pro athletes are always ask this question. I will ask you this question of do you feel like you need now to be a role model for people in your personal life? You are given an opportunity to. To go represent your country regardless of what sport you need to you need to accept responsibility because it's definitely one that that's placed upon you and Josh. I know we we are all just so proud to be able to be given the chance represents country in that was one of our goals heading heading over there. We we really wanted to to make little girls see that you know that they can play hockey in the Steak n I guess stream, you know, and then follow your dreams. Back to the funds Marine your next good place. I'm one of those unfortunate to who didn't get a chance to participate in a lot of sports as a youngster. But I've had the pleasure of watching. My niece is having much more how much greater opportunities than I ever did and I and I and somebody to get more interested in the effect on the Olympic Victory which it which I'm certainly celebrating with you on those young people rather than on whether we're going to eat a professional League or not because I think that is just so critical for for you know, Elementary and Junior High School age girls to get a chance to have sports participation. It means a whole lot to them and to their Social Development with a they do end up playing professionally or not. They'll just be you know, having that opportunities is a huge deal and I was just wondering if these two have any plans or if you're going to have a chance to get out and to talk to kids of that age and 2 to get them fired up going to be a great opportunity. Definitely we've had a lot of phone calls from school that we've been doing in from other schools and they want us to come speak to them. And actually today we're going to go speak to the school in Richfield then I mean, we have a lot of opportunities to speak to schools and we gratefully do that and we enjoy doing that and just like inspiring a little girls to do this cuz it is important to life to get out and you know make friends. I've made tons of friends in hockey and it's just great socially and I mean, it's a good exercise to and I think it's great going to schools and talking to kids and and I don't know. I think it's really important. General in a sentence. It's kind of getting back on because when we were younger, although we didn't really have a female ice hockey players to look up to we had plenty of people who who kind of stood by us in our parents in particular and and family in and teammates and friends. And as soon as I sent it's it's it's a way for us to kind of get back to be to be that role model for the younger kids. You know, someone may be 2 to just kind of not necessarily aspired to be but maybe someone that that they aspire to do what what we've done and and I think that's a tremendous honor. I got squid Place earlier about the difference of checking into the more aggressive aspect in the men's hockey. I was just saying I think both have their place. I think I have watched and I was surprised because I've never been a watcher of a girls hockey matter fact, I moved in for Montana night. I didn't see much and I can see you to where it has a wonderful social value for a yet. I have the other is also an aggressive nature to more aggressive nature in males and I think Being out there working with the boys myself and then playing hockey. I noticed that it is a challenge to be precise on shots and everything else and and have that pressure up. So, you know, it's coming in on you. So I think it is it's still it's a valuable thing to the sport and I think he also teaches boys how to deal Under Pressure to a greater degree, but I find that as far as its watching the Precision and the moves and the plans in the place. That girl's execute out there on the ice doesn't take away anything. No not having the the aspect of of the checking in the game appreciate the call. We don't have a lot of time left, but I just as a follow-up to his call. Is there any you substantiv difference between the way men and women compete in hockey effect? I guess it's different obviously, but I mean I let me know still skills involved in both. It's just there's no tracking in. I mean, they're still rubbing out and there still is the contact and then guys hockey, you know, like sometimes I get a lot out of hand and they just go for the body instead of really what's the point of checking is to get the funeral takes personal and get the park and now it seems like sometimes they're just going out to get a big hit in what time what are your personal plans now, are you going to be doing for the next little while and then then you'll be with the university next fall Senior Team out there and and then I'm looking to play in. Billy gaudiest if that ever materializes and that that'll take care of the immediate future and I think I'm I'm going to go 40002 I think so, hopefully Jenny and I will be teammates again another run for it. And so it will it be as much fun. You think the second time around? Show me different but I think it'll be a ton of fun as well. Thank you so much for coming in and congratulations. And a lot of people in this country enjoyed what you both did a lot. Thank you did well, I guess this our house key and Jenny schmidgall is originally from Saint Paul Jennings from Edina and they were the minnesotans on the women's US Olympic hockey team the team that won the gold medal in Nagano, Japan and why is great to actually see actually see an Olympic gold medal. Beautiful beautiful beautiful thing. Wish we could do it put it on the radio for you. But unfortunately, we don't have a camera and my powers of description Sue winking aren't all that great. So I can't draw that mental picture, but it's it's even if tier than you might imagine it to be. Well, we have a little bit of time here to do a little bit of business and no we have a ways to go yet on our membership drive. If you would like to call in with your membership support give us a call now at 2 to 72811 back to the pledge number is now 2 to 7:20 at 11. If you're calling from outside the Twin Cities 1 800 22728 11th, we had a goal this hour of $8,000 to raise and we still have about the $3,900 left to go. We're not expecting that you will call in and pledged $3,900. But we sure hope you'll call in and pledged $66 or $120 or $180 240. Whatever it is that you can afford give us a call now 227-2811 or one 800-227-2811. That was really you know, I worked here a long time and I've seen lots of people coming through the doors and that was really exciting for me to hear them speak about the Olympics in to hear about their lives and hockey due to 72811. I got lots of you were feeling the same way after hearing them answer the questions hearing about the Olympics hearing about the sport winning a gold medal. That's where the phone call to 22728 11 and subs. The midday in support of programming like this that you don't get anywhere else up and down that radio dial. This is a place where you get you get to talk to all sorts of newsmakers all sorts of interesting people you all sorts of speeches you get Gary. I can one of the best hosts on radio one of the best interviewers that's worth a phone call in a plural. Thanks. Your mom called me at 11. You can Pledge Your on a credit card or quarterly payments will set up for you got a heck of a deal here. Midday heck of a deal. We just got word. We have 30 hockey pucks available at the $120 level. Now the are Olympians are going to autograph are going to autograph those hockey pucks. This would be great. So if you would like a personally autographed Hockey puck Minnesota Olympians are going to put their I was going to say John Henry's I wouldn't be a John Hancock. That would be appropriate here. They're going to they're going to autograph a fox if you'd like when they're only 30 of them. First come first serve. Give us a call at +22-720-811-2272. 2811 outside the Twin Cities one 800-227-2811. I'm still Starstruck to I'm sorry I talk to at the opportune talk to a lot of people here over the course of the years, but this is a big deal. Well anyway, and we've got a special premium. We've got the Costa Rican giveaway. Are you in on the drawing to Costa Rica Sue? Cantillo? Yes, Taron Johnson at preferred Adventures limited has come up with a great sheets you listen to Minnesota Public Radio in his so I made a great contribution. A trip to Costa Rica. Tell us more soup. Let me give you the phone number 227-2811. It's a trip for two it includes ground. It's on American Airlines to San Jose Costa Rica where you'll stay at hotel Milvia are restored Colonial Mansion B&B for 4 nights. That's the first four nights. Then you get three more night that lapa Rios. It's a luxury eco-tourism resort. Oh my gosh deep in the rainforest the birds the grass the smell the sounds all of this a $4,000 value can be yours. I can't reach back there. And remember we only have 30 of the autographed Puck when I get home tonight. My husband's going to say did you get me one of those? I know he's going to I know how to do it to to 72811 is the number to call for your pledge of just $10 a month only 30 of them though, and we only have about 7 minutes to go I think on that offer, so if you'd like one of those specially autographed hockey pucks. Are Olympians are going to autograph them for you? You have to give us a quick call now and it is one of those things where a little later down the road if you're going to wish you had one. So give us a call here. It's a it's $10 per month $120 is the the total membership pledge at 22728 11 22728 11 if you're calling from outside the Twin Cities, make sure you dial to 1 800 and then to to 72811. When you call in a course, you're automatically entered in the Costa Rican giveaway back. You don't even have to pledge to get in on the drawing you just call in and get in on that Billy. Hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity to make a pledge a butt special emphasis right now on the hockey pucks, if you'd like one of the 30 and we only have 30 of them hockey pucks autograph by Olympians alignable Ahoskie and Jenny schmidgall. Give us a call now quickly at 2 to 7:20 at 11 or one eight hundred two two. 2811 imagine those kids, you know people. Ihhl astonishing to think about people who are 8 and 9 years old as they were at one time playing hockey someplace around here. Probably not getting a lot of attention and respect. And then one day Bingo here, they are national heroes and justifiably so I'm still Starstruck while anyway to 27208 11 or one 800-227-2811. We got $18 on the line and hopefully some of those people are picking up one of the hockey pucks just 30 of them available. So if you'd like one give us a quick call, we have a total of about fifty phone lines available. So you're you'll get right through that's not a problem and it only takes a minute or two of your time. And again, if you're not supposed to call that work just whisper of the volunteers are specially trained to to 72811. You know, I was thinking I watch those games and it was really a thrill for me to see the the Olympic team out on the ice and I was thinking it might be fun to relive that every time sitting on my coffee table to have one of those pots with their autographs What A Conversation Piece to relive the Olympics to talk to fellow minnesotans about what it was like having these two women on the team that can be yours for just $10 a month for pledging to Minnesota Public Radio and sip Sort of programs like midday. This is the way you spend this part of your day. Why not supported you got to hear from to gold medal winners from Minnesota to Dad Dad. You got a daughter. Oh, yeah mon, give us a call here. I I think back at a time when this would have been the ideal thing we to 72811 or one 800-227-2811 good quality news and information programming. That's what membership week is about as Nifty as these autographed hockey pucks might be as NAFTA is the Costa Rican give away is the fact of the matter. Is that what we're really here to do is to make sure that the programs that you listen to day after day week after week are right here and on the radio so that you can tune in anytime and hear something worth listening to and a lot of you. I know listen to the midday program. Some of you haven't had a chance to call in and become members yet. Some of you have been members for years bless your heart, but if you for Ever reason haven't had a chance to call us yet this week. And if you've been a member it's time to renew or you take out a first-time membership. Give us a call. If you'd like. One of these autographed hockey pucks from Minnesota's Olympians the number to call to to 72811. You've got three and a half minute slow to move on that offer and the first 30 it's first come first serve and don't forget any 2811 will have your name entered into the drawing. We're giving away a trip to Costa Rica. This is airfare for Knights hotel accommodations in San Jose at a B&B the hotel Milvia and then my favorite four days and three nights and an eco-tourism Resort lapa Rios. Doesn't that sound great. Where are the sunglasses? Oh my Lord, Brother. Hate to be that relax though. You know, I must give me this gray weather. Give me this cold Minnesota weather. You can't or a coffee plantation. You can go whitewater rafting tour a rainforest the Lancaster Gardens. Someone's going to win this. Why not you two to 72811 and do you think about making a contribution in support of midday and support of all of the great folks you get to here from 1. Midday all of the speeches the Olympic medal-winners who are here today. I got to see two gold medals. I'm going to be flying high actually held the gold medal for the heavy. Yeah. I mean, it's it's quite quite the deal quite the deal and speaking of heck of a deals 2 minutes to go here. If you have heard us talking about these autographed hockey pucks that are available. We've got about a 2 minutes to go here Olympians alignable Ahoskie and Jenny schmidgall will be autographing the fur. 38 autographic 30 hockey pucks first the 30 people who claim them will get them as a premium at the $120 level. It's $10 per month. That's tax deductible and it's a big big show of support for good-quality news and information programming 15 callers on the line $2,300 left to go this hour and we've got a minute and a half left to go. If you're not signed up. This is a great time to do it to 27208 11 or one 800-227-2811 www.mpr.org me and you can Pledge on the web or if you just have email pledge at mpr.org and then your boss won't know that you're doing that but you know, you're listening to mid-day while you're at work or in your car. It's a part of your life. Now, we're asking you to help pay for it with a contribution of $10 a month. If you're one of the first 30 will send you the autographed hockey puck. Maybe you'd like to contribute at a higher level. That's great to 22728. 1900 to go Gary to make this go all those phones ringing we're going to break for some news headlines Richard Goodwin former White House speechwriter will be over the noon hour featured over the noon hour. Keep the phone's ringing and get those last hockey pucks. Certainly is thank you Mike. We got a minute left to go. Wait a minute left. If I'm just I'm just still a Twitter. I'm all atwitter from I've never had any Olympians in here. Well, anyway, we got more time here. We got another minute to go another minutes ago or reprieve for those of you who are too slow to to 72811 pour one 800-227-2811. Remember you're one of the first 30 to call we have only 30 autographed hockey pucks Jenny schmidgall and Alana boo husky will sign hockey pucks. What a great thing to put on your coffee table that's for joining at the $10 a month level or renewing anyone who calls will have your name entered into the drawing things to Preferred Adventures limited and Karen Johnson for a trip to Costa Rica to folks to to 72811. Now we're going to break for the news but keep the phone's ringing. It's Lynne Rossetto Kasper this week on The Splendid Table. It's our favorite funny food scientist. Shirley carrier author of the best-selling book cookwise join us Saturday at 2 and Sunday at 7 on Minnesota Public Radio know FM 91.1. You're listening to Minnesota Public Radio. We have a partly cloudy Sky 20°, I've Kanter W FM 91.1 Minneapolis. And st. Paul. It supposed to clot up this afternoon high temperature could reach the upper twenties cloudy tonight with a low in the teens and then partly cloudy windy and colder tomorrow Costa Rica sounds pretty good high in the upper 30s.


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