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Veterinarian Kate An Hunter answers listener questions about dogs and cats and other small animals. She is a veterinarian at Carver Lake Veterinary Center. Program contains pledge drive segments.

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That's it. That kick it in. obscuring ring shoe looks My goodness Kate Smith quite a different start to the midday program today. It's rocking. It's rolling and it's true to it's cold outside. It's warm inside but the key here is it needs to get even warmer with your call to 227-2811. Keep those volunteers fingers busy in the phone room picking up your call and your pledge of support to Minnesota Public Radio 2 to 72811. We've got a big goal for the midday Community today Gary $7,000. They tell us to raise this hour and now you can do it though. We know you can I need is a real one friend. So this is our membership Drive Spring membership drive and it is membership money your contributions that make the programming possible on this station. And what we're asking you to do is make a membership call 2 to 7:20 at 11 outside the Twin Cities one 800-227-2811. $66 is going to the base. Membership rate get Minnesota monthly of course and a special a special love premium available this hour and it's our only it is a dental care kit. Now you ask what the world that's kind of an unusual. Thank you gift. Well, we have attempted to veterinarian Kate and Hunter who will be joining us in just a couple of minutes here on our midday programmed to take all your questions about the pet care and as a special thank you gift this hour at the $66 level. We will gladly send out to you a pet Dental Care kits. Are you get to work on those 72811 is the number to call Five Oaks already on the line waiting to hear from you and when you make that call 222-728-1146. What you're really doing is pledging your support to mid-day to Minnesota Public Radio to the news and information programming you here 24 hours. Today is a touch of a finger you also they'll put your name in for a drawing for a great a great trip to Ireland. Its round trip tickets to Shannon courtesy of Delta Airlines will put you up for 6 nights in care Ireland in the southwestern part of the country. You need to travel after May 15th and get this Gary. One of the other points in a script is 26 pubs they have over there and care. They are in a whole lot of ways to 27281 one is your way to get your name automatically entered in the drawing for the Ireland trip getaway. Go see the Green Country and that drawing will be on St. Paddy's day one day only if you want to get in here, but we hope you will because that's what we're here this week to do raise money to pay. The programs on this station. We hope you'll take advantage of it. I always like to encourage people who are already members are all paid up. A lot of times. They feel left out during these membership drives. Give us a call. Get your name in the kitty there so we can possibly award that trip to you too to 72811 is the number to call again just in a couple of minutes here will be joined by veterinarian. Hey Dan Hunter and you'll have an opportunity to call in with your pet care questions. But right now we're urging all of you to take care of your radio business, make sure that the good news and information programming good call in programming is available to you when you want to listen to it and participate lot of you call in with your questions during the course of a year. And here's the time to make sure that that kind of programming continues to buy to 72811 or one 800-227-2811 a heck of a deal better. Tell him about the heck of a deal. We've been working on the midday community and really we know you're out there and that you all step forward in ways that are just frankly confound it to all of us including Gary. So we put together a heck of a deal specials that are for you and for you only I we talked about the dental care kit. Those of you who are regular midday listeners should consider a pledge of support to Minnesota Public Radio. That's really what this is all about. What your support to Minnesota Public Radio by calling 227-2811. If you choose to support NPR at the $20 a month level we have five package deals. Now, there are only five of these so listen up are you a dog owner? If you are a dog owner, there's a delicate situation. Sometimes that we find ourselves in in the spring outside and think about the yard and the summer months to come and the Green Grass and well, this is the way my mother would want me to say it Gary sometimes doing a little tough to grass that grow taller me know why here's the deal $20 a month. You're pledged to Minnesota Public Radio, and you can be one of five lucky winners. Who will receive pet yard pick up a special service offered this very important to those of us who are dog owners in the spring. You will get $40 off your spring yard clean-up. Is that a nice way to say it to 27281 one keep the grass growing evenly all around the yard this year to to 72811. If you own the dog the dogs been outside all winter, you know what we're talking about and and here's that but here's the heck of a deal not only do you get the the dog in yard clean-up that's right care kit. We will also send out to you a couple of nifty books Garrison's can't you better come home? Which is which is a Nifty. I don't know how to describe it exactly D necklace Diamonds the dog who loves you too much. So you really get for items here. If you don't have a dog and yard clean-up worry, but you love fish. Well, we have an alternate dok other than the pet yard pickup. We will send out to you. And again, this is limited only five of these walking catfish now, I I can't tell you. I don't know nothing about catfish Franklin. Apparently. Apparently, they have little porcupine type deals and at night they get all Lucy and me and a shake around at night and make noise and it and they talk to each other that way and apparently it's a heck of a deal easier than a dog. Be said for a 22728 11th place for you to call. It's your choice. If your dog on her you can go One Direction if you maybe prefer not to think about all that dog stuff Fisher great that they swim around to keep you company 72811. We're working away on an hourly goal of $7,000 and we need your call to support mid-day to support all of the programs here on Minnesota Public Radio that you listen to and that you can count on you count on them being there whenever you need them whenever whenever you want to know what the latest news is, you know that this is a source you can turn to we will put you in touch with the world with your community and the beauty of some of these programs that we have like midday is that you can participate as well as like a town hall Forum. You don't even have to leave the couch or maybe you're at work. You don't even have to leave the chair to 72811. Help us Whittle away on these hourly gold because they are important. Who are we talking to? Well, if you're not currently a member of Minnesota Public Radio or urge I need to make a membership call. If you want to try it out. 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She called one 802-272-8112 pledged her support to Minnesota Public Radio, and the thank you to Sarah Hankins from St.Paul who also picked up the phone and dialed. 227-2811 Gary. We got a we got a visitor. We don't usually have such hairy visitors. in the studio I can't even see the little guy over that over the control board programming here for a little bit right now. Keep the phone's ringing we have been joined here in the Studio's by veterinarian Katie and Hunter and that you'll have an opportunity to get your pet care questions answered this shower and next hour for that matter. She going to be here all the way until 1, but give us a call keep those membership lines ringing and get in on the heck of a deal. Again. The number is 227-2811 or outside the Twin Cities one 800-227-2811 and we are in fact going to spend some time now talking about some of our very best friends Fido and fluffy and Edgar Edgar Edgar so glad you could join us. Let his little head perk up there by golly. What a cutie. Well, if you have a question for veterinarian Kate and Hunter, she's with a Carver Lake Veterinary Center in Woodbury on the pledge number now, this is our regular oil to call in line number. It's 227-6002 276 thousand. I'll try the Twin Cities 1 800 to +422-828-227-6102 for 22828. Dr. Hunter. Thanks for coming in today. Thanks for inviting me Gary what he is so well baby. He write so well behaved. He goes everywhere with me has since I got him about two and a half years ago. Goodness, gracious 3 year old pug Yorkie obedience these days graduate yet. He has his first obedience degree. If you I have a question again for Kaden Hunter 227 6001 800-242-2828 Dr. Hunter American spend over. I was reading somewhere over ten billion dollars a year on pet Healthcare do we overdo it and we spend too much money on our pets and and Treat them too much like humans. That would be a hard question to answer because the value that we place on the pets is a pretty personal thing. If we value their companionship or the variety of jobs that they do for us than keeping him healthy really doesn't have a cost. We're sometimes limited by what each person can afford but the roles that a dog place in a person's life from a seeing eye dog to a constant companion to a hobby can be pretty valuable in general. Isn't that what's more expensive a dog or a cat to about the same in terms of preventive care? And then then the variety of geriatric things that we're going to get into his the pets age. I don't think I could say which was more expensive. Although with the dogs the bigger the dog, the more expensive you're feeding and medication bills are going to be smaller is better in terms. Like at Edgar and this this is wonderful. He's got a little underbite. I guess one of the people on our staff is sent out a message saying and all they've got the K900 the vet coming in and it got any questions and one one of the staff members asked why do some vets suggest that it's not worth spending more on your pet in medical cost and you actually pay for the pay for the animal. Any idea I guess if we're looking at it purely in financial terms then then you may be concerned about that. Although I think as is true in a lot of things especially because veterinary medicine, this is strictly on a choice basis you do sometimes get what you pay for and the amount of money that you actually actually spend it by your pet is going to be only part of your investment. There's a lot of time and and whether it's a litter box training or decline and spaying and and fence in your yard, whatever else plus the emotional investment, I think that the actual investment that you have in your pet goes well beyond the amount of money spent to actually get it there was a story that we had on this morning indicating that this might be a particularly bad year for Lyme disease to be worse with animals. And with people at the story talked mostly about people trying to avoid getting Lyme disease or what about the animals. Pretty hard for us to get a real number on that because that the testing that we can use right now will show us whether or not an animal has been exposed to Lyme disease but isn't always reliable and actually diagnosing it did what we do know is that I've already seen two deer ticks. As soon as the snow cover is gone does ticks start moving regardless of the temperature and so because of that we expect that we're going to see a lot more checks in the big concern is the ticks that we can't see either because a dog or cat is very fuzzy or doesn't get a lot of grooming or petting and so we're going to miss a lot of those like a shot for that. So I don't do the prevent the whole problem in dogs. There is a preventative vaccinations and then we hope that that's a precursor for vaccination for humans as well. There isn't anything for cats right now, I guess this hour, she's a veterinarian of Carver Lake Veterinary Center in Woodbury, and she has stopped by today to take your pet care questions again, if you'd like to call in with a question here is the number it is to two. 7/6 thousand in the Twin City area and outside the Twin Cities one 800-242-2828 and lots of colors are on the line for Scholars from St.Paul James gland plays very much. Good morning doctor. I have to 6 month old Standard Poodle puppies brother and sister and I'm taking them in to get spayed and neuter next week and I was wondering if you could discuss a little bit about the benefits and risks of spaying and neutering and also they're very active puppy take a day or two to three hours of exercise a day. And how much are they going to be laid up taking out their frustrations on me? Good questions. Let me start with the second part first. They're not going to be laid up as long as you wish. They were your veterinarian will ask that you keep those pups quiet for 7 to 14 days, especially in the female. This is Major abdominal surgery and they're going to be feeling pretty good because they're young dogs because you're doing this procedure right away while they're young and healthy and they're going to be feeling good in a day or two and I'll put them out and you'll be using the least quite a bit to keep them quiet the benefits of spaying and neutering are long and endless primary from my point of view are the health benefits. The female dogs that are not spayed are far more susceptible to breast cancer, which can be malignant. They're certainly at high risk for uterine infections and just the changes in behavior that we see with the female Cycles as well as the rest of contributing to the serious pet population problem. So there becomes both medical and down the line ethical questions of why you Wouldn't spay or neuter and with neutering the same thing. We're going to have in an older unneutered male prostate problems and rest of cancer in the testicles. And of course the behavior issues if you want a pet then you want an animal that's able to be comfortable at home and be focused on you and be a part of the family, which is really at odds for the temperament in the the thinking processes of an animal that's under the influence of their reproductive hormones the concerns that we have on the other side as far as maybe anesthesia. These days are pretty minimal the anesthetic drugs that were using and our Clinic are the same ones that are being used in human medicine. They're very very safe blood work is run before surgery so we can determine if there's any subclinical problems that we need to address before anesthesia. And of course the pets are monitored during surgery. Just again, it's humans are so the procedures are quite safe these days if you have more than one pet. Of them has some procedure done. How do you keep the other one away from that the one who's been worked on cuz they always want to lick the wound and all of that. And of course he have those those terrible Elizabethan collars that you could put on the one that's been worked on so they can't get at them self. But I think the other one wouldn't want to come over and and help out right away in their kennel in one's not I can be pretty tricky when you get multiple pets. I think with the poodle puppies, it's great that they're both being done at the same time that will make it much easier for James to your question place. I have a 50 pound lab collie mix and she scratches and nipples are self all the time. When I first got her they they check her and they had to express their anal glands. And then she stopped doing it. Now. She's about a year-and-a-half old. She's doing it again. I just had her in for a checkup and they expecting the glands again, but she's still Doing a lot of scratching and she does she doesn't seem to help she doesn't have fleas and she doesn't have a skin problem. Cuz that give you a total check up any idea about what this might be where the list is pretty long. We may have some underlying allergic skin disease that wouldn't necessarily look like anything but call cause itching from underneath. It sounds like there may be a focus of her itching and chewing in a certain area and I would wonder imagining she's kind of a fuzzy dog if she's got some problems with urine retained in the hair at the back end or if those anal glands are an ongoing problem. I'd have a lot of questions about her diet to sometimes a nutritional supplements can really help reduce itching and a dog when we we can't tell exactly what's causing the itch and maybe we don't want to go to the length of putting a dog on cortisone for itching because of all the side effects. We have to be concerned about she mentioned fleas and ticks him so you can get a pill now right rather they are they Effective are better than the flea collars that we see there's a number of different things that were using against fleas and ticks and each of them Works in a little bit different way the collars some of them work and some of them don't so I'm a little skeptical about some of the collars the the newest thing or the spot on swear it there's a small amount of liquid that's placed on the pet skin as opposed to the hair with the old sprays. We tried to cover all of the hair of the dog. This goes directly on the skin and each of those act in a way that when the flea gets up on the animal contacts those chemicals safely as a deer killed or disabled and not able to continue the life cycle the pills that were also using are ingested by the animal and when the flea takes a blood meal from the pet and then is exposed to that medication renders that flea infertile and so the exit at Laser unable to hatch so it's a couple of different ways it coming at it. I'd like people to to consult with her veterinarian as far as what's going to be the most effective. Preventive, but if you've got an infestation, sometimes you need to come at it from both directions. The other thing to remember is breach plea that you're planning on your pet. There may may be up to 50 or a hundred of the other life cycles in your house. You can't ignore the house at the pets walk in there even once they probably drop something in the house and the house needs to be treated as well over Lake Veterinary Center and has been good enough to come by today to take your pet care questions. Again. If you'd like to join our conversation, let me give you the number. If you get a busy signal just hang up and call back in a few minutes when some of the lines clear Twin City area number to 276 thousand to 276 thousand outside the Twin Cities. You can reach us toll-free. That number is 1 800 to +422-828-227-6102 for 22828 Tsum. You're next. And we have a Siberian Husky and she's going to be 12 years old. I was told at one time that has he's only live to be seven or eight years old. So I'm wondering is that true? And how long will she be with us? And the other question is about the cats. How do you figure the cat's life expectancy of a fight with dogs at seven years per year of life. Is it the same for cats good question. As far as the dog we met we look at dogs life expectancies based on their size the larger the dog the the shorter the life expectancy on a husky. I would expect to get 10 good years and 12 year old husky. I would be impressed by think that's graded proves that you're doing a good job caring for your dog. I certainly would want a dog at that age to have a good annual checkup and maybe some geriatric screening including blood work and urine analysis. So should some of those geriatric diseases like liver problems. Kidney problems heart problems show up you're in a position to do something about Before bothers the dog as far as the cats, we expect indoor cats to live to be 15 to 20 years old. We aren't able anymore to say even for the dogs that it's 7 years per one year of dog life because they're the agent such a different rate. Each of those ears ends up being a little bit different. So we try and look at the whole life span in and make the analogy to us, but the indoor cats do live longer if they're not at risk for a lot of the serious viral diseases that can share with each other outdoors and they're safer from Cars. So your indoor cat can live to be 20 and I've known a 26 year old cat for the old timers. Have we gotten to a point with veterinary medicine where we're trying to do too much for them? Running a big bills and perhaps putting the animals through unnecessary Agony. Just trying to keep him alive. I feel like my position as a veterinarian is to make sure that my clients make informed decisions for themselves and for their pets the length of of life always has to be tempered with the quality of life and we talked about at our clinic at every animal deserves to be able to walk eat go to the bathroom sleep and breathe comfortably anytime. Those things are compromised. Then we're talking about some serious concern but an animal that may have a serious illness and yet hasn't been seriously compromised their quality of life their owner may choose to go through some some serious surgical procedure or chemotherapy and I feel that that ends up being kind of a personal choice one of the advantages that veterinary medicine has over human medicine right now is that we're not fully under the the Constraints of insurance and so people can make choices for their animals as far as what's right. I find that there is is a tenancy for those of us with our first pet to do everything in the world and after having gone through that experience and finding that that not just financially but for the amount of effort that we put into the animal and what we put the animal through we may not go that far on the second third pet that say your question place and she started going gray and with in probably two months. She went from being almost completely black to being almost completely white and I talk to a vet about it and the vet said that it was just aging but she seems so young. I'm wondering if this is normal. That does sound normal. We see that particularly in the black labs where they'll get premature greying and just like you probably have some friends who are only 20 and are losing their hair turning gray It's Not Unusual and I've never seen it related to any type of a health problem Oscar your next wondering what kind of dog food is best table scraps. I would say definitely dry for a couple of reasons. Certainly. I like to go with it a high quality pet food because they have done a lot of research looking at what's most digestible and must balance for your pet. They nice they dry because the wet food is going to come up their teeth quite a bit and because of their concerns we have for dental care the cleaner the teeth are the better table scraps. Maybe aren't a big deal and I say if you if you need to treat your dog to special things keep it under 10% of your dog's total daily intake the problem we run into our Certainly high calorie diets and we're seeing so much obesity in the pets these days and and all the health problems that come with that and the second thing is it can get into a behavior problem. If your dog is driving you crazy because he insisted he has half your hamburger and it's jumping on the table, then that could be a good reason to cut out the scraps there. You've been over to our house too often. I think dr. Hunter Dental Cary mention Dental Care. Are we really supposed to clean the teeth of our animals? And how now this is come up again. A lot of people brought this out. They said we were we were conscientious we tried especially with the cats and they just want nothing to do with dental care is there the first is the importance of dental health you can imagine that if you never brush your teeth in your whole life. This would go beyond disgusting to being downright on health. And I think that we have a tendency because in our culture Dental Care, it has an emphasis on being cosmetic and I have to have attractive breath and and pretty teeth we forget that this is a serious medical concern your teeth are a Gateway through through infected and damage gun gums into the bloodstream, which of course that leads to the rest of the body and for pets I don't have regular Dental Care where find a serious infection that enters not just into the mouth. But into the rest of the body one of the most common causes of heart failure in older dogs, particularly. The small breeds are infections in the heart that arrived there via the T. I was talking to someone the other day about the fact that if you had this really horrible smelling infection on your dog any place else you would do something about it right now, but for some reason in the mouth, we we tend to ignore it. We might complain about the dog's breath and we stopped kissing the dog are going near it but we find it that we consider it somehow frivolous that we need to take care of their teeth. I find it. I can make such a difference in the quality of a dog's life. Particularly. The older dogs that are just not feeling so great. And when we look in the mouth it's because they've got serious chronic infection in there antibiotics a good dental cleaning extracting any teeth that a real infected and probably painful for that Doug makes a big difference in the short run. And also in the long run because we've eliminated that source of infection Dental Care at home can be a tough situation and not every animal is going to allow you to do that. We only expect everybody to do to do their very best that they can teeth brushing of courses the ultimate but in cases where that's not a possibility we makes their special diets made that we can use for the pets that are manufactured in such a way that chewing really helps clean the teeth there oral rinses that can be used especially in cases of animals that have serious gingivitis where he may not want to brush right away because they're pretty sensitive and for cats in most cases you can you can get in there and do something about that under your question for Doctor Octopus. Hike, I have kind of delicate question of my young a few Dalmatians and the younger one likes to eat stool and I'm aware of the issues of boredom and it's not that the dog get lots of something to do every night to end up just lots of exercise. I'm very nice dog food and gets my given will stuff from The Coop reviews and stuff. And is his or the other dogs and it's pretty early in the morning. My mother depression that the stuff you guys give it make it taste better than particularly effective inexpensive. But we certainly do see a lot of that particular female dogs and pickling the winter. They love those poop pops. It seems in most cases to be just something they consider fun. We're not seeing nutritional deficits in these animals. These are animals that are well cared for they just seem to like it and you're right that the products that we sell that are put on the diet that of course then at the other end are supposed to taste bad may work during the few days that you use that but typically we don't recommend that for you as long term. And so as soon as you stop using the product the dogs are back at it again, the only way to reliably prevent the problem is to go out and pick up after the dogs and if that's done on a daily basis, that's ideal. We did have an interesting incident this year which highlighted for me how important it is to know what's going on at the back of your dog as well as the front end clients dog presented with severe. Diarrhea with blood that wasn't noted because she never went out in the backyard in this dog have been sick for quite some time. So I think just as you would with your kids. These are little animals that depend on you for everything. It's it's good to know what's going on back there. And the only thing you can do is keep the yard picked up generally pretty easy to pick up on when your when your pet is sick in some way or most of it kind of mysterious the people said signs tend to be pretty subtle because these animals all those well domesticated are not that far from the wild and in the wild, you don't want to let on that you're you're compromised at all because somebody might come along and eat you what we look for subtle changes in appetite in activity something that the the pet always love the cat really loves this one chasing toys today doesn't feel like it changes in the litter box changes in bowel habits. This changes can be settled. I'm always fascinated by how many times I have a very in tune owner who says I can't put my finger. But there's just something not right and sure enough when we do some Diagnostics. We'll find something there are times when when it's it's not a specific thing. Something's just not right on the other hand. By the time the animal is has laying around and quit eating for a week. We've got an extremely severe situation that may not be reversible. So it's good to keep in tune with those subtle things and and don't ignore him. You know, I'd it would be better to find out that it really was nothing or or some other maybe environmental change that caused a change in your animal then find out that there was an illness you'd missed a little off the topic, but I appreciate an answer if you could what do you do when confronted by an angry dog has something to run across numerous times? Play that's a tough question because I would I would first want to know what was the situation. What what was the dog angry about where you in his territory or was he in yours I've run into situations where a runner out if a runner runs by my house Edgar gets to barking a couple things you need to do one is too to try first to to call the dogs Bluff by yelling no edit loudly or or whatever and if he if he's going to to turn and go great. Then you're done. Stop running slow down walk try and remain calm. If you've got a very aggressive crazed dog, that's coming after you really the only thing you can do is to to curl up protector your face your neck your hands and holler. One thing we have to be sure of when you're dealing with a dog who is aggressive if it's number one make sure it's not cornered because of corner Doug isn't going to feel like it has no other choice but to come after you and secondly use a deep. Moist don't use a high squeaky toy boy. So you may make yourself more interesting as a toy. What about an initial response of kind of friendly response best you can manage under the circumstance if your greeting a dog that you're not sure about I always want to present my sent to them. I do that with a fist I never offer free flying fingers cuz those could be tasty let them Sniff and then pet under the chin many dogs will take take offense to being pet over the head because that's a dominant thing anytime you're over a dog and so start under the chin and then if you can go about your business that be great Crystal your next puppy that are ready to be given away and I was wondering if you could suggest any viable Avenue Well, certainly all the Humane Societies are good place to go for a couple of reasons one is that that's where people go to look for puppies and I think because they're nonprofits it's good to get to continue and help their business. They do so much to help homeless animals animals have special problems that aren't able to stay in their home and and help with the population concerns that we have for these animals. That's certainly where I would go first. If you're looking to find a up an animal is it generally okay to get one from from the Humane Society some other shelter or are you just sent really buying somebody else's problems? It's been rejected by somebody and what the information that you're going to get from the slip that that previous owner put their you not tell you the whole story. So you may have to try and read between the lines if you're going to the Humane Society and looking in an older dog, you're going to be taking on a special needs pet in most cases and And I think that can be pretty fulfilling and on the other hand. If you have a particular breed in mind, you want a particular type of animal you want to know as much as you can about the pet then I would go to a reputable breeder and to me a reputable breeder invites you in to see all of their animals. They have a clean place all their puppies or kittens look healthy and happy and bright eyed and they have lots of background information. They will tell you what's good about their breed as well as what's not so good because there's no perfect breed and they will also interview is seriously enough for you as seriously as you interview them and they may let you know that their pay there type of pet isn't right for you get at least one more call Iran hero Brian. Go ahead. I'm a member of PETA. So I just like people like myself, but I hope you can help me. I was married for 8 years and we had a Sheltie who's 9 now and a collie that's 4 years older the best of friends and they were our babies. We didn't have any children. They slept with us everything else. The Sheltie is Wild dog in a barks at everything can't sit still can never sit still dating lie down the Cali can do it. But because of Shelties they are there always active well recently about a year ago. I got remarried to a woman who had twins three years old and now we got a baby on the way and we've you know, slope the Sheltie wants my ex-wife left who it loves the most started peeing everywhere around the house that are etcetera and then we just started moving the dogs slowly slowly slowly to now we're just on the porch the whole time and I mean, I feel terrible about it and it's like it's a tragic situation because these were our babies before and now they're like just ignore totally and on the Portugal time. They just go out, you know for a couple hours in the backyard and I've been thinking that I want. I mean, I've been thinking I ought to just do the best the right thing and put the Sheltie down because I know the cow is much smarter. I can be trained in this quiet and no one would tell it take the Sheltie. It's just people do not like our dogs because of this because they're just, you know, very active while. So, I don't know what to do when night would take any advice whatsoever really tough situation. I unfortunately it's so common because most young people get their pets first and that the babies later and and the dogs are often often. I have to step aside which isn't isn't typically big problem. But if you got a pet who's been especially coddled and spoiled and now it's all sudden drop like a hot potato you run into some serious behavior problems. There's a couple of things that I think of his options for you one is you got to decide whether you're going to make a commitment to the shelter you're not you certainly can make a commitment to say we're going to give this everything we can and try and make this work and work with a behaviorist and doing a couple things one would be establishing a happier hierarchy that works for the Sheltie as well as he should this dog gets more activity. More attention so that it's not feeling left out of things and and marking its territory in it and active whether it's feeling neglected or or just needs to make itself known. It sounds like it's a pretty unhappy situation, and the other thing is, it's really it's very uncomfortable to think about putting a dog to sleep because it's not working out in the situation if we've got got some health issues or in sometimes those could be mental health issues even in a pet that may be a consideration, but I think at this point, I'd sure want you to consult with your veterinarian have them look at your pet look at the shelter in particular and give you a complete evaluation of weather. We're looking strictly at a behavioral problem behavior and medical and health salvageable the situation is. We need to stop for a little while, but going to be here over the noon hour great. Thank you so much Katie and Hunter who is with the Carver Lake Veterinary Center in Woodbury. She has come by today along with Edgar our special guest to take your pet. Are questions and she'll be back in just a few minutes here on our midday program Kate Smith. Meanwhile joins us into Kate to a couple minutes here or Miss Keeler will be along. Meanwhile we have business to do we do because we are still working away at that $7,000 hourly goal. We have just under well $4,900 to raise and we put out these challenges to those of you who listen to mid day before and you have come through. So we're needing you to do that as Gary sort of makes nice with Edgar Edgar. I'll be back you need to go right over to the phone and call 227-2811. Yes, Edgar will be back will answer more questions coming up in the next hour. But right now the business at hand is about membership in Minnesota Public Radio. Where else do you tune on the dial to participate in a conversation that ranges on One Day from Pet Care to the Asian economic crisis legislative issues gubernatorial candidates, that's part of what's on the plate every day here on the day. It's a wide variety of conversations that we would invite you to tune in to and participate in every day. And the way that you now have of saying I support and value that services to call 227-2811 and become a supporting member friends. We don't have a lot of time here. We're going off to The Writer's Almanac here in about 5 minutes, but would sure like to get you signed up because we need your membership support $45 is going to the entry-level if you've never been a member and want to try it out $66 will be glad to send out to you a special pet dental care kit $99 level. What you be amortized at over a month really doesn't over a year. I should say works out to minimalize. Well, it's about seven eight bucks a month. We will send out the dental care kit, right and it's part of our special heck of a deal Garrison keillor's cat. You better come home and Nicholas dodman the dog who love too much I get all all three for $99. If you join us at the $240 level $20 a month all three of those items plus your choice of talking catfish, which is what they say about your Ruckus in your aquarium at night that they actually are talking to each other or essentially a $40 gift certificate. So the pet yard pick up folks can come in and tidy up your yard as the snow melts to get your choice. If you join us at the $30 per month level will give you the whole thing a real heck of a deal you get Did you get the books you get the Pet Care you get the fish you get the doggy clean up the heck of a deal to 811. You know, I was thinking Kate, you know, we always talk about all these well, if you spent there this much and you spend this much in $20 on cable and stuff pop machine probably have one where you are and it actually is more than 50 Cent big spender here one can of pop a day is $10 and that's only five days a week $10 a month $120 and for $99 the heck of a deal available and you get great radio all your lawn to 27208 11 or one 800-227-2811. $7,000 was our goal. Shower $4,500 left to go and we really do need to stay on track here because your membership money is what makes the programming possible on this station. If you think that good solid news information programming something that's worth supporting. This is the time to give us a call. And of course if you're not in on the Ireland give away yet at somebody's going to win a trip for two to ship to Ireland. Somebody will get it and it won't be you. So you need to pick up the phone and call 227-2811 everyone who does that today? And today only will be entered in a drawing for a week trip to Ireland two round trip tickets. You get to stay six nights at a B&B called the Morrissey Pub in Terre Ireland. It's in the southwestern part of Ireland are all sorts of other other neat things that side trips to take its $2,500 value. This trip would be and it can be yours free. But only if you call 2 2 7 2811 right now like Jennifer Lawton did Jennifer added an 800 cuz she called in from Stacy Minnesota one 800-227-2811 and your name is entered in that drawing for a free trip to Ireland 3 minutes to go here to get signed up. Might as well get in on the deal one 800-227-2811 when you call in if you want to get in on that heck of a deal make sure you tell the volunteer on the other end. I'm calling in and want to take advantage of a heck of a deal make sure you sign me up or volunteer for the Ireland giveaway right in here is my contribution to support good quality news and information programming now again, we want to emphasize on the giveaway. You don't have to make a pledge at all. That's not necessary. But obviously we hope you'll do that and why not, you know, if you're already a member and you're paid up here's a suggestion. Here's a suggestion so often to get left out on these membership Drive. Call and get it on the drawing and Ireland give away and if you can contribute to an extra five bucks all the better because you're everything helps everything else here to to 72811 number to call 11 people on the line. We've got about two minutes to go. We know there are lots of cat and dog owners cat and dog lovers out there. Maybe 14 listeners right now to Minnesota Public Radio horse. And you know, I recognize that it may not be a fun thing to do but cleaning that pets teeth is something that is important for them bonding experience for us. And you heard dr. Hunter talked about how Dental infections can lead to put my friend was so put it all together a call to 22728 11th. You can pledge five and a half dollars a month to support a program you listen to a service you find Value and you'll also get that dental care kit. You'll be doing three good deeds at once with one phone call 20 listeners right now are making that connection with public radio, maybe making a connection with their Pooch to cup. Books to read to the little little little buddy there while you're while you're working on the teeth and somebody else is out in the backyard tidying up your yard and maybe you're watching the fish swimmer on you can put it all together. It's a heck of a deal. All you have to do is give us a call here to to 72811 is the number to call just a minute ago now at 2 to 72811 outside the Twin Cities 1 800 2 to 7:20 at 11:22. Midday listeners signing up for the Ireland. Give away is your name in the kiddie yet long. We Whittle down these numbers only with your pledge of support. Do you listen to public radio? Is it one of the sources you tune to is it V Source you tune to when you need to know what's going on in your community and your world 19 listeners right now are saying, yep, you bet 22728 11th, Dr. Hunter will be back for another hour answer more questions. Back is something maybe I should sit with you at 11 put a value on what you hear coming out of the radio with a reminder everybody that major funding for Minnesota Public Radio documentary fund is provided by Phyllis Taylor in memory of Walter stremmel Garrison Keillor coming up momentarily here get your phone call in and take care of the get your name in the drawing for the Ireland giveaway. Make sure you take advantage of the midday heck of a deal mid-day heck of a deal available right now again to to 72811 outside the Twin Cities one 800-227-2811


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