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President Bill Clinton’s weekend radio address, speaking from Indianapolis. Clinton talks of Mandela election, amongst other subjects. After Clinton speech, Senator David Durenberger, GOP-Minnesota speaks of Republican perspective. Topic is on healthcare.

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(00:00:00) From National Public Radio in Washington, I'm Barbara Campbell President Clinton's long search for a supreme court nominee has ended with his choice of federal judge Stephen Breyer to fill the post NPR's Richard Gonzales reports (00:00:13) judge Breyer is a chief judge of the First Circuit Court of Appeals. He is said to have moderate to liberal political views in the 70s. He was (00:00:21) special counsel to the Senate (00:00:22) Judiciary Committee that committee is expected to easily confirm his nomination. Mr. Clinton praised the 55 year old Briar as one of the outstanding jurist of our age one with a clear grasp of the law and an ability to explain complex subjects in understandable terms. (00:00:37) I think it is important that the American people have confidence in the Supreme Court and feel that somehow it is accessible to them and I believe the judge Breyer will do a good job of (00:00:48) that Briar specializes in government regulation and antitrust law subjects. He teaches at Harvard Law School. I'm Richard Gonzales at the White House. (00:00:56) Bosnia's prime minister criticized the International Peace plan. For his country today. Hurry Salon judge says the plan does not threaten Force to convince the Bosnian serbs to honor their commitments. The plan was presented by Secretary of State Warren Christopher and six other foreign ministers. It gives the Bosnian serbs 49% of Bosnia and the Muslims and croats the other 51 percent. They've agreed form a federation Christopher says he spoke with sailaja to win the peace plan was announced in the Prime Minister did not complain about it. Then the United States gave the PLO five million dollars today to help ease the organization's cash shortage as Palestinian self-rule gets underway in the Gaza Strip and Jericho Geneva budeau reports from (00:01:39) Cairo. The money was presented to Chief pelo negotiator in a bill shop at the u.s. Embassy here. The contribution is part of a total 500 million dollars Washington has promised to give the Palestinians over the next five years. The PLO is suffering from a serious cash shortage as it begins to build a Homeland out. The ruins of Israeli occupation Western and Arab governments have pledged millions of dollars, but they are keeping the money bottled up and bank accounts until they see signs of political stability in the areas under Palestinian control. The cash shortage has become so desperate that Palestinian leaders are reaching into their own Pockets to pay for expenses such as uniforms and transportation for their police force, which began entering Gaza and Jericho the suite for national public radio. This is Geneva. ABDO and (00:02:33) Cairo refugees. Say the Civil Wars in Somalia and Yemen have collided leaving hundreds of somalis dead. After more than 100,000 people were staying at a refugee camp in Yemen after fleeing violence and famine in Somalia and the refugees told reporters today that hundreds of the refugees were killed in the camp when it was caught in the crossfire between warring yemenis. This is NPR news. An appeals court says a passenger injured by Falling luggage can sue an airline the lawyer for Billie? Jean Andrews says she suffered brain damage when she was hit by a briefcase falling from an overhead compartment on a United Airlines flight the verdict overrules a lower court, which said that the airline's warning the passengers to watch out when they open the compartments absolves the carrier of liability Andrews maintains that the airline should have foreseen such accidents and did not take proper steps to prevent them. The appeals judge agrees that might be the case in Andrews should have the chance to make the argument in a trial the Food and Drug Administration is accusing another government agency and a drug maker of violating federal regulations in the drug experiment that killed five people last summer and PR's Melinda pankova has more the Eli Lilly company and National Institutes of Health had been testing the drug FIA you on patients with hepatitis. The FDA says that even before then researchers saw toxic side. 4X but never reported them then misled volunteers about the risks and did not take patients off of FIA you soon enough one patient asked for two months to end his treatment. He finally stopped taking the drug on his own and died a month later. The FDA has sent warning letters to Eli Lilly and NIH demanding. They spell out within two weeks how they will avoid such violations in the future. The FDA does not pin blame for the deaths of the five patients on those violations, but a consumer Watchdog group does and calls the FDA response a slap on the wrist sharing similar concerns a congressman plans hearings on FIA you this summer I'm Melinda pankova in Washington. China has released a dissident accused of being one of the main leaders of the 1989 democracy movement. Chenza Ming was serving a 13-year sentence is released comes just weeks before President Clinton is to decide whether to renew China's favorable trade status. I'm Barbara Campbell in Washington. From national public radio and Washington the Saturday radio addresses. I'm Barbara Campbell first, we'll have President Clinton who gave his weekly radio speech in Indianapolis this morning, and then we'll have the Republican address from Senator David durenberger of Minnesota. Here's President Clinton. Good (00:05:19) morning. This week we reminded once again that Miracles are born of Hope 7,000 miles from our Shores and land divided for over 300 years by the most pervasive form of racial hatred and violence blacks and whites participated in free elections that elevated Nelson Mandela to the presidency of South Africa. Democracies Triumph in that distant land owes much to our own history and our own people for over two centuries. We have led the World by example showing how human beings have different complexions ethnic Origins and religious beliefs can come together under the great umbrella of freedom. Yet ironically as we hear the call of Liberty sound around the world. We find our own freedoms tested here at home not by the enemies of totalitarianism and oppression, but by those of cynicism and tolerance and Civility and violence here at home. Today, I'm speaking to you from Mountain Home Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis courtesy of WIBC radio. Not far from the site where Senator Robert Kennedy spoke in 1968 just moments after learning that Reverend Martin Luther King had been assassinated. On that awful night 26 years ago Robert Kennedy beckoned Americans of all Races to show compassion and wisdom in the face of violence and lawlessness many cities in America erupted in Flames after dr. King was killed but here the citizens of Indianapolis. He did his call. Once again, it is time for us to heed those words time to build up instead of tear down time to renew our faith in Freedom and to refurbish our own democracy during the next few weeks will be reminded of moments in our history like that one in April of 1968. When Americans joined together to overcome great challenges on Tuesday. We'll celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Landmark decision in Brown versus Board of Education, which gave Americans of all Races equal access to our nation's Public Schools a few weeks later. I'll travel to Europe to represent all Americans as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of D-Day the day on which we thank an entire generation for risking their lives. So that democracy would not fall victim to tyranny celebrating these great occasions is important but not enough The Pride we feel is Americans was Inspire us to renew the society. We live in today. It must Inspire us to overcome racial social and political. Visions and the sheer weight of violence that threatened the very freedoms. We've worked so hard to secure after all our nation's motto is e pluribus unum out of many one. That's why our Administration has worked hard to restore our economy to reward work by bringing down the deficit and increasing investment and trade in creating more jobs while we've worked hard to empower all our people to compete and win in a global economy through lifetime education programs while we work to strengthen our families through the Family and Medical Leave Act tougher enforcement of child support orders tax breaks for lower income working families with children while we've worked to bring our diverse culture together with the most diverse and excellent National Administration in history and a real commitment to our civil rights laws and why we're working so hard to create a safer America with the Brady Bill and the crime bill now before congress with its ban on assault weapons, its hundred thousand more police officers. It's more punishment and more prevention to give our young people something to say yes to but in the end all our progress as a nation depends more on the attitudes and the values of our citizens than by the actions of our government in Washington DC recently the residents of a local housing project became so fed up with drug dealers and gangs that they put up a big fence around the complex and stationed guards at the entrances to keep unwanted visitors at Bay and other words poor people in a housing project did what a lot of wealthy Americans have been doing in their neighborhoods for some time. Now their children can play on the lawn again and people can visit each other on outdoor benches one resident called it the freedom of the 90s. Well, I applaud that Community for refusing to give into criminals who terrorized the neighborhoods with their guns and took their children's Freedom away, but I wonder what it says about our country and our democracy when Freedom has come to mean that we barricade our children from the outside world in order. Protect them from harm that we install floodlights and foot Patrols in the backyards of our homes to feel secure that isn't the kind of Freedom. Our forefathers conceived up 200 years ago. Not the kind of Freedom that Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy gave their lives for not the kind of Freedom that Nelson Mandela dreams of in the land newly introduced to democracy and looking to us for support as we reflect on the recent events in South Africa and celebrate times of renewal in our own history. Let each of us find within ourselves the courage to overcome old animosities that get in freedoms way and I hope each of us will find a reservoir of Hope deep inside that will help to lead our nation to a brighter and better future. Thanks for listening. (00:10:38) That was President Clinton with his weekly radio speech this week delivered in Indianapolis. Now, here's the Republican address from Senator David durenberger. It was recorded on Friday (00:10:48) next Wednesday, the labor and Human Resources committee chaired by Senator Ted. Kennedy will begin putting together Health Care Reform Bill Senate finance committee chaired by Pat Moynihan has been meeting twice a week to discuss Health Care reform and it will put it together a bill next month. I serve on both those committees. We're all ready to get to work. But we don't yet have a consensus on a blueprint for what we're designing. We're still not certain what we want to build to draft the blueprint. You have to talk to the consumer the American people when I listen to the American people about health care, they tell me what they want is a system that keeps health care costs under control, but which does not create a giant Federal bureaucracy our government control over our health care System. Republicans in the Congress are ready to work with the president to do just that getting high quality healthcare for more Americans at a lower cost means one thing increasing productivity getting more out of every dollar we spent and we know how to do that in America. We do that by making markets work Republicans believe that local markets when they work properly can give us better services for more people at a lower cost because they're creative Innovative and responsive just as an example. Look at what Marcus did for the Telecommunications industry back when the phone company was a monopoly improvements were few and far between you paid what you were told to pay because he didn't have a choice. Once the market was created where companies could compete for your business the Innovations and the savings came fast and furious. In fact for many of us some say too fast, but the quality the options the features the cost all improved once we had a working market for telephone services and equipment. There are some who believe that government is more Innovative and responsive than markets. They argue that markets must be replaced especially in medicine with government regulation price controls and bureaucracy in his State of the Union Address this year. President Clinton said, I want to work with Democrats and Republicans to reform our Health Care system by using the market to bring down costs and to achieve lasting Health security. That is just what Republicans want to do right now the system doesn't encourage productivity because the rules under which it operates are flawed. Every Market has rules. The stock market has rules real estate market has ruled and those rules ensure orderly open and Fair competition and choice our current health market rules need to be fixed under the current rules doctors and hospitals get paid more to do more. They do not get paid more to do better medical liability laws and courage doctor to provide services as a defense not because they're prudent or necessary patients have known. Then of the change of behavior demands smarter healthcare because they have no chance to keep the savings the cut off from a financial incentive to be better consumers. The result is unlimited demand creating Unlimited Supply and all leading the skyrocketing cost. We believe we need to change a national rule so that local markets your relationship with your provider of care your behavior and his and her behavior will change Health Plans can become more efficient by competition and local Choice when we get local markets working will see a radical reduction in the use of inappropriate or inefficient Medical Services will see Innovation and productivity increase in the result Better Health and lower cost. So fixing markets is the answer not piling on government imposed price controlled Republicans are ready to help the president implement the words of a state of the union message the reform of Health Care markets after we've achieved the cost control that comes with Market reform the second task of Health reform Universal coverage. For all Americans will be a lot easier to do mrs. Clinton recently said we have one of the finest Healthcare Delivery Systems in America, but we've one of the stupidest financing systems that you can imagine. That's the end of her quote. Now. I must say a lot of Republicans agree exactly with those sentiments. We need to reform the financing scheme for healthcare as well. If Health Care were affordable to everybody in this country. Do you think we'd have 38 million uninsured of course not but reforming Health Care financing is not going to happen by pretending. There's a painless way to pay for what we want. There's no pool of obscene profits or rich people or corporate coffers from which we can pay for this if we're not Frank and clear about the cost of whatever program we passed. We're looking at a political and a fiscal disaster. I believe we will accomplish this critical task by reforming the way we currently subsidized Health Care through Medicaid Medicare and the tax laws Medicare and Medicaid are among the worst examples of systems that reward providers for A more not doing better these systems do nothing for the Working Poor and often forced people to impoverish themselves. In order to get care. The tax law is subsidized unneeded procedures while other people go without necessary Services better use of the over 400 billion dollars. We already spend on Healthcare subsidies accompanied by market reform and a fiscally responsible timetable will allow us to reach our goal of health insurance for every American Republicans know that we need a strong bipartisan Health Reform Bill coming out of this Congress. The support of one party is not enough to get a credible package to the American people. We stand ready to work with the president and the Democrats in Congress to forge such a bill (00:16:07) Senator David durenberger delivering the weekly Republican radio speech following President Clinton. You've been listening to the Saturday radio addresses distributed by national public radio. I'm Barbara Campbell NPR news in Washington.


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