Weekend: R.T. Rybak and Karin Winegar on what is "in"

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R.T. Rybak, former writer of the Star Tribune; and Karin Winegar, feature writer at the Star Tribune, discuss what is “in” within the Twin Cities. Topics include the caliber of “hotness,” nightlife, gay community, coastal influence, neighborhoods, restaurants, Minneapolis warehouse district and St. Paul’s Lowertown. Rybak and Winegar also answer listener questions.

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(00:00:00) Well, we have something very different on the agenda for the rest of the our this morning Dan. We're going to be talking about what is in believe it or not in the Twin Cities. Well, Bob that certainly has to include you sound money. Listen. I am so far out. I didn't even know anything was in in the Twin Cities your as far as I got back. There you go. That that is spoken truth. There you go. Take it away. That was the voice of mr. RT Rybak who is one of our guests today. He is a former writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune feature writer and so on just went to work and she for the downtown Council. I'm just going to start the next week your last day of the trip was yesterday. Yeah. It was it was a tough one. I tell you my little computer fingers have typed their last letters and I'm sort of sad to see that happened leaving the news business and going off into the high-paying World. Well, congratulations going out into the world. Let's say and also in the Studio's Karen wenninger who is a feature writer for the Star Tribune. You've been there for quite some time if you're not Karen. (00:00:58) Oh quite some time. Oh dear eight years. Is that quite some time? Maybe not feeling ancient? Well, that's that's good. (00:01:05) So what is current what is hot so to speak in the Twin Cities right now? (00:01:10) We have a lot of categories. We're willing to discuss today. I think one of the first questions we'd like to talk about is is hotness the caliber of hotness actually. (00:01:21) Well, what did you and Define that what is I have no idea what that is Yuan. Well, I I think when we talk about what's in our what's out, I mean usually you get the sense that there's a certain place to go be it a shop or restaurant or a nightclub, but I think we're really in one of those periods in in the city's right. Now, where were they really aren't that many hot spots there seemed to be just as many people going out but it seems that they don't go to the same place as we don't Rupert's I guess would be a hot night club that you could talk about but it's really one of those periods where people are all over the map. (00:01:54) Hmm. I think in watching the Twin Cities nightlife and social activities for last 10 or 15 years. We came from a very sleepy period where there was nothing to do nowhere to go nothing to eat to a period where everybody was out wearing their handkerchief hem line dresses and their Goldblum a halter tops and their hair all back combed and you know spike heels and going out to places like maximilian's in the Disco period to something different now, it's more diffused. There are a broader section of a selection of restaurants to eat in a broader selection of nightclubs, but nothing is really flaming Li hot right now. Well who are the so-called in people anyway, who are the ones who set the (00:02:32) trends? Well aside from you now Bobby. Yeah. That's right. I (00:02:38) think they migrate from the coast. I don't think it's a conscious thing. I think we do owe a big debt to the gay community which has the courage to do things that absolutely The in fashion and food and music in hairstyles that the rest of the community especially a Scandinavian Community like ours doesn't really dare try until five years after New York gets (00:02:58) it. I think that's a real good point. If there's any any Community to watch to see what restaurants are night spots are going to get hot that would really be the one to watch. Hmm. And otherwise, it's stuff that has sort of drifted in gradually from the (00:03:12) coasts. I think so do you think there's any indigenous Minnesota? You know what there is? Oh, yes, what would be an indigenous Minnesota value or sport or lutefisk lutefisk? (00:03:21) Definitely. Well, I think one thing that's that's nice that's happening now is that we're getting away from this feeling that this sort of Mini Apple attitude that somehow we have to try to imitate everything that happens in New York or I guess in Los Angeles. I remember when the warehouse District first started developing a Minneapolis people would talk about all with someday. It's going to be just like Soho, well it it's never going to be just like Soho and now it's turned turned into That that's that's very different and it's a great and what it is. Finally the warehouse District in Minneapolis has enough Galleries and has enough restaurants, but it's not that self-conscious studied sort of sort of attitude that oh boy. This is going to be Soho and and lower town is the same thing in st. Paul is that we're not trying to imitate everyone else now and I think that's good. (00:04:08) I think one of the reasons for that is demographically the great population bulge of us and RTI are smack in the middle of that group her bald bald you have traveled a lot and we've seen and been disillusioned with and delighted with some of the cities that were held up to by comparison. I think New York has its virtues but we realize that it's a great place to live as the Twin Cities because we can go out can have good food. It doesn't cost as much as New York. Even the parking space in New York. Our environment is a lot cleaner. It's a lot safer. You may not find much to do after one o'clock at night, but there are other values here and I think our inferiority complex about other cities is really Finished as people get more worldly. (00:04:48) Well, I'm Karen also. Yeah, I remember we had a conversation a few months ago about about how the Twin Cities should pitch themselves how they should promote themselves. And and the thing that you brought up which I think is true is this whole idea of health and and wellness in that more than anything else. This is really an area where people are are concerned about health which translates into a number of things from just going out to to health clubs and that sort of thing to the in the wellness movement here, which is really extraordinary. I mean, it's (00:05:15) it's to our non smoking laws are clean Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, which is one of the strongest (00:05:20) passion. I want to give listeners a chance to call and ask you some questions this morning two two seven six thousand is the phone number in Minneapolis st. Paul in the other parts of Minnesota. The rest of the state. Our toll-free number is 1-800-695-1418. If you're listening in one of the surrounding states, you can call us directly at area code 612 22760. (00:05:46) And (00:05:47) and we'll see how many of our listeners have the courage to either admit that they are curious about this sort of thing or that they participate in it during the course of our broadcast today. All right. I hope we do get some calls from from up North especially because if we're talking about an I think they'll Earth is real and Duluth has finally well Duluth has really finally put it all together. I think you know, I've driven through that City so many times and looked at it and thought some day this is going to be a great City. It's just it has a beautiful setting the lake. Is there a great old homes and buildings and finally now with figures Brewery and all sorts of other things. That's really getting to be a wonderful City (00:06:28) access to Recreation. Yeah (00:06:29) areas, it's too bad. We don't have the the North Star Line running up there anymore. (00:06:33) I don't think they have a good restaurant up there yet though. I'm I think the one I figure is it's real good. I'm willing to be proven wrong. I'll go try the categories people might want to ask us questions in or make comments about Would be Twin Cities nightclubs restaurants. What what people are doing for recreation Sports participatory and observing Sports fashion where to shop some of the new shops. (00:06:59) We've got one person on the line. I think with the question go ahead you're on the air. Yes. My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I'm wondering where where to shop we're in place to shop there depends on (00:07:14) depends on what you want to buy her a (00:07:17) huge responsibility like shoes (00:07:19) shoes. All right, I think there's a wonderful bunch of shoe stores in town actually jean-charles on Nicollet Mall has some of the most outrageous expensive unique sexy shoes for women and men not a very big selection, but they are wonderful. And also there's some good shoe stores in Calhoun Square. (00:07:37) Anything to add to that Artie I was going to add con Co I got amazing buys. I can Co great shoes, but I think I think Karen (00:07:45) I don't think she wants high tops. She wants pink python pumps. I can guess you like that. Well, what (00:07:53) are you going to take her that night? I don't think he's still there. Where would you suggest? Well, well, yeah all good. Yeah, I'm still here. Well, I had heard reports that Nicollet Mall was kind of kind of a note to place now and there's a great restaurant down there that I think is one of the most intimate places. It's a mr. Hauser La Cuisine is just a great place. It's I haven't been there for a couple of years caring if you've been there recently (00:08:17) I was there within the last year. Yeah. Okay. It's very small and Floral in European and intimate and they have desserts that will do you in Debbie? Mr. Hauser is the pastry chef and she's fantastic. (00:08:29) Well now isn't that a little inconsistent with this trend toward health and wellness. I mean people eat this terribly sweet Rich creamy desserts. You have to have something to work off and (00:08:40) I see some people lived eating some eat to live if you if you lift weights and run and are in generally good shape when you're going to sin against yourself you want to do it with really high quality chocolate or high quality ice (00:08:50) cream. Now we're getting into sin. We're ready now. All right, two two seven six thousand is the telephone. RT Rybak and Kieran wenninger and the Studio's today talking about what is in and maybe what is out in the Minneapolis st. Paul area and other parts of Minnesota to so what are people doing for recreational activities participatory Sports? (00:09:12) I see a lot of people going out for triathlons partly. I think just so they can wear the the neat clothes that go with the sport this wonderful body suits bright colors and sort of Italian racing bike where I'm seeing a lot of people on 10 speeds and seriously on ten-speeds, you know at dawn doing 30 miles on a Saturday or before work. I know a lot of professional downtown people who biked triathlons seemed to be an alternative for people got bored with marathons or just jogging because you do a three foot three Sports and sometimes they vary but usually what is it biking running swimming there are other variations of that the border to border raises biking running canoeing and there are other other sports that pretty (00:09:59) tough. Well, what about then the participants I mean the the spectator (00:10:02) sports are there any their popular personally? (00:10:06) I think well, yeah, I I go to Viking games in the twins games. I think one of the sad things it's hard. And is that the fans at at our our sports teams all them the Vikings North Stars everything have become more and more docile over the years and we're not a real demonstrative group of people. Let's face it. And and I think that's one of the real Charming things about about the Twin Cities, but when you get 60,000 of us into an arena together and all of us are saying well, that was a nice play. That was very pleasant. It adds up to a very boring hole and I I don't know what to do about that. I know at the Viking games, they had crazy George and that never really worked but I'd like to see them do is is take a lesson from the Viking who have that guy who dresses up in Viking gear and gets in free to the games. They should dress up about 40 people 20 of them men in his outfit 20 of them women with long blonde pigtails look like Helga get him up in the stands and actually lead cheers at the Viking game. None of this baloney about, you know, dancing dancing kick lines. And that sort of thing. Well, I can remember there were some fairly demonstrative crowds back when they were Super Bowl contenders. I think that has a lot to do with probably has something to do with the to let's take some more listeners with questions or observations. Hello, you're on (00:11:24) hello. My husband and I are stereotypical yuppies at least what Minnesota offers as you hippies and be proud. We've tried the dinner parties with all the recipes out of bone Appetit. We've tried the theme parties from Trivial Pursuit running the gamut what's new and entertaining for (00:11:40) people. I think you should take all your keys and throw them into the center of a room. No, I heard about a new game. In fact, somebody gave me the game and I can't remember the name of it. It's sort of like Trivial Pursuit only crisis know that could be where you draw the answer. It's sort of like look at me. I just barely heard of Trivial (00:12:01) Pursuit run off to games by James or Grande games and look around if you really need board games frankly. I think you've peaked as a yuppie and and it's I understand your despair. Really do what do you do when you can cook everything in the silver palette cookbook and you've got three pairs of leather jeans and a BMW what we do for this Honda Prelude not to be mwo da the Prelude. I should have known silver gray one the to door. Yeah, no blue, but with leather interior. No, (00:12:30) I miss my (00:12:31) baby. It'll be a new Psychotherapy group for self acceptance of being a yuppie. There's that's another thing seriously that is very popular. Everybody I know is going to a therapist family therapist relationship therapists lots of counseling. Maybe there would be something for it. Yep. He's a wish they weren't what's your choice to go shopping at Target a well. I wish there was really really a (00:12:52) place where where you could do some of those things but out for instance. I think I think it would be really wonderful if there was a very large room you could go into a gourmet cooking storm a run it too and they have all the accoutrements their of event incredibly well equipped kitchen and they have your vegetables all chopped and then you could all get together and cook a meal together. Hmm, which I think would be a lot of fun. I mean just in a different environment than than your own (00:13:16) house, you know, one of the catches of being a yuppie at a standstill is that Elsa Kerman at the Star Tribune has made junk Foods Chic so you can't even eat sleazy food because that's trendy to twinkies and Hostess cupcakes and really bad for you things have been detailed extensively Nails column. So (00:13:36) actually was gay. I know what that listener can do a group of friends of mine and I had a bowling party the other night. That was great. We went to the star dust Lanes, which is a 27th and 27th, its 24-hour bowling wonderful place and it's a great crowd. Believe me. I try (00:13:50) that it's too late it I did that about a year and a half ago rolling is already begun to be Chic so we can't do that Pogo sticks. What do you think? I have no idea. We only go backwards. (00:14:03) Let's move on to another listener. How about that? Little try you what's your question today? Yeah. My question is is brunch still in and The Ritz in or not. Where's a good place in the Twin Cities to brunch? I'm going to kind of hang up and listen to your answers here (00:14:18) hearing I once co-authored a book with Joan seagull called. Let's eat out. There was a restaurant guide to the Twin Cities and our most extensive listing was brunch and I have to confess that John was the one who did all of the branches because I can't stand them. There are some wonderful places to eat brunch. I don't do brunch because it blows a hole in your day and you end up half asleep after your champagne Mimosa, but one in the afternoon, you lose the rest of the day the new French cafe always has a nice brunch Muffuletta has a great brunch Pronto. I think see at he's almost everyone does brunch summer buffet and some are a la carte on the menu. It depends what ethnic preference you have. There are some Chinese restaurants that do dim sum, which is a wonderful choice for brunch the place on Highway 12 the palace used to do and I think still does wonderful dim sum brunch (00:15:07) the you know, actually filho has a really good Branch. It's a lot of (00:15:12) Of (00:15:12) course, it's big food though. And that's one of one of my problems with French. That's why I like to go to a place like the new French because it's lighter and you don't you know, I think sometimes on a Sunday where they'll spread this enormous buffet in front of you and and you think oh great, you know, you'll start heaping the quests on top of the jello on top of the tuna noodle casserole on top of the Ziti and pretty soon. You just have this sort of big mushy thing and and I really prefer to go to some of those (00:15:38) light eating. (00:15:38) Yeah, it's hard to get your money's worth at some of those. (00:15:42) Yeah money's worth it to do a lot of damage to (00:15:44) yourself. But now the other part of the question was from our caller was is Brent Steele and in thing to do it must be with all the places. Yeah, I guess that that speaks for itself. I don't know what's whether there's any certain place though. (00:16:01) I think compulsive working out as an in thing to do with sort of trick brunching. I haven't brushed for quite a while myself. (00:16:08) So now you're talking to now Branch or sorry. All right, let's One to another caller here. Go ahead. You're on the air Karen winter and RT Rybak. Will this morning folks? Hi. When I was at the you about four or five years ago. It seemed like the theater in the Twin Cities is really taking off and they're comparing themselves to New York. We had so much theater per capita and etc. Etc. I wondered if that really took off if Cedar Riverside is still taking off theater wise if theater is still gaining momentum and popularity and what is hot in theater. I just moved back to the cities and I really like to know if that took a (00:16:43) I think it did very much. So there are two or three of the small theaters that are just terrific always full of surprises and very affordable and you don't have to dress up which is wonderful. You can zip in there and a big sweater and jeans are you know t-shirt actors theater in downtown st. Paul and the new facility is Lovely, isn't it? Great. Yeah, they do some terrific shows. They brought in something called a cinema Holly recently from South Africa. That was it's fabulous mixed blood Theatre on the West Bank is very good. They doing rap Master Ronnie this fall by Garry Trudeau. The guy the cartoonist who does Doonesbury so that should be outrageous Teatro de la Jeune Lune is very hot. Very avant-garde. It used to be based in Paris and the Twin Cities. I don't know how to describe what they do, but you should see it. It's kind of cerebral and kind of Daffy and lots of (00:17:33) fun. Well the wonderful thing about you and Luna is that these are people who met at as I understand in the story and I may have it incorrect but I think as I understand it they were people who met at a mime School outside Paris. So the the the core of the cast have these really incredible my Mobility they have great physical control and makes their comedy so much better sort of chaplain asked and Sometimes they hit and sometimes they miss but when they hit like Yang's and frogs, which was their incredible shell. I mean, it's it has the entire audience you suppose the talking about in things to do in the Twin Cities. Do you think the in people realize that they are into they consciously try to do that or is it just I would think they must I think this is this is a very understated culture. It's a place where where people don't like showing off their wealth. They don't like I think by and large they don't like driving as fancy of a car as another place. I think it's a very very low-key sort of place and I don't think it's in to say you're in I don't I don't think people I don't think that's considered very Very chic as strange as that (00:18:44) sounds yeah self and in this will get you right out. Yeah, (00:18:47) which is one of the things that I really respect about the Twin Cities is that it's just very understated sort of thing. And if there is an In Crowd, I don't think people necessarily go around waving signs saying I'm in hmm. Okay, here's another listener with a question higher on the air now. Okay, I belong to a group that once a month. We have three three rules half the things on the menu have to be unpronounceable the get there by city bus and we want to be stuffed for under 10 bucks. All right. Okay, I'd like some some new suggestions and I'll hang up and listen Ceylon and I like him Monday on fact Lake and Lyndale. I think has a number of good new restaurants now like I'm in Dale's, in fact, I think becoming almost what like in Hennepin used to be it's it's not as sort of the APA fide as lake in Hennepin, but it's it just has a lot of really good. Restaurant so I definitely recommend the sale on which is a Sri Lankan restaurant. (00:19:46) I'd recommend the Khyber Pass and st. Paul which is a new Afghani restaurant and obvious things. You really can't get any place else and it's very modestly priced very clean. Where's that 1 St. Clair Avenue? And st. Paul little storefront. Also the Sri Lanka Curry House spicy food as artists are dimensioning mentioned sale on first spicy hot food is still very attractive. Whether it's Cajun. I think we sort of passed up Szechuan now, we've been to that stage but Ty Cajun and Sri Lankan food are very popular and (00:20:17) growing here and I'm hearing one of my frequent mental blocks and I can't remember the name of that Spanish Caribbean restaurant on Monday. All amazing. Yeah, that's nice. It's real nice. It is very have the fried bananas there too. (00:20:27) That's not a Spanish restaurant. That's Cuisine from the Dominican Republic as a matter of fact, they say it Spanish because nobody knows where the Dominican Republic is. (00:20:35) Our there's some neighborhoods that are more in than others. You mentioned Lake and Lyndale the Hennepin Lake area. One other some neighborhoods. I think the lake and Lindale area is is definitely changing again. I think we're a city that unlike say Chicago, you know where you hear stories about neighborhoods changing overnight the it's a very stable sort of sort of area so you don't see rapid changes, but I think you know the old reliables the areas around the lakes and the Crocus Hill Summit Ramsey (00:21:06) area very much. So yeah, we must okay. Well that's steadily improving. (00:21:09) Yeah Linden Hills I think is is an area that I just bought a house and when we were talking to the realtor about where we wanted to buy we we said Well, we'd sort of like to live in Linden Hills and real to just sort of nodded his head and said so what everybody yeah, (00:21:24) I checked the prices there. Yeah median house. There's a hundred sixty thousand. Well, there are some nice Street just unloading Hills Boulevard. Yeah, which is a wonderful. (00:21:32) There are some wonderful little houses and when Hills to it's a real nice area (00:21:37) and it's nice because I think it has the virtues of a neighborhood within the City and that's what people are seeking out. They want a little intersection where there's a decent Chinese restaurant a food co-op an ice cream store a furniture store a fire station, which is exactly what Upton and what's the cross street there (00:21:53) 40-somethings. Yeah, I think (00:21:54) 46 close to the lake. It's got all the virtues of a good inner-city (00:21:58) neighborhood. Well, that's something that I really hope happens more overtime is is we really need to realize that neighborhood shopping is a key to strong neighborhoods having a Dairy Store on my corner closed about three months ago. And it was just a travesty in the neighborhood. Well, luckily it reopened now and it's it's sort of a meeting place to go and you drop in you can get a paper and you get some milk and there are a couple other stores in the neighborhood that you can walk to and I think so often that that people ignore the fact that we really like to connect with the area where living in the area on Chicago and 48. I think we're Pepito's is and the Parkway Theater is a wonderful neighborhood shopping center. It's not huge. I think that there's a Her dancing store there too. And it's that's the sort of thing that helps you connect so much with your neighborhood, you know, and I in it, I love that area RT Rybak and Karen wenninger are with us today talking about what is in in the Twin Cities and you're on the air with them now go ahead, please. Yeah, does the basic principles still apply? If a thing it's so far out it gets back in again. And the other question is up question is how much credibility can you apply to somebody who hides behind and they initials R T is like he was trying to fill in for the discrepancies in the shortcomings of eager Spanish spending half of his time in Detroit. How do we find out what's going on on the restaurant scene when all we get to go with his figures you've obviously uncovered many scams here in your time. And it's very interesting. I had a pamphlet from Lyndon larouche that mentioned many of those same category, sir. My name is Raymond Thomas. Now. Would you be very proud of that? It's better than mine. (00:23:51) If you if you need restaurant information, you can always call the Tribune and if Jeremy is not there I'm willing to help you I get calls about five times a day and always I get the call always inevitably my girlfriend and I are having an anniversary or a special occasion. And where do we go? I usually say Chicago and only cost forty nine dollars each way people are looking for a very romantic small restaurant and we have a few we have a few. (00:24:18) I wonder if that reference to People by initials is becoming popular again. I don't know I've always been called by my initials. I apparently it's something that's fairly Southern but I don't know I like it quite a bit because there's a fellow who works here who'll be coming on after we're done J.G. Preston. Oh on ksjn am talking about sports. And so here we got two people go by their initials right in the shape. Same space of an hour must be fate. (00:24:46) It only happens to men. They don't call women, you know, that's true PK or TJ. (00:24:52) The real key when you handle you well the real key when you have initials is that when someone's writing it you have to make sure they don't put a space between the first period in the second letter for some reason that looks ridiculous. It needs to be very dense to look right I see so these are helpful hints. I will try to remember that and let's move on to another caller. Hi, you're on the air. Hello. I have to say I'm CJ from Chicago. So I'm gonna get right in it's just coincidentally are talking about Chicago, but the kinds of really good neighborhood Italian restaurants that were used to there are something that I'm seeking out here in the Twin Cities and I haven't been to the trendy ones. My husband does not enjoy Ferns and Loud food. And I mean I'm talking and just wants to concentrate on food. Can you recommend a nice quiet really good food? (00:25:40) Yes, but it won't be Italian particularly. You have to bring your own garlic. If you go to any of the Italian restaurants in the Twin Cities, I would say that the best restaurant in town right now the most interesting. In one it's quiet. It has excellent food. It's very surprisingly affordable is Cafe Brenda in the warehouse District on First Avenue and I think is at 5th at any rate. I've written I brought their menu to read you some of what the items are so that you can have your appetite whetted. Do I have time to absolutely go ahead appetizers. Not the whole thing. No, just a sample. Yeah, the menu changes daily. They have wonderful specials chilled Soul halibut and bluenose terrine with fresh asparagus sauce warm Vietnamese mock duck salad with rice noodles and mixed greens. Avocado stuffed with smoked salmon mousse wild rice salad cantaloupe salad grapes and green bean salad sauteed fresh halibut with fresh mango cream sauce or tarragon mousseline served with green beans and rice saffron rice play at with scallops and mussels with egg and Basil Mayonnaise. Does that get you excited at all about kept my friend? I had seaweed there was (00:26:47) if it's not going to be Italian. One thing you might also want to remember ma'am. I'm a big fan of Chicago. I love that City and it's it's in many ways the the exact opposite of Minneapolis in that it's it has so many more neighborhoods. It's much older things are much more entrenched if you start to miss that money you spent some time driving around northeast Minneapolis. I'd also suggest you go to a nice restaurant which is right across from room. Karen is making a gagging motion now, but go (00:27:18) that don't eat there. Just look it's a wonderful adventure (00:27:21) to look wonderful Food Plus, which it's great Polish food. It's real stuff, which I think you're probably used to yeah, that's the kind of thing. Really is intriguing. But that menu that you just read off is really something here. And that sounds marvelous (00:27:34) that place is very very inventive and very affordable and Visually very pleasant to you actually hear yourself talk there the owner Brenda Langton started with a vegetarian Cooperative restaurant in st. Paul for many years and served a lot of sort of Earth Shoe food and got and then learned and got so heated. It was wonderful and she's doing a great job. (00:27:57) Shall we move on to another listener? Okay, you're on with Karen and Artie. No. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yes. We have friends here from Northern Wisconsin, and we were at breakfast this morning discussing what to do tonight. And is it possible you could recommend a nightclub where 50 to 60 year olds can dance and hear music or the 40-0 without the amplifiers and electric guitars and all that. Well, you know 181 place that that that's pretty popular, but I think is accepted pretty well by by people in the sort of people you're describing is Rupert's Odd as that may sound I mean, it's a hot night club, but it's also it's a place where you can see live performance and I think people people like it a lot. You'll see a little bit of the pickup scene and that may be a bit much. Well, okay Ruby's I think also is it's a it's a small Cabaret. Do you know where River places ma'am? Yes. Okay. If you it's about two blocks from there, it's a very small Cabaret that just has phenomenal entertainment week after week after week and in the atmosphere there is it's very Clubby. It's dark and just as I say tremendous entertainment, (00:29:14) that's that's very good recommendation. Rubies, especially I find that Rupert's is hard to hear myself talk or hear anyone else talk either and a bit predatory. It's one of those places. They look you over when you come in the door to see what kind of watch you have on and what kind of high heels and if you have makeup and your (00:29:29) hair if your friends want a really good time go to (00:29:32) actually, you know, if you're going out to eat depending on your age group. It sounds like you might enjoy memories great place. It's sort of a Time Warp. It's very 1950s. They have a Pianist and a violinist. I think in the evening that place would have been Miller things. I'm not sure if there's a dance floor that we are remiss in that we (00:29:50) need more. I think that I think Murray says have a dance floor. Can I put in a quick pitch also for Marie's tea mariza started serving at English tea now in the afternoons, which is wonderful, you know, you can go in and get crumpets and Little Finger sandwiches and that sort of thing. I think it's a great place to go for a business lunch to depending on what kind of business you're in. Okay. It's about a quarter to twelve. We're talking with Karen wenninger and RT Rybak about what to do. And what's in in the Twin Cities area and your next go ahead with your question. Good morning. I would like to comment on a couple of things. I would like to invite you to the cafe luxford at the luxford hotel and you have great food there. Yes, we're doing something new. They're called Tapas pa pa. Yes. Yes vanish appetizers. We have 12 selections. Now. We also have very unusual beers. For instance. The framboise switch is a raspberry beer from Belgian, which You should dare yourself to paste. Also, I think that Debbie major Hauser and Klaus have split and I think she's working at Barley's at this point, but (00:30:53) it's so hard to keep up. Thanks to social lives. Thank you very much kind of their signature Hauser. (00:30:59) They did. Well Well, ma'am II think you're at thanks for the invitation and I everything I've heard about the luxford food is very good. It's (00:31:06) yeah, we both have to give that I haven't been there yet either. Thank you. There's any other places we can recommend of the hand o at night The Dakotas not bad in Bandana Square. That's another plane st. Paul. That's another fun place. You get to actually dress up a bit, which is rare in Minnesota. The food is pretty good. I brought their menu to if you want to hear about it. Lots of smoked chicken bucatini with cauliflower grilled Rudder fish with olive oil cracked black pepper and lime Etc pork numb normande put scallops and tilefish Volvo with leeks and Sorrel. Beurre blanc. (00:31:38) Did I hear you? Say Rudder (00:31:40) fish? Don't ask me please. Don't ask me what that is. There's tilefish. There's Other fish who knows what other kinds of fish there (00:31:46) are sounds to me like rough fish out of the Mississippi. I'm sure not say our telephone number is two two seven six thousand. We've got a couple lines available again. If you get a busy signal earlier, you might be able to get through now if you have a question or a comment as we continue talking with Karen and Artie and your next go ahead, please hello. I'm an outdoor baseball fan and I noticed that the word unstated him here for 5 years. I noticed that too and I wonder if you have any thoughts on what does the Dome say about the Zeitgeist in Minneapolis? (00:32:18) It wasn't our (00:32:19) idea. Well before we get into the Zeitgeist one thing that I'd suggest is going over to the University of Minnesota's baseball field Seibert feel if you really like out to our baseball Siebert field has is a wonderful place to watch to watch a game you're real close to the action and that sort of thing. No, I guess I'm not a real big fan of the dome for baseball. I really love it as a football arena. The nice thing about it is it never gets rained out. That's true, you know, and that's a big factor here. Yeah, I hear you sir. I was a big twin fan as I was a kid. And I remember I mean I knew every nook and cranny of the stadium and and in an odd way, I really miss it. All right, let's move on and put you on their next. Go ahead, please. Yes. Hello back to brunch. All right, my husband and I stumbled on a wonderful one a few weeks ago and I just like to share it. It is the Cajun Jazz Brunch out at the Mariner in Mendota where the hall Brothers but and it's just marvelous. You have a wonderful Jazz Trio and a super Cajun brunch and we didn't think it was too much. You know, I'm glad you said that man because now that we can get off branches. That's a good suggestion for that caller who called a few few minutes ago about a nice night out. It's a the The Emporium has this wonderful New Orleans Jazz. It's a nice restaurant there and it's a real good place to go pretty little Down (00:33:42) to especially in the fall. It's a nice drive. Yeah, I'm done. (00:33:46) What about nice drives? We're getting up into that season. Where are some of your favorite places to (00:33:49) go? I don't know if I'm going to tell you about that. Maybe I'll all right. Just this once the drive to Pepin is really delightful this time of year and the reward at the end of it is the Harbor View cafe. Yeah now don't everybody rush down there at once. It's it's excellent food. It's not expensive. The view is great. And there's unfortunately it's been discovered in the last year or two, but I think they're still producing consistently good (00:34:12) food. I think a real key to remember when you're looking for a drive you can never go wrong. If you follow the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin exactly all the way up the line all the way up to st. Croix. Yep, and all the way up to the North Shore to it's all of that is (00:34:28) beautiful all the way up to be filled would be delightful and they have this wonderful ends up there was some good food The Rittenhouse in as a particularly (00:34:34) nice. My father is from New Prague and we drive down there every once in a while. That's a real pretty drive. It's a sort of drive that I think people. Minnesota should should take to remind us what what this is. I mean, there are a lot of places we can go that have have great hillsides and Bluffs and that sort of thing when you go to Taylors Falls for instance. It looks great. But I really recommend that people drive through the farm area and look and look at it and just appreciate that. It's well, it's still there. Well, it's a much different kind of beauty and and I think it's it's not the sort of thing. We see in calendars as often as these great Bluffs and things but it's absolutely beautiful. All right, let's move on to some more people who have questions for Karen winter and RT Rybak. Hello. You're next. Good morning. My callers are prompted by your remark earlier about the doormat of Rupert's looking over to see what kind of watch your (00:35:24) where no, I didn't say the doorman. I said the (00:35:26) people people are rumors among gay Brandon Bennett Cerf have a question for the over 40's who kind of secretly want to do some of the in fangs, but I moved to the Twin Cities 12 years ago. I wanted to go to the new Riverside Cafe and my cousin told me that I shouldn't because I wasn't the type. Since then I've just been kind of shy about doing some of the things that are listed in City Pages and the reader and that sort of thing. What would you suggest doing for people who kind of want to ease into it and are sort of lacking in self-confidence about doing some of the in things and getting into the scene well for bringing up and listen and they had an entity in my own home for starters. I'd recommend doing whatever you want. I I think one of the nice things about this town is that it's not a place where people were there that many intimidating environments. There are very very few places to go in this city where you will feel that out of place. When you go to New York, you go to Chicago or certainly Los Angeles you'll walk into an environment and it'll be just completely foreign to you. I think one of the wonderful things about the way minnesotans look we seem to all look alike. And so you can get get all different types of people in a room and they all they all look pretty much the same. You're not going to stick out I would recommend any Of places I recommend go to my recommend asking Karen go (00:36:47) to the nervous. I don't wear a tie but I've seen people with ties in there. Minnesota isn't as harshly stratified as a lot of places. You can go anywhere wearing anything. You can go to the Guthrie and crummy looking close you can I mean people don't even dress up properly for the symphony ball really some of them. (00:37:03) Well, here's another suggestion to I would suggest that you join the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Now the Walker the reason for that is not only because I think the Walkers is a great Contemporary Art Museum, but they also have an incredible number of events there ranging from art openings to great movies to lecture series. Some of it is highbrow and some of it is not but if I was a person moving to the Twin Cities, and I wanted to do one thing to do to improve my social life, that's what I (00:37:31) do. And the second thing I would do is get to a good workout Studio or gym and not one. That's so big that you don't get to know everybody. I've found that I've making I'm making and I know other people making lots of very good friends through there. Their place of exercise you end up going out with friends socially from those places because you have a good healthy interest in common. (00:37:51) Okay, we'll move on to some more people here as we continue talking. I you're next. Mmm. Whoever else my appetite when you're going to have turn your radio down though, ma'am. Yeah, it sure sounds like it to me. I hear that feedback that ringing. They're just turn it turn the volume all the way down. Okay, go ahead when you said something about Northeast, Minneapolis. Polish food. Yep. Can you tell me where (00:38:18) well six would (00:38:19) be? Yeah. Come on six is good. I recommended Nuys Karen Karen again made a gagging motion, but we can disagree (00:38:25) happened to red meat so (00:38:26) much. I don't I don't know each of the individual places as well as I should Arthur's I think he has his real good food there, but it's not (00:38:34) if you if yeah, I was just thinking how about Schumacher's new pray. Again? It's Drive (00:38:39) check food and it's really real expensive. It's really worth it. But but that's definitely definitely good food. I would maybe one of the other callers can call in and give us some suggestions on that. I wish I knew (00:38:50) that better we have good German restaurant. The black forest in is really nice. So that wonderful beer great what they call Ambiance (00:38:56) and the Rhine Hassan Hennepin, I think is very good too. It's forgotten a lot because the Black Forest is so good. But but certainly that's that's a good place approximately. How do you spell the name of that? First one? You mentioned Mars 666 (00:39:10) Kera mirc. Yzk ' I (00:39:13) think that sounds right to me. It's right (00:39:15) here fast enough. They didn't get it down. Anyways, yeah, (00:39:18) at least they got it. You know me and one of the suggestions that person who was talking about things to do to break into the scene. I would go to get on the mailing list of one of the art galleries in the Wyman building in Downtown Minneapolis. The galleries down there have now started a coordinating their openings. In fact, I think tonight is one of the coordinated openings wonderful art wonderful Galleries and you just go from place to place to place in a really fun crowd crowds look at to (00:39:44) lots of wine and cheese. Yeah, you get to wear things that you don't get to wear any place else in Minnesota if you want to (00:39:49) yeah and it happens every 6-8 weeks, I think but as I say wonderful art and it's just a really festive sort of atmosphere. So anybody who's looking for a thing to do tonight? That's a good suggestion. Okay. Let's take your question next to Lily you're on with Karen and Artie. Good morning. I'm calling from International Falls, Minnesota. I drive a naughty and I'm a bit of a yuppie and I recently moved here from the Twin Cities. And I'm wondering if there is anything in appear in International (00:40:17) Falls. I think you should tell us I haven't been up there for (00:40:20) well, I went to the Rainy Lake Lodge there and had a great time. I just think that's such a beautiful Town. Well other than the color changes and in the wonderful restaurants on and on lakes, I'm kind of (00:40:31) wondering cut off from your supply of your penis. I tell you what what you could do and it's not. Well there's several things. What what a yuppie thing to do would be to get yourself a mountain bike and go barreling down the roads up there and Across The Meadows. Another thing to do in this isn't necessarily Yuppie, but it's a very very minnesota-based and interesting magazine. The utne reader is published in the Twin Cities and that goes out to a lot of people with what I may presume to be your sensibilities up there in the woods. It's one of the best magazines in America. It's the sort of digest of the best of hundreds of magazines around the world else. Can we tell this (00:41:08) person? Well, I would I would simply enjoy it and consider yourself very lucky to be there and in a lot of ways luckier than the rest of I would suspect that fishing would be a real big thing up there. It's absolutely beautiful up there and learning how to cook all those different kinds of fish that you can catch ya walleye primarily I suppose. All right your next what's your question for Karen? Nrt today? Hello? Hello. Yes. I have a question. I didn't quite catch the name of the place that serves the raspberry Belgian beer Hotel looks mm. Yes for yeah the cafe luxford which is on unless Al and thinks for a second. It's on LaSalle and 12th. I think I may have made a mistake on it's a block from work is for Holland Downtown Minneapolis. It's a sort of a vanilla brick building. Okay, that's quick and easy answer. Let's move on then to your call. Go ahead. Please speaking of recreation in the cities. I've been frequently frequently a place called tapestry Folk Dance Center. So yes, yeah three years ago. I was just curious to know if there's any circulation at all in the in community about Distance of this place because I am seeing more people who seem to be at tapestry who you more likely find it Rupert's or someplace like that very (00:42:24) few. I'm glad to hear that because I used a folk dance at college and it was wonderful. There is a U of M folk dance club. I think that still active and I think we should just mention there's folk dancing is delightful and it's not necessary partner dancing. So you're not faced with all those embarrassing intimate situations, like will they ask me how to afterwards their line dances and circle dances and there's dances for the men danced on the inside the women on the outside and lines and it's great fun. So thanks for mentioning the tapestry Folk Dance Center. (00:42:52) We've only got about three minutes left. I don't think we can get everybody on who wants to but let's see how many we can fit in. Hello. You're next. Hello. Yep. I wanted you to mention the same Paul Science Museum Minami theater movie. That's such a great place really to take people and the quick. I mean go do that and then go to dinner do something else. It's 45 (00:43:15) minutes. Don't sit in the bottom row at the Omni Theater or rows because you're going to get really nauseated It's a Wonderful theater, but it the effects are so overwhelming to your inner ear that you don't want to sit on the bottom few rows. (00:43:27) Okay, and we'll take your call next. Hello, you're on with Artie and Karen good morning an interesting program. And one of your guests are a way of petty measures new book Twin Cities party guide and directory which I find as a lot of new ideas about the party giving and so (00:43:41) forth. I have heard of it yet. But I've met Patti and I think I'll look into the book (00:43:46) party you familiar with that. I've heard of it. I've met Patti and I'll look into the (00:43:51) book. Thank you. We should mention the silver palette is what everybody's cooking from at the moment though in case you're looking for a good cookbook or entertaining guide. There's two silver palette (00:44:01) books, I think about the only thing I've heard from Paddy's book, which is a great idea is when you send out invitations, Insta, people do something very special and one thing I as I recall she mentions in that book is to maybe send an invitation by special Courier, which I think is a great idea. I'd love to get one to two a party that way one or two more. Go ahead, please. You're next. I'm what did I have a friend who is in her late? 60's and is quite hard of hearing and I'd like to take her out for lunch and it's really difficult to find some place where we can go and have a you know conversation and visit every place is so noisy. Could you suggest some place? (00:44:38) Hmm. What (00:44:39) about the Good Earth and Galleria that (00:44:42) The Good Earth is nice. (00:44:44) Oh, I know what else how about Lucius in uptown? Which I think is good for all sorts of things is very small plate (00:44:50) lunch might be okay, but Lucia's acoustically at night is a bit noisy if it's lunch. I think Lucius would be good. It's delightful to the food is good. (00:44:59) Hmm, actually, you know, you should go to any place that we haven't mentioned here today because anything that's mentioned will be crowded anything that we (00:45:05) want cafe latte. Very nice in Victoria and Grand area of st. (00:45:10) Paul. We have less than a minute. I don't think I'm going to be able to take another listener question. Let me ask you one real real fast here in about 20 seconds or so. What are people reading these days (00:45:22) are they really in addition to the utne reader which which I'm more than a fan of I think it's absolutely terrific and it's doing gangbusters. They're reading specialty magazines for their Sports. There's a new magazine called Ultra sport. That's for triathletes. They're reading shape the reading Vogue and not just looking at the pictures. The interviews are really intelligent. The GQ has very good columnists the reading magazines like walking and outside East-West Journal self care prevention mothering Bon Appetit Cuisine (00:45:49) Gourmet. And that's it. The list is over. Our time is up. Thank you, Karen wenninger and RT Rybak for answering questions about what's in in the Twin Cities weekend is made possible by economics laboratory products and services for household institutional and Industrial Cleaning worldwide. Thanks to David. Sleep our engineer and Dorothy Hanford for answering the phones. I'm Bob Potter and this is NPR.


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