Rudy Perpich on state budget and legislative bills

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Rudy Perpich, Minnesota Governor, discusses the ending of legislative session, and the outstanding state budget. George Boosey, capital correspondent, joins conversation. Perpich also answers listener questions.

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You're listening to midday over Minnesota Public Radio, which is a member supported broadcast service. This is the news and information service at Minnesota Public Radio ksjn in Minneapolis. And st. Paul. The time is 12. Well, this is going to be a busy weekend at the Minnesota state capitol as legislators try to finish their business and adjourn on Monday final action on the budget and a variety of other measures Is Yet To Come and Governor Rudy perpich. The man who has the final say on bills becoming law is what is in the studios today. Also joining me is capital correspond George Busey. We'll be chatting with the governor a little while and then we'll be opening up the telephone lines for your questions to George. How are you? Thanks for coming in today. You guys been putting in some off in long hours up there at the capital's. I will remember I went that late last night with the Staten case in the house and the Senate has been working late trying to finish up by trying to finish the work by tomorrow night if they can early Sunday and come back Monday and adjourn they hope them talk now that maybe I'll be delayed because the house members are not able to negotiate on the budget last night due to the length of the Staten hearing and we may have Set de gallo longer which may not please the governor too much. I don't know. How about that guy? Do you think I should be in time for Easter if they go past the Tuesday, but I think it's coming. Well, we've been meeting with you. Let's leave leaders and this morning I met with the conferees on the agricultural issues and they're they're coming together now hold a position but then the final it comes together certainly happy to have you in the studios with us today. And I want to ask you adjust a little bit about the extent of the media exposure that you've been getting lately. You were interviewed by the editorial board at one of the major Twin Cities newspapers recently. You've been holding up telephone news conferences with the media outside the metropolitan area this Broad. Cast you volunteered to come out why all this exposure is this the start of the campaign or what and that to get the program through in a short. Of time that we would have to and I hit the road and what you did at the beginning of the session has been a lot of time going to rain in the smaller communities discussion to discussing the issues and that what I felt for the priorities for this legislative session, I know that'll be tough going in the house and therefore should be out there. So you're just trying to Rally public support for the positions that you favor the legislature taking that's right. Now. I have a good solid budget coming out. I'm not concerned about that any longer like I was a say in about four or five weeks ago and it's going to put us on the road to stability and prepare us for 1987 session. What are the things that you were talking about going around your trips out State and then meeting with legislatures was it was the was the lottery? Yes, you're right decision to actually come out and support it rather than just wanting to put it on the ballot, but it barely got to sit the minimum number of votes necessary. And then was it over to the house committee. Where was voted down on it at this point or you still hopeful that we can bring it back to life in the form of an amendment on the house floor and 2nd floor, but I don't want to hold up the end of the proceedings, you know, if you're getting the conference committees together, I think it's much more important that we come out of the session with a solid budget and be prepared for whatever the future may hold. I've felt that and why I felt very strongly and Bob freaking answer your question wife fell hit the road. We can decrease taxes. I thought that you know, that would just be a major blunder on our on our part because I feel now that people feel good about Minnesota. It's not like say 3 years ago when they're talking about leaving the state. So then in order to help stabilize what's happening in rural Minnesota there has to be obviously the dollars to support this program's more short-term and long-term programs and I fell asleep to you going to one where there is a major source of Revenue is the lottery and this is why I felt in a very strong is that be put on the ballot and then we know how to proceed. Button on the budget if I can get her one of the things I was being talked about it to some extent in both houses more. So in the Senate and the house and apparently will be part of the compromise will be budget shifts and I can recall when you came in the office as last time in January of 83 would gone through many special sessions in the years before and the budget shifting it become part of a almost a 1/3 1/3 1/3 formula that Rodger Moe used to push in the in the city, but you said no he didn't like budget Chef's and you were saying no more shifts no more shifts and yet you seem to be willing to accept these budget Chef's Ware expenditures are pushed into the next budgetary. And taxes may be pulled into it revenues pulled into it to help balance. This year's budget. Why are you going to accept it now and it wasn't acceptable back then for the beginning. And even in this presentation, you know to the special to this session day off your session I said, Ships and still feel that way. But you know, I have to deal with the Minnesota Senate the Minnesota house last year. I was very very insistent on a 500 million dollar reserve and we were getting near the end of fiscal year and we have to continue to operate state government and therefore, you know, I'm headed back off and 450 minute. I wish we had that 500 million and I talked to Rachel last minute that I wanted the 500 million but I mean you have to be practical in this in this process and you have to be fair you have to stay at a time when you know, you're a bill is facing. It's on my desk cuz that's when you have to make the decision, but I again I haven't been opposed to ship some would be continued to be opposed to shifts just like I was insisting that we have, you know, a budget Reserve at first they were talking about a $250 budget Reserve when I want a 500 million. It's the same thing with the ships will see what comes from the from the legislature. And again, it's a process of compromising at So at this stage of the game, you said just a few minutes ago that you're optimistic about the state of the Minnesota economy. We've heard a number of extra to seem to think that things are going to improve do you really think that we need to make the kinds of a budget cuts and shifts that is being that are being talked about at the Capitol this weekend. Why not come up with another revenue forecast and see if it's going to be that bad. But I'm glad you brought that up a shift back to George romantic because some hit you said the part of the process on ships. Also, they're saying that one-third of any additional revenues that come in a few other words. If it looks like things are improving that one third of that would go to restore the shifts once there to go to the budget reserve and I just wants to go to education so that are part of that. You're in January and December or early January. We could have a chance it obviously and say let's go to the rest of this biennium and you know, we'll probably make it but then right from the beginning we decided no tax increase because of increase the taxes. I got to cause all kinds of problems out there as far as the environment with people think of Minnesota. Secondly, if you don't know short-term borrowing opposed to shifts and no special session now, we could have gone through this. And obviously looks better today much better today than it did say even 60 days ago that interest rates are dropping making a big difference there. People are refinancing. I will have over $100 a month lesson payment also the price of oil dropping the way that's a real plus especially for a Northern State so we felt it be much better to take a kind of precautionary action. Okay, and we did for the GNP we switch our 2% the president that thing in his budget. Operation he went to 4% So we did everything in a very conservative way. It felt that would be much better off for long-term stability in the state to play is going to say say Charlie is the saying goes instead of going to chancing it then if we had to call a special session stay late fall or you know, when to December, I think you know what you have your options. Are there have to be a tax increase and actually I'm me to ask a lot of the programs. So this process really make sense what you're doing now. She gives us the ability for the future but wouldn't it make more sense to have more up-to-date numbers it. That's really what I'm getting at is just a number is from our numbers are still holy but it takes a little while before as far as the price of gasoline in oil and what is the interest rates are going to do and will it turn around this summer. They all say it will they're all up in this far as the GNP, but we don't know for sure. So and then I do have the authority and hopefully we will on the with the legislation that's been put together. Have your story to restore any of those reductions that we have Specialists a post-secondary will be able to begin that so, you know, I can make the other thing Bob that's kind of cloud hanging over us has Richard beginning and one of the reasons we had to take this action the extent of the tax cut we could you know, so it'll be 1 billion dollars. That was a projection. We're not feeling that didn't involve November December the maybe I'll be about $5,250 150 million dollars more then the projection we won't know until the refunds or mailed back and that's April 15th. And then it'll take us about 2 or 3 weeks after that at that point at that point, then we can make that projection. But right now it would be very very very difficult because of that of the refunds didn't send members of legislature suggest maybe that rather than adjourn early on that. They should recess and come back say May 15th. Give the finance department a chance to look at those refund. Things and see how things shake out. We are dealing with a new tax law. That was basically Rewritten last. I have some some handle on those revenues because I still have the authority to restore. We have a what's in place. We know that we can make it through this stuff. You don't discuss golden and the next fiscal year without any problems. So when I leave it the way it is what's going on in the legislative process and then we stores in education. I'll make sure it's a restoration note in those cuts at that time. I think it's much much better than if they come back and if there happens to be a little extra money that we process again. I need it for this program I needed for that program is really make sense. It's it was it wasn't easy to do and you know, it was very difficult. But as you look back and with each passing day, it looks like it was a smart thing to do when there's a Pictures of the state I really truly believe that it is about 12 minutes past noon, Minnesota Governor, really? Perfect slime in the studios today along with capital correspondent, Georgia Busey. If you have a question for the governor about what's going on at the Capitol this weekend as the legislators try to finish in time for a Monday German. If you have a question for him by all means, you're welcome to ask if the telephone number in Minneapolis and st. Paul is227 6000 to 276 thousand for Minneapolis-Saint Paul area listeners elsewhere within the state of Minnesota are toll free number is available and that is one 806-529-7001. 800-652-9700 Governor will get to those telephone calls in just a minute. Let me ask you one more thing about the budget if I might be indicated a willingness to compromise on the subject of shifts. How about Hudson afdc benefits? Well, I've felt right from the beginning that you know, the ftc's are for children and that we really shouldn't make any of these Cuts in those programs and I've been holding very very firm and continue to hold very firm. Yeah, but in the process of compromise if Senator Mall and speaker Jennings, it worked out an agreement and if a bill comes to you, what you going to do, but they keep coming Majority Leader Center Mall in that particular subject keeps very close contact with me and let me know exactly what's going on and I'm very involved in that part of it last year during the the debate over cuts in general assistance. The more of the state-funded state and County public welfare program. You said it one point that you would cut off your hand before you could sign that bill. You haven't made such strong statements on this. Do you really expect that you're going to have to sign a bill with some Cuts in the FTC? You got to leave it with one hand OSHA. Well, you know, it's very difficult to see what's going to happen on the day that they did they put that on my desk. But you know, we're in contact and I'm holding tough on that one there on the shifts I'm saying if you give me a story to restore them. Okay, we'll take a look. But when it comes to the aid to families with dependent children, I'm very very tough on that one. I will continue to be I just feel that it could be we just can't do it. There's too much pain and suffering out there and I understand that program and no I'm holding very tough on that. You would veto a bill with the icy cats. Well, I'm not going that far. I don't know what the whole thing will be but the senators names my position and they're very very supportive of my position. I've talked to Senator Samuelson. I've talked to the members of that committee and everyday I touch base and I don't do that don't like any other area like I do and as far as the cuts from the house and the afdc have you talked to the House Republicans about that? No, I haven't. Governor if you had enough easy questions from the news man here, how about you real questions from real voters find out your views on a couple of things. Let's go to our first caller heavily around the air. Brainerd talking to some blandin Foundation people about economic development in northern Minnesota and it needs to happen a real problem with the unemployment compensation system by today and our rate of unemployment is too high but as compared to the rest of the country for the last 10 years, it's been long and yet unemployment taxes on business are among the highest of the country which would increase the benefits for some of the poorest and most vulnerable members of the workforce and which would eliminate the federal debt make business more competitive. What's the climate of Minnesota and where we are today safe? We were three years ago and I challenge anyone to find a governor or state Administration that has done more to prove the job climate than we have in Minnesota. I think we've come a long long long way and I believe all the way through I have talked about fairness and make sure that we are not you don't continue to be on this teeter totter where we go. First one way where it's so, you know all labor and we go the other way where it's all business like with workers comp and all the rest of it though. I was hit list even the South once and for all so that we can work together and from day one. I've worked with the university on with the business labor of the farmers and government trying to get everyone to go in the same direction to Minnesota instead of battling each other. And again, it's always be What is fair and I I believe that so when it comes to the unemployment comp the first of all we have those people that there are those industries that are you know, the ones that are they making a major layoffs are there at seven and a half percent. I believe that that traded that in should be increased and then you have the small business people throughout the state of Minnesota thousands of them is that at that rate should be lowered and the committee commission report that came out from the University. I think it's that is is much fair and it helps to stabilize this teeter totter that there were on Now, I know firsthand, you know, my father worked in the mines and they unemployment comp is what really stood between us and the welfare lines. I mean that's fact and so we want to build that's not just going to penalize the workers. This has to be again like we did with the workers comp Fair in the best interest of everyone concerned. So the unemployment compensation sample for those people that let's take the northeastern Minnesota. Will you start reducing if you're laid off the second year, are you start reducing that, you know the amount of compensation? It's rather dramatic and I just don't think that's fair. So I believe that as a starting basis and I'm not going to go to all the details because it's a very very complex as you're well aware, but I think that we can come up with a bill that is going to be fair and I must think they're going to be happy with it. But at least it's going to answer some of the some of the problems we have are some of the political analysts say that you have done a better job of Building Bridges to the business Community than any of your dfl predecessors. Yes, but they also suggested by saying you'll be told that that unemployment comp bill that you're essentially throwing all that support to the winds poof. There. It goes all that effort that you You think it's worth it? Well, it's so you know on the FTC at the beginning and I want to sit at that politically was a major blunder and you know, originally I was going to ask for a Slowdown in education because all my life. I'm in support of Education. I started the school board. That's how I ended up in the state senate and that's where I am today, but I recognize what's happened to the people that are getting hurt and when people are dumb you don't just jump on them in and you know, I personally went through this. I mean with my family I know when unemployment comp does and don't tell him he's at my father and my mother didn't spend $50 for entertainment in their whole life that they worked hard workers and wanted to work but it just so happened that end in that particular industry are laid off in the winter months and I'm saying that industry should pay more time in the reductions for the mining industry. In order for them to continue in Minnesota is about 25% by the end of this session of probably be more than that or the street or. We really want to help stabilize that But I think it's seven and a half percent. They're not paying their fair share. And what is happening is that we have all these small business people will pay more than they have to so we had a commission that was set up it had two people from business to from labor and headed and head of the department at the University of Minnesota while the Labour party labor to labor symptoms. I name of the business representative did sinus and the university. So if it is a mighty citizen - I mean if you want to go down the line of all the things that we've done in Minnesota to make this a Better Business climate and if they're going to charge me on one issue then listen there wouldn't be one a couple of Kenya in state of Minnesota that remain married if there was a just a decent be based on one issue through that they disagree on right Neverland the same lines on unemployment, but another task force. I think it was one set up by the Minnesota Business Partnership and study the issue and came forth with a recommendation that since unemployment compensation is basically an insurance type of program that the worker kick in as well as the employer kick in not as much should be smooth some difference in the amount. Have you ever considered that as a way of getting that that that fun Back in Balance know the first time was that to me in the end of legislative process, but I am again the report of the department Bill heading up does that it puts us in balance? And it's it's fair. It's very very fair to small business harping on that part of it and is influenced. I believe some Marsha and some Marshall. Is again in the in the building we're presenting again takes care of those small business people and that's what they're not paying his high rate in Wisconsin. It's 10 and a half percent for those people that are using that fun. I'm talking about the industry's so that have the major layoffs and sew in a bob back to your question. I know I can go through the house with a long list going to be the 1 billion dollar tax reduction. We took the personal income taxes example, we were first and second many categories Ronaldo on 8th to 15th the estate tax for going to 20 years. I heard people say can't afford to die in Minnesota while we change that. We finally made that change in the banking were talking about Regional Bank. You want to make this a financial Centre I can go on in a list in a Superfund workers comp you go through that whole list suspending of indexing. We didn't do anything. You want to make Minnesota compared to one place. They know it's a good job, but we're not going to do it at that. Just say I'm here you're going to pay for all this. We want to make it fair and know what what I propose. Despair and I said that I would be to either one of those two bills and if they put something on my desk that is fair, I will go along with your this teeter totter we have to get off of it. So help me I was there when it was the other way and then of course, we're tired and bingo obviously went in went to the other day when we went through reversed. I'd like to just level that off and I think we've leveled it off in every category except in unemployment come. All right. It's about 23 minutes past the hour. Let's take another look no question for governor. Perfect. Hello, I'd like to know what do you think the conference committee will finally end up with and how that will affect the future of your K-12 open enrollment proposal. I don't know what'll happen in that committee Lonnie have they been in conference? Yes, there will be some change. It's a very small changes. I believe that The legislators in both the house and the Senate would like to see that program work for another year and just see how it how it works out. It ain't no program. You're bound to have some problems. I think it's a good program. It's really intense of the program was in those areas where you didn't have a course offering that buy, you know, utilizing either the College of the State University system of the private college or the atti community college that you'd be able to have some of those courses. So we want to make it a wider and wider offering. I'm very happy that this year. We have 139 schools that are off a foreign language that didn't offered last year. So I think we're really making I'm having an impact. I'm looking at course r87 to be the big year in education and tax reform and I think there will be in a position to have much more inputs and we have previously from you know, the education associations and from from the public it will come out. Built that's going to hopefully open up more Horizons for young people 87 and educational reform. Will you be putting another push out in 1987 for your high school open enrollment. I wish you try to get to the legislature last year. We started with that program as you know, I believe that Force consolidations mistake. I witnessed enough of those in the in the years that I've been in this process and now I don't want that open options program the access to end up fighting communities in school districts, so like consolidation to and so we're going more more pressing towards doing a voluntary basis and more schools are doing that. I'm getting later is almost on a weekly basis for school boards are taking that action now in 87 North for Statewide. It's a no do we do it as a pilot in Ste? A7 County metropolitan area, or do we do it may be in in a rural setting and in the suburb and sitting In a major city setting how that is possible, but not a Statewide mandatory. We will move on to some more people ask questions for governor perfect system heavily around the earth friends. I'm not nasty C mother but I sympathize with fat and I heard you to mention when this comes up that we give welfare to the welfare in this States and great amounts. It's not only the poor and get welfare the wealthy get tax deductions on very expensive homes much above and beyond for example, what's the necessary living a bone and I'm not sure about the second home in Minnesota weather that's tax-deductible an interest to but I would like to hear your comments on the claims of deductions. We give to the wealthy when we're talking about cutting the Ducks are cutting welfare. Payments well again, I go back to you know, if you have to do what's fair and that we all have to work together and not try it over going to divide Co Labor and Industry or the Haves and the Have Nots we have in our in our tax reform 87, they'll be our major push r87 both taxes and education. But let me say something about the corporate to community in Minnesota what half of all the corporations United States that donate between 2 and 5% of their pre-tax profits are located Minnesota. I received an award be in behalf of the people in Minnesota from the president knighted states that we do a better job. We have more volunteers than any state in the Union and the third Lee and donations on an individual basis. We rank right up there right before I forget exactly where we are, but first second or third is so there is a very special spirit in Minnesota, and I know when I announced that we wouldn't be making the Cutz Afdc that we have support Red Cross the board many in the corporate Community. I've also been very supportive and I think you just feel it in Minnesota that the support is there for those programs. I know the fur the food shelves whenever we make that appeal. It seems like you know, the people really respond the company. I don't Pillsbury is an example has been matching what we do in the private sector would you do it from the church food Collections? And so we do have a good responsible people and I hope that we can all recognize where the needs are and that we help those people, you know at that time, but say we also recognized that, you know jobs are important and we want to make this a good environment for everyone in Minnesota coming up on about half past the hour Minnesota Governor Rudy perpich in the studios today along with capital correspondent, George Busey talking about some of the issues that face that I just let your inlay final weekend of the Russian legislators, hope to adjourn on Monday and go home. We have a lot of listeners on the line with questions and we'll move to you next. Hello. Osage Minnesota in Becker County and state and I don't know if the governor is aware of it, but the criteria of being followed by the USDA and also that the bits that are taken can be targeted to the area which they considered to have the highest rate of overproduction and and listening to the conference of SDA rhetoric in The Last 5 Years. It's obvious. They bleed the Northern Tier states are states minnesota-wisconsin in the others are responsible for almost I would like to ask the governor. Since they have your discretionary power, would you be fearful number one that we are going to lose an exorbitantly high amount of our dairy industry with that and attended a collapsing a lot of the businesses that are in the small towns in the cities with your help support the dairy industry and what the governor consider forming an alliance with Governor, Wisconsin to bring a lawsuit against the further collecting the funds to pay for this buyout program the number to the federal milk marketing District, which is effectively set up artificial price barriers in the various other parts of the nation which impede the flow of our grade a milk into these areas. Let me just give it a little bit of a history. Of course, the milk production was concentrated in our area of the country and then the federal government in order to get the dairy herds into the southeast in the southwest paid considerably more because they claim the price of milk from say minnesota-wisconsin. What time is shipped Angeles areas is approximately $5 a hundred and as a result, they are even today even though there are sufficient herds in those areas. They are even today at $5 premium another words and it's $11 here. It's about $16 down in, Florida. That bill that passed obviously the Violet was aimed directly at the northern states. That's where they were very obviously concentrate in the in the herd by out. Then I believe it'll happen after the complete of that process. Then they'll bring down the price of you know, that supports in the Southeast and the Southwest I your suggestion about injunction or lawsuit in conjunction with the governor Earl. I will have to give him a call in the chorus check with the attorney general Humphrey first exactly what we can do a Cantu it's going to be devastating a course to our especially since some of our counties in course to Minnesota. I understand that one, That's what I've been told. I don't I never officially hear this from represented Wenzel that one of the County's 30% of the people that have that are in the dairy business have hit major. Play Star bids for the for the buyout. So I think that's what his name for her at the beginning to get at the northern Dairy herds. Okay, let's move on to another caller who has a question for Minnesota Governor Rudy perpich. Go ahead please too much is pertaining to the lottery. Number one. I'll ask a question. I'll just sit back and listen to reply everything that I read in here. I am for the lottery everything I read and hear about is that the money's realized from that or the portion that is not spent for the administration of the program would be mainly funnel to help the rural or the farm community. Do you think that if we could graphically illustrate the the all of the money is gained it has a high and sliced it up a little bit that you might get some more support on it for example education and support, you know, we have been very very supportive of Education in Minnesota. I think the overall I was about 23% increase since I've been Governor 700 some million dollars and we will continue to be very supportive of Education to Priority something that you know, we want to be the brainpower state and we have to continue to support that. No, we don't have it either Lottery wasn't tied directly to the program which we called. I reinvest in Minnesota in the Greater Minnesota Corporation of Greater, Minnesota fun. The money will go to the General Revenue fund. But then I what I'm saying, when I present the budget 1987 is that 40 million of that would go to reinvest In Minnesota where we would take fragile lands and marginal Lance Auto production. Are we would pick up with some money in the pocket of the farmer would be a long-term a ten-year lease or an NB the farmer of plants cover on that line. Be a tree is or be at the grass or whatever. And of course this would be good for the environment because you lose less fertilizes what happened to Marginal lands and then also, Hunting and fishing and tourism so it's a win-win proposition and their recommendations made by the governor's commission and hunting and fishing and that would be 40 million dollars a year for 15 years has passed both the house and the Senate it's not in a conference. It passed a conference committee. Is there a car for use of signed off and it's you'll be up for final vote either today or tomorrow 16 million dollars to get the program going this year and everyone is supporting that part of the program. The other 80 million dollars is really your marked for Applied research at our State University system can be in the private colleges and also at the main unit at the University here in Minneapolis. And then we're saying that with their know how or their technology as they spin off that we would get a long-term loans and lower interest rates so that these companies can start up. We have been very successful in the metropolitan area because of the University of Minnesota millions of dollars a research. Both appropriated by the state by the federal government has made a big difference. In fact, I don't have to take one minute. It's just to give you some of the real figures on how well Minnesota is doing its best to send County metropolitan area and why we didn't put money into applied research in our State University Systems, you know, G & S T Cloud Mankato and Wynonna and the Donny Marshall. I really don't know but I think it's important that we we put those appropriate money is for that and then the spin-offs we would have Regional centers. You would actually have jobs or one of the spouses could be at on a farm working. You looking to have a job and some light industry in the end in town. So it's not tied and directly to the lottery. But what I'm saying is that we need money to do that job to stabilize were on Minnesota and I don't want to increase taxes. So here's where the money with come from, but the money would go in General Revenue and obviously when you put your budget together, that would be a part of Consideration why I came out for the lottery in George Bush's so that I you know, it wasn't that support of the before and I said, I'm supporting it what is happening we have in the tri-state area 12 Midwestern states. We have 7% of the population 25% of all the new jobs 54% of all the manufacturing jobs in that trough state area code in Minnesota since 1980. We have created more new jobs in Minnesota the North Dakota South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin come by twice as many jobs as all four of those States, but then you come into Minnesota what happened to seven County metropolitan area over 120,000 new job since 1980. The rest of Minnesota's lost 20,000 jobs. And so I'm saying to myself. Hey we have to do something to stabilize stabilize going to run Minnesota and we have to have a program and this isn't anything new this isn't something that I created. It's at the Ben Franklin Fund in Pennsylvania is based on the same. Is a greater Minnesota fun and it's working at Thomas Edison fund Ohio same thing. So we have to do something to stabilize it and if you're not going increase taxes I'm saying here's a source of Revenue in 22 States District of Columbia have a lottery at the present time six other states has passed one house or the other and sooner or later. It's going to happen to Minnesota. So this is a reason that I have been, you know promoting at that question be put on the ballot Governor. I have to give you all the support your campaign do put the lottery issue on the ballot included buttons worn by a lot of members of the legislature to said giving people a chance to vote on it could not be said of other issues that are floating around like recall States Senate 900 that members of the many members of the democratic party don't agree with me, but I really truly believe that that's good though. You don't recall and I already elimination of the treasurer's office and Well, you put it on this equation which we artist that sings pasta house and I know where does the senate right now and it's not. Well, I believe that there should be an opportunity for the public to put a issue on the on the ballot. I've always believed that there's another station amendment that made it through the house and take it back to the city which would basically put into the Constitution the right to bear arms much like it's in the Federal Constitution, but supporters admit that the reason they want to do that is to keep Minneapolis and st. Paul from coming to Future legislators and getting the kind of pre-emptive legislation that they had until you signed the bill limiting at last year. Would you like to see something like that in I have no problem on any issue this put on the ballot I never have and I never will it was going all the way back to the technate amendment, you know when they're saying we shouldn't put that type of in the in the Constitution. How long is the public give them the right to vote? I have no problems that I never have and I never will 19 minutes approximately before 1 cuz we take more of your questions for governor. Perpetual always listen to governor with favor Engineers getting back their pension, exclusion. Feel lost it since last year that the cars I think. Well, you know in the when we're in our attempt to simplify the tax forms the federal right now, you'll have to trick me know it's been awhile since we worked on this Ariana Federal it is taxable and if I'm not mistaken that save it said the first 11th 2002 age 62 or age 65. It's it's not showing up our hands. We don't know. It's it's been a while. Why don't you call my office and I'll I'll get back to you. Just tell him that we were on the program and still on. I don't imagine I'd have to look that up again would be in 1987. We have a very strong feelings that we want to perform as much as possible to the feds to the federal so we can shorten up to form seems to me like people are very very very happy with the short form. And then the fact is of course that we have reduced the you no personal income tax by Why the total taxes by 1 billion dollars the estate tax will be removed is now and the minimum pick up the same as for Arizona, California, and I think that's very very very helpful for retired citizens. I watch call my office and I'll take a look at it. It's been awhile since I've been on that one. All right, we shall move on to another caller who has a question for governor perfect shuttle. Yes. Alright later from Rochester wants to pass a law allowing women golfers to play weekends. He's doing it backwards. Why don't you just passed a law making it mandatory for women to play weekends take the three hundred thousand subsidy or two hundred or a hundred thousand and put it in your budget cut front what's wrong with that idea? what the hell I'm not aware that I've been so tied up in the And the other parts of the budget that I'm not aware of what that $300,000. Do. You know what church are you at? Your meetings. There's a there's some bills in the house instead of exactly sure where they are. I believe that one of them passing out for the day saying that golf courses that discriminate against women playing on Saturday morning. So can lose some tax exemptions. I should so we talked about all kinds that sounds that sounds fair should be I'm not a golfer. So I just got back from last year. I should tell you, you know, if other people are complaining about golf. I just got back from Phoenix and in Phoenix, Arizona, you have to go to the course at 5 in the morning in order to reserve a tee off time for 10 or later that same morning. So anybody wants to get up at 5 in the morning to wait 5 hours to play golf in my opinion is welcome to it. Let's move on to another listen to the question. Hello Governor purposes listening. Having the courage to face the voters like this when my wife and I moved here two years ago, we'd never heard of putting all that calling radio plug-in with the governor would be on so I just think it's a great thing. I want to ask this a half an hour ago. You said when people lie down you just don't jump on them. But yet in Austin you sent the National Guard in to help bust the union there and how do you get over in your mind? How do you reconcile that and second was there any consideration ever at all about sending a National Guard to protect the workers against the company? Well, I've said a number of occasions. I guess if I could have the whole state my living room one evening. I could quote step by step and the funeral to calling out the National Guard and when I completed the people would be fully supportive and I still get letters on that issue. I started and I guess I'll have to take three or four minutes cuz I recognize that you're very friendly and and it's coming from the heart my start on the on the hormone issue about a year. But a year ago and worked. What's the with both stuffed labor-management? And you know that I can do as a governor. Anyway I can do is bring people together. You can't force them into signing something or agreeing. Know you what you usually do as a governor you work with the international Union or your work with the state AFL-CIO or your work with other people that are on the board of the management and the management side are the international we work with them and they recommended with the mediator mediators proposal the state AFL-CIO do the same thing our state mediator. We had Paul Goldberg in there and he's well-respected. We had him on there just about every minute every day and the last two or three months the federal mediator same thing May the proposal we brought in someone that's why we expected that from the East Coast again recommended that the accept that the mediator's report. I've met with the head of the union and you know, I wanted desperately that they settled but they didn't We were informed the chorus by the mayor was a member of the P9 Union and also by the chief of police and the sheriff that you'll be able to handle any problem that arises so on the day that we called the National Guard on Martin Luther King day. I had calls from all three in a in a in a conference call. And of course the mayor's assays a member that P9 Union has not crossed a picket line hasn't gone back to work. So I guess you can't question his support for for the union so they asked the National Guard be a call to Jim guy at NYSEG Jim is Martin Luther King day. I just made a speech on nonviolence 2 hours ago on the front steps. And here I am being asked to call the National Guard and you know my background where I came from. He said I do not like I don't control those people there. I don't know many people that line. I don't know. So I'll pack of purposes. He was brought back a purpose of supporting with the mayor and the rest of them told me. I didn't have much of a at that point it became very apparent when I had to be done. I was told that the thing was getting out of hand and that's why the National Guard was called it wasn't there to break the strike. It wasn't there for any other purpose to make sure that there wasn't any violence and then he wasn't hurt. And again, we tried hard and I'm sorry it happened. But if it all so, you know, what's happening. If you don't take a back back it up again. There's nothing more I could have done and everything you ever done anything different and that's so it comes with the territory in this a decision by the governor. And it's very it's in the Constitution and I'm just thankful that no one got hurt and I hope I never faced with that situation again. I might just insert to parenthetically here for the benefit of this collar and maybe some others who might not have heard the news earlier Lee International union today left it at sanction of the strike by local P9. And indeed lifted it's a strike benefits for the peni workers as of 12 today. You're getting me out of your busy schedule a little bit in the frustrations be able to get to one of our more esteemed Statesman. My call is about the where the green folks and we have a I'm an older person involved in agriculture. I've been involved since I could carry it to get a bucket off the ground. So I'm seeing frustration out here amongst our young crane operators are trying to get money for operating the spring and they're getting the runaround from some of the lending institutions. Some of my been dealing through Ohio 60 to 90 days are getting a bit of nerves are getting short gettin a little hostile out here and some of them are sitting back is maybe a silent spring and it's so we're not in this position ourselves. We are fortunate that we got started farming with it for the age. We are we had no children following us into farming, but we see an accident about ready to start happening out here to Legislator aware of that what the word of these young people go or if you don't have people go and they can't get money from locally and I keep putting them off 30 more days 30 more days and they look up people that are pushing them for money. I'll hang up and listen to Grantham. We met with the conference committee that 10 members also sent it on the agricultural legislation and they are very very cognizant of the fact that I made a lending institutions are holding up a because they still want to know what's going to happen in you know in the legislation. So I believe that's in the next twenty-four hours. We will have we're very very close. We were there coming close on this in the short-term help that's necessary and a big part of it is a debt restructuring and interest buy down which will be very very helpful. And I think once that happens then you'll see the financial institutions will make you be making decisions. So no way you can blame them because they want to see what's coming from st. Paul. You know and then if the interest buy down, of course that they'll make it much easier and then if we can talk them into forgiving us about 25% in the restructuring that would be very helpful to the individual Farmers. So this next 24 hours is very very important as far as the world the community room in a sort of the farmers. Oh, you know, our problem is the middle policies and Washington the fact that the price isn't there is making it very difficult. And this is why I believe the conservation Reserve Districts that were passed in the federal level and plus the reinvest in Minnesota programs. We have will be of some help and a half years ago Northeastern Minnesota. I mean, it was a depression believe me. We had over 14,000 people working in attack on in the street that's down well below 7500 fact only have about 3,300 working right now and you know the summer About 7,000 we have now stabilized and things are beginning to prove. We've done a lot of work at the mining companies use a lot of work with the Forest Products people and I believe that the agriculture is where mining was about three and a half years ago. We have another year-and-a-half that's going to be difficult. And then I believe that's going to begin to it's going to stabilize and then begin to improve just like up in northeastern, Minnesota. 7 minutes before 1 will take a couple three more questions here for governor. Perfect before he has to run off and go back up to the capital and the rest of his business today. Go ahead. You're next to McDevitt. I'm a curator at the Minnesota Zoo and I'm also the president of the middle management association at the zoo and a bill before the legislature now to reorganize the zoo take it somewhat out of the realm of a state of being a state agency and make it a private nonprofit corporation public non-profit Corporation. And as we understand that this time the bill has gotten out of the senate committee but is being held up in the house committee. And I just wonder if there's anything you can do to move that particular bill out of the committee and get it on the floor for a vote. But I think it's very important that the zoo be moved in this direction because it will help us gain more support from the private sector. It will also enable us to get a a new structuring of the zoo board, which I think will help get the zoo everyone at the zoo unified and on the in the same direction. I just wondered if you could comment on that. Okay, you know when I came back and let you know as Governor one of those the resources that we have that I believe just enough people don't know about it and the vast majority don't recognize you know, what a just Jam we have in the zoo. So I felt that we would have much better public participation. I'm done with donations if we would make that like we did with what's that called? We made my private now. It's it's doing much the computer organization. And I've also let you know we literally initiated felt it would be much more public support for the zoo. In fact, I've been in touch with the Department of Education. I felt that they should really works for every school district in Minnesota to have special drives in behalf of three animals that they could adopt literally for the zoo. Now. I understand that that's having some real rough going and it looks more and more like it's not going to make it in this legislative session. We made some changes last session and we are very supported the legislation this time and I'm telling you that would do more for the zoo than any other action we can take and I've been assisting an honor advertised yet. They make sure the zoo is a part of that that people become more aware of the Minnesota Zoo. I'll tell you that. This is just outstanding. Time for a couple more questions from listeners for governor. Perfect. Go ahead. You're on the air with him proposed for a nuclear waste tell me your stand on this and what's a the people in Minnesota might have on this issue? Okay, we once we heard about the fact that we had for the sites I first action was to get together with the was Canada receive premier of Manitoba and the course the governor of North Dakota because the Canadians were promised that the sites would be it would not be located in areas in the area that might impact on Canada and so are those sites removed except for the sites in the Red River Valley. I really and truly believe this that the feds starts at the Red River Valley float South instead of North and the Canadians, of course now are making an all-out effort through the foreign secretary must a car sector States and Washington to drop those sites. So we do have that support and I think that's a real plus then the next day we met with the Chippewa Indians and we've signed agreements with them on those that are And your reservation that might impact on the reservation or lands that are in in court that they will course go to Washington and put on a full-court press then our next step is we're saying that you know, the Water Resources, we have your unbelievable and for them to come to Minnesota really isn't right because in that depositing that the radioactive waste are they have to go to work the water table and then to seal the whole thing. They have to come all the way back up and they themselves they then from 100 to 300 years that there will be some leakage, but they believe that the water will be traveling lateral instead of going to going up to the surface. I don't think that we should take that so reasonably assured that we'll be able to slow that process down and maybe be successful in making sure that the site is located here in Minnesota secondly. Where the second side of course in the process of the first sight words about five or six years ahead for the western states is now I think Texas Nevada and state of Washington. I believe if that'll end up is being the only site in India knighted states. I believe it's going to be so much opposition that they will take the easy way out and expand that site further. They have over the past year or reduced what they consider what they see is necessary for the actual amount of waste by 13% just this past year and there's less and less need for the additional site. So I'm somewhat optimistic in the old days. They used to cover the clock at the legislature really wanted to go on. I don't think we've ever been able to do that and radio and we have run out of time. Thank you very much for taking out as many with us today Minnesota Governor Rudy perpich who is working with the state legislature as it completes its business or tries to complete its business for and a German on Monday George Bush. Thank you, too for coming in. Appreciate your taking your time out of the Capitals schedule to we will update you briefly on the weather Cloudy Skies with precipitation is in the forecast through tomorrow. It's going to be a generally in the thirties today and tomorrow. Good afternoon. This is Gary. I can invite him to join us later this afternoon. When will report on plans to raise Minnesota's legal drinking age. That's one of our stories on today's NPR Journal 430 FM 51 k s j a m a m in the Twin Cities and that's our midday broadcast for today of the engineer was Patty Rudolph, and this is Bob Potter. In Minneapolis, and st. Paul the forecast is for a 30% chance of light snow or drizzle right through tomorrow. The high today will be in the middle thirties the low tonight in the effort twenties and not much changed tomorrow the high tomorrow in the upper 30s. This is ksjn in Minneapolis. And st. Paul the news and information service at Minnesota Public Radio. The time is 1


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