Weekend: Alan and Diane Sims Page discuss staying fit during the winter

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On this Weekend program, Alan and Diane Page discuss staying fit during the winter months. They share various running tips in the cold weather, and answer listeners’ questions.

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(00:00:07) It is indeed a pleasure to welcome Alan and Diane page to the Studio's today. We'll be offering you some practical tips on jogging Alan of course is well known as one of the top players for the Minnesota Vikings and later the Chicago Bears. He has become an attorney after leaving professional sports. And I undo a lot of running even during the winter, which is what we're going to be talking about today. I don't know what that forecast of snow. Is that going to is that going to dampen Your Enthusiasm a little bit Ellen? Well, it's certainly going to make my run today a little more difficult really wasn't planning on it. But you have you been out yet Diane I was out this morning and doing some of the city Lakes went around Cedar and Calhoun and aisles and on the south end of Lake Calhoun. It was a little raw as a matter of fact a sure sign that winter is coming as I could taste my fillings, which is a unique to Minnesota runners. Well, I suppose it's very obvious to anyone who drives or walks around the lakes that the activity of joggers has fallen off a great deal. It's kind of too bad, isn't it? Really when you when you consider the people who spent their whole summer building themselves up and then winter comes along and that's it. It really is because you don't have to give up the outdoor activity particularly. If you're a runner in the wintertime, you can survive running through the winter and keep up at least a good base of running. How much do you do in the winter time as compared to Summer? It usually stays about the same maybe a little drop off in the summer. I suppose we run 55 to 65 miles a week. And in the winter, it's 45 to 55 depending on the week. If you have questions about running particularly in the winter months now, we invite your calls in the Minneapolis st. Paul area. The phone number is two two seven six thousand 2276 thousand for Minneapolis. St. Paul area listeners outside the metropolitan area within the state of Minnesota or in the surrounding states call us collect in the Twin Cities at area code 612 2276 thousand our toll-free number is tied up with membership week activities today. So we will accept collect calls from anywhere in the region at area code 612 2276 thousand if I am not mistaken, we have a listener on the line already with a question. Go ahead please you're on the air. (00:02:37) Yes. I'm wondering how should I dress to run in the winter if I don't Want to have a lot of different layers that would take a long time to put on and take off afterwards. (00:02:50) Well there there are a couple of theories on that. Usually it's going to take a layer or two to protect yourself. You really just want to cover up the skin to keep keep away from frostbite. You don't really need to overdress though. You don't have to have a lot of clothing. Yeah. We're big Advocates of the polypropylene underwear that seems to work really good the long under the long pants and then the top and then what we do I also like my Gore-Tex running suit over and that's just two layers and that seems to work through the coldest of temperatures it it works great for us. And I know a lot of Runners that just use a their rain rain running suit with a with a second layer underneath it without getting too heavy or too bulky. Two two seven six thousand is the foot her telephone number if you have a question for Alan and Diane page about running today 2276 thousand lines are open and we welcome your calls and we're taking collect calls from those of you outside the metropolitan area. I would think with with the clothing aspect that it would be important to wear something that will keep you relatively warm while you're while you're getting warm and then not overheat you after you have established your pace, right and you start perspiring and such after you get into your into your pay something that's going to absorb all the perspiration under that Gore-Tex running. So that's why the probably polypropylene works so well for us but is what is it? They say a cotton closest to the skin and what our there's a rule with the layers do remember that Alan. I really I believe it is cotton first and then wall or something like that nylon next but I'm as Diane said we are firm Advocates of the polypropylene because while it it Does a reasonably good job of absorbing the perspiration it does an excellent job of insulating the body and keeping the perspiration away from the body so that you do stay warm. Even if you do tend to sweat like I do you get wet and you can't stop it the polypropylene doesn't really good job. Yeah that the extremities of the body happen to be a problem for me in the winter. I get cold hands cold nose and the heat loss through the top of the head is Israel is incredible. So it's real important to have a hat on the top and I resort to a face mask in the winter when it gets really below zero and real raw winds and then I still haven't found the perfect combination for for cold and icy fingertips. I've tried polypropylene Gore-Tex gloves wore gloves. I've tried everything and still have cold fingertips when it's 17 below. So maybe if any of you out there listening have any Solutions for cold hands in Winter running. I'd be interested in hearing from you. Well, there are more listeners on the line where they have Solutions are questions. We shall find out go ahead please you're next. Hello. You're on the air. (00:05:53) Hi. I was wondering I just decided I have to start running but it seems like the wrong time of the year to start something like that is true. But what can I do until spring? (00:06:04) Well, I I have a little bit of an announcement to make about about running this winter. I've just learned that they're opening the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome two days a week for runners and I think this would be just perfect for you pay a dollar you go in on Tuesday mornings. I the times may not be right. Like I think it might be six to eight Tuesday morning and Thursday evening 628 something like that. You pay your dollar you go in and you're in the warmth and it's a cement which is a little bit of a hard surface, but you can start out two and a half laps in there to the mile and you can Kind of start out a winter beginners program. You can go two days a week and just start with half a mile Bill to them. I'll build it to would be a perfect chance for you to build up and I am so excited about indoor running in Minnesota. I'll see you there. I plan to be there every Tuesday and Thursday. All right, let's move on to another listener with a question. Go ahead, (00:07:01) please. Yeah, my name is Byron Moses and I have a two-part question number one. Do you recommend the use of a nutritional supplement to joggers? And also number two what type of supplement would be used or do they recommend if they do use one? Thank you. (00:07:22) Well, I think Diane and I have tried just about every Every form of vitamin mineral that sort of thing and to supplement our diet for running and it seems to me that none of them really help while none of them hurt. I don't know. I've tried almost everything and I'm down to basically won multiple vitamin A day. Yeah. Yeah, I you know, I've seen in all the running magazines bee pollen will make you run faster and vitamin he's going to do this. I've tried them all and I don't know the pollen didn't work for me. My race times didn't go down but I do I take a multiple vitamin and a vitamin C and I think that helps prevent against colds and such. I don't know that any of them improve your running times a lot of nutrition to say that eating a balanced diet is really about the best the vitamin C. Anyway, ten minutes after 12 more listeners are waiting. We also have some lines open at 2 to 7 6,000 if you have a question about winter Fitness for a John and Diane page, go ahead. You're next. (00:08:30) Hi. I'm calling from South Minneapolis. I was wondering I have allergies and do you know if there are any real dangers of running in the bitter cold winter when you breathe through your mouth rather than your nose. I'm unable to breathe through my nose when I'm running, do you know of any dangerous to your respiratory system? Thank you. (00:08:50) We haven't experienced any I know we'd run. We had the pleasure of running one day A couple of years ago when the windchill was 79 below zero and there really weren't any noticeable effects on us. Now. We don't have the allergies. We don't have asthma to contend with anything like that. But you know the air by the time it reaches your lungs has been warmed up considerably from the time you take it in and generally I don't think there's a problem already here is another listener with a question. Go ahead, (00:09:30) please. Yeah. I'm calling from Minnetonka and I run every day for miles and I'm 53 years old. I love it. I see all these people out with these earphones and I'm wondering do you think that's dangerous? (00:09:43) I think it's it's a nice way to try to commit suicide. I think it's particularly when you're running across streets or running on streets with traffic. I think it's just absolutely inviting disaster. Yeah, we're real big Advocates of we use running to relax and we want to get out and smell the roses in quotes as we call it but hearing the geese honking around Lake of the Isles and the birds chirping that's all part of running and relaxing and and I can't relate at all to the to the headphones, you know, one of the problems with the headphones is you're out running and you start paying attention to the headphones and what's coming through the headphones and you stop being concerned with the fact that you're out in traffic in with people, you know up and down curbs that sort of thing and in fact who was at the with the basketball Coach at the University of Oklahoma this past spring was out running with a set of headphones and got injured very badly because he was running along enjoying the music and another car was coming along. He was also running with traffic, which is number one cardinal sin car came up behind him. He swerved duck a puddle and the cars were for some other reason and he almost lost his life, but those kinds of things can happen and I think could be a very big contributing factor to that is the headphones. Our next listener has a question. Go ahead please you're on the air. (00:11:21) Yeah, I'm not a runner. I'm a walker and I'm 65 years old and going strong on every day walking is great. Yes, and I wanted to suggest about keeping your hands warm switching from gloves to mittens. Like one care of light will hand knit mittens underneath and a heavier pair on the top floors walls quite warm both. Will (00:11:49) what both wool. Yes both won't do well. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll try it 13 minutes after 12 Ellen Page and Diane pager with us today. We're talking about running in the winter keeping fit in the winter. And the telephone lines are open to to 76 thousand. If you have a question in other parts of Minnesota or in one of the surrounding states, you're welcome to call us collect at that number area codes 612 2276 thousand. Let's talk about how you cope with some of the Major irritants of winter. We talked a little bit about the cold. How about the snow if you run around the Lakes during the summertime the paths are there and it's safe and you are separated from the cars and separated from the bicycles. But in the wintertime the paths could covered with snow. How do you cope with that? They get covered with snow although the last couple of winters. I think they've done a really good job in Minneapolis of keeping at least a portion of the paths open and that's nice. Although they can't do it to the extent that you don't have a layer of ice and snow buildup. This is not something that I would Advocate but we tend to run in the streets a bit because they're usually a little bit clearer and usually little bit dryer. That's that's a real problem. And when you're running in the street, you have to be extremely careful and I suppose you run opposite traffic via. Absolutely. I see people out running One-way streets around the lakes with their backs to the traffic and I think there's no way that you know, sounds are kind of muted in the wintertime because of the snow that they can hear cars coming up behind them and oftentimes the snow is banked high enough at the cars can't see that far ahead of them and it just doesn't make sense to run with your back to the traffic. And another another problem is cars tend to be a little hostile. They're mad that it's winter tour in Minnesota and we've noticed that the drivers are there called they had to get up early in the dark and get the car started and on their way to work and the visibility is bad and they see runners in the street and they're not pleased about having to share the road with you at all. So I don't know if you should have confessed Elena, but when we sneak into the streets that might get you into some trouble streets are just that much more narrow after having yes Applause. Yeah, that's right. Well, we have more listeners with questions take our next caller. Go ahead, (00:14:19) please after two things that I have found that are good for keeping warm. One my hands. I wear a thin pair of wool gloves under a pair of leather mittens and the Wolf seems to keep me warm in the weather seems to keep the wind out. Another thing that I have really found helpful is to use a scarf. Mohair of usually is what I use and put it just slightly in front of my nose and mouth and what I have found that happens. If I do that is that the air that I breathe is pre-warmed so that I'm not reading any cold air at all through my mouth and that might help the person who's concerned about (00:14:53) allergies. Okay. Thanks for the suggestions. 16 past the hour. Here's another listener. Go ahead, please. Hi, you're on the air. All right, you can try calling back if you like. I guess we missed you two to seven six thousand is the number and we do still have some lines open. We're talking about running in the snow and and some of the problems associated with that. How about traction Under Foot? I I tend to the your footing changes because of the snow and ice a little bit your you're holding back so you won't slip so I get tightness and all sorts of injuries in the winter because I am, you know, my footing changes and so I think that I'm going to try experiment this winter, but I think more stretching might even be more important for winter running because of the you know, you change your astride slightly you change your stride you tend to run more flat-footed so you don't slip so you don't slip and we we went out and bought some Safety treads safety treads something like studded snow tires. We're going to give a try this winter. We've never used them before but we're going to give it a try. We know some people that have tried putting sheet metal screws into the bottom of their shoes and they say that work so it'll be interesting to see how these safety treads whether they do or don't help Alan's a mail-order. Junkie. He said, all right. Well, we have more listeners on the questionnaire on the line was questions. Go ahead. You're next. (00:16:28) Yes calling though to get some more information, please on possibilities of the Metrodome being open for running early in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday does the one dollar admission fee entitled the runner to use of the shower facilities at the conclusion of a (00:16:39) run. I think I think I gave all the information that I have. I know it's past and I know it will start after Thanksgiving and I know it's a dollar but I don't know about the facilities. I don't know either but my my guest is that for your dollar you're going to get to run and that's about it. Right. All right, enjoy listening with a question. Go ahead (00:16:59) please. I don't have a question. I have a comment. Excuse me. I'm not a runner but I am a driver and the reason that we're a little hostile is because it's much harder to stop your car on the pre streets and to avoid being people that are running right where you got your car has to be. Okay? Okay. (00:17:19) All right. We'll take our next listener. Go ahead please. Hi there. Oops. All right, we'll try try and that again there's another call coming in right now. We have lines open it two two seven six thousand two two seven six thousand. I want to ask you what you do when it really is too bitter cold to go out or if there is a blizzard of a couple of three days in duration. I mean after all those things happen occasionally, we've tried a number of things. In fact last year when we had the big snow day snow storm a couple of days after Christmas. We tried skiing. We went out and did some cross country skiing around the Lakes We happen to have some snowshoes and we went out snow showing that during that period as Alternatives though when the weather is just too bad or you just don't feel like fighting another day of the The Ice and the snow we do things like get on exercise bicycles. We happen to have a mechanical rowing machine, which is kind of different kind of fun that that we that we enjoy although the cross-country skiing is something you can do everyday as a substitute for running how many days a week would you say you run during the winter? How many days are in the week? You really do it don't you we're hardcore. Unfortunately, well we have more listeners on the line now. We'll take our next caller. Go ahead please. (00:18:53) Yes. I have two questions. First of all, I'm wondering about keeping the feet warm in the winter warm and dry and then secondly, I'm recovering from some damage to my achilles tendon and it's fine for General activities, but it's all still seems a little stiff in the running and I guess I'm concerned about that as the cold weather sets in as to how to protect that so that you know, the tendon is flexible. So (00:19:20) her Okay, you go ahead. Well, I think as far as the Achilles tendon is concerned certainly any stretching exercises that you may have gotten from your doctor for rehabilitation. I think you should follow through on them. I think you also have to be very careful when running in the ice and the ruts and the snow of not injuring it not re-injuring it or not aggravating it and to the extent that you can either get indoors or substitute for your running. I would suggest that because one of the things that I found about running in the winter is you do do things differently and you have a tendency to to put a lot of additional stress and strain on your on your joints particularly the ankle ankles and knees. Yeah, I don't have a lot of problem with them when Running and jogging in the winter your feet are moving all the time. You never stopping so my feet with just you know, a lightweight wool sock. Stay warm during the whole run. It just didn't regular running shoes. And I guess occasionally my feet have gotten wet and I don't know that there's much you can do about that in a day when you maybe I've generally found that even when my feet get wet. They don't get cold because your move because you're moving all the time and there's the feet are moving and they're they're they're generating enough heat just by the movement. Here's another listener with a question. Go ahead please. (00:21:00) I just have a comment. I used to be a runner and and I usually run in the summer still but I just think it's I don't really think it's all that good for you to be running outside in the winter particularly when cross-country skiing is such a viable alternative and it doesn't seem to have the jolting on your system and the amount Thumb injury that you can do to yourself and safety with traffic is so much better. So I just sort of Wonder, you know, if really people should be encouraged to be running out in the dark, you know, even if you're in an area that there aren't cars around (00:21:38) speaking of running in the dark. I would recommend some kind of either a reflective vest or reflective tape or something to make you more visible that I think that is absolutely necessary. Yeah. Well, I have a couple thoughts one was and the safety during the early morning evening hours in the winter to make it a little bit safer. We we introduced Irv Crest from CBS. So we ran with him Thursday morning and introduced him to Lake Calhoun and with a knife nice northwest wind coming across and I don't think he'd experienced anything like that in Philadelphia running along the rivers. He said that the night before Wednesday night at 11:30. He left his Motel out on the freeway and went and jogged around the old Metrodome and he uses a bikers flashlight, which you showed me, which is a band you put around your arm, and it's got a flashlight and he had it with him also Wednesday morning for when it was dark when you're running and that's that was kind of a neat alternative to reflective tape. I thought how about the other part of her question, which is about the damage that you do it yourself potentially. I don't I don't know that there's that much more damage you get a few aches and pains that are different but I don't know that there's that much more damage to running in the winter as opposed to running in the summer. And as I said before Cross country skiing is certainly a viable alternative and it's a lot of fun and fact, I know a number of people who who run during the summer and do nothing but a ski during the winter simply because of the lack of traction of the last couple of years at least in the Twin Cities area. The the snow hasn't been that good. It's been kind of difficult. This is a you know, it's a diverse world. We live in and Alan and I happen to be compulsive enough about running that we're going to run through the winter that we have a lot of running friends who abandon and start swimming other people love stop running and cross-country ski, I think the point is is that you've got to find something that you can get out and do on a fairly regular basis that works for you and I don't think you know, you should tell people I have to run in the winter. They shouldn't run in the winter. It depends. It's just important that you find something you enjoy doing and you can do it every day or close to every day. As long as you just don't give up and said Back to the old armchair. Oh, that's right. Well, that's that's what we do after we're out right after. All right. We have more listeners with questions. Go ahead. You're (00:24:22) next. I am not a runner, but I'm very curious to know mainly why people are running I go by the lake every day and I see people out there and I was wondering another thing that most of these people seem to be in their 20s and I was wondering if I did start running being that I am over 40, what would be the hazards of that or what should or should not do if I was going to start to run? (00:24:50) Start out. Well first I'd get it. I'd get a check-up. I'd go to my doctor and talk to him about it. But I'd start out the same way. I start I started out at 33 and you start out very slowly and probably with a combination walk jog program. I'd start out by walking the around the lake and you start feeling a little energetic take a few steps jogging until you get short of breath and then walk again that walk jog combination and then you can you know, as you go along over the weeks, you'll feel a little more comfortable jogging for a little bit longer stretch. And then when you get tired walk again that worked great for me and I think that's a the important thing on starting people get injured because they try and do too much too soon. We have an instant society and just go at it very slowly may take you a long time even to build up to jogging a mile, but that's just fine. as far as the attractions of jogging Well, I think everybody gets started for I think they're probably as many reasons as there are people I know I started because I was concerned about my long-term Health right now. That's that's way back when the burner I do it now because I enjoy it some people feel the need to get out and compete. They're just any number of reasons and I like I like George she and thought he said, you know, we're all born with 70 year warranties. And so that we're not in for repairs all the time. You better find out something some exercise that you like and you can do and I keep thinking about his thought about keep thinking. Well, I have a 70 year warranty and I don't want to be in for repairs. So I'll go out and Jog around Lake Calhoun even in the winter. It's 28 minutes past 12:00 Diane page and Ellen Page are here today. Obviously we're talking about Running and we have a couple of lines open to to 76 thousand in Minneapolis. St. Paul and we're also taking collect calls at that number today because the toll-free facilities are tied up with membership week area code 612 2276 thousand and if you like you can call collect. Here's another listener. Go ahead. Please (00:27:03) strawberry active in the winter. And you do a lot of sports. Did you still be doing a lot of jogging? (00:27:11) Well, you know, I think it's that's a function of how much time and energy you have. If you enjoy running even though you're doing a lot of other things then maybe you should do a little bit of running on the other hand maybe for just for the change of pace save your you're running for the the summertime and do the other things during the winter. You concur with that? Yeah. All right. Here's another listener with a question. Go ahead please (00:27:40) I normally run about three to four miles a day 6 days a week through the summer fall and spring this time of year. My program goes out the window because of a cold with a sweat sweat suit, I tend to get cold with the winds in the winter and I'm wondering what you might wear that for cutting that window the stay warm. (00:28:06) Well, we talked a little bit earlier you might not have heard earlier in the show. But what we use is what we think is the ultimate win breaking for us is we use polypropylene long underwear with a Gore-Tex running suit over that and it seems to work really well for us. It seems to work pretty much for any any kind of weather conditions. Also whether it be snowing or extremely windy no matter what no matter what it is now one of the problems with Polypropylene and Gore-Tex running outfits is that it's extremely expensive and one of the things you can do I think you know to cut down the expense is to do two or three layers light layers with an outer layer of some kind of nylon to keep the window. I think one of the try a face mask to I think the wind affects us more you feel the wind chill more when it's hitting you in the face then other parts of your body and I seem to be able to run in the wind a lot better when I have my face covered. I would assume you'd be susceptible to frostbite even though you are moving around in the end. The blood is pumping and all that wouldn't you? There's a degree of susceptibility to that but I don't know it it has to get pretty cold before. I think that becomes a problem and I always even if it's only an extremely thin layer. I always cover the try to keep the amount of Exposed Skin down to a minimal sure. Okay. Another listener is waiting with the question. Go ahead, (00:29:41) please. Yeah, I do some running myself and I don't do too much during the winter. But one of the things that concerns me very much at this time of the year is and later on especially as people that are running when it's dark in the street and I don't know if you've commented on this yet, but I think that it's something that should be discussed and it may be wondering if there's anything being done in particular to Provide some running off Street that's safe and you know without ice and snow and so forth. (00:30:21) Well, you've talked a little about this but to sort of re-emphasize it again. We've touched on it a bit. They do a really decent job in keeping the paths at least one path clear around the around the lakes and that's where we do most of our winter running for those who live reasonably close to downtown. There's a great place to run and that is the Nicollet Mall because the sidewalks on the Nicollet Mall are heated and therefore they're there they may be a little wet, but they're not slippery and that's one of our winter regular runs is going from our house downtown to the mall and back. Yeah, and we also commented on the need for a reflective materials either reflective tape on your running suit, or they've got some fluorescent reflective vests. You can purchase in velcro armbands, and also I commented that Some Runners even wear a Baker's flashlight around their arm one other item for people that find themselves either forced to or inclined to run in the streets. I think Runners have to realize that they don't own the streets that they have to be alert for the cars. They have to stay out of the cars way and it's not all that difficult for the runner to make room for the cars. It's you know, there's enough room for everybody if everybody's careful and everybody's willing to cooperate for some reason. I know Runners at that tend to think the the cars of the problem and won't don't want to cooperate with the with the motorists and I know drivers who think that that the runners of the problem that don't want to cooperate with the with the runners. I think there's room for everybody if everybody's willing to sacrifice just a little bit multiple-use. Yes sharing another another listener with a question. Go ahead, please. (00:32:18) Yeah. I had a couple comments 14 the Snare with the Achilles problem is to put an Ace bandage on I have a little ankle injury right now too. I got it from touch football not from running and I've been running with an Ace bandage in it. It's just fine. The other thing is about slipping in the winter. I have phoned in in my winter running that being afraid of slipping causes tightening up of the striated and causes a greater potential for slipping. So it's I think it's helpful to avoid being afraid of slipping. Also I in the winter. I do change my stride a little bit but not in a way that I caused tightening. I shift my weight forward a little bit. So I'm running a little bit more in a forward feeling fashion. I guess who described it and also I changed my stride a little bit. But what I do is more the motion is from the knee. Now and I'm not using my quadriceps so much to pull my legs up and forward because when I do that, I seemed to lose my traction, but I find that my Traction in the winter running traction is better than walking Track. I seem to slip more when I'm just walking. Thank you. (00:33:40) Thank you for the suggestion. I guess that's an observation that I've noticed also that's easier almost to run than it is to walk. Sometimes speaking of his ankle injury that he got playing touch football. I always thought that game was a little dangerous. All right, another listener with a question. Go ahead please. (00:33:58) All right. I'm on it enjoys running in the winter and summer and probably because as an asthmatic it's a lot easier to run without taking medication and wearing a face mask and my case and probably most so that it's it is a benefit many people's instances and in addition they find person Firing isn't quite as bad in the winter. And so it's to me it's kind of a joy rather than some people would report it to be and you mentioned something about shoes. I don't have that much real problem running but the Old Lace Racers used to take their tires and chew them up a little bit with some kind of instrument. So that on rough surfaces, they would have more traction. I wonder if you could also talk about maybe the injuries in running in the winter of me are they caused by changing terrain running on a fairly solid surface of packs Nolan and finally a slippery spot and not being aware of it. I'm not sure if that's the cause but I look for that when I run and I just wondered if that maybe one of the condition we should watch for. (00:35:09) I think one of the one of the causes for injuries when you're running in the wintertime is the fact that even though you may not be conscious of it or aware of it. You're almost constantly slipping and Slipping on uneven terrains and your body is reacting to that in such a way that it's always making minut adjustments which it doesn't have to during the during the rest of the year have either of you ever taken any nasty spills during the winter. Well, I'd say I took one and it was in the winter of 82 over in the South the northeast corner of Lake Calhoun. And the people I was with thought the ice was going to crack. How about you Diane? Yes, I've taken one or two bad spells in the winter too. It just it comes, you know, they'll be snow over some ice and it's you've been maybe going a long time with without falling and you know, it's when you least expect it and all of a sudden boom you're down and you just have to be you know, thankful if nothing gets broken because boy that is that hurts falling on the ice, and isn't it? Yeah, that's a real problem The Falls. I think the worst thing is when it happens when you're not expecting it you're running along and get go over a snowy spot that has ice underneath it or you're in the dark and you hit one of these glare ice patches and there's absolutely no anticipation of it. And you just you're out there that's happened to me a couple of times. It's frightening and speaking of falling one of the things that we do or we try to do is to run in the winter time with somebody else because if you do fall and you do injure yourself help could you know potentially be a long time coming if you're alone. So if you can I think it's very wise to to go out with either one or two or three or whatever other people but one other thing we haven't mentioned on winter running is just the need still for liquids, even though it's not hot and humid. You still need water. The Fountains are closed down so it's just important to take good glass or two of water before you leave the house in a glass or two when you get back home because you still you know, you still can suffer from the what is it in the winter the the dehydration dehydration and in fact more likely to suffer from it in the wintertime because you think you don't need to take in the water and there are still places where you can pump on Lake Harriet pump on Lake Erie and Eloise Butler flower gardens that wonderful little spring that flows through there and you know, there are other places to get water. I know the the firemen of the the area may not like me, but, you know fire stations are always open, and I think they're generally inclined to be friendly and, you know, allow you to come in and have a glass of water. Okay, 20 minutes before one o'clock Alan and Diane pager with us with more listener questions. Go ahead (00:38:13) please. My name is Jason slatter girl. I'm calling from Inver Grove Heights, and I'm wondering if you should wear leather boots. Tennis shoes in the winter time when you're running. Thank you. (00:38:25) I would think. If you don't have a pair of running shoes, I would think tennis shoes or would be better there more probably a little more flexible for running. Yeah, it depends upon your age and how far you're going. I know our son when he goes out to the park just to run around the park and there's snow out he wears his boots and yet I guess if he was specifically going out just to jog for a mile or so, he'd probably we're jogging shoes or tennis shoes. So depends upon if you just want to run or you want to kind of run and also play in the snow. How about jogging for kids? Do you recommend that? To the extent that they want to to the extent that they enjoy it. I don't I don't think that it's good for kids to one be pushed into it. But to to do it too extreme, I'd be concerned about that. All right, we have more listeners on the telephone with questions and your next go ahead please. (00:39:25) Yes. I have two comments one of them a suggestion to a both of them suggestion. And that's the elastic bands that you put over your shoes or your boots or whatever. It is. You're wearing that have a piece of metal on the bottom with ridges cut into it can do a Monumental amount to prevent you're slipping on the ice or the snow and as well someone that hasn't gone out in the wintertime and done any outside activities at night. I think could be in for a Dickens of a surprise very Surprised at the clear air and if the sky is clear at the stars overhead. I just thought that perhaps there were some people that had never done that that were unaware of what it is that lay in store for them. If they ever did it. I thought it might be of interest to them (00:40:22) that that's what Alan ordered from the from the catalog his safety treads that he ordered. It is a rubber sort of band thing that you put around your shoes with the metal cleats on the bottom. So we'll be trying those this winter and we generally don't run at night we run early morning, but it's still dark and it's one of the things that I found that in the morning when it's still dark the sky is clear. And by the time we get back from our run get cleaned up and we go out the door to go to work. The sky is usually cloudy we were in so early in the morning we can still see the Big Dipper. It is early. All right, here's another listener with a question on running. Go ahead please (00:41:09) I'm calling from Rochester and I'd like to say I think you're real inspiration to many of us around Minnesota. Both of you. I would like to ask how would you say that running has affected your mental health and your general energy level for other activities (00:41:29) very very very positively we have a lot of as I think most people do in today's society. There's just a lot of stresses in our lives and we we use are running to relax to be together and I think it's head us I think we feel better. I think we look better. I think you know all the Bettors. Anyway, it's been it's been really it's been really good for us. It's been good for us. I think emotionally as individuals but also as a couple we've got four children at And sometimes when they're for children around it's hard to find time together and one of the places where we have found. Our time is out on the roads what I don't mean to use all my backlog of quotes today, but I do like George she and I'm inspired by a lot of his running books and he talks about running putting vitality and Playback in his life and George hands in his 60s. And I sort of I sort of feel that way. I'll be 40 in January and I feel like running is put playback in my life, which is kind of a neat thing to have happen. And when you're forty fifteen minutes before one, here's our next caller. Go ahead, please (00:42:57) do you train for a competitive (00:42:59) racing in the wintertime? I think I will use a quote of Diane. Or at least a comment of hers. She calls all of our miles junk miles simply because we go out and plod through the run every day. Whereas in the summertime. We do some speed work. We do some he'll work. We do variations the kind of running we do. Yeah, it's hard to get quality in your runs in the winter because of the footing and the cold temperature so are running the quality of our running is probably better in the spring in the summer and the fall but I think I think these harsh Winters do a favor for you your body needs these rest times from speed work and more intense running. I think everything sort of recuperates during the winter and you need you need these rest. Do you think the community at large would benefit from a winter Marathon? Well, we have one the st. Paul. Oh sure. Yeah the st. Paul. What is it? What's the The Frigid 26? Yeah the frigid. Sir, we haven't run this ain't the same for winter Marathon, but maybe one of these years I will I guess I was thinking of the one that we just had in NE the Twin Cities. Yeah. Yeah, we have another listener with a question. Go ahead, (00:44:17) please. Yes. I'm calling from up near Alexandria and I'm a cross-country skier, but I wear glasses and when I wear a mask and sometimes when I'm wearing goggles to they steamed up and frost up you have any way of preventing the glasses or goggles from frosting over know (00:44:36) we've all I wear glasses also and I haven't been able to find anything that effectively effectively gets rid of the steam in the frost the friends that we have that wear them. They have the same problem and I don't know that there is a an answer to it. We bought some skiing goggles one year that were allegedly exposed to not steamed up but they did I think there's quite a market out there. Somebody could come up with a product that would deal with that stuff you spray on Doesn't help much either family would be it would be wonderful to be able to have something have your glasses on and at the same time not have them look like Frosty windowpane. Yeah, here's another listener with a question. Go ahead, please (00:45:22) hi. I'm calling from Duluth and I have a suggestion about Footwear. We play a lot of broomball up here and I've noticed that the teams which I purchased broomball shoes of improved improved their traction is about a hundred percent and that maybe could be adapted for jogging. (00:45:41) What are the broomball shoes (00:45:42) like? Well, I'm not sure what the soul is made out of the kind of suction cups on the bottom. And if you're against the team which are given to players who have those kind of shoes there and your team has not that other team does have a huge (00:45:55) Advantage Goombas kind of fun Alan and I his Law Firm had a winter party a couple years ago in a plain bun Ballin and that was my first introduction and it first Last but I had a great time with it. I just don't know of any leagues around here locally or teams. I think a couple of the running shoe manufacturers are starting to come out with or soon to come out with shoes designed specifically for winter type conditions. Isn't that the new Nike Escape that singer winter? There is the Nike Escape. There's an Adidas shoe that they've come out with think they're they're starting to realize that there is a market for that sort of thing that we do run up here in the in the cold and snow and in the winter time. We have another listener with a question. You're on the air. (00:46:44) Hello. I'm calling from North Minneapolis. And I was talking to a friend of mine who runs in the winter a lot and he uses Vaseline to keep the exposed areas of his face warm. Have you heard anything about that? And also you were talking about running down? The Nicollet Mall doesn't stopping at every black drive you (00:47:01) crazy. We try and time it but there's a certain Pace you can run going down the mall where if you run that pace and it's not too fast and not too slow. You can lights are timed and you can make every light and but it's really frustrating on days when you don't have your timing down, right? And you do get do you get do get step we do. However, they'll run a lot of times so early in the morning that there's little traffic. So even if it's a red light I shouldn't admit this either but we'll go anyway as far as the Vaseline. I really don't think there's any more mean by exact qualities to vaseline, but that was a good point. I use that a lot of times to it helps the skin it helps against that wind chill. Chafing in the drying effects that the wind can have on the skin and I think it's a good thing to apply to your face. But any warmth you might derive from it I think is mostly psychological. There's no warming properties and Vaseline is there I don't know that it's the warmth with it is the protection from potential frostbite. It's the covering on the Exposed Skin. I know we have friends that use not only Vaseline but various other types of creams and ointments for that purpose and it seems to work pretty good questions about running today on weekend with Alan and Diane page and here's our next listener. Go (00:48:18) ahead and I would like to know is it is it good to run when it's snowing outside? (00:48:27) Sometimes when it's snowing outside, it's really fun to be out especially when it's when it's snowing those big fluffy puffy flakes. It's really kind of like being in a winter wonderland but being a part of it. I find that really enjoyable. Now, there are other times when it's snowing in the wind is blowing and it's like needles in your face, but there are some times when winter running can be and running in the snow can be a lot of fun. Yeah, sometimes when it's there's a big snow coming down. We'll stop on the run and make angels in the snow do that on occasion. So if you ever walking around the lakes and you see these rather large Angel angels, you'll know one maybe a little larger than the other. All right, another listener with the question. You're on the air. (00:49:20) Hello. Yes. I was wondering what would is there any difference between walking fast and running if I'm over the age, but I think that maybe I would qualify as a runner if I walk fast or just walk briskly. What does that do for you? I mean does it do as much as running does for (00:49:39) you in some ways it does more because you're not walking is just so super especially at a Brisk pace. You're not you're not going to be injured like Runners are prone to injuries and your knees and the joints aren't taking the pounding. So I just think it's great. We have a friend who walks all Three Lakes every single day at a Brisk Pace. The only reason a lot of well, not the only but one of the reasons I'm not walking the Three Lakes and I'm jogging is just for children and working outside the home. I don't have the time to walk seven to ten miles a day when I can I can jog but walking is just great. I think you should just keep it up. You're burning lots of calories. If you're doing it at a Brisk Pace can you're not going to get injured you're burning the calories you're getting the heart rate up, which is one of the things that's recommended for exercise sustained increase in the heart rate. And if you enjoy walking which I do on occasions then I think that's that's the thing that you should be doing, you know running isn't for everybody and it shouldn't be for everybody. I think the diversity of exercise A diversity of athletic Endeavors and I can't I would include brisk walking in that is what makes life fun. It's seven minutes before one o'clock time. For more questions. You're on the air. Go ahead please (00:51:08) Diana's is Jim first on I'm president of the association and I heard you had some questions about running in the dome. So fill you in a little bit the program will Start at earliest Tuesday before Thanksgiving and most likely the first week of December and we'll be running Tuesdays and Thursdays and we'll be alternating times either 729 in the morning or 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening will be $1 time coming in and people will be able to run on The Concourse area in the Metrodome and they'll be sort of two lanes one for a fast lane for people who want to do fast work and then a lane for people who are just in there to either walk or run. (00:51:54) Thanks for calling in. Jim. One of the questions from one of the caller's was wondering about the facilities whether we'd be able to change in the (00:52:01) Metrodome. There are two restrooms one for men and one for women and that's the owners of the only facilities are available. (00:52:08) Well, we're all really excited about it about the running indoors and in thanks for all your work on getting that passed. (00:52:16) Thank Mark Kaplan and also the people at the dome for For making it possible and they're all excited about it. And we really happy to see the people (00:52:26) great any chance it'll get expanded to more than one morning and one evening a (00:52:30) definitely if the response is therefore this is basically a trial which is trying to see what the interest level is and a lot of people have already mentioned the noon hour and it's possible. It's just a matter of we want to make sure it's going to be done right and get it done. Well the first time around so we'll give it a try and see what the responses (00:52:50) Jim how hard on my legs is that concrete and they're going to (00:52:53) be not any harder than slip-sliding away. I mean because you've got concrete underneath you and you're running outside to during the winter. It's sort of muffled by the snow and ice but it won't be any worse for you than it would in the turns are very gradual in there that it's not like running on an indoor track where your you're putting a lot of stress on your ankles and your (00:53:15) knees you have any idea how many people you can (00:53:18) accommodate Looking at about two to three hundred maximum at this point per time, but it's over to our span. So it's a big Concourse area, and there's room for about five or six people across and we had all sorts of wild estimates as to how many people are actually going to show up, but I think two to three hundred would probably be our maximum one time. (00:53:45) Thank you, and thank you very much for calling for minutes before one o'clock Diane and Alan pager with us. We have another listener with a question, and we might be able to take a couple more at to 276 thousand. So if you have a question and trying to get an earlier, and weren't you might try now, go ahead, please you're next. Hi, you're on the air. We'll just make sure really unstable. Oh, I see. Alright, I couldn't quite make that out. All right, three minutes before they are here's another listener. Go ahead, please. (00:54:20) Yeah, you're on and I was wondering if what if they have theater addicted to jogging by dragging maybe perhaps we better to cross-country ski or something. That's (00:54:33) all. Well I wouldn't say that we're not addicted. That's for sure. We're as compulsive as as anybody. We have Cross Country Skis and probably should do more variation, but we enjoy running so much that that's what we do. Maybe I should just say the best thing about running in the winter. The best thing about running in the winter is coming in from the Run boiling a cup of hot chocolate opening the New York Times in sitting down with a blanket reading the paper and sipping hot chocolate. That's the very best thing about winter winter running very nice. We have time for another caller. Go ahead, please you're on the (00:55:12) air. Yes. I'm from Saint Paul. I'm sorry if I missed the answer to this question, but I like to run outdoors in the cold weather and I'm wondering if there's an area that were the sidewalks are clear in the snowy icy weather in the st. Paul area around the Midway (00:55:28) District G. We are not st. Paul experts and we're not but you know what I think would be for the listeners. I think it might be smart to call the Park board's and in both cities to find out what's being plowed in the winter because I think you know the park board's will know and and that's what I would do, you know in Minneapolis. They do the Lakes. They also do Minnehaha Park Way Fair portion of that and I would think that the Park Board in st. Paul would be able to tell you where to go. Alright, it's two minutes before one o'clock. I want to thank both of you very much for coming in and visiting with us today about keeping fit in the wintertime and jogging activities. Thank you Bobby. You better run this afternoon. I'm I'm going to take the Fifth Amendment Alan and Diane page Our Guest today on weekend.


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