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Gubernatorial debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters with the cooperation of Common Cause of Minnesota, held at the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center on the Macalester campus. First of three debates being held. This one features the DFL incumbent Governor Rudy Perpich, I-R nominee Al Quie, and American Party candidate Richard Peterson.

Panelists are Dana Schroeder, co-publisher of the Grant County Herald; Arv Johnson, WCCO Radio government correspondent; and Ted Kolderie, executive director of the Citizens League, a non-partisan public affairs research organization in the Twin Cities.

The moderator is Helene Borg, president of the League of Women Voters.

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Good evening live from Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota Public Radio presents the debate between the major party candidates for Governor of Minnesota. This program is made possible with a financial assistance for the Saint Paul fire and Marine Insurance Company. This is Bob Potter speaking tonight is the first of three debates sponsored by the League of Women Voters with the cooperation of common cause of Minnesota on Monday and Wednesday nights of next week, the major-party candidates for the four year and 6 years Senate seats will appear here at the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center on the McAlester campus tonight's debate feature is the dfl incumbents governor Rudy perpich. IR innomine the alqua and American Party candidate Richard Peterson. The moderator is Helene board president of the League of Women Voters. Each candidate will be allowed a 2-minute opening and closing statement. They will be questioned by a panel of three people representing print journalism broadcast journalism and the publicTonight's panelist are Dennis Schroder co-publisher of the Grant County Herald are of Johnson WCCO radio government correspondent and Ted Coterie executive director of the Citizens League nonpartisan public affairs research organization in the Twin Cities. The land Borg has begun opening the debate and explaining some of the ground rules and let's go to her as a moderator. Stand on the issues and we ask that they direct their remarks to the issues. No references of a personal nature will be tolerated a man's public record may be examined, but not his character. The League of Women Voters and common cause are issue-oriented organizations. We neither support nor oppose any candidates We hope that what you here tonight will give you a better understanding of their views and that debate 78 will help you cast a more informed vote when you go to the polls on November 7th. This is the first of a series of three debates of the are being sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Minnesota with the cooperation of common cause Minnesota the participants in these debates will be the candidates from the three major political parties. The ones that got at least 5% of the vote in the last general election. We've asked them to meet here on three separate nights to be questioned by on the issues by group of panelist. The palace to will conduct the tonight's questioning of the gubernatorial candidates are a citizen representative Ted couldry executive director of the Citizens League a member of the electronic media are Johnson broadcast journalist for WCCO radio and a representative of the print media Danish Raider co-publisher at the Grant County Herald. The ground rules for the debates are as follows. Each candidate will make a 2-minute opening statement. The order of which was determined by draw shortly before they came out here the panelists will then begin the questioning. Our candidates answer is limited to up to 2 and 1/2 minutes if they wish the other candidates May respond to the same question, but must not exceed 1 and 1/2 minutes if time allows after several rounds candidates will field general questions from the panel. The candidates will then make a 2-minute closing statement. I'd like to request that you observe the time limits carefully as moderator. I must stop you at the end of the time allotted and in order to get in as many questions as possible if the audience will withhold Applause until the end of the evening. Thank you. And now I'd like to introduce to you the candidate who by virtue of the draw will lead off the opening statements. Mr. Peterson the American Party candidate for governor 2 minutes. Thank you. I'm Richard Peterson candidate for governor. I'm running on the American party ticket because I believe that it's the only party worthy of support the only Christian oriented party with a permanent principles and platform. I'm running for governor because I feel that neither of the other two candidates will bring any change for the voter from the past of socialist spending with those huge taxes and people controlled and the anti-business attitude. That's so prevalent here in the states which drives industry in jobs away this Administration in this state and mr. Clean Congress as well have been promoting excessive spending socialism and government control of both business and people the infringement of citizens rights are property has awakened many people to the power grab now going on during this turkey used 20 years in Congress. He's been a supporter and promoter of the federal aid to education and unconstitutional acting himself. He promoted vigorously the irresponsible waste of time money and energy in the undesirable unconstitutional and even illegal busing for race. Balance, mr. Promoted pro-communist United Nations organization and one world government voting our tax dollars to help our communist enemies some ten years ago. He even advocated given control of our military to the United Nations as well as finances for it which shows that he places the UN Charter above the US Constitution. Mr. Perfect took seemingly little interest in the reserve mining case until election time around then he helped preserve win a case before the pollution commission Reserve was said to be on the verge of closing their plan because of the great cost of facility changes demanded by PCC. It would have exceeded the profit for very many years. There's been a deluge of attacks against both business and individual Freedom during the last two Administration, but don't expect to change for mr. Q u r. Mr. Perfect. Mr. Clean is promoter all the same type of socialist policies at the federal level, and he's not likely to bring a significant change. Only the American party has taken a consistent stand against socialist bureaucracy and it's encroaching infringement of personal rights. Only. The American party is Christian oriented with personal principles and platform for Peterson next to speak will be mr. Perfect Democrat farmer. Labor Party candidate. I'm proud of what we've accomplished in Minnesota since I became Governor, this is a great state and we're working hard to make it even better. We both know if state government and made a truly accessible to the media and to the people never before in history has the office of governor and so open never before has a media and the public been able to view the decision-making process from beginning to end. This is truly an open Administration in the public knows it every major program is obtaining input from the public or what should what should be done. We're cutting red tape and we're reducing paperwork. We're also cutting the cost of state government without sacrificing the quality of any state Services. We've also made a lot of progress and easy the tax burden a Minnesota citizen before Proposition 13 became an issue. I want property tax relief totally more than three hundred and five million dollars this year the legislature made additional Cuts in the income tax and other taxes. The result was 105 million dollars in tax relief. I will do everything in my power to obtain additional $366 tax reduction for 1979 and other my priorities as Governor has been achieving decent jobs for more minnesotans. I am pleased to report that has grown by 187,000 jobs. The last 21 months in our unemployment rate is at 3% a record low rate as Governor. I promise the people Minnesota I would open up government cut down on waste reduce taxes expand jobs and do everything else. I could improve the quality of life in our state. I've kept that promise and I intend to do the same for the next 4 years. Thank you concluding the opening statement is an independent Republican Party candidate. A recent issue of Newsweek magazine. There was an article that's entitled crazy Rudy vs. Stalin Hale and the preference is quoted in there and saying the people vote for me he says because they have no reason not to us some good reasons why people should not vote for Rudy purpose and vote for Al quie the began with the deal it was made make mr. Perfect the governor and Anderson the senator and I read from July 1976 in the Minneapolis Star July 23rd for says lieutenant governor Rudy purpose said yesterday that he would agree to a plan to become governor in a point Wendell Anderson to Walter Mondale send it to you. Monday is elected to the Senate said that he talked to Anderson about the possibility. But Anderson had not made up his mind. He said he talked with Anderson about the senate seat in New York on the afternoon of July 15th that they Mondale pick Carter as his running mate. I'd say that was poor judgment to make that determination. The second question is what finally has occurred with the legislative audit commission since April 5th, the legislative audit commission made their formal report and the working papers. Haven't been made available Rudy Perfect by The Sovereign right of being governor of the state of Minnesota can make those things and order them to be made public they were given to him and he could release them himself or he could go to judge Godfrey and fulfill his requirement that he could lay it before him to determine if there was anything they should be confidential. I expect most appropriate to announce pretty soon that he's going to make them open. I believe that the necessary to do. So the people of the state to know. Can you call it open this in government? If we don't even know what the working papers for the legislative audit tuition shows to the people. Thank you and Schrader, would you please begin the questioning? Governor perpich the construction of the UPA CPA high voltage power line through Western and Central Minnesota has resulted in problems on all sides in the controversy Powerline companies estimate the vandalism and construction delays on the line. That's far will cost electric consumers more than 100 million dollars over the financing. For the line incidents of vandalism along the line continue. Even if the line is being energized for testing a Polk County Grand Jury has recently issued a new series of indictments against Powerline protesters and construction company employees counties in the state of head to observe thousands of dollars in power line related law enforcement expenses and large numbers of rural residents seem to have lost faith in governmental institutions at the same time proposals for new power lines and pipelines are under consideration in other parts of the state. What do you think went wrong with your approval and sighting in this line? What do you think the state should do differently and dealing with future power lines and pipeline? Well a number of things that occurred in the thing of legislative session changes were made so that no longer would state lines example have preference over agricultural lands that was changed my long. I think it future sightings that there will be more use of section lines and also much less diet a dangling legislature has very thorough hearing me the number of changes in the in the law. The lion is going up north of course, which was cited after the first I think everyone's experience from the line that going in for Western Minnesota the line going up north at verse 3 issue problems and faxing is only one or two maybe that are in court and then line goes all the way from the metropolitan area into Canada. And so With the changes made in the law the recognition by many more people know of the need to get more local and input in the fact that we did spend a lot of time getting that input. I think will be very helpful. Also, the abandonment of the railroad lines is another Factor we will be able to have a long-term study and also recommendations if those lines have the same save for future again for railroad transmission lines or whatever the case may be the federal government to finally has made some changes as you know, so we couldn't go along the Federal Highway System in Lantana Congress. They made those changes that should be made long time ago so that we could use him for the highway right of ways for those line. So they're far more many more options now and there were when that line was Mister Queen, would you like to comment on this question is to run any type of power line or crude oil pipeline along already set aside access ways. There would have been no problem. If that why I have been run alongside I-94 and the Cooperative power companies indicate that they could have built it there. I'm pushing to get the crude oil pipeline. If it does come from the south to go alongside the railroad and are they won't affect the tile Line running low on Dundee Farmers along that way, but the question I believe is how you resolved differences like that. That's the purpose went out to talk to the farmers, but he didn't get anything resolved. You can't just talk to one side and then the other if you have been listening, he would have heard that the farmers were saying exactly the same thing. The government has been saying you can't run it over are Lyle and a farmer has been saying the same thing in order to resolve what you can't just go talk to you need to also make certain that you're finally bring them together when I was in your house that time. Bring those Farmers over to talk to the power company. He can't talk to both sides have to finally bring them together with each other the finally resolve their differences and that expense and that war is going to continue and Western Minnesota because of failure and resolving the differences. Mr. Peterson, would you care to come and I believe that the situation developed in the controversy of the irresponsible use of are they giving out by the legislature and what the administration's approval of the right of eminent domain to go out through the farmer's land with it without his permission. In fact against his his decisions and I think that that should be stopped what can be done about it at the moment. I don't know as they are both saying it should be avoided in the future. I think it was irresponsible to put it across a farmer's land when there is public lands at those lines could go through where they wouldn't be objectionable to the people who own the Land There is a tendency for the government to usurp people's private property and consider the farmer's land as public domain and I don't believe that Proper. I don't think I think the farmer is just as much right to determine what goes on in his farm and with his land as we do in our city land and I think we've been ignoring the farmers and the public rights in this case. Mr. Cory. Would you like to ask a second question? Cracks between people are puzzled. How many great reduction in public expenditure can be accomplished without perhaps any more pain and difficulty than been suggested in the campaign today. And this may be a special education which accounts for such a large percentage of the state's budget. I think we're all familiar with some areas of life. Where were getting some cost reduction. So the cost of flying is coming down the cost of healthcare is being slowed but some by some of these Health maintenance organization, but these kind of cases 7 remake the point that does some really do they make they don't come without some really drastic changes in the way things are organized operator and a frequency means that all of us have to accept somewhat greater delay and congestion inconvenience. It sometimes means we have to do more things for ourselves. We find ourselves pumping your own gas. And sometimes the professional staff has to be reduced in the process. I guess. I'd be curious to know whether You see this sort of major change needed also in public systems as opposed to just a simple business of reducing waste that everybody agrees on do you have any idea what these kinds of free fundamental drastic changes in ecosystems might be or generally accepted for proposals for changes at this sort if they should be brought forward people what they have up to this time and doing for themselves not education. I would leave from that. We've always been paying for education of the public site except for a percentage of private education. When you look at education's needs and problems out there. We see the achievement is not what people want is yet. I look at this as an opportunity with declining enrollments to improve education in the state if we continue to spend just what we're doing for us and within the next 5 years of declining enrollment at 20% You can then have smaller classes and more individual attention given to the students at the school and then we will see them. Keeping more was shorter, then reduce the cost on welfare and some of the other expenditures of government later on as I look at the knees to cut down on the cost of government. What I noticed is that in this biennium, there's been a 26% increase in spending which is double inflation. What's not increase it any faster than inflation stay within the present expenditure and then we can cut taxes substantially text package of cutting taxes is that we could cut the taxes without hurting it was necessary services within the state. I laid out that program. My tax program is different than a year earlier 1979 said the 1980 it provides indexing so that we will make the offset against inflation and automatic text that eats your dogs that inflation and secondly was going to provide that everybody is going to get a tax cut those who are on the low income as well. He leave 20 mm out of his what mine would do is to reduce the taxes to the brackets were they were in 1874 not believe those things can be done. We need to make the changes in state expenditures and begin with the best way is to appoint people to government who have the ability to manage those officers resident selected because of any political affiliation they have that's been the problem in this Administration do much appointment of people who are friends in the political sent. You need to pick people by the highest capability to run the government and then we can hold it so that they'll make only the expenditures are absolutely necessary to provide the services that the people need. Mr. Peterson, would you care to come and think that the tax situation that we have the only honest tax reform that any of us can expect is got to be achieved through reduction of of spending itself and especially elimination completely a waste and I personally believe that the idea of using the same amount of money in the education system when we have a declining enrollment meaning that we're spending more money to educate children per student, then we were before when already the private education systems have proven to be able to do this at significantly reduce the amount of money and I think it is the taxes must be reduced. The only way you're going to reduce taxes is reduce spending not keep on spending at the same amount and then talk about a tax return reduction. It's irresponsible to talk about tax reductions when you don't reduce the spending eliminate waste Pitch Perfect Call Minnesota courses on a cash basis law in the federal government isn't from that's a part of the problem that we do have inflation more than any other reason federal government just Jeff's it spends. They can borrow it to go 5 billion or 50 billion dollars into debt. They just borrow their income tax. Of course at the $20,000 level on the wait, one week jr. Family of 4 is double with state taxes. And of course we don't have any index in your head and indexing on the federal level in the Minnesota. We have been very very responsible with reduced taxes in 1977. We reduce taxes 1978 begun into the pool area waste of mismanagement by reducing our projected reduction of about 54 million dollars. And so I and also for a budget for seeing if they have to live within the budget of this year and inflation that don't have to make adjustments was in this budget. So we're acting very responsibly we are not promising the moon and saying we're going to do all these things and still have this massive tax cut. So I'm proud of education system in Minnesota, and I know that we have to make some adjustments in the in the formula and we'll hopefully we'll be able to discuss that later. Hey, mr. Johnson. Would you ask a question, please? You're competing here with a couple of pretty well-known man with long experience in government. Rudy perpich was a state senator lieutenant governor and governor for a couple years now Queen in the legislature in a long time and Congress weed. We're not as well acquainted with you. Why don't you tell us a little bit about Rick Peterson and tell us how you would Define your qualifications for the job. Very well. I wasn't expecting that is a campaign issue but I'm an electronic engineer 53 years old married living in New Brighton. I've lived in Minnesota. All my life was born in Minnesota except for some years. When I worked as an engineer in Texas. I've been involved in government study of government and government classes for several years, but was hearing in Texas. I've been involved in studying the actions of the legislature of the state of Minnesota and well as the laws are there come through with it as in it, as a means of analyzing the actions and the infringement of the rights of people and the infringement of their rights and I written quite a bit on it through my private papers, Minnesota review. And that's basically the background of the of the situation. I find that because of the anti-business attitude that I have seen in analyzing the legislation that has gone out of a state and the actions that they have taken at the state Administration level concerning Reserve mining as well as the Minnesota tree controversy bwca. The other infringement of people's property rights and the tax the unreal tax assessments and And charges that we've had that I felt that there was a big need for someone to get into would do something other than either of the other two parties offer a change because they both offer essentially the same thing both of them fell in the IRS run from the top down by the same Fleck and I don't see there's any any difference and there's no chance of getting a choice for the voter unless you put somebody in that's different than that. It has a different philosophy. The American party is the only party that has the philosophy department and principles that I could feel comfortable with and that's the reason I decided to go. I guess a question is a question. Mr. Perfect. You want to comment on this one? Minnesotans are really the state has become a model for the nation and many many areas in education that we make a real investment education and we have a lower dropout rate the 9th or 10th grade in any state in the Union 77% of young people who wanted to post secondary education educational system per second in the nation. And in the area of violent crimes has 1/2 the national rate. In fact the first six months of this year. It's hurting for the reduction of 12% And it said I think very significant that we received the award from National Association on crime and delinquency riding on the best criminal justice systems in the United States and Anna per capita basis. We spend Operator correctional facilities in any state in the Union and so I said there's a direct relationship there and people by the way live longer than Minnesota. I think I only know why do people live longer than so we had we are known for their deficit spending and try to get a handle on what's going on in Washington. So I don't think we should be put in the same category but the same Pawn Washington open up the legislative audit commission working papers yet. So the people can see what's going on cuz I think that's the biggest issue right now in the state then we haven't heard from you and I believe they ought to be open and you have the Sovereign power to be able to do it. Well, we have them. I have the most open government in the United States. Everything is open Mystic. We you can come into my office right after this program and I'm requesting you and I will drive you there. You can go into any drawer of my desk right there any file cabinets. It's okay with you. We have open government completely in Minnesota in the audits the commission that's a part of the legislative process and you're aware of it as well. As I am that the Republicans on that commission tomorrow morning. And that stuff to you and so let's try. Converse McQueen mini small declining enrollment rural school districts seem to be moving toward cooperation with neighboring School in this movement has been largely locally initiated the cooperation takes the form of sharing faculty and administrators sharing specialized facilities that use computers and vocational education facility and even transporting students between school, although experience with these types of efforts is limited. They can result in substantial cost savings along with increased educational offering all without massive consolidations. What incentives do you think the state should offer to encourage this type of cooperation among school districts and does your plan for educational Finance include such incentives? Yes, it certainly does. I believe that we ought to recognize the sparsity of population in some areas and also recognize an important factor in education the clothes that students can stay late to their parents the better education. They'll have been in the NFL ementary school specially if we ought to make certain that they stay close to the parents so they can be involved in the betterment of the education of the children take for an example was I worked on title one of the elementary and secondary Education Act is my amendment that required a parent advisory committee at every school that's entitled one provide remedial education disadvantaged children. The same thing is true in our rural parts of the state of Minnesota. We should not Mandy consolidation the study of that was done by dr. Jonathan sure for the National Institute of Education station to to think it increase the cost and reduce the achievement and that's why we ought to help in every way with financial assistance to the school to make certain that they can stay open and provide the location to the children if they would keep that what your remaining is needed for the students to be able to stay calm close to their parents and for their education decision making of the people in the local school district, they know best there's no way that we can know better from a long ways away and then Saint Paul and the State Department of Education and has to be in the hands of the people on the local school district and I am impressed by their effort now provide the cooperation within the schools for my friend since the language teacher to travel from school to school rather than try to transport all the children go where the language teacher is. And that's the kind of progress that we should be making for the education of the children of the state of Minnesota important to the future of the state that each He'll learn to the fullest of their ability that they have that opportunity is early with in their life as possible. And also when they haven't I think we ought to give the opportunity for you in the basic education needs within the secondary school. That's the problem now is we assume that all kids should learn it in the Elementary grades some didn't some mature slower. Let's give them an opportunity also be able to learn all the aspect from the basics on even with in secondary education system. Mr. Peterson consolidation of school seems to be in conflict in Miami and with his record in Congress. HR 15 is a blueprint for giving Federal control to the local governments to the local school district taking control by the federal government and it would take away the control of the local school district by the parents and it's my opinion that the parents are the ones who who The right and the duty to educate their children to determine what the children would want and to pay the bill for it. I don't believe that federal education aide education is constitutional in the first place. There is absolutely no provision for educational aide in any form in the Federal Constitution in article 10 says that all powers and Authority not delegated by this constitution to the federal government are reserved to the states or the people and that does not spell out anywhere that there's authority to involve itself in a dredge acacian. Furthermore. I think the the education system should be self-sustaining. It should be paid for by the people who use it and it should be seen to it that they get the most for their daughter in the private education system that we have here in the cities is one of the reasons there. I gather that the doors are declining enrollment in public school, and that's because they do a much better job. They do a much better job of educating for the dollar than the than the public education system does and they're still burdened by the sea. In public education tax system. Hey, mr. Perfect to study and that recommendation. We going to the legislature and they are worth looking at sparsity or what is the minimum number of teachers you need in one of those smaller schools to maintain a program also a change as far as the level of funding at the present time. It's the funding is one unit 4 1 through 6, + 1.4 + more will probably change that and get Martha Sissa into the one through six. I also they experienced or mature staff let there be a formula adjustment for mature staff as we have a number of our School District transportation and I hope to recommend the next legislative session a special effort be made and drop off some of our other minorities as I said earlier we have when the lowest Dropout rates in the nation overall nice or 12th grade, but we do have some problems and Sample and Metropolitan. We're nice with 12. So we have approximately 51% drop out of the young and I think we have to address that problem. Also, the gifted not make recommendations for the gifted children also, and so I'm we had over the past years made adjustments in that formula and I seen the sisters do it again, especially in Minnesota where there's so many miles from New York. State Minnesota as far as sparsity and then when you get into the suburbs, of course, she went to her staff and we'll have to make those recommendations and change it. Mr. Call Lauri Peterson School District school districts property tax base. Does that bother you at all? When you think about the kind of education children? I have not really because the amount of money that we have today just sufficient to educate our children. If we don't have to pay these high taxes and the subsidies that are paid for by our governments. The reason that people are short of money and the reason that government school cost so much is because they're very extravagant and wasteful education systems have been shown to be in private education both here in another state that they are they are very much private education is much more economical and much more productive then then the government schools and still it Ramones to the fact that the parents of the students have the desire have the duty and the right to determine what their children are taught and to pay the bill as well. garbage turn the long way in Minnesota to try to make that make some adjustments Back in 1970. We had we are relying on property taxes and property tax for increasing 18 to 21% a year at the at the time and also we had some school districts that good programs in many programs really others that were just financially we're unable to provide the type of programs are necessary in a governor Anderson's that leadership is that point a change was made we went from Reliance on a property tax to the ability to pay and then also increase the aid that from the state to the local subdivisions as a result of the property taxes have been held down in Minnesota the 50 states only Utah's had a lower rate of increase and we have in Minnesota and the process of doing a better job of helping those districts that financially run able to provide the programs. I recognized and it's The other way by that action of some of the better school districts have had a lid really placed on them. And so I'm as we mentioned earlier. So the recommendations next legislative session will make those adjustments and hopefully we can maintain a high quality of Education Minnesota and still not put the pressure on the property taxes if they're willing to pay for a good education and I thought it interesting in a recent Minnesota poll, which indicated that a strong as the desire is for a tax cut within the state 62% of the people said if it meant a cut and education they did not favor the tax cut now We heart it a beautiful position of the state today or we just continue at the level that we work and then provide for improved education because of declining enrollment of the way the state legislature has provided the state age and any school district that has declining enrollment there is going to be a greater. Lots of money and that would say can make up for it by dropping off teachers practically twice as many teachers have to be dropped off in order to make up for the money that the number of students 20 students receive. Any amount of money is Love. Therefore. I believe that we should change the Fate age do Ida caitian. So we recognize a face that cost of education so it's cool that are small can remain open provide the education for the children for the largest school districts substantial declining enrollment in the next five years for the most severe severe harm will be made through education improved education by keeping the people who are educated and prepared to teach an art teaching to be able to have greater individual attention will each student. Ask the people why they send them because they want more individual attention for their children. That's the basic reason other than other religious reasons. Mr. Johnson, another question most widely publicized some days with the possible exception of the VIP visits over the weekend hasn't had the full treatment yet. And I think the people that want to say more about those working papers the governor of the independent Republican effort involving you directly in a problem with shows may have Arisen before you took office. Dude. You have a feeling you were handed a bit of a can of worms in this thing off or not. We cooperated fully in that audit. We have lamented every recommendation that was suggested. All of our records are course are completely open open to the press and open to anyone that's interested. And so I think that we have responded. Out of commission itself course has their own working papers. But as far as the records and our office, everything has been open and I have requested Audits and every Department of state government. And so I feel very comfortable with the openness that we have and in state government. That's the purpose ask for a the audit of the upper Great Lakes Regional development commission. Not the governor's office. As a state auditor has told me and as they began the audit and finally published the brief report on April 5th of 1978. They found gross mismanagement the other part and why haven't the working papers been made available. You can kiss Rudy the people out there want to know and have a right to know there is no law that has been sighted yet in the court cases that prevent the working papers being made available to the press. And as I said you I checked with attorneys I checked thoroughly now to find out how can the governor release those papers and I find out under the state law in The Sovereign power of the governor. They can three ways you can you can order early. You can pick the working papers as they were given to you you had to look at those if you're gonna make me Changes in the governor's office and release them yourself. Don't blame it on ash back and Pillsbury release it yourself or the third one. You could go down and follow judge Godfrey's order and say if you have any concern at the other thought process of the Auditors before anything was done in confident. You can do it in front of him and he'll make the determination as a judge. Now. We know why all the investigation that I've made and talked with Auditors and none of that was done in confidence. Mr. Peterson completely familiar with it as much as metric we as but I think that it's an example of an incident where the extraordinary amount of money that's being handled by this by this agency is sort of a Temptation for misappropriation of funds tomorrow more than it should be in the requires a far better control over the handling of the money and clothes are controlled by the governor's office of all the actions that go on there. The governor has been in control of it or should have been and I should have caught it before this situation occurred. Now, let's try a little different approach and have some quick questions with the candidates each limiting their answers to just one minute. Okay with Dennis Rader currently the legislators charged with the duty of reapportioning itself. Would you favor a Constitutional Amendment which would remove the job of reapportionment from the legislature and transfer it to a non-legislative bipartisan Commission? Who is she at? Mr. Peterson. Yes. I think the reapportionment of the legislature should be done by someone some method that wouldn't result in the gerrymandering that happened the last time where the bordering districts Crossovers and watch the people don't even know what district they live in I think it is one man. One vote rule has gone that the carried away and gotten away with it. Then it got in some pretty illogical. Borderlines that wander around as though they were drunk. I would favor a in a nonpartisan commissioned to do that commissioned to reapportion the I think could be as much time as it has previously after I wouldn't take as many court actions in the process. If there are people that are dissatisfied you can always make an appeal to the court. I have experienced as member the legislature reapportionment and I know what a long and how many hours it takes and how much time it takes away from the legislative process and feel that much like my appointments commission has been very very helpful and the same thing. Commissioner reapportionment Mystic we I strongly support the league and the common cause for recommending such a nature a legislator is bound to look at some way of protecting his own district for he's been putting his effort into getting re-elected and therefore cannot look at it this way open way as a betterment of the state or the congressional districts more closely follow the other political subdivisions people then could have a better understanding of the district in which they live because people don't usually think of a book rather the county or the municipality and you can make the adjustment of the Lions we have that is the main purpose with a one-person one-vote rather than the best interest of the legislators are trying to get a better. For the wrong blood at the party. Some of the things that it would take up your next 3-4 years, if you're elected, we'll just kind of come at you and then there's the business of reducing taxes or expenditures so that we talked about a lot but beyond that can you tell us from the studies you've made that you see coming from the planning agency and other places. What did what seemed to be the three or four things that Minnesota has really got to do over the next few years. What what are the initiatives you want to take the major things you'd like to accomplish. You know say excluding the attacks of continuing in the job climate that we've been doing in the past two years. I think that's it for too long of the handicapped have been captives really captures and her own homes. And I think that that's been major effort in behalf of the handicapped education. I was a real crisis in the 1980s as far as the enrollments and we have to with his studies that are being conducted at 8:40 to study and also the local planning and the regional Planning by the schools will have to address that problem. Also the government itself management of government. I think it's too many departments. We have so many divisions and we should try to make some calls and I could do most Economic Security and we're talking about to take our department. Where is human rights of a major department then? I guess I'm out of time, but that's some major area yet. Also, because taxes are such an integral part of improving the business climate. I'll even drop that off as I look at the needs of the people state of Minnesota is they need more of a voice in their government. I'm going to try everything I can to get initiative and referendum in the state of Minnesota V going to have a way of getting out the government when the legislature has been too responsive to the man anything that they wanted in the past we look at the conflict is going on within the state of Minnesota. We need to give people an opportunity to get their ideas and theories across take for instance the use of eminent domain. It was once intended to be able to do something that the public wanted if there's one recalcitrant person that stood in the way now eminent domain seems to be using to be forcing all the way halfway across the state in some cases without ever finding out if that's the way To the people at all. The people are the source of all power and it should be not some people who have gotten a great deal of power because their legislative party there are their political parties. I got to everybody on his own. Mr. Johnson. You want to try one more question? I think it's time for about one more. How do you think the veto power can be used at the governor off to be looking at each bill and making a determination and their legislature watch Governor's before on a veto example for double their salary and provided for a substantial pension for them that they get vesting in 6 years. A governor. I believe you should a veto that Wendy Anderson have the courage The veto such a bill to repeal the property tax freeze on senior citizens. I don't see why you wouldn't be till that built. Everything shouldn't go through. No, that's the Judgment. I talked about in the beginning that judgment that has been made on the legislation the you had an opportunity. I know that there's a lot of power with the dfl. You should be able to stand up to them and say we're not going to have any laws that don't provide for fairness and Equity. I asked you to veto that campaign financing bill that gives twice as much money to the dfl is the Republicans receive. Mr. Peterson support the initiative referendum and the recall. I personally believe that both initiative referendum give the people of Chariot race in the legislature. But in the laws that gets passed but I think that the politician the public servant who is elected should be standing on his record sufficiently that if he does antagonize the public he can be recalled. I personally think that Senator Anderson would not have been a senator anymore if he had been if we had the power recall. It has work in other places. It's a very important thing to consider and the other subject Mystic we brought up. How about the the legislation? I am afraid. He stole my line. I can't. I can't argue with this position on that one. I have worked very closely with the legislature and attempting to modify bills that come through. I don't believe that I'm a dictator or that's one-man rule long as its openness and there is any presentations I made before the committee. I think that's what's critical. Let me just touch on the area pension the legislative pension after 20 years is a $5,855. My opponent Mystic we 20 years in Congress is pension be $25,896. So I I don't think it justifiable to criticize pensions in Minnesota when you compare them to pensions in Washington mileage is for the pension. I think it's fair that time that we would receive much more than state employees and I refuse to accept my pension completely and so I think that I am acting responsibly. Mr. Queen, of course, we'll be able to take his pension as soon as he leaves Congress Ave. 25896 My father was Social Security is total pension is about $3,200 and that's in justices that come from, Washington. Thank you. All very much will start with mr. Peterson for the closing statements. Thank you are many issues with your really being squirted by the other candidates and glossed over by both parties. They talk about tax cuts. And even if I'm spending cuts but their record belies our statements the tax in spending situation is one of the most vital in all of the issues vital issues and all of the races the people are bearing the brunt of the most irresponsible spending spree in history and they demand relief other parties both offer tax cuts this election year, but they didn't think of those cuts when they both Congress and the state legislature voted themselves and enormous pay increase at the same time Minnesota Legislature put themselves on automatic retirement pension after only six years in office people who are retired and those who lived on fixed incomes should be protected from the loss of their property through tax increases and inflation now a retired person who earned his home by a lifetime of hard work stands to lose it because of my taxes due to inflation inheritance and gift taxes can also prevent him from leaving it to his children in many cases Farms of abdomen be sore. because of payment of inheritance tax the same is true for small businesses. The original laws with had large exemptions. The people were told that only the super-rich would be subject to inheritance tax. Now inflation has brought the effective exemption down the word includes almost everyone. This is an accord with big government philosophy that government will take all the property eventually and allow the people to use it as they see fit. This is the way it's handled in Russia the American party and I the American Governor are dedicated to promote and protect the god-given right of the people to own and control both real estate and personal property. Only the American party is Christian oriented dedicated to the principle of free private Enterprise, which made this country great. I will as elected governor drive to reverse this trend of usurpation of Power by the big government promoters. Thank you very much for listening. Thank you. Mr. Throughout this campaign. I've done my best to focus on the issues which I important to the citizens of Minnesota. I was positive that my opponent would also discuss the issues. I am disappointed with the campaign did not develop an appositive seem. I know my appointments Under Pressure to attack and I was hoping that he would resist that those pressures. I don't intend to waste my time and your time speaking to charges that are groundless and hurled in desperation in a closing hours of a campaign common cause and the League of Women Voters requested of the candidates directory marks only two issues at the beginning of today's program. I said that Minnesota has a great state it is and my Administration is working hard to make it even better. We have a great educational system extremely healthy job climate in overall quality of life 2nd To None. I'm proud of Minnesota and probably be governor of Minnesota. The state means a great deal to me and my family we have live All of our lives in Minnesota today. We have a decent open and responsive government, which is run won the respect of the entire nation in Most states openness is merely a political promise in Minnesota. It's a fact we cannot however be satisfied or complacent. There's a great deal of work still to be done I can assure you that is your governor for the next 4 years old paths will continue taxes will be reduced as well spending and will do even more for sure future Generations that Minnesota remain a great place to live work and raise a family. This is the greatest state in the nation. I'm very very proud of it upsets me very very much when people go about knocking Minnesota. Thank you. Mr. Queef Ladies and gentlemen, you have an opportunity to compare the candidates for Governor? As you look after which one to make the wisest decisions for the state, you see the present governor was a perfect not even telling us why he made the deal just passing that off when the main issues in this campaign. We also look at the whole question of leadership when I have been opposed to anything. I voted against it for instance on those pensions that congressmen get my full of people when I get to be Governor. I won't take that pension either that comes from the Congress. Now, this is what I've done. I would expect the governor would have shown that he had his pain where his mouth is and vetoed some of the bills that came before also when you talked about openness and government, I believe we ought to be open. I've been open and everything you look at my whole 20 years in Congress that legislative audit commission working papers. The only way you'll be able to convince people that this government is open is to make certain that they see them you waited all this time. Now, it's just about the election time and hold them under cover all of that. Of time. Let's look at what this People of the state need one thing we need for certain is a good education system. I spent the years and state senator and 20 years in the Congress working out education legislation to make a better opportunity for all the young people and expanding education to provide an opportunity for those they have lifelong learning as well. Go back to school whenever they need it. Also, we cannot continue to Pax and Pax people automatically without the legislature doing anything about it because of inflation impact on our schedules. We've got to cut taxes and really purpose do it. He tried twice and didn't get his tax proposals to give a person a chance who spent his lifetime trying to hold down the costs the government to make responsible government reduce inflation. I can provide that help in service to you as the governor of the state of, Minnesota. Okay are closing statements were a little reefer than we expected we have time for one. Well, I have one here for my own special interest group The Congress recently decided to give people over 55 once a once-in-a-lifetime break on the sale of a homestead. As far as the capital gains tax is concerned. I'm sure that the issue will be up before the legislature next year or how would each a human handle it. Hey starting to Pearson quickly. I think that's a very good idea to give people a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I think it's the only problem is it should be a amount of money rather than a one sale item and I also think that the state should participate in a car with it taxes are gift taxes up to the present time are a gift or inheritance taxes really were discriminatory and his last March and changes were made for husband. And wife is a farming is no longer considered for inheritance tax purposes to be 1% the property of the husband and we expended that to the far as business is concerned them working together and we are now requesting legislature for all joint tenancy because women do live longer than men here in Minnesota and What state in the past is follow the federal government of capital gain good to have a governor who knows something about the federal government to it. Might say when you picked me as your Governor, but we ought to also make certain that we don't pay taxes on inflation on capital gains inheritance taxes are the income tax. All right on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota and common cause Minnesota. I want to thank the candidates for being with us tonight, and I'd like to thank the panel as well. It's been an interesting evening and I hope that you have found it informative as well. I want to remind you of our next debates on Monday, October 30th. We will have a debate with Paul Hamm Dave durenberger and Bob short for the four-year Senate term and on Wednesday, November 1st. The major-party candidates for the six-year Senate term will be debating here in this room, Sal carloni Rudy boschwitz and Wendell Anderson. Thank you all for coming and good night. And with that Helen board, the president of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota has concluded this first debate between the candidates for Governor of Minnesota the major-party candidates Richard Peterson of the American party Alchemy of the independent Republicans and Rudy perpich of the dfl party. This debate held in the concert hall was fine arts center at Macalester College in St. Paul and these dacians will once again be presenting live coverage of the debates on Monday and Wednesday of next week the panelists tonight. We're Ted Coterie representing the Citizens League are Johnson WCCO radio and Dayna Schroeder from the Grant County Herald each of the debates will feature a panel of three people comprised of representatives from the print media the broadcast media and the public The debate to open with opening statements by all three Governor perpich praising his record as a opening up government making the effort to cut waste using the tax burden saying that they'll be more tax cuts in 1979 if he has his way praising his record and jobs and employment El cui's saying that there were good reasons not to vote for Rudy perpich. First of all the method by which perpich attained the governor's chair and Wendell Anderson went to the United States Senate charged also that to exercised poor judgment and not exercising is Vito Authority and he also criticized the governor's failure to release Lee legislative audit commission working papers Rehoboth to the upper Great Lakes Regional Commission investigation. As we said on Monday of next week, they candidates for the four-year US senate seat will debate in a similar for him. And then on Wednesday the debate will feature the six year candidates. Both programs will be carried live at 7 news stations are coverage of these debates is made possible with funds provided by the Saint Paul fire and Marine insurance company the technical director for tonight's broadcast was Linda Marie with assistance from Lynn Cruz and Paul Kelly. This is Bob Potter reporting and this is Minnesota Public Radio a listener supported service.


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