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During a special hour-long evening program, Governor Rudy Perpich answers questions from callers. Topics include education, energy, environment and social issues.

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Good evening the time to 7. This is Bob Potter speaking to you from our studios in St. Paul. The music programming regularly scheduled for this hour will not be heard tonight so we can give you a chance to ask questions to Minnesota Governor Rudy perpich. The governor will be here until 8 taking questions from you. Those of you in the Twin Cities area while I see the telephone lines for the Twin Cities area are already lit. The number is 29112 to to those outside Minneapolis. And st. Paul can call us on 800-652-9700 that toll-free number again for those outside Minneapolis and st. Paul 800-652-9700. I think our first caller is ready. Good evening. You're on the air. Ask him what he thinks of a school dropping academic courses before Athletics Spanish Christian Spanish, dude, and I was wondering if you thought they should Drop Like Athletics before dropping it at the Democrats such as Spanish. Well, I don't Emmett. I'd like to hear that the effect of the dropping the academic courses. I have at what course it's again up to the local community and we have in the state of Minnesota local control and it decision is made in a local local board. I just do not see that happened. I think a lot of the Athletics of course could be supported in a locally Buy. At the gate receipts and also they can have special drives on but no that's very upsetting to me the fact that they are dropping a Spanish in your school district. But again, it's under control of the local and if that's the local people want I guess that's that's their decision. All right or next caller is on the line good evening around the Earth. May we have your question, please. Yes. The hazards of nuclear power plants to present and future minnesotans weapons proliferation. Would you consider a nuclear moratorium? Well, like I said, I want to see any more nuclear plants in the state. At least. I hope not but I think we're probably going to see something very positive coming out of Washington President Carter has made some statements already and I'm confident, you know, he has a lot of expertise in that area. I'm confident that you'll take some very positive action, but I agree with you. It's it's a real danger and I don't know maybe in the 1978 legislation depending upon what happens in a National Congress. I think it's a possibility the 1978 session that we will actively support legislation that we don't have any more nuclear plants in the state of Minnesota. Good evening. You're on the air may we have your question, please I was on the phone a couple days ago to mrs. Boss who was secretary for lieutenant governor, and I've been trying to secure money under these low interest home programs in September of 1976. And all I've been able to do is come up with a dead end. I tried to get money under the affordable home program, but available March 15th of this year and a half percent program went to the Went through and data program came out. All the money was tied up 50% of the money has gone to pick Builders and money has been released the individuals to try to build under this program at six and a half percent. Like I said, I've been trying since September of 1976 and around as individuals. I've contacted the MR2 little guy from Minnesota house. What did he say to you? Hello. I think he may have dropped off last you attempt to answer his question about it. And I would certainly follow through we have made recommendations to the legislature course, they increased it substantially and we've had I think a good response from the legislature. I just wish you were still on the line. Would you please write to me and maybe you should mail it up to Hibbing Minnesota my wife gets the mail up there and that way I make sure she make sure that I that I read all those letters so you mail a letter to me and I will respond to you within 3 or 4 days after I received a letter. Okay, our next caller is standing by a good evening. You're on the air big government affects little people. I've been trying to get some materials from the University of Minnesota library. I'm calling from Windham and I've used the window library has a way of trying to get a hold of these materials from the University and I've been given the runaround Time After Time After Time being told that this has to be run through a Library Association which in our area parent leaves called The Plum River Library Association or something like this applications for materials from the Windham Public Library have been turned down referred back down here and I'm just wondering about the fairness and Equity of this that if he has an area are supporting as part of the state of Minnesota University Library. It seems strange to me. That is a common citizen can't get this kind of a service. Directions to material and apparently until the smaller place joins this big with sociation or something that we citizens taxpayers and so forth in a small town like this can't get a service and I don't know how many other services this might apply to but this has been my own experience with the library and just glad to have the chance to talk to you is that it and they said they won't yell at you until you belong to the region. I see why don't you just give me some of those details and let me check through for sure. Hey, what can I touch base with the university everything notes here and I'll touch base University? I think it might be a couple Gunner. If we ask those people who are calling with personal problems of these kinds to write to you and and try to confine some of the questions on the radio here to matters of State policy inputs and often times the letter probably because it's just respond to that. One of the things that we've done a chorus has asked for is it to take my medicine State policy really? I recognized that we should make better use of the facilities that we have. And as far as the schools are concerned and recommended in the budget that we have is kind of pilot projects that we open up the school libraries to the people instead of closing at the library for in the afternoon at those libraries remain open so that people can make use of those libraries and so we have it in the budget and I hope that it's past and the people at the local school districts will respond and that we can have and very serious estate I have felt a long time that I where people can go out walking jogging or reading and I'm just a great believer in libraries and I've never been depressed because I like to read and I think that if we could open up the facility like the swimming pools and open up the libraries that that would probably do more good than opening up from a mental health clinic is some of those communities Okay, our next caller is on the line good evening around the Earth. Hi, yes. Sure, I can hear you. Not because I don't mean I'm single and yet I am. After 21 years of age my family by myself. I have a house partially paid for and I'm unemployed for a year and everything with the family of two or three. What do you mean as far as texting policies or things that can be done? What and which way Well for the unemployed for one thing about the 21 years of being with a company, I'm terminated. There's no jobs too young to retire understand. Well, you know, the number of things that are being done to get people back to work National senior President Carter was is the public service employment and then on a state level we have a number of programs that we hope will be helpful. And I think that's the way the economy starting to come back and we can tell by the what's happening as far as the in the state of Minnesota. We're noticing a rebound already and I think in the not-too-distant future that a lot of people will be back to work the laws as far as employment a concern out that they really discriminate against the single people. You know. Okay, our next caller is on the air good evening. Good evening. Either among the sports fan or the taxpayer. Florida legislature authorized Stadium because the people seem to know that one way or another they will be taxed anytime that the legislature authorized is anything that it'll show up on their taxes. It's interesting that the leadership in the legislature and in the governor's office seem to refuse to demand that the people have an opportunity to vote directly in a referendum on the stadium issue. It seems to me that this is very definitely a people issue and the people should have a chance to say so as they do on school bonds swimming pools and whatnot instead of giving the people a chance. They build a now seems to be making its way through the legislature would put the stadium issue one step further away from the people in the hands of an an elected body of Commissioners appointed by the legislature in order to relieve the legislature of any pressure on the issue. I think it's wrong and I would appreciate some leadership from your officer the give the people a chance to say so on this matter, Well, I guess that the that the difference between see a school and they proposed stadium is that the course of school, you know, exactly the location was in that school district plus that the taxpayer themselves are property taxes text Olivia cancer property tax Property Owners to pay for that building. Now the United States rights in the beginning that the as far as the stadium is concerned that it would not do the cost would not be borne by the taxpayers. So I think that is the major difference. They have the questions that I guess the third session that they've been talking about that stadium and I hope this is the last session and this is a course what I've been recommending but the there is going to be we don't have to just wait and see but I might have standing is that they will have to be very specific that you can cost X number of dollars. Whatever will be and it will be. They're not doing and is the comitia. It's my understanding will just select that site because you have four different areas. I guess that are interested in having the stadium. You know, we are Twin City area is really a cultural if you exclude New York City. It's a cultural capital of the United States and I can't go into this time. I probably delivering a speech on the yard. So Thursday at exactly what that means for minnesotans in our quality of life. And I also think that we are kind of a sports center. Well, I don't know for sure if it's an equal but it says it's an equal to any metropolitan area in the United States and I think that it's very very important important part of our economy important part of the economy here and not in the Twin Cities, but I think the state of Minnesota and the stadium itself as long as the taxpayers are the brunt of it. I no longer on its Is a jobs and it means that as I say Improvement in the quality of life that we have in this in the state Governor. The next caller is standing by a good evening. May we have a question, please? Mankato MN Minnesota is noted for being an outdoor State quality of life and everything and I was wondering if you cut the location of a requisition for a conservation officers patrol cars. I was wondering if you could justify that in the in the budget where are conservation officers are I think important to the state and other parts of the department natural resources have gotten new cars motor pulses that will there be a change in that policy? You know what? We did we know it's a long story part of this energy situation where we felt that the 55 mile-per-hour secondly thousand there were a lot of cars on the road and only just a driver. I mean I'm I'm kind of a state car is now course all cars. I guess what state I observe that over the last two years and this is why the last to request to buy cars we canceled but we've excluded I'll have to check if I know for a fact that we exclude anyone in the freeze protection and I thought the conservation officers were part of the nighttime about the game wardens. That's a game wardens are requisition has passed but conservation officers were cut out of there another conservation officer. That's what we used to call the game wardens. What is conservation officer the game wardens know the game wardens in the highway patrol and the law enforcement excluded from that order, but we did put a stop to the buying of any new cars. And if I if my if I'm correct to request came in the last one was for about 58 cars and we said we're not going to buy any new cars that work for trying to work out a system where people will drive together to some of these meetings that they have to go to but we definitely excluded the law enforcement. And I will have to check maybe they didn't consider the conservation officers in that but we will check that out. And if that's true I can assure you that they will be the same category as law enforcement officers. Good evening. You're on the air. May we have your question, please? It seems to reverse your very pre. iron metal stand I can't help but wonder why you feel money in the case of the reserve case and Portugal Expedia to the case of Garrison diversion has become more important than 45 minutes. Okay, what was the first 100 that reserved and a PCA as far as the Garrison diversion, but I just don't think that that we have the resources to go to court. Now. The Audubon Society is going to court it is a case of decided I mean in a corner ready. So why should we use our resources of are very limited resources and going to court. So that's the reason that I felt it was just a mistake. So it's really not political expediency because I have and I can assure you that after I'm out as Governor even either voluntarily or because of the voters that I'm going back to Northern Minnesota, and I have no interest in any other officer. Is not political expediency as far as getting along with North Dakota the reserve case, I've been doing that battle for many many years the bwca the scars on the environment in the in the mining area where I was born and talked about a long before many people have the reserve case course is in a quartz and the idea was to get them out of the lake. I think that was the most important part. I said beforehand that regardless what what that decision is that I would abide by this far as I person was concerned with the buy buy it and work to see that it's implemented not they had said milepost 22 Sherry because we didn't have the bills ready to go in the latest late in the legislature. I would have been for my opposed 20, but the original intent was to get reserved out of the lake. We have them out of the lake. They said they want to go met my to the Palisades which is only what about 2 and 1/2 miles right over there. And then of course through my eyes Lord, of course said no and then they said milepost 7 people seem to a mile and a half for my mother-in-law's home is a is a taconite tailings ponds up there across the aisle. I think that we can all day. The decision of a district court was unanimous decision of the Supreme Court was unanimous. The judge is the Minnesota state supreme court are well-respected. I have never heard anyone complain. They say to me in all the years in the last six years does lieutenant governor and I was governor saying that the court is a good court and that that is an objective Court. They always have had the price for that cord and that was a decision Where Do We Go From Here. Do you go to the United States Supreme Court, they turned us down twice when we were talking about the reserve being in the water and there were three states involve, Minnesota, Wisconsin to Michigan. Obviously when you're talking about a slight with an estate the Supreme Court wouldn't have gone along with it. So what's what was there left to do? We have a more I think it was a it was a great victory for environmentalist. You can't have everything going your weight. We have you no more stipulations on my own. And then all the rest of the I think it's been seven or eight a tailings ponds that we have up in that for the taconite to seven plants up in northeastern Minnesota. We also say that we're going to have a permanent facility right at the site and then we will have Personnel are monitoring it on a permanent basis. So we have the protection of the as much as you can with that was taconite tailings are we do protect the people of that area have to be someplace you have to say this is it, you know, we have to somewhere say that somebody's impartial injected and I think they stay Supreme Court, was that body? If they had said ma pause 21 of gone along with it and I'm just sad that that you will see at the end of two years that as far as he is concerned there. Is anyone stronger or in that area than Rudy perpich and I think I'll prove that at the end of the two year. You know all the while that we were battling Reserve in the courts and everything. We have been doing anything about what was going on in the rest of the Iron Range, you know, we have a hundred and twenty mile long environmental scar across the northern Minnesota that we pass the legislation rules and regulations haven't been set down as yet and that's what we're working on right now. So there's more to it than just that area milepost 7. Let me ask a brief question him to follow up on that to the governor as you noted Lee supreme court till unanimously overturn the ruling of the state agencies denying the permits from milepost 7s. Does that suggest to you that there ought to be some change in the powers given these state agencies and hearing examiner who are after all. elected officials to make such broad policy decisions Well, I personally are in farline sightings the legislators looking outside right now and making some changes apartment Supreme Court disagreed nine to nothing. Well, I guess I have to look at it, but I still think they did get them and they got far enough Inland so that it's his. The least damaging to the environment. I guess you can have a lot of people that deliver up there this to tell you if there isn't that much difference between 104 7 month was 20 and maybe they didn't go too far. I I don't know but they were successful in getting them out of the water. I think Miles Lord, of course if anyone deserves Reserve by the lake more than anyone else and we are the people that are the Commissioners and on those boards and was hearing officers they change and I think they learn we all learn from what happened in this case and I think I'm sure that I'm sure they wouldn't go to the extent and duration of in the other areas where we talked about say mine Reclamation, which I think is the greatest thing that's going to happen in the state for as far as go to it and try to restore that damage environment. Let's move on to another caller. Good evening. You're on the air. Justin for your energy conservation program to follow up on that gas yard lights. Well, go ahead. Vapor street lights could be modified with a sodium vapor lights because I talk to you in a few and they said that they played sir twice as cheap and I think energy morning. If a I was going to call his show from it would not stay at the station and we are looking into that someone from the Princeton area have told me about that. Thank you. Okay, our next caller is a standing by good evening. You're on the air. Can do anything about the gas mileage on an automobile wheels and Ford tractors on the farm rather than have to have a tractor out there going like maybe 10 15 Gallons an hour. If they can't there's some way past a lot to get these to be upgraded a little bit. Well, we'll be finding out tomorrow as far as this program are we have made that recommendation on the state level and as far as state cars are concerned when it if we start buying them again, and we definitely are going to have a minimum miles per gallon, but I think that's the price you'll have to come on the federal level. Of course as far as making sure that they get more miles of gasoline, and I don't know for sure, but I imagine a prison card will be talking about that to Congress tomorrow. Tomorrow it's tomorrow night. Next caller is standing by good evening. May we have your question, please? Women competition of food stamp program which is a federal agency isn't unemployment comp and social security update like I supposed to set up by the state on the food stamp program. I think God they to the unemployment compensation. The food stamp program is in conflict with each other. In other words what I mean is that my husband was out of work last year and we were only allowed to get food stamps after I got the month in or three months due to the fact that the unemployment compensation. They don't back for about three weeks three to four weeks and then they sent his back pay all-in-one large sum which food stamp program that we made too much on unemployment and I was wondering if we shouldn't have to pay my car payment for that one minute that can't be excluded from their what three weeks unemployment comp in one week and maybe that's the reason there should be a way of straightening that out will check that out for you. Okay. Thanks for calling. The next caller is on the line that evening me. We have your question, please and what I'm wondering now is if you are in a position to support legislation through with encourage all future State construction to utilize solar energy or at least or atleast build buildings that are adaptive the future times when when the cost of solar energy systems sample. Yep, very definitely we do. We're definitely working on that and I imagine the same thing will be happening with the President Carter's message tomorrow. Good evening around here. May we have your question, please? They are trying to expand the runway by report and many other things that it isn't fact to generate more traffic and 7 47th. And it Charter flight that sort of thing. We already have a documented noise problem and we have gone to the Environmental Quality Council and we were just about totally ignored and that was at the tech rep hearing then we went to be hearing itself to Quality Council we 1624 but we really lost because we needed to board up 7, we desperately need an environmental impact statement or something done at the airport before they crammed with him and nobody's listening to us. Tales by letter and mail it up to giving and I'll get back to you will check it out. I don't know the details cuz I want it all. Okay, our next caller is waiting. Good good evening around here is the one fantastic job. The reason I called and was strictly for one reason. I've known to the alderman sauce and served Vines for one who I think of very highly sensitive person, you know, just as an average individual get involved in your community type work that's much as an alderman type situation, but where you can work with groups of people to it'll help better than the community or the environment or some service socialization do poor people can get together and you know do things you know how to better. Go to the housing office and just personal thinks we're working through the office of all tier services. And if you would call to 96339 one tomorrow sandino from 8 to 5. I'll give you some of the details. So we have many many projects underway throughout Minnesota where people get together and work to it'll make your community a better place to live fact. We're traveling Statewide was a committee and each one number communities throughout the state that you can shoot from the bicentennial but we had the committee's working in every community and they worked on every Mashable type of project and Lexie Recreation projects and cleanup projects. And your name. In the end they did during the bicentennial. So we're following through and we're working with which we call the acidic environment programme, which we think is going to be a model for the nation. We hope in a two-year period of time to clean up in a sort of completely and that they're working with the office of volunteer services. So the two are working together and let me tell you there's so many exciting things that you can do and just call that number 296-3391 or just write to volunteer services state capitol. I noticed that your appointments. Borinda is now taking applications for the post of the DNR commissioner. Guess who do you have in mind at this point might be good candidates for that? You know, I'm really happy that you you don't need no one to open up appointments is working. We don't have any in put it all into the committee. It's a nine-member committee. I-14 me check congressional district. And Gloria Griffin is the chairperson and they're doing just outstanding work like for the Arts were they had over 70 applicants and you know only for coarse vacancies and they advertise people submit their application to go through it and they just do an outstanding job. So what they're going to do in the area, I mean for DNR commissioner, they're going to set up a separate his subcommittee. I should say so advised we committee Tuesday to the nine-member committee and they will have people from all the different I guess disciplines if you want to call him that have an interest in the In natural resources, and they will then come up with some recommendations. And otherwise, you'll be the initial screening and they'll set up what they think I would be an ideal commissioner and they will then submit these names to the committee itself the appointments committee and then they will make recommendations of the and submit three names and this is what you've done and returning all the appointments over at first. We were just going to have all the major ones but now it's working. So well that all the appointments to a the boards and commissions are the Commissioners positions is going through that the committee and it's going to be a model for the nation. It is working. Well the appoint the pointy so far have been praised the work of that committee. So I'm really happy. It's just a means that regardless of political affiliation or the fact that maybe I've never been in the political process that all you can make an appointment and you have equal opportunities with anyone else and People that will make it alright letters back to the committee. Thanking them as saying safe. We know finally is at the other that there's a way that we can get involved and the fact that the there is any type of political pressures appointments never met them before the days that we had the interview with the last two or three names that were placed in a good number of these appointments. You made have been women. Are you anticipating a woman for a DNR also, what will the committee tilt towards a woman? But I just the letter that I wrote a course to the committee was the fact that the very very few women very few minority were in the position responsibilities of state government senior citizens of the handicapped. And so that's what they're trying to do. So it's so we can have obviously the vast majority of the appointments have been women, but if you go back 100 years For that they were all meant. So we're just trying to balance that no more equal balance. Jongro just did an outstanding job affect your state and getting people to participate but you're going to see participation in Minnesota like never before, you know, kind of depend on his best friend use the term with the legislative session. But what's the session is over. I'm going to be spending a lot of time visiting and having input to the people. I hope that you and I can just get together and discuss things. I would I think I've been kind of impressed me, but I'll get up early. I'll go to plant gate and I'll listen to what the what the people have to say. Sunday afternoons. I go out to some shopping center and I'll spend 3 4 hours. They're listening to people. I think many things are being solved by the fact that we're listening to people. I think it's the telephone situation with the Continental. You know, they have a completely different Outlook already, you know, they're just saying give us some time you going to see the difference, you know, they could have been doing this for years, but it wasn't until we went over there went out to Western Minnesota took a look at this phone bills took a look and listen to what is going on. As far as a service for the people talk to some of the elderly people talk to people business to Farmers telephone company will probably pass out of committee this week and there is there are you know, I met the president then I met the vice president from where they from St. Louis Missouri have been around it's a fact that we are like a power line going up north. I think the reserves thing same thing. I think my going out and talking to people say let us accept whatever this is. It's not going to continue doing battle if it's Where is milepost 720 Southeastern Minnesota a trip to listen to the people when I have the open meeting at all? I mean meet the public at the Capitol. They came all the way down from Southeastern Minnesota to tell me about that trip and you know, what they were right we have areas a 50:50 basis some communities. They're begging for trails and visit every community in Minnesota in the next year. I'm going to the county fairs and by time I get back with a 78th session. We're going to be well prepared and I think we'll be responding to the needs of the state. Our next caller is a standing by a good evening around the ear medical Spring by helicopter in northern Minnesota to favor the growth of certain trees in or foliage and discourage others. I was wondering if this is true or first of all and what days are done regarding environmental impact and what we can do about this. I don't know if it's true or not. I know that they've done that in the past the fact we had I found a mistake and then we have a court case on that late last fall where they want individual was very very upset and was we can check that out for you. If you would just drop me a line with your name and address mail it to Hibbing and here are either way and I'll find out. I'll let you know. And I and I agree with you. I think there should be some. Standard set then. I think it's the unofficial be the Environmental Quality console who but someone should really keep tabs on what's going on when it's spraying from the air. Good evening. You're on the air. May we have your question, please? Good evening. Yes. Yes. Yes, I know Brit, February 22nd concerning. besides bring in the northeastern Minnesota Forest the problem then and now and I would like to know whether you would consider calling an injunction to stop the spring in northeastern Minnesota 4th. This summer is specially and because of the drought condition extreme drought conditions and knowing that the spraying of vegetation or Bryce makes it all more easily combustible and it's more flammable and in the process of burning dioxin is July's into the air, and of course, I think, you know quite a few people. I've been contacting you on this problem that dioxin is very hazardous and the label on the pesticide even states. Do not burn after spraying a fume there poisonous. Would you consider calling an injunction because of the drought conditions Minnesota, would you give me a telephone number? What's the telephone number Will you say it again? Yes. I'll be visiting you Saturday or Sunday. How you like that? I'll be visiting you Saturday or Sunday. I'll be up there. What will I'll give you a call when I'm up there? And if you wrote To Me February some people in the program to write to me to hear me. I recognize that I don't get all the mail because we've been receiving. No, they don't we get about 8:30 calls a day. I guess we averaged and I don't know how many letters but I will you're the second one to call on this and I will give you a call and I'll be visiting you either Saturday or Sunday. I'll be up there anyway. Okay, our next caller is on the air. May we have your question, please? Our homes and that sort of thing now, I just recognized the need for conservation two years ago this year. We're adding tree zone control so that we can control the heat in the basement keeping it down to about 55° control the bedrooms. Keep them it between 55 and 58 and then we can have our living room 65 during the day and back to 60 at night. Are you considering in the text consideration that you're making regarding them text benefits that would be allowed. Are you considering any other benefits in regard to Zone controls as well as the insulating homes and if you're in if it's only insulating homes, how about us we did ours and the No, I recognize that that is a problem. Is there a recommendation there? I think there a bill to legislate your. Where they would give certain credits. So, you know as far as taxes on your taxes insulating and storm windows and storm doors. I mentioned that to wood would qualify. I personally have some reservations though about how can I get those tax form simplified? And I I don't know. I may be just better to get my shirt and credits. And again, I don't know what President Carter will be recommending but I do have some reservations about when I see those tax forms that we have not what is it 32 Pages or something. I like to see that cut way down and every time we do that, you know, we just another form that we have to fill the vast majority of the people miss it. Anyway, we we find that out as far as senior citizens how many of them don't make application so I hope that we could devise a better system. You got any raise your arm any Benny bills pending? I don't know what the what the what will happen next 3 weeks and I got the federal level the same thing that they will be getting some tax credits one of those bills that you referred to does provide a tax credit for people insulate and other one does not but says that homes must meet minimum insulation standards before they are sold and if they don't say purchaser s to take out mortgage do that, which of those approaches you prefer. Well, I had to think what is short-term really one is the simplest down the line. And of course I recommend is at the time of sale, but that might be 10 15 or 20 years. I would like to see something of some kind of incentive that they do they do it right away. So you'll have to do it sooner or later. We'll have to do it when they sell the home and when you do insulate get your money back because of fuel costs keep escalating and I got the message last night. So we'll find out again tomorrow for President Carter, but it just seems like I said continue to escalate and so you're really going to save that money by probably a lot more than it ever safe from the text back Reddit down. Next caller is on the Erica. Good evening question, please. Yes, I'd like to know what your stand is on legislation that would provide for special elections to fill vacancies in the US Senate. I am in support of that. I'm in support of that bill is so I think past the house or townhouse floor if that's when you make your referring to a supported will sign it. Next caller is standing by a good evening. Hello. May we have your question, please. Where are you there? May may may we have your question? Yes. My question has to do with the resource recovery Grant aid program at the PCA has it's my understanding that there's been some hesitation about continue a continuation of funding for that program in the House Appropriations Committee and I appreciate your comments on that program and its value program part of it. I can't take a little Community North of Louisville. I was there when they Like a welcome back to me some support of that. Anyway that we can and I think we should be doing more of that the Washington show called Washington plan that we've expanded on as far as the anti litter legislation does have that as a part of it as part of the overall, you know resource recovery in anti-litter. So now I'm check that out tomorrow morning. I wasn't aware that I was happening in the house. Next caller is on the air may we have your question, please Grace people in and out of government. The welfare department is becoming nationally known for its liberal handouts. Consequently, people are coming here that are I have to go in a halfway houses have to go in the treatment centers have to go in the hospital and cities from other parts of the country are referring for on are really frosted come to Minnesota and participate to Hennepin County. This means that our budget is getting more and more strain. We're getting all these people you can come undesirables whatever you are living in Minneapolis. They contribute nothing. They help make it a ghetto. They're sucking out all the tax money and the county keeps going as all others do to the state for more more Aid and he said That's Amore to the county. Guess the more people were going to pull in. And I think I'll go anyway you could rectify this is by must be going to something as drastic as cutting off all the way to the county. So I have to backtrack and their benefits and then you will no longer be attractive to people Mother's Day. Well, you know we hear the what's the same thing about Ramsey in St. Louis County also the talk to the legislature. I think in the interim you're going to see I will study on the Welfare, generally and I think my next legislative session there probably be some bills to make some changes. I read in the New York Times, I guess of all the states in the Union New York has made some changes I guess. So what you're saying is pretty bad pretty accurate. We are the most liberal in that area but supposed to sit at the house and taking a look at it I want is to get people back to work and this is why I would like to see a little more of an emphasis on getting people even on static environment program that we have to get people to work on those programs. So I think by next year this time you're going to see some major proposals and I think some major changes in the in the in the whole set of Next caller is on the air may we have your question, please more sentence for mass transportation and carpool. What make your weave have a number of proposals in that area? In fact that he went about to my state the units subsidizing assay Amtrak between Duluth and and the Twin City area. We're also going to dollars for Innovative programs with Metropolitan Transit state of Minnesota warehouse work in the private sector to the band's, you know, Higher gasoline text, you know, what's the problem there? You're really penalizing people that Probably can't afford any more increase in prices. I didn't ask to be a better system. The person that has the money and the one that said just like on the heating fuels. I don't know. I just not supportive of using the the tax system to get people to Atkins. I think I'm going to sort of the energy crisis what you really did. We appeal to the public to do it on a voluntary basis and they did it. They really truly did it in Minnesota. How many states are they closed on Industries in schools? We don't have to do that and we were really just bumping up practically the zero. I think we're about to 350,000 Barrels in our primary storage and the people responded in him and we came right out of it without any real damaging, you know you fixed so I would still like to see people do it on a voluntary basis. We keeping the education program going. I think the 55 mile-per-hour that's going to save us a lot of energy and if we keep at it was some legislation is coming through and keeping educating the public on the need. I need a people respond. I really do have a question Minnesota. We're fortunate we have John Millman as a director of our energy agency and he has credibility with the public cuz he's one of the best in the country and they really truly responded on the highways people are really slowing down. The highway patrol tells me that it's the slowest has been since the 55 mile-per-hour was passed by the by the federal government. So we're getting response from the public and I I just don't like to use taxes as a method to get people to cooperate. Okay, our next caller is on the air. Maybe we had a question, please. And also I would like to know why people that don't live in the metro area are called out stators. I guess it just say the Old State pride. I think I do it myself and I am I from up there. I don't know why I would have to look that up. Somebody would have to explain that to us when we should call the University Library. Somebody's complain if they couldn't get something for University Library. Maybe I should try tomorrow morning and find out why the term all-staters the same time. I'll find out what kind of service we get from the U of M library don't know the answer to it. But I use a termite. Maybe I shouldn't when I inquire the telling me that the flushing of the mange or something that they do and I know what year is it still be able to get a lot of complaints from people that down river and it when I was down and where was it? I forget them someplace in Southeastern Minnesota a number of people complain to me about that. I'll check on that again. Danny they do get the permit to do it and I'm sure that stuff is the r with a PCA if they would have given that permit unless it was just very very sensual. Next caller is honey are good evening me. We have a question, please. My name is blind in the state particularly the situation concerning the library for the blind. We now have two separate agencies library in Faribault and the communication City Center in st. Paul providing Library Services. I'm wondering if you would support a move to combine these two services to give comprehensive services to the blind in terms of Library services and cut out the duplication. We now experience and if your support should you decide to support this move would include funding for the Communication Center right now? It's funded by the hand Foundation through France. We don't know how long the support the last and it really seems to me that it's state function and should be supported by. State of Minnesota the Communication Center Saint Paul is the one that is. Is the Privacy supported is that it for number and I'll give you a call in a couple days we can discuss this. This is news to me and I really couldn't give you a response until I looked into it what you give me the telephone number and I'll call you Thursday or Friday 11 Steve Wright Wright. Okay will do that. Okay, another color is on the earth. Good evening, cuz that that site. No, I'm not in. I asked you don't have to say that they should be still decided by the committee has been recommended in the building seems to be moving in the legislature night responded that earlier. I feel that the as long as the taxpayers, you know, I won't be footing the bill is that we shouldn't have a stadium new stadium here in the in the Twin City area. So we'll wait and see what happens in the legislature Jim. I will sign a bill and I hope that this the last session that we discuss it. If they don't if it doesn't come to my legislator come to my desk during the session. I hope I never hear another word. I hope that's the end of it. So no sites are selected to make its recommendation. Good evening. May we have your question, please? You're having to force this six-week moratorium. Now, I'm not picking up the veteran the ditches. That's right. Neglecting their duties. Are we got any tax dollars and saving as well as you know, well over a million dollars more than $87,000 to collect that letter I propose not picking that up until June 1st so that we can answer once and for all is there a little problem and what kind of litter is it? Is it cans or is it the paper or what is it certainly at the highway Crews? Of course, they patch the highways that work on the construction part of it. During the summer season and we do have an acidic environment program where we hope to clean up the all the old dilapidated buildings around the state that by the end of next year and they're working on that program something about it. Very interesting that the reason I did it was to get some legislation passed that would keep the litter down like a side effect of it. I was that the young people all over the state and now they're much more aware. That's how much litter there is along the highways and we just had a group in from Morehead about two weeks ago another from Rochester last week and the young people today in many communities how many schools in a state have a major clean-up pick up the litter program? And what is happening is that people now or are much more aware of how much litter there is and it's kind of an education. It's the to the public and you know, we also asking Highway Patrol to really crack down on people throwing litter out throughout the windows and they are doing that and so Treaty beneficial. I think it's one of the better things I've done as Governor asking the highway department. To pick up that letter I think it's it's got more of a impact on the legislature and the support of the public so that hopefully we'll get some legislation passed plus we're getting the cooperation that for the public because he's very important we have just a couple of minutes left, which I think is time for one quick question. Good evening. You're on the air may we have your question 10 years and I think just the prime concern of them getting out of the lake was that and forth, but I wondered what are your views on the bwca? Well, I am here. I've been at this for a long long time and it was only to the last year that we finally passed legislation that you can't have any mining in the bwca. I think it's just a very unique area is one area and I guess in the United States that we should just let alone and let that be kind of a laboratory a living laboratory to see what nature does when people aren't I am fully see you don't like they just did supportive of any measure that will protect that area had worked on that for a long long time and I can assure you that the next legislative session that we're going to have the bills in there that are going to preserve the bwca Teddy Roosevelt saw the need to preserve that area back 77 78 years ago. And if she could see it then I think we should be able to see you today. We have over 17 million we're running out of time, but I can assure you that I'm going to do everything possible to save that area. It's it's an area that I love her. Visit any opportunity that I have do you favor the freezer Bill in Congress or the obester Bill in Congress? Well, I wish you hadn't asked me that but you're going to have to take the impact away but long as you asked me I have to answer you. I definitely support the freezer Bill. Thank you governor and thank you listeners for participating in this our program the technical director for the broadcast was David felon with production assistants from Neal st. Anthony. This is Bob Potter speaking and the time is 8.


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