Rudy and George Perpich discuss politics

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Governor Rudy Perpich and state senator George Perpich answer listener questions regarding politics. Topics include education, budgeting, and stadium debate.

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Alyssa special. Midday broadcast during pledge week 1977 is Governor Rudy perpich of the state of Minnesota and his brother George perpich state senator from Chisholm, Minnesota Chow. Good morning. Thank you for joining us as you may know Minnesota Public Radio is a network of stations broadcasting almost entirely around the the entire State and before we get to questions from listeners around the area would like to give some of the reporters at our stations a chance to put a couple of questions to you and 1st from Worthington. Krsw here is Dale Conley. Hello Dale.We don't have Dale. All right. Who do we have? Mariano Barba yianni Sentra 2 weeks ago that you think Southwest State University should become a part of the University of Minnesota. That'll be alternatives to that one seemed to be attractive to hear are not totally averse to that proposal summer or wildly in favor of it, but others are not sure exactly what if any benefits could come out of making Southwest State part of the University of Minnesota. I'm wondering what benefits do you see in that kind of move to Southwest. Let me just ask you a question with a ring up there in a couple of things number one. The University of Minnesota I think has more resources available to it. Then the State University system and the State University system, of course has been wrestling with this now for at least six years and they really haven't found a solution. So I feel maybe it's time for a new team. So that's one of the reasons that we recommended the University of Minnesota. Secondly today. We're working on a capital budget. I one of the items or number the items to ask for money for new facilities or ask $4 to expand our find rental space someplace new building and remodeling others State Office Building and they were requesting I think is what I meant and a half dollars. Well, I kind of said no as a recommendation directions to recommendations legislation, of course legislature can do whatever he wants and then possibly Write the appropriate the dollars. I said instead. Let's take a look and have a study right now. If I depart Administration culture find new rental space or should we talk about the space we have available in Marshall at Southwest College at the lower campus at Mankato or Anoka are we do have that space available? So that's the one the department natural resources has some requests and the revenue department is requesting money for remodeling adding space. So these are functions state government instead of building more buildings that we have to make use of facilities. We have so Southwest College and take a look now called sure I remain in the Twin City area should go to make a torch or Southwest so and a third thing I want to mention. I am planning a speech. You know, I've had major addresses and messages to the legislature instead of just hitting the high points and presented in my budget message estate estate. I'm going into detail in a number of areas. I had the special message, of course on the criminal justice system in Rochester on energy last Friday and University of Minnesota. And one of the one of the speeches or wanted messages will be on higher education and I will be hopefully delivering that it's Southwest College in Marshall. Thank thank you love maybe I should call and George. He's a part of the legislative process and it's on finance. And then maybe you could give us some views of the Minnesota Senate is concerned. I'm sure that they're going to go along quite a bit with the what the governor is looking at because we all have the same feeling there seems to be space available in so many state facilities in the outlying area and yet we're buying and renting and wanting to build more and more things in the Twin City area and all the governor is always felt we should decentralize more bring the people who work for the government closer to the people in the area that they're serving and I think that the legislature is going to take real real real hard look at any big building request. Miranda Sanders, thank you. Let's move on up to the Fargo-Moorhead area now and Bill seem ring at KCC on Bill Maher Dwayne hoberg of Moorhead Moorhead and Fargo and he is acknowledging that support publicly and wanted me to know to let you know how pleased he is with that support e-ticketing the Comstock house and I know of your interest in that area and then editorial in last night's Forum was titled performs an interesting flip flop and was critical of your change of having the federal enforcement of Osha to State inspectors from the federal inspection saying that you gave in to pressure from both Labor and Industry. You know that affects many small businesses. It's an irritant too many people live on farms and small businesses in our district and I wondered if you might explain the background of that decision of why the move from having Federal inspection of Osha to the state. Welbilt the main recommendations in a budget came about because of the short. Of time, but I really had to work on a 6300000000 dollar or budget one of the recommendations and of course I'm asking constantly about what areas can we save money and still perform a good services at to the people. I won the recommendations in a long list that I received was OSHA Federal takeover of Warship. My understanding was that the federal government and the in the Washington scene found that this is a job to be done differences between after they told me to save $900,000 and then I asked that we still have the high standards and it and I heard the complaints so much that you're stating when I was you know, I don't know bison 10. Traveling too many communities throughout Minnesota Wild the word came back from the federal people themselves, cuz I had it checked out after I heard a faint by time. I got downstairs. I had a letter from the Minnesota Commerce and Industry and then shortly thereafter chorus from the AFL-CIO and then of course, I received phone calls on the subject. So then I asked if we do an in-depth make our own calls and we call the course of Chicago and call to Washington and check locally and it became very obvious that our standards are much higher than those that the federal government, you know, the federal OSHA inspection. And so the Carter Administration in Minnesota is a model and sometime in the future. They hope the federal government can do the same. So the recommendations they were coming from Washington. Was that both the industry and labor felt that Minnesota was a model. Okay. No, it's not very often that you can Labor and Industry agreeing, you know any subject but they did the kind of unanimously on this one that they have a lot of the complaints that they had habitar be straightened out. So that's the reason that we felt at the stage door still continued. But in that message, I also heard, you know on that Friday also said that the soon as the federal it comes up to Minnesota standards, then of course, we'll take another look at it. Then there would be no need for us to continue. What's a move on over to the Minnesota Public Radio Station to turgeon now your home part of the state gentleman wcsd in Duluth and Dick daily. Hello there. I had a couple of questions. I guess both revolving around the the two major problems that faced Governor. Perfect when he took over some weeks ago the reserve mining situation and that Powerline controversy Western the Minnesota Central Minnesota and be able to come up with and it's not a reserve mining situation your options might pretty well be taken away by either legislative action the kind of thing a proposed by representative Willard Munger of Duluth is talking about some special legislation. That would make my Oppo 7 for example, impossible or that members of the state executive council could exercise their cloud and refuse to okay the transfer of State lands necessary and that's kind of thing it is it possible that the solution may be taken right out of your hands. We will be a decision by the governor's office once the court to miss her Supreme Court has made a decision. You may seem like it's complicated. But to me, it's the power lines. The reserve thing is there's enough evidence that is make enough hours have been spent I guess in the courts and I think every possible Avenue has been It looked at so just a matter of what's a cord comes down. Just a matter of sitting down reading. You know, what they come out to us plus all that I've read and all of us have read on the past court cases and all the mall at the professional. I guess expert testimony that we can come to a decision. They're very obviously people are going to be disappointed. But I think it's it'll be easy or much easier to come to to do it to do the right thing case. I think it's at least in my mind. The power line of course is much more complicated. It's be much more difficult in the chorus is taking much more of a time probably more time everything else put together. You want me to go to detail on that. Let's Wait Awhile. I'm sure that we'd like to give our listeners now chance to question the gentleman for the remainder of the program in the Twin Cities area. You can call to 911 2 2 2 2 9 1 1 2 2 2 in the Twin Cities area. If you have a question for governor perpich or Senator George perpich outside the metropolitan area. 806-529-7003 and Lee 7th District yesterday. Is it a Fluker of elevated you think a long time about we we heard talk or discussed really is that a one of those things that came out is that that was really a bar Berlin District because that it was in the Republican call him for many years. Associated sounds more with thumbs just Englund as a farmer. I think I think that was another one knows that determining factors in that election. Most of the legislative seats are held by the NFL results are the only thing they are now, but I mean if your Democrat Back in 1970 in the car sits change and I and I think a lot of those local legislative races were also decided because the popularity of Bob Bergland so it definitely was a barber Glendale. Obviously, you're probably we just assumed on some other state but he was just a tremendous individual and knew exactly what is going on in cultural areas. That's why I just went through was a dirt farmer that no one has been on the farm for many years. That's pretty much all I think that basically is the weight when he seemed to have great support Among Us. He's a farmer and he's been there. He's one of us and that type of campaign that paid off from okay. I think our first caller is a standing by from the Twin Cities area. Good morning. You're on the air. Go ahead. I want to do first of all. I'm quite pleased with the way you subtract the job since he since it came on. Thank you wishing on the these radar detectors that are being looked into now as possibly being banned and whether or not he had some feasible Alternatives or solution to the problem. Is that the first Ghostbuster of the legislation, you know, I bought the first week of my termite came out in support of the 55 mile-per-hour and of course when the recommendations number that I received was to help and slowing down that traffic is too I guess make it illegal if that's the right term the fuzz Buster's and I was in support of that legislation. Our next caller is standing by on the line that afternoon you're on the air. Go ahead, please. Yes, I'm on Indian women specifically in the state department and specifically the State Department of Education. I'm very concerned about that. I know that there are some cases of pending right now concerning hiring and I'm I'm really concerned that people be considered on the basis of their qualifications and not on politics. Okay, couple of things on that, you know, we've heard for a long time about hiring women and minorities and with me is for Real if you take a look at the appointments that I made to date. We really making a special effort to bring more women and minorities in two States government as I am interested Commissioners. It became very obvious to me that we had very few women and very few minorities and state government. So what we've done a course is set up a committee that's going to be very objective and it's not going to be on a political basis. It's going to be an ability and I'm asking them to make a special emphasis through a tract, you know, qualified women and minorities and cheese positions, but first major pointment PCA was a woman the executive director of the Commerce Commission is a woman Okay. Now you come to the question of Indians. I am in the process right now of attempting to have an Indian on my staff within government. It's very very difficult. All I can do is ask the Commissioners that they make a special effort to bring more women and minorities into positions of responsibility. And that's the other way Sherwood that are pointed that I'm making an effort and I'm literally doing it and hopefully is at the department heads will do the same as no way I can force them to do the course, but I am talking to them I've said so to them personally and it will continue to do as much as possible Governor. The appointment process is often used in the past has a way of rewarding the party faithful at least people been been criticizing you for this openness. Well that there's some problems with it. But I think the vast majority recognize that we have responsibilities that the people in positions of the Commissioners and that of course or white males and we have to bring I think more of a representative group into positions of authority the wee course, I exempt from that Committee of courses the staff and and appointments some of the boards and commissions in the Army as far as make sure there's a there's a better balance as far as women and minorities are concerned. What's your 20 years and I suppose our friends that I've been with the blue eyed white. It's been a long run. They understand people that I've been with the political process recognize that women and minorities have been left out a process for years and we've talked about it for years and now we're putting to practice what we've been preaching. You know that if we ever got there they were going to do it and are you going to assure you that but I can assure you as far as appointments go if that's good. That's going to be the route. Are you going to subject the the cruel vacancy to go to that process one is at the Crime commission is a little arm of the governor's office and they said earlier those people that our staff and in the office so I won't be going through that. We have to come here have to do something with the crime commission right now. It's kind of up in limbo. Are we here talk to legislators. They would like to have more to say and more likes play the review and I agree. This is the reason I think for this one year. That I'm not going to do you have some names? I had a group that help me as far as the criminal justice message some of the people that I thought and each area we're about as good as you'll find. I think it helped me and worked on that message. We're probably the best if you find any place United States, I'm talking about on National but I mean state From St.Paul if he's if he's interested, let me talk to him to know and of course I talk to him before I wanted him to know the part of the staff, but I think this is a real Challenge and I know that he could be very very helpful to put this together for so that you're from now we know exactly where we going to let you know the crime commission real openness in government. We have similar a telephone callers. I wanted to talk to you about her. Good afternoon Miss. Listen to your question. Go ahead, please from Southeastern Minnesota, and I have a question about the possibility of changing some of the Civil Service law. I work for the state for about three years in a row. So I'm talking about him state employees who work in the relatively minor position, but I would like to know if it's possible in the future to change Civil Service laws to make it possible and practical to fire an employee who does not or cannot do its job. I'm concerned because when I work there I was told by their employees that for the first 6 months or probationary. And now it's only three months if I kept my nose clean after that probation. As long as I showed up for work, I could not be fired and many people that I work with held this position. I think is very detrimental to their attitudes toward work. What you know, I've spent a lot of time visiting State institutions State facilities and I find my alarms that the vast majority of the state employees are really good people very dedicated work very hard. But I also believe that the positions that are in policy-making position should not be under Civil Service. I like to see more positions. Are we out of civil service in the policymaking areas? I think it's easy positions be the truck driver in in those categories should have Civil Service Jen's and perform what you're saying about what you've experienced. Of course. I've experienced hire up where people say we see Governors come and go and that we see Commissioners come and go and We can see lot more than that up a little bit and maybe a couple years you won't be saying that as much. But some changes I think in the policy making a position so I should be made George. I think a lot of that is up to the administrator the man who's in charge and I I think it boils down to who are the administrators going to be accountable to someone and what are the people underneath them doing? And I think a good example is what the governor has been doing. He's sort of showing an interest in state government to be very truthful at least what we hear in the legislature. He's shaking up a few employees along the way and I think that this is the way to handle the problem because of the administrator should be accountable to higher up and finally the governor and then the employees of course have to have rules and regulations and then be made to do their job and answer to the public but at the same time, I don't think that we should return to some type of spoil system where every time the government changes they fire great hordes of people out of hand, then I'm sure that the governor agrees with the type of policy We have another caller standing by in the line with the question but afternoon you're on the air. Many many thousands of disease elm trees in the state of Minnesota that are being removed. I realize it's a very very expensive proposition and it was wondering when one sees trees are cut down. Are they a total loss to us? Are they just chopped up for for wood chips or what happens to them during the winter. They have worked as they're working on a number of projects could call my office tomorrow. I can give you more of the details, but let me just tell you what I want. What I've been told you have to do Braxton record to make sure you're not spreading the disease and then they can be used for whatever purposes trees are used. So they are I think they're setting something up at Fort Snelling. I wear these trees could be hauled and then debarked and cut up for firewood or for whatever other purposes. They be used. So up to this point. It's my understanding that the Advanced Materials trees or you know going into the landfill, but from the spring on other things will be done. Okay, I think that tell the watch line for those of you living outside the Twin Cities area is open right now if you've been trying to get through and I found it busy now, you can give it a call 800-652-9700 for people with the questions for the governor or Senator George perpich from outside of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area of the Twin Cities area color is on the line. Good afternoon. You're on the air. We have a question, please. Yes, you're on the air. Go ahead. Go ahead. Yes. Yes, I do. Alright Governor. Very very good. Thank you. How are you? I want to compliment you on a magnificent job you're doing well. Thank you. My question. What is exactly going on in the Department of Education understand that there are a couple of removals in that department and nose removal to run made because 2 people testified on behalf of the Indian woman and mrs. Jones removed from office. I have just I think was last week read some of the information on those two individuals will be meeting first part of next week. What's the commissioner and other people involved? I've got a question for you and education Gunner. What about Senator? Jerry Anderson's school reorganization be like that. well You know, it is a difficult question answer number one the extensively around Minnesota. It all depends what direction education goes the the the schools in many communities in Minnesota really the center that whole Community if the schools in my budget example, I've requested a more money for libraries. I feel that you should be closing the doors at 3:30 in the afternoon and people communicate be making use of those facilities in a lot of school administrators have the view that you know, don't mark up my new florist. In other words when you walk in after 3, put your feet on your head so you don't make any black marks on their on their new gymnasium floors. I think we have to make use of those schools Library should I say when should be lonely if there's a library available? So we should open up the we should open up the light at libraries. We should open up the the recreational facilities a swimming pool. Industrial are so many things that you could do with it with the schools in those areas were talking about declining enrollment. So I said ministrator change and and think of it as a community center and one that's a kind of education doesn't end with at 12 grade when you get that diploma we have use for those for us for those facilities so that we are faced with a declining enrollment. I think that between now and next year of Gerry Anderson's Bill plus other other bills and other ideas really have to be explored and you know, I'm making a major I guess. So if you want to call it an address on each one of the major areas of state government, I guess going back to the days when a governor would have a special message for legislature just hand it to them. I'll go in different areas of state next time. We'll be on our heritage and what you do to preserve our historic sites in Minnesota, and as far as education And I feel that will be sometime this summer before I can really do the do the right job there. Look what's going on in the suburbs are educational laws or the back of it was that we want to eat flies educational opportunities that we have some hide the districts with some great programs and really good system and we have ones that are too good and that it's that formula was to bring the low District up to the high districts. What's happening course, we are bringing up some aloe District, but in the process, we're bringing down some good school districts. I mean really slashing and cutting out good programs that are very necessary suburbs Rochester. This is an example what's going on? So I think that's cool a formula has to take that into account that you know, how do we maintain quality education? So Jerry Anderson's I think it's a part of that part of that mix don't like the idea of just Your get something on the opposite side of it and you don't like the idea of just wiping out communities in effect. What you do when you close down the school, but if if the trend continues and Educators look at it as they're at 12:08 to 3:15 and then don't mess up my school or know someone who might damage a locker or window might break maybe over a three-month period or my floors I get marked up then we'll probably start to fly. But George go ahead and he's very close to the situation. Well, I think Jerry Anderson as the office right next door to mine infect were in the same complex there and we get a chance to discuss issues. And I really feel that Jerry has arrived like the union negotiator. He wants 92 District Administrative districts where we now have for 38 I really think he's arrived like a union negotiator who whose employees are making $5 an hour and he asks for $20 an hour. And if the management were to give him the $20 an hour that negotiator would drop dead and I think that Jerry Anderson is arrived with that 92 school districts. I think he's going to settle for something altogether different if he can get the bill through I would assume he's talking in terms of 92. I think that the legislature is looking in terms of probably 2:50 or so. So I do think that if declining enrollments continue the cost of administration and the school systems keep escalating. I think that you're going to have some type of administrative consolidation and I also think the great tragedy is that the sum of the real Bright upcoming hardworking teachers that are at the lower end of the scale and seniority are are being cutting. This is what's really hurting the students. I think that's was the reason behind the demonstration. They had in St. Louis Park some of the really quality Educators that work with the students are the ones that does get the first chop and I I think that it would be much better if we were able to maintain the classroom teacher and do something about administrative costs to move on to some more College listener is on the line. Hello. You're on the air America, which is north of Brainerd. Give me because transmission has been bad today and it cut out just as you were answering the question of the woman who asked if you were going to do anything about women Indian women and state governments, but I have a question in regards to that. I feel that people of it doesn't make any difference racer 6, they should really compete according to what they have to offer and it's been my observation that your Administration is really giving preference to women just because they're women and state jobs and I was wondering how you feel about this. Is that reverse discrimination? Nosh and it's really not because if you take a look at the at the population generally and then what goes on in positions of responsibility you'll see that's completely out of kilter, you know, if we were even at say 20% I'd say, you know where we're getting some place. You know, what you consider a fair and just my daughter is a junior in high school and my son is a senior and it's happened to me three years ago. And we talked about what profession they wanted to go anywhere they want to do when they grew up and became very obvious. It really came home to me at that time that my daughter has her opportunities were very very limited. In fact because of that conversation went to the legislature and that we passed a bill that now houses for all professional schools at the university has to report to Committees of the legislature and kind of explain why there were so few women and then when the application Turn me to try to get a percentage. How many women applying and how many were actually accept it but I think I think they're about twenty superintendents of schools. My brother said 430 at school districts. They might be one woman. I'm not sure if you want to go into the area of engineering. I don't know how many thousands of Engineers around Minnesota. They wouldn't give us the two years ago. We couldn't get the from the society South how many women but I I would just assume because he said that there must have been fewer than 10 or 10 or 15 how you can go all the way down the list that you can go into Architects. I forget the number architects in Minnesota, but for some reason the number 838 women architects, and so something is completely out of out of kilter as far as a society is concerned you take a lot of the European countries. I'm a dentist. Well over 1/2 60% 65 in some countries Class A Hundred fifteen and they went away out of their way to make sure that she was out before the sophomore year was over and I mean they just literally they were very abusive to her until she was out of class. And of course that's that goes back some 20 some years and it's it's changed. I know the law schools are opening up. So all we're saying is we want we don't want them to be discriminated against I want my daughter to make a decision. If you want to be a homemaker great God bless her but if she wants to be a dentist, she should have that right if she wants to be a commissioner of Natural Resources. She shouldn't decide where the best I can do. Maybe is if if I work real hard I might be head of a section and PCA why not to give her the opportunity to say I would like to be ahead of the PCA or I'd like to be headed. Turn resources in the fact that I'm a woman out that door is closed and let me just bring out a couple of more things once this is accepted and once those walls are broken down. It's going to be for a better Society. We were talking about giving the students the right to vote at something. You shouldn't give him the right to vote where they go to school. They're going to wash out every mayor of the city, so they can take over the town. Well, we worked hard and I know some of the mayor's became very angry with me and now they're my good friends again, but they were convinced that these are going to come down from the Campus Inn in forest and just what all them up in my hometown. I guess I made a difference of 7 volts of the people decide to vote in the town where they were going to school instead of the town of the resident and so many things like this happening and a special effort has to be made when I call all the Commissioners together and I see one woman and that whole crowd something is out of kill. And therefore you have to make a special effort to bring that back into balance. I have not heard any complaints about our PCA director hard hard working very very objective. And I think she'll probably be at one of the best in the nation and the same thing. I just heard yesterday about the executive secretary of the Commerce Commission the same comments made a hard worker and doing an excellent job in awhile light. So I think the committee is looking at objectively like a department natural resources and what I'm saying is if it's equal. I'm going to give that to a woman to break. I'm not going to say that I'm going to pass up some very very qualified men to put a woman to position and after 2 Year. I hope I'm around for six years, by the way, babe. It's only 2 years and they aren't position of responsibility. I think you're going to be happy George. What was just going to say the one I wanted to make it so often times. They say about the man being so experienced than on and on but I don't think women have been hired and given a chance. And so naturally they miss out as far as experience is concerned and I think that if you give women a chance give me a chance to do the job see how they do it and it's like anything else once they've been there been able to compete been able to do the job that it's going to be better for all of us. Then dies that the governor said everyone should have an equal opportunity, but you got to go a little bit out of your way because of that old theory about when you're going to look for a job. You got to be under 21 have five years of experience on the job. And I I think that they're going to have to get women in and once they're in there a lot of them are going to do a real real good job of administrating in government. Our next caller is standing by in the line could afternoon. So you got a nice listen to your question. Go ahead. Thank you Governor. I would like to know whether or not she would support a bill and seem gay rights to the state for Wrightsville, and whether or not you would support a bill decriminalizing sodomy between consenting adults. Second question to say a prayer that question know the first part in areas of employment. Yes. Okay. Next question next caller is on the line and the governor is listening to your question. Go ahead. Please tell a very excited to see someone in office. Who is that a directly in the public Firing Line and in the decision-making process a little bit more questions. I have regard your energy policy and I'm wondering if there are no I needed the state or federal level incentives for people building homes to put in alternate Energy Systems. And also if there are not if there will be in the near future that's in one of the recommendations that is being made. We have dollars set aside for number of those demonstration projects that we're really in fact the last two days I met with the one group and another individual who have some some ideas of some pretty good. So we're doing everything possible that you I'm lost for the word right now. I think it's better off having a outright grants to see what works. Well, I think Senator Gerald Anderson and being as chairman of the Senate energy commission. I have talked to him several times and he said that they're going to take a good hard look at it. And a lot of work is going to be done in the interim Center to Gerald Anderson is is one of the sharpest guys in the Senate and then tremendously hard worker and they don't want to LEAP into anything that turns into a sort of a tax give away, but they do want to do something in the area to try to conserve energy. So I think that the Senate it on its part is going to take a good slot for look at it and then and energy and housing Senator Gerald Anderson chairing the committee. I think they picked a fine man from the senate for that job you up to what you wear your guess is about to the governor's proposal to require that existing homes be brought up to a certain minimum called before they can be sold think the legislature will go on with that. Well, I would certainly hope so it's say it's one of those proposals that's going to generate a lot of debate that I'm sure of that but I am I would hope that these things you have to remember that the legislature know is in session actually until 1978 until April of 78. No bills die at the end of May we go out at session on May 20th 23rd, but none of the bills I did. So there's going to be a lot of work done in the interim will be able to come back in January of 78 and bills that were in the hopper have been worked on and worked on during the interim will be looked at again in 78. So I don't think it's a matter of passing everything by May 21st the natural we are going to pass but the other thing that the people of the state of Minnesota have to realize that we Budget on a two-year basis we budget for 2 years and this is the budgeting session. So I'm necessity a lot of time is going to be taken. On the budget and after we are done with the budget, there will be time in the interim and for next year to go over a lot of proposals that I'm sure the governor is going to make in depth over the next 3 or 4 months say bye-bye. We going to give a special to you here for the 10th anniversary minutes on take take some more College. There is someone on the line from outside the Twin Cities area. No, good afternoon. Where you calling from? She referring to me I am not from outside the Twin Cities area. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to do with the governor's request for additional funds for medical research at the University. My son is 2 and 1/2 years old has a disease called after Genesis imperfecta, which is a very serious disease affecting quite a few Minnesota family research has been going on to University for the last several years, and I wanted to check on what the status of the proposal as and what its chances for legislative approval are not the best program would be with one that do it have the easiest going at the legislature but it seems like it's having the most difficulty. It's an area that I've had an interest in for for many many years. Let me just back up a little bit, you know the high just to start with the medical cards. I am so convinced that the only way you know, you can think and have all the investigations they want and all the studies they want but the medical costs continue to increase convinced after being this way back when I was in the Minnesota Senate. I'm convinced of a 3 things everyone need an educational program to keep people don't understand how you keep your help. Secondly the fact that you have to exercise sir. A researcher. That's the answers, you know, that's the shortcut to the high cost in the course of misery and suffering that that occur with disease and Dennis the tooth decay is an example. I think that if we made an all-out effort so that we can have the answer before too long George agrees that are not I think that the program that the governor and talked about in research Of course, it's one of those programs that a lot of senators and representatives like to take potshots at the end. I think that we are going to work on that issue. It's going to be before my health welfare and Corrections committee, which I chair and I'm also on the finance committee sun to set aside. I'm going to work very hard in that area. I would also say that again we are we are actually in session till the middle of 78th. And if the program doesn't come through in the next 5 months that we're just going to have to keep working on it and I would like to save for a lot of the governor purposes programs a lot of new and Innovative programs that he talks about you have to start somewhere and you have to start plowing the field and it is a lot of programs are not just going to be put in the legislative Hopper and come right back out again, but I'm so many areas that he's worked long and hard on up there on the iron. When he was representing the range areas of the interpretive Center in history and and those types of programs when he began I'm banned in buildings people sort of looked at them skeptically, but now it seems like everyone up there is 100% in favor of them. You can't find anyone criticizing the program tonight thinking a lot of areas in the governor's program that especially the Innovative areas that you're going to find the same thing. He's going to have to work and work hard to get it through once he does 3 years down the pike people are all going to be for it. Like to mention once again the watchline number for those of you outside the Twin Cities area with a question for the governor was a Senator. The number is 800-652-9700. We have another caller on the line now good afternoon. You're on the air who proposed changes such as a closing in the Middle River Camp facilities. Nelson the people in the area and I feel like they are very concerned about this because apparently there's some people employed at the camp there and if that is cool many people lose their jobs will be forced to leave and a lots of Revenue in an area like that. You know, it's very small towns and it's very great. I feel and I was wondering what your feelings are on that. Of course, that was one of the recommendations that I made in the criminal justice a message, if you know to the people and to the state legislature that is a very very difficult situation anytime you want to close down any up acility. We have real problems. You know, what States government at one time we had 10 the tennis situations are we had while I'm tired of my welfare, and I'm mentally all the mental retarded the drug drug addiction programs. Are we still have ten institutions? And what years were 5650 250 200 resident. Alright, the people that are that are responsible for the maintenance of that building really aren't directly aiding the residence other words people to have two across the the heat that plow the snow for the buildings themselves aren't directly at a training doing what's the resident and we could literally close up some of the institutions and actually have the professional paraprofessionals. That would really help the people that need the help. That's the reason for the institutions. I'm not talking about the welfare institutions and every time we try to do something, of course, you know, I feel very badly but I feel badly about the I don't do it very easily brother. George has worked on this last session and took me the weekend. He took a lot of views on it, but I did my recommendations of closing Hastings are closing Anoka I didn't come here are usually but they're necessary. We just don't have the dollars we used to have in state government was inflation though. We don't have the energy and you just can't in good conscience continue to say. Wow. We got to contain the same programs because people that are directly that are employed there the Chamber of Commerce and of course the local labor organization on an opposition to it. So I will a river again. It's a recommendation that came from the commissioner. I spent a lot of time on that they tell us that the facility needs a lot of dollars to bring it up to standards that it's really waste a lot of energy and then we can do a better job as far as the rehabilitation buy it by the plan. There was a typo that presented in Rochester. It's not it's not easy, but I don't know Canal some Sade is being given to making that like a lot of State. Watches that we have in the Twin City area where there's some expansion that maybe that's what we should do with those buildings in that area so that I'm determined to be as objective as possible to cause his little this location as possible to help everyone of those individuals that are employed at Hastings Anoka Willow River, but I do want to say that there be any more recommendations like that of closing institutions. We don't like to do it really don't but our primary responsibility to the residents of the welfare institutions, those people that are confined in the correctional institution. And of course, even with the college's at Southwest, we just, you know, we can't continue to waste $2 and the energy and there's so many things that have to be done in state government for the people that we can do a much more with those dollars. My brother. George is Chairman of welfare Corrections and Well that I would just say that we are going to attempt to and I would say that is 6 years ago. There were two volts to close a state institution in 71 and in the 75 session of the legislature. I passed the bill to close an institution with 48 volts. But in every method that we can we want to be able to retrain the state employees. We want to give first offering a tithe are hiring. We want to take a look at the buildings that are there. Is there any alternate juice we want to wear specially cognizant of the Flight of the employee we're going to we're going to give them moving expense. They can other state agencies are allowed to go beyond their quota momentarily if they can use the person we're we're trying everything we can in order to take care of the employee. We want to make his this location so that it says if he asked him what we want to make it a z It is possible. But again, the state's first priority whether it's education welfare institutions are prisons. It has to be for the person that they're dealing with and that's the thing. The legislature is going to have to take a look at. This made me laugh political thing, but it's the right thing. I think you are next to a caller is a standing by in the line. Good afternoon. You're on the air governor disposition on The reason they put people unit to 10:50 this coming year. The recommendation is 1025. In the budget again. I don't know what the legislature is going to do. I still think that we have to do something besides the regular formula and I think I dress myself to that in the budget. We asked for $0.40 million additional dollars for special education to help the people that we need help. I will also ask for more money for libraries that we want to see expansion of Library services to the public intercourse. The students are we have a special diagnose screening early screening and diagnosis for four-year-old. We have a number of programs in there other than just going with the straight formula again, we have to do something with to help those communities. No school districts that are you know pasta fat best the meat into the region to the Bone right now, and I think we'll have to make some If there's extra dollars there and the projections are looking a little better that they go other than just a straight formula. I just like to say that in the legislature since I've been there in 6 years education is always been Minnesota's number one priority and I think that education will continue to be our number one priority. But often times when I talk to people involved with that the school system. It is not a limitless Limitless number of dollars that we have to spend it. So, you know, you have to balance the budget. We're not like the federal government that we can deficit spending and I don't think that very many senators are Representatives with want to deficit spending. No one wants an increase in taxes and I and it's one of those things that are choice is not between the B-1 bomber in the legislature and education are choices are are are fairly hard and I I realize that the people can say while you're spending money on this and that or the other thing, but I think that basically We put money into reducing property taxes a we give a lot of money to education and we should continue to do so and yet you have to keep the highway department going you've got to keep State Services going on. You've got to have all these services and there's a finite, you know, the pie is only so large and it's a question of who's going to get the largest peace and education has consistently got the largest chunk of the state fine. I think rightfully, so it is our number one priority. I think we have time for a couple of more questions. Our next caller is standing by good afternoon. You're on the air. Thank you. I'm a family daycare provider and I'm concerned about the continuation of daycare services to children and parents in Minnesota. I'm interested first enough effect that the tax laws are having a regarding the in-home business deductions that Family Daycare people are not allowed to play Muse of their home for their And the fact that this would have on continuation of that type of care and also on the continuation of financial assistant program specifically for child care so much is the child care facilities that money and I'm wondering if your feelings on this if this are some things that you could support. I don't know the answer to the question. If you're speaking of federal or state tax laws as far as the support we have asked I think for re I mean the budget self I think was 3.8 million dollars in support of daycare centers. I'm not I'm not sure of the exact amount but it was close to 4 million dollars of a six billion dollar budget for the zip code for me to retain all those but we are supportive of it. As far as the tax laws. I don't know. I'll have to look into that. I got I don't know what to get to set state or federal. If your dressing yourself to, you know, we have expanded on the daycare center, but you run into a fuzzy area whenever you're talkin about the care in the home and I realized that that's one of the things that the legislature he gets a little uptight about exactly what daycare is and under what type of program you get paid and end this type of thing. It's an area that really hasn't been completely worked out and we are working on it and we are holding hearings on. Then everyone will get a chance to have their input. Then you should get in contact with your legislator from your District to irr write to me at the state capitol was Senator George purpose because I am chairman of that committee and I'd be glad to answer your questions. Yes. Go ahead, please. Thank you very much. I support I supported I do support the covered Stadium some place in the metropolitan area. I think there should be a committee that makes that final decision. I don't think you ever get that decision or the legislature because they're so Divisions on that one George Orwell and I don't want it to be supported by property taxes or no issue, especially someone like me from the outlying area was a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings and I've attended the number of their games and of course, I'm a big hockey fan being from northern Minnesota, but I would say that I want a stadium to pass and I feel the minute the legislators selects us fight for the stadium that Stadium bill is dead. And I really feel that in order to get a stadium somehow or other whether the governor does it the legislature does it or the Supreme Court of Minnesota does it pass the legislature to build a stadium and let some neutral body pick the site? Gentlemen, we've come to the end of the hour. I want to thank you both very much for coming in today and hang on for a minute because we're going to we're going to talk about pledge week here in a minute. I also want to thank all of you who called in and got on the are those of you who unfortunately did not make it the technical director for the broadcast was Lynn Cruz with production assistance from Neil Saint Anthony. What time is 1?


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