MPR Special Coverage: 1976 Minnesota State I-R Convention: DAY 3 - Straw ballot results

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Report on the results of straw ballot results, including platform items on abortion, sports stadium, ERA, regional development commissions, Milepost 7, and gun control.

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Yeah, Gary something that has happened here. Once again, things are moving right along we have now had a reading from the podium of the results on those various straw ballot questions, though controversial platform planks, which year were not put into the app Reddit platform, but were instead submitted to a vote of the delegates. We talked a bit earlier about this whole Regional development commission. There was a platform plank which decried the bureaucratic mismanagement of the regional development Commissions in Minnesota and supported efforts to make them more responsible of that was the platform flanked from the floor last night. There was an amendment made which would have substituted this language Regional development commissions represent an additional layer of government bureaucracy that threatened to usurp the power is exercised by local government the irm supports legislation to permit counties by majority vote of their residents to withdraw from the region.Development councils that was the the position is presented from the floor last night. It was the liveliest platform discussion we've had here at went on for some time. Eventually. It was decided to add it to the strawberry and then make whatever the vote was an official platform Plank and we've just had the report that substitute language they stronger language which would allow counties by majority vote of the residents to withdraw from Regional development Commissions in Minnesota was adopted by this margin 1952 to 655. So they party has taken a rather strong position on that controversial Regional Development question on the other items the other straw ballot questions, here are the totals as read from the podium just moments ago by convention co-chairman John Moody.Equal Rights Amendment forestation 1020 against rescission 558 Not sure 93. on the sports Stadium favorable 332 against 1203 not sure 125 abortion for the amendment 782 against the amendment 836 Not sure 72. gun control Approval of the registration of handguns 119 262 opposed to registration but favor some restrictions on ownership of firearms 257 opposed to gun control legislation. 722 The results of the straw ballot questions here at the independent Republican question. So that's how the delegates here felt on the Equal Rights Amendment on these Sports stadium in the Twin Cities on making the whole abortion question a constitutional amendment to a national at u.s. Constitutional Amendment and on the matter of gun-control so a bit of an update their on what's Happening, we're still standing by for the results of the balloting on Alternate delegates to the Democratic National Convention. And of course the US senatorial endorsement scheduled yet sometime this afternoon from the Saint Paul Civic Center. This is Dick daily.


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