Listen: Reaction to McGovern speech on farm issues

People react to George McGovern speech, which included farm issues. They also discuss topics of the Vietnam war, criticism of President Nixon, and U.S. economy.


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SPEAKER: But what he spoke today has so much truth to it. Now, when he talks about those hogs in the truck. I lived in that, and that's true. When they hauled the truck, you didn't have any money coming back.

And it's true that our taxes are so high, our land taxes. You understand what I mean? And that is true. So he's telling the truth right there.

SPEAKER: And the Nixon administration hasn't done anything to--

SPEAKER: No, it hasn't, no. Nixon hasn't done anything. In fact, since Nixon's been in now, my land taxes went up, way up. Now, I don't know whose fault that is.

SPEAKER: I thought it was a good speech. 90% of parity wouldn't hurt the consumer, and it would sure be a help to the farmer. And I think, $20,000 is a good limit for payment to any family farm in agriculture.

SPEAKER: He sounds earnest. I don't know. I've heard a lot of campaign promises, and a lot of them haven't been carried out.

SPEAKER: The trouble is that-- the trouble is that the President has not got everything to say. The Congress, that's where the stinker is, remember. And sometimes the president has a bill, and Congress won't pass it. Isn't that true?

SPEAKER: That's true.

SPEAKER: And they always condemn the president. They always do. Now, I always said when President Nixon got in, the war won't end. Even if Humphrey went in, even if McGovern goes in, it will not end.

SPEAKER: You don't think the President has the power to end the war?

SPEAKER: No because we have to fight this out. You know why? If we don't, we have the communists right here in the United States, which we do not want.

SPEAKER: He got more applause for his statements about ending the war here than anything else during his speech. What is your position on that as an issue?

SPEAKER: Well, I think it's time we get out of Vietnam. I don't care how we do it. I just wish we would do it. And I think Nixon has failed. I think Nixon has had his chance.

SPEAKER: Well, I think it's about time that we wake up to the fact that we do need the American farmer as a family-type unit. I believe that in order to stop the war, we have to have our economy on a sound basis. And this is where the farmer comes into this picture.

SPEAKER: Darn right! It was a very good speech, a very good farm speech. I can't understand why more people didn't applaud it. What? Are these people scared of applauding? I'm one of these guys that spent the first 18 years of my life on a farm and got squeezed off by the cost of-- the price squeeze he's talking about. That's right.

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