Airtable Instructions

Airtable Instructions

The Airtable bases embedded in the MPR|APM Awards Directory offer the ability to sort, filter, group, and search through their data. For a more pleasant viewing experience, click on the text in the bottom right of the embedded Airtable, View larger version, to open the Airtable in a new tab.

Fig 1.
Fig 1. To open the embedded Airtable in a new tab, click on "View larger version" in the bottom right corner of the embed.

The search function in the top right of the window will search all of the displayed data. Filters will remove items from the dataset being searched, so please use the search function before filtering the data in order to see complete results. Fig. 2 shows an example of a search result highlighting four cells in which the search term appears. Fig. 3 shows the search icon in the View larger version display.

Airtable Search
Fig 2. In this example, the search term "1995" appears in the Award date column as well as the URL in the Link to Audio column. The search function can return results from any field of the dataset.

Airtable Search 2
Fig. 3 Click the magnifying lens icon in the top right of the Airtable window to search through the data. Please note, filters affect the dataset being searched.


The filter function removes content that does not meet the filter criteria from view. Filters may be applied to any column and multiple filters may be active at once. To create a filter, click on the Filter button at the top of the embed, then click on [+ Add condition] to select the criteria by which you want to filter the view. Once you have entered the desired filter conditions, click anywhere outside of the filter dialogue box to hide it. To edit or remove the filter, click on the [Filtered by…] text and make changes using the dropdown and text fields. To delete filter conditions, click on the trash can icon. To reorder the filter criteria, click and drag the icon with six dots to the right of the trash can.

Airtable Filter 1
Fig. 4 Create filter

Airtable Filter 2
Fig. 5 Select filter criteria
Airtable Filter 3
Fig. 6 Multiple filter criteria can be active at once. In this example, the filter shows records with an Award date between 1990 and 2000.


The data in the Airtable embeds can be sorted alphanumerically or in the case of Level, by First - Last (e.g. Gold > Silver > Bronze). Multiple sorts can be active at once, with the first sort taking priority.

Airtable Filter Sort 1
Fig. 7 To sort click on [Sort] at the top of the embed (blue arrow) and select the field by which you want to sort, or click on the arrow in the header of the column you want to sort by (red arrow) and click on the direction in which you want to sort.

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