Listen: Odd Jobs - Echo Bodine on ghost busting

For this Halloween edition of our Odd Jobs series, MPR reporter Mary Losure went out with psychic Echo Bodine on one of her ghostbusting jobs…at an ordinary house in the suburbs, where most of the ghosts were out in the backyard. If the ghosts don't feel like leaving, she also helps homeowners understand their ghosts, and learn to live with them.


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SPEAKER 1: Now, is this all flatland? I can't see in the dark.


SPEAKER 1: Yeah.

SPEAKER 2: I'm sorry.


SPEAKER 2: A little incline.

SPEAKER 1: It's OK. I'm just, I've got night blindness really bad. OK, there we go. There's definitely energy back here. Whoa. Whoa. There's a lot of spirits back here. There's a female spirit over there by the windows. There's a male spirit that just walked down there.

SPEAKER 2: They're transparent, you said, and white, kind of white outline?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. It's OK, honey. It's OK. It's all right. OK, there's another one right over by that tree there. Just, it's a male. He's standing right there, up against a tree, watching us to see what we're doing. OK. All right, wait. There's a voice here. OK, there's a female spirit, again, another one here who says, OK, she says that as far as they're concerned, this is their house as well as the people who live here, that different people in the family call us into the home, want us in the home, want us to be a part of their family. She says that we have an agreement with them that we will live here with them.


SPEAKER 2: So now the next step is to decide what to do with the ghost.

SPEAKER 1: We go in the house, tell them what we got, and see what they want to do. My guess is that they'll probably say that the people can stay, just because that's the kind of people that they are. [LAUGHS] They'll just say, yeah, no problem. As long as they're not going to hurt us or the baby, then they can stay. And we'll all be one big happy family.


SPEAKER 2: What do you want to do as a family?

SPEAKER 3: Keep them.

SPEAKER 4: I say keep them.

SPEAKER 2: Keep them.

SPEAKER 5: What did I say from day one? Keep them, they weren't harming us.

SPEAKER 2: So we'll decide.

SPEAKER 3: They seem like very nice.

SPEAKER 2: Ghosts. So we'll keep them. Thank you again, nice to meet you.

SPEAKER 5: Nice meeting you too.

SPEAKER 3: See you. Bye-bye.


SPEAKER 3: Be careful, though, when you go up that hill.

SPEAKER 2: OK. Do you ever get tired of living in a world with all these other beings?

SPEAKER 1: I sure do. Yeah. You know what, part of it, though, Mary, is I'm so used to it. And then I'll sit down and I'll have a conversation with my friend David tonight. And he is so of this world that it's like, oh my God, that's how people live, and that's how they think. And they don't think about ghosts all the time. They don't think about aliens. They're not even conscious of this stuff. And it's so much a part of my life.

So, I don't know. Most of the time, or not most of the time, but a lot of the time, I think the way that I think is real normal, and everybody thinks this way, until, like I said, I sit down and have a conversation with somebody and realize, oh my God, this is unusual stuff.

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