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NewsNight Minnesota KTCA special on Rudy Perpich's death. Includes various interviews and speeches form Perpich over the years, and comments on Perpich's legacy from Minnesotans.

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As you probably already heard former Governor Rudy perpich died earlier this afternoon at his home in Minnetonka. He was 67 years old now while his dad took much of the public by complete surprise for his family said earlier this afternoon at the former Governor had been suffering from colon cancer and had become increasingly ill in recent months perfect played a major role in The Pageant of Minnesota politics. He had lifted American dream kind of a story. He was a son of a son of an immigrant minor. He was a Hibbing dentist. He then became a state lawmaker and all the while he was enthusiastic booster of his beloved Iron Range. He also eventually became Minnesota's longest-serving Governor. Now, we'll have more on the purpose of legacy and is Rule and save history, but first one to send it back down to the studio and Ken Stone. Thanks, Kathy.Jerrod tonight's program. I will be hearing from people on the street about the memories of beauty Professionals of imperfect himself through clips of his speeches and televised appearances of this first clip comes from an almanac program. Just this summer when purpose talked about running again. I thought I saw something my first pair of glasses came from they want to start my dental practice. What would have happened to me? If I didn't have that help with that time and any one must not pay the government back for everything I ever gave to me in those in those first days my teeth. They were fixed at the school, right? They use a different system than they calling welfare. They went by where the school people need help and you got to help them with a buck 87 / 100 Rudy perpich had an amazing life story the son of immigrants to his parents wanted their children to succeed in America by taking advantage of their schooling purpose practice as an Iron Range dentist with his college education, but grab the Laura politics drilling into broader public life. He served in the state legislature before being named Wendell Anderson lieutenant governor. That's where Jim Bickel picks up the story. It was 1976 when perfect was appointed Governor by Wendell Anderson. He ran for governor for the first time in 1978. But that was the year known as the Minnesota Massacre when a whole slate of dfl for swept out of office. The purpose returned in 1982. He defeated Wheelock Whitney on a platform of economic recovery the deficit and this month we should pay off all of our last outstanding loan. The turnaround has been one of the most dramatic and impressive in the nation. In the past three years. We join together a family unified by stress and we found our way we've helped each other. We reached out with compassion to those in need and we restored confidence and pride in our great state. Later in 1985 jobs were again issued during the bitter Hormel strike. Perfect made one of his most controversial decisions when he sent the National Guard to Austin to keep the peace in 1986. He faced a tough primary Challenge from fellow dfl or George Latimer. Yes, I'll take a look at so, you know I don't agree with everything that he does but he works hard. He's fair and he loves, Minnesota. In the general election purpose defeated Cal ludeman and what he said would be his last campaign. Our goal is to make Minnesota a model state to make Minnesota a brain power State and to make Minnesota a world-renowned research center in the late 80s. Look at work to make Minnesota and international player. He pushed hard for the Mall of America to be built lower the Super Bowl and its biggest coup with bringing Mikhail Gorbachev to Minnesota. He was riding high and hinting that he might run again and I'll never leave under pressure or be chased out and leave with my tail between my legs. So to speak. I just don't lose at The Ballot Box. This was also a time when he got a reputation for being eccentric he offered to sell the governor's mansion and took reporters on a bizarre tour to show how run-down it was. My place trip up north is a heck of a lot better that looks better and it's much more livable and what I live on the second the second floor news, we call him Governor goofy. Then came the goofy campaign of 1996. Personal purpose raise the issue of Challenger, Jon grunseth messy divorce and child support payments will tell you something. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I go to my death before I wouldn't meet my obligation of my family little on a court order that the governor's campaign issue sign in and you want all the facts know and it's a matter of public record going to where they went after my family was completely different. It really truly wasn't a matter of Court records all my obligations to my family are met and They were becoming into the personal life of my son and my daughter which is considerably different when the sexual misconduct allegations against Jon grunseth Republic it changed the whole dynamic of the election change with the order of the day and Arne Carlson was elected. Governor. Are you this morning? I contacted Heidi Carlson I congratulate him on his victory and assured him. There will be a smooth transition after the election purpose re-establish is international business contacts and then came home and talk to running for governor. Again, I believe in Minnesota has fallen behind in the last 4 years, but not enough for the people to recognize the urgency of innovation like a voucher program for schools and the other programs that I've talked about this past month less. I have decided not to run for governor instead. I intend to continue to promote my ideas and run for governor in 1998. pretty proper chest family plan to announce funeral arrangements tomorrow I think it would go down as one of the better-known governors because of his length of service to the state cuz appear in dedication to the ER. The work email. I remember Governor purpose as being someone from the Iron Range and my mother and my grandparents were from the Iron Range and that those were my first thought I cared about Minnesota like you cared about the the northern part. Resorts in training least-developed northern part of Minnesota Iron Range. Thanks so much with the help of Labor and I think during the strike in, Austin, Minnesota. I had some difficulty with this decision to send the National Guard in but other than that, I think he probably service StayWell. Governor Crossing issued a statement this afternoon extending his sympathies to perfect his wife Lola Amy called perpich a friend who would be sorely missed later in the day Carlson had this to say from the governor's residence. Today, we have all lost our friend Rudy perpich served as the chief executive of the state of Minnesota for 10 years longer than any governor in history. He will long be remembered for his remarkable energy his creativity and very deep personal commitment to moving Minnesota forward. He brought a unique blend of the unconventional and the Innovative to the governor's office. On a personal level. I consider Rudy perfect your friend and he will be sorely missed and it's a sign of respect the state of Minnesota will lower its flag at half mast. We have heard an amazing array of reaction today from perfect his former allies and foes Senate Majority Leader Rodger, Moe said he was shocked and saddened by the news and I One fascinating anecdote from South Dakota. Governor Bill janklow who once competed bitterly with purpose for jobs and economic development. Can I go said that saved his life during a trip to China janklow was suffering from a severe allergy attack and administered a shot of adrenaline janklow added that perfect love people and that was him what you saw was what you got There's a line from the Broadway play the music man about a traveling salesman. You've got to know the territory our territory 1985 and Beyond will be in the world. Not just Minnesota. Not just the Midwest not just America, but the world. Rudy perpich left a remarkable and unusual Market Minnesota political history, we've gotten a group of people together who were his friends at the at times his adversaries and his political Associates if perhaps not as peers Rodger, Moe is dfl majority leader in the Minnesota Senate John Stanek Hennepin County judge and former campaign manager for perfect start with you. This is a time when you always want to speak well of the man, but can you give us an honest assessment on was he a great governor? Was he a good governor? I think that the history books will put him down as a great governor. Oh, we're a little too close to the right now, but I think as we reflect back. Somebody said it earlier today. He wasn't just a couple of years ahead of its time. He was ten and fifteen years ahead of his time and I think when time catches up with some of the changes that he instituted in the things we talked about in the visions that he had and help spelled out for the state. I think that he will go down in the history books as a great governor and it was a pleasure but at times frustrating as to serve with him at the same year that he became the Son of God. Yes. I served at the Senate at that time. The tenant governor was Rudy perpich and then his two brothers Tony and George were in the state senate will I serve with all three of them together and that that turn today about the Saying that he threw ideas on my confetti ridicule and hear some Ten Years Later Newsweek or time are running stories that say the wave of the future in terms of shopping malls to get people to come in as you combine with entertainment 10 years ahead of his time when we first started talking about world trade people scoffed and said, why do we need to do this? I don't think there's a governor in the United States today that hasn't traveled abroad to try to improve their home States economy. And again, he was made fun of only because he was trying to do what was best to create jobs and economic development in this state. I agree with Center Mall Visionary 10-15 years ahead of his time was going to be honored by history, So many other politicians who usually are looking at the prices of the day or you know, what's going to happen next week Rudy perpich was thinking 5 or 10 years ahead. And had this Vision in his mind of what he wanted done and any kind of work backwards and for a lot of us we often, you know, couldn't understand or see that vision and I think that was true sometimes to the public as well. And that's where I think that it's fair that helped develop that kind of quirky nature that people had about him but in his own mind, he knew he knew what that Mall of America was going to look like. He knew that a Super Bowl could be a reality that a final four could be a reality that investment light come on when he first stuff loaded that idea. I'm sure folks all over there laughing about it, but sure enough that that June day in 1990 Mikhail was here to work with him your speaker of the house. I mean there were times especially late and his administration when you two were butting heads over budget matters and elsewhere. Of course, it's always the public fights. What was he like when you got behind closed doors? Very friendly very open you couldn't help but like them but as Rodger said there were times when it could be very very frustrated. I remember and in when he vetoed the 1989 tax bill and urged him not to do it. And when he did we got into a big public Feud and I was just a couple days after he vetoed that bill that he came to my hometown in New Prague landed in his helicopter. We had a function at the local hospital after the functions over there in about 30 folks from New Prague the mirror and other officials. He invites them all over to Schumacher's hotel for ice cream and cake everybody goes down there and then all of a sudden the governor is gone all the people are gone and the waitress brings me the bill and I never did collect. He was a friend of yours. Yes. I miss him. What was he like as a governor? I mean, it's a it's a little strange to have a friend being a position of power. Like well, the public purpose was a private perfect. There was no difference. Nobody knew he was sick hardly anybody heard her whisper here and there but I saw him about 6 weeks ago. He was a picture of him. And so when I get the news today, I was absolutely shocked. I think your Rudy purpose go down in history. I agree with Rodger is a great Governor. The man was a Visionary. We used to have breakfast meeting you and I in the sixties and hotel in Minneapolis to be talkin about things that he wanted to do to help people. I didn't use a phrase mega ball in the sixties. He called him Supermall super complexes were people would gather. I'm getting an NBA team here was always a dream of his The garbage shop is it he was absolutely determined? Did Mikhail Gorbachev here and when you meet with him in private and he be talking about some of his arguments with Bob and with Rodger here, you know his frustration was that he always thought that he was unable to articulate. Well enough his position. I think so that was what would get him so mad at one time. I move the wastebasket in his office and I said because it keeps whizzing by my head every now and then I just got to make a decision and he had a whole Administration behind them and he'd suggest something to Rodger night and we've kept reminding him. Well, that's great idea Governor we might even agree with you, but we still got to go back and convince in my case 67 colleagues and in Rogers case 33 others, and I think that sets them apart. Unbelievable Integrity mini knew right from wrong and good from Evil. That's how he lived his life fiercely loyal. I mean if you were a friend of his fiercely loyal he'd argue with analyn fight with you, but you were his friend fiercely loyal and the hardest with some of his supposed to say when we talked about Rudy perpich you're saying because when we came back in 1982, the state's economy was in the tank in particular in his whole Mary on the Iron Range by 1990 things that turned around to the the point where he was able to run on a platform that we all remember I'm going around the states and financial world says, we're number one. We're number one in education. We're number one in Korean jobs, the whole Seiki of this state was lifted by the performance and he was driving the engine. He had something and two men here who could have been Governor perhaps I were to run by a number of people and did not out of what a Party Loyalty or was it because he had something Let me tell you a story in 1982 or early in 1982. He called me and wanted to have meet me over at the at that time the old Holiday Inn and want to talk to them thinking of running but I won't if you or George Latimer run, you have to let me know he said but if either of you to go I won't and course I didn't and Latimer didn't and then he got into that the primary course with the endorsed candidate Warren Spanish. So I think he was not afraid of taking some risks. There's no doubt about that and he had the experience obviously get served as governor for a couple of years and and I really felt at that time. I think he felt And many of us feel as well that he was going to move out in that sweep. They just got caught up in the sweep it because 70 was a bad the election for the Democrats and he just felt he wanted a chance to come back and then to get himself and he did and he did an excellent job, but he brought to politics politics need so desperately today and that is he was positive. He talked about Minnesota always talked about its strengths always bragged about it. You're right. Sometimes it a little bit of Chamber of Commerce hype about being number one in a lot of things but we were but he talked about the goodness of the state and the greatness of its people and boy do we need that today? What are the pros great strengths who was his family to pay me when you got Rudy is Governor you got Lola as his partner tremendous strength tremendous Dynamics. Stop snooze always interesting to me because it seemed out there campaigning you love to go to the coffee shops and get the piece of pie and do all that. But what was interesting about the governor was that often times you've gone and greet the big group sitting at the big table, but where he'd land and where he'd want to sit he'd find some elderly person sitting in the corner by themself ain't say it would I bother you if I came down and sit with you and the governor of Minnesota would by this person a piece of pie and talk to them for 15 or 20 minutes and have their total attention. And that was the compassionate decent man in the core of Rudy perpich that I think was so attractive to the voters did not have a good relationship as the years went on with the press and it was pretty good at the beginning. It was depressed on the fair and I think that that he felt he was fair game. But he didn't want to see family members in the paper and I think his daughter was criticized and I think that that's what I ate Adam and I think that coupled with anybody who's in the public eye for as long as he was in as visible a position as the office of Governor is you're not going to maintain a positive relationship throughout attending Evelyn's stronger view than either Bob & Rodger. I think the media goes on a Feeding Frenzy when they look at public officials of either party at any level I look at what the governor cross has been going through recently in the way. He's been reacting and I think the media is principally responsible and I paid that very broad brush. I understand it's pluralistic and everything else, but I think is there a certain things in our politicians life that are off-limits to the Press. Andres the Press has never understood that and they will go after a person's of family in the private life of their family when they oughta stay out of after the 1990 election. He would have won a cup of the press if you think that's accurate while I think it was a stranger 1991 that will probably never see repeat it again. I think that you can make an argument that certain things that happen by way of the news media and the governor over that last year clearly didn't help. I don't know if you can attribute it just to that. I think there are a lot of variables 1990 that made it to such a strange year. A song about whether he would have run again. They buy he teased everybody last year. He was on WCCO radio and said I am not going to run until 98. Do you think this is how the hell. He would have run I think his ideas would have been in play clearly. I mean when you made that last appearance on Almanac this summer, I think we're looking at the tape and was from June and I remember watching it home and thinking what he's on message and you can do is remember. This is a guy who has a worldview part of the reason with the criticism from the Press was here's a man that it traveled after he lost and 78 looked at what was happening in the international economy came back and said boy, we going to get on this train. We got to start talking about marketing the state in the world and we need to talk about things like building the shopping malls in this torture victim Center. We need to do these things for tell you what those are not great issues. You know, that's leadership that's coming and seeing these ideas make sense. And now these ideas are being praised and he's being honored and I hope that the governor was at least eight. I know before he passed away how much he was loved and respected by the people of this state and how much am I bid a five year old son at home? He's going to be able to be educated in this state to be able to compete in the global economy in the future and that's in large part due to Rudy perpich pushing and saying we need good jobs. So we have hope for the future we need good education. So our kids are prepared to compete in the future. That was the core of this man good job center good opportunity for the future and those what he did during that time frame was opened up minnesotans eyes to the fact that our competition wasn't Sioux Falls and Fargo. Our competition was much greater than that and much more Global and he promoted the state. I am in that fashion So Not only was he in Minnesota during his National international travels. He was also opening up Minnesotan size to the fact that we've got to play in a much broader and bigger economic scale. Jared 1998 do you think a purpose would have sold in 1998 would have generated enthusiasm used to have he would have been in play as the judge said there's no question about it. And that's exactly why he left the keys are out there. He was always going to be close to the light. There's no question about do I personally think he would have run in 98 the answer is no and I think the single factor that would have kept them out was the person that he loved so very much. Who I knew was not particularly keen on him getting back into it. What are the former house Speaker? What do you have run and and and even if he hadn't even if you just teased people would have changed the dynamic of any campaign he would have he would have kept people guessing. I agree with my colleagues here. He would have wanted to help frame the debate. He would have made sure that his ideas were out there and I think the chances would have been very good that anybody else who would have been thinking about running in 98 would have to respond to some of the ideas that really privileged put on the table. So I think he would have influenced the debate but in the end, I think he would have decided not to run a few years when you were there. When was there a moment that you said this guy is a great governor. And also, can you remember a time when you thought I have had it for this guy? I could I could think of both times. I think I think I could sense the greatness and how well he could connect with average people and how he could understand how well he could understand the plight of an average Minnesotan and I think he was great Governor because he understood the value of an education. He understood when an education could do for somebody didn't he understood what it did for him and got. First of all some of you watching in Greater. Minnesota will be leaving us in just a moment and I we thank you for joining us viewers in the Twin Cities stuck around and we'll be right back. Children running. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. Is there enough money? I don't have to do that anymore feeling. You know, you can't talk about Rudy perpich about talking about the Iron Range and it did much of Perfect story has to do with his Beginnings on the Range and the way Iron Range loyalty to perfect shape the Minnesota political landscape back in the 1970s and 1980s on the phone right now is an iron Ranger himself Gino paulucci well-known Duluth. Businessman Gino. Are you with me? Good? Thanks for joining us. I appreciate it a little bit about The Love Affair the relationship between Rudy perpich and the range is it was a very special one. Rudy never forgot the Iron Range in like many people who forget their Roots he never did and he was down to less than everything. He said Iron Range experience and bringing up. It was a family man first lasting hours and frankly. I think it was a giant among men never criticized thought I could save you send that to he never forgot his roots, but why didn't you go back to live on the Range after he lost re-election. Do you happen to have any feeling on that? He had his arm up there and then he had to as a business still when he was driving or breaking out of Minneapolis. And it's all right, you don't have to live there as long as you remember where you're from and he never forgot doing something for the Iron Range. People are bi he talked about the ill-fated Chopsticks Factory in Hibbing your hometown. I'm wondering did the range feel like purpose delivered Rudy there when he was governor that we were able to work together to increase don't text and I production tax remedy was about $0.19 a ton of the time. Sliding scale was over $2 at 10 today and that is really help the Iron Range and it's something there will live forever. I'm sorry. I let people don't realize it. Did you ever buttheads Gina paulucci with the governor perpich you as a businessman coming to the capital to talk to perfect about what you were interested in. No are we had them when we wanted the convention center here and there was going to be in Minneapolis. And remember then Mayor John feed her and I went down there and and explained that we wanted a Convention Center for Duluth and what he said he called us aside and said don't worry, you'll get it so that you can take his word and know that it was his bond. You know, I know that you were not exactly your realm of interest is in business, but Toca if you could please about range politics that you know, you hit you can take care of your own you close ranks. You can Wrangle even your best friends and then make up later on was Roberta master of Change Politics as you know it or he was very Savvy when it came to politics well know that what about the Mystique of Rudy perpich. She mentioned that he he never forgot his roots. You also talked a little bit of though about being over criticized what sense? He said and sometimes like Eugenia controversial of times. I was in the right place. He was honest and Leona Heritage question for you. If you think that was a product of a different time and place on the Range the range has changed when you and Rudy grew up on it. It was at just a with your product of a certain time and place still remembers. This is ripped. His family was always very proud of his father and mother Call of Duty Spectre Ali's paulucci always a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for joining us. Okay. What was your reaction when you found out that the former Governor of died? What was curious we walked into a caring room here for an ongoing hearing and happened to observe his portrait, which I commented on 10 minutes later. We learned through someone came up and said he had died. I remember him. I didn't always agree with him like a lots of other people but I remember him as one of the most colorful public figures in the state of Minnesota Wild Rudy, you know, he's got his own personality and and you know, when he was with a beat his last election that when Carlson came in, of course he kind of salt about it, which was unfortunate. I think I'm rude he's part but you know people understand Rudy and this is the way he is and I think when people look back at what we needed for the state of Minnesota and I think he's probably one of our better Governor's I think people will look at him as being the governor of Education of the people and I think that the thing that I Like so much about Rudy perpich and I wish we'd find us and all our Governors is that he was such a promoter of the state of Minnesota. He always talked about what a great day. That was the people especially and he was just kind of this down-home type of government Governor that that really seem to love Minnesota. That's why he wanted to be Governor still think he should be given a lot of credit for Minnesota stronger economy today because 10 or 12 years ago. He positioned us to be prepared for international and national competition instead of just Regional. I can't imagine governor perpich coming in at 7:30 and sitting behind the governor's desk and doing paperwork. I see him getting up and wandering about the capital in search of people and ideas. So he really was a people person. He was a very warm individual and and again if he had to go on a long trip for going to fishing or hunting trip, he be the kind of person that I'd like to go with because he wasn't engaging and a warm personality. Perpich was like everybody I grew up with and where I come from Bemidji and Andrew D comes from the Iron Range in and he's like everybody I grew up with. I mean he he was warm and he was friendly and humorous and he was just a genuine all-around good guy and he had charm he had charm. It was wet beyond anything that is really in politics today. You know during the perfect Administration the capitol, press Corps was always assured it have something to talk about you. Even if it had nothing to do with politics and often times it didn't so tonight. We welcome a few of the folks who spent and still spend many an hour in the basement pressroom. Betty Wilson is with the Star Tribune or was with the Star Tribune. Jean Lammers the longtime Associated Press Capital Bureau reporter and almanacs on Eric eskola is with us who covers the capital for wcco-am Lindsay strand is spent the perfect years working for kstp-tv and Nick Coleman covered perfect for both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press. Now you all know we all work together here. I covered it for kids TP AM radio never a dull moment you guys in the Capitol pressroom with perfect. What do you write? Email to reporters dream. There was always a story a good story a fun story about about the political cartoonist help me out here and it went on and on and on by stadium that the last year and a half of his administration. There was a pretty ugly friction between the governor and his family in the news media. But Betty, he was a reporter's friend if you needed a story he would leak last week and I had to write some stories say according a high source in government and my editors knew it was so they were sure it was accurate and I never never betrayed me. Burbage and they were sure it was accurate. A few minutes ago. Are we talking to Bill Kennedy and Center turbo and they were talking about. Hey, the Press was unfair, especially in the latter years Betty. Did you think there were times very protective of this family? I think he got a little paranoid there about the press and he didn't want us to mention his family at all better when Lola perpich has press conference and threatens to sell the governor's residence. She's knows his son was the premier political strategist in the country would have been over. Backwards 2 of 1/3 of that mess. No Governor that I can recall got better, press coverage and or better press. Throughout his career sure. He is the last year and a half or so. It wasn't the kind the teeth. He like but I think you don't he sort of reap what he sold dyed hair the mansion that and I kind of I think of a kid and and someone with a big heart and someone with a vision. I mean when I think of a kid, I think of him one day his desk never had anything on it. I mean, I was never a piece of paper and it was always polished to a luster and one day. I can remember suddenly being the only one in his office and he pulled out the Lemon Pledge and the polishing rag that he had in his desk and he made me swear that I would not tell anybody in between every meeting. I mean who was the kid couldn't really believe he had this office and he's polishing the desktop before we needed. Rudy that was the ranger in Rudy and now it's never forgot what I like to buy my thing with the public liked about Rudy perpich was that unaffected Ranger that was inside Iron Ranger who couldn't really believe he was sitting at the governor's desk and on the other hand. I think all the friction between Rudy and the press coincided in my view and the view of some other is with a with Rudy leaving those roots behind and hanging around with Robert Maxwell and then people like that. He'd be kind of forgot where he came from. I think at the end of his 10 years in office and that led to a lot of the friction, you know, when I talk about passion that one time and when I think of you know the vision that Rudy had as reported when he would talk about how he was going to introduce Minnesota the world and we all kind of go. Yeah, right and but I'll look back and you know, I know since I stopped reporting I've kind of live that in a lot of ways in dealing internationally traveling internationally and ways, and I thought about Rudy. In about the global economy and how cynical we all were in reporting that and he did have a vision with the voters at a cafe on the stump. He would get up in front of a group and give a terrible speech. He would be so good and charismatic with a small group meeting voters at the fair or whatever and that was the essence of perfect with this big bear of a guy kind of wrapping. And and that's what you have to love about him. He he he just enjoyed he got away from that by the end. That means you went from being the guy who had a polka mass at his first inaugural to be in the guy taking the skeptical media through the governor's mansion and calling this beautiful house Bangladesh and he loved and I loved the man dearly. I mean, I think it was a character and the history may judge him as a great Governor. Yes Terminus accomplishment, but in the end, maybe it was in too long, but he forgot he lost that personal stuff. Politics was really personal with him to begin. Probably the greatest Legacy. He left was he made Minnesota Minnesota people aware of the global economy of the global competition and remember all the criticism. He got for his foreign travels and he was out of the state of a great deal. But whatever jobs he brought or didn't bring the state. He made everybody realize that that's where the future is. I can't deny them they are there but I like working us and in the end I think some of the feuding and stuff really I mean the man is probably still waiting for the canoe precincts that come in and an overturned. Also the 1990 election. He was just that kind of a person has Personal Touch and politics and works in the seventies and eighties and if he were running a younger Rudy perpich, we're running a 1998 with that kind of candidate work anymore. But we're passionate New Deal Roosevelt type of message that he was given we were talking about it. We both felt that we would never see him again that he would not run again, but I did the message seemed so fresh because we've had kind of five for five years ago of a more or less government no taxes, no spending and this seemed like such a Fresh Approach. There's always room for people that bring enthusiasm and real passion to what they're doing. And while he was criticized for losing focus. I mean, I think of the kid part of him again, he was so many places. Remember, you know, where is Rudy nobody? Is quite sure and he's on to this one day that one day. We were talking earlier. I don't know Eric if you were up at the Sawmill Saloon when he won on Victory night in 81, and remember he made some promise how he was going to run around if you ran with no shoes on and we had the big snowstorm and at the same time. He said he was going to have the open door policy with the meteorite where anybody could come in at any time any place. So the next day in the big snowstorm, we track him down to find out if he really has no shoes on and find him in a Technical College in a classroom and he's having the exit interviews with the Quiet ministration basically firing these people and we record all the with no shoes on and we can we record all this and found a way to get it back down here in the Twin Cities the only plane I think I to Hibbing that day and Chief of Staff of the time Terry Montgomery was watching and that was the end of the open door policy. You know, when he saw how the governor look with no shoes on firing people publicly. That was the end of it. It was it, you know, he was all over the map. Astric with the ones that were closed before he'd even been in office that we knew before the battle started who is going to win it. But one of the things that made him so fascinating as a person to cover was I was constantly Reinventing himself and you never knew what the Rudy you saw yesterday was the one you're going to get tomorrow and I imagine the summer when you were in it. I saw that interview on tape here. He was Reinventing himself again. I'm in the man was constantly adjusting and taking the the pulse but I still have to go back to that think there was a sea change and I don't think we really know why I'm in sometime during that second four-year term as Governor. He really became less a man of the public which he had come in as a became or a man of the Publishers in the end the Pinstripes and I think that was a way you wanted to go but it didn't it backfired against tonight. Able to report to you. Is it just an evitable? That buy years 6 7 8 or whatever you start changing and I think it had a lot. I agree that the long about Year's six or seven there was a sea change in the in the perfect Administration, but I think it has much to do with the with the tremendous loss of talent from the administration that he 1st December when he came back in 83 in 83 and in my judgment, he collected probably the most talented group of people that I've seen Under One Roof remember he wouldn't notice or out stories to us and they just have a little snatches. So this is that so we wouldn't have to call Terry Montgomery or somebody said not what was he talking about and then we would get the story and it was over whenever they were times where you still weren't quite sure though. I can remember all of us knocking on one another's door saying what do you think? What did what did you learn today? Because you would you would get the code that he spoke and I can remember he would come out at the end of a session with the conference committees. And then he would say would say there's been progress and movement and he would say this hourly one day one day comes out of a meeting with Mo & banaszak until there's been progress and Betty else in the back for governor. Has there been movement? He Praises you had to put it together and that it was where veteran reporters did better than new reporters because you had a little more ability to translate him. Montana's first team that really know how to have a Hamlin and what is strengths were and how to deal with his sort of weaknesses and then they are starting to understand. Maybe I've been here too long, every Lord first woman US senator from Minnesota Muriel Humphrey Jordy a woman on the Supreme Court. I still think that's a person no other state is is come close to me. I don't know snaps don't want the other, are there has never been anyone covered in, Illinois. How much is it the cost of his background because of growing up on the reins during the Depression the correct term. Can you say bohunk still on the Range? Anyway, he had the greatest bohunk stories and he could tell him all night long and it would be stories about the immigrants on in the mind. He was a ranger II was coronated as again, I don't see how anybody could not like that by Rudy perpich. It wasn't very likely he was up at the Grand Rapids for a tour and the guide was demonstrating how they the man in this logging camp in the winter to pass the time they would dance with each other pretty perfect got up and danced with the dance. The polka was so this this man What was it about purpose that you thought G there's a flaw and I'm not talking about when he got removed. What was the one thing that follow through and focus 1090 of them when they have down by the butt by 10 of them are interesting three of them were doable and sometimes they would fall through the cracks because the follow-up wasn't always there. Okay speaking we were talking about the range and we have a couple of guests to joining us from the range of a good evening. Can you hear us? We should have with a stick nordvold. I believe the mayor of Hibbing and run gornick campaign manager facilities commission, Ron and Dick are you with us for more Hometown today about to his death very difficult time for us. We're trying to put it together. This really was no time for Preparation. There were so many on the street that I are just saying the same thing. It is a very difficult day in and I think not only in Hibbing but the entire iron ranges beginning a grieving process. We're asking ourselves that very difficult question of what is Northern Minnesota going to be without Rudy perpich. It's a question that is a very difficult one to ask and one that we didn't ever think we were going to have to ask. We've always kind of felt that Rudy was And to face the reality of northern Minnesota and the Minnesota without this fantastic individual is going to be very difficult for us. Run your thoughts as 96 years old and I thought the way Rudy acted and the end is just for life was going to live longer in this sentence it certainly this was a surprise today. I know for myself. I shock has already set in yet, but there is no person that you talk to doesn't have the feeling that we have lost that person that is probably going to be the largest and biggest loss that the state of Minnesota is going to ever suffer for the state senate and we met that day and I don't have I don't know what I can do, but I got a big family and we can get a lot of boats and and so I'll take credit for her to get here. Is there ever going to be a champion for the range like a really perfect or I suppose that the down the road there probably will be but there's some very big shoes to fill when we look across the Iron Range in the impact that that Rudy is had on the Iron Range for the past 30 years. I've said a number of times today that there is not a project in northeastern Minnesota that is taking place in the last 30 years that somewhere there isn't an imprint of Rudy perpich on it. This man was so totally devoted to Northeastern Minnesota. He was devoted to the state of course on the larger basis, but really as far as Northeastern Minnesota is concerned he has been our leader through some really difficult times and how do you think he'd like to be remembered by the people on the Range? I would think that he would want to be remembered as he will be remembered in that is a people's Governor. I think that he will be remembered as the the man that could tell you who had the best cookie in. Every single coffee shop from St.Paul up to the Iron Range and appropriate shows up as a person that was a friend of I don't need the top dog weathered we Washington or wherever but but here in the Iron Range. He just had that way of appointing his heart out to people as a listener to the handicapped and the wealthy and made no difference gentleman. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. What you think is the news about the governor Carlson sending his a girl to a private school and Innovation to that. Rainy Carlson was in the in the political process long before that young girl was born right and I believe maybe she needs a special needs. I don't know. I don't know her. I don't know why they decided on that but I fully support if I think that their decision and if so be it, I think they should just let him be and maybe it's in her best interest to go to that school. A remarkable and extraordinary political leader past for my Mets today the death of Rudy perpich removed a phenomenally created political figure for my States landscape. It is perhaps premature to assess the historical impact. Perfect, but it is clear that he dominated the Minnesota political scene for the last two decades. He served as governor for 10 years longer than any other in our state's history and those 10 years were full of creative and imaginative initiatives which have left a permanent impress on our physical and political distance. He was the only non Anglo Scandinavian personality to reach the governorship and the only present president of the Iron Range to sit at our chief executive. His life was strongly influenced by the Ambitions and travails of his immigrant working-class parents who determined that their children. Would Make It in America for the educational opportunities available here. It's political outlooks were shaped by the experience of these working-class parents doing the stuff brings up a jobless years of the Great Depression this combination of influences help explain to determination as Governor to emphasize both the Improvement of the state's education institutions and to Foster programs, which would increase job opportunities in our state. The appointed more women and minorities to stay officers than any other governor in the history of our state from the highest court to Executive Administrative posts positions were increasingly filled by people who have previously been excluded. As an F the Croatian he felt during his childhood and youth the pens of exclusion and was determined that this would no longer happen after his stint as governor for him. This was not an exercise in political correctness or grab a simple Justice and equity. I want to clear this. Did this did not benefit him politically when the feminist rejected him because he did not pass the abortion litmus test. Repurpose had a fertile active and quick mind is ideas off and ran ahead of political possibilities. But his achievements will forever be with us in Minnesota the Metrodome the Mall of America and the World Trade Center are all functioning because of his vision and energy no matter what one thinks of these Minnesota landmarks. They are here because of Rudy's commitments to drop creation for our citizens political leaders had the people's touch a son of the Iron Range. He never forgot his roots and was comfortable with ordinary people in coffee shops throughout the state, even though he dominated dfl politics during a decade-and-a-half. He never attempted to create a political machine for his political strength breast with ordinary minnesotans who loved him for his Maverick and unorthodox political Behavior. His opponents called in goofy, but most politicians would sell their soul that have the public record recognition and love that Rudy generated from ordinary folks. I was close to Rudy ever since I first arrived in Minnesota in 1961 and met him as I was doing historical research on the Iron Range and he introduced me to key players during his first two years as Governor. I served as informal adviser and house historian for the administration. Like most minnesotans, I will mention the spider Sports. It was what we in Yiddish call a mensch. Goodbye Mensch. A reminder details about Memorial services for Rudy perpich will be announced tomorrow and they'll be more of course on the purpose Legacy tomorrow night on Almanac before we go a quick look at tomorrow's forecast in partly sunny skies, and the eyes are going to be in the 40s and the 50s a weekend slightly warmer temperatures at maybe some rain, but is it for us? Thank you for joining us. Good night. Can y'all come back we had more time. I'd like to discuss what is happening in the world. And what are we doing here to make sure this economy continues to stretch your groin the hell why don't they next time I go to the highways going up north and we can all University. So some of the time


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