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MPR’s Lee Axdahl takes listeners calls on their thoughts and activities during large snowstorm that paralyzed city. The Twins Cities received over 14 inches of snow.

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(00:00:00) I was up and let us know what you're doing during this unscheduled winter vacation. So call us and let us know what's happening in your corner of the listening area. And the Twin Cities call us at 2:00 to 7:00 6,000 or outside the metropolitan area with in Minnesota toll-free at 1-866-553-2368 or toll-free 1-800 650 297 00 and about 12:30 central time. We'll hear from authors saw Gordon who's written a new book about raising children in a sexually permissive world. We have some calls already coming in. So let's take the first one and see what's happening out there. Good afternoon. Hi, what's your name? Where you calling from? (00:00:44) Bob George Bates. I'm calling from South Minneapolis. (00:00:47) What's it like (00:00:48) pretty boring? Really? I called because I got nothing else to do on the U of M student and I've been studying and writing some letters and there's not a lot else to do (00:00:57) you Were you prepared for this one George? (00:01:02) Well, I was expecting it when it hit last night and I was lucky enough to get back before it got really bad. (00:01:08) Mmm. Have you done any traveling at all (00:01:09) today? No, I haven't gotten out of the house (00:01:11) yet. You expect to get (00:01:13) out. Nope. They've canceled everything even my late class, (00:01:16) maybe throw a pizza in the oven and see what (00:01:17) happens. I don't know. I haven't even thought of that far ahead. Okay, George might take a walk though. (00:01:24) Okay. Thanks for calling in today. Okay. Goodbye. Let's take our next call or good afternoon. You're on the air. (00:01:29) Yes. I'm planting bulbs. I had 50 daffodil bulbs that I didn't get planted. And so I decided I put them into pots and force them and I'm wondering if anybody can tell me if I have them in pots in my garage if it's going to be too cold for them to be forced to six weeks from now. (00:01:49) All right. Well, let's hope that somebody will call in and Q you and me to the answer for that question. All right. Thanks for calling in planting bulbs today during this this. Old holiday, let's take our next call. Good afternoon. Where you calling from? (00:02:02) I'm going from st. Louis Park. What's it like no, believe it or else I was debating whether or not to attempt to get into the university despite everything. Hmm But instead I shoved my work for the second time in 12 hours. (00:02:21) Well, you know that the University of Minnesota is closed (00:02:23) today. Yeah, but just be doing my own research there so I could just let myself in and do what I want to do and what else second yes. I said show up for the second times in 12 hours and we just bought this house two weeks ago just in time to learn how to shovel snow. (00:02:41) You don't have a long driveway (00:02:42) hope not long but wide and the sidewalks of lied and unlike other parts of st. Louis Park. We do have sidewalks and the I lived before moving here two years ago. I was in Arizona for five years right kind of got out of shape in terms of this type of (00:02:57) stuff. What is November like in Arizona? (00:03:00) November like an Arizona usually not Thanksgiving a middle of the day I'd be able to walk around in a t-shirt. Mmm in December a cold wintry December day. The temperature would usually during the day would get up to about 45 degrees. Hmm usually by February starts spring starts. (00:03:22) You never see any snow down in Arizona. Do (00:03:24) you? Yes and no, it's a mountainous area as well. I was in Tucson for five years and the city was surrounded by Mountains and the mountains were actually about five to seven thousand feet higher than the rest of the town. And in the winter you could see snow up there. Sometimes would be quite beautiful you'd have a nice warm day down in Tucson, and then you can go up. About 10 15 miles out of town of the mountains and you'd have this thing nice and thick that was out of Tucson. You had the White Mountains where the Apache reservation wasn't they also in ski lifts and (00:03:58) I suppose it's always nicer to be there in your shirt sleeves watching the snow fall up in the mountains. (00:04:03) Yeah. Yeah. (00:04:04) Okay. Well, thanks for calling in today. You're welcome. Let's take our next caller. Good afternoon. Where are you calling from (00:04:11) Northeast of Grand Rapids? (00:04:12) What's it like up in northern Minnesota? (00:04:15) Well, we've got a couple of inches on the ground right now fresh stuff mostly powder and it's starting to blow. It's all real fine Step. So it's easy (00:04:23) shoveling. Have you done any traveling today? (00:04:26) No, we just moved up here from Kentucky. So we're getting ready for winter right now. We put the storm windows on today. (00:04:34) What's Kentucky like in November? I suppose that might be the question. They asked today to see what other people might be expecting in November. (00:04:43) Well, it can be anywhere from 70 degrees and sunny out, too. Freezing rain. Usually it's just folding and rainy in the winter and Kentucky (00:04:52) is this you say the snow is Fluffy up there. (00:04:54) Yeah. It's real light easy to shovel (00:04:57) to shovel. Okay good. Thanks for calling in today wats line is open at one eight hundred six, five two nine seven 00. Let's take our next call or good afternoon. Where you calling from (00:05:07) our downtown st. Paul (00:05:08) and I can look out the window and downtown right now and tell you what it's like (00:05:12) sure I got here at little before 7:00 this morning. You did. Yeah took the bus had no trouble at all. I'm a state employee as hard as anyone else here on the building though. I must say, (00:05:22) well that's that's what we hear from Nina Rothschild is that people are supposed to start showing up around the state here at the State offices around noon. (00:05:30) Well after 6:30 and there wasn't any announcement that time on the radio, so I came (00:05:35) in that's what I was hearing that the MTC was running a admirably they were doing a good job today. Yes. I had no trouble catching a bus good. Well, thanks for calling injured see what else is happening around the region. Good afternoon. (00:05:48) Yeah. Hello. I'm from Brooklyn Center and I'm busy updating my Christmas list and getting my Christmas cards organized now, there's an idea that's a perfect day for it suggests that to the people most of us getting out of something to do boy. That's a real great idea to make a brand-new Christmas (00:06:04) list. Most of us usually wait until December 24th to do (00:06:07) that. Well, it's because of this storm. I'm not in that crowd this year. I'm the early one now just because of the storm. (00:06:14) Well the way it sounds you may get your Christmas list done and then (00:06:17) some well, I don't care. I'll get out somehow. They get the street plowed up to where I live. Mmm. We'll get there somehow. All right. Well, thanks and thanks for the nice. (00:06:30) Music. Oh, no problem. Okay. Thanks for calling in today. Let's take our wats line again. Good afternoon. Where are you calling from from Duluth? What's it like in Duluth? We heard it's pretty snowy up there. (00:06:40) We're actually right now, you know, not everybody gets to stay home. I'm running a detox center here in Duluth. So we have to be here and I'm sitting looking out at Lake Superior and in the snow has let up and I can just make out Wisconsin over there. So I'm going to predict that this is not going to amount to a heck of a lot more up here. (00:06:58) You had 20 what 21 inches last (00:07:01) week? Yeah. We sure did you tell we did in Duluth is pretty much shut down this morning. Everything is closed. But as I said some of us have to show up I walk to work. So I I'm one of the only question made it in so I'm here pretty much by (00:07:18) myself. Would that detox center be anywhere close to the Northwestern? Building (00:07:23) well, we're about six seven blocks up the street on the same street where on First Street and we're not too far away. No, we had some excitement last night with that and the fire they like the Towering Inferno, but it turned out to be well, mainly exterior damage to the scaffolding around the building where the replacing bricks so nicely wasn't anything that serious but I don't think this is gonna I don't think we're going to get much more snow here. It looks to me like the wind is shifting a little in the Lakers riled up. I can see them Lake Superior in it's pretty wild out there, but I don't think it's going to amount to much more (00:07:59) you haven't made any Bets with anybody on the weather (00:08:01) whatever just about to do that. You know, I thought I might be able to get some takers because the National Weather Service is saying we're going to get more heavy snow here, but you know, I've been watching this weather and I just I think it's may be slipping South a little bit and and not going to dump too much more up here, but everybody got scared this morning and they shut down two Loops. (00:08:21) So well the Tends to protect Duluth little bit (00:08:24) doesn't it? Oh, yeah, my it does act as a kind of a wedge. It seems to kind of split things sending them south or north last week. I think it worked against us because we got a lot of lake effect snow but the wind is shifting a bit now two more to the to the east it was more from the little from the almost Dewey's now shifting around in Northeast. I think the system is moving off a little that's my my own prediction. All (00:08:54) right. All right. Thanks for calling in today again or wats line is open at one eight hundred six, five two nine seven zero zero if you're calling from with in Minnesota at a long distance location from the Twin Cities call us on the wats line. Let's take our next caller. Good afternoon. Where are you? (00:09:11) Minneapolis (00:09:12) you're in Northeast Minneapolis. It sounds like you might be out of school today. How do you like that? (00:09:18) I think it's great. (00:09:19) You do. Are you falling behind in your coursework at all? No, you aren't. What are you doing today? (00:09:26) I'm just sitting around. (00:09:29) Listening to the radio. I see aren't you outside playing or anything like (00:09:33) that? No, me and my dad and my brother already brought walk down the central transfer. (00:09:40) You don't have shovels (00:09:42) we do but it doesn't work. So good. (00:09:46) I see who does most of the shoveling your dad. I see well, why don't you go out and help him? How's that sound? Okay. Thanks for calling in today. Let's take our next call. Good afternoon. Where are you calling from? (00:10:02) I'm calling from South (00:10:03) Minneapolis. And it's no surprise what the weather is down there. We have lost that caller. Let's take another one. Good afternoon. You're on the air. Go ahead. Hi (00:10:16) everybody. (00:10:17) And where are you calling from? What are you doing today? (00:10:26) Well this (00:10:27) house uh-huh. Are you in school yet? You aren't are you going to go out and play later on today? You aren't somebody must have been nodding their head in the background. Well, thanks for calling in today. Let's take our wats line again. Good afternoon. Where are you calling (00:10:45) from? I'm calling from Duluth to (00:10:48) and you wish to differ with the caller who called in here earlier do you (00:10:52) predict? Tend to believe what they tell me. Maybe I shouldn't I'm not going to place a bet. I'm not a betting person. (00:11:01) What should you be doing today? (00:11:02) Well, what I am doing is wrapping Christmas gifts that are thing to a male. So I'm wrapping know what I should be doing is working right across the street from the detox centers. Matter of fact, I see but we're closed down like I understood from the news reporters that there were more closings than ever before today last Wednesday. We had thunder and lightning today. I only heard this underrated. (00:11:32) We have the thunder in the Twin Cities to let me ask you this Duluth Duluth has a lot of Hills. How are the hills to negotiate today? (00:11:40) Well, I haven't tried but I can tell you they're usually really tough much got a four-wheel-drive coming home from work last Wednesday. We left early and if the today is anything like it, we got a ride home with so it's a four wheel drive and it was the only thing going everybody else is just everywhere off the road. And so I'm sure it's pretty bad today. All the plows are really good. They're out and taking care of dries pretty quickly. All right. (00:12:11) Thanks for calling in today. We're still waiting for that caller that can help out a lady who called earlier today wondering about forcing bulbs in pots out in the garage. Maybe somebody can answer that or wats line is open again. Let's take another call. Good afternoon afternoon. What's your location? And what's the what's the activity? (00:12:30) I'm calling from work. (00:12:31) Hmm. Is (00:12:32) that Matt Rogers Cable Systems in Minneapolis? Mmm. We're about on 18th Street. Just next to 94. (00:12:40) How are the streets in Downtown (00:12:41) Minneapolis? The streets are fairly clear. There's quite a bit of activity cleaning the streets, but it's kind of like a ghost town down (00:12:50) here. It is a very much so we heard that some of the shops and businesses were going to reopen at noon today. Have you seen her gotten any indication on that type of activity? (00:13:00) Yes. I've seen quite a few folks looks like they're coming in. I'm about to go home for lunch myself and hopefully I'll be able to stop it see a few things and pick up something to eat for this evening. (00:13:12) You don't know anything about forcing bulbs do (00:13:15) no. No. (00:13:16) Okay. Okay. We're still waiting for that call. Let's take the next one. Good afternoon. You're on the (00:13:21) air. Good afternoon. I do know a little bit about forcing bulbs if she puts them in the garage and put the blanket or something over them so that they don't get too terribly cold. They're supposed to get nice and cold but they don't think there's Hold the (00:13:32) fries. What are you doing today? (00:13:34) Well, we're doing an old-fashioned thing. We've all been out and got all the snow off the sidewalk in the driveway and the kids went sledding and we're making soup out of the turkey carcass and caramel corn sounds good. Yeah, it is. Nope delicious. (00:13:51) Maybe you want to drop some of that by the MPR building here in st. Paul (00:13:56) if we could get to the highway we would so I'm getting out of the alleys a little (00:14:00) difficult sounds like the likely excuse. Let's take our next caller. Thanks for calling in today. Good afternoon. Where are you calling (00:14:06) from? I'm calling from Bloomington MN south of Minneapolis. We're trying to decide if we should go to work or not. (00:14:15) Melody's half (00:14:16) shot. Yeah it is and it looks like the snow is picking up a little bit. So almost sure its supposed to accumulate a couple three more inches, isn't (00:14:25) it? Yeah, the The Weather Service says it in the Twin Cities we can expect total accumulation somewhere around one foot. So (00:14:33) so, you know, I guess a couple of the major industries are closed for the day aren't they? Like there's Pillsbury and Control Data aren't they? (00:14:40) I don't know about the specific corporations, but the state was closed until noon universities closed. Most everything is closed. The buses are running. The buses are on the snow emergency routes and they're running a little bit behind schedule but 80% of the buses are working. (00:14:56) So I guess then just certain major streets down in this area would be plowed. (00:15:02) Right? Well, I would say use some common sense and see what happens. Let's take our next call. Good afternoon. You're on the air. Hello. Go ahead. (00:15:10) Yes. I'm calling from the Horticulture Department up at the st. Paul campus of the (00:15:13) University. Okay. Sounds like you're the man we want to talk (00:15:16) to. Well. I heard the question about the bulbs and I just Echo what the woman on the phone before said, I think the thing is to keep him cool, but don't let him freeze. Okay, and they should do fine in the (00:15:25) garage. You're at work (00:15:27) today. Great. Oh, yeah. We got about three-quarters of the department here actually mmm. We're in pretty good shape. (00:15:32) Do you folks do over there in (00:15:33) November November? Oh, we've got most of our research goes on in greenhouses and in growth Chambers in the lab at this point and we write up and publish all the exciting things that we do the rest of the year. (00:15:44) So I suppose you're in shirt sleeves right (00:15:46) now. No, actually I'm sitting here in my knickers and sweater. I skied in today. (00:15:51) How was the cross-country skiing (00:15:52) beautiful just tremendous good and I'd say the roads around here look pretty good. I'd commend the street cleaning crews because they've done a great job of in this part of the (00:16:02) city. Okay. Well, thanks for calling in. Let's take our next caller. Good afternoon. Where are you calling (00:16:07) from? Hi. I'm calling from Little Falls. Hmm (00:16:10) and what are conditions like up there? (00:16:12) Well, it's kind of a Freezing rain right now. I wasn't quite expecting this when I woke up this morning as they'll watch was for southern Minnesota and the North shore of Lake Superior and got ready to go to work this morning, and just before I was ready to leave. They said the courthouse was closed and being a County employee. I got a vacation today, so I'm watching the Mississippi freeze up from my kitchen window and making some turkey soup and getting my skis ready to go out for a cross-country tour. (00:16:43) Sounds like you're not alone today. (00:16:45) Yeah. It should be good conditions today, I (00:16:47) think. All right. Thanks for calling in. Let's take our next call. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Where are you calling from? I'm (00:16:53) calling from North Minneapolis. And I thought I'd call him and say that side streets are terrible up here and I live on a hill which makes it worse, but I'm just north of West Broadway, which has been plowed pretty well in there doing the alleys here. Now. My neighbor was very kind and got out his snowblower and did my front walk. So I'm going to bake some cookies for (00:17:15) him. Well good. It sounds like that's a fairly typical situation that most of the major roads in the Twin Cities area at least looking out the window here down at the downtown streets appear to be plowed and sanded but the residential streets are fairly (00:17:30) clogged. Yes, and I would like to remind And people to please feed the birds. (00:17:34) Okay. Thanks. I watch line is open one. 865 297 00. Let's take another call. Good afternoon, right? Where are you calling from? (00:17:45) I was there for like one of the only shops open here. (00:17:48) You run one of the businesses at (00:17:50) Rosedale. Yeah. I don't own it. I just work here. I'm (00:17:52) bored. You're bored. No business that really always Highway 36 (00:17:57) 36 is clear all the streets and Road Narrows. Our area are plowed already. They plant them about 8:00 this morning. (00:18:04) Are you going to close down early over there? (00:18:06) I don't think so. I think they'll stay everybody supposed to open at 12 and then we're gonna stay open till 10:00. (00:18:11) Well Rosedale has a lot of shops. Are you serious? When you say that most of them are closed down? (00:18:17) Yeah. A lot of them are right now. The major stores have opened up now. Everybody else will probably start trickling in anytime. (00:18:26) Okay. Thanks for checking in. Let's take another call or good afternoon. (00:18:29) Hello. I'm calling from South Minneapolis. Just like I turn my radio down. Okay, I'm a long-distance operator and I'm going to be going into work early today. I got a call from my supervisor this morning. We're get pretty busy at times like this (00:18:45) any advice for perhaps the impatient caller today. (00:18:49) Be patient. (00:18:52) You get a lot of traffic on a snowy day. (00:18:54) We do especially when it's storming if there's trouble with any any of the lines which can happen. It increases the problem but more to a large extent it's because that's what many people are calling and the lines just get clogged (00:19:13) you work at Downtown Minneapolis. How many calls I'm curious how many calls an hour for example, there's a long-distance operator handle on a day like (00:19:21) today probably. Between two to three (00:19:27) hundred. Well, it's a lot of traffic well (00:19:31) in an hour. Well, I'm just I really couldn't tell you I suppose that's I suppose it would be about that. (00:19:41) Yes. Well sounds like you've got your work cut out for you today. Good luck. Let's take another call. Good afternoon. Where are you calling from? Kristen Minnesota. What's it like there? (00:19:53) We've got about four inches of snow. Where is Preston Preston of salsa Rochester about 35 miles (00:19:59) and the roads. You say our slushy (00:20:01) a slushy, but they're passable. We're all pretty Hardy down here. And I think most of us have four wheel drive. So we're getting along just (00:20:08) fine. We heard the Weather Service say earlier today that Rochester really didn't get that hard but hit that hard, but that there is snow down there. Is it snowing right now? (00:20:20) It was a few minutes ago, but it's just a little bit (00:20:23) just on and off. Okay. Well, thanks for calling in. Let's see if we can take another couple calls here before Saul Gordon comes around with his new book raising a child. Lovely in a sexually permissive World. Good afternoon. Where you calling (00:20:37) from? Hello again gone from South Minneapolis. Hmm. I guess there's a pulse or something sort of cut me off while go. Okay. So but it looks pretty nice down here in South Minneapolis and stuff. (00:20:51) What are you plans for the day? (00:20:52) Well, I gotta go to work in a couple hours. So in short order cook over and st. (00:20:57) Paul it raises the question of what one of the anchors around here calls the wimp factor that people around the region perhaps these days are a little less Hardy than they were in the past. Are you one of those hearty Souls then the (00:21:12) time originally from st. Louis. Mmm. You know and so but in st. Louis you get one inch of snow and host cities shuts down. Hmm. No because they just don't have the equipment. I guess the deal with it there. All right. Do you think that a lot of people have become wimps up here though? So I'm like, I hate to say that about my new home and stuff, but I think everybody just went Hollywood or something because of the Lakes things. All right, but I woke up this morning and my windows or like a cure and Ives print. Mmm right across. This is really beautiful. Just looking out there and (00:21:49) everything. Okay. Well, thanks for calling in. Let's take another call. Good afternoon. Where you calling from? What's it like in (00:21:57) Bemidji, but it isn't that bad right now. Of course. I've been out in it. I had my neighbors in for coffee this morning and just had a good time visiting and talking about whether (00:22:14) I see well that seems to be the topic today. Any plans for today? Nope? Okay. Well, thanks for calling in from Bemidji. Let's take another call. Good afternoon. All right, where you calling from (00:22:29) That's Minneapolis over by the College of Art. And (00:22:31) Design is are you in one of those residential streets that's been (00:22:40) right now, but my kids are home and my daughter's making cookies. My son's helping me make us no letter for my husband who's in San Francisco thinking he's going to get away from the snow. No way. We're gonna send it right to (00:22:55) him. Does he fly in tonight? (00:22:57) No, (00:23:00) well, maybe he's a little more lucky than the rest of us here. Okay. Thanks for calling and let's take another one. Good afternoon. Where are you calling (00:23:09) from? I am calling from Taylors Falls or near Taylors Falls actually and don't go down the lint (00:23:15) and is it fairly stand still there? (00:23:19) Yes, we're still here. We're snowed in and Probably if we're lucky we'll get snowed out sometime tomorrow. I should say (00:23:27) your home from (00:23:28) work. Oh, yeah have no choice about (00:23:30) that watching the activity in the living room there. Are you just sitting listening around to the radio? What are you doing (00:23:38) today? Well, we just got done getting our skis all waxed and ready to go. We're going to go out a little later on do a little cross country skiing and we're thinking about maybe watching the shuttle astronauts. They're going to have something on TV about them. (00:23:54) Well good. Thanks for calling in from around Taylors Falls. I think that's all the time we have for listeners calling in and informing us what's happening around the region we want to thank everybody who took the time to call us and perhaps we can do it again not too soon too soon.


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