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R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller addresses the Minnesota Press Club on Buckminster Fuller Day in Minnesota, so proclaimed by Governor Rudy Perpich.

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The introduction always makes me seem to fancy. I am now almost 83 and then very familiar with Michelle and important thing about me is that I am an average house of human beings and their whatever I've been able to do. I'm confident anybody else could do equally well, but I did get my shopping Advantage 50 years ago 32 of peeling off from the game of how do you earn a living which is going to be the highest priority with all my contemporaries. And I said, I think I need to be done and I said if I experience teaches us a things that could be done in the could if we could affect all Humanity favorably in the humanities disadvantage you really ought to peel off and do something about it and I could say that time it was a consequence of my regular Nine States Navy.I know there was something new new world coming out and being brought in 1895. I was born the year that the macaroni discovered Jessica's I brought up is inherently impossible for man to fly and I was eight from the Wright brothers flew the bus and when I was definitely about to die and I was 23 reverse have the human voice on the radio and I was 27 how the first license broadcasting station Aloha Lobster a very great range of human Affairs and run from Humanity being 90% deliver it to mean 90% literate and gone fromThen my lifetime and going from less than 1% to more than 55% of income and enjoying Ohio's and living room. And that's all it has been a fall out of the engine in the Bentley aye preoccupation primarily with rapper name. We have a In 1818 10 Thomas Malthus who is the professor of political economics East India Company? Read Economist, the vital statistics in around closed systems Falco that at this time and if you don't like the way things are going there an infinite number chance to do you pay to the right garage and come out. All right. So paying was right and it's ended it with his closest in Mexico right now. And this is very true. I just became the essence of statecraft since that time which is fittest survive, I was coming along after mother's and agreeing also developing a serious survival of the fittest. It explains. The species haven't said he would not think in terms of economics Philly know any other natural survival of the fittest see where can I handle all the tools in the seasons of Survivor have parasites other people said that he has the last 30 years and I jointly Carpeting over 200 billion dollars a year not just dollars but the highest capability of being focused on how to destroy most expertly most swiftly in the greater greater distance Alamosa, really? But out of that for us to make with contractors who get weapons contracts have that particular weapon becomes Obsolete and they have production and productivity and that so we have something to fall out and not no longer have the great majority than in an impoverished as it had the majority are actually on the out on the outside and this is what they serve a new condition remanded. I just completed my 44th circuit about the exact second cuz I can I don't not a terrorist and I only go but I'm asked to go and I have basic discipline or should I adopted 50 years ago that I never have an agent to ask anybody listen to me that I would only talk to me when I asked me to talk to them. That's the only time people really listening in the new Navy new invisible world. We have the invisible electromagnetic does that sound was it discovered? I'm 3 years of age people know reality when I was born with everything you could see you smell touch them here but a new kind of reality is coming to the chemical elements have unique frequency. Couldn't see you and I couldn't say just got back Sunday condition Westinghouse with Publix for the first time Rachel electromagnetic spectrum long radio waves to wake up to infrared and then red orange yellow green blue by you not going to need them out and it was manifest Reality by the human senses. There is a human contact. So if you're not have the right right equipment now we could tune in one of the satellites are the Russians are the nine states about being a spy satellites driving sensory sensitive to be able to differentiate between a goat and a sheep at the Rope Rope right program that's on your every move, north is rapidly relations at this kind of an orientation visit the old kind of start of static. And there's an hour. There's too many other programs going. I'm going to lay around here. If you see a little different idea about what life and be in science today 2009 simultaneous. Overlapping I want to give you something but they made it back in there and they my neighbor days at the top and add it to aluminum makes aluminum exactly twice as strong as it was before. When was I have two ships and coming at each other than the Navy and then came to the came to the contact with the high seas Fleet? Both sides spies know exactly what size ship the other man had. I didn't know what about the displacement of water the way you like. It was it was all the ship could have but you didn't know what metals are made out of there something new going on. There was an invisible small with the same about much more with the last This round on in the out and the allies with the came in and value then little by little, how you could associate the preferred ways to communicate to him that a ship message across the Atlantic how to send a ship is going to take 30 days and I'm astonished. Flashlight I saw Thomas mall. So should left out a great deal cuz he came in just see if his last book was just he is actually the telegraph is discovered really just before technology comes in to meet in the major 1917 Albion to say I can see there's a possibility of the Risen acceleration and see when the last time you going to think about cuz that's pretty clear. And if you're going to be much more of this being so little that we might be able to actually take care of everybody in the working Assumption of all political economics might be invalid. It did not have to be you and me but that's all you had a previous out that the baby was around so they can be let in on the Lights Apartments there supposed to be a favor. That's what it said. Running ending the right to live. This excited meme then I came out of the Navy regular Navy and went in the building where I had a child who died at a time to process it. Let me get out of the Navy and then but she did that. So I was just honest by that. Rosemead Beyond a private doing well the last of the homefront what might happen and in 1927 the magnitude Rock sex ever hear buildings a food on the single-family dwelling in Illinois with this ad was ideal and I took a particular single-family dwelling it started footage and all the things that could do how many windows what lumens to Dad about all the warmest actresses wear. So I had to be like poop I made it and then. And and I had to do everything other one. Did I give you the same thing? I came out? We didn't have any Weaponry for the mathematical volume with the least amount of investment and drawing that we got in that in the biology and just dna-rna-protein shows of all the directorate that now over 200,000 say that's it dumbs router with remote. But nothing else to do is say helicopter yet be able to take all the Hurricanes with me. What is a lake a mile deep Frozen for Route 300 lb of scrap and your family is a good place for that. Nothing else will do and really really hoping so controlling. In building ships long time ago every time a double the length of a ship you increase its surface by far and it's volume by 8, but I learned the same thing with you. That's a donut everytime. I double the diameter of a jade that's a dumb. I have eight times as much with an interior molecule that has gained or lost it outside. Go get LED light strip to go out. I got this would be typical of a kind in diameter by Willie. Area. I found the building standing but not my fault. If I doing it, but test bad by being such a big one the conservation value. They are going by the New York City can be in energy when I got into total overall Economy Inn and energy. I should we talk about today I find. So they know how to push the button that makes me know. They don't really don't have any feeling about the piss was when I registered with your technology does what it does so Witcher 3 art using a reciprocating engine not reciprocating engines explosion top of the 15% efficient at best. Then we have the explosion have a connecting rod Frozen on the sign instead of the top because of the turban and that have to guess to be 30% efficient then if you have no connecting rod at tomorrow Sun jet engine got a 60% efficient space 85% efficient. We find the engine. I'm surprised that they wear in the way we use our technology Francis in America North America and America is only 5% out of this band is on so I want to talk about In the history of doing well, relax a telephone. It's the most fast money. I can get scrap price for used when giving cross section of copper wire gave us one message. Let me live to get too much of the same cross-section that everybody surprise. 28th and over 200,000. We're taking care of 10 to send an email that you could expand with service. And this present time. We have one communication satellite Wayne one quote of it. I'll performing the trans-oceanic communication capability of 175000 tonnes. This is the temp going to be doing while I was asking then it when I've got I got into the lights and all invention like between invention and Industrial use Electronics is a 2-year lie between a good invention and use in Aeronautics as a five-year life or obvious reason might be sure it's safe. There's a 10-year like and Automobiles and then they re-running 15-year lights big city buildings a 25-year life and single-family dwelling a 50 alive. My Spanish is 186000 miles an hour for hundred miles or not stalking automobile. You want to talk about 70 miles an hour tell me about the move. Play that space NASA was able to talk about whether we human beings could be get over to the moon and back safely. All the things you have to do is they have the design of those things you have to do there was too many things. I'd be done many things so they can say what it would cost in this kind of study for the money. So we did it in the same kind of way. I not have I'm not talking to her and pinion to call Design Revolution a comprehensive anticipatory design socks with all the volume. I cannot tell you categorically was a good ride safety factor. That is now feasible. Was there a technology already proven for the resources are already mine and recirculating within 10 years have all you minded living the highest sounding member has ever known during which phase out forever also the use of fossil fuels or atomic energy. We live in town all realize it's all about the energy crisis right now because of the things that I like to get out of his name. Sometimes I laugh at my own joke and forget what I was on the phone. Budweiser at Target map downtown Modesto Prada by the amount of money business try that. That's what made me laugh. Those are really do want to make money money always coupon to use obviously. It was a high grade. Are you in when you can make more money? The money is not been interested at all and how they say it. How can you put a meeting between people in the wind was that obvious? You're not interested in the students now on the young side is all about energy comes from the sun. There's no relief. No serious government activity about long as long as there's a gesture goes on but nothing at all. We have a book, which I probably should I have to go to call a real game real game is very then find this critical path all who have to be done and we have a book published by Doubleday and everyone of you and it is no trouble about it. If you really want to seriously do it so we can take care of the generation 2, I'm going to be in traffic light and very deeply nature begin to start and it's against poverty being a stop some 10 billion years from now. They should not going to like I'm using up a savings account. I got one of the world's greatest dialed you out of this is one of the men who discovered Alaska Ohio Denver petroleum from all the time of the vegetation the out of impound in the sun radiation by photosensitive Lankan wedding and then we got to find enough concentration in the right places in heat for the right amount of time to get the truck. I said we had it cuz you know how we measure energy Against Gravity a given height of a given amount of time. So all that's convertible in the language of kilowatt-hours and I pray for kilowatt hours for the public utility. Who is a petroleum for that much energy on special need for that amount of time that we just put down a tree? We got we kind of say it innocent man coming. I'm just out to conquer divide to keep Concord keep divided and then they had a lot of little people too bothered and now there's things and they made them all the specialist to buy day. And also keep busy. So now I am in society right now is a very strongly conditioned. I know we have the option to make it not planning. I know it does not have to be you and me anymore today 70% of all the jobs are not produce any life support that we have all these millions of people going to work spending three and four million dollars a day makes its energy Reduce no life support. How long is that? You're going to put up with that kind of just going to go out loud. I'll go right on being a signal and Technology Revolution was a completely different options. A million people think I'm probably right but and they are not syncing I think is going to advance final examination with auburn deliberately by Design ignorant mind is everything I must was nothing that we have for our minds, but don't even know that accept but fundamentally doing before. Sign of universities that kind of information information harvesting and local problem solving. And Rihanna go to problem-solving. You don't get easier for me to get the hotter problems. Every time I say where we have red hair. So here we have the ability to take the information from a billion galaxies all the light coming from villain Galaxy running through the spectroscope. I mean, I have inventory the relative abundance of all the chemical elements Festival in 11 have been in light years with a reminder to do but I'm still in control about him in the past. Now I say we're coming out of a group room up a mitad DE grance. Enormous my resource-rich by filing a balloon that I mind is everything that has been given by the way. My mind is taking over then we're going to fail and they should have many many very important function Samsung buy soda. I'm how about you everyday beginning of cat little bit in the movies that I have to be in cuz I now know is wonderful thing. We have this option. I'm not optimistic. It's all because most favorable factors. They relate to the phone and then one reason I'm very excited to be here today and right side of the house because he had to do it all grown up hearing. My mother sang. Never mind. Just think listen to trying to Tisha Mason August invisible on the television television. And then it's ready for the television. I was asked by the students who is the coming to meet with them. They were born. The other television came American homicide. We love Mom and Dad to Pieces. They love us too busy. They don't know what's going on Vietnam. We got to do an invention impossible man to fly. Desperate beside, you know that the less misinformation is shopping local neighbors. I found a very rapidly expanding being extradited using the heads of battering rams head for thinking so they said they cut that out and I found it really issue of the kids. I'm getting letters from 8 and 10 year olds who going after man got to the moon and they find the same as I myself might be concerned with that concerned about Is he really coming still committed? That kind of the good news is I have but the big thing is there's a realization no faith in involved in political revolution. Actually lost it so imperative news. I don't know how much you really realize. It was just really have the option make it. People don't even know what buildings right you ask anybody but there's any way out of any building in town and then you know exactly what time is your body fully loaded at cetera and you know exactly what screws and everything at home front have any idea. How do you make do with the leftovers low performers for dinner? And it's hard to use belt thickness of walls so far out of the front door. No side has ever been asked to look at the pint. How much do realize it was really means? Are we going to send it to Megan politicians really fully mad? Cuz I continue to tell you about having superiority over Russia throughout Tomic bombs both sides of the timer. Russian land records conventional stops today they have Superior conventional. I should have been that they had to be keeping up with the wall game their dad absolutely committed to trying to send that they would like to decide so I think they would They going to be able to sit with them better than the best thing the economic condition America right now completely forgot to pay the phone country. I want to play America is not a nation Nations out of human beings been ice age is an invading with the surviving types 46 Nations that put together America is a cross breeding world man. The mack is always have in Mexico represented earlier timer comes in during the light across reading. I'm sorry mericas across rating world, man. So when did we lose outside when you're not losing anything over this main news in the tens of a County? Korea separated from Rosen wealth is it organized capability of know how to use our resources to take care of a days around the world in a new accounting system. That's going to be quite good news, but we're going to go to the back lot of bad news before that. Don't don't lose your head.


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