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Report on three different St. Paul rallies, pro and con, regarding the vote to repeal the gay rights ordinance. MPR's Pat Kessler, Kate Williams, and Dan Olson were at the events and provide excerpts from the activity, including speeches and interviews of attendees.

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The Chance by her detractors was correct Anita Bryant was not in st. Paul last night if she had hoped to be but her opposition to st. Paul's gay rights ordinance was voice by her husband who spoke in her stead of 103 Rally's The Gatherings precede next week's vote in st. Paul besides being a political primary the voters will decide whether or not to reveal that cities gay rights ordinance that has been in effect for about 4 years about 43 cities in this country have some sort of protection from discrimination for gay people in five of those cities including st. Paul. There are efforts by opponents to repeal the laws a good deal of the support for the repeal effort is coming from people who support the work of Anita Bryant you let a successful campaign in Dade County Florida to repeal the gay ordinance there or supporters have targeted st. Paul as their next goal some months ago. They organized church and Civic leaders to get signatures for a petition to put the cities gay rights law before the voters Tuesday, April 25th, the drive was successful and now they are working to get voters toVoting booths other st. Paul residence also including clergy and Civic leaders oppose the repeal effort. They are also organizing voters raising money and trying to maintain voter interest the people opposing repeal have disagreed on tactics and there has been a split so last night in St. Paul there were three Gatherings about 8,000 people supporting repealed met at the st. Paul Civic Center Arena ONE Group of about 2500 people opposing repeal of the gay-rights ordinances, March from the capital to Saint Paul City Hall back to the capital and another group of about 200 more militant opponents of the repeal effort met at the Civic Center theater about a half a block away from their opponents. There had been rumors that violence would occur due to the proximity of the two groups, but both sides made every effort to avoid violence security was present but Saint Paul police how to reduce complement of off-duty patrolman at both locations for the next hour. We will hear some of the sounds from the three gatherings.The Anita Bryant supporters said they expected 10,000 people at the Civic Center Arena Raleigh and early in the evening. It was Apparent from the lines of church buses ringing the center that the audience would be a large one. Most of the buses were from churches in the Twin Cities area, but they also came from farther away in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Most of the people wore clothes you would see at a Sunday morning church service is the families and large numbers of young people walked up The Concourse to the arena ever met by a variety of people pushing their cause they were political candidates and there were also proponents of relatively obscure religious groups, but there were well-known and well-heeled gospel groups took such as the Jerry Falwell Ministries is people were handing out for color brochures describing the church the youth program the Missionary Training and the Christian Academy for students complete with an envelope and computer pledge card for the amount of donation. You would like to give the audience piled into the arena and saw a large stage with little ornamentation, but the platform was filled with perhaps 100 chairs that would soon be filled with clear.And Civic leaders supporting the repeal effort in st. Paul. One of the speeches was by Anita Bryant husband Robert Greene and before the speeches began. However, the people met a variety of folks in The Concourse one of them Jan golden lines do of any kind. We will listen and if you want to meet Jesus to help solve your problems, we will need you to Jesus who are the counselors at the counters are from my church is from all over the Twin Cities and they're all Christians and they've all made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ Our different because we bring them the love of Jesus and when you have Jesus, he's the one that takes care of your problems.Thank you. Nice talking with you Jen golden of Love lines once passed the vendors in the various interest groups. The crowd settled into their seats in the Civic Center. Arena crowd was warm from singing hymns and being entertained then the speech has began one of the first to speak Anita Bryant's husband, Robert Greene. Shake me up right from the beginning. The reason you shake me up is because I know it's not for me. I don't know if it's for Anita. First of all, I want explain to you that I'm not a public speaker and and to the Press was cameras started wearing the minute. I came up here. There's really no spectacular story tonight and then I'll explain in a minute. I have a whole bunch of notes. You're not being used to public speaking like my brothers and back and leg. I have to rely on this and I wrote these things on the plane. It really throws my heart to see. The responsible leadership of this community. Gathered together on stage like this. It's just good to know that in times like this. We can forget our I'm Petty differences and really agree on a very basic moral issue that's important to the survival of this country. It's also good to see over. It's also good to see over 8,000. Somebody said some official back there said it was more like 9,000. It's really good to see that. The devil has really been working overtime and someday somehow. I hope to share with you the trials and tribulations that even I have had in coming here today. He's really working overtime. I like to congratulate. Dr. Anglin. Bill Chapman and Bill Falkner and local committee for the stand that you taking against the organized forces who are contributing to the moral breakdown in this nation and with And of course, I can't do it without your support and your help. I oversee an organization that was formed as a result of the now-famous Dade County ordinance. The organization is called protect America's children. And I ask for your prayers that the Lord will guide me and all the decisions that I have to make young Gallery cortistop me backstage and just before we came up on the platform and she said she aren't you afraid or is the reason that Annie is not here because of the threats in the demonstrations and all that and I said, I kind of chuckle a little bit I said no way if we've learned anything this past year-and-a-half is that I suppose it's an unfortunate commentary on our times but were used to this. We get it wherever we go. We get in churches. We get the obscene gestures and church services. The obscene t-shirts and everything else. I think what we're dealing with is a fundamental hindrance of our religious freedoms in this country. My wife was really looking forward to being here as was I in a way. We were looking forward to it in the way we weren't but we really were with all our hearts. We had our musical group schedule in the travel plans have been made with the doctors ordered us to cancel not only this appearance but a few others In all honesty, even if the doctors that had not ordered her not to come I would have been the bad guy tonight night. I probably would have said looking maybe you shouldn't perform. Cuz I've seen a need to perform. Under all kinds of adverse circumstances during her 17 years of married life. I seen her sing with the flu and laryngitis all kinds of illnesses and seen her do that and snow storms on stage in Korea. With the G eyes and in Vietnam in the sound of gunfire. I seen her in the bitter cold one day in Texas without music singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic as she lowered as they lowered President Johnson into the ground. This is the first time she's ever missed a performance and are 17 years. You'll have to take my word for it that this is the one that hurts her the most because she desperately wanted to be here. you have to realize that her burden is far greater than your disappointment in her not being able to be here and You need to uphold her with your prayers. So she can overcome that guilt. You know that shouldn't be there and I have an obligation to support my wife and I have to help her make those kind of decisions that a really tough to make and with the help of the Lord, you know, he just gets me by on those. I need is on the road to recover. There's nothing drastic. Typical illness and with God's help in your prayers is going to come back stronger than ever. She's a strong, Oklahoma Indian. She's a strong Oklahoma Indian Cherokee and Scotch Dutch and Irish and everything else in the you can't keep those Okies down back in good shape, and I don't even have it on the Note C. I'm ad-libbing already. Hey, everybody knows that every time you take a stand like this for moral decency or Bible morality or cold a bigot, you know, you don't agree with them when they call you a bigot and I need is no exception to probably be called a bigot more than anybody else in the history of this country. And of course, she's called a bigot because she's supposed to hate the blacks and all that. And we had a we had a we had a press conference for National Religious broadcasters in Washington, DC. And as a most press conference is there is usually a plan who asked that one tough question now, he's waiting for his day in the Sun and we were towards the end of the press conference and he got up and kind of nerve is very polite. He said Mr. I understand that you belong to a church. that discriminates against blacks Would you care to comment on that? It was obvious that he had some great inside information. We love those kind of questions are the greatest. And she had been asked them before but never in a national sending like that because the Press Corps Washington was there. She very calmly said that like it to know that we have blacks in our church as a matter of fact, and this is a need to talk and I teach 11 year old girls and Sundays are for the girls and Sunday school are black and the another portion of them are are Cuban and the tablets to the whole thing was that towards the very end of the press conference while the man said damn it towards the very end of the press conference. A black preacher came up. We we have never met and he came to the microphone. He says I know this is very unusual for press conference and I have no business doing that doing this and like you to know that what Miss Brian says is true because my relatives are going to North Hills Baptist Church in there very active and very happy in the church. If we as Christians are going to stand by and see this country destroyed and if that's what it's what's in store for us and we deserve it and then let it begin right here in Saint Paul if the people of this area are going to be apathetic. They're going to allow a small group of militants to dictate to the majority of morally sound people then we deserve it. We got it coming. You know, we're still scratching our heads wondering how prayer out of school how did I ever happen that was not the will of the majority of the people? Is the thing floating around call the Panama Canal issue that's over. It's obvious from every pole I've ever read that the great majority of the people in the United States were four against what was voted on today. All right. What does that mean? I'll tell you what. It means it means that we're being run in this country by a small group of very highly active people and we're voting officials were voting politicians into office will come home to their constituents and talk like conservatives will write conservative newsletters and then go back to Washington and vote. Anyway that plays and it's time that we It's time that we start learning the ropes and we start getting active and and voting in morally sound decent people so that we can get a shot and legislations going on. That's why I need a nice support. Mike Madigan one stand-up mic anytime you want all out support from the need in myself or whatever. We got Mike. You got it. We need more guys like you and his country. We're not into politics, but we're sure support people like you because the other side's getting all the support they need and they're not afraid to back their people now. I think we need to get representation there to I'm almost finished. You asked about what I need is all about and you can call her and activists a crusader or whatever. But if you take away all those labels that been put on her by the median and everybody else. And if you were to know her and love her like I do you consider her as a friend and Christine mother and a wife was just trying to keep the Lord on the throne. Say she's not a Jane Fonda. She's not a Shirley MacLaine cuz that's their bag. They know exactly what to say. If you guys in the Press ask one of them feminists a tough question. They'll hit you back in a four letter word. I want to ask you a question and you guys a lump it you'll say that's it. But Anita Bryant. And her kind so honest and so accommodating that they'll accommodate you and rip you apart and that's where it's at in this country. I'll tell you another thing. When was the last time you saw Jane Fonda and Shirley MacLaine blacklisted or picketed their activists to write. Would you say well I got their rights? They can stand up for garbage like era and all those numbers. Okay, they do have their rice. But then I say don't come down hard on somebody was on the other side of the fence who also has rights to differ. I'll tell you right now in our travels. We got the heartbeat of the country. We know what's going on and it's turning conservative. One of these days in our lifetime. We're going to see a difference in this country. You see you've awakened the sleeping giant the generally apathetic majority of American people are becoming no longer a pathetic. So look out. That's Witness by the people on this platform in the people similarly who were on the platform and Dade County church leaders never were supposed to get involved in any kind of issues like this, but they're doing it all over the country. You know, why because we're not on a crusade out to harm anybody. Rhonda defensive I need an I read read our devotions. Every morning is from streams in the desert and the devotion that we read yesterday was so applicable and I'd like to read it and then I'll get out of your here. But I I really thought that that it was really neat. This was for April 18th, and I think it really applies to to Anita and and that's why I wanted to read it. I want start that after I prayed that it was my duty to do everything that I could to bring the answer to pass. He taught me a better way and show that myself efforts always hindered his working and that when I prayed and definitely believed him for everything he wanted me to wait in the spirit of praise and only do what he bade me. It seems so unsafe just to sit still and do nothing but trust in the Lord and the temptation to take the battle into our own hands is often tremendous. We all know how impossible it is to rescue a drowning man who tries to help his rescuer it is equally impossible for the Lord to fight our battles for us when we insist upon trying to fight them ourselves. It is not that he will not but that he cannot our interference hinders his working. Spiritual forces cannot work while Earthly forces are active. It takes time for God to answer prayer. We often fail to give God A Chance in This respect. It takes time for God to paint a rose. It takes time for God to grow an oak it takes time for God to make bread from wheat fields. He takes the Earth. He pulverizes he softens and he and riches he wets with showers and dues. He warms with life. He gives the blade the stock the Amber grain, and then at last the bread for the hungry all this takes time. Therefore we saw until and wait and Trust on to All God's purposes have been wrought out. We give God a chance in this matter of time. We need to learn the same lesson in our prayer life. It takes time for God to answer prayer and closing eye. I appeal to you to be in prayer for Anita and for me and for my family. these are difficult times for us and we have difficult decisions to make in the pressures are really something pray that God will rebuke every satanic attack and the God will heal in need and strengthen her for the great burdens that she has for this nation. We're fighting forces that we've never dreamed or possible. We're being bombarded by visible and invisible forces of evil. And the closing I like to close with this scripture in and I was looking for the scripture and I open up my Bible. brother Bill's, you know the yellow marker that I Mark out my Bible and you preached on this and Northwest. I'm a 20 27th 1977 just before the vote. I got to have it with notation always put a parentheses with the date. Ephesians 6 1020 finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers. Against the rulers of Darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of GOD that you may be able to withstand the evil day and having done so to stand stand therefore having your loins Girt about with truth and having on the breastplate of righteousness and your feet shod with the preparation of gospel. Peace above all taking the shield of Faith where we shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God praying always with prayer and supplication in the spirit and watching their onto with all perseverance and supplication for All Saints. And for me that other ants may be given unto me that I may open my mouth boldly to make known The Mystery of the gospel for which I am an ambassador in bonds. Adara and I may speak boldly as I ought to speak praise the Lord. Robert Greene, the husband of Anita Bryant the reception at both ends of his speech was long and warm the same sort of reception was given to another hero of those supporting repeal of Saint Paul's gay rights ordinance. He is the Reverend Richard Anglin a Baptist Minister from St.Paul. He has spent much of his time the past few months Gathering signatures for getting the repeal measure on Tuesday's ballot and he is also been speaking to various groups the Saint Paul Civic Center Arena meeting was more of a meeting of like Minds than a meeting to win Converse and the Reverend Penguins remarks reflected the occasion. Who is on the Lord's Side? So I started teaching and preaching and talkin about it and under threats and everything else and slowly a few people begin to speak up about the issue and all I had it first was I I just used to say what it is about who you got on your side. And I'd say what I don't know. I'm going to check. Paper constantly calls me the Catholic Church locally. one of the on the other side you got quite an eagle. I said wouldn't you having a go if God was on your side? so I heard of I need a Brian C on this. The shaky preacher begin to tremble and then I heard about dr. Falwell. Can I call brother Bill Faulkner and said I'm sick and I expect it'll be a must-watch. You know, I just sort of felt lonely and brother Bill Chapman said Play Carrie said until you're desperate to never have a Revival so. I believe God presented a very good situation of desperation. I thought I'd take advantage of it and I was really quite depressed. I thought well God is two thousand people show up here tonight. I just going to be so excited. They didn't download what we have here is 9000 people that haven't yet about their knee to Baal. There's three folks. I just want us to mention a word and I hope that you trust and know them already, but I feel very good about. The wisdom of the council that these three folks have been to me and they've all started taking it on the chin. One of them is already been introduced in that Senator many Senator Manning. I just thank God for again for your stand for the lawyer. He came by late the other night and he said well it heard about Anita and and this thing and took well pressure. You said you going to he says what are you going to do? It said I said what I thinking about running for office. He said I think you better run for the border. So I appreciate that. And then trust God, I think there's one lady in our city. That I'm sick and tired of hearing the Press slander. And turn around. Every good and decent thing that she's trying to do for you and for me and my family and I want to stand here tonight and say that I'm very proud of Rosalie Butler. I came home one night after being threatened by homosexuals and lesbians 2 years ago. I have a feather. They don't want you to preach and teach on that anymore. Came into our home and our home has been shot up. A little poodle was shot and killed. A bloody axe was laid across our children's bed. and I don't mean to be too Frank, but human waste butts on the floor My Bible was torn up. asherman Thrift And I got to thinking about what? Yes all men and folks. You know what I think it is. I think it's indecency. telling decent people you better stay in the closet. And I'm here to announce tonight. Dr. Richard Allen England is going to stand for this book this Bible and decency. Reverend Richard Anglin of Saint Paul one of the local leaders supporting the repeal of Saint Paul gay rights ordinance. Los Angeles weather OU cascara What was it? About 2,500 opponents of the repeal effort March from the Capitol in st. Paul to the City Hall then they marched back to the capital where songs and speeches continued into the late evening hours. They also had clergy and Civic leaders to listen to what the message was very different from the comments to the Civic Center Arena audience st. Paul Mayor George Latimer. Thank you everybody for demonstrating a statement which I hope is going to be repeated on Tuesday by the overwhelming people are the same Paul that statement will be to the rest of the country. Are we care very much about individual human beings. that we care very much that every person will have all of the rights available to every other in our society that Add st. Paul Minnesota well in our small way tell the country that a pluralistic. growing wonderful City and gather together its population from every Walk of Life every religion and every color and every age and make a statement that there is such a thing as human privacy that human sexuality is indeed sacred and its privacy that we will not And that we will not have discrimination. We will not have hypocrisy we will not have hate. We will not have fear living in this city. We will put it down and put it down forever. Thank you. St. Paul Mayor George Latimer the speeches to the opponents of the repeal effort were shorter than those being heard at the Civic Center blocks away. But there were more speakers the impression was that the people working to keep the ordinance on the books were trying to include speakers from many areas to show that the support is broadly-based the Saint Paul human relations Council director or Ali Patterson. It's indeed a pleasure to be here tonight before you and support a cause of human right and then it is a cause of human, right? We are all proud to be citizens of a single strong Nation United States of America. We have a more perfect union in the diverse cultures that make up this great country of ours the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees the general welfare of all person. If we are governed by our constitution then how can we deny the right just some individuals and employment housing education and public accommodations. One can I have Prosperity unless he is employed one. Can I have Prosperity unless he or she has a place to live without their of intimidation? The Saint Paul human rights ordinance as it's presently drafted promote. The object is of a free and responsible society and provides a safeguard against blatant and rabbit discrimination against certain groups of people since when do a select group in our society. Try to make a determination on Hulu or she who should not have right of a citizen. When the Civil Rights Movement began there were certain citizens around at that time saying that black people had no right that they should be discriminated against in the same particular areas. It was a long hard fight during the sixties and you're going through it right now and you're going to lick this thing. Now, what do we have here today. May claim that it's a different thing. But I can't end it is not it's exactly the same thing. We would deny the rights of a certain percentage of our population. This is not a moral issue but indeed a civil rights issue. As a black person that has been involved in the Civil Rights Movement. I will not be party to any group that would try to deny deny the right of some individuals. Gay people today are fighting for the same kind of fundamental human rights that Minority people have sought the right to hold a job a decent place to live and be treated equally under the law. That's all we're asking. If we don't speak out now if we don't work to protect the rights of all of our fellow citizens, we will be as guilty as those who would suppress those right for the stand by and do nothing is to endorse discrimination. And if we don't speak out now to protect the rights of our fellow citizens, you can be sure we will pay the price of complacency in the future. For once we began to allow any vocal prejudiced group such as the one at the Civic Center tonight. We will open the door to the erosion of everyone's civil rights. The councilwoman Ruby hunt said and I quote The Eyes Of The Nation will focus on Saint Paul. Let this be the place where the challenge the Human Rights was met and overcome. V for victory Ladies and gentleman. You are the decent people of Saint Paul. Aura Lee Patterson director of the Saint Paul human relations Council there was a hint of rain is the rally of repeal opponents continued on the capitol steps in st. Paul, but there were a number of speakers waiting including Allan spear a state legislator from Minneapolis. But you know a few years ago, we would have had a crowd like this a few years ago. We would have had the political people out here to speak a few years ago gay rights would have been considered a far-out politically suicidal issue. It would have been considered the sort of thing that only me, Kinkos would be interested in but you know today today we're here we're here to stand up and the say But we're not the ones that are subversive of the American tradition. Where are the ones that stand squarely in the American tradition of equal opportunity on the basis of individual capability. Who would deny equal rights to all people who is subversive to the fundamental precepts of the American tradition of freedom? We really have made progress in the last few years. What is Martin Luther King used to say we've come a long way but we've got a long long way to go. And it's probably sharmis just point it out. What we face today is a crisis and human rights in this country. Human rights are under challenge today has never before in the past two decades. It's ironic that it a time when there's so much concern for human rights abroad but human rights at home. I'm under attack. Sometimes I get the impression from some people in this country that human rights are more precious the farther away they are. It's not just our rights as gay people that are now under attack women's rights are being challenged black flights are being challenged Indian tribal rights are under attack. And of course and of course since the Dane County referendum of a year ago, the games of gay people have been on have been questioned by go to at the store at the issue. Who would you scare tactics and to a try to reimpose the climate of fear and intimidation which we have just begun to change. So don't fool yourself for one minute that we're just talking tonight about the rights of gay people. We're talking about human rights about all people. Hello strikes close bites are interviewing United Allen spear state senator from Minneapolis the repeal supporters at the Civic Center. We're listening mainly to church leaders and their rally was organized to a considerable degree with the assistance of local churches. The capitol rally of repeal opponents had fewer speakers who were clergy but one who did speak was the Reverend Marvin grunke of Lutheran Social Services in Minneapolis. scripture to the ancient prophet Micah declared long ago. He had showed the old man. What is good and what off the Lord require of thee but to do justly and to love kindness and to walk humbly with thy God. It is out of that great religious tradition that so many of our church leaders have spoken to our citizens at this critical time in our city. They have spoken carefully for they fully realize that the questions raised by sexual differences are indeed difficult ones, but our religious leaders have spoken out clearly because they to know how easily fear and misunderstanding and irrationality can take over. Make no mistake about it. As one of them has written. The issue is one of civil rights and the recognition of the denial of civil rights of gays is rooted in Prejudice quite apart from the Christian belief is in the enesco doll value of every person. At stake are basic human rights, which are to be guaranteed to every person without prejudice. To forget that is to set the conditions once again out of which the Holocaust comes. As Wayne climber resident Bishop of the United Methodist Church warns. It is an exceedingly dangerous procedure to deny the civil rights of persons on the grounds that we disapprove of Their Manners. This is not only a violation of democracy. It is an affront to the Christian respect of persons. The Reverend Marvin grunke of Lutheran Social Services in Minneapolis, the temperature continued to drop outside the capitol, but the brightly-lit capitol steps were serving as an adequate stage and one speaker remain he was a spokesman for the group parents of gays is named Joe Weiler. He talked about the questions that parents face when they learn their children are gay information. Which is proof against all argument. And what did she cannot fail to keep us an everlasting ignorance? That principle is contempt prior to investigation. This quotation serve me. Well last October when my son came to me and told me he was gay. I asked myself. Where did I go wrong? What should I do to fix it? But before I did or said anything, I tried to find out as much as I could about gayness. My son asked me to go to a concern persons group at Christopher Street. First time we went my wife and I were really uptight. Let me tell you. We're expected to encounter all kinds of spooky people. Instead we found friends. We learned the books we can read we heard of organizations we can look into and we got help in replacing our fears with understanding. Since then we have made many new friends and we've enjoyed some mature and responsible activities in Human Rights Campaign without these experiences and friends. I think I'd still be working through some pretty rough personal bigotry and I'd probably be immersed in self-pity and guilt. These experiences of also help me to rethink a lot of personal and groundless prejudices. And I have helped my wife and I to get out of our apathy closet. No to discrimination. When the rally on the capitol steps ended last night only a few went to the Civic Center theater where the group that had split from. The other refill opponents was meeting the Civic Center theater meeting was organized primarily by Bob kunst of Dade County, Florida. He led the opposition to Anita Bryant and her supporters in their drive to repeal the gay rights ordinance. Their the Gathering was billed as a casino night at the theater and it was a fundraiser the 200 or so people who paid the price of admission danced on the stage of the old Civic Center theater to disco in the lobby people were soliciting donations to help pay for advertising to oppose the repeal effort and Sassy million, the 45 is Hurricane Anita and the bumper stickers. Where do the bumper stickers say? If you've got it flaunt, it better blanket than latent no more orange juice from the Sunshine State and 90. Mm and may are free. What does that mean that last one was from Dade County? Our donations going tonight great a great number of buttons. I've seen the orange one before but we have repealed Rosalie Berks better as for Tom Berkeley, right? We have some T-shirts. What are they soon? Have one base t-shirt that says hurricane Anita and we have another one that says a day without human rights is like a day without sunshine. And we have that in white and orange. Back to the mid Red Queen by rather be. Tangerine hate welcome to Giant date. Back to the Spindrift Queens 2013. I will not go to tell have the know she is a hurricane Anita. Hurricane Anita performed by Lynn Frizzell. It was one of the items on sale in an effort to raise funds at the Civic Center theater. There were no scheduled speeches at the casino night rally, but the organizer Bob currents move to the podium the opportunity for press coverage was obvious at all three gathering at the Capitol the arena and the theater reporters were bumping into each other sometimes surrounding a person to get something for print something for sound or picture and NBC television network crew was at all the events and Koontz seize the opportunity. It's so unbelievably naive for anyone to assume that this is a local issue besides Pastor Chapman. Who is Anita Bryant Pastor coming in here to bring in Angwin Reverend Angwin to start this whole mess locally. And angwen is from Wichita Kansas, which is also going to have an ordinance and Chapman is now in Seattle Washington stirring up the fuel there because they're going to have an ordinance election and Eugene, Oregon and then is Senator Briggs Voya try to do whole numbers throughout the State against gay teachers. And then there's also the Rumblings in Washington DC and New York City. The point is at the you need to brine witch-hunt is so smacking of the same Neo-Nazi mentality that has been really running rampant for a long. Of time and I never able to get itself together until they can find one common ground would somehow another puts liberals and conservatives and blacks and KKK and everybody else you would you least expect to be in the same bedroom in the same bedroom, because when you're dealing with same-sex relationship, you're getting into a coalition concept that nobody could possibly have imagined before It used to be that in Nazi Germany, you could get the whole world against the Jews and now it's the whole world against the gays really simple because there's so much intensity and so much negativity Associated to same-sex relationships, which means very definitely that the conditioning that we have all been subjected to that's not just against same-sex. It's against relationships with the other sex against different religions different Lifestyles different incomes different this and that we have the same brainwashing consistently thrown at us as not to be attached to our own selves not to be attached to same-sex not to be attached to the other sick just feel self alienated and self-destructive and that's what we are going through right next door here. That's the issue at stake here. For anybody to assume on April 25th that people are voting strictly on human rights. Forget it that's not the issue people are going into the voting booth are going to deal with her gut route feelings and they'll sacrifice their kids to explain God to do everything in the process. But admit the fact that they cannot handle themselves let alone same sex or other sex and that's the whole issue here. That was rally organizer. Bob Kuntz. He is a supporter of the st. Paul gay rights ordinance. Both sides are claiming. They will win next Tuesday in St. Paul the show of strength last night. It gives the edge to the supporters of repealing the ordinance but they're Riley was highly organized and no doubt designed to give the impression of strength while there was no violence last night. The hatred was obvious one man. Looking for the Anita Bryant Riley asked the policeman for the meeting for non queers was Robert Green refer to the gays as Sorrows the gays referred to the repeal proponents as bigots and homophobes about a year ago Anita Bryant appeared in Saint Paul and at a press conference a gay rights supporter through a pie in her face. He said later it was an attempt to inject some humor into what was becoming a vicious today. It was a little humor in St. Paul last night at the three Rally's the vote tally in St. Paul. Next week is being viewed by some as a pole that will show the direction of political thought in this country reporters for this program or tape. Pat Kessler and Dan Olson, the technical director was Tom Keith. This is Dan. Olson speaking.


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