Spectrum: John Boland on Citizens League activities for 1978

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On this regional public affairs program, John Boland, chairman of the Metropolitan Council, addresses the Citizens League on the priorities of the council for 1978. Priorities include appointments, frameworks, and controlling operating budget.

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Spurs consoles dollars for 78 we are proposing or we have In hand, if you count the Health Board, which is always dangerous to, but if you count that income, we are at the Bob 6.9 million dollars to help where budgets about 700,000 of that. So actual Council budget for 1970 will be about 6.2 million. All of that 47% 3.2 roughly comes from the federal government. It is to be used for specific projects with the exception of the 701 funding from the federal government. We have to do something for every dollar that the federal government gives us they want a product or some some kind of a condition that you just obvious. You just can't spend it. So all of that budget 3.2 or little over half of the lesson happiest is federal. 5% of that is State money and that is also tied up in specific projects mostly Transportation were in it. That leaves us where 37% of our income is from our Mill Levy. That's 2.6 million + 30,000 is required to match Federal money the program that we've agreed to get into there's always a question about you got a federal program you want to do it. If you do you got a match and somehow 90/10 50/50 whatever very few programs of study are 100% federally funded. So that leaves are in reality with only about 2.1 million dollars out of that budget. That is our money to work with. And out of that we have to pay you all the overhead on all those kinds of problems with the exception of those that we can charge off to the federal government. So in a large part of that 31% obviously must go to state mandated to work a manual population estimates system statement Solid Waste planning Transportation battles and so on so we're left with actually and I realize that this and I'm not putting the case here cuz nothing to do about it go see you later slated for the fact that I have ideas are concerned. Will it be like to put more effort in that? We will do some adjusting is indicated earlier at least what I can tell by the way, the council was reacting to the budget hearings up to this point. So 47% CO2 federally-mandated 55% of state and the rest of the tires. The latest round of hearings which was held by the Senate subcommittee on Urban Affairs on the election of the Mexican consul. I don't know that there was a whole lot new sit anywhere. I attended only one which was the first one which was if I find a way there Delilah is one. I did provide a forum for those who oppose them up on Console. Do I have their voice heard again and again and again, but I really don't know what the reaction to the legislative committee was. I talked briefly with a couple of them on an informal basis and their reaction was what we didn't hear they knew either so I suspect it will go back to the same situation. I do believe that there will be legislation acted on one way or the other in 78 there was not hit and no action was taken anywhere in 77. The house was ready to go as they usually are you remember the last time the bills pass was 1976 in the house by a margin of 120 to 15 or 16 + 20. Senate pass it out of committee 13th and nothing but it was the last two weeks of 76 session which means that it therefore goes to the rules committee where I never got out of the Senate never authored or never did anything about a building 77 primarily because then their judgment they were concerned with all kinds of other priorities lie again transportation. Sorry, I guess I would suspect that there will be a build the biggest complication. So I think everybody understands and I think the legislators are you find all this who pays for it and that got people going back to kind of ground zero and saying is it worth it to have to go into probably financing if that's what you're going to do to contribute to a campaign for somebody running for the mukbang castle and in fact who would run They pulled informally the current members of the continent came up with about 50% They wouldn't about 50% that would. The role of chairman obviously is a tremendous to me. I was you but it's beside that there is a debate going on over that. So how that position is determined will their selected by the members after their elected weather continues to be appointed by the governor or whether that individual runs are large and the 7 County area and none of which I don't think there's a clear threat either way of eating toward making it elected from its peers after they're like it which I person objective. What would I say is that Well, obviously when you talk about a constituency, it's you know, it depends what you mean by definition. Obviously, we have to feel that the people live in the seven-county are being served by the med funcastle. I say it now and repeated in the past their voice. However is seldom heard if you talk about the general public units in a reaction to the Metropolitan cancel we deal on a daily basis with essentially for groups one legislator who are definitely interested in the mud Pond accounts. And what happens there their they're controlling Factor their voices are heard on either side. The second group are local elected officials of whatever jurisdiction and the other ones that we deal with constantly because they feel in a flu you're going to fight us as a major constituent of theirs. So there was a great deal of interplay between us and local elected officials. I spend a lot of money for 30 person wear for 30 years at 40% I would guess dealing with that section of the community group our group at the citizens of those who are people generally followed government and are always there making their voice heard and our committees and In the fourth group of those people who we sometimes deal with on an individual basis Developers, for example know what the medical Encounters of a particular after the planning Act was passed. But as far as the general public and its implications is to what the council is, I continue to say, I don't think they understand. I don't think they know what's happening. So I would identify a constituency for groceries and for the ones that I spend a lot of time with the ones I feel the council has to react to. What election change this I guess I think of what? Not completely it would had another element. It would for my purposes in any way to make it a lot easier politically. Because it would not allow what happens in those hearings those for humans last month, they continue to happen which is to give credibility to the the group that continues to say that this is unconstitutional and part of the Communist conspiracy in which they continue to do everybody else and the ability to criticize a quote bunch of point of political hacks, which is now the thing to do and I guess I look at that as a positive goal as result of election, but it's Narrows considerably once you're there because then who speaks to you there is all kinds of obvious for me. It's a group of life. How you deal in how you make your decision? Play significant country missions. His relationship with the castle as a policy board with regularly commissions is operating for satisfaction. I set up as you remember at the request of a group of people including the Citizens League a special Committee of the council, which is terribly and Kegler. Generally and then more specifically in reaction to what happened with the Transit Commission last summer specifically those commissions which essentially are the Sports Authority Transit Commission and the Waste Control Commission of the three conditions we appoint we do not have pointy airport commission or the sports facilities Commission. That committee continues to meet the meet again Friday 7:30 in the morning. There will be a public Hearing in the evening for those people who although I would tell you that Ellie Colburn was there vigorously speaking on behalf of the citizens a point of view in regard to that me as long as he bring which turned out to be none. Right right that that that will be done and we are taking a very serious look at that. I do think it's breaking down into two different kinds of looking at we went to an open appointment process about and a half ago. It works and work extremely. Well, we try to adapt that I think to our own internal operations. How do people get appointed with advisory boards are appointed by the members of the council. Okay, the way that I operate which has been going on. I think since of consoles. It was at the members of the council get the pic from their own District who they want to serve on the health board on the criminal justice advisory committee, etcetera. Bat model brakes now when you get to the to the commission because there are only eight commissioner. So they got to get two people together, which is what we've done to try and pick a Transit Commission or Waste Control Commission or what-have-you. If they can agree that makes it easy everybody in the council generally will go with that does not answer that way and I guess some people say this is the same as all the many privilege it is same thing. I suspect however, it does not prevent somebody know. What is Alder many privilege prevent somebody from the council from nominate anybody else out of their District that happened several times in the last couple more people felt for whatever reasons that they had would nominate someone else out. Of course intensifies personal feelings considerably when you do that if you beat him, Which also happened a couple of times and that you can well imagine what that's like if you're sitting there is some amount of somebody out of your District that you don't know or don't like or whatever in your the rules are that you always have to go for the council members to the file a people who have in fact applied to serve on those commissions. Then we're holding to that that does not prevent someone obviously been calling up and saying would you apply so I can appoint you I have no indication that fact has ever happened but does not prevent that from happening and I'm not sure that there's any way you will ever prevent that from happening but I suspect it was a result of this study. We will look at a better way or a different way of appointing commission members and leave the advisory committees. Basically the same I suspect that because of the volatility of those commissions. We will go to some kind of public hearing testimony. Although I always feel uncomfortable for those people who have to stand up and rise or fall as the Saint Paul School Board people just did on how good you can speak and that's that gets to be an issue. That concerns me that that committee will in fact me. The battle that won out over the Transit Commission which messed that all up both times people almost daily to committees. They're just a ton of them and there's a ton of resignations and every council member has a file to varying degrees incidentally very indicative of a commentary on what someone's district is like after their an interest of the folks to apply for membership on an advisory committee. She'll find the outlying areas in the first ring of suburbs files to be very very thick but people were interested in getting on you find a core cities files very very thin with the exception of South Minneapolis, which is very interesting to look at then you can drum up a lot of support if you if you try by getting people to apply there are some places we don't have any Nobody wants to be in the criminal justice advisory committee in the in a given District. So what are you doing now? Start making some phone calls you go back to the old way at work is a relationship between I think it is. I like the way it works between the Met Council and the commission's we are controlling factor from the point of view of capital budget. They run their own show and their internal operating budget. There was some mix-up in that as you go off into the airport Commission in the sports facilities commission, there are some differences but I like the way that it runs a budget is it still debatable? There was a very clear legislative distinction made at the Metropolitan Council would never in fact run anything but there was something that that would take the console out of the ability to be an overseer arrested in coordinator. If you got into the running of the bus company the running of the waste management hiring Engineers are going to take the sewers and so I that was somewhat the Minish Maintain its overseer ability so that but I like it the way it works now that I suspected that other thing will keep coming up in trying to determine whether or not the med van Council has a role in coordinating of Social Services in the legislature. We've a lot of data generated committee medal last night. We are in I guess at this point, I would say we're not getting into it satisfactorily to from my point of view or the or the council's we will continue to play. There will be a group of public hearings later this year in the beginning of next year, which I will participate person as I do with the development framework on the physical side to see if in fact there is a need for public perceives that if it does not if it doesn't then we'll grab and move on to something else house file one, which was supposed to the county. It would affect the council from the point of view of that we would have obviously to be much more solicitous of the County's involvement at this point rather than just the general area did not totally diminished the regional development commission North America on council's role in planning for social services of any kind, but there is absolutely no doubt that the power Hey in the planning. Are you particularly from the Regional Commission to the County's if house by 1 wood would pass in the form. It was in last time the question about investment framework. To my knowledge except for a reed Redevelopment fund there is no need to registration that will spin out of that. All the document States is what the Metropolitan Council can do internally and will continue to do primarily the agency budgeting review process, which I've already mentioned we under the law budget the control of budgets of the operating capital for change the one that wastebasket and that's I don't know. But anyway the weather the rest of those things week we get into and we will use bonding and indicators. How to make decisions for example it is now be going to be a possibility that in our capacity to bond or something. By the way, we may have to say to the Waste Control Commission or the Indian many other commission. You're not going to be able to do XNX because they're putting a pressure on our bonding capacity because the Transit Commission is doing so I transfer balance me will be there. We will also be publishing the physical profile and also us a report on the impact of federal and state monies and development on 95. So where we got here the one apply for designation as original as task force and have been designated a couple weeks ago. So we will move into a coordinated effort which has been a long political tug all General planning buddy like us the art folks were very upset that the med van Council would have final say over how those money should be spent because we are not art people just as Transportation people are upset because we're not Transportation people just ask him address is people you may get that syndrome coming. I think it's healthy to have that if I was at the actively involved in a given area that suddenly found its final allocation of money or allocation of planning or whatever. It is under the Aegis of a group like the mint fine, I will be extremely nervous even sure we initiated to what that means and all the implications of a political and otherwise as you go to reallocate the money the state Appropriate relaxation for the views of the Arts and in the state. So we all were asked to get into this by the way. I'm not a leading figure in the air. So I don't know a whole lot about it. The council members are the one that's all we need. We are going to get into it and people kept after I said that in fact would be so I yielded sometimes reluctantly and after the last couple weeks more they're like to me to get into it, but it has I think work. And it will continue to work out. All right.


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