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Scientist and feminist Estelle Ramey speaking in Minneapolis, as part of a series of appearances by women sponsored by Dayton's. Ramey’s topic was “Sex Hormones and Executive Abilities”, which discussed men versus women in positions of control.

She is introduced by Pauline Altermatt.

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She began her career teaching chemistry at Queens College New York City in 1941. She married James Ramey a young law student and when he took a job with the TVA and not spell she applied at the University of Tennessee chemistry department and was roughly told that they would never hire a Woman They reconsidered after the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and they begin to lose their staff after the war ended. She earned your doctorate at the University of Chicago Medical School. She has been with the Georgetown University Medical School since 1956. When the Ramey's move to Washington, DC.Until 1970 doctor Ramey had been subdued liberationist, but her professional and feminist passions were aroused when dr. Edgar Berman Senator Humphreys physician declared that women were unfit to hold High public office office because of their raging hormonal imbalances. She took on dr. Berman in a spirited debate and has subsequently been a leading activist in the women's movement. She has served as an officer and board member of many organizations including Association of women in science women's Equity Action League women's political caucus and International Institute of women's studies. She lectures for many universities government agencies and organizations and has received numerous honors including Washingtonian of the Year award. She has published more than 150 papers and scientific journals and to books articles in magazines such as McCall's and Miz on the fragility of the male sex and male cycles per topic today is sex hormones and executive ability. Please join me in welcoming. Dr. Estelle Rainey. Thank you very much. I choose as a title for some of these talks sex hormones and executive ability not because I feel it's important to discuss the biological differences between men and women when we talk about the ability of women or men to achieve in this Society to the question of why we got into the Vietnam War or why. Mr. Nixon was a crook or any of the things that happen in our society that are terribly important to the lives of our children or grandchildren and to our own lives. It's not biology that we're talking about. It's using biology and particularly the female menstrual cycle and the menopause as a weapon. The beat women and keep them in their place. And Smith altermatt indicated. I would like to correct one thing. She said Hi, I have never been a subdued anything. I think I sprang full-blown complaining. What have you done for me lately? However, I was a bit disturbed. When I open the New York Times one day and did see the report that dr. Berman who is Hubert Humphrey's personal friend and physician than Hubert Humphrey. That is be a friend of mine and I love him dearly but I have learned a long time ago that people pick their friends and positions for a variety of reasons the force of which does not meet the eye and when Birdman was talking the Democratic National Committee the policy committee and made the statement that the whole business of feminism was trivial because after all It wasn't the men will keeping women down. God did to them. They will curse because of their raging hormones every month. I was simply unfit. To do anything other than what they were doing. Which was keeping, dr. Berman happy and and supported. In the first place as an endocrinologist this disturb me because he's a surgeon and what the hell did surgeons know about endocrinology and hormones. second of all It struck me at the time that what they were saying. Is that what he was saying is that all of us who have ovaries are inferior creatures by birth and there's really nothing we can do about it. Except just roll over. How old my life since I've become involved in science and have published papers and have been the only woman in my department that sort of thing. I have been told repeatedly by my colleagues. Well still you're different and for my sins I have essentially said thank you. Now what they were saying to me was Women basically are songs but kids somehow or other you're not so much of a slob. You're difference. And when I said thank you for that. What I was doing was essentially trying to separate myself from my own kind and it never works really never works if you're black and someone says do you essentially? You act like a white man. Meaning it is a compliment. It is no compliment that told me that all black people aren't worth much. If you're a Jew. And someone says some of my best friends are Jews. We know what that means. and so the whole question of being a woman and being told you're difference. Is one that in a sense is the biggest insults of all it says you belong to a category of human beings which are inferior and somehow or other by some miracle maybe because as has been suggested to be many times, I'm really secreting a large amount of the male hormone. The male hormone testosterone. You see is a take-charge hormone. I don't know what takes charge of but it's the it's the hormone. And estrogens are regarded as poisoning the human brain. This really hurts me is an endocrinologist. I I must say for the few men that are in the room. I think the testosterone the male hormone is a great little hormone as hormones gold and no home should be without them. What estrogens are practically the elixir of life? Estrogens are probably what make it possible for women to live almost forever while men die like flies of coronary artery disease. It's a great little hormone. I miss my own very much but Easy come easy go sometimes not so easy go the factors and estrogens. Do affect behavior and testosterone does affect Behavior. Now, let's take a look at what kind of behavior were talking about. The first thing that one sees in the scientific literature is that testosterone is what makes men leaders because it's makes them more aggressive. And women because of their hormones are not aggressive. How anyone who has ever been a Dayton's when they have a big sale? When things are really being given away cheap if that ever happens. Then they will see women with an aggression. That would make Attila the Hun shutter. Are the more women are said to protect their young with a fury, but knows no bounds. There is also that little phrase Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Now, when you put those things together, you begin to develop a concept of the schizophrenia of this society and their attitudes towards women. Are we fragile flowers of the South? Shrieked at the side of a mouse because we have estrogen that make us tame whereas strongmen March 4th rightly and take the dead mouse out of the track. without fear Well, I have a technician who works in the laboratory and cheese without fear also of laboratory rats. Tell me the news in story the other day. She and her husband have an apartment and a couple of mice appeared apparently. And they they said to try one night and I heard the Trap go off and the and the mouse was caught now here's a woman who deals all day with living rats. of all kinds hand she said I was scared to death. And I said to Larry I'm not going to take the mouse out of the truck and he said quite appropriately. But you work with animals all day and she said I'm not going to touch that melts. And so Larry who quivers at the sight of blood. How to show his manliness and dispose of little mouse now they were playing a role in that in the home. She was playing Another Kind of role. But we constantly do that to each other male and female. Women are weak and men are strong now. It's true that because of their male hormone in large amounts and women do secrete male hormone and then do secrete some female hormone or a mixture all of us, but the colors of their large amount of male hormone men get taller on the average and have a bigger muscle mass. They are physically stronger. In those terms, but in addition to that they are required to use that muscle mess. There is something and Physiology that is called work hypertrophy and we're all familiar with if you want to build muscles and muscle strength you use them. If you lie in bed and a cast for a long time, you get disuse atrophy the muscles begin to atrophy male or female and so men are conditioned to use their muscles more the games that young children play in general tend to be more vigorous very quick for boys and four girls. Women have a muscle mass which is which tends to be under used. And so their natural difference in terms of muscle mass is exacerbated by the fact that they don't use those muscles and development develop them. And so they Indie tend to be physically weaker most of the time they're a lot stronger than they think they are. Because in addition to all of this they see themselves as weak and when they are confronted by a threat, they tend not to fight back very well. And it makes rape a lot easier incidentally in many ways. They don't even run many times but they see themselves as essentially the prey of stronger people in the society. But the truth of the matter is it's something that is a mixture of all of this women are not universally weak even in physique and then I'm not universally strong women outlive men in every culture and it's not just a human thing in all animal species study. In mammals, the female is the stronger of the species. So it's not because we nag man to death. It's not because we make insatiable demands upon the poor fragile creatures. It's because they are just naturally week. And they need to be protected cover them up. Don't let them go out in the cold take care of them because I actually men need a great deal of care and of course women recognize that a long time ago and we take care of men very well indeed and I'm always amused by this picture of the week woman. If you have the situation in which the entire family is down with the flu. And of course papa is the sickest of all he's up in the master bedroom moribund with a raging fever of 98.9. The kids are vomiting all over the other bedrooms. Mama has a fever of a hundred and three. And who's in the kitchen at 3 in the morning making tea and chicken soup? A cartoon. Well, that's fragile a little flower mama. Are Pioneer Woman? And this country there is not a single woman who has a right to talk of herself as week. We come all of us men and women from the strongest women at probably ever walk the earth the immigrants. Whether they came here and slave ships. Are on the Mayflower those women were expected to Bear their children on the circumstances. That would kill a goat. They went across the plains. McCain the Frozen, Minnesota They were isolated while the men were out trying to find food or fighting battles. The lemon stayed home trying to find food and fight battles and at the same time keep their children and themselves alive and their children under those circumstances and bleed under those circumstances and we are their children and we women of America have no right and any time to think of ourselves as weak because we come from remarkable stock we come from the survivors. And yeah, we have a miss that says our biology makes us weaker. And the Miss would be just amusing except that it is so structive in a society. I am always being told at Washington cocktail parties. That I have to admit that men and women are different. I admit it. My mother who could scarcely read and write she was a French immigrant. Didn't know anything about Endocrinology didn't even know the word. Didn't know if she secreted estrogen. She just did it. My mother was no education at all taught me that men and women would difference and she told me also to watch out for the difference. Very useful information don't differences will persist. I don't think anyone need worried about uni 6. Just a small amount of groping in the dark distinguishes men from women. I am not concerned about the future of the race because everybody's wearing blue jeans and wearing hair thats long somehow or other they find each other. I am concerned only that these differences are supposed to mean Superior and inferior. And that's the problem and that's what makes feminism. An absolute necessity in this country, this country has gotten Rich enough to educate women and numbers undreamed of in the whole history of human beings. We educate our daughters to almost the same degree that we educate our sons in higher education in college. And yes. But that investment would come to about 30 billion dollars a year of public and private funds to keep women in college every year. We tell them don't take it that all seriously, of course you can have a career. But you can't go very far with that career. You want to be a scientist? How about being a master technician? Because then you can adjust your life. So that you can also run the other full-time job of running a home. No woman is told. That there was something peculiar about educating her telling her in college to work as hard as she can and a graduate school and then when she gets all her credentials telling her but how can you expect to be a wife and mother under those circumstances? Why don't you do? Part time work until you get married or when you get married or take a job. You're not going to stay in it too long. Anyway, so what difference does it make if your on your page and under right now, they don't put it that way we have laws now. I suck at a seminar where a woman scientist and one of the problems in the medical school with getting a seminar because she was being considered for a job. Now. We have affirmative action. We don't have affirmative action. We have a firm to talk. And you have to occasionally do something and so you get somebody to come in and be interviewed for a job, even though she has ovaries. Now this woman. This woman was presenting a seminar at the round behind two of my collie. And it went something like this first about her seminar. It was a respectable job. She was no genius. She was in the right department for not being a genius. She gave a very respectable seminar the date of a good. It was a nice job. Lima guys listening to her it turns through the other one in this department and says she sure as hell isn't much to look at. Now here's a man that looks like something left over from the dog's dinner. The other guy was going to be on that sort of thing said to him. I don't care about that. But she comes out awful strong. How does man with push his grandmother down Elevator Shaft to get his name on a paper? And this woman came on awful strong. She didn't get the job. They have never had a woman in that department. Despite the fact that 25% of all phds in that discipline are women. There has never in the entire history of that Department's been a woman will have the qualifications and we're seeing a lot of this in Washington now, we're seeing the following situation. A man who has committed himself and I was on a task force or call her on science and technology and I supported the man. And I think you probably do a reasonable job is mango. He comes into office with a lot of talk about trying to do the right thing Visa V women and black women are always lumped in with minority group with a biggest salmon already that ever existed about 52% of the population has any politician we sell his soul for that kind of minority at the election time. What we're saying is this kind of talk. Well, there just aren't enough women with Executive Administrative experience. And if you look at the man who have been appointed to the top jobs. The kind of executive administrative experience that many of them have is extremely Limited. For example, if you appoint a man Secretary of the Treasury. You happen to have been present the Bendix Corporation? Well, I suppose that money in business and so on it seems to make sense in terms of administrative ability. Yes. He had to have administrative ability. I supposed to run a big Corporation. How about a woman that runs? the entire YWCA Organization for this country She has a huge budget that she has to ride Herd on she is administering a huge organization. How about a woman who has headed up some of the largest volunteer organizations in the country? That requires an extraordinary amount. Of administrative ability and experience that doesn't count anything that a woman does in segments of the society that are considered to be trivial. Is not regarded as administrative experience. When does the next scene with president? He chose as the men to run his office and in fact as it turned out the whole damn government. One guy had been an advertising agency which gives you a real closest to reality. Any other man had been a lawyer. neither one of them had ever run anyting Have any considerable size and yet nobody shrieks and how about that? They were the two most powerful men around Washington hair look men and women. We now have bright young people going to be running a lot of things around the White House. They haven't had much experience. their almond the women who have been running many of the segments of the Carter campaign are not being put into the administrative jobs in any significant numbers. This is not because mr. Carter is a bad man, or the people around him are bad men. It's simply that women are not really viewed as having the ability to run things. Very well. They are viewed as being all heart and no brain. They empathize they nurture I happen to regard those traits as extraordinarily valuable and running a government or anything else. And yet those are the traits that are regarded as trivial. You got to be tough. You got to be prepared to walk over your own grandmother. in order to do what in order to administer a government for the well-being of poor little characters like us who are captive to our government those traits of women that are denigrated all the very traits that are lacking in the society because you empathize with people because you empathize with the week. Because you are a nurturer and all week people tend to be empathetic with the week and therefore on your truth. Because I know what it's like to be weak and out of power, but because of those Trace you are regarded as somehow not viable and it is regarded as somehow intrinsic to a woman's biology is that she's all of these things. This is nonsense. Down through history some of the most empathetic and nurturing people have been men not enough of them and when they have existed they had one hell of a time. in surviving with those traits the Nazis call Jewish men womanish as their most devastating insults. And the reason they did was they said that Jewish men tended in general. To be softer to be more concerned about trivial things like people. They were weak. They use this as another means of destroying the Jewish people. We do this all the time. With men and Margaret Mead said it's better than anyone I have ever heard in one sentence. She said this is a society. In which failure emasculates a man and success de-feminized is a woman. And when you have such a society you have the most incredible waste. Men are prevented. From developing those aspects of their nature that enable them to love fully I believe that I believe this is a society that penalizes men who give themselves. It says to a woman all you have to give is love. And nothing else a technological Society named need both love and intellect in order to survive. I have heard many men under stress or illness. for frayed sing essentially somehow or other they never quite knew what women meant when they said. I love you. Then use the word but they were always a little surprised at the intensity and the importance of the feeling. Because from the time they're born they are told by this Society. That like Samson when you give of yourself you weaken yourself and you must protect yourself my French grandmother said to her son's when you go to a woman. You might take a whip. What nature said this is a woman saying this to her son because it is women that inculcate this in their sons because they fear and distrust other women, but they will weaken their sons and their sons will be destroyed by the society because they are weak. and this this kind of thing begins to be written in tablets of stone that men must behave in a certain way, even if it kills them and it does with clock-like regularity if you go down to st. Petersburg, Florida, you see all the blue-haired ladies walking around account of the count of the counter just looking looking looking for what for a life is really incomplete without men. And yet there they are living on Niger means very frequently or on their husbands Insurance the poor guy working self to death to pay those an insurance premium because a little Pinhead was going to be able to take care of herself and Andy she can't there is nothing tour up the most of the widows in this country. Why is that? Well, we regard women as needing to be cared for everybody needs to be cared for. Women men and hermaphrodite everybody needs to be cared for. But we act as if women somehow can't manage for themselves and all the laws are written that way Social Security laws extremely interesting. They were written as if women never worked outside the home. and therefore No provision had to be made. The compensate both the man and the woman in a husband-wife team, we're both worked. And so we have all these jokes on television where two old people can't afford to get married to each other if one is a widow and widower because the social security system is so written that they'll lose some money in the deal. That's because women were expected to work and over and over again you see this And does what she supposed to do and contributes to his success. In every way possible if you doubt that look at those poor wives of a politician. Video of the most incredible things to help their husbands get elected. They keep eating cream chicken. local dinners They they tend they tend to develop the trait of sitting there and looking adoringly is I hear the same damn speech for the 40th time. Play work hard with constituents. They get up early in the morning in Spanish Factory. Jason say, please elect my husband. They are invaluable to the husband now and that happens and you're married to a 20-year. Let's say you're married 19 years and 362 days and you get a divorce. What happened? If your and this was just a change recently incidentally have to be married for 20 years to get any dibs on his Social Security at all. You don't get nothing. Why because you made no contribution? To his earning no contribution whatsoever. Cuz the laws are written to say that work in the home which in my experience having done both in my lifetime raise a family and a career. I can tell you this. It was a lot easier for me to go into my office. And make world-shaking decisions and then it was for me to manage the situations and the problems of raising a family and running a home that takes real ability. Anybody with the proper credentials? And a little experience. Can do the sorts of things that I've done what anybody else does in the great world out there if you doubt that take a look at the people who are doing it. That kind of competition is not impossible to meet they not all Albert Einstein's out there. With some of them it makes you wonder how they managed to get to elementary school. But the point is that anything is a woman does in the home is devalue. It really is you constantly read about how you can replace your wife for $7,000 250/50 something of that sort. All of this suggestion is that a fairly fully paid servant can do everything she's doing and do it just as well because everything she does is underpaid. And again and again women are sold a bill of goods that somehow or other. It's not the world. It's wrong. It's them women have a continual state of guilt. They never quite managed to achieve what they're supposed to do with enough probably certain what Society wants them to do now down there in Tennessee where I applied for job shortly after I got married and it was before World War. I applied for the job having already published in physical chemistry at that time and and had top at a college in New York, which was a better College than the University of Tennessee at that time the chairman of the department. They're said to meet mrs. Ray me I have never heard a woman. I'll never hire a woman go home and take care of your husband. I went home to care of my husband. then the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor Here's the situation happens to women in war when men go off to die women get jobs, which is an awfully high price to pay for a job. I got telephone call from this Prince of men. And he said to me mrs. Rainy it is your patriotic music. The common teach are cadets. thermodynamics I said Doctor Biller. I took your advice and went home and took care of my husband. I'm pregnant. antifa pregnancy, you know, I went from being a woman that had to be sheltered. Just suddenly a woman who could do everything. He said, this is Randy our men are dying in a war and I'm worrying about morning nausea. So I said yes, sir. And I talked are cadets during World War II. My husband went away came back. I took care of him again. I got pregnant and it went on like that during the war. It is time. I taught up until a couple of days before I delivered. And the class was fascinated by the thermodynamics of pregnancy. I think they will waiting each time until I know each time. I came in the expected a crisis right there. And then I came back and I was doing my patriotic Duty now all this was accepted without anybody being surprised. It was happening all around me. It was happening in the hospital's it was happening all over the country. It happens in every war including our Revolutionary War when women ran the shop. the Farms Did everything that needed to be done now when the war ended? One day I was in my little cubbyhole and doctor bill came in and we were very good friends by then. He called me is still I called him. Dr. Biller and he came in. He came and he said to still my dear. I said you have done Yeoman service for your country. He was a guy that talked that kind of way and he said we are all indebted to you and we shall miss. The men are coming back bones Liza still. Go home and take care of your husband. But that was enough. I have a family that I was going to have. The Curious kind of thing was 20 years after that happened. Someone said to me have you ever been discriminated against in your field now? I have to be very lucky in my career. I was in the right place at the right time and I worked with those extraordinary men. Who have enough Inner Strength so that they follow the dictum of Samuel Johnson. He was asked which is more intelligent man or woman. He said which man and which woman and that's what it's all about. And the men I have worked with by and large. Have tended to think in those terms. And so when I was asked and I've been discriminated against I completely forgot. I had pushed in the back of my mind the pain of what happened to me in that situation. I laugh about it now, but a lot of crying at that time. Particularly when I was turned off the first time and then fired after the war was over. And I said no. I've never been discriminated against. That is what is known as the country as denial or something is too painful to deal with you deny that ever happened the women who were fighting era. Are denying discrimination because they're too afraid. And two pain in a sense to confront the reality of the situation the women who are opposed to the right to vote for women or in precisely the same thing the Phyllis class, please. Of 1900 was saying almost identically what she is saying today. Women will be lessened if they're given the right to vote. They will be brutalized by it. I don't know where they talked about using the same toilets. And 1900 horse in my home. We've always use the same toilets for years that we don't have a high moral standing in my house. Incidentally, I had a very amusing experience coming here from Washington. After dinner with sir. I got got up as a half of a plane to use the facilities which on airplanes as you may remember or not. He and she but it and so I was lying and there was a toll look like a basketball player great big tall fellow standing in front of me and then when it came his turn, he said very gallantly to me. After you and I said, no, no, no, no women's living all that you go in and we bout to each other and he went in and then when he came out of the door open for me. That's what is now. That's so what what is known as a good manners in the new family Sage I suppose. I'm trying to make to you is simply this I could tell you all about hormones and cycle. I could tell you that men have their ups and downs to for those of you who have ever had any contact with men. That shouldn't come as a great surprise. They are not exactly as stable as the Rocks now my husband a long-suffering fellow who in his own way defended himself against me from the time. We were married. He recognized very early on apparently bought into it, but I was a woman who would make life an absolute misery for him as I got bored. And furthermore, he was a very ambitious hard running young man. And so he didn't want to feel guilty by putting a lot of his emotional energy and leaving the little woman there alone from time to time. And so he hardly encourage me. I have my own thing. That would take him off the hook. More he had a very pragmatic do he doesn't come from French cut and suck the way I do. He comes from the Scotch-Irish and they didn't have a particularly have a family prac Matic view of money. When I came home that time I got the job at the University of Tennessee. The first thing he said to me since he was making the Magnificent sum of $1,800 as a young lawyer 40va. He said to me to pay you. And when I told him I blocked that out. I can't bear to think of it what it was the amount he said to me. is that all and I said well as secretary told me that it's exactly half of what they paid the man whose job I took Seventh son of a bitch can't do that to us. That's what it's about any man. Father brother husband, son who complacently sees his women under page is a fool. Because they're doing it to him too and any husband and wife team when the wife is underpaid and under rank. The guy is going to make up for it in blood. And my husband was smart. That's the attitude. He said you go back there. You got him by the short hairs. Tell him you're not going to do it. How many physical chemist are there in Knoxville, Tennessee at this moment. So I went back there and like the strong woman. I have always been I said to him. Tubular. My husband said so I got I got a little bit of a raise now courses that happened today. I would use all the toxic but I was well-trained. The fact of the matter is high. I have done a good deal of work in my laboratory that has been useful to a small degree at work is useful in science that each of us does except for the the great major leagues ahead. But why I have brought to my research is undoubtedly a different perception of the world because I don't know what it's like to be a man and no man knows what it's like to be a woman. To our approach to problems what we are as people and what is intrinsic in this is our sex every woman relates to Every Other Woman in certain fundamental ways as every man relates to other men. It doesn't mean I like all women. Just between us girls. I don't even like all children. back, I don't like an awful lot of children, but the fact is That you can't escape your own sex in terms of the way in which you perceive the world. So when I go into a laboratory and solve problem try to solve a problem my Approach in very subtle ways is undoubtedly different not better not worse difference from my colleagues and I'll say this to you that in science and medicine. We are all of us like the Blind Men and the Elephant. One touches the tail on the trunk when the leg the only possibility of arriving at the truth. Which perhaps maybe a cure for cancer for the heart disease that kills men more? It's a take all these line groupings coming from different perspectives and putting them together. Then you may be able to see the truth and I'll tell you one more thing about science. It runs and Fashions mostly men do research and that makes a difference in what's being researched. No question about it. It makes a difference in the way. They approach medicine not because male doctors cannot give good. And caring services to women patients or male patients. It's because they approached medicine differently. And many very subtle ways. My laboratory present is working on why men die earlier from heart disease. From an endocrine point of view it will interest you to know that despite the fact that upwards of 85% of all the researches this country has been done by men and the same is true all over the world. Practically nothing has been done to find out why men die early by mail researches. You would think of you the first thing I look at my colleagues. Tell me as a joke. Maybe we'd rather not know. Well, I'm not worried about my virility. I approached the problem. I I have son grandson husband nights would like to see them around for a while and furthermore. I'd like to know why men die earlier and we've been publishing some stuff that suggests that the greatest of irony is that one of the things that kills them off earlier. Is there male nurse there male hormone. Now that doesn't mean that is an unsolvable problem. It simply means that as we get closer to what it is a testosterone does to blood vessels and internal clotting. We can find ways. A preventing it from happening. There was a time everyone died of infectious diseases or people in large numbers did that was an act of God and then we found a vaccination that we found penicillin. It doesn't mean that's because nature set it up that way. That continues that way all science and medicine is an attempt. to get round the Damage Done by Nature and so here I am a woman. funded did you research an area that men have avoided like the plague? And I give this to you as an example. About sex hormones and executive ability doesn't make a damn bit of difference whether I have quote executive ability in the mail since I run my Laboratories. Just like a woman. How else could I do it? I don't know any other way. And in my laboratory, we do a certain kind of her at work, maybe some of it. Will help men and anything that helps men live longer helps women. Because we're all in it together. We are this is not an adversary proceeding. Feminism does not mean that you hate men. Any more than being masculine? Means that you hate women, although what has come to be called machismo is a form of hostility to women simply because the urgent need to be strong and never to be weak means that in order to be bigger and taller you have to step on the bodies of the week and the most convenient bodies around happened to be female. And so men essentially and their terrible effort. To appear in the middle of society as strong. I felt it necessary to put women down. because by comparison then they are strong but in the long haul God is Not mocked. And I don't think that God has he the estrogen or testosterone. I think that everyone paid a terrible price. for not using the Divine genius that lies in the human cerebral cortex, whether it's in men or women in black or white there are women Geniuses, but there is no way to know who they are. Because I have consistently. Been ruled off the course. Men are not evil and women are not angels. We all play out our roles as we're told to play it. My money is on the young not because they're any better than those not so young. But because the society has changed efficiently to make an absolutely and that's necessary to change some of the rules of the game so that we may all survive. And I don't feel that I am a threat to any man have a little weak creature like me threaten the big man. Anyway, very substantial. I feel it. That women don't even know what they're capable of they underwrite themselves that constantly saying things like well, I'm not sure that I could do this when they're the only one the shop the conduit. The man that says my secretary knows more about this office and I do he doesn't think he's telling the truth is she does no more. She doesn't get paid for and in conclusion. I would like to describe to you a poster that my daughter. That's my daughter the lawyer gave me for my birthday not very long ago. Some of you may have seen it. I have it framed and it sits next to the one on my wall that says I am My Sister's Keeper. That's what I told my children. I wanted my my gravestone dear God. She tried to be your sister's keeper. My poster from my daughter gives me a great deal of pleasure when I look at it is a takeoff on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Where Michelangelo depicts the creation of the world and the creation of man he met men. The Lord is a very muscular fellow. Any stretching out of very muscular arm as you will recall extending the finger and touching the finger of the first man. Oh, my poster is different. And my poster the Lord is a lovely rounded woman with an afro. And she is stretching out a very feminine arm. And touching the finger of a beautiful blond. The first woman and the legend under my picture says and God created woman in her own image. Thank you.


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