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On this regional public affairs program, MPR’s George Fisher presents work of some young radio producers and performers, with highlights from KSJN's Young People's Radio Festival entrants.

Audio productions include a story on UFO sightings; an “NSAB station” radio broadcast; an interview of Garrison Keillor; a St. Paul documentary; an interview of Webster school staff; an excerpt of “The Melvin Mercer Show”; snippets of Zap Radio Network; a newscast; and a nursing home documentary.

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The six stations of Minnesota Public Radio sponsor what is called the Young people's radio festival or young people are given a chance to write direct and produce their own radio programs judges select winning entries and send them to national competition sponsored by national public radio in Washington DC today. We'll hear the winners of the ksjn competition in the primary and Junior category and will also hear highlights of the others who entered the winner in the primary category of KS trans young people's radio Festival is Anthony Specter of Minneapolis for his 4 minute program titled UFO sightings. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to UFO sightings. I am your host Tony Spector. We are most fortunate to help with us in our studio this evening. Jane Anderson. She has witnessed a UFO sighting. Mrs. Anderson. You remember the night of Tuesday, August 18th 1976. well Tuesday on Tuesday, Frank always goes out with the boys that his night out Frank my husband he does it every I mean please stick to one subject. Well, I was knitting a scarf for my daughter when that thing landed it made such a loud noise. Then I drop my knitting. I practically wrecked the whole and after I spent so much time choosing just the right colors and all please. Mrs. Anderson. Oh, yes. Well, I looked out the window and Nails a spaceship 20 feet long. Mrs. Anderson was Bishop related in any way? Yes. Sausage-shaped bottom they were green yellow and red blinking off and on off and on did you see anybody in the ship know the lights in the super to them? But I do remember something else. Yeah. Yeah, that's shipwreck our lawn and after I spent so much money we say and we even got rid of the dog, Thank you. Mrs. Anderson coming to a studio this evening. You mean I'm all through you mean I just go out to sea. I came in as mrs. Anderson. Yes. Goodbye. Mr. Spectre. Goodbye. Mrs. Anderson. weird weird our next guest. Mr. Steve Burton who lives in Golden Valley Minnesota could not be with us at our studio this evening due to illness although he did send this report that I will reach you now. On August 3rd 1976. I was leaving my apartment. I came out the door and I saw a bright light in the sky I ran in and got my binoculars. I looked up in the sky and this is what I saw. a cigar-shaped ship with five red lights on the bottom the windows which were lighted bright yellow change the whole color of the sky. It seemed to be flying approximately 1,000 feet up in the air. I assume that the ship was 15 ft long. It made no sound just hovered over the street. It stayed in the air for about 2 minutes then shot in a direction Southward very very fast. I never saw it again. Thank you. Mr. Barton for the spiny put these share with us. Well, ladies and gentlemen that concludes our chauffeur tonight. I hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed bring it to you. On our next show. Our two guests will be mature James Peters and Miss Charlotte Baker who claimed to have actually gone aboard an alien saucer. Be sure to tune in next week for UFO sightings That was UFO sightings produced by Anthony Specter of Minneapolis. Anthony's nine-year-old sister Dana. Read the part of mrs. Anderson Anthony won first place in KS J ends young people's radio Festival competition. The winner of the junior category competition is a production titled radio broadcast from station nsab. It was produced by 3 Duluth students and Minnie Mouse pack and Matthew off back. Good morning. This is NF a b North Shore amateur broadcasters from Palmer's Minnesota bringing to you news weather music and stories and now the news but you there will be no school today and to Arbors Silver Bay in Duluth because it is so cold probably is not advised unless absolutely necessary. And here's Matt with more blisters from Duluth if you want to look just right for skating. don't go skating lessons form to sick all the way through or else you'll fall through it and dance And now due to request from our listeners and exclusive interview with the distinguished Spider-Man. First of all, the first question Spider-Man. Why do you wear a mask? I want to keep my identity a secret. I don't want the publicity and fan clubs on my back all the time. What are your favorite pastime? Well, I like to climb walls and I also like to go to Arthur's Treacher's Fish and Chips. What are yours would you see are you satisfied with your accomplishments know the life the world has many problems and I would like to help solve some I can have and I can't do it alone. What is your greatest enemy? Well, I think my greatest enemy is my fear of height. I find it very difficult to look down when I'm on the top of the building. Stop it, please. Next question, please your aspirations for the Future Turn Off the Lights. I would like to write a novel on the art of web slinging and someday I would like to start an organization or the cause. No, can I go now? Thank you. Mister Spider-Man. Our viewers really appreciated you taking time out from your busy schedule to come and talk to us. Thank you very much. And now it's time for all things analyzed and evaluated. Today to discuss Rising prices of Canon comic books. We have a test today whose well informed on the subject. How does it affect you? I eat so much candy and just can't support myself anymore. Easy Loans high enough to cover your expenses. Yeah, my mom gives me enough to pay for it all if it goes up anymore. We won't be able to afford it anymore. You think Dexter Spence is Justified justified mean I'd you think you'll cut down and Tanning Comics. What's the prices go up and I think my friends and I will form a boycott so that they were cut down the prices on there. and will do something about This concludes our discussion of the rising prices of candy and comic books. This ends. Our things evaluated and analyzed this is station and Sav North Shore amateur broadcasters signing off as you can see. We are very amateur the time. Thank you for listening to an sap from Palmer's Minnesota. That was radio broadcast from station nsab which won first place in the junior category of the young people's radio Festival competition. We might mention that the age range for the junior division is from 11 to 14 and the age range for the primary division is 6 to 10 years as we mentioned at the beginning of the program the winning entries in the local competitions are entered in the National judging of the young people's radio Festival by national public radio in Washington DC for the remainder of our program will hear selected highlights of the other entries in the ksjn competition 2nd place winner in the primary category was Lawrence Robertson, St. Paul the program called Garrison interview. It's all yours. Garrison Keillor from I'm going to interview him from 6 to 9 Tuesday through Friday mornings now live performance. And live performances from 5:30 to 7 p.m. On Saturday on Minnesota public radio NPR I wouldn't know cuz I never heard any of those shows myself you want me to sing anymore or you heard about enough a college singing that's a good idea Garrison well tell you not nearly long enough Lawrence I just haven't gotten the hang of this instrument I think probably I got this for Christmas 2 years ago and it was a gift and it was given to me because it's supposed to be the easiest instrument in the world to play because you just need to press these buttons down here at the end of it. and the Press is felt dampers against these 36 strings which are mounted on a frame sort of like a zither. She's down. It takes at all the notes that aren't in the cord. It's not a hard worker. Well, there's some of us autoharvest she would consider the autoharp to be an instrument. but any other musical instruments no, I never have Start getting interested in doing radio. Well, how old are you? Well, I think it would have been before I was ten. bedtime practice announcing news through a cardboard paper towel tube when your kid across your voice isn't very deep. And then when you get older you find out you don't need to have a deep voice to be in radio, but it seemed to it seemed to help then. What was your first radio job? Well, my first radio job was doing a newscast on a student station at the University of Minnesota. I did it every day. I believe at 12:15. It lasted 15 minutes and I worked real hard on it and then we discovered don't you know what the end of that here? That the transmitter was not working. And none of our radio shows have gone out. Nobody it hurt them. It's not all done all that stuff. That's right. I did not need my having had a microphone. I should just I could have just sat and spoke into a ventilator. This is Ben Lawrence Roberts interview on Garrison Keillor a radio personality from Minnesota Public Radio young people receiving honorable mentions in the primary division where Jonathan file has Sarah Rossman and Lori rug me all from st. Paul. Here's a portion of Jonathan V last production titled Saint Paul documentary. St. Paul Minnesota is a nice city to live in I like Saint Paul a lot. I like Webster School where I go to school. I like little park and Como Zoo. I also like all my good friends since a talk. When I go to Como Zoo I try to do everything there is to do I always go on the right and sometimes see the animals and the flowers or get a 40 ride or go on the water bikes on the lake. I run all over the park with my family and we have a good time in the winter. I go there to Sly and toboggan and to skate on the Lake St. Paul is a part of a larger area called with Twin Cities Minneapolis is another city right next to sink. Hubert Humphrey Regina McCarthy and Walter Mondale. All Minnesota politicians who worked in the Twin Cities and myself interesting sites along the river and got to see how the old Paddlewheel boat look and how it works. The horned animal is very large. The state capital is in St. Paul and the Capitol building is amazing and it has gold horses and Riders on the front of it where your pie George Latimer is the mayor of st. Paul. I asked about the city. This is what he said. How do you like being a mayor of st. Paul? I like it very much. It is very educational everyday. I learned something more about the city. I didn't know before it involves contact with a lot of people and I enjoy that is crime any better in the city of st. Paul comparatively with other cities of our size are crime problem is not as great as most of the other large cities, but that's not much consolation to people in the city who suffer from the crime, but to them it it's are a very big thing and it should be have you heard from the roaches in the city about how you're doing to know how you're doing in the minds of the voter. That's why I elections are a lot of fun. Are you try to get out into the community into the neighborhood? And people come to you and they say things I don't like about what you're doing and by and large people have treated me very well. They've been very kind and very understanding I think people are that way toward a new mayor. Anyway, I think they tend to feel well, let's give him a chance and see if he can do a better job is 291,000 Minnesota is Bailey a family and iron ore producing states to good places to go in st. Paul are Gibbs farm farm and the University of Minnesota experimental Farm. Both of these are farms, but gives Farm is very old and shows how people live when they first came to Minnesota and the university Farm is very modern children who want to be farmers can learn about work by going there for a tour. Laura Wrigley and here's an excerpt from their piece call Dolores era show. And Charmaine Robinson assistant principal. Mr. How did you get interested in being a principal? Why you think that anyone who is toss and his kind of aggressive would want to be a principal that wasn't the way I became one. I was working in a district office as a supervisor and I have gotten into this position when I was quite young and suddenly one day. I'd been there 9 years and I thought my gosh. What am I going to do the rest of my career? I'll be twenty years. I can't be in this job 21 years. So I talked it over with my boss. He said that they could really enjoy going back out on the schools. And I said the fact you said you probably won't be doing anything unless you do. So I said, okay. I want to go out to schools and be a principal. So I went first to Drew school. I was there for nine years. And then I was transferred over to Webster 6 years ago. So this is my sixth year here and it's a lot more fun than being in the district office being with kids. That was a portion of a program produced by Sarah Ross men and Laura rockleigh of Saint Paul in the primary category. Now with your portions of programs produced by second place winners and honorable mentions in the junior category ages 11 to 14. The second place winners were Nina ackerberg Karen Zimmerman and Jill Stever all of Minneapolis. The title of their program is the Melvin mersal show. And here comes Melvin. Power Rangers Jenna win today, we have two special guest stars for a flanker in Wylie wrestler and he was 4 bunker. Laura Fletcher, what's the name of your latest film The Blue Diamond curse? Who do you play Geraldine Smith? Could you describe your phone for a radio listeners? It's a mystery romance story where Geraldine is madly in love with Johnny Jones. But Johnny Jones is under the Blue Diamond cursing her parents forbid her to marry him. So they elope and Miss Fortune follows them everywhere. What fruit is most like a book a strawberry because it is red. What's a Dead Ringer? I'm deceased Avon lady. Well, that's all for today. Is Melvin mersal minute show. Honorable mentions are Chris Burns and Mike's elements in both of Minneapolis who produced is that one? You are listening to the Zapp Radio Network. and now for the news This is Zac radio network National world that interplanetary news on Zachary zeroid with 48 Hours of continuous. Volume. Seven. This is Zachary zero it back yet. Well today is space probe from deep space crashed into the Oval Office of the White House, you know, Gerald Chrysler just missed the president the pros origin is unknown, but it was set to run tests to find life on new planets after crash Reddit esta concluded that there was no Life as We Know It cast Stop the music. You want to be quiet? Good evening. This is David more news. Unless you're going to listen to me for the next half hour. Now. Here's a word from our sponsor. Adult story is Nationwide earthquake just started in California with the heavyweight dropping his barbells doing his daily exercises. How did it happen, sir? It's going down the West Coast. What did you say Jack is here or have? Well, I guess I'll have to wait for a while to give you the rest of that news report. Don't you keep on mumbling now? What did you say? That's terrific this make is gone. We'll be back in a Flash. The Futures to sure enough you'll be sitting champion of the world once on you'll never do anything else. So too sure enough snuff and have us time. And now it's time for the weather weather in Minnesota is today is typical. Is she in here? Well, that's the latest news. This is Dave last with more news on j e r k e Lea Minnesota is a small closed community. It has all the makings of any other small City with one exception. My nursing home has an extraordinary feature of really not that it's bigger or anything. It's a fact that everyone who lives here is happy and well occupied the nursing home is in addition of the Ely bloomenson Community Hospital. It is divided into two separate parts Intermediate Care Facility, but not much help is needed and the patients are well on their own and the specialized nursing facility for the nurses check up on their patients regularly because of handicapped they have I am now going to going to interview a few of the people that are in this Lounge. Hi, what is your name? What is your favorite thing to do in this hospital nursing home? I can see you now anymore. I can do anything is to shiting and listen to radio. Do you like it here? Okay, thank you. Hi, what is your name? What is your favorite thing to do here? Favorite thing is lots of people here like to watch the people. Why do you know? People are interesting. Are you happy here? Thank you. There is another Lounge where there was a TV people go there to drink coffee play checkers Reed put puzzles together. visit and watch TV I want to view a few people in that area. Hi. What's your name? What's your favorite thing to do here? I don't know. You don't know what are usually like to do. Are you happy here? I can't tell you on that either. You don't know whether you're happy or not. Do you like it here? Thank you very much. Hi, what's your name? Snappy better known as what's your favorite thing to do here? I don't know how to answer that. You don't know what you like to do here. I'd like to go fishing but my pride can't do a deer. Do you like it here? Feel like I don't belong here. Why is that? Isaiah I got to think Justin over you shut that offers my feeling that the disabled. I could take care of myself. No way. I'm not really in a wheelchair come and go and I feel like you've been listening to highlights of the young people's radio Festival competition sponsored by ksjn in St. Paul.


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