Nobel Conference XII The Nature of the Physical Universe: Fred Hoyle dinner speech

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Professor Sir Fred Hoyle, astronomer and a mathematician at Cambridge University in England, speaking at Nobel Conference XII - The Nature of the Physical Universe held at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter. This is a short dinner speech made during conference, where Hoyle shares personal anecdotes of fellow scientists.

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I came into physics myself rather more than a decade after this glorious episode in 1925 and oddly enough the people in my working life. I'm not quite being the people that one might have expected that you would expect to meet. If you came from Cambridge in the Cambridge in the early said she might have been the great Rutherford. In fact, if I saw a ruffler foot twice in the distance that that was about all he died in the year in which I became a grad student. If you are undergraduate Cambridge, you didn't send postcards to always regretted that I never did.Bore, but when I was lucky was that for the great five of the five great pioneers in in quantum mechanics. I did know some of them quite well as it turned out. Well, I only saw it once and that was when I was young. I saw junior system to Cambridge of the time there's a conference them Ballers down to speak and he would actually be fitted such as the first speaker and I was defined in mind Suzy azzam for physics in Sedona. I just didn't understand a word he saidAnd this reminded me very much. You were DeMarco boss when somebody sent him ball. Why don't you speak more clearly? He thought for a moment and he said because I don't like to speak more clearly than I think. well Shooting at I got to know nobody curious about the way this is when he became a professor Island and in the years after that I had a great friend to his they the president of the University Inn, and that way I saw shredding and I saw a very unusual aspect to him know that you're not funny Limerick. Stay right there, right serious lyrical poetry, which was I I wouldn't say it was great stuff. I mean, they're mostly Point address to his latest girlfriend that my dad but these are things that I can look at. Movie useful, he was invited to Cambridge for 6 months and he as it were was in mycology lived in my college of the time when I was living there and if you're in contact with him for about six months and in the course of that time, you told me about the early days of Victory, but I dearly wish I'd written it all down just as I expected me pictures of a lot of funny stories. He was kind of tape to be mostly on duty all the time, but probably was very much. Otherwise, it's really easy to think. Beginning following this like through boss the time we spoke about Professor balls long lecture, then he began to Laugh Factory quibodeaux all over criticism Jihad Ward like tree went down with his own when it released. Anyway, I was till the next day that probably wanted to see me on that frightened me because I was aware of all these probably still I'll tell one about Polly and dad. In fact, I don't know. What is apocryphal. I'm not in Pepsi can tell it but I already had heard this story from camera Kylie. It had some disagreements and they've been sparring quite a bit and then come together at the conference at the meeting and then these Rousey been going on. And I think Adam Fest haven't got quite the the better of the exchange and he went up to Polly afterwards and said look properly when I didn't know you when I read your papers. I had a very high respect for you. But now that I've kind of met you personally. I find you rather unpleasant for the fellow with me. It's just the other way about Absolute meeting with Polly and it shows a lot for that kind of extreme kindness of the man. I was very Junior this time and I had to report Barn mind research director the back of my first year and what became known latest as wave equations of highest spin on which probably had worked with Marcus fits. I think it was And what probably wanted to make sure it hurt somebody else was was on it and he wanted to make sure that if I had really got as far as they got they weren't going to cut me out. It's very nice thing for him to do but I just hadn't got this far as his as they got nothing quite proudly kind of sauce. Not until I began to write science fiction from the moment. I saw it is right off my back seriously the other individuals and At the very earliest time than they telling you now because this is just before the war ended the time now, they took no students. But they do you want to do they had no people to know pretty full reset students in his head to drink when you take this job. He's a queer fellow. He won't trouble you at all. And I finally agreed and so I have the distinction of being one of the two or three people who can climb to bring the student to Durant. Well, I under this agreement but felt duty-bound to invite me to Tea once every semester. We used to talk about mowing the lawn in about the birds and so far and we became good friends after a little while. I found it difficult to get it what went when after I marriage my wife got done extremely well with your rank and that the notion that he will never talk. This is true. He's very shy man, but once he really start to talk in such a way of tackling problem with save all much too broke for that message, you know, you should really go for the beauty of it and I tried to find out for me. What what was Beauty and her but she said, well you have to think about that, you know, and I'm worried but he was trying to engineer and the whole of the mistake that is very impractical man. Is it a deliberate Ploy and his part 2 so he doesn't get involved in things when during the war the nuclear program was being started direct didn't want to get involved but the British government badly wanted to get him as one of the names on the program in order that the US government. Take the program very seriously and the minister for this got on the telephone and the minister retreating said well, are you ever in London direct says yes about once a year. I mean this from the highest level of government into doing what he didn't want to do. But but if you really wanted to do something he actually on the ball.


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