MPR Special: Review of 1975 Legislature

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In this MPR Special, State Capitol reporter Dulcie Lawrence summarizes some of the highlights of the session, with commentary and taped excerpts from floor sessions, committee meetings, and interviews.

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5 months and 5 billion dollars ago the 1975 State Legislature convene in the House of Representatives to hear Governor Wendell Anderson, second inaugural address and a Ponder what he had in mind when he said it was time to inaugurate ideas in a time of severe economic distress. The number one priority. He said was education the state of, Minnesota. Changing the lives of people for the better. This is obviously a time of austerity some would use that as an excuse to reduce our commitment to education and two young people. I reject that. the governor mentioned the current budget for Education 1.3 billion dollars for 360 million dollars of additional funds and increase over 27% The school late bill that emerged was almost exactly what the governor had asked for an additional 305 million dollars to Minnesota's 437 School District a total budget of 1.6 billion dollars. It amounts to a per pupil a door from $825 the current level than $900 and nineteen seventy-five 76 + $960. + 7677. Each district will be required to Levi 30 Mills and property taxes the first year 29 mils in the second the revenue from this local tax is deducted from the school AIDs that go to each District bus those districts with the poorest property tax base get the greatest amount of help from the state one of the most controversial elements in the formula is that which allocates an extra portion of money to districts with a large number of pupils from afdc families under the new bill for instance of Minneapolis-Saint Paul in Duluth will benefit from the afdc formula by about thirteen million extra dollars. Is that unfair to the suburbs Golden Valley Republican senator Ralph Nelson thought so Schism basic or Foundation if you will afdc, this is the added spiff that goes to the Central City. Somebody referred to as his as the payoff. Is this really what we're talking about? Helping the underprivileged. We already do it because we give the child in Minneapolis or Saint Paul already on extra $450 when he walks into the classroom because his parent is on afdc. I suggest that that is far more than that kind of an Indus eat, whatever to be put into our formula that can't be defined any better. then as being something better than paying AIDS by a chemical reaction, let's pay Aids on the number of trees and somebody's front yard on the color of their shutters on the number of the street on the Hub the house upon which they are they come from Because it's every bit as defensible as afdc is been in this body this morning. Not getting into the dialogue of where my district is and who I represent me as a manager of this vast Kuwait's Bill. I'd like to have these comments as regard to how we sit in the state of Minnesota regarding other cities of the size of Saint Paul and Minneapolis come find in the other parts of the country know. I don't think it was by chance that last winner the Boston school board was out in this area looking at the school systems in Minneapolis and st. Paul and wondering why they're having so many difficulties and wernet ensure. The problem is afdc. Maybe not the greatest label in the world, but it does give money to areas that need it desperately in that regard. I don't think it's cheaper to wait until the fire start until everything happens around dislikes happened in Boston before we try to do something about it. And I state that simply because I'm not from the core City, but I can see the problem and I can see one other issue coming up and that's busing does the inner suburbs want to take care of a lot of these children so you can spread around this mixture and I would submit to you that we're handling the problem in our state in a very Equitable Manner and rice think it if you look at it in a long-run sure you can argue about where the money goes and cetera but I think it's cheaper and doing it the way we're doing it in this bill. That was Senate chairman of the school laid subcommittee Gerald Anderson a d flr from North Branch for the University and all the state college has the legislature pass an Omnibus Bill totaling 778.5 million dollars. The governor had asked for a University tuition freeze, but that was rejected by the lawmakers in favor of more scholarships and low-interest Loans. There will be a tuition increase of about 10% the first year 5% II University teacher salaries will go up by about that same percentage. The seven Minnesota state colleges will hereinafter be able to call themselves universities. I change this long been sought by lawmakers from college communities, who are you without a diploma from the University carries more status than one from a college one of Governor Anderson's recommendations, and it did pass was too appropriate 12 million dollars a year to non-public schools for non-religious textbooks equipment and auxiliary services, like counseling testing Speech & Hearing diagnosis and other health services in the house. The bill was carried by Saint Do you have Tyler James peeler at issue was whether it would violate the Minnesota Constitution. Suffice to say it should be a proper legislative goal to provide equal opportunity to all children to have available to them the resources of all public school facilities and to avoid the denial of any of these services to them merely on the fact that their parents and their exercise and control of their children. And in the exercise of the freedom of their choice and freedom of religion have chosen not to have their children attend classes at a non-public school is just bigger members of the House suffice it to say opinion handed down by the Minnesota Supreme Court seems to indicate that this is indeed the way we should go as presented in this bill and rather than being unconstitutional according to their definition of yours to fall within constitutional guide frames. Mister George How much do speaker and members of the house I? Suspect we could stand here all day and debate the constitutionality of this bill. And I suspect the probably none of us really knows what the outcome of a car test of it. If there is such a one is going to be and also suspect that. any for the debate isn't going to change Raymond even very many minds, but I guess I just like to raise a couple of questions and asked you to consider that before we all cast it was Bill with the crisis in the economic situation among the non-public schools in the state is going to continue as long as those non-public schools continue to it. Look to the legislature for financial assistance. And I guess for my mind. If I were to choose to send my child to a private or April Kiel school, that would be my decision. It would have been a commitment that I would have made. No one would have forced me to make that decision the personal private decision on my part and I guess it hadn't made that decision. I would have to follow through on the necessary Financial commitment. I just think that the all the arguments about constitutionality and all the attempts to to apply. What I said before is a Band-Aid approach is just going to be for not until we really suddenly all question that might have our own minds as to whether or not it is in fact good public policy. To essentially under right financially underwrite the personal decisions of parents who have made the decision to send their children to non-public schools. I am going to vote against the bills going to pass but I just ask you to consider those things on Pennsylvania anisota Bill to may be ruled unconstitutional attorney general Warren Spinners reel review the decision and advise Governor Anderson, whether he should sign the bill or certain sections of it the issue that took up most of the time was taxes most specific late property tax relief Anderson spelled it out in his budget message your facts study commission has recommended that we make are property taxes more Progressive by tying them two incomes that would provide the most help to low and middle-income Families. As income goes up. The property tax credit will fall and if income goes down the property tax credit Will Rise. I agree with them. I've committed an additional $50 to put this new system into operation. The governor of circuit breaker or income adjusted property tax plan was championed by the house tax committee. But by the time the total tax package was approved by House and Senate conferees and finally the legislature the very last minute of the session. The bill was a complex combination of modified circuit breaker for individuals 90% State takeover of County cost for medical an Indigent care doubling the state's tax on taconite with proceeds going toward property tax relief and Iron Range communities the bill repeal the existing 5% limitation on the amount the assessed value of a piece of property can be increased in any one year result in increases in property tax would have to be phased in over four years. No state tax papers pay or we'll have to pay taxes on the rebate receive from the federal government before he left for the Soviet Union on the last day of the session Governor Anderson hail the tax package as a good compromise between Senate and House positions, but Senate minority leader Robert Ash back said the legislation is anti job because it Analyzes the taconite companies and contains no tax relief for businesses bills that have taken place the kind of legislation that finally emerge Reedy told the tale. We had nothing for investment credits. We have nothing on this Ralph Nelson investment credit for homeowners. We had nothing there that would help Reserve mining turn around and go put his dumplings on on land instead. We passed a bill to tax the company try to put three thousand people out of work, even though the company has no choice where to go. I think the employer's payroll tax while some groups on both sides of the aisle support. It didn't emerge in the final bill. I think the increase tax on packing light no signal to people don't invest in Minnesota. Are they change their mind every other day and we have many kinds of bills that indicate that so I think that one is an anti job kind of the plant Eddie Murphy's and two Feel higher and more spending when you think that we have 1.2 billion dollars in new income for this biennium. without raising any taxes and then we find only $520 in age the school district property tax age Working Poor help. You just wonder where the other hundred seventy 750 million dollars is in the bureaucracy is increased expenditures again, and I think that's a tremendous increase in government operations. And and we should have held that down as leader of the loyal opposition back job is to mobilize and articulate Republican resistance to the majority's control based on the general philosophy that the least government is the best and state program. To be paid for in cash not by borrowing and that the bureaucracy ought to be slashed not increased his counterpart in the house is Henry selick alive Albert Lea who sees the chance to expand on that philosophy during the floor debate on state Department's Appropriations topical propose a 22% decrease in the 355 billion dollar budget the following excerpt illustrates better than any textbook how practical politics Works in state government. This is the paying the piper for all those good deals at do passes house. But I think it is appropriate for the Republican caucus at this time to point out that did this is the price you pay for all those good build that run through here. You know, I don't think it can be said that you found the Republican caucus overwhelmingly in favor of passing all those new things. In fact, the last time I checked it was only two Republican bills a Statewide significance of process house. I really don't believe that the people of this state are asking for the size of the bureaucracy in this state do girl at a rate of 50% faster 50% greater than their running ability. I do not believe that the people of this state want the bureaucracy or government or the people are really control their activities having their resources and their ability to control the lives of the people in this state growing at a rate twice that of the income of the citizens of this state and I know it's not that simple. Mr. Hager routing numbers the body but it's a fact that we have to face up to as responsible legislators were responsible citizens of this state. I know that there are many good programs in here. But it's it's really amazing how the he needs always ride to meet the amount of money that's available. I suspect that these committees and I suspect that the agencies in the governor and then the people who have a request can show us that there is always a need and that's kind of the nature of our job when we're here in session. We going to get away from the real needs of the people in the wishes of the people we represent and I know particularly did men on Appropriations, you're constantly being bombarded with requests and needs and it's a it's a human thing to react and say we want to help you and we want to do what you want and very frankly. I think you've said no lots of times. But maybe we should be saying no more. I meant maybe it's time that that we are citizens of the state recognized that fact that if we don't do something else in this nation in this state. 25 years from now 50% of our gross national product will be gone and Regulatory matters and you know, the citizens of this state only pay for this thing twice they pay for it when they comply with all these regulations. We're passing comply with all the money. We're given to the Department of Natural Resources or whatever it is and then they pay for it again through their taxes. So maybe one of the best way to deal with the problem is to cut off the the front ideas from Virginia had another perspective tax in terms of the number of dollars. and the fact that everything should be reduced. Mr. Adams What's past outer number of Salisbury Awards in the last few days? Also drops in the same terms. What is the proper perspective what is the function of government? After all, should we determine what the needs of the people are? The governor begins with a State of the State message. We concern ourselves with the needs of our own areas and we come here and we assess those needs against the needs elsewhere and establish certain kinds of priorities. The next process who has the money and how much? And they would begin to put together some kind of a program to meet these needs. After a hundred years, we've been pretty much doing the budgeting in the same manner. But the fundamental difference has been in the program Zelda parties. And the day after our party has dedicated himself to the people in The People's needs. And we know that the system that we are presently operating under fails to meet the needs of the human being. And these various efforts at social structure and changing social structure in providing needs and spreading the money is a system that we want to follow and I think this is what we're talking about when we talk about the dfl platform the dfl party. We're dividing the profits that does Bonneville country has provided. Because somewhere along the line the distribution is improper and there are many people who need the help that we hope that we can give them. That's the function of the steak that's excited. What we're trying to do as far as property tax relief is concerned and other kinds of relief. And that was proven in the tax bill and I think this is what it's all about Henry responded and I respect Mr. Put very much but I disagree with him philosophically be any practice saying that we the government we the legislature can make better choices for you the citizens of this state than you can with your money and I say that's wrong. I say that that the people in this country and this state do not want to finance and accelerated growth rate of growth of government and accelerated weight of girl. Do I ever see they're tired of their tired of the red tape? I don't know another way to deal with it, you know, we bring it up early in the year you said premature? So we bring it up now. It's up to her. What what is it? What do you want to think about it? Tell us? Will consider it will work with you will do anything we can to fulfil our role to this legislative process. We think it's our responsibility and we will continue to carry that out assistant minority leader Arne Carlson of Minneapolis, then snatched the opportunity to Ballout the governor for an event that occurred earlier that day and that was the tragedy this morning. The dismissal on Grant married as the head of the pollution control agency now, it's called a resignation. But we know for the last two-and-a-half years the governor his staff and members of this body have continuously Badger him so that he could be put out of office. Will they finally succeeded? The Saturday night Massacre has come to the state of, Minnesota. And the polluters won a great Victory today. And don't kid yourself. There is a relationship between what happened this morning and what will happen in Lacs Lake, Minnesota later on. And we know the law to be that person have gone on in this house floor today and yesterday to get a given bill passed. But we have watched a governor continuously subvert the true purposes of our agency. We came back here last year to set up an ADA energy agency. I supported it. We wanted some strong regulations over the conservation of energy and what did we get? We got an agency that chose to do. Nothing nothing of any constructive nature no conservation measures whatsoever and on it goes and today we watch the one agency that I personally felt had the greatest advocate. I've seen him in state government and grandparent finally go under to be replaced by a 27 year old gubernatorial Aid with no administrative experience and you're telling me that it's necessary that we have a 22% increase in our state Department's budget. I would suggest that we adopt a savacool Amendment and send a message to the governor. In other words. We are calling something the Environmental Protection Agency, but I personally doubt that the environment is going to be protected. I think it's part of a massive rip off. I missed your message. I will conclude that I would like to conclude with this statement. I think you're watching him. Pieocracy at its best. Mr. Carlson always likes to play games when it comes to these type of Appropriations, and he's playing that game by striking 10% from a Pollution Control Administration that he says he defends so intensely, please How how did I get into this mess? Memphis speaker, calling to tell you how you got into this. It's my understanding you serve on this division. Is that correct? The second last one, but I was at the last one yet during the course of the discussions within that hakkasan might call you consider yourself a disciple of the philosophy that your carcass espouses. Is that correct? Is it possible for that division to bring this bill under the floor? No Minister speaking advance. Advanced Skin committee The philosophy that we're hearing in this amendment. Two or three times and I forgot to put the agency's but I tried to make a cut from what his can you point out to me Mr. Macauley any of the remaining now that we've taken the hair care of the sweetheart agricultural situation for some reason the taxpayers of the state of Minnesota can afford that increase but they can't the rest. Can you tell me which of these matters that we now are in did you espousing the Republican philosophy slot the cut? McCauley mr. Speaker members of the house and if you want me to take the time I've got to look for the amendment and read it. Mister mister speaker. I think Mr. Macauley has told us an awful lot in the fact that he doesn't even bother to listen to the rhetoric that we're hearing here for this week. We'll call it rhetoric or hypocrisy artwork in politics or even statesmanship would legislators. You pay your money and you take your chances. Probably you'll get a measure of all three with a heaping bucket full of oratory thrown in nothing quite brings out the political oratory as well as an anti-pornography Bill civil rights for homosexuals or a bill dealing with victims of rape with all the imagery that that conjures on the senate floor Center, Jack Davies and Minneapolis calmly explain the need for the rape bill has been complaining Witnesses. So often put on trial a by the by the defense other words that the standard defense for rape charges to tear apart the complaining witness and reputation and in every way possible the end result is that after interviews with the the please Prosecuting attorney in the realization of what could have happened at trial? So often that the charge is actually dropped when it ought to be pursued but after Davies introduction the question soon got into a side issue a section that would have repeat all the states laws against adultery fornication and sodomy on the grounds that they aren't being in Forest Sturgeon Lake senator for into mileski moved to retain the laws sleepy. I could Senator Carl Jensen agreed somebody who who does sleep with man. She doesn't actually charge anything, but she She accepts donations. If Senator if senators in alasky's amendment is not adopted. It's not a doctor that then she would be able to continue to do this. I think it would think it would start a legalized prostitution if you don't actually charge, but just to take a donation center or can very well be adopted. No further discussion. Jenna Davies, is there anything in this bill that legalizes homosexuality and other perversions? Miller Davis was President this bill. Takes out of the law the provisions which relate to sexual activity between consenting adults. Tell me about Hanson. Well, I'm not sure I understand the the gobbledygook there. Does that mean yes or no? if there if there's consent if it's voluntary the answer is yes if there's any if there's Coors and Floors Then the answer is no I guess. I didn't want to have to do this. But I guess you people probably are more familiar with this book than I am. But I think it's time. We took a look at some of the things. that they said in Leviticus chapter 18 verse 22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind it is abomination. Maybe you'd like to know what Abomination is in Deuteronomy chapter 7 verse 26 neither shalt thou bring an Abomination into thine house. Let's not be a Christian thing like it. What Thou shalt utterly detested? And now she'll totally abhorrent Brianna is a Christian thing. Now I can go on and on all through this in the Old Testament as well as the new but I don't think it's necessary. I think you understand what I'm talking about. We are going down the road. permissiveness accepting this a little at a time. and that is exactly What happened to the Twin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? And I think you should think about that. We are gradually accepting these perversions. As a way of life, maybe you can accept that. But I can't come I know it's the only time the Bible is thumped with such intensity is when the issues of homosexuality women's rights and rape come up the Senate debate. By the way. I took place on May 19th final day of the session and lasted almost 2 hours a little later on spending bills. Totaling almost 5 billion dollars were Ram through to beat the adjournment deadline with barely enough time to even count the votes a bill that would have prohibited discrimination on the basis of affectional preference or homosexuality was defeated on the floor of the house did not come to the senate floor the Equal Rights Amendment. However, had a close call when Center to Molasky move to amend a bill which authorized separate but equal athletic teams for girls and boys the bill applies to organize teams were youngsters 12 and older and requires primary schools begin phasing-out segregated teams of children under 11 to mileski sad, unless Minnesota resend ziare the athletic bill it would be unconstitutional or talking about is trying to be consistent. What the author says the author says we want to be able to segregate but give equal budgets. This is the kind of equality talking about this kind of ecology and we want a favor but let us take warning from the Supreme Court cases that already passed and those dates you say you cannot do that if you passed the Equal Rights Amendment. Ratified by 38 States Congress then has all of the authority and the Supreme Court. It preempts states rights Saints lose jurisdiction in the matter and of the states that have already adopted Equal Rights Amendment Pennsylvania, for example, they rule and the ending in the case by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. That's just March 19th, 1975 that got to be equal football wrestling everything. It just equalize there is equalizing Factor there and in Washington state sanitary, it's equality means equal in every respect and they rule there by the by the Supreme Court or by the court that one of the carts in Washington that they couldn't even segregate the sexes in the dormitories of the college. That's the kind of absolute equality is mandated by the Constitution when it says equality shall not be Abridged. That's what it says. So what we want to do is pass this simple bill that he says allowing the states to retain their jurisdiction in this matter providing equality, which we have in the area pay already with Equal Pay Act that was passed 1969. We've got the federal Equal Pay Act. So and it's green court has ruled in June of 1974. Also that the Equal Pay Shelby Bradley remedial replies in all respects to our society that Supreme Court has already the law of the land and the Attorney General of the United States add Levi just ruled sure just made a statement or just recently to the press that in that area is completely redundant. So let us then move ahead in the area of Rights. By each individual State just exactly as Senator Milton presents the problem in this bill and we want to maintain that ability to segregate but give people budgets you can do that, but you can't do it if your men the United States Constitution Center John Milton, 33233 Tyvola Road, but the bill itself passed by a white majority. That is the equal athletic Bill all but five of the 28th Senate Republicans voted for the amendment to resend era two days later the Minnesota Republican State Central Committee issued a statement supporting Equal Rights Amendment Chmielewski. Anality Wade said he was going to wage a major campaign this summer feminist caucus leader Korean horrible. And now it's the proera Coalition had regrouped so battle stations are certain to be mad if that's the right word at the Capitol next year. The past the house but was lost in the last minute of the Senate is the bill to reduce the penalty for possessing a small amount of marijuana that too was an emotional issue its house. Sponsor Frank no of Minneapolis said testimony convinced him that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol and that to make possession a crime only keeps youngsters away from the help. They need representative Rod Serling Waseca, the Republican who served the longest in the house was a co-author. I guess it may seem a little bit strange for someone coming from a peaceful conservative rual areas such as I represent. To be an author on this bill. But let me tell you there are problems in the rural area. with marijuana with drugs with alcohol and that's the reason I went on this bill. If we could give our young people an opportunity to become educated. When they have made a mistake. How many of you in this room who have teenagers have lost them? I'm going to have you. Maybe for only a month maybe for only 6 months. I had that happen to me. I know what it's like to have one of them just fade away. You can't talk with him. They're more interested in what their peers think then what we think as parents. The oldest or Ontarian way of bringing up kids is gone. And if you don't know it, you're not being a parent. You got to learn to be a parent all over again. Like I did I'm a grandfather proud of it. I got a teenager and I'm proud of that too. I dream I went on this bill. I don't know about the legal aspects of but I'm letting mr. Knoll handle that he's doing a good job. But from the associate logical and the educational standpoint. I think I have a right to have my say for those of you a spare, especially who are parents who who are who are trying to rap with young people. Because this is going to give him a chance so that their record can be obliterated. I applaud St. Louis County if they're doing it mister. Dhoni, they're not doing it at all the counties and that's the reason I told mr. No. Yes, I'll go on this bill because I don't want to see a young person. Get a blunt on that record did he has to carry the rest of his life because he made a mistake. Maybe he made it twice because of peer pressure, which is a heck of a lot more important than parent pressure to a lot of kids in these days. mister saxofon Mr. Speaker members of the House I'd like to have you remember the statements of Mary's Forsyth in Rochester. Oh. Not everybody in this house is raise kids past the age of 20. I have 20 I have for over the age of 20. I'm trying to bring you up to the age of a 51 year old grandfather just for one minute. I raise for kids. Reroute Moana still in the college. I lost one not one day and I one month, but over one year. It isn't easy. I also during this same. Served as 17 years a police commissioner my time. And I can show you the most hard-nosed conservative in my community. Do belly aches when everybody else is kid was wrong who want to throw them all in jail? But when his kid was in trouble he wanted leniency every individual that you want that you represent wants leniency when his kids were in trouble. And you better believe it when your 51 you ignore you when you're 28, you sometimes don't. I'm a little bit ashamed of myself because when Frank asked me if I'd support the bill I said I have to think it over. But I'm telling you I'm going to vote against the Kittle Amendment. I'm going to vote for Frank's bill because we need it. But we won't get it until next year at the earliest. The bill is waiting for action on the senate floor in his second inaugural address. The governor came out from hat for handgun control also renew our pledge. For the safety of our people. too many minnesotans are afraid to go out alone. I'll be home alone. Too many handguns are available to people who should not be allowed to have them. The Applause on gun control was the longest the governor received which is a mystery looking back since the majority of the legislators most voted against the bill time after time until finally a very weak Bill did manage to pass down to the very last it was drugged by attacks such as this from representative John beersdorf of Owatonna or four years of Representative has been working on his bill. He's not even got out of the airport complex. Now there's does. He not donate or helping is or where Eveleth is or where Joel Becky's lives or John Spanish for Owatonna Minnesota Duluth. Let's take a look at the map in Minnesota and it's not all up here in Saint Paul and it's not all here right in the Capitol complex. I think this is another reason to send it back there. Let's go out and see what else did people really have to stay on as I think they're part of the state of Minnesota and they should have some input into this. And by the way, I got a whole pamphleteer of letters that I sent return back from Ephraim shares from I'll see you in a Minnesota and that one of them not one of them agrees with Spanish as gun control Bill. Why didn't you ask the sheriff? Are police officers? Hey Brother the sky show all of the police chief's state of Minnesota testified they support this measure we have from various other law enforcement agencies. Some sheriffs came in and testified in favor of it various newspapers from throughout the state that I have handed out before to you supported the Statewide poles that have been taken show that the vast majority of the people of the state of Minnesota and all areas of the state support legislation like this. So I submit that the shouting tactics of Representative beersdorf and the table thumping and say we have to run around the state and all of that are really a Big Show and I think that's what we what we really should look at our what some of these people have test. I said that have testified before our Committee, and I think I noted the same tactics a representative beersdorf both by three years ago with this legislation and I noted it not too long ago with a veteran's preference bill on the floor all sorts of comments about we have to go out State we have to do this and did not take the legislation on the merits represent of beersdorf members of this committee. I am prepared to stand here as long as anyone wants and discuss this legislation on the merits take it on in a marriage. Don't try to send it back on a procedural motion. How's author Tom Berg Minneapolis? All that's left of the bill is the requirement of a permit to carry a handgun and the prohibition of such permits being issued to alcoholics and drug addicts felons and untrained people under 18 represent. A bird thinks it still will save some lives attorney general Warren Spanish though said he'd continue to work for a stronger bill. The number one priority of the women's movement this legislative session was the removal of absolute Veteran's preference in hiring for state and local government jobs a coalition of groups representing women minorities and the handicapped argued that giving preference to Veterans discriminates against others and makes affirmative action programs almost impossible to carry out the bill that passed was a compromise giving both sides at least part of what they wanted absolute preference was ended and Civil Service examinations, but veterans who receive passing grades with the aid of a 5 point bonus must be hired first. There's no limit on the number of times preference can be used or the length of time since the veteran got out of the service and was these two points over which most of the debate raged house thought there was Minneapolis representative Linda bergling I think there are some very good reasons. Having the limits that we have in the bill and the bill at this time. First of all. Any veteran who has not used his preference best far would have 10 years to use it that would mean if he's a World War II veteran a Korean veteran a Vietnam veteran that came back 3 years ago. He was still have 10 years in the passage of this act to use his preference. That means that everyone would know that they have 10 years. We feel that within 10 years anyone who is not a disabled veteran will have either sought a position in civil service and have gained it or we'll have Gotten a position in Private Industry that will give him experience that he could bring with him into any civil service job that really what we are doing many times by allowing someone to continue to use their preference over and over again, which this amendment will do takes out the one time limit takes out the 10 years you set up a situation where someone has come back from the service has may be used as Veteran's preference once or more than once has gotten a job in Private Industry. Maybe he has a house. Maybe he has a car of Lake home really doesn't need that special advantage and yet he is in a position where he is competing with a Vietnam veteran who is returning who needs that job very badly what we end up doing by allowing veterans to use their preference repeatedly is to add the number of veterans who are on the eligibility list. I don't think that that was Originally, the intention of Veteran's preference. I think the originally the intention was to help a veteran re-enter the job market to help a veteran re-enter society and I think the bill as it stands does that and I therefore would oppose the patent Amendment we have to be to recognize the role of the veteran. I guess we all can remember when the veteran returned from the battlefields. From the oceans in the Seas Sun probably never will return. those that did return France reminded because some of them are blind. Some of them are crippled. Some of them are paraplegics. I guess if we took time to visit our veterans hospitals weed find veterans That some of us would have to say that. What date fought for certainly they're entitled to and that's Veteran's preference. And here we are today trying to deny the veteran of something that he fought for so we may live in a free world. We could have perhaps been in a position where the enemy came to our Shores and fought a war. We've never experienced this we have to go there. We all like to the veteran and it's too bad. That's so quick. And so early after a war that we forget. That a veteran is done his job to make our life a free life and I support the patent Amendment and I would hope that you would defeat the Berlin amendment that was dfl representative John Spanish of Hibbing Spanish. By the way ran unopposed in last November's election yet received more votes than any other candidate in the state and more than the combined totals for speaker Martin Sable and majority leader of Anderson. His committee assignment is vice chairman of the higher education subcommittee legislation to ban the can or at least put mandatory deposits on returnable bottles filled the session after massive lobbying efforts by organized labor and the can and bottle industry worried about loss of jobs in Minnesota at a late April meeting of the set of natural resources and agriculture committee sunderwind Borden Ave. Brainerd cheap scented author conceded defeat. In this session, we have adopted a program to Outlaw the flip-top can and we will probably adopt a program to make. The highway patrol the letter Patrol. Those are at best timid First Steps in meeting environmental concerns. The litter problem in this state will not be solved. By having the highway patrol arrest our citizens, you will not be solved on the highways and it will not be solved on the lakes and streams in the solid waste problem will continue to get more severe with each passing year. Neither of those pills, although they have some Merit will do anything for the energy problem in Minnesota and energy problem that will get worse with each passing day. Neither of those bills will do anything about conserving our natural resources, which we use in steel and glass and aluminum and waste through a non-returnable system. Neither of those bills will in any way save the consumer the dollars. the returnable container bill would say Mister chairman I'm a realist. And some of you have made a firm commitment to vote against this bill regardless of the merits in it. Some of you a gave your word some significant time ago that you would vote against the bill regardless of what it contained. I'm not asking you tonight to go back on your word that I'm asking the tenant file 15 be laid over but as I do that I'm also asking each of you to give me yourselves a commitment that you will look at this issue in the future that you will look at amendment that I have discussed with members of this committee who opposed this bill which amendment would simply say that as for the on sale Liquor establishments that they would sell all of their products and refillables on sale would be refillables as for off sale that each off sale establishment would offer both the refillables and the throwaways the industry today is said the consumers have a choice in this area. But what kind of a choice do you have when you go buy a six-pack of beer and you cannot buy it in a refillable? What kind of choice do you have when you go to a grocery store and you cannot buy a refillable if you want with the chairman what I'm asking is that in the first instance the members of this committee go back and consult with their constituents the pole in the st. Cloud times last night said 71% of the people support this bill. I think any pool around the state will show the people support this bill. So contact your constituents keep an open mind as I will we're going to proceed during the interim. I hope with the cooperation of the committee to continue to study this bill. It's not going to go away. I'm a realist. However, Mister chairman and realize the vote tonight would be 8 to 7 wouldn't change and as a consequence. I'm doing the best. I know how not to force you into making another commitment to vote no and instead requesting that you keep an open mind. One of the most controversial issues before this legislature was a highway funding bill and the proposed $0.02 per gallon gasoline tax increase the $0.02 gas hike was defeated in the house first time around. I'm in accusations of improper lobbying in promised trade-off between legislators the trucking industry and Highway Department lobbyists. The bill was supported by rural opposed by Metropolitan lawmakers who held out for more State funds for Transit the final compromise had something for both sides the gas tax increase to raise item to raise $80 for highways and a 28 million-dollar appropriation from General Revenue for mass transit and it include the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would freeze a dedicated Highway fund at 9 cents per gallon vanilla a new level under the bill if voters approve in 76 any Revenue raised be on that level. We're going to the state treasury the compromise marks a departure from traditional ways of paying for highways without looking towards other modes of transportation st. Paul. Representative Walter Hansen who works for the railroad had consistently opposed the gas tax increase. We need adequate funding we need the roads in rural Minnesota. We need the completion of the freeway system. We need good airports. We need your Trail beds. So many things in the area transportation that we need in the state but not once have I heard since January anything--but dance text. That's not necessarily the way we should go any longer. I asked mr. Munger in committee this morning when we were talking about finding. Who would pay for the bonds for extension of our Park system General Revenue Munger said that the parks was vital for all the states. So everybody should be paying for him. I asked him that because when I raised some questions about taking money out of General Revenue, he thought the users should pay for highways. Well, I think that highways are just as important to every individual in the state of Minnesota as parks. Are there vitally important? Maybe you never drive a car. But that individual that never drives a car is just as dependent upon highways as you and I every individual when he goes to the grocery store does any shopping at all is dependent upon that transportation system. We need a good transportation system. We can't ignore it. But if we're going to just apply a Band-Aid. This is going to be any good thing Paul representative Walter Hansen Highway commissioner. Frank marzitelli already has said he'll be back asking for more money next year the controversy over Transit isn't going to stop in the 20 million dollar bonding bail for Parklands at mr. Hands and referred to will also be back in 76 so will a bill giving the Metropolitan Council authority to coordinate Regional planning efforts to prevent urban sprawl Senate minority leader. Ashback are going to be a minute late. It would interfere with private Enterprise and local planners really dfl her. I'll get it would help planners and save money to boot a bill for an elected Metropolitan Council made it through house committees, but not in the Senate. It'll come up again next year other bill that went by the wayside. One of the governor's truck bed top priorities at housing Bill calling for $40 from General Revenue to go for low-interest loans. The governor also wanted an ambitious program for the treatment in early detection of chemically dependent persons and programs of bilingual and bicultural. Please for Native Americans and Spanish-speaking minnesotans. None of those bells made it to the floor because of lack of time a bill for a presidential primary election in Minnesota pass the house but was defeated in the Senate dfl party officials vigorously opposed it saying it would destroy the Grassroots political caucus system and cost millions of dollars. The Republican party went on record as favoring the primary but mrs. Nancy brought us a new Senator and well-known Republican activist from Rochester spoke against it. I think we should keep in mind that this bill is already passed the other body and I think it's a very serious issue to that masquerades as being for people actually it's not for people it's not for the health of the parties. It's simply sounds good. We're talkin about putting the political system back in the hands of people. I would like to discuss with you what we have now and what I have experienced firsthand when I was the director of the New Hampshire primary for president. Send the director of the California primary for President Nixon the director of the Maryland Primary for President Nixon. Now what we have now is an open system. I'll caucus-convention system that is open to participation. Yes, it takes work on the part of the party leaders to encourage this purchase a patient and build this leadership. What we're talking about in this measure is getting rid of this system that other states with clean with not as clean a political system as we have are now in the transition stage trying to clean up the corruption and they're calling me to tell tell them about how this system of ours works. We know what we have now. We are all a part of it. Let's talk about what we are going to have if we go into the presidential primary system. What is going to happen is all sorts of leaders for each candidate will swarm into this state and their we're going to be paying everybody to work and we can the volunteer ethic that is really what keeps both parties in this state as good as they are. Now. The argument is somehow a presidential primary is going to revive a sagging Republican party bringing all sorts of new people. It will it will bring in people who want to pay be paid and after the election they will disappear. It will not help either party. It will hinder both state Republican party chairman Robert Brown Center from Stillwater spoke for the primary. The only reason why I was not the people spend a lot of money to people without money shot out of the saddle the big guns the Eisenhower people in 1952 with it without really a strong organization came in and got enough bullets that they sent back to Republican leadership of this party on a tear in a 1956 the key fob. Did the same thing the candidate who had public appeal and I think that's where some of the brightest is mistaken. If you have a candidate who is public opinion don't need a Bible verse if you don't have apparently I think Minnesota has a strong tradition of volunteers. I was kind of Midwestern volunteers referred to process of picking the candidates for president United States and it wasn't being brokered by party bosses. The biggest question of this legislative session was over institutional closings weather Hastings state hospital, but should be closed and Stillwater prison phased out or whether the system should remain intact with 200 new employees added set it at house conferees meant for days and a capital meeting and on the final day, they glared at each other and pounded the table cuz I'm D flr George perpich chairman of the senate committee are closing on the floor of the Senate. At we hear about the about what I expected that the great talk of patients the people inside the institution, by the way, the only reason I want to close them is because of the people inside of the Institute the true fact of the matter is it's be employees and what it would do to the community in terms of the loss of the state payroll. We've got way too many people taking care of buildings and not enough people taking care of patients judge. Larson is said how we don't have enough Direct Care staff the state does not lay anyone off. We lose people through attrition a boilerman working at Hastings that a boilerman working for northern states power have essentially the same kind of job and our light likely to be very long-term employees the people who work on the wards the Direct Care staff are the ones who quit and we've got 1.1.2 patients for every employee and we try to keep that racial. And so what happens at places we end up with for x-ray technicians where we only need one and we end up with a lot of this type of situation if you were to close an institution and the population has just gone down down down. Down in the Big Ten State institutions. You would have more money available for Direct Care staff. But the big thing to remember is Fort for the people that are inside the place. That's what I'm asking you to do presidents and supervise and inspect and make sure that all these community-based facilities meet the standards that are required by the state, you know, the problems we're having with the number of the nursing home, you know, the fact we have to have inspectors go out there and look over the facility. Make sure they are meeting cold. It will take many many more people in non-patient care rules to run that kind of assistant that I will to administer a large Hospital. There's nothing magic about community-based facilities. But the point is we don't have the plan. We have not seen the plans. I remember on the floor of the Senate when Senator Lewis Why he was Voting against commissioner lichens. He said that he has not seen a feasible plan as to how they are going to move into this community-based facilities approach. I just talked with him. He hasn't seen one yet to this day. And neither have I until we have those plan. We should not plan on closing a state hospital if the plans are there and they make sense to the members of the Senate Liliana close any number of hospitals. If it makes sense with the plan with the plan isn't here and we're being asked to buy a pig in a poke. Sandy Roberts gas in South Saint Paul who is legislative district includes Hastings. The whole matter was dumped in the lap of the Department of Public Welfare for a new recommendation a few nice little things came out of the session not-so-little really since they will make life a little bit more pleasant for instance. No smoking areas will have to be designated in public places at least half the toilets and restrooms will have to be free and we'll be able to buy a glass of wine and small restaurant. As for the future well interim committees are already starting to think about their schedules for the summer Hope Spring Eternal that next year things will be better. This is been a review of highlights from the 1975 Minnesota State Legislature production engineer for this broadcast has been Lynn Cruz. I'm dulcie Lawrence.


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