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Dr. Estelle Ramey, a professor of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University Medical School, speaking on the superiority of women. Dr. Ramey, who opened the Area Spring Women's Conference at Saint Cloud State College's Atwood Ballroom in Saint Cloud, told a large audience that women are intellectually equal to men and physically superior in some ways. Ramey has a Doctorate in Endocrinology and has spent several years researching the relationship between glands and the nervous system and stress responses.

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I'm very glad to be here in Saint Cloud. I must confess that I had never heard about Saint Cloud until I got that very gracious invitation, but it's been my experience and traveling around the country since I had my Consciousness raise full of Higher Learning. That have enormous plants large numbers of bright students and making great contributions to the educational system of the United States these institutions like St. Cloud 10 the present time to have about fifty percent women students. when it comes to faculty, however The situation is somewhat different and same cloud is just about par for that particular course lousy. And I'd like to discuss with you tonight some of the reasons for this as far as I can understand them and what I think possibly might might be done about it. And there is something a little ironic about having to have international woman this year. Obviously no one. In his right mind would have asked the United Nations to have an international men's year. Every year is international men's year. and as a measure of the devotion of the United States of America to this new concept of woman as person. We have made. a great contribution to International woman's year about the United States if you're native here and you lived here long enough to know what the country really Not what it says it bad news, but what it really that is not what it really values that usually pays for. Whether it's automobiles or chewing gum. Are massage parlors you get to know what people are willing to pay for and this is reflected and what the government is willing to pay for and what the government values. I live in the Washington area many of my best friends are politicians. And they tell me add nauseam. About how much they love women? Well, so did Henry the 8th. Now this loves for women manifest itself in many ways. And one of the ways it manifests itself is in the appropriation for international woman's year. $300,000 which is about one half of what was appropriated for National pickle week. And one tenth of what the smallest of the western Nations has appropriated for international woman's year so much for what we value. Now it's a national woman's year in the United States is as far as the government is concerned is a little bit like Mother's Day. I am a mother. And I find I've been sold a bill of goods like all other mothers on Mother's Day. My children are grown and gone and their grandchildren now when Mother's Day John's I'm always slightly nervous that they won't call me up for send me some flowers because my van brainwashed at least on Mother's Day. Mother's should be bad. And Anna's for the many things she gave me. And all is for what she gets the other 364 days out of the year. I find there's a national woman's ear to be a very important concept. The mere fact that it's being recognized is in the nature of being thankful for small blessings. But what we need is not International women's year But an international ongoing recognition that there is a problem. Relative to the relationships between men and women. And curiously it is very difficult to get people to recognize that there is a problem not the people are happy about it. I have never talked to any woman however conservative however anti-feminist. However much she is disgusted by the Kooks in the women's Liberation movement the ones that keep telling me about these silly bra burners. I've never talked to any woman including that kind of woman who is usually a very frightened woman. We're if I probed long enough and talk to her in terms that she and I both understood in our common humanity and femininity. as for example, I have many mischievous techniques and and one of them is to start talking to such a woman about men in general but not men in terms of the fact that they don't give women Jaws because these women tend to be very frightened of the concept of women working, but talk to such a woman in terms of the the way households are wrong say something about the fact that Men are really boys their children. Immediately their ears perk up and they will agree with you. And then you'll begin to find. a common ground you tell them about how your husband leaves the wet towels in the bathroom after a shower and she will tell you how he can never find anything. Even if it's right under his nose. Then I will tell her. About the time that I fixed a magnificent dinner. And he was an hour and a half late then she will tell me about the time. That he didn't even notice that she had prepared a cordon bleu dinner. And then pretty well along the way we begin to rev up a bit. No, it's this divinely happy woman. Is spilling out the most intense hostility to men, but I have yet encountered in the woman's movement. She loves men. like Lucrezia, Borgia I have never talked to any man. However sympathetic to women's plaid all women's problems. Who if you pressed hard enough? Did not begin to reveal. an intense anger at women this is a sad. And perhaps natural thing. Because no man knows what it's like to be a woman and no woman knows what it's like to be a man and we gaze at each other across an enormous Chasm of experience which is unique to eat sex and each in his or her heart feels that somehow the other one is getting more than he or she deserves. And both are right. Because men and women deserve each other. We do everything we can to destroy each other and ourselves and they social process. And the reasons for it go all the way back. To perhaps the earliest relationships of the species homo sapien. Where work had to be delegated? And survival was brutal. And what one person got was something less than the other person could get from the same small pot. And it's not surprising to me that we are still in the state of regarding each other as dangerous animals. In every religion, which was designed, of course in each Case by men. You are confronted with this classification of women as the enemy. every religion but the Beloved enemy with whom you can of the old saw goes need to live with Nora live without the Jews the Orthodox Jews a male, Orthodox Jew. Thank God every morning that he was not born a woman. in Christianity of which we know practically nothing. the Bible States quite explicitly that in matters of judgments on most things women. Are inferior to men? And that the man is the master of the woman. and Saint Paul Who despise women? Recognize that this was a terrible problem and finally reluctantly said it is better to marry than to burn. You neither in bed? But don't let her use that as a weapon against you. Because women and Christianity are essentially the temptress. tempting men from their innocence The Bible is an interesting is an interesting brochure of a book. It starts out with Adam and Eve. And it says that Eve was taken from the rib. Adam and of course was sort of slightly second hand. with some Adam Now I happen to be an endocrinologist. physiologist biologist and biology frequently doesn't go along with human concept of what life is really like that when you get the evidence. Because you see it turns out that the basic pattern. Created was not male but female. in utero When there is a fertilized ovum what are the sperm is carrying a y chromosome or an X chromosome, and the fertilized chromosome is now a fertilized egg is now XX or XY for the male XX for the female. It doesn't really matter. The basic pattern is female. and if for some reason if you remove for example from either the male or the female fetus the sex glands. All fetuses go on to become female. Because the female pattern is a basic pattern and what the Y chromosome does. Is what the Bible said was done for either but it's quite the other way around the Y chromosome introduces another Factor. Which now converts the basic female pattern to mail now, I don't say that to make males feel bad. I'm simply telling you what the biology is like and doesn't mean a damn thing. Who cares? Now it does mean something that in the Bible. Eve is regarded as essentially created because Adam was lonesome. to be essentially a playmate Furthermore the Bible is very interesting in this regard and perhaps another way. You see it as a sizes I greatly value. curiosity And a questioning attitude toward Dogma. and the greatest Minds amongst humans, we would all agree full of the category of those that question always creatively the status quo and I say why and why not Now that brings us back to Adam and Eve. Adam was told that things were perfect. And would stay that way as long as the Apple was not eating now Along Came the first scientist Eve. And she said to Adam, what do you suppose would happen? If we ate the apple. Annie said Don't Rock the Boat. But he's intellectual curiosity could not be so easily satisfied. And she kept after him and asked him she wanted to do the definitive experiment. And finally since Adam wasn't a particularly strong character. She warned down. And from that point on they saw what happened. When you ate the apple and we've been looking at it ever since. How old is would be fun and games except it isn't really what caused prejudice against women is so pervasive that most women don't even know when they're being denigrated. They think they are being complimented. They think they are being cherished and cared for and protected. And they accept this gratefully. but for every bit of protection For every there there little woman, let me take care of you. There is a price and the price is dependence. And this is just as true for men as it is for women when you are dependents economically and I'll just put it at that level and not at the psychological level when you're 10 and economically on another human being you give a hostage to Faith. Because not only are you dependent for your bread and your brother and your shelter you are dependent for yourself evaluation. How some years ago somebody said to me? Have you ever been discriminated against? As a woman in medicine and science. LOL, I didn't even bother to sleep because I was absolutely certain no. I haven't been discriminated against. But I know many women who have and I think this is Dreadful. Well, I didn't really think it was a dreadful because you say that something rather comforting and being the only woman who has made it in the department in a medical school with a full Professor when there aren't very many in medical school throughout the country that have ovaries or did have The comfort that comes is it kind of interesting if you're the only woman in a department. It's like being a Cocker Spaniel. Apprised cocker spaniel everyone treats you very well, they patch of patches and it just works beautifully. From time to time they tell you. That you really think like a woman. I'm sorry like a man. That's a great compliment. They tell you you thinking like a woman they're insulting you. Let me tell you you think like a man you say thank you and you feel pretty good and when they tell yourself. You're different. Then you Preen yourself. You're not like all those other female slobs. You're different. It's kind of nice. And you can feel a certain identification with the winners. After all who wants to associate with the losers women? So you cozy up? To the power structure young man to make through this. Young man, don't try to associate themselves with the guy that have no power. They cozy up to the winners of the men with power. And so the women why should a woman who is the only woman in an institution that has any kind of running? Even if she has tenure and I can't put a glove on her. Why should she want to identify herself with women? there nobody they're not going to get you invited to the International Conference in Paris. Not going to pay off in any other way forget them. You made it and they didn't pull up the ladder. And that's the way most women who have made it behave and think and feel they have very little strength as women. Now when I saw the lights like Paul on the road to Damascus. I am I read in the New York Times that the surgeon. Testifying before speaking the Democratic policy committee made the statement that women because of their raging hormones every month. We run fit the job the top responsibility now the reason he said, This stupid thing. was that Patsy mink of Hawaii had brought up the question of women's rights and equal employment opportunities. And this annoy the hell out of a great liberal. The doctor Berman because he was bleeding for the people that really had problems and he said essentially how the hell can you bring up something trivial? About these overfed American women living in their fur align suburban homes when we have real problems in this country. And then you just nail thing down. As really a subject no consequence. He pointed out that even if women did have a problem. There's nothing you can do about it. Then raging hormones every month. Preclude their participation in the kind of decision-making which requires testicles. What place he was a surgeon? Now serjeants are a rare breed. They're the captains of the ship. They have to have a lot of take-charge hormone testosterone. many of them don't around medical schools are many jokes. One of them goes all gynecologists hate women urologists hate men. And general surgeons hate everybody. Well, when I read that in the New York Times, I was understandably Disturbed on an endocrinologist. That was my union. I know about hormones. furthermore I have been working for quite a number of years is a very interesting question and that is Why do men die earlier than women? That's an interesting one because many of you I'm sure have read in the newspaper time and time again about the very high incidence of coronary artery disease men in this country. An extraordinary incident it carries off some of our ablest. Most valuable man in society at an age far too early. Whereas women go Merrily on and on and on and on. Annual open read about the fact that why should feed their husbands low cholesterol diet. Shovel the snow off the walk because the man has a fragile cardiovascular system and it's right. He does have a fragile system what you don't read. Is that the fragility of his cardiovascular system? Apparently is a result of the effect of testosterone whereas estrogens protect female hearts and blood vessels and it is only the menopausal and post-menopausal woman that begins to have an incidence of coronary artery disease that begins to approach that of males and even a thought in the age group between 90 and 100. The man that lives to that age group and the woman that lives to that age group, there is a higher death rate for men men are fragile. They need to be protected. May need to be cherished. Cover them up. Let us help them to live longer. Let us help them all the way to the bank. We will carry some of the money. Let us take some of the decision-making off their fragile shoulders. Because we put the most intolerable stresses on men in this society that could possibly be conceived. We tell them to begin with that to be a man is never to fail. Always to be strong never to cry my grandson when he was about 4 years old said to me I wouldn't cry Grandma Boys Don't Cry. Well God is Not mocked. Everybody cried men cry with blood they have four times the incidence of bleeding ulcers that women have. They cry. But they must not cry except when their team wins a football game or something and it's closer to have a few tears of joy. But you must not fail. Let me point out to you that in this country women attempt suicide at a rate of about six times the incidence of men they do it to call attention to their agony. In the most dramatic way that they know. Women are allowed to fail. In fact, it is success. But on sex is women. If you're a woman on your success, you're defending authorized if you're a man and if you're a failure, you're demasculinized. That's the way we set this Catch-22 up. now women attempt suicide But they don't complete the act very often as compared to men. They use techniques. They have a certain margin for error. Take an overdose call friend. Very good thinking. men cannot fail even at suicide So men had three times a death rate from suicide that women do in this country. How would it look? to the Boys At IBM If you tried to kill yourself, and you didn't die. He couldn't face them. You are a failure even exist. Men don't give themselves an out. They have been told to use the most brutalizing weapons and they use them on themselves with a gun in your mouth blow off the top of your head. No room for error. That's the kind of Burden we put on our men. And the benefits from this Escape me. Because women are told that they are weak and they are really strong. In fact of Tylenol on is really pushed. And we put educational opportunities in the area of sports. At the same level of value for women is we do for men starting from the earliest ages and little girls. get real physical conditioning Then women will never die. That's why they don't let us exercise. We have too much of an edge already. Just go down the Saint Petersburg. Florida all Beauty parlors, no barber shops always alone widows lonely poor most of them. Living out sterilized because they're men have died with their boots on. with a stiff upper lip cool When was stiff isn't cool with people are in the graveyard? And that's where we hasten to send our men. All the time telling them that this is a much better way to live that is to die. Now, of course all of this is Subrosa because we have a schizophrenia about women women. to a position and two insurance companies then clear strong vigorous biologic marbles Now I have nothing against testosterone as hormones go. It's not a bad hormone. And no home should be without some. But what I object to is a denigration of estrogen. Now those are hormone. Now I haven't said anything about what they do to the brain. However, because you see all of this simply says that we survive. like vegetables now, why do the people of Minnesota pay millions of dollars a year to educate women in this great state? I haven't the foggiest notion. Why do we spend more than 20 billion dollars a year keeping women in college? Who knows? I want to go to college degree. today average is working full-time as much as a mountain eighth grade diploma in the trades. Why we educate women, I will never know. We certainly don't intend to use them. It's a porous investment a country could ever make. No, I am told that makes women better wives and mothers garbage. My mother can hardly read or write. little French peasant girl We spend our life agonizing over the fact that she was ignorant. She was a magnificent mother it is because of my mother. And I have the education that I have because like so many Americans who were immigrants to this country. She felt this terrible hunger for education. What she didn't have the old American Dream her children with her but she was different from any mother has she accept the fact that of course, my brothers would get an education. My father was a doctor and so his sons would be educated, but she knew perfectly well. And remember this is almost 60 years ago when I was born. that my chances a being encouraged to get an education one minimal even though we were an upper-middle-class family. As my father who loved me dearly I was the apple of his eye used to say to me. Oh, honey. Studying so hard. You're such a pretty little girl. He did it out of love. As he tried to turn me into a vegetable a plant. Not of hay but out of the deepest love he wanted to protect me and his idea protection was to turn me over to another good hard-working man who would support me. an electric he was proud of my Phi Beta Kappa key finally, but it was kind of I was almost a music here was his pretty little girl and she got into 5/8. It wasn't important. He made life a misery for my brother's if they got less than a b. But he really wouldn't have cared very much if I had gotten a gentleman C. And not because he didn't care about me. My point is that's a blindness that afflicts us. Is what destroys women? Women in the middle class of America are usually well taken care of by their fathers are brothers and even their husbands. But that's not the point my mother knew because of her own deep pain as our own ignorance what it was like to be a complete captive. within a body that had a brain But had not been developed and from the day. I was born she kept saying to me if you don't get an education you might as well be an animal. And I thank God everyday. That my mother without her education was the Magnificent mother that she was she didn't need an education to be a good mother as far as being a good wife is concerned. It's like it's in the eye of the beholder. What's a good wife to one man is a shrike to another. So getting an education to become a good wife and mother is pointless. All you have to do is know how to read the soap boxes. You can't help your kids with their stuff because they teach him differently. With all my degrees I couldn't help my kids with their math. I don't know what the hell I was talking about and I was a math major college. but so it goes no, I don't think that's a good enough reason to spend billions of dollars on women, and I also don't think that any society can afford to waste 53% of its brains. Which is what we're doing right this minute. There are virtually no women in this country and major decision making positions only occasional woman gets appointed to Housing and Urban Development. I have to be making a speech at the University of California the day that was announced in the first question from the audience from a woman was do you think the Carla Hills? Really has the qualifications. Do the job. Well, if I could be old joke a how's your wife compared to what? Compared to the people who preceded her. She's got no place to go but up. I think about her. I just figured the competition. Isn't that King? That's the one thing. That's the one thing that I know educated people never quite realize and that's one thing that women in particular. Are misinformed about because women are excluded. From the executive suites from the higher reaches from the great world out there. They are under the delusion. that the people who are included have something they haven't got all you have to do is to walk into the Executive Suite and listen for a while. And then your mother's day will disappear. Because you see it turns out. That men who are in high positions low positions in medial Core Physicians fall into three General categories in my experience. Some are absolutely brilliant. magnificent some are horses eyes. And most are mediocre hacks. And women are just as mediocres men. We can do just what men do. In terms of mediocrity and some of us will be bringing it and some of us will be horses asses and most of us will be mediocre hacks. And that company there's no difference. When a woman thinks she has to be in Albert Einstein. to become an assistant professor then she's a feeding herself. All she has to do is to look around at the full professor. And she will recognize. A people rise and Society like oil. on the water for a variety of reasons how have I been discriminated against? Well, I started to think back over several things has happened to me. And when my eyes were opened then I thought of a few incidents that I didn't regard the time as discrimination. in the depression there were very few jobs. I had a job offer for an interesting reason. I just got out of college in the mid-30s and as so often happens and must happen to any woman that makes it because you see it every door stands Eminem at every door anywhere Sands amount for any woman to make it. Someone has to open the door to her. And then some other man has to open the door. You cannot fight tanks with peashooters. It can't be done and my own life at critical time. There has been a decent honorable man. Who like Samuel Johnson? When I asked which is more intelligent man, or woman said which man and which woman? And open the door to me. That's all you need. Just having the door open for you. But I remember at the time I got my first job. I had to take a degree in physical chemistry in order to keep the job and I was taking good money physics courses at the time was particularly interested in physics, but that was part of the job requirement and I'd have taken a degree in Sanskrit. To get a job. And I took four courses three would didactic courses one with the laboratory course and I work very hard. I got three days in a didactic courses and an A minus in the lab course. and I applied for some fellowship support since I was making $750 a year and the tuition was 1600 there was Like macauba something was going awry. So I applied for some some help. How much are the Departments who was very fond of me? We've been very happy. I think to have me marry his son or something like that, but he didn't think that I belong and physics because physics was a man's world at any rate. He looked at my record. He said it's till I see you have trouble in the laboratory. I didn't get the fellowship. The next thing that happened to me that might be considered to be discriminatory when I got married. And my husband suddenly in the tricky ways that husbands do announced a month after we were married, but we were moving to Knoxville, Tennessee. I went down there with him. A starry-eyed bride and very rapidly became bored to death bration, cuz I always worked so I applied at University of Tennessee Department chemistry for job. My credentials were very good. And the Tron of the department said to me Dr. Ramey I have never heard a woman. I will never hire a woman the home and take care of your husband. See I was never discriminated against. I had conveniently forgotten that well what happened of course was that was in early 1941? And then of course. to the great advantage of women the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor And within a few months, I got a telephone call from this print. He said dr.amy it is your patriotic Duty. To come and teach are cadets. So I said well I tell you that the villain. I took your advice. I took such good care of my husband. I'm pregnant. He brushed that off as a mosquito. He said. Dr. Amy, our men are dying at the front. He was back in World War 1. So I said yes sir, and I went and I taught up until about three days before I delivered and did this with a couple of kids during the war and nobody was particularly surprised because you see women. Are only fragile oil when it is convenient for them to be fragile in the society. And then the war ended and our men came back from the front to the University of Tennessee, and by that time the chairman and I were very good friends, and he called me and it was on a first-name basis said Estelle you've done a magnificent job for your country. We can never repay you and we shall miss you. Cuz I had taken a man job. It was written in tablets of stone. But that was a man's job. Now. This woman is a very interesting one women have used it. Because they've used it as a way to manipulate men, but only women who essentially have some money can afford to be fragile. and even there In the situation of a family with forklift kids Papa and Mama all down with the flu. terribly ill papa is sicker than anybody's almost moribund. He's up in the bedroom with a fever of 98.9. Who's in the kitchen? At 4 in the morning making tea and toast and wiping up the kids vomit. fragile little mama with a fever of a hundred and ten Is anyone surprised? Of course not mothers are like that. I would like the real American woman to stand up. Are we? fragile flowers of the South ostrong indomitable Pioneer Woman's went across this great country and birth their babies and covered wagons and infield and wake up immediately and began shooting Indians. Poorly, I tell you we are we're probably the strongest women in the world. Because we are the daughters. Of women who had survival value whether they came over here and slave ships. or in the Mayflower or in the steerage of those cattle boat coming from Central Europe. Those women with strong or else they died. And we are their children and we have no right. to protest our weakness because we are not weak we are strong. And as far as female intellect is concerned. nowadays when somebody says I've done something particularly well and science my answer to that is that's because I think just like a woman. because every aspect of life Where there is problem solving the one thing that you want to avoid is to have everybody involved in the solution thinking the same way. I believe that women have a different perception of the world than mending. How could we help it? From our social conditioning from our very biology from our cycles that are so much more obvious than the very real male Cycles which they denied. We bleed every month. a remarkable phenomenon where the only animal the human female that bleed every month with impunity and then Rises like the Phoenix. It is not a curse. We produce new life. the little help I don't want to run down the mail the species. I am really not terribly interested in the research is going down to eliminate them from the process on the other hand. I feel like women have a right to be proud of themselves and yet they run themselves down. And the tragedy is that we are taught from the time. We are little girls that every other woman is our competitor in a very curious way. We're all competing for the brass ring. Will the gold ring depending on your point of view? and if she get some items and since there is no other reason for even trying to achieve if you're a woman you see around Washington if you happen to be the wife. Of a senator you can have two heads you get invited everywhere. Has nothing to do with you. You're an instant success because of the man you married. and women know that it's the only way women have been able to move up. What is tamari up with? They haven't been able to do it on the basis of their very real brain and yet the waste is involved doesn't even bear thinking about. In my laboratory when we're solving problems. I want graduate students and postdocs Bellows and Associates. Who liked the Blind Men and the Elephant approach the elephant from every possible different point if we're all feeling the years and we draw the elephant that way we will never find a cure for cancer. the mail establishment run science Thought you might say that's why we haven't got a cure for breast cancer. But it's not as simple as that. The mail establishment that run sons does not even investigate why men die early. As my colleague tell me maybe we'd rather not know. So much for what we do them in persuading them that that weakness in males must never even be confronted. So there is as much damage done in research to men as to women. Women have a perception to bring to bear on problem-solving that we know nothing about. Old as an odd woman like me a few. Who have been involved in some aspects of decision-making? But not very many. We just don't know. A very intelligent young woman just before we came into this lecture hall tonight. Ask me the question. Essentially what are women capable of doing what will happen if we realize that potential in my answer to her was nobody knows we've never tried it. We don't know what kind of a world it could be if 53% of the population were involved in decision-making. We do know one thing that since they've been exposed. It's not a very good world. and for every woman who like the older version of myself cuz I've never been discriminated against. I have only this to say that you cannot separate yourself from your own kind. It's like saying some of my best friends are Jews. That means the rest of Jews are worthless. But some of my friends I'll admit are difference. If somebody says to me these days you're different. That's an insult. Because I can never be different from other women. I am a woman. You can't separate yourself from your own kind no matter how much you may achieve you remain a woman and you are tarred with the same brush of inferiority. And I have told my family that's what I want on my tombstone. Is dear God she tried to be her sister's keeper. Because until women regard each other as sisters. in the strike phrase sisters and until we help each other. We can never help our men. We will ride like an incubus on their shoulders. And no one benefits from the structuring and when Freud raised his hands to heaven and said so wistfully dear God. What does a woman want? There isn't a woman in this audience that couldn't have told the old boy. She wants everything. That's all. She may not get it, but she wants it and that's what a man want. She wants to love and be loved and that's what a man wants. She wants to protect and be protected and that's what a man wants. She wants to lead. And she wants to be less. That's what a man wants. She wants to be weak and she wants to be strong and that's just what a man wants they both poor souls. Just want to be that most contradictory of all living creatures Homo Sapien the thinking one that carry was some in that little black box of the cranium the jeweled Evolution the human cerebral cortex. We don't have the slightest idea what the female cerebral cortex can do nothing. my guess is that amongst us. There must be some jeans. There must be statistically. And those are the Geniuses that are so desperately needed to solve not only scientific problem but sociological problem and until this is recognized that it is in the self-interest of men. To develop female potential because every woman is in some way part of something and when a woman is under paid her husband is on your page. And in this country very soon. All Families will have to have two salaries. Stay alive. And when you underpay a woman of us family who is working for trivial pin money for frosting on the cake, like paying the rent and buying the kids shoes. When you want to pay her her husband has to work that much harder. And a man with complacent about his wife's underwriting an underpayment is a fool. And if he worries when her salary gets close to his or God forbid she might make even more then he's an idiot. Because every penny that she makes is one less Penny. He's got to kill himself or and the problem is not Victory. It is survival. And so in conclusion, I can only say this to you and it's a paraphrase of the famous John Donne quotation. That no woman is an island entire in herself. Every woman's put down diminishes me. Brian part of humankind and therefore my brothers and sisters. Never send to know For Whom the Bell Tolls it always tolls for the thank you.


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