Nobel Conference X The Quest for Peace: Rubem Alves - Diagnosis of a Sickness: The Will to War

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Theologian and philosopher Rubem Alves speaking at Nobel Conference X: The Quest for Peace held at Gustavus Adolphus College. Alves's speech was titled “Diagnosis of a Sickness: The Will to War.”

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Wore like a disease and death is a tragic component of the fabric of life. Ironically what is related to our will to live? Because whenever life is threatened it struggles to destroy that which endangers each. Men's willingness to wage War World War II be seen as an expression of his reverence for life. This is why the concept of the just War has been a tantalizing problem for those who try to solve the riddle of the Human Condition. However, it is easier to equate Warren life abstractly then completely. War never begins because of our reverence for life, but rather as a consequence of our cruelty and Will To Power. War suffering and Death full fuel certain psychic functions for those win flick them. They have a symbolic and the religious significance. Although we cannot explain why the fact is that the suffering and death of someone whom would we Define as our enemy is as is a pleasant experience. The destruction of the enemy has four nations the same ritual function that torture has for the torturer. The suffering of the defeated is the counterpart of the liturgists of victory. Without the humiliating presence of the enemy either actual or possible our Marshal hymns and parades flags and worship of Heroes would be meaningless. Our cruelty has to do with our Will To Power. And our Will To Power is a result of our fear of death. Individuals and nations are destined to die. We all know this. Every human society in East in The Last Resort nanbenda together in face of death. How can I accept calmly defect of mine ft balloon dilation? I cannot. however if by its unlimited power my nation is dashed into eternity. and if I become a United with and absorbed by my nation death apparently loses its final character. Emerge myself with a reality which in Jewelers forever. Nations that has become gods the object of our ultimate concern and loyalty This is why we are always ready to justify the deadly expansion or of our state. It's Display of Power requires a Sacramento function. It tell us about our own eternity and omnipotence. It seems that there is no way of avoiding the horrible conclusion. CS cruelty and War play Such vital psychic functions. We will be unable to create. Peace. We are team trapped in an irrational Regional scene and possessed by a radical evil. And we don't know how nor do we want to free ourselves from this condition? This seems to be an Impossible Dream. however The fact is that men would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had to reach it for the impossible. See what we did with disease and suffering. health and happiness like these are all swing possible dreams. in this case, however The Impossible Dream was the gold which force first man to try the possible reach. From Magic to science mankind has been endlessly involved in the struggle against disease and suffering. What are the results we live longer? We suffer less Nature has become more human and friendly. the irony of our condition is that we did not do anything similar with our visions of the impossible piece. Not satisfied with the warp reducing tensions. Which Belong To The Human Condition we exacerbated and improving them. The disease of our inborn cruelty and of our our Ward impulses was elevated to the status of art of virtue of Science and of institutions. We used our intelligence to eliminate disease in the case of War. However, or until Ingenuity was used to transform it from the condition of human tragedy to the stages of demonic necessity. We invented War producing institutions. indeed the institutions that claim to be the Protectors of bees are in reality the creators of War. This is strange contradiction should not surprise anyone who knows about the ways institution function. Institutions are created in order to solve certain problems. But once firmly organized the solution of the problem becomes secondary and itself perpetuation of the institution becomes the first priority. I'll give you a simple example. suppose that by a miracle disease cease to exist what would happen to Doctors Hospitals in the drug industry? They would have no function to perform that they would would disappear. If they wear to continue in operation, do you have to find ways either of convincing people that sickness is about return or of actually producing disease. This is a contradiction which is built in the very very core of Institutions. The precondition for their perpetuation is the continuation and aggravation of the very problem, which they claim is their purpose to solve. The alleged function of the military establishment is to solve the problem of War. is social reality, however Is that the continuation of war is the precondition for the survival and growth of the military establishment? It is it is it is at this level. The problem of War has to be dealt with. On my thesis, however romantic on YouTube and it makes me sound can be does it stated? Unless we put a halt to the expansion of the military establishment. Unless we abandon our Obsession for security. There is no. Hope of peace. The military power of the wealthy nations of the world is so massive. That it it has no previous president in the history of civilization. It is not by accident that money on the sward are always found together. The Science and Technology of death are possible only when there is a growing economy to support them. The expansion of the war producing institutions is directly related to affluence. and conversely war is good business The symbiotic combination of military institutions in economy and economic growth is what accounts for today's 10th St. Copulation of Power by the war producing institutions. This power has become dominant in all sectors of our civilization. the military establishment maintains a monopoly of information We no longer have the right to know what is going on. Information is an act of Grace and condescension on the part of the military Elite. The wheel to know about the future about the issues which have to do with our life and death has become a crime an act of treason. Our worldview is dust controlled and the emergence of different definitions of reality is prevented critical thought the very Foundation of freedom is made impossible. Do you are producing institutions have also managed to put to put science at their service? War making could never have attained the satanic Dimensions it has today if it were not for science the modern military professional has almost no semblance to his ancestors. His significant others are not the common soldiers. They count very little brother physicist biophysicists sociologist psychologist systems analyst the sophistication of the science of killing the complexity of the situation the rapidity of the decisions. All these elements have nothing to do with the natural inevitability of War. They are a social product creations of our military establishments expressions of our science improve cruelty. This is State of Affairs means that democracy is dead. Military liturgists are Requiem to a dead dream. Democracy what's an ideal which depended on a confidence in the common individual? It knew that whenever power is concentrated in the hands of a few its becomes tyranny and oppression power. Therefore must be related to the wheel of the people democracy knows that life creates order but order does not create life. Social order this must not be imposed from above it has to grow out of life itself. Who would we realistically say that today's society makes any room for the realization of this dream? Obviously not. There are very few things which were steel allowed to decide maybe the color to paint her house the food. We're going to eat or where we will spend our weekend. However, when the problem of the organization of our space and our time is brought up we are reduced to silence the non initiated the non-professional of the science of killing have nothing to say our values and aspirations don't matter at all seen that we live in a pluralistic Road where there is freedom pork for everyone to support whatever values 1 wishes. Yes. We are given freedom to have we being ourselves that that is we cherish not because our society has become free her but because these values make no difference in the world outside. Play Strange bargain. We were given Freedom within at the price of abandoning the world outside to the power Elites verse whenever the values of the people begin to pose a threat to the status quo the military step in overtly in order to preserve democracy. coup d'etat succeed one after after another these are not abnormal incidents in the. Of transition. They are the natural expression of the military logic and military power in the world this If you want to understand the spirit of our times we must forget all the humanistic Reeds that are prepared and signed by Nations and international organizations. Even the economic systems make little difference behind capitalism and communism. We find a common denominator the operations of the military establishments. When our nation's it speak about these it is the voice and logic of the Professionals of War, which is heard. And finally, we must not forget the cosmic dimension of military power today was long time ago. War was a crime against one generation. It was violence against a certain region of the Earth. It was nothing more than an ephemeral explosion of insanity live with triumph over there like the Phoenix and would recreate itself out of the variations of war. The Next Generation would start all over again homes would be rebuilt wounds would be healed and the Earth would be bringing forth its fruit. Again. This is no longer the case. Thanks to the Science and Technology. The next war will be the final crime against life mankind won't be given another another chance. The crime against man piss turned out to be the ultimate Act of revolt against creation and Against The Gods. These are the simple facts with which we have to cope the wealthiest and most enlightened nations of the world have created the most powerful and the most insane order ever known for Universal destruction and death and not for peace and light. Our civilization is possessed by demons. It cannot control madness has becoming body, you know our social order. Why is the State of Affairs imposed Upon Us by Brute Force? Impark. Yes. But this is not the whole truth. We accepted the rule of the military. Because we believe the metaphysics of war that they preach. As Augustine was suggested we distrust The Power of Love. We only believe in the love of power. another words the specs of power which are objectively established in the world. Are nothing more than the embodiment of a metaphysical religious worldview, which is structured around the ultimate value of power and violence. What are the symbols which make up these ideology? first the myth of the enemy it is true that human beings tend to be cruel. I need to be responsible to behave as if it we're not sure. But it is also true that most of our enemies are myths the pathological creation of Mines dominated by fear and the will to power. visitors in the Middle Ages born witches Everyone knows that. few people realize however, that witches were created by certain institutional and psychological mechanisms, then in operation We no longer believe in witches. But the same mechanism already still in operation. witches wear scapegoats The enemy is a scapegoat also. Why do we need to agree a scapegoats? Whenever a society is being corroded by an internal crisis. A tremendous amount of anxiety is produced. United Zion T we feel threatened but we are unable to see where they dangerous. Why is it that we do not see the causes of all of our anxiety? Because it's better not to see. if the roots of the crisis or internal Chaos Springs from Ravine. It becomes obvious that the institutional Arrangements which constitute one's Nation are inadequate. But if this is the case, when's Nation cannot be dashed into eternity. And these is too painful to be accepted. One must not smell the odor of the putrefaction of one's God. But there's no way out. The scapegoat look there. He is the devil which is getting our God. When an Institutional ordered manages to create the myth of the scapegoat people become incapable of seeing the real roots of their anxiety. They are led to believe that the problem is not with Dean but outside and everybody joins hands in a heart yellow to make task of destroying the enemy the dominant power structures regained ground of their legitimation more power has to be given to the military greater violence becomes emotionally needed the scapegoat has to be crucified. second the myth that our nation is the embodiment of Truth and Justice and that whatever lies beyond the limits of its sphere of influence zero. The divisions of division of the world into two camps is not peculiar to our historical moment. regardless of his culture man has always identified his social order with the Divine and whatever lies Beyond its limits with chaos and the demonic when one believes that God Wills in Washington I don't believe that anybody but his dad anymore. anyway When one believes that God dwells in Washington or the devil in Moscow or vice versa? One is simply reenacting a very old script. It would be expected. However. That you lied to meet up today would have developed ways of freeing themselves from these repetitive compulsive Behavior. However, in spite of all the Insight that are available from psychoanalysis to social theory from our historical experience to our religious traditions. We continue to Define World reality on the basis of our presumption and self-righteousness. We assume that the humanity love and responsibility are our Monopoly. We assume that the other cannot be trusted. I was weaned Dodge in these Illusions. We never doubly for free of those Messianic obsessions which require and justify the use of violence our Madness requires that new victims be offered to our Will To Power. Once this worldview is accepted it follows. Naturally that all Transcendent moral points of reference are dissolved. If my nation alone combines power and Justice forever is done for the extension of its power over the world is morally morally necessary. My nation is not subordinated to any moral rule the country. It's victory is the only Criterion of morality. When men act in the name of their Nation Wright seawright news, they don't know anymore limits, but only calculation and expediency. The warship of the nation turns cruelty and lies into patriotic virtues of this state than you idle the cold monster the liar, which will give you everything if you are if you will adore it. Maybe this is the reason why there is never a place for prophets in the shrine of our national heroes are revered. I'm finally if the enemy is evil only by nation is good you want except the acceptable piece is the one which is achieved through our Victory. It's not enough that the state establishes the Monopoly of violence over its territory. The whole world has to accept its domination one has therefore to be stronger than yenammi yenammi falling the same Lodge logic arrived at the same conclusion. This is the rationale which makes the arms race navigable in our civilization. The arms race is implicit and required by the metaphysics of War. These are the basic basic articles of faith of the metaphysics of war in the Middle Ages. Whoever did not believe in the existence of witches was suspected of a witchcraft today likewise. Whoever does not say Amen to the metaphysics of war is suspected of treason. This is the reason of why be on certain doors in our military institutions. Only the most Orthodox fundamentalist are allowed that is those who maintain the divine origin of the military ideology? The ultimate decisions about our life and death. Does this belong to a self-appointed elite thinks and behaves under the bewitchment of its fears myths and Will To Power. This logic is insane. And it's Insanity becomes obvious. Once we begin to probe its implications. the will to death use one of the basic motives of the metaphysics of War as one of its Representatives once put it I am confident. that the majority of the American people with passionately reject did not mean use defeatism and instead Proclaim rather dead than red and of court. If a nation voluntarily come to the conclusion. That it prefers death to tyranny. Then it might be that the only option ahead is collective suicide. I would respect immensely a community which makes this decision. I would look at you with the same reverence with which I look at an individual who brought his own life to an end. What an enormous amount of suffering lies behind this irreversible decision? Neither will be that life becomes unbearable that they're a lot like is the easier path to follow. very often, however The will to die goes together with the will to kill. How many have killed wife and husband children and friends before bringing their own life to an end? how Reverend snow becomes horror Why? If life has seems to be meaningful to one. Do otters have to be killed? This is the insane on demonic. And this is what the metaphysics of war is all about. The logic of retaliation means that they refuse to die alone the enemy made this may destroy me but I will prove my Superior power even as I die by destroying the whole world. Who are we? hostages at Planet which is being hijacked by mad Pirates there so many and whenever the planet follows a course they do not like they put their fingers on the buttons, which will destroy all of us together. Let us imagine that the enemy is going to destroy you. Yes, press the buttons on the Rockets are on their way. Your death is inevitable. What will you do? Will you push the buttons? Supposed to say yes. He's not busy decision of a mad person. We won't be in any way better than snakes and scorpions. What will you accomplish? Whom will you destroy the enemy? Yes. But the elderly people and children pregnant women and lovers butterflies and flowers also. Your crime will not be against your full but I guess the future I guess creation. I guess life against God. Would it not be much nobler to die alone? The future Generations don't want to revive the Victory and downfall of your enemy because Victor's always die. Would remember you integrate it to Dan River drivers. The dye defenseless in order that we could leave for life. Is it stronger than the logic of retaliation and you would refuse to press the buttons. Then why do you make buttons? Is not this all insanity and Madness. The metaphysics of war is based on the belief that peace will be possible only through victory. But the victory is no longer possible. Victory victory and death are two sides of the same reality. Did military logic which says either Victory or death is in reality opting for victory and death? What a strange logic. Like, you know, it's warm silence silently say it's better to live even if defeated than to be Victorious and Dad. What is the purpose of victory? Clinton Victory becomes more important than life then a demonic 4 version has taken place. suppose that nature had given us by mistake an organ of Defense which if ever used would cause our death What would we do? We would rather run than fight. Or better still we would go to a surgeon to have our organ of defense and you dated. If the purpose of defense is life Eric what kills us is not the enemy but rather the very Act of Defense inevitable conclusion is life is better served if we are defenseless. You defeat life can be preserved and where there is light there is hope or so maybe not for my generation but for our children and grandchildren. A live dog is better than a dead lion. Sage the Old Testament philosophy a Victorious Dead Nation will have no one to bury its dead. No one to sing songs to its greatness. If you're lying on the surface of the Earth for putrefaction the vultures in Oblivion. The logic of Victories the logic of death if we went to survive we must become defenseless. But I'm simply repeating something which was said almost 2,000 years ago words that nobody takes seriously. Whoever saves his life will lose it. I know. That many apparently solid arguments could be brought up to prove that my way of thinking rather than that of the military metaphysics is insane the common logical our daily Behavior says that the bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. We should not have banned them something that we already have or something problematic. You know I apocalyptic times. However. This way of thinking is like saying that it's better to have a scorpion in our hands and a snake around their necks then to be naked. Our obsession with defense is more Mortal than the weapons of the enemy. The only realistic military Criterion today, is that war and not your enemy is the enemy. The old wisdom that the path between us said that if you want these get Get Ready for War today a new wisdom is needed. If you do not want war destroy all your weapons. Put the hot in the arms raised to stop the expansion of the military establishment to see a radical no to the metaphysics of War. This might sound like an utopian dream. I agree that we must accept the utopian position. First of all because it is today the only possible way of thinking about politics how the human condition and second because it is it is the only realistic way of serious seriously working for peace today. The powerful call utopian is actually the condition for human survival. How would I express this dream? I found it in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche. One of the most misunderstood men of modern times. and perhaps the great day will come when I people. distinguished by Wars and victories I'm by the highest development of a military order and intelligence. And a custom to make the heaviest sacrifice for these things will explain of its own Freewheel we break the sword. And we only smash its entire military establishment down to its lowest Foundation. rendering oneself an armed when one had been the best armed. Out of a height of feeling that is the means to real. Peace. Which must always rest on a piece of mind? Where is the so-called arm piece? I did not exist exist in all countries. Is the absence of Peace of Mind? One Trust Snyder oneself norwinds neighbor and 1/2 from hatred Heffron fear does not lay down arms rather Terry Dunn hatin parish and why is rather perish than make oneself hated and feared this must someday become the highest neck for every single Commonwealth to thank you very much.


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