Nobel Conference X The Quest for Peace: Baron Stig Ramel - Nationalism and International Peace

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Baron Stig Ramel, CEO of the Nobel Foundation, speaking at Nobel Conference X: The Quest for Peace held at Gustavus Adolphus College. Ramel’s speech was titled “Nationalism and International Peace.”

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throughout human history They have been too great driving and competing forces nationalism and Universalist. Naturalist attempts to realize the people's political cultural and economic conditions within borders. While at the same time keeping an armed watch on others outside these photos. Universalist attempts to obtain common solution for these same ambitions while at the same time providing such solutions to old peoples and Crossing old borders. Both are often militant and they do not hesitate to use Force. to make the world except what they knew is the right and the truth. In doing this they often violate piece. The very piece that is the vision of those nationalism and Universalist. The piece that is the Final Girl. Are you sure the word Universalist as the opposite of nationalist instead of the more commonly used word internationalism? International means between nations and as like I look but it is really an expression for practical and concrete relations between nations. Universities however, extends beyond the limits of waters. It is something beyond the specific Nations. It is super National such it is the real Force opposing nationalism. Today I proposed to discuss whether there is a synthesis between the thesis of Nationalist and it's empty CC's universities. Sentences that can pasta International Peace or to put it in more direct and realistic realistic firms. Help me to survive. Better than the elusive dreams of nationalism and Universalist. Nationalism is as old as mankind if we apply the word to mean that feeling of community of individuals based on geography real language or believes that men have had at all times. This feeling of community has been. Peanuts has often found strength and meaning by being directed against others against Outsiders. This naturalism has had an amazingly vitalizing power when sparing man to lift himself out of darkness in misery. At the same time. Unfortunately nationalism of attempts to force others The Outsiders back to the very Darkness from which their own National Community has just emerged. Just as an individual's old struggle own struggle to be somebody opens the way for self-respect and self-realization. So communities of people have found a way to National attainment into the possibility of a determining their own future through a hard and militant nationalism. the psychological background of this process has very accurately be described by the 19th century French author in Phillips Place of Sorrel in his book reflection of you dance, so it's on violence and by The modern French Algerian Dr. Franzino in Lee in his book limited the letter of the Damned all the world. Human history is filled with suffering caused by this process first that is violence between freedom and then the other Wars in which the newly-won national Independence and power is manifested against other people's or other nations. The history of Europe is in many respects and medical case study of this disease. In history books, it is transformed into heroic tales in reality. It is story of human Slaughter Suites against Jane's parents against Russians Germans against Spanish in Chinese and so on and on by Purity and passion are hidden under the noble slogans of God King and Country. However, we must also recognize the other side of national is the culture and social vitalization that comes from it. For example, I think of the powerful forces released in Norway at the end of the 19th century. At that time Norway in Norway, that was a great movement to attain freedom from the union with Sweden the union that the brilliant also a Nobel Prize winner James Johnson described as 10 packs only focused decedent harder of a boundary or the pack the places that we hate in them. By the way at the Nobel Foundation established in 1900 is the only Survivor of that very Union broken up in 1905. So the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian stoelting is one of the foundations 5 price committees the other four located in Sweden. Destiny Benson didn't break up that Union. the Norwegians choose the price winners for peace and the foundation Facebook price in the economic sense of cross moving back to Norway Norwegian nationalist led to an eruption of cultural forces That gave birth out of a Nation. I'm only 2 million fishermen and Farmers living on a remote edge of Europe to such writers as its name Johnson mathematicians as Abba musicians in Grieg and Painters as Monk. a remarkable record indeed When we look back at the astounding technological and social developments in the West in Europe North America and Japan during the last two centuries many new developments provide an explanation Science and Technology birth control include food production through Land Reform Etc, but it comes the driving force behind all this. Was Nationalist and its power to inspire people self-assertion and self-realization? It was only after the French Revolution that nationalism became a truly articulated philosophy. It was in the small University towns of Germany that had been overrun by the Victorious armies of Napoleon that the philosophy of natural is what shaped. Philosophy that finally killed the Nepean Napoleonic dream of the United Supernatural Europe under a French emperor. Napoleon used the power bayonets by the German philosophers and writers can't haggle fished and selling process the power of ideas. So Napoleon's remanded at Waterloo, but the ideas promulgated of German universities showed a remarkable ability to survive. Today we can hear these very concept and word expressed in Chinese Arabic Spanish saheeli or Russian. We can hear them in Southeast Asia and Africa in Latin America. In Europe industrialists and nationalist March forward together today. We meet them United again in the Revolutions of the Third. Naturalist can be said to have been born on the battlefield. when the people's armies of the French Revolution trust the messiness and of Emperors and kings I told him was finally conquered only when his own Army confronted people's armies of other countries. But natural is represented. Not only. war and violence It was also closely related to the literary School of Romanticism. romanticist with that has lion. violence and romanticism They often combined into the Romanticism of violence. dangerous and faithful ingredient in nationalist we meeting today in the hijacking of airplanes and The Taking of hostages. How weather it gains the background of our own experiences. We must also show understanding. For the role that nationalist place and that it will play to an even greater extent and deliberation process underway in the third world. It is a nationalist that can give a disturbing and frightening impression that can manifest itself in repulsive printers and stupid actions. I would not share give any specific examples you all know them. We meet them in the mass media has in our newspapers in dispatches from Africa Latin America and Asia. But when reading about this cruelties and stupidities, we feel outraged quite right as hell but let us not then forget our own history. Our own list of nationalistic excesses is quite impressive. Let me only remind you what happened in the circus in the middle of civilized Europe. The power of naturalist is able to generate. Can you text the nation internally as well as internationally? He said third world nationalist can be channeled into actions within their own countries can serve as an important piece Factor. in the world Can thereby contribute contribute to abolishing Poverty which is always? threat to peace but if nationalist cannot be can channel in this way, but instead turns into aggression against others, then it can become one of the most serious threats to the future of mankind. Let us now turn to the other Great Falls University. Universalist tends to close itself in the garments of idealist Especially when it appears as internationalist. We like to look upon it. as the bell of the good the true and the just I see the faithful Ally of world peace and promoter of understanding between men. But if we look at it a little closer Universalist has also unfortunately other characteristics. No doubt universities has World Peace at its goal at the pass to this girl is sometimes bordered. sufferings and cruelty that can compare with that of nationalism Universalist aims at the best for mankind That's often at the price of tyranny and concentration of power. The Universities at I speak up Has been carry Falls by the makedonian the Romans. by The Hip Spurs in the Bourbons by Christianity and socialist the Catholic church in the Middle Ages in many respects at that time the inheritor of the Roman Empire And the Marxist teachings in our days. Dude, and stand for forceful admission rate universalism designed to redeem Humanity. Even if they must do so against the will of the redeemed. the German phrase expresses it beast unleashed mango design dinosaur line how to use a more subtle American expression if you ain't with me you are getting me talking about the Catholic Church. Let me be quite clear on this point. I talk or the Catholic Church of the time. long ago when it preached with a sword. Universalist It is to attain its goals must break down some of the men's deepest in things. They desire for freedom and Independence the will to create one's own future. nevertheless the ultimate goal of Universalist dust Avenue does hevenu Pax Romana, the centuries-long Roman peace the Christian Nation of God the socialistic Utopia all offer a shining Vision well with high price. And Mankind certainly has paid a high price. What Pax Romana cost is today impossible to calculate with scientific accuracy, but we certainly had no scientific Innovations estimated that religious wars podcast Mankind 500ml in that modern historians have estimated that the religious wars of the 17th century. cuss the lives of half of Europe's population the religious wars of all time the struggle between socialism and capitalism in all its various forms and between various factions has likely be no less bloody than the walls against which Volta directors his accusations. This then is the negative face of universities turn back to its other face twitch more appealing side. The Miss Mission rate universities whether it be Christian or socialist spaced on a journaling to find Holistic Solutions to the problems of humidity solutions that are overcome differences of language erase that will not run aground or be limited by irrational borders that people have built around himself or a game. How about if we turn to Universalist more down-to-earth? Let's doctor and unobtrusive cousin internationalism that is crap right in between nations. It is not difficult to see that it can offer Solutions of great significance in the world threatened by nuclear warfare during the population explosion energy shortage salvation, and the list can go on and on. International corporation offers the only real possibility to disarm the population bomb before it explodes to bridge the gap between supply and demand for energy and to produce an adequate amount of food. If we have to have a serious change chance of accomplishing this we must also accept an international power structure capable of making and enforcing decisions and this in turn means that we must be willing to give up certain parts of our national serenity. It is necessary. It is necessary. But is it possible? How difficult it is in Brazos where the nations of the European community? So close to each other in all respects. Are advancing in the direction in this Direction only at snail space while at the same time the crisis of our time run wild. Unfortunately at the very time when there is urgent need for increased internationalism, we can see a new wave of nationalism sweeping over the Western Nations. Naturalist must be accepted as an important Ally in the battle for development in the underdeveloped Nations. It must be recognized as a dangerous and negative force in what is running has been called the over developed Nations. Naturalist in the third world in a third world is often healthy and natural. And the rich industrial countries, it can easily assume and almost disease egocentric character. Today there is a strong tendency towards introversion among the rich Nations disturbing nonchalance in relation to problems. Other than those in one's own backyard. International organizations do not have the power and the means to formulate today a truly International Solutions. Should we blame the UN United Nations for not offering the kind of strong leadership the world situation requires? No, I think it would be unfair. Because the United Nations is the mirror of the world. And the world seems not yet ready to accept that kind of leadership. Because we still live in a Fool's Paradise. And yet I have to admit. That I haven't. intense feeling of fear and suspense the feeling you have when you look at the trailer as a thriller on the TV screen. seated comfortably in Durham looking at the unsuspicious hero walking happily into a dock and threatening a Lie la we can switch off the TV. But we can switch off the world. In Western Europe, the European Community finds itself in a serious crisis of confidence at the very same time that it has been enlarged after Decades of effort to bring in other nations as members or Associates so that at long last it includes all of Western Europe. This crisis results from increasing naturalism and an unwillingness to give up short term natural advantages in order to obtain long-term International goals of vital significance for the whole of the community. Evolution against internationalism can also be seen behind the increasing a text on the multinational companies. these companies have carried out the ideas of Universalist. And have created effective economic organizations extending over nation's borders. They have acted as the natural state. And the borders well Mia Shadows. And I have your most successful at penalty to successful. Too often these attacks Against the Machine Nationals are in effect directed against International free-trade the a method they hit free trade. Dementia natural does it have acted in The Very Spirit of free trade? That is an international division of labor. Free trade in my view today is in Greater danger than it has been during the last 30 years. Naturalistic protectionist is threatening to take yoga and it surely will be helped by a general recession aggravated by the oil crisis. Situation calls for dramatic initiatives of the kind the United States government took in the 40s and the 50s using its tremendous International Prestige magnificent energy initiatives. But gave birth to get to alesi and to Iowa City. but unfortunately today it's difficult to discern the sparkle that could give you life. to free trade of course. Cases when multinational companies have used the power that position in a reprehensible manner. And that's certainly all Mountain Naturals that have attained and oil to dominant role in world economy. But it would be extremely damaging to the welfare of the world if the natural states were to try to break up the multinational companies. It would be much better to establish an international code of conduct for multinationals along with means to ensure that the code is really absurd. We must Safeguard the method natural companies systems of international challenging of knowledge in such Fields as science technology marketing and management. The devil of the developing countries would be among those to suffer most if these channels were to be blocked in the future. But the unquestionable for power of multinational companies must become a Power with responsibility. It is interesting to note that two of the last year's Nobel Prize winners. Louis sake and Iva Jabba work for multinational companies a sucky for IBM and General Electrics It's always interesting to note that it's interesting to note how International it's not multinational research has become. Again looking at this year's Nobel prizes will see that all the 12 Prize winners the majority 7 have been citizens of more than one nation during their lifetime. Take physics Jabba. He was born in Norway. And now he is a United States citizen. And medicine from fresh it was born in Austria. But now he is a German citizen Konrad Lorenz born in Austria leave for managers in Germany when we are asking for his nationality is that I'm in Austin German or I mean a German Austrian we had to force him to really to decide between them and finally he came down on the western side. tinbergen of the Dutchman is brother got the price in the Nobel prize in economics. That's now Visa united king subject United Kingdom subject. Take literature. Patek watch he has been British for some years and now he's proud of being an Australian. to take peace doctor kissing a born in Germany and now very much an American citizen. And last but not least. Born in Saint Petersburg. He told me his first memories were so of the funeral of. Yeah. so Lenin Lenin addressing the people workers Outside The Winter Palace Yeah live through the revolution. He spent some months. I think in in the presence of of Stalin. He escaped to Germany. He got his education in Berlin and he came to United States. And is now an American citizen. I think all this is truly in the spirit of Alfred Nobel was born in Sweden raised in Russia. Who created his multinational business Empire from headquarters in France? Constantly traveling around the world. I think without holding a passport. and finally who died in Italy? 250 science and business among the most vigorous International if not Universal forces of the world of today as was the case at the time of Alfred Nobel. Is the president ladies and gentlemen, I have attempted to point out some of the more the positive and the negative sides of naturalist Andover Universalist internationalist. That's we see they have. as the Roman God Janus two faces The conclusion that we can draw can be presented in the form of a bank of a balance sheet. Which would like look like the following? Under naturalist assets are listed as the ability to mobilize forces development. Can stimulate a natural culture and create natural self respect? It develops a feeling of self-determination. Naturalist liabilities include aggression against others narrow policies short-sighted solutions to problems. You can create an attitude of a what's good for us is good for the world. if Callie to anti-intellectualism under universities internationalist assets include the desire to find retinol Holistic Solutions It can open the way towards possibilities of human survival. It looks at man regardless of race race language or religion. On the liability side universalism internationalism can appear pale and anemic. Having no root in the primary instincts a man. It means remote control and does not provide for the feeling of participation in influencing decisions. When we study the balance sheet, we find that the negative and positive aspects the assets and liabilities. balance quite evenly they create a stalemate out of nationalism thesis and the antithesis of Universalist internationalist. The question arises is the new possible sentences. And that's total internationalism that combines the best qualities of the two opposing forces. I believe that the question can be answered in the affirmative. I believe it's necessary if we want our civilization to survive. It's important. It's important. I believe to preserve the sense of community graphically Define Nation provides the community of people who share the same language language in the widest sense. The community that is not only one for the present but has its roots in the past? A people without history is like a man who has suffered a loss of memory. It is incomplete. This sense of belonging to a community is important to Artistic and cultural creativity. Alexander solzhenitsyn You refuses to leave the Soviet Union for his fears being cut off from the Russia he loves and without which he would lose his identity as an artist and a human being. Without for must preserve our national States. However, it should not be taken for granted that the highly centralized natural States trading the 19th century will always remain the best possible natural States or communities. Amana Parts, the all cultural and linguistic minorities that should be offered a wider scope of self-determination. In Western Europe, we notice increasing interest in ancient communities. That preceded the present natural States Scotland Wales written are Friesland Flanders Bavaria the Faroe Islands, Sicily Etc received in certain regions of Spain and even in Sweden. This interest is perhaps spurred by romantic emotions. But this does not lessen its protons. As far as Eastern Europe is concerned we can only imagine what occurs that in this regard. In this way. Ancient desires and loyalties of vitalized buy a new interest in decentralization and local influence. In many places the present natural States could very well benefit from the vitalization that create local self-timer termination can provide to society and people it might bring citizens closer to the decision-making process and thus reduce the serious threat to democracy post by the increasing remoteness of politicians and a synthesis of that voters. How many examples of this? For supper we can look at the last elections in Denmark. that shocked I would of Scandinavia. But it was very much the mirror. Although the situation in one of the safest democracies in the world. today both in United States and Europe That is very strong and growing interest in reducing central control and bringing the station making closer to local administrative and legislative legislative bodies. This is a very important movement and its power should be utilized constructively for the future. It is interesting to note how modern the ideas of the founding fathers of the United States in this respect the law as we approach the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. While bringing the decision-making process closer to the individuals that are all the same time many vital problems. That must must be bright brought up to a higher International level security questions the military and foreign policy expect monetary problems Economic Policy Pollution Control energy in food to name, but a few all this must be discussed and viewed in long-range International perspectives and not only as a local issue. We are here facing International problems that must be solved internationally on a global scale. The nation-state traded in the 19th century does not offer the proper form for solving these problems of the twenties in the 21st century. does internationalist besides towards Universalist to view Humanity as a whole without regard to race language religion must be interwoven with the roots of the past reaching back to the Villages and to the man's feeling of community with his neighbors. this synthesis is perhaps. Autopia. The belief that men can combine the lofty ideals of global international is with plane down-to-earth nationalist. General Charles de Gaulle cold for typically Europe of the Sutherlands What We should strive for is a world community of Providence It is perhaps a dream. Shoot with yolk in dream, but are not necessary. If we are to have the strength to believe in tomorrow in our quest for survival. The Nobel foundation and the Nobel prizes are in that way. an example of how that dream can come alive the multinational Scientist and businessman stipulated that the prices should be given and here I wrote his last will. to those at the price should be given to those who have Comfort the greatest benefit on mankind without consideration of nationality He gave to the old scientific literature literary and political institutions of Sweden and Norway the great task of selecting the laureates. Thus firmly rooted in Scandinavia. The prices have come to play it considerably to Natural serving as a constant reminder of the international nature of science and the Arts. Is the president ladies and gentlemen conferences of Gustavus Adolphus College or deeply animated by The Same Spirit? It is a great honor and pleasure in D. To have the privilege to address you today to participate in this conference. Thank you.


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