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As part of KCCM's Home for the Weekend series, this program examines the American family, with a focus on children, their thoughts, and plans. Also includes musical segments.

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Call display. Welcome to home for the weekend. I'm an Chelson. Today's program is about children playing grown-up telling stories and talking about the things that are important to us. There will be some songs from the album free to be you and me. Where the children are free? Play with me come with me. YouTube I see the time has come in when will Hines and Hines take my house. evereve weather Hi, baby. What do you think? I am a loaf of bread could be. Why don't I don't I don't want to fight about it. What are you scared? What's a to switch me? Don't just pull up a baby. I don't know nothing yet. You think you're a girl? I don't know. I might be I think I am I never been anything before I beat small dainty. Yep. Yep. I'm a girl. That's it girl time, please. I think I am. I don't feel like a boy dancer Yourself by what do I look like your bald fellow? So so why are bald girl? Yeah, maybe you're a boy and a girl exactly and you know, why because everyone is born with a clean shave. It's just a girl keep their boys don't I can't wait until tomorrow morning. I am I'm terrified of them. I hate them squeak-squeak-squeak. How about you? And I'm the girl I guess so I am a girl and you're a boy sure looks like cover was that mean I should I know I'm only a baby. Sympathy or hold? 780 you're pretty close friends yourselves that mean you're a pretty you get along with each other really pretty well. Four Sisters. Yeah, sometimes we fight a lot but some other times we play good together and stuff you like playing lots of games like Parcheesi and bingo in Monopoly. We always yeah. Yeah, we play games and staff play we pretend like what you want to be when you grow up then we pretend it. That's what we are, you know, and then like a secretary when we have somebody else to play one of us is a boss when it was the secretary and another person comes in and they tell us that we have to make up some kind of a slogan for some product. And then the secretary of the type it up and stuff and make notes on it. Who's the secretary in who's the Boss? And so a lot of times the games you play are are pretend games of what you're going to do when you grow up. Like whatever college and stuff like that. We live in the dorm. Replay that too, but not too off and we play stuff like that. Everyone we have three people and what would you like to do when you grow up if you thought about that and so I'm not really sure yet. I want to be a singer doctor. Yeah, that's what I was thinking about being a singer and a dancer cuz I think I'm pretty good at that cuz me and Beth always have shows and we danced and sing to the song and we had a group called. What's it called Angel angels and see our friend comes. Glendora cuz her name and luckily. I'm the star of our records. The one our group The Angels dances to the most is the Helen Reddy one and we made up some dances but they hardly have any actions in him. But Beth does most of the action center because she's in front and we're in the back, you know. Right align, that's what we usually do. This song that we started out with was. I am woman with Helen Reddy. And then since it was second on the record, we had peaceful too and the others we haven't really made up dance to So you're really worried about about what you going to do when you get older. I mean, it's just something you think about sometimes or do you worry about it at times like an School? Mrs. Traeger the teacher that we had she said that we should study on what we want to be when we grow up and we had to think about this alot and finally me and Linda and Carlene another friend of ours. We all decided that we'd study on secretaries cuz that's fun. And we had a whole bunch of stuff like that. We had we each made up a poem or Yap home and we wrote it in shorthand. And we told the secretaries doing we went to the school secretary asked her a whole bunch of questions and stuff like that. You think about it much better? Not really sometimes I wonder how I'm going to get my way. I'm going to go my way into being that cuz I don't know where to go or what to do. You have a lot of time though. I think about those things don't just so it's and you change a lot. I mean, you might meet somebody that would show your you might be in a situation where you'd see some kind of work that it's really interesting you do you have do you have people that you look up to now is kind of models of what do you like to be like when you grow up? So I don't really but we have some favorite singers that we like. That's what I want to be mostly a singer and we have some favorite singers. And who's your who's your favorite band? my favorite singer Do you think that grown-ups understand children? Pretty much are there some things that they don't understand about children? some people like say that they like it and ask little kids you're not really little but the third and fourth graders and in the first and second graders spent no younger than that and stuff. We've been starting to take after the high school kids and stuff of how they talk like, they say big in out of sight and some of the grownups really don't like us talking like that. You don't think you misunderstood. Hey, baby, will you be my sister? Will you wear trousers twice as long as I don't care if I'm pretty at all? Jim never gets home. I like what I like and you don't have to change. Hey when we grow up when I've been lady who will you didn't engineer? I have to wear things like perfume and gloves. I can still go to whistle while you still here. Why don't care if I'm pretty and I don't care if you never get to I like what I look like. You're nice small. We don't have to change. When I grow up. And do what I like to do. Like making noise making faces and making friends like you. I'm still like you and you still like me. But we don't have to change a tire. I want to change see cuz I still want to be your friend forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Now we here kids play grown up with in Nokomis daycare center in Fargo. That we got to go shopping today. Where's my puppet puppet puppet? I am the mother, too. It's a Krispy Kreme. My goodness was find some shoes. Sarah I'm a chopper Chopper. But I will not their father. I'm a vampire. Can you suggest she's all ready for shopping videos? baby isn't over close But she has some clothes she has her legs. the first name go to the store. We're going to the store. I need to buy hear you want that from the store. How much is going to cost plus can you pay me the money? pay me the money you owe the money to Harold Harold, you know, what's my baby name? Shall we go over to another? So you better come up and tell me what you want. puppet puppet with a dog songs I can save it. Hi, how are you today? I'm Oscar your Oscar. Is that your name? Yeah. Thank you for that chick. That was a nice one. Do you want to pay me for the puppet? How much would you like to pay me? Hey snake. Okay, that's fine. I got to you got to or is that your purse everything in that? She did and she's the daddy. Scooby-Doo daddy, okay. Pokemon go buy candy I want a blue and a red one. Queen you're so good. Is that taste good? Is that cherry this your baby like it? What you want? 1 Schwan's Orange Show tankers store. Did you just buy your shoes at the store? What color are they? Queen on the mother My baby's mom is in bed already. What is a daddy vampire do? Does a daddy vampire do? Good night story. Good night story. chicken sleeping new season of My Babysitter's play Beastie, what are little dogs? baby sleeps in there Delaware Kitty bed Give me Siri. Can I see that book for a minute? Can you hear baby's name and you want to read the story to her? Let's get to her, baby. My baby goes to take her clothes off cuz these are dirty going to go to bed. Did you make me some coffee? Show me some people Meet Me Online. You going to have tea with me to why don't you pour yourself some tea, too? electricity sore Egg Baby videos for the baby's. Well, here's one you want to hold the baby. What are you cooking in, baby? vampires like baby to eat how to set face very good Did you have some? She has a mark on her leg. cheese build yours She spelled yours, but she spilled your coffee and be a little girl. You can be shamis in my little girl Jami. Are you going to be my mommy? What's the time that I was a little boy and a girl the girl with the bad mother? We Want the Funk song Send anywhere told me to the mother. Can the mother having trouble? Who was the little boy and a girl? Terry Forster girl fancy What did you do to the little children from the bed some too bad cut them know there's a baby. Yes, that's him. That's a baby once upon a time. I was a little little girls sleeping. free shipping go to the watch fasting. He's not laughing laughing. furiated again We are about fire. I'm going I think I want some more coffee. Okay? So we can get some water and give our baby a bath. when hanging a baby that water my baby in it. Hey and wash your hair. Hang in there, baby. Elijah hair holding a baby we have to dress up the dime or All your dollies get out of there. conditioner conditioner Fair version I'm going to wear those things dry ice. conditioner Groceries at watch get a look-see. Go go away. washing her hair Elsa towel kids conditioner chicken Broadmoor, Washington baby Diesel drive isn't our clothes and put them on. The kids of the happytime children center in Fargo talk about what the world would be like without grown ups. 71a hold this and then just say something. What did you have to do it? That's not like. Billy get over here. Don Henley songs I seen you have pictures of lions up here. Cuz I gave you like an idea. Do you think you could tell story about it? Okay, Julie her up. Could you tell me a story about a lion who couldn't Roar? Let's party time is the zoo and there is five Lions five kangaroos five zebras and five of every other animal and one day of Boykin to zoo and he saw the ones and they were all right, except one this one little line back in the corner of the cage could more and a little boy went over to the corner of the cage and he said Little Lion, why won't you roar and a little line went to another corner of the cage? So the little boy who went home that night and he had a dream about the lion-headed reason to lie with his and lion cub Roar. He could make a sound of every animal. So the next day when he woke up, he got dressed and his breakfast and went to the zoo, but there's it was closed. So he played on the playground for a while and then he went and saw the animals 3 to 1 to see the kangaroos. Anyone to see all the other animals and then he went to sea lions and there was that little line back in the corner and he went over to a little line and said little liar in why don't you run in a little I went to another corner of the cage again, like it done before and this time the little boy went to the other corner of the cage and he chased the light all around kid and finally line begin to Roar so loud and he could make a noise of every other animal he can make a noise like a pig he can make him noise like any other animal is a horse and a cow. He can make a noise like a cat and a dog and that little boy became famous when you grow up and he was a tiger Math Master. He had a circus and he but all the rides and all the other animals. Turn other sounds like if there's dog that couldn't bark he taught that dog to bark and that dog could do any other song with the boy wanted him to do. That's the end of the story you just made up. That's pretty quick. Do you think that children? And grown-ups think the same no different. Do you think that makes a difference just because they're bigger? Give me think of running away from home. I don't know a long ways away Billy and I were out play with myself and the youngest daughter and we we made a tent and we pretended we ran away. Where was it some place in another country? Long time. Did you have to carry all your groceries with you and stuff? Who attended she went into the rich people's houses. Food or what kinds of things would make you want to run away from home? Well when you get mad. well Like when your friends don't want to play with you I get mad and you can pay for something when you didn't what you didn't do what you Kelly what make you want to run away from home. Other things that your mom and dad make you do that you would want to do. What would you do if you could stay out all night? friendliest basketball win I like there is no grown ups in the world. Are all switches that are no grown-ups tomorrow. Sometimes I don't sometimes I'm glad that there's older people. What do you think the world would be like if there were no grown ups in it, but would you how would you run the world if there are no grown ups? videos of people buying things free Don't make any money that way you can clean up your kids. Don't know how to run. Give me and jelly with girls giants still on the phone with her when she didn't take no stuff. I do that can ruin it. Do it like doing Gwen Gwen said I'm going to drink go to go in and do it to go to school and still be put in jail for stealing. They play with them girls that are 14 and 15 go to school kid three-year-old went to school for three years and he taught school all of them love the ones that you can do that. Can I just throw out the window? Scary Chris everybody else found? Superman made this is not too long didn't say we could go but maybe we get to go to the park tonight when we get home. Maybe get there by yourself. Do you know what that's too bad? They don't have too bad. They don't they don't allow kids on Silver. I don't know you just don't care cuz cuz she's got hit sand hopper in the face with a big rock and she got down there and see. Enchanted Arlington Prince is the principal Scottsdale can Secret Rings? mommy's all people people with children like some of you Dim bedroom and now monkeys open women with children busy with children and things that they do there are a lot of things. out of mommy's can The Mummy the ranchers for poetry makers hot doctors and teachers boxing on TV or Daddy's Daddy's are people People with two friends when daddy's will be boys like something but then they and now that he's a man. man with children and things that they do there are a lot of a lot of at least Some daddy's alright hers grocery sellers or painters for welders or funny joke tellers some daddy's play cello for sale under sea get batteries can be almost anything. They want to be a campy grandma or my parents are people that used to be king. Like all of you and they apparently from the busy with children and things that they do a lot of the Red Scare. Don't brush up Catherine an apron just cuz he's learning to bake. Don't put your horse in that nightgown. Just cuz he can't stay awake. Don't rest your snake and a muumuu just cuz he's off on the cruise don't stress your way Linda lashes if she really prefers over to a person should wear what he wants to and not just what other folks say a person should do what she likes to a person's a person that way. Everything about single bells jingle bells jingle all the way up and play jingle bell. Jingle bell. Jingle bell. Jingle bell jingle all the way. Earlier in the program. You heard me and my sister back now. We're going to hear from Anna and Maria I'll drink. I hear you have a story about the Watergate. Can you tell it to me? I have to go to jail. I know when you play what do you like to do the best? Play Cinderella. survive Do you ever play with boys? ice cream Meyer and David in it What is 5 what are you doing? You play with boys kind of games you play that they were rich people really rich, but I didn't spend much money cuz I want to keep it and she'll out to Rich. How come you didn't spend any money? Where is God's free things at stores? Don't you play sometimes by for calling me? Yeah, how do you play spies behind the bush play Spotify study whenever we all the one Eric and get them all tied up. Lenny and he's going to take a bath and get cleaned up and everything. You said your dog was going to talk to me? What does he have to say? And how about your doll? She was going to talk to what does she talk about when she talks to you? Is she a bride? I didn't realize that she doesn't really. What did she say when she talks to? What did she talk about? Prank your friends always keep it a secret. Maria what are the things you like to do the best read and play Don Dolls? What are donned all about 6 and 1/2 in tall and her friends are there which is a black girl Jessica with short hair and you have black hair and Gloria. What's a reddish brown hair with blonde hair blue eyes in the Sun by Passion. Hina mistakes, like Barbie dolls only smaller shows and cars and purses for them and everything. And I am building twinkle twinkle star City wrapping in the night sky is swinger biscuit a bunny rabbit. peachy keen Moonbeam dream fuchsia flash All That Glitters Singing in the Rain big bubble song Sonic to me What's up, clatter blue pool? dinner date undercover girls that Dale Cannery Cain rapper What do you have characters for them? My friend and I were playing. They were queens and their mother had died and so my job because we came Queen that's where we ended that we got to plan a ball like whatever we wanted. Will you go to school lunch Murray. Grand 5th grade D. I went to summer school this year what class are snitches habits in the habitants, and we went to Gooseberry Mound finally to Millie frock an internet connection to the server landform type and then you know garbage the puzzle thing and then then we started at the insect collection and Clara the cat caught me a big. Mayfly about 6 7 in long is to long hair things and antenna. And then he called him a fly and then we've finished up those see when I went with Mom downtown at Honda Day's Night June bug and I live collection which we had this big machine is to wax paper soda, and that one side and one side that melted to get the leaves together and Dad type of things up some about them. So I have a big book of them now and then we said Iraq election. I got like smoky quartz gold or rose quartz as being a little polite or something. an iPhone on my sandbox and a green fly. Can I survive on from Maria bugs? Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you look at the world so high like a diamond in the sky. I want to know what you like. in Toledo Can you dip it in the paint down there? Wait, but we can't get that in the yellow now. How can you control the circle in the yellow? Spanish Descent of them newspapers Well, son, you have to wait. You don't have a painter. You have to wait till one of these kids are finished. I'm done with this. yellow The story of the yellow cake. Okay, that's fine. awesome I need rats. at night at Jennifer 1 Can I have my yellow fast again? Can I have yellow again? Jill told Bill that it was lots of fun to cook Bill told Jill that she could base a real fish look so they make gooey gooey chocolate cakes, and they and they sacked by the river in the water when they talk they are we going to be wiggling singing. A friend like you having fun glad to have a friend like you. Pearl told Earl that they could do like secret code told Pearl milk and sugar rain in Ayden singing Glad to have a friend like you skipping. Glad to have a friend like you and glad you jizz. Peg Leg out of chairs Greg told pig sometimes he still hump teddy bears. So they speak in the living room and the bears with a girls and boys and baby with the astronauts who lived on the moon. Glad to have a friend like you. Friend like you and glad to just be glad to just be glad to just be. Thank you for being with us on home for the weekend next week. We'll be talking about relationships. Get rid of. Hernan today's programs were kids from the Nokomis Nokomis. Take care center and the happytime children center Anna Maria. I'll drink and she bailed Mel Brooks Marlo Thomas Diana Ross Billy de Wolfe sisters and sisters and brothers home for the weekend was produced by Marsha Oliver and Bill seem right and Engineering by Steven terhaar funds for this program. We were provided by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Lutheran Brotherhood fraternal Insurance Society. I'm Angie Elson. Goodbye.


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