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As part of KCCM's Home for the Weekend series, this program examines one's use of time, particularly what we do with our leisure. Various interviews and discussions of what this downtime is used for.

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Call Dad cell. Welcome home for the weekend. Time to visit with our neighbors to relax and talk of things. We never get around to during the week. But which affect our lives none-the-less weekends are almost any time when we're not at work. Also, give us a chance to enjoy leisure time and just to do fun things like taking a tour on its wing. funny That a lot of fun. What kinds of things are fun for you? and I How do you like this? Pizza Hut What kinds of things do you like to do with your time? How do you like to spend your time? And having friends and playing coloring what kinds of things do you like to do with your time? Buy candy candy candy. I'm the snake peanut butter cups. I like suckers headed to. What do you like doing with your time? What kind of games do you like playing most? trouble Pick Up Stix I like to go swimming and I can't go to the park to get some times. I take out my time put side. I take out my time. When I display of Christian and a good time to talk about your most of us get a chance to take a vacation. I'm Marsha Elle Varner along with Bill Sebring will be talking with several people about how they use their leisure time. It's been a remarkable conservation of time recently. It may take 5 hours to drive to Twin Cities. For example about a person can fly there in the time it takes to listen to this program. They're all sorts of labor-saving devices in the kitchen around the home. So we save a lot of time but what for that's the question we're going to be talking about today. We save it. But how do we spend it? And why do we spend it in certain ways martial you talked with a number of businesses in the area that specialize in Recreation and Leisure Time activities. How's business business is improving to put it? Mildly. I talked with a couple people who run sporting goods stores and their increases annually run from 20% to 50% will in campers. There's a a big increase of 20% each year in sales, but camper accessories have increased from 200 to 400% a year, which is really huge on boats. I found the a local boating store has an increase of 100% each year while some brands of Motors that they could have been selling have been sold out since January to find out the nature of the pleasure that some people get from Leisure we talked with some people who were both spending time and money on their applications at the Red River Valley Fair. We're ready to go in the first heat Trace Elliot from the number to stop cops from Fargo with an Oldsmobile number 6 will be paid Henry from Morehead with a Pontiac 97. Your name is Daryl, Macon. And have some fun. I don't like to see him get hurt or anyting. We were here at May Day and we had a little rougher Derby than we had last year at the fairgrounds. When we had a real good one last year at the fair and despair. I think those two plays for the young boys to realize their driving skills. And when they're out on the road, they realize what's going to happen to them when they're on the road and I think that's today is for a lot of our younger drivers Heaven that don't have this experience don't realize just what can happen with a car when they get here. I know my voice says that he's learned the real lot from driving out here. And I don't know how long you'll keep it up, but he sure interested in it. So U of U demolition derbies is an educational experience. I got in with the Demolition with my boy because he was interested in it. What is the particular pleasure you get out of demolition derbies. Well, I like to build equipment when that's when we find weak spots in it and I'm finding on different cars were their weak points are when they get him and I think today I could take one of these cars and my boy tool and we can build it so that it could be hip. And I don't think anybody to get hurt in them. There's a difference in the undercarriage and all of them we found out of the two different ones that we've drilled. The Cadillac is hasn't got the frame that are Buicks who got for demolition cars were protected. They hit the driver's door. They disqualify the other driver and it makes these kids thing quick when they see it coming their reactions show up them. You erase yourself? No, I don't I will drive tonight if we get two of them end of the feature you have you spell you can spend a lot of time with racing is a hobby. And why did you happen to choose racing? Well, I've been more or less mechanically fine. That's all I've ever done and I started when I was 8 years old working put Motors in trucks and cars and different things and I tried to educate my boys. I've got all boys try to educate them to take care of their equipment and I think because of the to loyola's boys have learned quite a bit about it and let him go. Like the parking lot number 10 got a spelling shot in there still running. So it's a chance to to do the some of the kinds of things you like to do on the on the freeway, but can I would like to do on the freeway because it's not a controlled environment like this is you can only go so fast here and you news rules on how you can see in this, you know, you're going to get hit in your ready for it and you got a few safety devices in there that you know protect you while you're doing it. Write me to update. Is it pretty scary? No, it's kind of exciting. It's not scary. It's pretty rare that anybody ever gets hurt. What other what other ways you have a spending your leisure time? I fly helicopter in the Air Force right now and I erased my spent the last couple of Summers driving stock cars in the Grand Forks in Glyndon area. And now I'm flying like a drone flying for the Air Force. Did I give you a vet? That's your main job, but that gives you a lot of pleasure to ensure that is not flying isn't really fantastic experience. You know, you know, everything is right by the regulations when you fly in this is one time when you go out and just throw the regulations away and you're doing that something like this. Especially in the Air Force you've got a lot of Regulation. So you think that increases your desire to to throw things aside like that. I'm pretty hazardous occupation. If you don't do things the way they're supposed to be done. If you don't take the right to safety precautions and in flying, it's probably the most regulated occupation could ever get into because there's just there's no way I can make a mistake in the air and you know and get away with it without hurting yourself or somebody else. So I don't think it makes me want to get out and break the regulations or Sunday. Just let it all hang out. I just it's just a lot of fun to do this. That's probably why I'm doing it. You say that? Reid racing and driving are your are your main application to main hobby? I kind of got it in love it. I kind of got it in my system from there and now he's helps me when I want to raise him helps me build it and then and I just drive it back. I should talk to you to your Larry's Dad. How many years have you raced? Well since I was Been around races at 14 years old. So it could you describe the pleasure that you get from it. Well, it's kind of hard to describe. Complete thrill isn't it something that you really enjoy? all through life I've raised since I was a kid I enjoy a race and being around racing. they're just It's got I guess it's got to be in your blood to enjoy it. But I've enjoyed every minute of it. Is it the sum of the excitement the unknown that you each time is fresh experience another man. I'm a mechanic as well as a race driver. I like to build as well as race them and you like to the challenge to build a car better than the next guy and then be able to drive it better than the next guy. So it's like you're competing with a couple of different things that make life interesting. And what does make life interesting for you. What are you working for? well probably like 90% of the people a paycheck and a meal that's about all you get out of life. Three Square meals and a paycheck Other than that you don't count on nothing. Really. Other than trying to enjoy it but little bit of get a little bit of enjoyment out of life. And racing is one of the enjoyments for you. Guess I'd say that your principal Hobby and might say well I like it all fishing hunting. 100 season comes around I'm ready for hunting fishing season around I'm ready for fishing. Racing season here if I got something to a mess with I enjoyed. being around race track sounds like you have quite a lot more than the paycheck in the mail without the paycheck. You don't get the meal so paycheck and Mila's first. You got to put the bread on the table before you can start to enjoy anything. If you don't make that pay check the meal don't go on the table. So that's the first thing that you got to start with him. Before you start enjoying life. And I put a lot of money in and race cars. Never really neglected neglected my family. Doing it. I've had to work two jobs in order to does support a family and race car, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Must mean a lot to you then too. Cuz you've sacrificed a lot if you want something bad enough. I never was the type to have something to give to me or handed down. Don Ho some Iration back east and but NASCAR built one for him and he run Grand Forks Blendon what time they run down South Fargo around down there. I had a gas station besides. maybe also wake up the car go on and race the same time. Thank you very much. What is the attraction that you find in racing the speed? all the money the thrills and all deal plus I guess it's just all around kicks for for everybody. Everybody gets her kicks out of racing. Everybody gets a kick out of watching racing and I don't know what it's just all-around fun. If it's it's a super hobby. It's really good. I think everybody should get into it. And what you you spent a lot of time on it? Like she I don't like I'd like to get in the race around here. But I know I just haven't got the time and stuff to take and sit down and build me a Habib drag strip cars is my is my hobby. I like to build them and racing that's just a straight down run trying to get your fastest time and Don't doing about a hundred and thirty hundred and forty miles an hour down. The street is my my kicks. I'm a Killa but I love it. Is that part of the attention the fact that you may get killed? But you can merely say that y'all because you taking your chances right there, but I mean I'm watching for myself so I don't and that's about it. I do know how did you just check your car over and stuff to make sure that your your tires are good and stuff going on. So you just don't you take precautions actually so you don't really wreck your car or yourself cuz it does you do get some super Aldi's. Is it is it the danger that the best nature than let me know? That's that's what it is. Actually it is a real freak. I'll do anything for for a thrill actually except for like jumping off a building something where I might break a bone, but I mean in a car going at fast speeds there's a dentist is dangerous and that's just that's just me. I guess I wasn't raised that way. But I mean I was brought up in the atmosphere. Where are all my friends erased and I got in a racing and stuff all my friends race motorcycles and cars and that's my kicks right there. Just going out and seeing those who can do better than who and that's it is you have any kind of long-range goals for your life or anyting? Yeah. I want to I want to raise National bracket and if I can if I could I'd love to get into racing Indy cars. That's my main hobby right there is trying to get in. Racing Indy cars and if I can't do that while then I'll run National bracket on the drag strip where I can run about a 9 second run down and down a drag strip and make me some money and get my name around United States. That's what I could that's what I really enjoy. Don't walk away wife. They all say work hard boy you find one day you'll have a job like mine or nobody should be that. Say yes to say so say so you say so. Hawaii eyes Uber ride Of course, there is more to life than work some work to play others find that they must work so hard that they have little energy or time left for leisure and still others simply enjoy their work so much that they feel they have little use for for leisure activities people spend their Leisure Time has been studied by some people. One of them is dr. Alexander Reed Martin who's the former chairman of the American Psychiatric committee on Leisure Time and its uses. Dr. Martin has been quoted in the National Observer as saying that the salon obsession with the work ethic in this country has become the national neurosis and he's saying in essence that we don't know how to relax anymore. Dr. Martin of the New York psychiatrist earlier. Let's hear that conversation now. Hello. Your Martin. Are you ready? Okay. And and I think that this takes away the whole emphasis from relaxation because of using our free time and we have to be able to both make efforts our own efforts and we have to also be able to use our capacity to relax. And unfortunately because of the work as a candy the great demands upon children to hurry up and get busy and do something pretty early childhood and I do sarhos capacity to relax. And there's not enough. So I take that they over emphasis upon do it is well taken here. We are doing too much under demand under the work ethic and to produce than the gross national product is the first thing they quote, you know, what the country do it know that I think this is just completely wrong. I think that we have to see this not only are what we do in our free time at all. Are we are being being being relaxed being natural being ourselves? Dartmouth early childhood and the child wants to swing on the gate and somebody comes along and says, what are you doing? Can't you find something to do? And in this way very early, we've lost are we even have a natural capacity to relax? So your other question. Are we working too hard and relaxing that's not a question. The question should be what I believe that when the American Psychiatric committee on leisure time did a study they found that when people had Leisure Time that is when they were done with their work many of them took second jobs. Why are people working so hard? Why don't they want time? That's just free and open. And so many people feel guilty. Just to swing on the gator to line the grass and stare up at the clouds, Georgia Line Bahamas the too many people feel guilty. They ought to be aught emphasis on the author ought to be up and do it. And that gave rise to Ogden Nash has celebrated statements as what we suffer from too much or she says we suffer of hardening of the arteries. And I think that's well taken because there's too much tyranny of the shoulds what we should do and it not enough emphasis upon what we want to do. Do you feel that people should be relaxing? Relaxing is a natural capacity is an inborn capacity that very early in life has been inhibited and I think what are we question the other question. To relax a week and this is a natural thing. And to put it another way to BBC. Biological cycle is Everton relaxation or as the the man-made cycle is working idleness. Now we've got to get away when you got to go to this teachers or what do we get what we found out that were victims of of the work ethic for victims of marketplace philosophy of blood to complete distortion. complement each other title to some relaxation to work in order to get it as people have learned the work ethic as you suggested something that we learned from the time or very small can people learn how to relax. My point is that we have a natural capacity to relax. We have to unlearn a lot of the things that are going on you understand. Early in life which are the children have been repressed and it pushed down if it don't get up and do some can't you find something to do because when the child is relaxer when you and I are relax, that's when we're receptive. This is a rebellion against work. Relaxation is it is a compliment to effort when we're relaxed so much and I think that's why you're such a hungry country. Olympic system husband What he needs relaxation. When you are relaxed when you're lying in the hammock and really relaxed you're taking in your receptive to what's going on inside you real receptive to watch out your your sense organs are operating on your yard. baby difference between relaxation happy receptive individual What you should do should do when you have spare time that's usually means that it's open, but you have to make the decisions about how to fill that. Decide how you're going to use it. Can you call free time your own? Ferdinand Isabel Wright Life liberty, I mean Freedom sources. But these are centipede with very very early in life. I mean when they say what should a person do, you know, he's doing people of you to write prescription. What should I do doctor in my in my spare time? And I don't know what to do. Can you give me an idea what you're saying? Don't ask me to think just tell me what to do. Amanda I think that's one of the things that are curiosity I've kept too many retired. I said, what are you curious about my Friday don't have much. Whataburger great Resort sometimes I've helped them but they're being curious about something really curious not because they have to but it's something very very I mean when you're relaxing you're curious you're taking everything. What can you suggest some kinds of things people can do without buying a boat or without going somewhere without The motive it's not trying to book. My God is wonderful. If that's what your heart wants you to do when your hearts in it, you're curious and you're you're living. That's so many times. These are just substitution send something they all to do because Jon Jones and Tommy Smith and Henry Adams. They've all got boots and he's got a better boat than I asked. And then they get into competition sending it becomes a disease. They can't live alone. They have to be working at the Bulldogs all the day. Is it a hobby? I told you about the man. I think you bought the red at the man that said well I make I hate it as I get paid it but it keeps me busy when people are so busy. What is it? What is it that keeps them busy? What are they using to think? They're avoiding something people don't like to think. I want to just do it again. They're not mattresses. What's the full life on a full life is a person using all their resources? German to live in the all and our education The Logical mind Because it's not balanced with enough analogical. religion practices but too many that are practically have failed to really read the Bible song and dance. I'm afraid that they have shorter played into the work ethic and too many people who practice go to heaven if you're bad for you go to hell and and they are not doing much to unlearn. I'm going to grow up to be a cowgirl. and I'm going to be Hanging out with Farm going to have three horses to dad forces and take my mom. and I'm going to Vanessa that's how I like to do. When I grow up I want to go to I want to try to learn how to go to school. Then after I'm done teaching people how to sing in high school that I don't know what I'll do. I'll just probably stay home with my kids are we spend our time and work or play raise fundamental questions about our lives and about our purpose of human existence? Julian Huxley says in the future of men. The Leisure problem is fundamental having to decide what we should do with our Leisure is inevitably forcing us to re-examine the purpose of human existence and ask what fulfillment really means. We are not from some people that address themselves to this issue of the purpose of life and the meaning of human existence and why are we really here on Earth? Rabbi Jeffrey Berman of Temple Beth-El in Fargo, so I would have to say that given the fact that we're here. I would ask myself. What do we do with our lives? What is a person do with his life? How's it going to live it to the fullest and if you study the Jewish tradition, I think that a person could live a Jewish life even in the 20th century based on the tradition, which is centuries-old and yet it takes a certain type of commitment and the commitment is to improve the world to lead your life to the fullest to help others to go back to many of the golden rules are the Commandments that we have in our what you call the Old Testament, but we have in the Bible. So the question is, how do we live days? Right and how what is a full life? How is that defined? A full life is usually defined as how can you contribute to the community many times and some Christian denominations. The emphasis is what can I what happens to me to the individual? I'm only concerned with myself or I'm concerned with My Soul what will happen to me. Not only hear what will happen to me in heaven or the world to come now, though and Judaism. There is a heaven or there is a world to come there is an afterlife the emphasis is first of all, this Earth, what can I do to improve the life of the community Built My Own particular Jewish community and yet on the other hand looking beyond that, how can I contribute to the general community and most Jews live in a non-jewish environment that is just as important or is just an extension of the Jewish community. So what can I do to improve that that's my life. So you're concerned with enjoying life living a full life, but that the fullness comes in large measure from service service work and Leisure I suppose you would have to say it's hard to say. The one is more important than the other they all complement each other to form a full life. If you left it just worked and left out the other two that also would be frowned upon for the same way with any of the others and what about the nature of the Leisure activity? I wonder if we might concentrate on that a little. Kate doing Services one aspect of that. Alright, for instance. I know you been here in Fargo, you will have many of the people many of our members who contribute their time to voluntary organizations, whether it's Meals on Wheels weather Whitsett working in a hospital doing something in some way to work in the community. So you have people you have people doing that I would say that my task is a clit as a rabbi as a clergyman here is to try To involve as many people in my synagogue as possible and activities not only for the community but in activities for the synagogue other words, what can we do in the synagogue to have a sense of fellowship or to have a sense of call of Brotherhood or just getting to know one another and doing things together as a group? I think other churches to may have a pothead may have other clergymen probably have similar goals. How do you reach more people with what you feel is important? One of the other conditions that I've thought of it in relation to Judaism has been the emphasis on learning and cultural activities to the tradition of learning. Is probably wanted to do one of the main factors that has kept the Jewish people together, you know, why have the Jewish people survive or four thousand years when there's no more ancient Chinese or ancient Egyptians were ancient Greeks and yet the Jews can directly traced their you know descendants their Heritage all the way back to Moses or Abraham. So to speak it must be the factor of group cohesiveness centered on learning the fact you mention something that for jiu traditionally speaking all of his leisure time was spent and learning the residents. That's a many people are many rabbis Arab. I was not always a full-time profession like it is today or to be a man of the church or clergyman today is really low like a job or is an occupation or profession and buying an ancient days many rabbis and wouldn't you know, some of them they had whatever work they could engage in they did they may have been salesman to may have been a common laborer. They it whatever they did. And then when they were finished with work, that's when they would study that's when they would learn that's when they would teach and instruct others. So being arrival. I was only one of the one role that they occupied amongst many who is Rabbi Jeffrey Bierman of Temple Beth-El in Fargo the meaning of existence on a professional basis is Reverend Mark Borge who's a professor of religion at Concordia College? What is the concern that you have from a philosophical point of view about leisure in America today? One of the things that I see when I look at American Life today and perhaps the life of most western Advanced Nations, though, I think more so in the states than in Europe. Is a rather frantic. Concern to make Leisure Activity full and meaningful me people worry about Leisure and that strikes me as very odd really. I mean, I understand the reasons why they do worry about these Ripper strikes me as odd because for the greater part of The Human Experience Leisure has not been a problem. And it's not been a problem for at least two reasons why there wasn't an awful lot of Leisure Time. But to I think for the greatest part of human history and I hope I'm not romanticizing the past at this point. I think for the greater part of human history a man's work has been quite meaningful. Until that's 200 years ago work with, Leah family activity weather was agricultural work with his home handicraft work and a man was tied to the product of his labor in a very good sense. He produced his own food. He marketed his own food. They handicrafts that he produced he sold he enjoyed the prophet the benefit from them. And this man said what he did most of the hours of the week, I was probably very meaningful. And then with the probably the Industrial Revolution. A Man became separated from the product of his own labor. He no longer dispose of it. Don't worry control that no longer. Enjoy the fruit of it. No longer had the feeling of creativity because instead of creating a whole piece what they're going to say Agricultural Product or manufactured product. He did some small part of it. And with work becoming increasingly meaningless, and I think this probably is true for great many people today. That means if you're going to find any sense of satisfaction and meaning in life, you've got to you got to somehow scramble to find it in your leisure time. And so we find a frantic concern to make life meaningful by finding something worthwhile to do in your leisure time. In one sense that's natural in another sense. It's crazy because Leisure Time 3D is leisure time should be you know, what time when you just enjoy yourself loaf relax instead of being kind of desperate about it. What is the way people spend their Leisure Time Thomasville about ourselves as a people? Well part of Atlantis a reflex. I suppose a European point of view because I've lived outside the country for for the last 7 years or so and you were just at your seminar to the Middle East but I also did my my graduate work over there and one of the things that Europeans frequently notice about the states. They continue to notice that they will be marked as hypocritical because it's beginning to happen there now to the one of the things that Europeans frequently comment about as they look at the state is that Americans cannot seem to enjoy themselves unless they are doing so with some expensive machine. And what they have in mind here is the tremendous consumption of things like powerboats snowmobiles campers, all these things and you know, I'm somewhat guilty this to since I I don't have any of those things but there are other things I spend money on the used during my leisure time, but it's almost as if Americans cannot enjoy simply going for a walk or doing something that doesn't cost money. and so they would say to be an American means to Do I spend a good portion of your income? On things to do in your leisure time and I think the American economy would collapse without it which also leaves them suspect that some of our believe that Leisure Time requires the use of expensive consumer items is because we've been victimized buying advertising people and so forth. I don't know about the truth claim of that but it you know, as I do look around I would basically agree with that that Americans leisure time is frequently very expensive time. And if you don't have these goodies, we wish to feel your leisure time you feel deprived. I wouldn't want to prescribe say a certain set of leisure activities is being acceptable and others as being unacceptable because maybe some people truly do experienced moments a real ecstasy while erasing on her snowmobile to some snow-covered woods, and if they do I guess I wouldn't want to deny that to them. Might want to talk about ecology a bit but I think that. In on terms of what I value about life and I think I would even want to make someone objective claim in terms of what the various religious traditions of the world value about life. I would generally speaking be convinced that those leisure activities which are in the long run going to be most meaningful are those that put us into some kind of intimate relationship with other people. Tell them saying you ought to do that with your leisure time. It's just that giving away. We are suspect that. And that day if we do that, we will find our leisure time to be a meaningful part of our Lives rather than a kind of empty space which we desperately try to fill. Weird things that might give meaning to our life. We just relax about and enjoy each other and things like that. And I think that's it. We're going to spend a little bit more of that idea of intimacy or being close to people and other other ways in which life is Meaningful at is we have all kinds of ways of Saving Time at time for what what is the meaning of life brings us down to the very basic question. I guess when I think of this small communities, which I knew as a child and which my parents and grandparents new much better than I do, of course. I get the impression that these rather tightly knit communities provided people with very meaningful context in which to live their lives. They can see their interdependence upon each other. There was a built-in set of associations. Sometimes it was imprisoning. Of course in terms of not tolerating wildly Divergent Lifestyles and whatnot. But nevertheless it provided this kind of human intimacy that we with our greater mobility and annuity do not have and I guess I would say that that in terms of just an enjoyable use of leisure time something like the kind of intimate human associations that one found in the past crap still find some small communities today. It is what I would see as being most healing most to health-giving most worthwhile. I would also want to say that time there is a way in which Leisure Time can be used not simply for Enjoying ourselves, but at leisure time can also be mobilized for the sake of transforming the world. That is if we're in a job or position where the positions rather routine perhaps we wanted to go somewhere at leisure time to to a changing Society to improving Society so forth, but I don't want to make a strong case for that not because I don't think the transformation of societies important but simply because I don't want to begin filling leisure time now with obligations to do such and such things. But I want to say that the responsible use of leisure time for basically leisure time should be a time when we can relax. Turn off to normal concerns. Enjoy each other. you know once once in awhile, I reflect on what I want out of life. And a soul I'm going to say now is very subjective and and not making any objective clams at all. But I think I could really boil it down to two things. That one I would really like out of life is on the one hand. a group of fellow enquiries with whom I could sit around for long hours at a time puzzling about the meaning of these ancient texts, which I, the concern myself with since I'm in biblical studies largely, but like the rabbis of old to sit around hour after hour enjoying the intellectual exercise of puzzling about these things and also feeling is something else is at stake as well because of these ancient religious Traditions. There is something at stake that that's one dimension of what I want. The other dimension is I'd want a small circle of friends and acquaintances with whom I could be intimate. And if I could have those two things ignoring for the fact that there is a world that has many problems and it looks but if I could have those two things, I would really feel that my life would be as meaningful to me as it could possibly be. And that perhaps suggest what I think about Leisure it's time for for enjoyment for intimacy. Not a time for a desperate search for meaning to an existence. Now there was a time in the past not-too-distant past when Sunday was the primary day of leisure if you will and peoples regard for Sunday is is perhaps a good barometer of of how they regard Leisure. How is that changed? Yeah, that's very interesting question. I think Sunday has largely been integrated into Saturday so that both days for a good many people are missing not particularly as religious days, but as days for pleasure. And I think this is tied to something that I've overlooked until now. And that is in the not-too-distant past people lived with a sense. That there was a kind of divine governance or Divine Providence over the world and they can start to leave it up to God to provide the meaning for life. Yeah, I'll do that. Even if they didn't understand completely themselves what their life meant or how it fit into the hole. They never last could be confident that it did because of this rather taken for granted believe that there is a Divine governance over the world. And I suspect to its home by frantic concern about making good use of Leisure Time. Comes from the loss of the sense of Divine Providence RI governance, you know, the skies are empty as it were at the skies are empty. That means that we find in my past be found by ourselves. We cannot put that off to some afterlife We cannot put it off to some I'll making sense in the mysterious ordering of God's Universe. We instead. I feel thrown back upon ourselves to create our own meaning. And this too I think is responsible for some of the desperation that we commonly feel. What's the antidote? Well, I don't know why my cat say while the antidote is to restore the sense of Divine Providence. Of course, it would be nice to do it. But how long does that I have no real idea. Thank you very much religion department of Concordia College. when you feel sad Are on the rock? Your prospects are worse. Wife is crying is dying. Y'all boudin. How about on Friday? I have nothing on you. how to draw dad graduation Yes, it's all for the best. Open Notepad. Well, aren't you coming? Get rid of these kids. rhino heard today on home for the weekend where dr. Mark Borge Rabbi Jeffrey Bierman. Dr. Alexander Reed Martin Harold. Akeson, Larry Anderson and his father Sunny Scar and the children who play in Island Park Jason Melissa Christian Katie and Lori home for the weekend is produced in hosted by Marcia over and Bill C Marine audio engineering by Steve terhaar home for the weekend is made possible through funds provided by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Lutheran Brotherhood fraternal Insurance Society.


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