Nixon explains his veto of the federal budget bill

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Listen: Nixon explains his veto of the federal budget bill
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Nixon says he has submitted to Congress for the next fiscal year the largest budget in our history: $268 billion. The amount he has requested for domestic programs is twice as big as the amount he asked for four years ago, Some in Congress believe the budget in this area should be even higher, If he approves proposed budget increases this would mean a fifteen percent interest in taxes or an increase in prices for every American. That is why he will veto the bill which would break the federal budget he?s submitted. He says this is not a battle between Congress and the president, this is your battle, money, prices and taxes he?s trying to save. If you are willing to pay the higher taxes and prices that will result if spending is increased over his budget you should ask your members of Congress to override his veto. But if you want to stop the rise in prices and taxes he has a suggestion. When he was in Congress he always seemed to hear from those who wanted government to spend more, and seldom heard from the people who had to pay the bill, the taxpayers. If your Congressman or Senator has the courage to vote against more government spending so that you won?t have to pay higher prices or taxes let him know that you support him.

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