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Legislation on non-smoking resolution. Note: not a law, but a resolution. Smoking, cigarettes, lucky strikes and Kool commercials, second hand smoke (says it's okay!)


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SPEAKER 1: Lucky Strike presents Your Hit Parade, starring Frank Sinatra.


HUGH MORGAN: Master of Ceremonies Bill Hype a Saint Paul insurance agent, announcing the creation of ANSR, the Association for Nonsmokers Rights. ANSR, he says, will encourage smoking control in public places, help ensure a smoke-free environment for nonsmokers, provide education for the public about the general effects of cigarette, pipe, and cigar smoke in a closed environment.

BILL HYPE: My only claim to fame as a volunteer worker for ANSR is that I have never quit smoking. The reason for this is that I have never started. I have never been very passive as respects my rights as a nonsmoker. In public, I simply excuse myself by saying, I can't stand the smoke in this room. At home, my wife smokes occasionally. But when guests smoke, I am constantly emptying the ashtrays, opening windows, putting out their cigarettes when left in the ashtray, and let my guests know that I appreciate their company but not their smoke.

SPEAKER 2: Men who know tobacco best, it's Luckies two to one.



SPEAKER 4: You said it. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco. So round, so firm, so fully packed, so free and easy on the draw.

HUGH MORGAN: Researcher Joe [? McLaughlin ?] has just gotten a grant to study the effect of air pollution inside. There are no accurate figures on the effect of it yet. Will his research show there should be a law against smoking rather than just a resolution?

[? JOE MCLAUGHLIN: ?] Personally, I'm not in favor of laws. I think we regulate enough of our life. But hopefully, the smoker would become a little more considerate of those around him who simply don't smoke and don't care to inhale his sidestream smoke, which is much more deleterious to the health of the people who don't smoke than the filtered smoke. The filtered smoke comes out of a person's lung. 80% to 90% of the particulate matter is filtered and kept in the smoker's lungs. So it's the sidestream smoke that you have to worry about.


HUGH MORGAN: Representative Phyllis Kahn urges a nonsmoking resolution.

PHYLLIS KAHN: I am pleased to join with the Association for Nonsmokers Rights at this time. Along with four other legislators, I am authoring a resolution being introduced in the House today to urge limitations on smoking in any enclosed public place. We do not seek to eliminate smoking. We only seek to establish the right to breathe clean air as a fundamental public right.

SPEAKER 6: The Raleigh and Kool Cigarette Program with Tommy Dorsey.


(SINGING) Two, two cigarettes on the air

HUGH MORGAN: I'm Hugh Morgan.


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