Midday was a daily two-hour news program broadcasting a variety of public affairs programming covering politics, education, business, world affairs, and sports. The show was a mix of call-in discussions hosted by MPR's Gary Eichten; speeches and debates from national newsmakers; and documentaries.

Midday began as an extension of a daily half hour noon newscast called “Midday Report”. In September 1971 it expanded to 90 minutes, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, and ran Monday through Friday. It was described as: “A program of news and information, a calendar of the day’s cultural events and the environmental report.” It featured longer interviews including some done by Studs Terkel and William F. Buckley.

In January 1972 the name changed to Midday, and a month later it was described as: “a program of news, consumer and environmental information, discussion of public issues, and reports by the MPR and NPR news staffs."

In January 2012 Gary Eichten retired and the last Midday program was aired.

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